The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 9, 1940
Page 7
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•'riWHSuAy;~juAY '<),''HMO mm HOLDS i BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Is First Lady Popular? Take A Look Merchants Charge Unfaii lax Collection, Ex-Em- ploye Scores Mayor CAHUTUEHSVILLE, Mo., May a —One of HID stormiest sessions ever known prevailed here In (lie regular tnoiUlily mecling of Hie cily council, at which time ap iralntivc offices were filled by Mnyqr O. O. Pinion. Earlier in Uic council mooting two proiniueiil local iiiercliaufi appeared before Hie council lo lodge complaints and charge fav oritism in the city's methods of enforcing and collecting certain city taxes and license fees. The merchants are C. ,c. Nelson, well known grain a»d coal dealer, and Cliuule Balrri, grocerymcin. Both had previously been hailed ' into city police court lor non-payment of dealers' licenses, nml both protested to the council .that other similar coal and grain dealers and Brocei-ymcn had neither paid their licenses'"uor ibaen.hailed into cily police caiirt. Tim council, arur hearing Nol.son. rated tc refund a fine assessed him, and in the healed debate, a verbal occurred between Cily Collector R. L, Tms- Icy and Nelson, Following the open session, the council went into executive session while Mayor Pinion offered his selections for the appointive officers, lo be rated on by the council. Following (lie executive session, a second verbal onslaught was made against the mayor and council by Miss Josephine Van Cleve, former assistant city clerk, wlio stated she had been led to believe by the mayor and mem- bets of the council that she was in line for appointment to (ho city clerkship, but her name was not offered for the position by [lie mayor in the executive session. As in 1938, Mayor Pinion instituted n rather broad "ouster" of city employees. Three new 'noltce- men were appointed, being tlie pnly ones mentioned by-the mayor for the posts, a new city clerk, and salaries of two other employee; were reduced. Several oilier cily appointive officers, including Kir'e Chief Victor Mallourc, were rc- appointcd. New policemen named were Bob Oiniby, Jimmy Knight and Chester Moore. They replace Jimmy Tipton Jr., son of Alderman J. W. Tjpton, Sr, Prank Harris and Bill :i\load. S. H. Edwards, Jr., was rc- appoinled as assistant police .ehiel ^without a dissenting vole from Uic c'ouiicil, Clyde "Speck" Essary was appointed as the new City Clerk, to take ofTicc July 1st, His appointment was by 5-3 vate, it was .stated, as was the appointment of Ownby and Mocrc, and 6-2 on Knight. Ownby is a former deputy sheriff, having served as chief deputy under the late Sheriff S. E. Judcn. Knight has formerly been identified with the local police system. B. H. England was re-named city street commissioner, by a 5-3 vote, and his salary reduced from S1DO to 5125 per month. Last summer an investigation was conducted at the authorization of (he council into the administration of England's office, and a resolution to dismiss him was introduced, but failed to curry by a two thirds majority vote of the council. Bcrnic Jones was re-appointed assistant street commissioner and his salary exit from S25 to $22.50 per week. Jim Mosley was also re-named as an assislant. street commissioner, at a salary ol $11.50 per week. Appointments receiving the unanimous affirmation of the council included John Gaddy for his 26lli year as chief engineer of the waterworks plant; Fire Chief Mallourc- Fire Tlnick Driver Howard Sparks; Fred Henley, city counselor; Dr. G. No bargain counter slampcde is this jam-pnckcd crowd but lust of Mrs. Fmiifc.ii, D. Roosevelt. First uilv is pictured onvention of „«„< Woll)C11 ilrcu's ulcl,- while -2'|,oo« were svi)i- imrled by WJ'A emnloj'ino::!, 131«T(. rotU'f Biiowcil the most' imirkcd reduction us i-uiuimml u'lt •!Wt9, the bureau said, CimilluM'sville Stipe i-iiv tpncleiit Lists Closing s Of Term purcliiised by (he French nrmy was :i "iwibtle i\tr- liort," whiah Is n triiuji wolijlilng They Didn't Raise Their Boys To Be Dictators... Mothers Hitler, Mussolini and J.)jii S aslivMi ^___ , J O ' By NBA Service There would be no joy in Mother's Day for the Mothers of the world's three leading dictators. They did not raise their sons to be revolutionaries and war makers. Klara Poelnl Hitler, Donna Rosa Mussolini and Ekctcrina 'Gcorgiivna Djiigashvili. j Stalin's mother. Ekatcrina DJM-] gashvili, raised her pock-mnrked ! son to be a priest,. "Soso's" career, hi blood ami revolution was the i greatest tragedy of her life. [ Donna Mussolini was a school | , teacher, a woman of extraordinary ] energy and refinement. Rough and | ; rendy as was the Duce's blnck- i , smith father, quiet, and cultured' i was his mother, JIad she lived she might have turned the truculent Benito from his rowdy ways. He 1 adored his mother, she was the J .only person who could control him. i At 25, Kjara ' Poelzl, who had run away from her Austrian home ! to seek the glitter of Vienna, re-1 turned, a broken woman. Slid married a widower with two chil-1 dren, Alois Hitler, a man 23 years I older than she, gave birth lo two more children, one a sickly lad called Adolf. In Adolf she hoped to realise everything she had not herscH. She wanted Adolf to be a power In Vienna, the Vienna of art and culture ant) wealth. They held one thing in common, these mothers of the dictators . . .,. the thing common to ail mothers;'. . . they, wanted • more for their sons than they' themselves had known. The Ujugashvilis, Slalin's parents, were pitifully poor. His father was n shoemaker, as the Dju- gashvilis had been for generations. But Ekaterina Aiugashvili' ivanted more for her "Soso," who was born with his .left arm partially paralyzed, and other defects. She had lost her first three children, vowed that if this child lived 'he would be a priest. To chat end she sacrificed to send him .to a' seminary. But at the seiiii- nary "Soso" (her pet name) became the .leader of a secret group of Socialists. He .lived the life ol a Revolutionary thereafter. Stalin visited his mother last at Tiflis in 1935, and the Russian I press made much of it. "Soso wjis' always a good boy," said the' mother of the man in the Kremlin, but, lo the last she considered W. Philips, city physician; Miss Nellie Summers, waterworks bookkeeper; and the board of health comprised of Drs.'e.'F. Cain, P. J Aquino, and P. u Ogilvin. Alderman W. H. Johnson was named mayor pro-tern, replacing Gordon Wright, who had held the post for several years. Boy Miller svUtliK. Mo.. May !>. - -Milrt. Roscni; M. I'ii'TO ,ol 'tlK> icnil school sj'itlom tcxby niiiioiinuiMl the cul(iti[)ni- of suiiooi lu'UvlUes limrJiliiu the ulo.w (if tin: ||Kl!i.jg.|o K'tujo! year. irtildi <>IK|. S | 1CIV Mtty Activities are: TlmrsdHv, Miiy !l W) P.m., concert ] >y Dl'iili scitool ""isle cleimvumiui ul lilxli 6cl)ool, .minor (llraaimi of Miss Murjorle Aslurruft, l;-.Hi|iiclor; Fi-liliiy, May '«, 7:UO .p.m., piny, "••iiobiiobllii Hdiiiji'". siici-qli dcimrtininit, ul lii^u .'.I'linol; Sivtnnlay, M»y |(), 1;CD p.m., llvcaiocji show .by muinlior.s of the ''. I 1 '- A. club, (>f whiuh Kloyd : Hnrulmrl |» hisiriiclor; <S|iii(lay, I MII.V li!. 8:00 ixm.. )i)|;h jjehuol l; itc - c-iliiiiroiitc BCfinun ;it htijli school, l| i(' liev. j. Miii'ru.v 'fnylor, of i\i u in- j.l'tus iiwl .Ciinithm.svllls... Ohrlstlun .' I'lHii'ch uiistor, to dDllver the ( dress, Wcdnc.sdny, May '15" 'n:UO ' ii.m , imiNlc rodliil by SivJor music stii- Ih'lll.^; 'nilH'sdny, ,M||y 1^ ".in., I'lijhlh ijriulr liradunitun ;u hlsh school; 'riiur.sdiiy, iMuy 1C. tt:(io p.m., lii.ijli .scliool {srnihiH- llou pscivlscs "I high school- ]•'!•!- iluy, May n, close of school. Thm> lire 5ti hi Ihi! .Senior n'-w cliiss hns liiu iuni.,iiu. , "I luivlii),' hud two incniliurs lie for each of the vnledlctory nnu .s.,,m,,- lory liDjiors, Miss Jil||« Mnrgnret l'liel|).s and isillv Rhtxlr.s lire viilc- (llctorhms. HiurMIss Mnrjorlc Mc- Cnwlcy niul Mike Wilson Jr ore wilinnlorliins. Constipation Relief, That Aiso PepsiiHzes Stonacfc tow, and coiitnlnltiK isnry to repair p.inccs. 'I'lio irucfc will travel at n ,lo)> j^ed .10 miles nri hour on hlghwajs. •• WITH SERVICE PHONE 15 For Free Delivery HAPPY TJTOUR A A GROCERY & JL J.MARKET Itoy Stalin Hoy iUiissnlml * STAMP NEWS gOUTIIKHN RHODKSIA will issue a jdbilec series of eight lii- colored (lirtorinls .in J«nc lo corn- incinor.ilr thr- 50ti> iiiuiiverKir.v of the beginning of British penetration of that part of Africa which is now Rhodesia. The territory was ridministcrecl by the clwtcre'cl Kriiiih South Africa Company from 1800 lo 1923 when it was divided inlo Northern and Southern Hhodesici. a » * Finland'* first issue for reconstruction will be a stamp Jor Hie University of Abo, damaged by Russian bombs. * XV * Hitler's annual birthday commemorative scmi-poslal pictures the Fuehrer and a small girl. The German dictator was 51 on April * t * Dominican.Republic will issue a "Molher's Day" series Way ZB. The stamps will picture Julia Molina Trujillo, mother of former President Trujillo. * * * Norfolk Island, British possession in the Pacific, will soon issue its own stamps. * * * All plans for a joint Amcrican- Etiglisli broadcast, honoring (lie IQOIh anniversary of Uic posl.ige stamp, have been canceled became ,of war conditions. I'licw wlu-lly uiiaiilhcHticiil,:,! skdrlir.s. l,a,:]i,.,l „„ I,,, llnt ,,,, 1(r , llol;i . tluui nn artist's imasbuUiu,,, . slloll .,.„„„,, „,„„. ., s ,, |lj( . vit \ t ^ r Ju . yiaillc .Slalh, as a i.uolrwm, girl-osU-r, ami Mussnlini ils : ,n anvil-' .sliiittcrin; liny his place unimportant beside the priesthood. , In Vienna Adolf ' Hitler failed his mother. He coulri not pass the art .examinations. At 48, already suffering from despair, defeat disease, Klara Hitler died. Her death B"vc Adolf his "mission"; over since he says he has been fiBhliivg :to justify his niother-.s sacrifice and faith. .Like his .sturdy father, Benito Mussolini thrived on revolution and uprisings. His hometown, J'redap- pio. was a hotbed of anarchy Bcnito's father spent, live years in prison for his ideas. II niicc's grandfather was a icbel all his lif-: Plump, motherly Donna Mus-so"-' lini constantly stood between her husband and JBonito, wanting Benito to ainoiinl to wmethini; Donna Mussolini died when Benito was 19, her wish unfulfilled. Jpior High Students Hear Musical Program In observance of National Music Week, a musical program was presented Tuesday morning at the junior high school under the direction of Miss Mary Emma Hood. Mrs. H. J. Kleindinist .snug ".My Hero" from ' Frimls "Chocolate Soldier" and ."Til, for Tat," an 'English folk song. This was followed with a solo, "Old Man River," from Kern's "Show Boat" by Bill Be.swick. The program wn.s concluded with trio arrangements of "Allah's Holiday" by Kriinl ami "Bells of St. Mary." Mrs. F'aul L. Tiptou, Mrs.! Gcoigc M. Lee and Mrs. Russell] Tarr make up the trio. ' 1700 Attend Rural •• School Day Program CAHUTHIiKSV.ILLE, Mo,, May i —Twelve hundred students to<m liart in the amninl Rural SiihoiSl Uay program held here ut L^ a lon Park, with 300 parents present 4 gucsls. Due lu tool weather, life music program and eighth grncfe urojhmtion exercises were lield & .lUc ;.Lc£lqn,. Floral Hall. Mrs HallS Mcdcalf of "this city is'the conn* music supervisor. =>. The Rev. D. K. Foster. Ipcni Ka]l- tisl pastor, addressed the liriuliinlcl and County Schools..Superintendent;. Harold a. Jo.:es prcsonlcd the ,10 students with el B h(,h grade dinlif-' JJ. Penlnrcs of the program were a chorus of the total 120i) students,' ami special numbers presented by Flaglnkc, Nclhcrhuuls, Friendship and Collomvood scliools. Jn the aflernoor. the county yrade Softball tournament was held, with Friendship ((dealing Pascola -5-4 in ah extra inning (jame for the chant ptonship. ; Niretcen rural schools • parlicl- IJiited m the program, being Hush. Clinpel. Carleton, Chute sixteen Canady, Colloiiivood, Darnell, DOIIK- las. Fi.shnj. Friendsliip, Ftnglnlic • Hunter, Kinfolks Ridjjc, McCarty Mounds, iNclhcrlar.ds, Pjwcoln. J'c.u-h Orchind and Swill. ' Fifth ol Population Of Denver on Relief UKNVKll (Ul 1 ) — More than at) per cent of Denver's ,100,000 residents lire receiving nubile njd O ) "'« kind or another, but ouch month brings 11 rctUicllun, Uic cily welfare bureau' reports. liureiui offfclals reported that on Ai.-rll I (here were ;ia.3it7 persons receii-lnu either old age pensions, ilircii relief or deiicixlviit chll- For Best Results In Baking — Use Shibley's •'" Best FLOUR ASK YOUR GROCER FLUSH KIDNEYS AND POISONS - OF EXCESS ACID GAIN IN HEALTH Sl(.p (ietliag .Up Nighls- Uc'Happicr-I,ivc Longer 35 CKNTSPltOVES IT Thai <1r.iK5.-o,] out feelinc nwj- mean thai sour kidneys are ti.iactivc nn-l ilislrcssefl—(jpraislcnt linckaclic nervousness .1.1,1 di«y B ,,pl] 3 may mcan tl-o same thing. • <?nort acllve Kidneys relieving the Loily of cwcss acid a, 1( ; poisons arc AVO nil s),o«M strive lo atta) ,. «llnl taT-m it you hale lo C H „„ <,r| on al niclil -i( passive t» «nnlj- or iliflinill A<H| marline or liurnini: is in cvMcnre- if y.™ liuve shiUini: iminj or tc K Kvinrw or iniffy c|-r> ,1 tony Mp ynur hcalll, if y ol , (>fly alt.-(,lio)j lit your kidnrys. 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