Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 21, 1952 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 21, 1952
Page 12
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• * ' * HOM IT Aft, HOPI, At KANSAS Tr,imJoy, Auguit 11, jffSi r *x -fif- .m^~. —- J •*- .-••«•-- -M»ai.*»l-J. rf*V 8*wt# SSIFIJP ^w-'i ForlUnt li Id Offl« Diy Btfm-f Vbttt Six 6ft* Birl Month 1,80 9.00 1M 9,00 4,00 8,00 1,50 1.80 8,10 I ft MBt) DISPLAY k 2«« ptr inch ooo per men ,„»•,,,„ ........ BOo per Inch «bov« ot» for eon* t, Irrw/lflf or »Mf • fh« ont-doy rai*. odVirililftfl torn until B p,m, for fdllowlno 4,90 0,00 7.W 0.00 10,90 12.00 18.50 10,00 B p,m, >y- ftwrvd th« flohl to «nti Of. ....,,,.. , fdlt all Odv«HlMm«n pgbijipllon ond to r**ei wtoiJS odvtrtlilna tub- mart Ittttri, iwth M hw««» count o« on« ftirnf«h*d. p*M, 2*4 Bnbb. •purtmtfli. Eieetrie Bonnet, M», fiill A. ft. A-ltf VACANT now, J room furnlnhcd npsrimonl. Clone-In, Utilllie« pnfd. Oarage. Phone 7-44BO. M-lf 3 ROOM furnliih'ed Apartment. Private .front, buck entrance*, biith, Kk'ctrlt refrlttnrnlor. 331 JJonnor. bedroom convenient to t>nth. Within I block of Itnrlrtw llotnj, I'honc 7-2H3, 21-tf npnrtment, Dili) 7-220S. 21-31 3 Woi>k« from t«wn. Indians' Flag Hopes Depend on Easter By RALPH ROOCN AP tportt Writer I KVer »lnco Luke Raster »w«n.<> • r#*tllnr on the Indian* tt him b«»n HBld, "Alt Knitter RO«» so H<> the tndliin/i," t : Cleveland'* pennant Inip''* h 'fc"-' Moblk- nml wanted the pant twoj M.'mpbin COfneldlitK with On- rise or Na»hvlllf (leollne of Ranter nt th<- pi.itc. A;Llttl<- Hock trick knee more than larV, of punch; l.'.lfnilriKham Irt thtt eluU'll hns br-cn rcsiponilblnj f*ir Engter'» failure to di-llvi tln-j the pnM. | HI* vnlllf to the Indian* l» rlr/n-'. flrrnottsli nl'd l>> his prrfuriii-i thl* yen i. Hi« l.nhc l» (ml, SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Chattflnoojsn Atliinta W 73 73 00 (HI 67 04 02 57 t Pet. 82 04 05 07 70 77 .5191 !soo .485 .470 .425 Lust Nl«hf Little Hnr (Ihnlt.'inii'iR 10, :s, WanUd ASHIONMENTS for uied furnHgre of nil kind* and anything of vfll- no, Mtd'RdUth Auction, 7-4,170, 10-flt <ew Wero Bflo For Salt Mi >PE STAR H»H rr*M It, ,i*v«ry wwkdoy afwrnoon CO. PLA8WQOP nocontU — »70 per M. n\*m %" to 44" x 4' x 8'. Hultnbld for wall pnrlltlon*, dliontlilnff, clonot Hnlntfn, «hel- vln«, etc. BO trim UN I'LAS- WOOD COHPOWATION, 8, W. pnovtNa onouNns, is-ot MY HOME, 84 nci'C* nood™8rn<» or fiirmlng'lnnd, Fluh nnd utock pond, it llvo nprlnu*, Other ten yttnlenoo*. J. 'R, Anderson Spring Hill, Arknnun*. 10-flt WtihkttM, ti»*« t, , )Mttt MWIMllI* W. NMHIW, .MMH. NM A MltM •I AMIt itlon Mtu (poyotit* In od- ''corri»r If) Hop* IB" HUNTKn wlndfiw fun. Kleo» ti'lenl!y favar*lbl». Giinrnntced B yvnt'K, Unnd 2 monUiH. dull 10-31 LIVING, cllnlng ronm nnd kitchen /iirnitm'o. Sinnll n mount down nnd plrlt up monthly pnymtmt* «m W, Division or Phono 7-<HH 10-31 In goad nhn|>e. SI4 N, Wnnhlng ton. Phono VMi, 20-3! fft \ ACIUCR 4 hlshwny, oth« mall Month i. J*»hthi „ nihi „.,.„„ 13.00 »0(1, N*V(lllO, ' Milltr court, .IS 1.40 3,60 4.SO 1,10 3.2 uiul : rno«nH on No Firt'honsc, hnm, fiU iicn'H In cultlvutloh in Umber, $4i!00, Lcwalhu C.illlcr, 8 1-3 n HOW John IHuo trnctor cotlot duster, l-'ltx uny true tor. A. E Hhnwr, Mid South Cotton Sup ply, a 1-3 Real Estate for Sole .of NEW ft room Hounc, 200 X 210 lot l.lnhjn, gnK , itiul water. Can b iiuiii until 8a turndy, Will HH,cr floe for "quick m»1i». v 6lllo ": Orniul, Kn#l 2;ird Ktroet, 20-3 Real Estate for Salt Service OUcrcd a of With work.cnntuct Clnr fhonu 7>iitlU or J'28-im Indinnx It h.-is, right now «n<l no nrr ihr- ln«llan». j Cfovelnncl, with regular on the OR-. Hod 8ox, IIMi HIlltKt to within n mi'"*' 'if Ih'-j fiont-runnlnji j York Vaiihci-n The Ywikn! hurnlllwli-d, 12-3. l»y thi- Chi- White Sox. I'lulnd'-lpliiu Dcirolt, •! :i. In tin- «.-ir* ult'» only nii'hl niimr. A nlHnt nmo iK-twccn St. Lnuln and Wimh- ri^tdll WilH rnlni:-d out. Brooklyn moved ncvcn gann-.i hfehd Of the New York Glnnl* In he Niillnniil LCUBIIO rhn»p, down- nit Clnvlnnntl, (I-M. Tin- Giants nnd Chlc»((o Cui>» wort- ruined out. n other Kimtfii, I'hllndclphld l'U»«bnrgh. 3-1, and St, 'trounced Boston, l»-2, In a culled In the eighth InnliiK )0fniuo of m In, Tim Indian* could take over intend ttiilny with (hit help of Chi- nBo, A Cli'vcliuid victory over New York would i-iiablc the In- dlniiH to move out In front hy one rcentiiifi' point. Cleveland i'iiti>r» the cniclnl 8tUK«t of UH ia-H"m<' roiid trip Krl- dfiy wln-n it InvailcH Yankfc Ktit- dlum#f(ir n two Kami- s«rifn. Slnci- July 15, when KiiBtcr ro- jiilned the Indianii niter n ''hint tu Imllniuipolls of tin- Ami-r- c un Association, the 'I'rlbo hn» won m iinm<'» mill lost in, a ,<J15 puce. Uurlim thin KUIUI lOahti-r linn hnckfd out 20 hllM I" » thncH ut llflt, n .,'l.'t:t avcriifii', driven In ill and clouted olnht hoi'm-r,. l"-fore he dopiirli-vl fur Indliinapoliu he WIIH hlttlnu . .IHMI mid hud driven JM 33 runs nnd connected fur only 11 lioinurH In 03 nnim>s. Nuw Orleans S nirmlrifiharn 0 Jiiish*. ill'.- (>•!>. Atlntita •)•! Mobile (I-.'), Memphis 2-2 T'liiinhi'si Oami.'S Nii^hvilli' ill Atlanta f»irinli>«harii at Chattanooga Memphis at Mobile Little Hock at New Orleans LEAGUE W L Pet. 7ft 44 .033 40 .502 COTTON STATES Mrrldllin Kl Dorado Monroe Pine Bluff (in'cnvlllc Hot R 71 Ofl 02 (II 57 45 41 54 SB r.rt 02 7. r . 711 .550 ,517 .501) .470 .375 .34 Comden Ho ft to \ Women Softball Meet CAMDKN, Softball team* from Baton Rouge, La., New Or- c>nng. Memphis, and Little ttock won opi«ninj{ round games In the V, omen'* Southwest Regional Soft- l>:i!l Tournament toil night here and at Little Rock. In gftme* played here the AFL Builders j)t Baton Rouge dumped Ki't-sler Air Force. Ml*s., WAF'» 9 I and the New Orleans Daddoub M.jtor* laced Pine Bliiff, Ark,. Sun- iK-am, 10-2. At Little Rock, the Memphis J S Motor* edged the Tul.ia Okla., M.Tchanettos 4-1 and Little Rock. Ark., Ark-Lin shutout Oklahoma Oly, Okla., 2-0. Haton ROIIKC meets New Orleans lunlghl at Cnmdvn in the double rlimlnation tourney with the Kees- It-i Air Force learn matched! iuiiifnsl Pine Bluff Sunbeam. ! The Memphis representative will' mrnt the Little Rock Ark-Lin a*;-! K regal Ion at Little ftock with tho i looser playing Tulsa. i Winners will advance to Cam. di-n for Ihe finals Friday night. The Soulhwusl Regional winner will move to Toronto, Canada for lh«' world's chamf'tonship tournament. Last Nlijht's Results Natehe/. a. Meridian 2 Greenwood 10, Clrr-envlllo FA Dorado 7, Monroe 4 I'lru' Bluff II, Hot .Springs Tonight's Games Pine muff nt Hoi Springs Monroe al 1.11 Dorado Greenwood al Greenville Meridian at Natchez. AMERICAN New York Cleveland BoHtiin Washington it, Louis h'tiolt Baseball on W'«> U» work H«mp«<ead nnd (Jd-.tt Covuvttox, AWHUO iU»U* JijX) to WtKi per mou« U Intorentcd in mnkiuit thin vnutact Kndu, i !WT~f» «j M Bldg,, Tex- \*f '%Xtt», 15'llt Utl 15th. H'betlrooni homo, hnrclwoo Jlooi's, bnth, nttlu (nn, (lour fui HUM, built-in cabinet*, fence back yiird, garagi;. FHA tlnoi cod ttiul vucant now. ON 1RO X 150 CORN18H lot, Pnve street, ' pkuty o( benutlful shiido] trees, this «xlr« Utrg^ 3-bedroom hamu hu« 3 Jiving rooms, room, coi^blimtlon KHch- on nnd bruiikiast room with onb> «nlore,i largo jpmitfy, buck , uttlc »tor«gv, nttlo tun, U floor funiut'os, nnd (lour* nt'tt covoi'cd with carpet nnd linoleum. Onrogo nnd carport, Ideal for fumlly wanting plenty of elbow room. Inmmudlute POUSOH- tun, FliA flnnncccl, $2,000 down, $750.00 FOR 01 EQUITY In 3- loom modem hoiuu with son'*'U(.'(l buck (kirch. pHVtly tvhcud bnck y«rd tin 75 x ISO foot lot, Monthly payments ol $38 Inchido prlncipnl, , twxcx ami » found call In vk'ln- ;> Juno ao-at billfold between i M»ln. Cmvtaln* Ptttto>\ nitd rcceti < UMl toloi Wonttd WK huv« u ui'od tiumund for farm lumt, !!0 iK'tx-s up to 0.000 with or without itn'pruvomont*. Hesi- Cummei-cl»l, Property FHA, 01, COIIVIMI- tionul UHUIK. Seo Vtonccnt W. Fotlcr. Furins, Ranches, Land, Set) Chtirli-s F, Bukei'. CO. 31-31 FOSTKU-KI.I.IS REALTY m K. and, i>ho. 7-«(Wl, By The Ai*oclated Press PACIFIC COA8T LEAGUE Los Angeles 3. Portlatul 0 Hollywood 2, San Dlo«o ' Scnttlo ft, Oakland I SMrt FrunelBCo a. Sacramento AMBRIOAN ASSOCIATION Kaunas City II, Charleston -I Milwaukee, «. Columbus 2 Intlltiniipolls II. St. I'ttul tl MlnhenpuliH a, Louisville 1 TEXAS LEAGUE Houston 0, Oklahoma City 2 Dallas 3. OtiUumoMt 0 S«i> Antonio 12, Tvtlsa 2 Fort Worth 8, Shruvcpoi t 2 WESTERN LEAGUE Omaha 4, Denver 1 Colorado Springs 14. Lincoln 0 »(!i Molnos 0, Puubto 0 Sioux City 13, Wlchitn 3 ^ " Legal Notice LEAGUE W 70 fill (12 02 02 no no 30 League Leaders By The Assoclnted Press AMERICAN LEAGUE ' L 50 , r )0 53 no 511 no 57 no Pet ,r>B3 .5711 .51)!) .525 .517 .517 .417 .32(1 THURSDAY'S SCHEDULE Chicago at New York —Plorco (12-11; v;i Oorman (4-t) Si. LoiilM at Washington — Byrne (fl-IVi nnd Cain (fl-7) vs Shea »0- Cli-Vfland at Boston —Gromi>k ((l-. r ii vs lluilsnn ill-Ill Diilv games scheduled . WEDNESDAY'S RESULTS Clevolimd 111; Boston 11 CliicaKO 12; Ni-w York 3 Philadelphia 4; Detroit 3 (nlRht) St. Louis at Washington postponed rnln NATIONAL LEAOUE Brooklyn Now York St. Louis I'hiludclphlii Chicano Huston Cincinnati 1'iUsburp.h W 75 08 09 OH 5(1 49 50 35 L 37 45 41) 53 00 00 0!) Pet .(164 .002 .585 .543 .492 .420 .420 .i!B7 Batting—Fain, Philadelphia, .341; Mitchell, Cleveland and Woodling Ni-w York, .327; Kcll, Boston, .313; Goodman, Boston..301). Huns — Bcrrn, Now York, 81; Jcioal, Philadelphia. 70; Minoso, Chicago nnd Avlla, Cleveland, 77; Rosen, Cleveland, 75. Hits — Fox, Chicago, 153; Robinson, Chicago and Fain, Philiidel- pbln, 140; Jensen, Washington, 137; Avila, Cleveland, 230. Home Runs — Doby, Cleveland 27; Borra, New York, 25; Zcrnial, Philadelphia, 22; Rosen, Cleveland nnd Dropo, Detroit, 20. Pitching — Consuegra, .Washington, 0-0, 1.000; Shants. Philadelphia, 21-4, .1140; Raschi, New York, 14-3, .1124; Gorman. New York, 4-1, .000; NATIONAL L.EAGUE Batting — Musial, St. Louis, .324; Khmewskl, Cincinnati, .31(1; Lock man. New York', .30!); naumholtz, ChiciiKo, .30;). Runs — Ilernus, fit. T.ouis, fll; I.DC'krnnn, New York, HO; Robinson, Brooklyn and Musial, St. Louis, 7H; lU-eso, Brooklyn and Sutler, Chi- CIIRO, 72, Hits — Adams, Cincinnati, 147; Schoendlenst, St. Louis, 144; Musial, St. Louis, 142; Loekman, New York, 138. Home Runs—Saner, Chicago, 31; Hodges, Brooklyn, 27; Kiner, Pittsburgh, 20; Gordon, Boston. 19; Mathews, Boston and Thomson, New York, 18. Pitching — Roe, Brooklyn, 9-1, .000; Wllhelm. New York, 11-2. .840; Block, Brooklyn, 9-2 .818; Yuhas St. Louis, H-2, .800. While Lead Hope to Victory Reedor Htiddleston set the leag ue loading Prides of Texnrkann down with 5 scattered hits and Bob White- blasted out n couple of hnfno runs to give Hope a 7-0 shutout last night anJT even the playoff series at a game each. It was sweet revenge for the local team which wan shutout 5-0 at Texarkana in the first of the .scries Monday night. Hudtllcston was the master all j the way and was assisted by sparkling fielding. Hope didn't was te time in pushing across two runs In the first inning on singles by Hob White and Gordon Beaslcy and a wild pilch. In the fifth White slapped out his first homer and his second came in the seventh also scoring Huddleston who had doubled and Anderson who got on through a fielder's choice. Beasley got his third hit of the night, a double, and a single by Bill Gtmter accounted for two more in the same inn in (,'• Huddleston walked six, struck out eight. Hope made three double plays and only one error. Dave Pearce, the loser, gave up 10 hits walked two, struck out five and made.three errors. The teams play here again on Friday night. In the. other half of tho playoff, Nashville defeated Mineral Springs to even the series. Natchez Keeps Hopes Alive By • The Associated Press Natchez kept its pennant hopes glimmering by sliping by Mcrdiari 3-2 In a dotton States League baseball game. Ccnterf(elder Gene Harvey's tri-! L. R., Houston in Semi-FinoU LONOVlEW. Tex. Wl — Little Rock and Houston advanced to the Finals of the Region 7 Uttln League Sasebnll Tournament last night. ^ Little Rock beat Garland, Te™ 7-6. coming from behind with two ''f'^PP i HOM PRESCOTT NEWS I'* pic and Don Alleh's single in the j runs in the fifth Inning. Joe No- eighth last night provided the win-' sari, third Little Rock pitcher, ning run over Bobby Harrison! gained credit for the victory. Meridian hurler still trying/for hlsj 25th win of the season. Greenwood ran over Greenville 10-4 in a wild game: Pint; Bluff beat Hot Springs 8-4, and El Dorado dumped Monroe 7-4 in other games last night. Errors in the Greenwood—Greenville contest were as common as hits in most games. Greenville helped its own defeat by committing nine errors. Greenwood booted the ball four times but also got )6 hits to pile- up the runs. A three-run homer by Jimmy Morgan sparked El Dorado to victory over Monroe. The Oilers had everything pretty well In command until the eighth inning when Monroe rallied for four runs but it wasn't enough. Jim Mellinger clubbed two home runs to lead Pine Bluff to victory over Hot Springs. Bob Passarella homered for the losing Bathers in the second inning. All three circuit clouts came with the bases empty. Houston beat Portaies, N. M., 12-0. Little Rock and Houston play tonight for the title and the right to play in the national Little League tournament at Willims- port, Pa., next week. ^, Hbpe Hopson, rf ,, Anderson, ss White, 2b Fllogamo, cf Beaslcy, Ib Cunter, 3b Thomas, c Ross, If Huddleston, p Prides Byrd, cf r.ooclell, 2b Cambra, c Stinger ss Freeze, If H. Pearce, Farris, 3b Quinn, rf McLish ph D. Pearce AB R H 5 0 .1. 420 3 0 French Liner to Be Repaired NEW YORK l/Tl— The Flandre, France's newest liner which has j been beset by troubles throughout her first vbyage, will not make j another transatlantic crossing un ] til Dec. 11. The B'rench Line announced he yesterday that 11 sailings were ing canceled because of repa." s the | ship needs.. On her recent maiden voyage, the Flandre was delayed by varij ous mechanical difficulties and had to bo towed to her pier here after j arriving in the harbor. 3 4 4 3 4 4 3 LEGAL- NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN thnt Uw Kccorid payment on the blnckUipplnit In Street Improve- munt DUtrict No, 21 is duo on or fore September 1, 1052 (South l.nurel, South Hiuol «»d East Sixth). Ghas. 1- J Huynerson Collector Auu. 14, ai, 28 THURSDAY'S SCHEDULE Now York nt Chicago -- i2> Jansen Ul-!l> and Vlearn (la-Si vs M Inner Ul-fl) and Rush (12-U BrooUlyn nt Pittsburgh —Erskine Ul-fii vs Friend 15-1(1) Boston at St. Louis — Spahn lll-KM vs Ml/ell (7-5) Only Kames scheduled WEDNESDAY'S RESULTS Brooklyn 6; Cincinnati 3 Philadelphia 3; Pittsburgh 1 St. Louis 9; Boston l2i night, called 7' a innings rain New York nt Chicago, postponed vain. Started Shoe Switch Shoes a century ago were noi made in "rights" -and "lefts" but were worn on cither foot. Firs manufacture of right and let' shoes on a 'wide scale was for soldiers in the Civil War. 34 7 AB 3 1 V 0 _lj 10 j Hi Ib (9) P 4 2 3 4 4 4 3 3 0 2 29 0 5 Top Radio Programs NEW YORK W) — THURSDAY TIMES: NBC—7 A Life in Your Hands; 7:30 The Chase; 8 Dragnet; 9 Nlghtbcat. '- : CBS-~6:30 Peggy Lee; 7 Mr. Keen; 8 Mr. Chameleon; 8:30 Steve Allen. ABC—6:15 Elmer Davis; 6:30 Silvar Eagle; 7 |Ir. Broadway; 8 Ted Mack's Amateurs. MBX—6:80 Gabriel Heatter; 7:30 Hardy Family; 8:0f> Rod & Gun Club: 8:30 Reporters Roundup; 0:15 I Love a Mystery. Visiting Around Arkansas BYJOEMARSH Oldest Buslnesi The spice trade Is the world's oldest continuous business, with seeds, and herbs having used at. mediciiu'S and por- fumes, us wull as fond adjuncts iind proscrvations. CAN A MAN DIVIDE HIS HEART? stock 430 ACHK fenced. and gt»8. stuck (arm. 900 »OTS 400 ACHE fnnn. Nit« homo, ACBK stov-k f»>in ftU houses, U>i« of Witter aiid traits. Klccti'iclty «nd g««. 700 ACRK stock Jam, «H fenced, lhro« houses, two barns* Ktcc- trlcity Btvd gasf. Lot« 0* water H sea 'ttOYO PORTERPIKUO * SON. for JBiftyL ; J BEUKOQM homo. Air *dv I" Sam Dl»i f«lO> 31-St A LOVI-Sf OUY VOU'U. REMEMBER by Elsie Mack v Jeremy Ireland loves two women as different as the two side* of any man's nature. The first is Nance, Ms foster tHteA who is blonde and sweet as a summer day. The other is Eve, whose passion and en* rtfemblo a stormy night. Can his heart Itgin MAGIC IS FRAGILE , Auguit 25, iTApt in from PINE TREE to Kraft Paper in South Arkansas! Down H round Canulcii and Crossed, Arkaiikiis \\liero they make kiait |)«|)«r, Tolks have n .sa.vini; (hut paper is a substitute for everything but thfrf's no substitute fur paper. Sctnu to me from what I hear (hat (he name KOCS for pine trees. AY hen you ice IIIINV fast those pine (revs trow in Arkansas, you realize how Important (hey.ire to the kraft paper Industry. There's no substitute in the southern woodlands for pine trees tc make krafl paper. •, ^\ liicli reminds me that (here Isn't" 1 any Kood substilule for the legal sale of a temperate glass of beer on a hot day. Arkansas folks just naturally enjoy a cool glass of beer told in a clean, well-kept tavern. .•' ' Copyright ItSt, UniMStaltt Brtytrs foundation, Int., Arkansas ' n. PuramidBuilding, Uttl^ Rock, Arkansas AUCTION SALE Saturday, Aug. 23rd -One P.M. 114W«t3rd Next Door to Police Station Electric Fans Gas Stoves Electric Heoter$ Uted TIrei Botein 9 Wire 50 Country Cured Horn* 5 Washing Machines Now & Used Furniture living Room Suites led Room Suite Dinning Set Couches Uwn Furniture Electric Ironers and Lamps If you HQVO anytliliMi of v«(u« to $«ll bring to Mid-South Auction Sole. Phones: Of«H« 7-%0 Msidwe* 74101 FREE PRIZES GIVEN One Country Cured Ham AIR CONDITIONED For Your Shopping Pleasure L«|leh Auxilltry Meets flie Aftierlean LegMn AuxlHary met ort Monday evening in the home of Mrs. Maxle Ledbettor with Mrs. Cecil Grantt co-hostess With fourteen members nnd o ( ie visltof present for the August meeting. Mfs. Mildred While, president, had charge of the meeting. During the business plans were discussed for the float in the Nevada County Fair parade In September. An interesting program on Membership" was presented by Mrs. Jamie Harris.] Ice cream ond coo|ies were ser vcd by the hostesses. Chrittlari WomerVs Fellowship Meets The Business Women's Christian Fellowship of the First Christian Church met on Monday evening at.the church and enjoyed a picnic supper on the lawn. After supper Miss Fay Loomis, president, had charge of the meeting that was opened with the theme song "Evening Prayer." The devotional thought was i?iven by Mfss Loomis. • Mrs. R-ay Peachey^ gave n rn- port .of the camp, meeting hclti at. Clear Springs Camp Ground, Okploria. . %S. ; ..,B; ,. C.'Stivers gave an InformnHve talk- ,03 the history pf.iMaHon G. Ward;-.a layman of tHe North' Little' Rock who later became an ordained minister. _ After the song, "Help Somebody Today," Rev. C. E. Johnson pronounced the .benediction. was the Sunday guest of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Dews. Mrs. Karl King, Jr., spent a part of last week in Little Rock as the guest of her mother, Mrs. Ira Ward and sister, Mrs. Jim Bush and Mr. Bush. Miss Marjorie Anderson of Little Rock was the weekend guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Anderson. Miss Grace Nelson of.. Brownfield, Texas, was the Sunday, guest of Hody Butler, Jr., and' his parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Ingram had, as their Sunday dinner guests. I Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Horton of Hot Springs, Mr. and Mrs. Hnr- ! old Ingram, Jerry and James Harold. Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Scott of Little Rock have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Vick Scott. CRISCO and SNOWDRIFT 3 Can 83C 8R/N6 US YOf/R PROCTER L 64MB IE COUPONS . •Circle 4 of- WMU Entertained by Mrs. Willis PURE CANE SUGAR 10 u,s 95c SCOT TISSUE 2 Roiis 23c WASHING POWDER ALL BRANDS Large Box ri 4 Of the WMU of the Baptist Church was entertained on Monday afternoon bv Mrs. Wilburn Willis at her home • with , seven numbers ,nn'd a visitor, Mrs. Jake Underwood present .Mrs. Willis had chaVife" of the meeting. The- opening- prayer was Y°f" d by Mrs. Mettle Robinson. '•Mrs.. Roy Stainton led the study on "Stewardship Applied in Missions 1 ' and closed the meeting With prayer. Ice-cream and cookies were served by the hostess. SOAP Palmolive, Lux, Lifebouy, O Reg. Camay, Sweetheart «D Bars Mrs.> Mildred Dnwson and Mrs Fannie Newth spoilt last week with relatives in Magnolia. PURE LARD LIBBY'S FRUIT COCKTAIL 4 - 303 Cans TEA UPTONS' - V'4 Lb. Box 29c Dog Food Tuffy & -Bonds .. 12-1 Lb.Cons 98t ^George Dews of Arkadelphin WdTGeTPepJfim with Iron/Calcium, Vitamin B t l«r «iTlo . !»wn«Jr - ohea Col* *"*•«»•*» 4(uiii UllU ' -ftl» everywnere-in Mrs. Howard Haynic had as her weekend guests Mr. and Mrs. Colburn Stewart, Buster and Betty Lou of Watson and George Haynie of North Little Rock. Jack Hardey of Tyler, Texas, was the weekend guest of his fath- ef, R ( B. Hardey. He was accompanied by his sister, Mrs. Josephine Carrington who has been his guest the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Car)'' Dalrymple and Carl Jr.. spent a part of last- week in St. Louis. Farm Prices Could Become Big Issu e WASHINGTON (/P) — Will farm' prices become a major issue on how farmers vote for president! this year. j Four years ago at this time,' they were a red, hot political topic. Secretary of Agriculture Brannan hnd already taken out after the! Republican-controlled 8Uth Con- «ess, blaming-it for a sharp downturn in grain prices. The Brannan campaign has been creidted with a major role In obtaining the Midwestern farm suy-1 port that helped President Tru-j man win his upset victory over I Guv. Thomas E. Dewey. I Insofar as prices are concerned. I the history of 1948 is being repeat-1 ed to a considerable extent this I year. Farm prices as a whole — as j well as prices of many individual! farm products — are lower now j than they were at this time in i 1!M8 and a year ago. j Yet little political attention hasi been focused on this situation — either by Democrats or Rupubl!-1 cans. Some political observers have predicted that farmers will be more interested this fall in such issues as war and peace, taxes. overnment controls, and charges if corruption and communism in rjOM, ARKANSAS i^. - , -- .-.a. .. - ^_^ - »_«««_ government, than in farm pHce» Agriculture Department #epfcr(s show thnt farm prices as a who!,arc 2 per c(-nt Uwer than nt this limo in 1948. They show nlso thrit the prices formers pay otit for whnt they need aro about 12 per cent hiRher thnn In 1948. Much of the 1948 campaign xvns centered on Democratic charges th.it n Reublican Congress Httd restricted government grain storage operations to such an extent that farmers wen- unable to take advantage of federal price support programs. Yet this year department reports show market prices for wheat are further below the fed- enl price support level thnn they wei-e in ifi-tn. In the •slimmer of HM8, farmers received an average of $1.98 n bushel for wheat or »nly 2 cents bolow the support level. •So far this summer, wheat prices have averaged urcund $2, or about 20 -cents below the level the department satti at planting time it would support this year's crop. Officials are predicting thnt this year's corn crop may sell from fl to 10 cents n bushel below the price support rate :it harvest lime. Farmers were geUin B ;ui average of about $20 per 100 pounds for hogs in the summer of, 1048. They now are receiving around $21. Beef cattle prices are about the same. Soybeans, at $3 a bushel now, are down about GO cents from four years nijo. Wool, at 53 MJitts a pound, is 4 cents above lour years ago. KKKS sold for an aveiage of 4(1 cents a do.-en four years ago compared with 43 cents now. The department has forecast that farmers' net income —some lelt after paying production costs --would be down from last year's $14,000.000,000. The net farm income In l!HH WHS $13.738,01X1,1X10 W. E. Jordan of Texarkana was the weekend guest of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. , Biw.tc Haynie spent the weekend in El Dorado with Mrs. Ralph Haynic who is seriously ill in the hospital following major surgery. Gene Word was a weekend visitor in Jonesboro. Mrs. J. K. Regan has had as her guest Mr. and Mrs. Harry Power, Mr. and Mrs. Mich Raymond and son of Houston. Mrs. Edward Bryson, Ed and Mary Beth, and Mrs. W. L. Britt aro vacationing in Carlsbad, Now Mexico. Mrs. Frank Gilbert, Judy and Martin Gilbert, Jim McKenzie and Virginia Ann Hays spent sev- era! days last week in Little Rock with relatives. They were accompanied home by Jimmy Greeson who is visiting in the Gilbert home. Mrs. Floyd Smith of El Dorado has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Imon Gee GERBER'S Baby Food 6 cans 49c Miracle Whip 'SALAD DRESSING 47c IT'S HERE! Quart MILK .PET and CARNATION 7 HUNTS . . TOMATO SAUCE 3 ROUND-UP . VIENNA SAUSAGE 2 CLOVER LEAF Dry Milk Solids WHOLESUN ORANGE JUICE PRODUCE DEPT. HOME GROWN CORN 5c Ear HOME GROWN Butter Beans 2 tbs. 33c GOLDEN YELLOW BANANAS 2 i 25c Nice and Firm TOMATOES 25c Pound GRAVSTINE APPLES 15c Pound M^AT Pound. TALL K'ORN " TRAY PACK BACON 50c VALLEY OLEO 2 Ibs. 39c HOME GROWN FRYERS 57c , Mor« of Cht you neod Pound HALF or WHOLE Cured Ham Pound 63c Mr Hit monty you hav« to sp«nd Price* f«r Friday, 2lndl and! toturtoy B&B Super Market H i f •:/ eye r t o: c n f\ > ")d 0 r J 11 f r |Yt» <«n Wv» Hmt ond mon*y fey U>«ppin 9 Hit 5«qn catolog way. |M< *»» brand n*w cotolog thqt has tv*rythin 9 you'll want thi$ INK and Wlntfr^oll at prius b»k>w what yov'^ normally .xp, c t ! l» •«/. And, rtm»ml»«r, at Stan quality it guarantttd to »atiify «r y«gr manty back. Try frit canvtnitnt ont-stop way to shop. /e*nt Jn yoar S«or» Catate^ Salts Qffict whtrt yov can set /sampJti cf artval mtrchanditt, havt your rotasvrtments taken if ;Mtatd. and yowr order written up far yov, Ji JK^T WlJ> * kf ^ VCftl «'i» « f WT telephone 9 rdtr strvke. Jwf ttHIOQQO and givf your order. 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I6c Cottage Chces Gal. 45C e Quart 261 Ctn. 10c BROCCOLI %• 29c "**?•" 100z , 0 29c Wilson ARKANSAS MAID SKINUSS PEACHES WOOH«» RID POTATOES CAWAG6 **' 6C lb e CI " HT THE WMITI — HOW IN A NEW LOCATION FORlilRLY OWEN'S Bargoins Are Bigger Than Ever MEN S ARMY PANTS $3 wSSSm TYPE 4 — $3.95 VALUE MEN S WORK SHIRTS $ BLUE CHAMBRAY. $1.69 VALUE ALL TABLE SHOES 1 FINAL. CLOSE OUT FAST COLOR PRINTS $1 36 INCH 4 YARB4 1 —-^^..i^.;.,^ ,-... { . "'"'••""-'•' i ''"- : -v--''-"' : ".'V';.'.:;'-.';,;v.:'.'x; ;H..,.... .?" >/ T ... m , ^j. .-.?.._?.-.._a i^.- __••> ' _._ ^''''''''••••'••MMHBMMWIIMlHlMMBMlHiHHBHMHMMAiiHlESSi MEN S SLEDGE OVERALLS $ SLEDGE BRAND MEN S DRESS SHIRTS S $3.50 VALUE MEN S SHORTS dBB 1 69c VALUE 2 PR. FOR MENS UNDERSHIRTS $1.9 REGULAR 59c VALUE 3 FOR •"'• •••••^^.—trai-iB—,,^|. r ' _... . .._ ' ' HI t *• (. 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