Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 20, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 20, 1939
Page 3
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jlomlay, Noyemb'er 20. HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Retrospect |. We sec an old, tiltl chain, Some links obNcmc, .some bright- It represents one'.s life: The morn, the noun, the night. We -try to grasp mum's links, So smoothe, unique in kind— A semblance of the youth Which we have left behind. We reach for links of noon And find our hope denied: Noon's joys have nasscd away, Herself and friends have died. With links of night in hand, We never can expect To live our pikst again Kxccpt in Retrospect. .Selected. The American Legion Auxiliary will hold its November meeting Tuesday afternoon at 2.:l!ll at the home of Mrs. Glen Williams, wild Mr:,. Gentry and Mrs. K. S. t'r>ii\klin as associate hostesses. Mr. and Mr.s. Ivhvin Slcwait have returned from a short vi.-,it in Lilllc .! Kock where they attended Die ban- ([Uct for Hit' Arkansas Retail Jewel- lers' The many friends of Mr.s. Joe Greene will regret to learn that she is a patient in Josephine Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Scwcbsko of Magnolia were week end guests of their daughter Mrs. Puxton Jordon, iind friends. ^^— David Hoyclt, who is a. student in Magnolia A & M spent the week end with his grand Parents, Mrs. 1). 13. Thompson and Captain «nd Mrs. R. A. Hoyctl. Mrs. J. A. Henry and Mrs. E. N. May spent the week end visiting in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Gushing, Oklii. They were accompanied home by Mrs. fully Henry of Gushing. The Girls' Scout Council will meet at l::«t Wednesday at the City Hall. All members and nil Captains lire urged to he present. Dr. and Mrs. A. C. Barclay of Pitls- bing, Pennsylvania will arrive Monday for a visit with her daughter, Mi.s. W. J. Jones and Mr. Jones. Miss Angclola Kelly is visiting friends in Hot Springs, and Little Hock this week. New Tabulations (Continued from Page Onei ,f. W. A.shbv H. W. Hatcher • W. H. Hra.sher I,. H. Rudgcis T. J. Johnston Hcmy Criner . Wesley Martin G. A. White . Robert Alexander Will" Clcmmcms J. T, Oiler lien Torrrnct! Klberl Smith Lourine Richardson Walter Joe Willie Pcnnington Dan CHIT J. M. Shaw K. C. Clark . Perry Jackson Icali-c Thompson Arthur Rober-on Marvin Mmilf',"inn y TCI mm Scot I C. P. Slaggi'i.s G. L. Joe Aaron .Smith E. D. Williams Willie W;illu>,- Charles Meyer.-, . Boots Turner ... Smead Rufus . . Tom Andrew John Mulrow . C. C. Canniachel Kugcne Staggers Huclie Smith . H. 13. SI.-.KKL-I-S . . Toncy Lagronc George .Staggers . Cliff Richardson . George Brashicr Loyce L.CC John Walton . . T. A. Jack.son Odcll Luck Donald Guuler Thomas Hnp.skins 1.11(1 1.IKI 1.110 1.00 1.0(1 .25 .25 .25 .25 .2. r i .25 ...M .25 .25 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 .50 MONDAY TUESDAY Alice. FAYEAMECHE and (he screen s greatest persona)* ities of foday . . . and yesterday? STARTS TUESDAY BORIS KARLOFF "Man They Couldn't Han and DON AMECHE "Alexander Graham Bell" THANKSGIVING DRESS SALE Values lu Values to LADIES Specialty Shop J. \V. Camp 1'Yanh King T. M. Council J. A, Guntcr James Gunter . K. H. Shaw T. M. Council A. K. Reynolds l.oyce Lou Clove Scott l.iindctt Hood Nolileu Stagger Jilliu.s Booker Kmancl Hood Kddii; Stuart Will Dixon Jim Mulrow Utis Yeager Troy Polk Bill Richardson Dick Nelson . .' Willie Criner .... Jack White Kohcrt Cooper Wilchie- I'cnin^tcm Jack Smith .. .. Joe; Ncal John Marshall Jack Carrigan Alon/.o Moss A. G. Staggers R. T. Uriant : .lolm Walter 1.00 1.00 .50 1.00 1.00 .25 .SO .50 .50 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .50 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .50 .25 .25 .25 .25 1.00 1.00 on Earth 1 Is Hopeful Note on '39 Greeting Cards >]ol!l1 $888.76 One-hundred per cent Firms are: Snow White Grocery, W. K. Lcmley Law office. Julia Chester Hospital, Mcl'iae Mill & Feed Co. officcC Gun- fcr Lumber Co. office, and Red Cross office. Possibility of a (Continued from Page One) Leftwich (Pine liluf) Rowland (Hot Springs.! Former (N. L. R.) Moore (Benton) illlen (Hope) Warrington (Blylhcvillc) E. Kec ton iRusKollvillc) Jones (Fort Smith) 1 •M 42 38 3G 33 Games This Week UiisselK'illc at Blylhevillc (Friday night.) Fonlycc at El Dorado (Friday night) North Little Rock at Fort Smith I Friday night.) Camdcn at Little Rock (Saturday aflernoon.) Pine Bluff at Atlanta, Ga. (Non- Confcrt'iiee.) /(•bras-Tigers Tie fl-0 PINE BLUFF -(/I 1 )- The mighty Hue Bluff High School Ucbrus and the Little Rock Tigers played t( a scorc-lt'ss tie on a water soaked gridiron before 8,000 fans Saturday. The Zebras wind uj> their league •schedule against Hope hero Thanksgiving Day. H was defensive football all the way Saturday afternoon with Ihc •iebra.s and Tigers waiting for the breaks. Each team muffled chanches to scene. Pine Bluff blocked two two punts deej) in Little Rock territory in the third period but each lime lost the ball on downs. The '1 igcrs also blocked a couple of kicks but failed to benefit. Due to the mud, fumbles were frequent. The Zebras fumble nine times and recovered six of them. The Tigers miscucd five times and recovered four. The thriller of the game came on the opening kickoff when Zebra Rob Hutson received on his nine-yard line and ran it back 49 yards, lie .slipped al midfield and before he could regain balance the Tigers smear eil him on the Little Rock 40. Pine Bluff made six first downs to four for Little Rock. The Zebras made 1,'{2 yards from (scrimmage, Little Rock 8G. German Plane Shot (Continued from Page One) PAGE THREE Tlu-.sc jir<< .ship !ii!<l sail Adolf Dflm'.s .smart Victori < typical of (In- smartest Er^'i'il? ewnls for Cliri.sliiuis 10.')!). Rockwell Kent's drawing (center), of silhiiullcd npulii.st the sky is from ii collection of very frnmable cards by noted American artists. l renter. liclmv) is one of the hnmlsomesl of the religions cards in this group. Al lower right is ;i an rani showing a Gay Nineties blade on skates smil a prim, bc-furrcil companion. or dejected according to the market. And, of course, there is a wide selection of chic folders into which your iwn photograph or a picture of your children i>r your house may he pasted. Among the cards in lightc vein is a .scarlet folder with front panel of silver on which there's u feathery evergreen 'tree with several cheerful little bluebirds po.ssed in the branches. Inside, two lighted- candles—one blue, one red support—the simple greeting. Another, in the .same mood of frivolity, shows a sweet little modernistic lamb prancing across <i circle of blue, outlined with hits of evergreen. with coral are used with notable effect. Sunset glows on snow-clad landscapes arc achieved with the misted tones of star sapphires and rubies, moonstones and rose quartz. Among the new contemporary cards is one made from newspaper pages of stock market quotations, with red figures looking appropriately happy Kitty, Dear Kitty, Come Home With Me Now AP Feature Service HU'ITK. Mont.—A kitten, while as fresh fallen snow, walked on Park street. Swinging doors swung open, emitting a cloud of steam and the aroma of oyster stew and stale beer. A man walked out, the kitten walked in. It looked up, with an expectant mew, at several men with elbows bent on Lady Is Ready to Go in 25 Minutes But Not All of Them Dress as Swiftly as Mrs. F. D. Roosevelt tty PKKSTON (jROVKIt WASHINGTON - Mrs. Roosevelt recently wrote that certain people called on hc r the other night in St. Louis to take her some place and she needed only 25 minutes l<j gel ready. Thai, to our own recollection, is a national woman's indoor championship. _ She was caught absolutely flatfooted She was expected to be ready when they came, but. had forgotten the hour. And in 25 minutes she was ready. We showed this item to women we know, but they would have nothiiiR to do with the idea. They insisted that getting ready in 25 minutes was not democratic, nor even liberal, but downright revolutionary. Besides, one remarked, maybe time doesn't, fly so fast in St. Louis and besides the clock is an hour slower there than in the eastern time belt. They believed that should prove something. KoosevcUs Move Rapidly But for Mrs. Roosevelt to get ready in 25 minutes is no surprise to the White House staff, which finds the Roosevelt way very fast. Not only is Mrs, Roosevelt a motivated dynamo, but her brother, Hall Roosevelt, is blown by the same swift wind. There are two uniformed attendants at the front door of the White House. They are expected to soften for strangers the shock of a White House visit and, secondarily, to catch the Roosevelt wraps. Reports reach us that the two doormen, alert and working' in harmony, manage to catch the out- flung hat of Hall Roosevelt just one time in four. They have to operate almost with signals to have; his hat r.cady for him when he swings down the steps from the main hallway on his way would be going his pace at the end would be Mrs. Roosevelt. Helps With Entertaining Recently jt was arranged for Mrs. Roosevelt to assume a share of White House entertainment that ordinarily would have fallen upon the increasingly busy President,. She will save the President's time and strength by having afternoon musicales and teas for capital company to replace the evon- ini! dinners which the President would have to attend. We can imagine her writing a report of a struggle with her valumin- ous mail, of an hour's canter along the Potomac, of a session with a new book on the migrancy problem (she will tell you what's in it and why you should read it). Likely, that will absorb only the fore And • the cover for the old favorite. '"Tv.-as the Night Before Christmas." is a doll's bud with a doll with real gulden hair in it. Greetings, by the way. are simpler than formerly. In mos>i eases—certainly as far as de luxe cards are concerned, there's a dearth of verse and sentimental prose. The majority say /'Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" and nothing more. the bar and feet resting on the brass rail. It jumped as a splash of amber- colored foamy liquid struck at its feet. A glass of beer had smiled. Unnoticed, kitty sniffed, cautiously tasted and then began lapping. In no lime at al! the amber puddle disappeared. Swinging doors swung open. A kitten walked out. It turned to the right, then to the left. It started north, then wheeled and went south. Another door swung open and the kitten stumbled in. Soon there was a snow white kitten sound asleep in the cozy warm patch of sunlight that streamed across the floor. out, or he may breeze along without it. He uses one of the family automobiles if it is handy, but he is as apt to pass it up in favor of a fast footwork. "How far is it to 1688 Butternut place?" he will cal to a White House amiable. "Six blocks," may be the reply. "Don't call the car, I'll walk," and out he goes. We have seen him dance his 200 pounds around the big East room in a Virginia reel and the only one who The Swiss Army Is Going Up ZURICH, SwiUerland — (IP} - The Swiss are gaining about an inch in height every 20 years. The Anthropological Institute of the University of Zurich says so, basing its figures on comparative studies of men doing service in the Swiss army. From 1884 to J89I the average recruit measured 5 feel 4 inches. From 1324 to J331 the average recruit's height was 5 feel G inches. noon. After lunch she will visit an orphanage or a new slum clearance project, then ho back in time to take 250 guests in for music. Don't be surprised if she flics to your town that night to deliver a lecture—not, however, without reserving time to get a bundle off the new grandchild in Seattle. No jesting, these Roosevelts arc terrific. We can only recall repeatedly the comment of Mrs. Kermit Roosevelt, reported in the book of Hugh Wilson, former ambassador to Germany: "If you marry a Roosevelt you liave to be strong both mentally and physically, else they will crush you." Ah, yes, and where is Cousin Kermit now- Somewhere in France, serving in the armies of the British. J/2 PRICE Remnant Sale STARTS TUESDAY MORNING 8:30 a. m, LARGE ASSORTMENT— New Fall and Winter SILKS, WOOLENS, PRINTS Talbot's "We Outfit the Family" could be .seen erecting dikes on the oilier side of the Rhine, abandoning some sjnull, outlying defense posts which were floode. New Russian Appeal MOSCOW, Russia —(/I 1 )— The jiews- pape-r Red Star, oi'gan of the Soviet Russian army, urged the youth of I ho world Monday to oppose continuation of the pi-c.scnt "capitalistic war" under the leadership of the Columnist International. In a special article, the Red Star a.stcrled students of the United States, Great Britain, France and India were strongly against the war. The newspaper .said that while the "Soviet is, in a strong position eapi- I'Voiu a drawing liy Agnes Tail, (his Ls a good example of the beautiful religious subjects featured in JU.'!i) Christmas cards. By MAIUAN YOUNG NEA .Service Staff' Corrcspiiiidi'iit Religious themes nnd those definitely in the mood uf I hi 1 Victorian era arc first choice in greeting cards for Christmar, I'm Etchings of the great cathedrals of Europe, strictly religions texts, breathing the spirit of "on earth peaco, good will toward men," and .sentimental renderings of exquisite angels and scenes laid in the Holy Land arc far the best-sellers. liven in cards designed for children to send and receive, the religious note i.s prevalent. No doubt the American Artists' Group is largely" I'l'.spon.sihlc for the fast-growing idea that a Christmas card can very well he .something worth framing or at least he-eying around for more than momentary enjoyment. This urgiini/atuin presents on Christinas cards the work of some of our outstanding American artists. Included among the handsome cards —all .suitable fur framing- - are four of Adolf Helm's water colors and prints, and nineteen of Rockwell Kcnt.s paintings, water colors and prints. Lauren Ford's pictures in Ihi.s collection are p;irt of a series comprising "The Ageless Story." And There Arc Still Some Santas On the non-religious and not-in- toii(le<l-lii-lie-fi,'lined cards, such typically Victorian motifs a.s a bicycli;- biiill-fnr-lwo, are: a belli; with hustle and chignon; a dashing blade with handlebar iiiniiMache; a cat curled co/ily on a high-harked chair of authentic dcsigii; coaching anil hunting scenes' in the spirit of Merrio England. Apail from the period motifs, reindeer and Santa Clan.s and Christ - nias trees are popular, appearing in a wide variet yof cards fro inaetual photographs to modernistic treatments. Hobbies and sports (jiarliciilarly .skating and skiing) arc well represented. Animals, including warasc-s, .seal*, lions, tigers, and giral'fs as well as lambs and deer, are available. The jewel-tuned cauls positively arc striking. The most ont-.standing combination of jewel (ones i.s clear, emerald green with gold for instance, a booklet in solid green with a broad overlaid panel of gold as the background for holly leaves imx'pousso gold, and green. Tin: vei.se within is green or gold. Stock Market Figures I'scd ALso attractive are combinations of jewel red with gold or silver. Amethyst and sapphire lune.s and soft mixtures of tunjnoi.se and aquamarine tah.sm i.s falling inlu ruins". Storm Over Annies BERLIN. Geimany i,!V Violent storms kept German (runp.s on the Western front busy Sunday removing uprooted tree.--, DNP>. the official news agency, leporlcd Monday. The weather prevented German re- connaisancc flights, and planes already in the air return safely, DNB Chesterfield holds the Record FRANK FUUER, winner of (he 1939 8andix Raca, holds the Bendix transcontinental race record. His right combination of efficiency and flying ability h« mode him o record holder in aviation, just as CHESTERFIEtD'S Right Combination of tobaccos has made it a record holder for More Smoking Pleasure with its real mild- new and better taste. & a esteniela and Better Taste because of its Right Combination of the world's best cigarette tobaccos Ihe real reason more and more smokers are asking for Chesterfield is because CHESTERFIELD'S RIGHT COMBINATION of the world's best cigarette tobaccos gives them a better smoke...definitely milder, cooler and better-tasting. For real smoking pleasure . . . you can't buy a better cigarette. FOR MILLIONS MILDER FOR You Copyright 1939, LiaoiTT & Mvui TODACCO Co.

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