Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 26, 1942 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1942
Page 2
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HOP! STAR, H6PI, ARKANSAS inutCarels fessed by mnty Agent Afferent Varieties Are Discussed for Farmers Benefit Mity Agent, Oliver L. Adams, re. S for the benefit of Hempstead <H)fety formers the following notes on Standard Varieties of Peanuts and heir; culture. SWhHe Spanish: ..A bunch peanut wh.nhts arranged closely about the j8S8JF*'&f more or less upright stems. \3 small in size but completely fili- „ the pods. Unshelled nuts 500-600, helled nuts 900-1200 per pound. The ed coat (ests) is light yellow or tan -color, rightly adhesing to the seed, ais variety has a rich nutty flavor gttt disliked by some on account of small size of ths seeds. Hull Ing centage 70-SO per cent. The weight the peanuts runs from 24 to 28 Bunds per bushel. Oil 47-50 per cent ti,650 to 700 pounds per ton of nuts. ^Improved Spanish: Similtar to the wall while Spanish but of laige size. Lishelled nuts 400-500 and shelled Ruts 800-1000 per pound. An inter- pediate type but preferred by many the small Spanish. All of the Span- Lhave usually 2 seeds per pod, some COSSACKS RIDE HERD ON HITLER'S RETREATING LEGIONS only one. |Tennessee Red: A bunch type of with the majority of the pods Jer good conditions) having 3-4 nd'some even 5 seeds per pod. Un' lied nuts 250-400, shelled 900-1100 r- pound. Shelling percentage 65 cent. Seed Coats, red. Weight. |(fthe peanuts run from 20 to 25 j nds per bushel. iPeanuts should be planed in 30-36 hch rows about May 10 to May 20, Sabres swinging, a Cossack cavalry division charges into battle against the Germans. Often called outmoded after the Polish defeat, this type of cavalry is now doing a job in the snows of Kussla as the Germans retrctit. Prescott News By HELEN HESTERLY Tire Permits (•> Tire permits issued last week by the Tire Rationing Board were: John B. Huckabee, Bodcaw, 2 tires, 1 tube. Rosston School Bus, Rosston, 2 tires, 2 tubes. Kyle Andrews, Prescott, Rt. 4, 1 tire. Horace E. Thorton, Prescott, 1 tire, 1 tube. Dr. T. W. Me Daniel, Boughton, 1 tire, 1 tube. Clarence Crane, Prescott, Rt. 2, 2 tires. Candidates for Office Nevada County candidates for of- ice must flie their intentions to run though) Spanish strains may be | DV A P r 'l 28 - So fa r only two can- '-ted later. Two hundred to 300 i didates have definitely announced ids of 0-12-4 or 2-12-4 fertilizer! th( L ir . c ? ndi( ? ac y- be beneficial. Shelled seed ger- ites most satisfactorily if a dry 'iod follows the planting but whole or broken pods of the slender '. larger types, may be Used. About pounds of shelled nuts (aver- ng 1000 per pound) will seed an iy e; this would mean 35 pounds more ir_less of unbroken pods per acre. seed should be dropped to give £-30 Inch spacing between plants and ...planter or covering tool should j|ve! a small ridge of soil over the Bfjjjjfiv; "When the plants are well '|bugh the crust, or when grass and " are starting, a thorough cross owing wilh a seclion harrow will k down this ridge and prevent gfiuble wijh weeds. Later cultivations rijbe given with rotary hoes and iever cultivators are available, jiem'mature, either potato diggers, ||t|ciiggers, or plows without mold- Carl Mitchell will be a candidate for the office of Circuit Clerk. He is now County Treasurer. J. B. McGuire will run for the office of Tax Accessor. Telephone 163 Society Wren Scott attended a district meeting of the Bankers' Association in Magnolia, Wednesday. Walter Keith of Stephens was a Wednesday business visitor in Prescott. Mrs. Edna Spruill of Henderson, Texas has accepted a position with the McKenzie Abstract and Realty Company. D. B. McDonald of Mt. Pleasant, Texas and W. D. Wingfield of El Dorado are spending a few days in Prescott. Mrs. Mark Justiss has returned from Brownwood, Texas, where she was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Blake Scott and Lt. Colonel Scott. H. M. Barnes of Shreveport, La., is a business visitor in Prescott. Matt Hitt, John Marshall Pittman and Louis Gnrrett attended the races in Hot Springs Wednesday. ICKAGHEr- IEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidneys . , e, don't just complain and do nothing ut them. Nature may be warning you that , Hdneya need attention. ^The kidneys are Nature's chief way of taking ~~ acids and poisonous waste out of the They help moat people paaa about 3 ' °- f kldDey tubej and f - °?t, T? r j mi.' P° HO ? 0 »a waste matter stays X We mood. These poisons may start nagging °£kachea, rheumatic pains, leg pains Ices of and energy, getting up Digits, swelling, ness under the eyes, headaches and diizi- . Sequent or scanty passages with smart- Band burningsometimes shows there is some- •og wroni; with your kidneys or bladder. on t wait! Ask your druggist for Doan's , used successfuDy by millions for over 40 us. They give happy relief and will help »15 miles of kidney tubes flush out poisori- waste from the blood. Get Doan£ Pilk, Edson in Washington Nelson Will Report on Big New Drive WASH1NGTON — A big "Spring©-; — Production Drive" is to be launched ' n which soon by Donald M. Nelson's 1942 model streamlined War Production Board. Coming, too, is Nelson's first "Production Communique" which will show just how much progress has been made in arming the country. The report will not tell how many planes and tanks and guns have been manufactured, but by a series of index numbers', based on "the war production for December, 1941, which will be put at 100, the percentage of increase in war production will be indicated. The idea, of course, is to tell the general public just what is being done without revealing detailed military production secrets. This spring production drive, coupled with the first production report since Pearl Harbor, will give the real indication of how effective Nel.':on's one-man control and responsibility for administration of war production has been going. It is just a month since Nelson announced his reorganization. That isn't much time boards can be used for loosening the plants. Although in sandy land, Spanish peanuts nfty be hand pulled. Placing on stackpoles, nuts toward the pole, until dry, completes the harvesting. A cheery dish for cold days— tropical sweet pot a toes the KARO way to convert the country's economics from defense to offense but it is possible even now to poini out definite WPB accomplishments. 1. Most tangible is the fact tha five major industries are being converted from civilian to war production — automobiles, radios, refrigera tors, typewriters and washing machines. The program in the auto industry calls for complete conversioi and civilian production here has been stopped. Severe limitations have beei put on civilian production in all tht others, and WPB is working with War Department to assign these industries definite war production tasks. In refrigerators and radios, dales have set for complete conversion in April. 2. Nelson has completed his reorganization of the old OPM and has shown that the new WPB is not just a shift of names with the same old faces running the show under new billing. There is a different attitude and a new approach to the war production job. This is perhaps intangible, but it can be pointed out that under the old OPM organization the brass hats were always trying to alibi inability to get anything done because their organization was faulty, or because they didn't have the Here's the way to add savor, flavor, and new interest to those \ I old favorites-sweet potatoes! ,iUV«, J'ij Better make two servings for|l>' M (A everybody—they're that good! I HOORAYl •i TROPICAL SWEET POTATOES 5 medium sized sweet potatoes, boiled i/I cup KARO (blue label) Ifo cap crushed piueafipte (canned) with juict 2 tablespoons melted butter Peel and cut potatoes in '/i-inch slices. Place in shallow oiled baking dish. Combine remaining ingredients and pour over potatoes. Bake in moderate oven (375 degrees P.) 30 minutes. Makes 6 servings. Sweet potatoes prepared "the KARO way" are as good for you as they are delicious. For KARO syrup is rich in Dextrose, food-energy sugar. authority to do the job, or because too many divisions shared or didn't know their responsibility. Nelson ha.'' changed all that. He has given the outfit a different tone, pepped it up, improved morale. The word he passes on to his principal assistants now if that if the organization goes sour from here on, no one is to be blamed 3ut the WPB bosses themselves. 3. Procedure has been speeded up and this has been passed on to othei agencies of the government cooperat- ng with the WPB. Just recently, Nelson decided to put in •} new 1200-ton }last furnace for pig iron production on the west coast, awarding the contract to the Henry J. Kaiser interest The contract was cleared through the Defense Plant corporation in 48 hours a record that beat past performances not by days, but by weeks. Contract' for a new steel mill to use this pig iron are hot on the heels of the blast furnace job. That is typical. It mark' a definite break with the old ide; that present steel production capacity is adequate. 4. Nelson gels daily progress report submitted to him every morning. I he sees schedules are not being main tained, a call goes to the divisio head to make 'j personal investigatio and report. Top men are kept jumpiiv around the country taking corks ou of bottlenecks. 5. WPB's Planning division hsi; just been organi/ed with young Rob ert Nathan as chairman. The divisio] has not had time to show its stuff but it is apparently to be more thai a mere brain trust, ga/ing into th r future. It is the intention o give thi: three-man committee specific problems of war production to thinl through and solve. 6. Nelson's recent action in givinf aircraft production A-l-a priorities luting, along with tanks, ordnance and shipping, while designated as a purely organi/ational matter to remove i psychological barrier for aircraft procurement men, was in reality the fist stejj of u much broader revision of the whole system of top ratings on materials priorities. Production schedules, in other words, are being completely recalculated to bring deliveries schedules on raw materials into line with military requirements son finihed products for war. 7. William L. Bait's Materials division will soon have new figures on the over-all requirements and production of aluminum and magnesium. Use High Grade Fertilizer Improvement Association Releases Data for Farmers By standard grade fertilizer is meant those that are. in most common use; such as 4-8-4, 4-8-C, 4-10-4, and 1-12-4. Those grades represent by far the largest tonage of the fertilizers sold in the Southwest for many years and the group gives n reasonable selection to suit the needs of most soils and crops. With the war need for high production and the prospect of high prices for crops, commercial fertilizers afford an opportunity for increased production and increased profits. Good profits come only from high acre yields and every planted aero ought to be made to do its best.- In so doing it not only serves its country in time of need but it also serves its master. Tests conducted in five scattered counties in Arkansas by the Extension Service showed an average increase of 54( pounds of seed cotton from 400 pounds of fertilizer in 25 different tests. Ai present prices of fertilizer and cotton and seed this would be close to $20 per acre net profit from the use of 400 pounds of fertilizer. And this is almost twice as much profit as would be made by an application o 200 pounds per acre which is neai the ordinary application in the Southwest, and on good land with good cul tural conditions even 500 to GOO pounds per acre is still more profitable. With war conditions, circumstance! change weekly and almost daily; bu it is hardly probable that there will be much improvement in time to affec the fertilizer requirements for thi spring's crops. The above information was preparec by the Southwestern Soil Improve ment association and was released by Oliver L. Adams, county agent. Mr. Adams, says that records show that luring the past fiscal year the fol- owing fertilizers were shipped into iempstead county: 510,800 pounds Nitrate of Soda, l',400 pounds Sulphate of Ammonia,'24,800 rounds muriate of Potash, 1,031,000 rounds 45 per cent superphosphate, 54,200 pounds 20 per cent superphos- phate, 127,000 pounds 3-10-3, 392,600 pounds 4-8-4, 2,053,300 pounds 4-8-6, 100,100 pounds 4-12-4, 100,000 pounds other formula and 20,000 pounds cotton seed meal. Says Farmers Waste Tools An A.E.K Of Trees Juneau, Alaska)/! 1 )— Iceland, occupied by American troops, nls:i is being occupied by American tnvs. llaaknn Bjarnason. Iceland forester. h;is sent for a second shipment of Ahiskn evergreen seeds with which ho hopes to lay the foundation of ,-i ''ul|. industry. Focria, Ari/.,.wns settled by former residants of Pcoria, 111. Tip on Ways of Increasing Milk Production Rid Dairy Cows of Grubs Hempstead County Agent Advises Hempstond county farmers enn in- crensu production by ridding their dairy cows of cattle grubs, according to Oliver L. Adams, county agent. Grubs can- be controlled, ho said, if every one in a neighborhood will treat their cows. March 1 is the lotest date for treatment. Cattle grubs can bo found by running the luind down the cow's back. If swellings are detected, the cow should be treated, repoi'ts Paul Carrulh, of the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. If there arc only n few grubs in the back, the Extension dairyman siiid they mny be squeezed out. If grubs arc numerous, grubs can bo controlled by applying n wash, ninde by mixing 12 ounces of dorris or cube having ;i 5 per cent rotenone content and 2 ounces of neutral soap with one gallon of hot water. Apply one-halt Barbs Thursday, Eebruar^ As to buying t)efense Bonds, the quickest way to do It right is do it eight now! New York man who married three women pleaded Insanity. Well! The scientific name for laziness is ergophohia hut we'll bet even than won't score lozy people. In Cnlifnrnin a man stolo a radio, but all he go I on it was six months. Maybe February is short on days because March is so windy it blows in ahead of time, A -still was found under n Michigan harbor shop. Some cop must hnve Loon "next." Stntlstics show 1941 was one of the tup years in alimony paid out. Tho high cost of leaving! In an Indinnn town neighbors en light V< n peeping Tom. He will recover, but he'll never look the same. It won't be long till wfi'll gel the first breath of spring—from green onions or the burning of house-donning trash. ., Wouldn't it be nice if some emlrnnl ' • (miner could tench moths to out holes like luce? to one pint to cow's back with a stiff brush. Explaining the time to apply the wash, Carruth said thai when a grub nuts H hole in the hide, it immediately places its spiracles (nose) into the hole for air, ll is at (his stage that the wash should bo applied. The wash should hi: rubbed in wol that KOIIIP mixture gets into every hole. When the grub dies, it will swell. Most of the grubs will push themselves out through holes in the bite. Young stock should be treated in the same manner as rows. Thirty days after treatment the cows should he inspected. If now grub;; have cut through the hide, they should bo treated individually. Carruth said it is wise to kill every grub. Those left will hatch out into heel flies to lay more i-ggs and form more grubs next winter. Sshh! Burglars! ASHEVILLE, N. C.— (VP)— A thief. unnbln to outer otherwise, chopped down the door of the home of Frank Fender. Don't Neglect Slipping FALSE TEETH Do (al'.c teeth tirup, slip or wotihle when you talk, eat, lauyn or -.nppzc? Don't Lie annoyed uiul pmijarru'-.ied liy inch handicaps, FASTEETH, an alkaline (non- arid) uowdor to '.prinklo on your plain*:, kueps lalrn teeth moie firrnlv r.et. Givor. confident leoliny ol snruMty and uddod comfort. No gummy, uoooy, pa-,ty taito rr foelinn. Get FASTTCTH today at any clrut) store. —Adv. NOTICE • • • • W. B. WILLIAMS Has joined the personnel of the CAPITAL BARBER SHOP and Invites his friends and customers to visit him CAPITAL BARBER SHOP WHAT WE DO ABOUT FRESHNESS! Our Super Markets, unlike many other stores, receive many shipments direct from farms, dairies, orchards, meat packurs and our own coffee roasting plants. That cuts hours—even days from shipping time. Thai means fresher, tastier foods! Direct shipments, plus A&P's saving-prices whisk foods out of our Markets at freshness peak. Foods arrive every day and leave every day! Scrap Metal Thrown Away Could Build Destroyer Five hundred pounds of scrap iron qnd steel is wasting away until it is ' re-refiner' into usnble steel on the average Hempstead county farm according to data just released by Earl M. Maitindale, Chairman USDA War Board, from information received from farmers returning scrap metal survey cards. The scrap metal from the 400 farms of Hempstead county based on the average from cards received would just about build u destroyer. According to Mr. Martindale, a schedule for collecting farm scraps from the farms at neighborhood centers will be announced and be in operation late in February. The trucks will in most cases be at one of the neighborhood gins on an arranged Jate, the scraps being weighed on the iin scales. Farmers along roads on 'he routes to the centers may have their scraps on the road and the amount will be estimated to the satisfaction of both parties. Farmers having scrap who have not submitted survey cards should de so at once or the schedule prepared might miss tlieir neighborhood. I These will be Ihe firsl or a complele- 'y new series of estimates on the ultimate demands for raw materials needed to achieve the President's program for 185,000 planes, 120,000 lanks. 55,000 ackack guns and so on, in 'he next two years. When Ihese new requirements figures are set, il will mark Ihe first lime thai anyone will have had any definite idea of what it is going to take to outproduce Ihe Axis and win Ibis war. Heretofore, Army, Navy lease-lend and other procurement agencies have all been working from day to day. As a result, shurlages kepi developing and hilling Ihe production men in the face. Now, however, the picture of where the country is and where it's going is gradually taking shape. That is Nelson's most important accomplishment to dale. Enjoy Really Fresh Coffee & Dairy Foods! A&P coffees are rushed right from our own exclusive roasting ovens to the Coffee Department of your A&P Super Market. When you buy, this coffee is Custom Gound for your very own coffee pot. You get fresher, finer flavor! And in our Dairy Department you get sweet, dairy fresh butter, country cream and milk, many vaieties of cheeses. Yesm, you'll Find all those good things—and all priced to save you a pretty peny. Custom Ground 8 O'CIock Coffee 3 s'o bg 57c Red Circle Coffee 2 ' P t gbs 45c Bokar Coffee Silverbrook Butter Nutley Oleo Pound Pound 40c 17c MEL-O-BIT American Cheese 2 BOX 65c Clapp's BABY FOOD Ann Pago GRAPE JAM K & 13 and Check These Values! 4 OOn Sultnnn 4 ^^ Cans C^U COCOA Lb. Can I OC 2 |? r Royal Gem * fl **** KETCHUP 14 oz. Hot. I UC 9ft** Medium * O«% CUC PRUNES .Lb. OC 29c 15c Cans Lb. n Jar C 13'A 07. Can GRAPE FRUIT JUICE Ann Page <J 1 Lb. Pork & Beans "5Cans lona Qt. Jar SALAD DRESSING Sunnyficld Q 11 7.. Corn Flakes " pk K lona 24 07. TOMATO JUICE Can Premium 1 O«» CRACKERS Lb. Box IOC Armour's Stnr CORN BEEF Can lOc 25c Sul tuna COCOA Lh Cold Stream PINK SALMON Koyul Gem KETCHUP »°; Medium * PRUNES Value MUSTARD A&P PEAS Nabisco RITZ Lb. Box Sultana p No. 1 Fruit Cocktail ^ T-'» lona — Sliced or Halves PEACHES No. 2V, Can Qt. Jar No. 2 Can lOc 17c 23c 27c 19c Chase & Sanborn COFFEE Lb. Can Unconditionally Guaranteed O Lb. DEXO & Can Vegetable Shortening t SNOWDRIFT » For Garden Salads WESSON OIL lona t SPINACH < Silver Floss Sauerkraut Thrift Blackcye Peas Mission RAISINS Excel CRACKERS Ann Page Tomato Soup American—Dill or Sour PICKLES 250JSJUP A&P Qt. Jar GRAPE JUICE 33c 63c Can 67C can 29C 2£ns 2 25c 2ct?25c. 3 15 07.. Cans 4 2 2 Lb. Pkg. Lb. Box 25c 37c 17c 15c 15c 27c Octagon SOAP Soap Powder OCTAGON Soup Flakes WHITE SAIL Sonp Grains WHITE SAIL White Sail CLEANSER Nabisco 100% BRAN White Sail STARCH While Sail BLEACH Ann Page Bars Pkg. 1 Ib. pkg. Box Qt. Jar Qt. Jar SALAD DRESSING Scott Q TISSUE & R""s P & G SOAP A&P MATCHES Bars 3 W Boxes 5c| 5c| 27cj 17c lOc 19c 7c lOc 35c 15c 13c 13c ONLY AT A&P"SUPER RIGHT" MEAJS Only at your A&P can you get "Super-Right" meats! They're the top grades of beef, pork, lamb and veal! Drder a juicy "Super-Right" steak or a delicious "Super- Right" roast... qr..we'll,, cheerfully refund your pur- chase price! "Super-Right" prices are really low compared with the prices asked for other meats of such superb quality. Super Right Grain Fed BEEF ROAST Super Right Juicy BEEF STEAKS I9c Square Cut Chuck Lb. Super Right Beef BRISKET Wilson's Sliced BACON Wisconsin CHEESE Fresh Meaty NECK BONES Super Right HAMBURGER Ib. i b 27c ib31c ib 10c 25c Round or Sirloin Lb. Sunnyficld Tender PICNICS Ib. Super Right SPARE RIBS Ib. Super Right Pure Pork SAUSAGE Ib. Headless WHITING Ib. 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Bunch 12c 15c 6c 15c 5c Lb. 2c "The farmer in the ships direct to your Super Market and means our good produce are fresher! Pink f\ GRAPEFRUIT *• f<" Yellow *» BANANAS ^Lbs. Texas ORANGES Do*. Delicious 1I3 size APPLES DOZ. Texas |GRAPEFRUIT ** '<"' Sunkisl LEMONS DOZ. California 220 Size ORANGES DOZ. dell" A&P that farm 11*% I I C O 1 M C I C 9 1 *» C, I C IONA FLOUR 48 Ib. sack $1.58 CREAM MEAL 24 Ib sack 57c ARMOUR'S PURE LARD 8 Ib. ctn $1.17 Sunnyfield PURE LARD 4 Ib. ctn. 57c GOLD MEDAL FLOUR 10 Ib sack 53c Mrs. Tucker's Shortening 3 Ib. ctn. 59c Talco Egg Mash 100 Ib. sack $2.63 Talco Hen Scratch 100 Ib. sack $2.15 Talco Storting Mash 100 Ib sack $2.89 Talco Growing Mash 100 Ib. sack $2.85 AUNT JEMINA MEAL 5 Ib. sack 20c PILLSBURY FLOUR 24 Ib sack $1.15 v c r.

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