Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 21, 1952 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 21, 1952
Page 10
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V*' - HOM S?AR, HOM, ARKANSAS Aimed to in 16 *tid t«1»y thnl riWlJuh In* Politburo l« ( miUIdi*^ an well (Mo bdllovln/t Sfet f fo ft Corn•* tM» flrnt I«». «tot»in»llon of o j>ropn. yp'fjHnfhtinUt pony n«- « beoomp n by. In- , (<Kt, th»t Ihf MOOPOW ftftnolinepmpnt jthow* that flcorffl Mnlwikov rnnk« a* a likely nuccfs^of lo Jfwf itSltft iJi lti<» lltiddlnn premier, ''', :•:*', Th*y fwlofd In U\t> tar( tftrtl nnbov, .'W'j'wnr.ffld Polllbuto , hn» li«w« *f»loct*d i« rend t|$f tnftin rftpf>rl nnrt said thin shown h«» U firmly enlrpnehed In th« CommunUt hi*>r»« l « 1 hy. *. S»«lln gnve thlo report penton- nlly at the to/o previous Commttn- III Pnfty Cnnnrexs gntherlngi In nml f>«lclnld tinted, , Ihnt Mnlonkov'a new role doff* not mr-Bri ronclnilvc nvMnnff H« hfl* (wen topped in bV*come Ituml^n dictator" wnrm Htnlln illcd, Thii of. ftolftl* Hof«ri Ihnt Mnlonknv, like Stalin, in n member of th<? Com- munUt Parly fk-ictnrlnt, which trndltlonally ulv»s thl«t r<»r>«>ft. They «1#« recalled that Duputy PHmo MlnlnK-r V M. Molotov wsn listed nhnnd of M«l'-nkov nt tho r«»nt Air Tore* Doy in Moscow. Western official* Miv« nuch of- floiol lf»tlnw often «tv« * dw to the IrntWrtfinr* nf I4ovfftl party m tl»i» Innpr ruimjt elrel*. fhu il#Nlon la J\tM th* Crtt*.; Wlon Oct. 9, (hc*i> offlriol* does rtfti nefi<Mnrlly mrort f»fthco1fniriie »g«r«»»)Hvf' Soviet j Communldt party regula-i tlon* require it mooting every} ihr<?« year*, they said, although i RfrvNfl offlelftU hnvc ignored thcmj In the p«itt, Stnlln and bin top lieutenant* undoubtedly have delnyd culling fifth a WiftoUritf gfnce 1639. partly bwcauirv of ttii' wnr n rid bectuap of' o reUielahf;f« to mak* public the information whleh tho west would |>IOk tip ftt nny inch nonilon. Amerlenn oxportt <>n Himsln believe corlslderiible Informal Ion about the working of the Com- munlal pnrty »y»tem will be r r - vi'tilnd nt the meeting, nnd they will be elooely following every word. Quints Born to Woman in Brazil 8AO f*AW,0, Brar.ll, Olrl quintuplet* wrr»- Mfrt hunt), ,i8-yi».)r-old *lf«r of n lobor- bftno, SBypnrold wife of . a ISbor mother nnd ehllrtrsn f«"i>orti>a doing w*l! In n Sao Paulo hoipltnl. The thiltlrnn have born pine*'! in Incubators. Twice Thinkiglvlna ' When November hn» flvo Thnr«- rlnyd, two Thanksgiving day* arc cftobrnt<><) in the United States, unites sornc state* change utatu- twy provision* fixing the dote of ofoaorvaner. Tho lout Thursday IF marked for tho celebration' by most slates, but n f^w rtairie the fourth Thurxdny for the WIST BROS. BIG , ^.. ollar Days ffclDAf AND SATURDAY AUGUST 22 - 23 Wont to mak« your plans now to be Ot West Bros, and take advantage ••• money silvers for Dolldr Days. Come early and shop the entire , t MN>Nf. See the many new things we have for Fall. tjft..hl.j> J . .y..- i j i SJii^ ""emcF modium spec- Is & ,;. Wmforlied d," 42 Special 51 B USE OUR EASY AY AWAY PLAN JY NOW FOR FALL Men's & Boys' JACKETS The favorite for cold weather ahead. Fur ot plain collar, tackle twill and satin 'In both coot and jacket styles. Assorted colors and all sizes. Men's Jackets $7.95&$8.95 Boys Jackets $6,95&$7,95 Use Our Easy Lay Away Plan MAKE WEST BROS. Your Headquarter* For SCHOOL CLOTHES Ladies (OATS You must see tHele smart new styles and rrtateriahs for fall and winter. Just the colors you Will like. All sizes. 512.95 to 539.95 Use Our loty Lay Away Plan One Group LADIES SHOES These include our better ladies shoes. Close out for Dollar Days. $3.00 Extra Special MENS JEANS These are 11 oz. jean?. Zipper front. Sizes 29 to 38. For Dollar Days only $2.98 Extra Special Rayon Crepe SLIPS These ore lace trimmed slips in sizes 32 to 42. Special for Dollar Days $1.00 Final Close-Out MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS These are $1.98 and $2.98 values. Special tor Dollar Days S1.53 STORI AIR-CONDmONID FOR YOUR COMFORT Mississippions Con Take Pick in November JACKSON, MlM. (* Democrat* ean vote their choice fc«?tw«en Democratic presidential rornlnee Gov. Adlai Stevenson and ('OP nominee Dwight Elsenhower on Nov. 4 without crossing party lines. Democrats for Else nhower helped the COP nominee dodge the traditionally unpopular Republican l.-iljel In this "Solid South" state hy pledging a slnte of independent olrctoro to him yesterday. In this way Democratic support crs of the hctiretl five-star general rr.ay' vote for him without marking bnllots for the Republican electors. About 00 per cent of Mississippi's qualified voters nro registered as Ormocrots. The state's white Republican party leaders, Oeorgc Sheldon, for m«r governor of Nebraska, and his son Anson, expressed regret that the Democrats-for-Elsenhower refused to rally their forces for the f'rOP nominee under a Republican banner. We hod hoped the Democrats for-Elsenhower would go along with us to present a solid front for Elsenhower," the elder Shel tlnn said. It now appears that three sets of electors will be on Mississippi's bnl Jot pledged to the general: the in dependent slate, the white Republi cnn slate and the slate of a pro dnmlnnritly Negro GOP faction. The two Republican factions have been at political War for a quarter century. The necessary names to place the Independent slnte on the ballot were gotten yesterday at the Dem ocrats-for-Elsenhower meeting. Former Lt. Gov. Sam Lumpkin told the meeting of about 70 per sons that the political office holders in Mississippi are agalhst us, so we will go to the people lo win this fight." Insect Indulgers Insert eaters are not restricted to the animal kingdom, but include some wild, flowering plants, such us the Venus fly-trap, tho bladderwort, tind the sundew. Watermelon is n highly speculative crop, Its sale fluctuating with the weather. More are sold in the warm weather. 1*51 IRtCDtK JUGISTtMD STOCK .' i.*.. COKIM NIWAIN OATt COKII1 « a WHU» IllMk Vf $ * 3.75 3.50 3.25 <-25 6.00 5.75 N Now Booking Orders TOM KINSER COKCR s PCDICREZD StCD BE CAREFUL! Love's a spelt and J*r«my Ireland hod learned to love his domure ond lovely foster sister until her rivol appeVed. fve-deslroble, willful, cruel—was the girl hit parents had passed up in order to odopt Nonet, bnd rtow their Ion U fated with a simitar ehotee. |ve hq« teorned to lake what the wants, and Nance's only defense is the magic o* her love. Who will win hU heart? Thgrtday, August 21,1932 SOCIETY Pfim« 74411 I A. M. «N 4 P. M. Calendar Thursday, August 21 The Catholic Altar Society will sponsor a benefit ice cream, supper Thursday evening, August 21, at 7:30 at the Parish Hall. The public is invited. stration Club will have a family picnic at Fair Park at 7 p. m. Friday. August 22. All members are asked to bring a picnic lunch. ORANGES 2lbs.25< m Hopc Country Club will enter*) aln with Stag Night Thursday ELBERTA Jan* Parkti SPANISH BAR CAKE S£ 29* IUf utorly 3* "Company cuke" «t • budget price! Plump rililtii enrich the two t*nder-t«xtur*d layfers. Vftnllla crem* fronting mak«s it •vtn mof* flavorful! PEACHES Ib SEEDLESS GRAPES 2lbs.25< KENTUCKY WONDER BEANS Ib. BANANAS Ib. 14t A&P GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 46 Or. Can night (tonight) at 7:45. Hosts will .be. Lex Helms, Jr.. Walter Verhalen, Jr., and D. D.' Booth. Friday, August 22 Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Archer, Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Moody Willis vlll be hosts and hostesses to a formal dance Friday night, August 22, at 8:30 at the Country ?lub for the high school and college members of the Country Club • and their dates. The Green Laseter Home Demon- ' Mrs. Jewel Burke, Mrs. Wayward Burke, and Mrs. Buck Faulkner will sponsor a community gathering Friday night, August 22. at 8 o'clock In the club room at the school house. The public is invited. Monday, August 25 WSCS Circle No. 5 of the First Methodist Church will have its annual treasure hunt and picnic Monday, August 25, with Mrs. Carl Jones, Mrs. J. W. Franks, Mrs. Thomas Cannon, and Mrs. John Wilson, Jr., as hostesses. All members are asked to meet at Fail- Park promptly at 6:30 p. m. All circles of WMS of the First Baptist Church will have a potluck family picnic at 6:30 at Fair park * SAENGER AIR -CONDITIONED • LAST TIMES TODAY • A&P FREESTONE PEACHES ANGLO ROAST BEEF SULTANA STUFFED OLIVES JEWEL SHORTENING FOR DEPENDABLY DELICIOUS, SENSIBIV PRICED MtATS . q ua |ity meats U. S. CHOICE — HEAVY CALF ' •'•••• Chuck Roast Ib. 59c FRESH Ground Beef !b.59c U. S. CHOICE — HEAVY CALF SIRLOIN STEAK »> 8* FANCY — FRESH TURKEY FRYERS Ib. 6& CURED— BY PIECE SLAB BACON Ib 53c P^M^"^^wJf A«t«*»> M, to Hope Star t^S^^-^ltltl&lffSf^ J^nMM Plus NEWS& SPORTS • FRIDAY & SATURDAY • 4 Jar • ANN PAGE, Strawberries, PRESERVES ABBOTT & COSTELLO Pardon My Sarong • ^ STARTS SUNDAY • « OUR OWN TEA 39c V2 Lb. Box ANN PAGE Grape Jelly ' 17c 120&-. Jor THEORY OF WILLROCERS iiV i»» n7«<J«^»foCoV.. Witt ROGERS* • JANE WMAN * RIALTO "Your Family Theatre" • FINAL SHOWING • •XPOSINO Political Rack«t««rtl 20 MIN. "GUN TO GUN" Sports, "They All Like Boats" • FRIDAY & SATURDAY • Dynamite In the Saddle! Terror on the Trigperl ROD CAMERON "Trigger Trail" "How did the wedding come off?" "Fine until the minister asked the bride If she would obey her husband." "Whta happened then?" "She said, "Do you-think I'm crazy?" and the groom, who was In sort of a daze replied, "I do." — Glenda Huckabee Submit jokes for, this column and win passes to the Rialto. For every joke used, the person submitting it will be mailed 2 passes. Jokes must be limited to 50 words or less, and must be suitable for publication. Leave at theatre boxoffice or mail to: Manager, Rialto Theatre. .125' Roll Cut-Rite Wax Paper Star-Kist Tuna NO y 2 can Sunkist Lemon Juice 6 0z Cai VEL V Large 29* FAB targe Pk0. 29* CRYSTAL •: j WHITE Jurgtlan r .......... CASHMERE BOUQUET 2ft*o,.lari •MHHIIT A-JAX CLEANSER 14-Oz.Pkg. PALMOLIVE SOAP Reg. Bars PALMOLIVE SOAP [Bath Bars .....u SUPER SUPS AIR-WICK MOWHUJIT s-o*. GOLD MEDAL Kikhen-Tested Flour 5-Lb. Bag 49* PEANUT PETER PAN 12-Oz. Glaii SALTED PEANUTS PETER PAN 7%»Oz.Gla»s DIAL SOAP DEODORANT t. Iflri Mmti*iM«ikmiMMOTiti»Mi DIAL SOAP , % |Wk.Eill|HI mf T t.^i ftR , Smart for Fall • the delicate AAAA-B So light you hardly know y9u're afoot. Daintily feminine and Fall's smartest. They're featherweight beauties at a featherweight price. '•i f ?;»•>•* HOM STAt, HOP*, ARKANSAS Monday, August 25. VFW Auxiliary Has Meeting Tuesday The VFW Auxiliary met Tuesday night, August 19. ftt 7:30 p. m. at the Hut. meeting was opened, with DOROTHY DIX AAA-B Many other smart styles arriving daily $8.95 X-AAY FITTINGS BURKE'S JHOE W. St. STORE Plant 7-J2U The prayer by the 'chaplain. During | the business meeting the mem-' borship drive and the joint niect- iiitf with Iho Post was discussed. Mrs. Cecil O'Steen nnd Mrs. Henry Fenwick were appointed captains of the membership drive. The meeting closed with prayer by the chaplain. Mrs. Paul Bain and Mrs. AI- vin Willis, hostesses, served iced drinks itnd cookies to the members present. Commq and Going Miss I.ulie Allen has returned from ;i visit with Mr. nnd Mrs. J. T. Greene ot Greenville, South Carolina. Miss Jo Ann Francis and Miss Sue Smith were the weekend guests of Mrs. C. A. Helm. Mrs Cinriv Dick Korster and children, nnd Susan, of Shrcveport are visiting Mrs. Forstcr's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Young. 7 ied Down Dear Miss Dix: Severn! months ago I left my husband and took my two children to live with my! thl "«s as they pup into my head. mother nnd stepfather. My hus-; Also, ho didn't like many things not overcome the impulse to say band gives us no support. I am desperate for some either in town or sort of work, out ot town, but I would have my children with me as mother works. I have not been out but twice since I've been home, and both times to the store. I have no recreation at all. I've asked my husband to takjR the children so I could get a job, and the youngsters are getting on my nerves. It isn't good to be indoors all day long with no one to talk to. I know my feeling is wrong but I am so upset I don't know where to turn. 1 am 22. M.'G. Answer: There is no doubt but that you are in a desperate situation, and a small town is a bad spot under the circumstances. No matter how hard things are for you at present, hang on and don't under any conditions, give up the children. That is something you would regret bitterly for the rest of your life. They're babies such wear, such as low necks, shorts «'tc. My \\iis very upset over our breaking the engagement and says we not to see each Rob.-rt Story left yesterday for f h ' l " Ue While> n " d the years of his home in Minden, La., aftoi 1 visit with his grandmother, Garrctt Story. a Mrs. Miss Harriet Ann Story and Miss Carolyn Story of Minden, La., are visiting their grandmother, Mrs. Garrctt Story. complete dependency pass very quickly — much too quick- Mrs. R. H. Tipton and little daughter, Barbara Nan, of Houston, Texas, arc the guests of Mrs. Glen L." Williams> Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Branch have as their guests, Mrs. George Van Deusenjand daughter, Ethel, of Detroit, Mich. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Clarissa White, of Hope, Mrs. C. G. Tittle, Hope. Mrs. Mattic Bennett,' Hope. Discharged: Helen Trotter, of Hope, Ht. 1, Mrs. Jess Lndry, of Hope. Mrs. .1. B. Caldwell, Hope. other again. I (>«• I that lhin«s could be patched up, since \ve do love each oilier. B. M. Answer: Much of the difficulty can be excused on the ground (if your youth; at 1H one isn't expected to be completely stable, However, if you feel old enough to be married, you should be nld eiioui;h to control bad habits. Naturally your mother is upset at present. Init she'll probably realize that much of tlu- trouble was your own fault, nnd she'll relent. Make up your own mind that you must do more than make «i s'itn- ple effort to overcome your faults Firm resolution is more in order. Dear Miss Dix: For sometime I have been writing to a boy In service and, though he says he loves me, he writes only one letter a week. Don't you think, if he is sincere, he ean do belter than this'. 1 HKNIili Answer: Hoys in service arii kept pretty busy and it's quite possible that one letter a week is the most he ean muster. Probably he isn'l much of a letter writer, anyway. Don't slack off on your own writing, as letteis mean a very great deal to boys away I'rom home. Released By The Bell Syndicate Inc. lional publicity suddenly this week when Elsenhower acWptcd nn In- vitnllon to address 'Jhe plowing contest. Upwards of 100,000 visitors are exported both for the contest antf*to hoar IHe OOP candidate make his first mnjor farm address of the cnmpnlgn. Local sponsors of the nffair — as earnest as they ore unruffled— want the outslfle world to Ret a few points straight. In the first place. It's not Just i\ plowing contest, The main billing Simply Hopes Ike Will Like Chicken Dinner KASSON — DODGE CKNTKH, Minn. i.fl —Mrs. Henry Snow hopes Gen. Eisenhower will like her chicken dinner. But the friendly furnuvife Isn't «ilkely to have oil attack of nerves over tho prospect: Is '"National Sail Conservation of entertaining the Republican tan- Day." and farmers are more eon- tildnte for President during the loomed with soil conservation than National Plowing Contest Sept. n. j J M w ho plows the slraightust fur"I don't know what they expect."j row fastest, sHid Mrs. Snow as she treated a Second, there's a good deal of group of visitors —among the hrsi; local nnd understandable concern of mnny —to apples from the'about which of the thrc-e tiny towns orchard. | Almost equidistant from tho Snow "I'm just going to fix a dinner; farm gels its name Into tho nn- like I do for the menfolks. And j lunuil headlines. 1 hope they like It," | |[ t | 1o s i xow Is described by out The Snow farm in South-Central! slders Ss "near Kasson," tho folks Minnesota Is a neat nnd pleasant ! In Dodge Center and Manlorvlllc layout, but no gentleman fanner's i aren't going to like it. And vice slum-place. It felt the glare «! n a - versa. The thre<*' towis total 3,000 peraonst, ,Bftd th they're surfrtotuVr -**-•"" to see the toxyrtS on the big week < Is the Eisenhower, wait;( Influence any VotesV'ftf tfr fnmily? > .,. Henry Snow, n" 'tVriYifcsdT'iii r dirt farmer, every -bit- hri<Ctf| Ills wife, snya' with"Just say .we're, ind HOPE 8. Main A Country ^ Clark Gable - Avo In "LONE - SECOND "BEHAVE With Shelley Markets Julia Chester Admitted: Jessie L. Cooley, of Rt. 1, Hope, Mrs. D. J. Cornelius, Hope. Discharged: Mr. Clyde Miller, Hope, Mrs. Homer Jones, Hope, Mrs. Emma Bland, Saratoga, Mr. Andrew Caldwell, -Hope, Mrs. Jo Turnage, Hope. .Josephine Discharged: Mst. Kenneth Mithell, Canfield, Ark. for most mothers. Meet Other Mothers You should be able to make friends among the other young mothers in your community, which would at least give you someone else to talk to. Then, you could ex- chkinge baby-sitting services to permit you to gel out occasionally One day you could take a neighbor's child for the day; another time she could take yours. In a town where baby-sitters Are very scarce, or money is not available to hire them, this system has worked very well with young women in your position. Staying at home with your mother and keeping your children is really tho best you can make of a bad situation for the present. When tho babies are a little older, you can go out to work, but right now they need your care. In the meantime, there is no reason why your husband should go scot free on supporting them. Apparently you haven't pressed, this point very much and, ot course, if he can get away with anything, he'll do it! Write and tell him unless he makes a definite pledge of support you are going su||1 , r , , M t d to obtain legal advise. If he ignores the letter, consult a lawyer. The nearest Family Court can tell you where to obtan free legal advise and service, since you are unable to pay for it. Tfhe first large-scale .coal mining 'Derations in the "fc'y'archipelago f Spisbergcn were conducted '4n 905 by an American, John M -.ongyear. By The Associated Press Grains slipped at the start of trading today but managed to recover at levels of the previous close. Wholesale meats are steady to lower, hogs are lower and cattle are steady. Cotton futures opened $1.30 a bale lower to ir> cents higher. Here is today's commodity report, furnished by the USDA: Hogs opened steady to fifty cents lower at the leading Eastern Cornbolt markets this morning with the bulk of the supply Dear Dorothy Dix: My uncontrollable habit of making sarcastic remarks has resulted in the cancellation of my engagement. Although my fiance often begged me to stop being sarcastic, I can Early sales of 200 to 270 pound weights are bringing $21 to $22.25. Tops are $22.15 at Chicago, $22:25 at East St. Louis, and $22.50 nt Indiana polls. Sows also are steady lo fifty cents down. A few choice lightweights have sold at $20.50. But most sows are bringing-. $15.50 lo $20. NEW YORK — Noon Oct. Cotton 38.-10. FREE "Delivery Moore Bros. DIAL 7-4431 Serving You Since 1896 Prices Good Thursday Afternoon, Friday and Saturday MUOKt BROS. TENDER M ff FRYERS ^ 57 c 303 CAN APPLE SAUCE 6 cans 99c CORN KING —SLICED COKN KING — bLICED m ^ 3 LB . CARTON BACON Ib. 48 ( CRUSTENE FAT CHOICE FED FAT CHOICE FED ^ fjj DEL MONTE DELICIOUS HENS lb.37 ( PEACHES 3 NO. 1 LEAN DONALD DUCK GRAPEFRUIT, NO. I LEAN «fc 4t DONALD DUCK GRAPEFRUIT A *± DRYSALTlb 28 ( JUICE 4 99 JfeflV 303 CAN YELLOW A A . 87 ( CORN 6 - 99 MOQRE BROS SIRLOINS T-BONES £ C C Our Red Hot Special POUND PAIL PURE "1.00 50 Ib. Stand LARD I 5. 25 Ib. sack SH ^ TN " FLOUR 1.79 FROZEN ORANGE JUKE 6 cans 89c PET MILK 7 large cans 99c GQDCHAUX SUGAR 10 >M95c NQ.25JZECAN BABY GREEN LIMA BEANS REPHAN S SURPLUS STOCK 1 UQUIDATIOH SALE •'"', "' DEFINITELY NOT GOING OUT OF BUSINESS. Your terrific response is proof enough rhat you must have found bargains. We're sold .out 6'f roqny surplus stock items. You'll find many new bargains offered or ^PRICES BELOW OUR OWN REPLACEMENT COST. You will find other merchandise regrouped, and marked down to prices that give you your greatest; WjViing opportunity. WE ARE FORCED TO SELL THIS SURPLUS STOCK, arftTarq doing the only thing we know to move largo quantities of goods quickly. Only a few days left, don't miss this chance to,save. ' |, •'' >f ,. m LADIES WASH DRESSES -I." ID. $3.00 Washablcs. We've added now stylos to this higher price ; group. Out they go ot a price we think you'll like ,, -: LADIES HALF SLIPS Complete sell out last week. 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These must be sold, buy now at this ridiculously low liquidation price ./ MEN'S STRAW HATS Genuine straw, real leather sweat bands. Many genuine Banko waterproof, Hurry far best selection, 4*<«l CHILDREN'S PLAY SHORTS loxei 1 styles, rugged, durably elastic waist band. Fine cotton waihables in fancy patrernf. . ... MEN'S WASH PANTS Reduced to a new $$ saving lew price. Sanforized, fast color, and all firrt quality. ......... ,.. ... ....... ' LADIES SHOES C«n't be hem long at this price. White and some Btfeeje eaiff far this <we t Cfl»er«. Men's Sanforized Work .... ... i: .. .. - Sal,yw

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