Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 21, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1939
Page 3
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SOCIETY HOPE STAR, HOPE, frirs. Sid Henry Telephone 821 Smiles vs. Tcnrs Would I i-mil/l write n song that would bpgulle' All hem-Is of pain mid leave a lusting smile; Hill smiles are lovely, only when they Jfrow "Pwixl pain and heartaches, panted row by row. "Cry nol!" "Grieve nol." are words I never say. Too real is anguish to be .soothed thfil way. I whisper only, "wnit n little while, Some day shall grief make lovelier your smile. Koine day you shall remember and be glad To count the hcmis of happiness you've hurl; But nil the brave and gentle .souls you know Have planted smiles mul heartaches how by row.-Selected. The above selection 1ms been used »s u word of consolation to my very good friends, who luive .so lately been called upon to bear great sorrow. The Girl Scout Council wilt meet at 1:30 Wednesday afternoon at the city hall. All members and all captains uie urged to be present. Mr. nnd Mrs. C. C. Hollamon and children. Clemens Jr. and Frances have returned from n week-end visil in Little Rock, where they attended the wedding of Miss Helen Hollamon on Sumlny. The Edith Thompson class of (lie First Methodist Sunday school will meel at 7:30 Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Krne.st O'Neill. :!()7 H Hei-vey street. Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Furrmin of Ab- iH'ville. S. C. announce Ihe arrival of a little son. Monday. November 21). Mrs. Furman will be remembered as Miss Kli/abelh While, formerly of Ihi.s city. Red Cross Fund Is (Continued from Page One) TUES - WED - THURS with BORIS KARL'OFF iK'i'r I'ryor and "Alexander Graham Bell" Don Aim-die Lorellii V, m i, ff llenr.v Fonda LAST TIME TUESDAY FAYEAMECH WEDNESDAY The most heart-warming dram* since "Boys Town"! With "The Woman's" tiny J •tar «nd a grand ctiU GENE REYNOLDS IAN KIBBEE . HUNTER ELIZABETH REGINALD PATTERSON . OWEN HENRY LOIS HULL . WILSON Scieon PUy by Dorothy Yo»l Dirootsd by William Thieln Produced fay Albeit E. Levity is nuicli.- i.f the mar- of Miss MiirKJirot Irene Wvlic .st UiiUBlHer ,,f Mt , all(1 Mrs ' George Wylie ,,f Guernsey lo Fiiul A Roberts, son of Mr. and Mrs Joe Murlin of Hope. The ceremony was said on Oetober 27. at the home of the officiating minister, Kev Kcnnelh L Spore, pastor O f the First Methodist dnirch. The bride was allired in a modish costume of blue with black accessories; she is a graduate of Guernsey high school and is now ,-i student in Henderson State Teiichers college. Arkadelphia. A/ter June Isl Mr. and Mrs. Roberts will be at home in Hope. The Young Adult class of the First Presbyterian Sunday school enjoyed a meeting Monday evening in the home of Dr. and Mrs. Thos. Brewsler. East 2nd street. Twenty-seven members were present and the social half of the meeting \viis featured wilh a "Prof. Quixx Program." At the close of the evening, a most tempting plate lunch by the Woman's Auxiliary, was prepared nnd served by Mrs. Brewsler. Mrs. died Hall and Miss Lucy Hannah. Ajnong the ovit of town relatives and friends unending the funeral services held for R. T. Briant from the First Methodist church in this city. Monday were Miss Fuy Briant. Alber- querciue, N. M.; Mrs. I. H. Garner. Nashville; Julius Garner, Nashville: Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Pruitt, Mrs. Ger- Irude Bailey, Thomas B. Haynes. Mrs. Ruth Haynes of Washington; Carter Haynes. Misses Mary and Thelma Haynes of Camden; Mr. and Mrs. C. P. GcKKie, Mr. and Mrs. Willia Morgan, J. H. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Moore of Magnolia. Mr. and Mrs. Will Moore. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Moore and Harold Moore of Stephens, r. and Mrs. Russell Moore and daughter. Hutlig. R. R. Cornelius and Paul Cornelius, Fulton; Mrs. Silas Perdue. Cisco, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. S. M, Page. Port Arthur, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Perdue, Oxan; Mrs. Claude Laucler- bach and Chas. Brian), Now Iberia. La.; Mrs. Ida E>U>s, Mrs. Klla Parker and MJ-.S-. W, T. Wliitmorc. Nashville; Mr. and Mrs. Hex Ramsey. Mrs. J. L. Hill. Nashville; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Daddle, Louisiana; Mrs. Norman B. Durman, Oklahoma; Mrs. Tracy Hurrell and Mrs. B. H. Unbson of Leu-is- ville, Mr. ami Mrs. Kdyar Adams. Hul- lig; Miss Dorothy liulse. .Mrs. Idalia ARE YOUR NERVES ON EDGE? JF you are weak atuliiervoiis,can't cat or sleep, you may need Or. Pierre's Favorite Proscription. It aids in calming the nerves, and helps lo strengthen you by siiinii- ^r- — laliuu your appe- tilr and increasing tlu- iluw <>t u:' ,nic jukv thus aidinK ilinpsii.ni of ii.ml. -Mrs. JM,-.| l-.inniii. JoUj J>'r3nkliii Av<:., Waco, T<-x:is, says: "My ncivi's wt-rr im rdur :nul I \v.is wrafc anil npsd. I had im :i|ipi-lili: ;ui<l \v;,s fo limrraulr. Aflcr lAnifr l.>r. J'ii ire's I'iivorite J'n-si-rijmon J wai alilr lo eat, I Kuinrd Wfiglil, my nerves won- liciu-r, ami 1 Inukcd and (eh bciu-r in every way." A*U your dniujjisl imlay lor Ur. J'im-c's" J'avur- lU- ri-e.Si-ription, liiiuid or uibU-i<, Henry Freeman Charles Wilherspoon K. Morris A. Stewart Henry Walsh Willie Wilherspoon . Tyree .lordon Henry Gray Luther (tumble Ira Cox W. P. Cannon Connie Cox W. K. Parllow (li-orge Pearson . lleorgc Mimus ...; .... John S. Conway Gndfrey Moses I'.evi'iley While Morgan .lojmson S. (I. Jurcieh . Harvey Haynes , . Il<f Holmes R. T. King M. F. Howerman Mike Wilherspoon Clarence Phillips ... A. Williams Daw West A. I.. Felix Josie Witherspoon Fred Jackson Helberi Rice Sampson Coleman . Hoberl Coleman Cliff Phillips I'.lvin Lowe Van Smith .!(»<• While Hob Wifher.s-poon .Hill SlllggK Paul Witherspoon Waller Rogers l.loyd Curtis Cienrge Cooper Otis Bdllard McKlvanc Cooper David Deloney Mack Withcrspoon Hi-nry Blair Mrs. J. K. Bright Mrs. Julia Allbright Mrs. James Bowden .... Mrs. Joe Olmstead . Mrs. W. M. C. Taylor Mrs. Fred Cook Mrs. Thompson F.vans Mrs. B. I,. Retlig Mrs. If. E. Phipps . Mrs. Hoy Johnson Mrs. S. H. Brian! Mrs. N. T. Jewell Mis. Mall Galsler .... Mrs. J. w. Perkins ... Mrs. C. C. McNeil Mr. C. C McNeil ...... Frank Mason .S. W. Wrighl R. 1,. McCain Charles E. Taylor New I Bunily K. S. Alexander Marilyn Shiver Kline Snyder Willard Jones Sam Womack Carl Robarts . Waller Carter J. Honeycull V. Pel re .. • ...-.- Rr.ss Bright Karl Ross X. B. Miller A. D. Brannon Robert Wilson Birdie Rac Luck Leland Womack Mrs. Aline Johnson F. Crank • Comer Boyelte Merlin Coop A. Zimmerley . . J. A. Sullivan "M" System . . M. M. Smyth . t .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 ...1.00 .25 . .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .50 .50 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .50 .25 .100 .25 .50 .25 .50 .50 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .50 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 1.00 .25 .25 .50 .50 .50 1,00 l.UO 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 i-.oo 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.05 1.00 1.00 1.0(1 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 OUR BOARDING HOUSE ^ WHUT'S 'AT ? DOGSONE/ YOU <SWO' 16 ACE NUfVABAH OMt GUE5SER, MISTAM TWICkS/ AI4 LOSE SEBEM np DOLLAWS AWTWUTTY CENTS 6UOOTIN 1 % POOL AT TH 1 YOUM& MEN'S ART16TIC CLUB-^^TWA'S -RIGHTER'M CRArABERRltw ON THANKSSWIN'^^-AKI AM ALSO PUT MAH OVERCOAT IN MOCK FO 1 SIX BITS. LAK YOU <3AY~—BUT HOW COME YOU KNOW ALL 'BOUT DlS? IS YOU VOODOO MAN OR \<s YOU MAH SHADOW ? with Major Hoople VERY SIMPLH, JASON.' TW6 GREEN CHALK ON YOUR VEST EXPLAINS TME POOL GAWE, AND YOU* SEASICK EXPRESSION TSLLS ME YOU LOST/-*^ IF YOU HADN'T PAWNED YOUR COAT ^YOU'D BT= WEARING IT THIS UNING.AKID I DEClt>HO YOU 60T 75 CENTS POft \T BECAUSE THAT'S ABOUT ALL IT WOULD BRING/~uv \WELL, WELL, •RATHER CHILLY THESE- DAYS, EM, JASON? V m " ABOUT IT BEING C14 ILLY/ Principal J. H. Jones to Give Yerger Address Principal J. H. Jones of the Hope High School will speak to the members of the student council of Yerger High School Wednesday. November 22, from 11;15 a. m. to 12'noon. The negro student council was organized only recently. Mr. Jones will point out in his talk the value of such an organi/ution, and how it helps both students and the faculty. The Verger P. T. A. meets Tuesday night at which time Miss Beryl Henry .superintendent of Hope schools, and Mr. McCuiston of the State Department of Education, will speak. Total $1,016.41 One-hundred per cent Finns: Saen- Kcr & Rialto Theaters, Hope Water & Light Plant Office, Arkansas Machine & Specially Co. office, First National Bank. M System, Post Office lorci:. Cily Police Department. Former Associates (Continued from Page One) die since Al enlerocl Alcalruz i;Tjarr7- es DoMora. better known as "Machine Gun" Jack McGurn. Suspected of having been the machine-gunner in the St. Valentine's duy massacre of 192!) McGurn was shot down in a bowling alley the day after St. Valentine's clay, 193G. A valentine was funnel in Ills pocket. John Ten-id, in the early 1920's an even more important figure than Capone, started serving a two-year income lax evasion term in Leaven- ivorlh last spring. James Summons, a Ciipone inuchine gunner, is serving a life term for trying to bribe an Indiana law officer in 1933. Tony Vol'p'e. whose deportation'was upheld that year by the U. S. Supre- mo Court, is said still l o be in Chicago Neither Italy nor Argentina, bis birth place, would accept him. Police estimate that the total of lire- sent and former Capone mobsters still in and around Chicago is about 100. Some are broke, a few are content with jobs as handbook doormen or race (rack liekel sellers, but none are doing what may be classed as hard labor. Informed opinion is that no matter what the syndicate's ne.xl move is, and whether or not Capone resumes j control, O'Hare will be sorely missed. The dead man was suave, clever, and wilhout peer as a contact with persons whom it was important for the gang td know and be friendly. If the syndicate ordered his execution it may live to regret it. by Ihe state's attorney last year to clii'-e out Chicago hookies. Some of the well-known members »i' llie gang are dead, others have li'fl inwn. Frankie Rio. Capone's body guard, who served a year- in Philadelphia in !!):>!> for carrying concealed weapon.-;, died a natural death four years ago in Oak Park, highly respectable Chicago suburb. :M<(iiiru Khi.l Dawn Valentine's llay Must famous member of Ihe gang lo Klliol and Mrs. Cbloe Ferguson, Tex- aikana. Mrs. Wells Hamby, Prescotl and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin ent Shreve- pnrr. La. These Prices Good Until Dec. 2nd $2.50 Permanent.* $2.00 $8.00 Permanent $2.50 $3.50 Penrumonts $3.00 $4.00 Permanent* $3.50 $5.00 Machine Perm $4.00 Shympoo, Set, Kycbrow Eyelash Dye Special . . Carmen's Phone 752 eauty So. Elm St. Doubt Conviction in Case of Kuhn State's Case Collapsing Against German-American Bund Chief NEW YORK -«') -Fritz Kuhn, on trial for theft of money from his German - American Bund, testified Tuesday under the "leadership principle" of that organization he believed he had the power to use its funds to meet his own expenses as well as those of Ihe Bund. He acknowledged having sent telegrams of "love and kisses" to Mrs. Florence Camp, as charged by ihe prosecution, explaining that he had "a liking for her at the time." Judge Flays Prosecution NEW YORK -(/P)- A declaration that the prosecution failed to show Frit/ Khun had stolen money from his German-American Bund was made from the bench Monday by Judge James G. Wallace. At this expression of dissatisfaction with the na- lure of testimony, Assislant District Attorney Herman McCarthy indicated the state would reopen its case. As McCarthy sought to cross-examine himself lo prove he had no animus toward Khun, Judge Wallace lold the young prosecutor: 'You haven't proved everything beyond a reasonable doubt. Merely because he (Khun) die nol deposit all of Ihis money (collecl- ed by the Bund) does not prove he stole it. You must prove it was done with intent to defraud and if any of the money was spent for legitimate Bund purposes, that expenditure does not constitute larceny." among Kuhn's alleged speculations was (he misappropriation of $500 intended to have been paid lo James D. C. Murray, a private attorney, fo legal services. William Luedtlte of Lodi, N. J., treasurer of Ihe German-American Business League, a Bund affiliate, swore lhal on July S, 1938, Kuhn gave VENERABLE MONARCH HORIZONTAL, 1 Pictured King of Sweden. 7 He is post years of Rge. 12 Heavy blow. 13 Apish action. 1C To entice. 17 Beverage. 18 Industry. 19 Native metal. 20 Violin player. 22 Childhood sii'Uiicss. 24 Kll. 25 Tiny particle. 2(i Street. 27 Indian. 28 Murmur ot pleasure. 30 Kt'rn seeds. 31 You and I. :12 Light. 33 Tirocl. 3f> Alleged fnive. 30 South Africa. 38 Tennis fence. 3EI Southeast. Answer to Previous Puzzle 4u To slumber. 42 Beret. 45 Instrument of harp class, 47 Turkish officer. 48 To mimic. 51 Sooner Ihan. 53 Fabulous bird. 54 To decay. 55 God of war. !if> To do wrong. 57 He has been a sportsman or all his life. 58 His parliament is the . VERTICAL 1 To leave. 2 As far as. 3 Bean. 4 Customs. 5 Male servant. 6 Spider's home 1 1tineration. 8 Science ot language. 9 To throw/. 10 Elms. " 11 You. 14 Marched! formally.' 15 Gypsy, 20 Banquets. 21 Card game. 23 Settled. 27 Eye. ' 29 Owned.' 31 Moist. 34 To go to bed. 37 Conventional jargon. 39 Sawlike orgai 41 Every. 42 To quote. 43 Preposition. 44 Couple. 45 To drip. 46 Long grass. 47 Constellation. 49 Pithy saying. 50 Three. 52 Unit of work, ;ot reach either at. Batista Loses in Election in Cuba Returns D e s i s i v e 1 y Against the Republic's ' "Strong Man" . HAYANA, Cuba — (ff>)— Unofficial but conclusive election returns showed Monday night the opposition to the present Cuban government will have 41 seats out of 76 in the Assembly. The parties which will have a majority represent a coalition of opposition to the regime headed by Col. Fulgencio Batista, Cuba's strong man. Batista has reiterated he would be willing to support any government seeking to solve Cuba's political problems. Political circles said the army was likely to have less influence in civilian life and politics but would remain in a strong position. The army has been a strong political factor since September, 1933, when it ousted the government of the late President Manuel de Cespedes and U U commis- sione dofficers of the army and navy. High political sources said the Assembly lineup would not necessarily mean a change in the status of Batista or of (he present government of President Laredo Bru. The Assembly's task is to draft a new constitution for Cuba. Brazil's gigantic coffee indus»..y sprang out of plants that wero brought 300 lyears ago from Arabia. him S500 and he had paid the money over to Daniel Kirschman, Murray's assistant, obtaining a receipt which he said he gave to Kuhn. G. Wilhelm Kcnze of Philadelphia, a subordinate Bund leader, testified he had seen in Bund headquarters in New York a letter from Murray which bore a notation indicating the $500 had been paid. State Department Sees Blevins Shop Work-Shop Inspected by Department of Educa-' tion Official Mr. Stinnett, of the Slate Department of Education, met with the Blevins teachers last Tuesday, night, November 14, and assisted them with Iheir experimental work shop. The work shop was devised by the Blevins Faculty and is under the direction of A. B. Wetherington, superintendent of the Core curriculum, grading, modern objectives of education, units of work and their values, age grouping of students, and the making of situations in which every child can participate regardless of ability. The teachers have found these meeting beneficial in the solving of their problems. The next .regular meeting will be December 12 in the form of a Social meeting. Russian Ships on Parade in Baltic Soviet Issues Menacing Statement Against Finnish Republic MOSCOW, Russia — (fp\— Soviet Russia disclosed Tuesday that her Zaltic fleet is holding large-scale maneuvers from newly-won bases in that area. At the same time she warned Finland nothing 'will ever break our decision to establish a strong peace all over the Finnish gulf." The warning was voiced in an article in the newspaper Pravada, organ of the Communist Youth League. French Guns Speak BERLIN, German — (I?)— French artillery abruptly ended a 35-hour silence on the Western front Tuesday with heavy shelling in the Perl sector, at the junction of the German, French and Luxembourg borders, the official German news agency reported. The news agency said the rest of the 100-mile Western front sector between the Moselle and Rhine rivers was quiet. Freighters Attacked LISBON, Portugal — (&)— The British freighters had been attacked Monday by German warships off Cape Finisterre on the west coast of Spain. The message gave no further details. State Audit for UnbondedOfficers Gov, Bailey Acts Follow-] ing Court Decision on i? Surety Bonds LITTLE ROCK — (#>)— Bailey Tuesday directed (he State,comptroller's office to make an htt*? mediate audit of the accounts ot "all officers" who have failed to' file commercial surety bonds as rC« < quired by Act 329 of 1937. • " "' The Arkansas Supreme Court rul«' ,| ed Monday that the act was man* dalory on all state, district or county officers. ' Box Supper There will be a box supper at the 'I hame of Hoal Goad, six miles north i| of Hope on the Blevins highway, 1 , j Thursday night, November 23. The '] proceeds will go to the New Hope <| church, he public is invited. ' Fifty per cent of American home exteriors are painted white, less than J one per cent red or blue. X T'S easy to get quick relief from stuBy nostrils with Mentholatum. This soothing ointment reduces the Ipcal congestion, thus helping i? di**f .»»« breathing passages. Mentholatum also checks sniffling, Bnejglng, soreness due-to-colds'-n soothes irritated membranes and promotes healing. And its vapors «?"» for t «eep into the air passages. A pound of tea makes 150 200 cups, depending on the strength desired. STUBBORN HEAD COLDS RELIEVE stuffiness and misery this proved way: Melt a spoonful of Vicks VapoRub in boiling water, then breathe in the steaming medicated vapors. THEN AT BEDTIME, rub VapoRub on throat and chest to get full benefit of its long-continued action while you sleep. And you will be delighted with AS YOUR DOCTOR V PRESCRIBES / Recovery is hastened fey calling your Doctof .,£ the first sign of. illnes* . . . end when prescriptions are needed you can rely on our pharmaceutical expertness. Two Graduate Pharmacists on duty, WARD & SON The Leading Druggist "We've Got It" Phone 62 'Motorcycle Delivery' Who Will Gei $6<>o Bed Spread WEDNESDAY at 3 P. M. The answer is— It's the person who is at the store holding the most auction money. OTHER PRIZES AUCTIONED ALSO In case you don't know just what we mean — The following is a sample of the auction money which is self explanatory. THIS IS A HAYNES AUCTION DOLLAR ! GET AU, OP THEM YOU CAN! GOOD FOB Each Days Auction at 3:00 p. m. GIVEN DURING HAYNES' GREAT DISPOSAL SALE Be Sure and Ask For Your Auction Dollar Every Time You Spend $1.00 For merchandise! THIS DOLLAR IS VALUABLE AND TRANSFERABLE • Save All of Them You Can • 1 Yes—Get all of them you can. They are good every day, and remember YOU ALWAYS SAVE MONEY ON ALL PURCHASES HAYNES BROS. CLOSE OUT SALE

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