Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 26, 1942 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, February 26, 1942
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World-Wide News Coverage Given Impartially by Associated Press BUY UNITtD •TATM mo I ONUS ^VOLUME 43 — NUMBER 115 Hope Star of Hope, 1899; Press, 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1929, Star The Weather ARKANSAS — Snow flurries Thursday afternoon and in the east Thursday night; cooler Thursday night and below freezing in the south portion. •< -tf •an HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1942 1 "' "• • " .._... i- _.- - .._. - ' —' • •••»•»»—••-»• / • •••*•%\/m\ i jLUt 17*f A *kiV(.» r. * /-wawuiuitju rress **.«...—..... " —' (NEA)~Meons Newspaper Enterprise Au'fi PRICE 5c CO^Y* U.S. Subs Sink 4 Jap Ships _ "~l ^"1 n I I •* I tft.i mm.. -^ ~ '. ' ~~~ ~~ 'O Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor -ALEX. H. WASHBURN- Horses — They're Like People Creatures of Habit Anybody else caught in Hot Springs the day the hPnlrh °h P< ; m j- 9 , ht haVG ?' ibied that the y were there f °r their * yl'h U f i at \ ed j!°r, can Q J WQ y s SQ V he wen t to see the people. *. . . Yeah, I lost o dollar and twenty cents. — _ @ 0 id ra( | lcl . wc jj on t)io opcnoi . s Looked up the horses and found I recognized their papas. Blood told, and sonny-boy won. . . . Bui after a while I came to a bunch of horses I didn't know who their papas were— and that let me out. Poured down rain on Monday. The traok was soup, and the nags ran six furlongs in 1:13. Came Tuesday, cold and clear. The mud stiffened up, the ^ U. S. Defenders Shove Enemy ^ Back on Bafaan MacArthur Also Reports Gberilla Warfare on Luzon, Mindanao WASHINGTON-.(/I')—The War D"- pm-lment reported Thursday that Gen•>O oral Douglas MncArthur's troops in a surprise thrust forced the Japanese back several kilometers on Bataan Peninsula in the Philippines. At 9:30 a. m. EWT the communique said fighting still was in progress with continued local successes. M« The main position of the enemy was not penetrated, it was said. The attack brought Ihe firsl substantial ,-idvance for the American-Philippine defenders since Ihey were forced to withdraw into Bataan. tft : Meanwhile small bodies of troops were reported to be harassing the Japanese in guerilla warfare in central and northern Luzon, scoring considerable successes. More than 500 miles to tlv °H Mindanao^dcsujtpry pH.trj _ reinforced by detachments of Japanese in Bataan." (i Meaning of Price Control Administration Pushes Inflation I Control Measure \ I* By HERMAN ALLEN i Wide World Features Writer : Price control, one of the measures the Administration has been pushing as a bulwark against inflation, has : been signed into law. What Amer- Hj ican breadwinners want to know is. What is Ihe new law going lo do lo Ihe pi-ices of clothes, shoes and the ' things we eat? First thing to keep in mind is that the law does not call for top prices. It calls for "minimum ceilings," where n- the government can begin soiling lop prices. The ceiling can be anywhere from there on up. I For everything except farm pro| ducts, the minimum ceiling is based :| on prices between October I 1 and Oc§ M tober 15, 1941, or the nearest two-week , p period for which the price admin.';:( islrator considers prices are "repre- i sentalivc." J For farm products, four possible ;; minimum ceilings were set for farm! crs. (So far Iho Office of Price Ad- hoi-scs slowed down furlongs in 1:17. and But what I started out to say was that anybody raised around horses never fails to sec something worth while at a race-track . . . and that's said seriously, for only a fool risks more than pocket-money on a iiorsc. In the rain, over on the far side of Oiiklnwn park, they were stuffing the horses into the starting-gate for a six- furlong sprint. One colt reared up, threw his jockey, ducked around the starting-gate— and tore off down the track. He covered the back stretch, rounded the far turn, and headed into the home stretch. He was running free and easy. But just as he got within 300 yards of the wire ho hunched up and went into his final sprint— for all the world as though he had the pack at his heels, a rider on his back, and a million dollars on his nose. j It didn't mean a thing— but it tug- ! ged at your heart-strings just the same. For all of us are creatures of habit. We do what we arc trained to do — arid, SpmetiiTjes run our hearts out iougrj*U fails to count. For it jiocjK^int. And a mistake matter. By WILLIS THORNTON Both Sides of the Ledger We have made mistakes, and before the last shot is fired we will blunder again. Errors in judgment, deep, disturbing doubts lie ahead. There will be moments when wo wonder whether or not our 1 sacrifices | are being wasted. The whole thing started off tragically with Pearl Harbor. Then, v;hile the British were matching our gross carelessness in the Pacific with a colossal show of stupidity and mingling at Singapore, the nation was set astir with a vaudeville side-show in Washington, where the idea of tripping the light fantastic was wedded somehow to the series business of bomb defense and rescue work. To top it off the Nonnandie burn- Oil Field Road Fund Goes Over Goal of $1,500 But Other Voluntary Contributions Are Still Needed Here The campaign to raise $1500 to pay tlic cost of labor and materials on the road from Pntmos to the county line, has now secured this amount, but County Judge Fred Luck says that it may take more than this sum, and so the Chamber of Commerce will continue to receive any contributions from those who will benefit from this road, R. P. Bowcn, chamber secretary, announced Thursday. County chairman John Wallace and City Chairman John P. Cox expressed their appreciation for the splendid rospon.sc from the citizens of the county and particularly to the members of the committee who have given their time to solicit lhc.se funds. They urge everyone who will be bcnefitted by this road to make a contribution in proportion to his ability, even though we have reached our goal of 51500. Contributions Thursday arc: Greening Insurance Agency ..$10.00 Tot-E-Tex Oil Company 15^00 Cox-Cassidy Mch. & Pdry 12.50 Jack's News Stand 500 Union Saw Mill Co 62.50 (Company previously gave $100). Stimson Admits Airplanes Were Over Los Angeles Unidentified Craft Believed to Have Been Enemy Agents WASHINGTON -(^-Secretary of War Stimson said Thursday that unidentified planes possibly as many as 15 whcih may have been operated by the enemy's agents were over Los Angeles early Wednesday and were fired on by U. S. Army anti-aircraft guns. Stimson said the raid, described by Secretary of Navy Knox as a false alarm, occurred between 3:12 and 4:15 a. m. Anti-aircraft guns of the 37th Coast Artillery Brigade fired 4,000 rounds of ammunition. He reported the aircraft were flying at speeds ranging from very slow to 200 miles an hour and at a height of 8,000 to 18,000 feet. The planes dropped no bombs and causde no casualties. No plane was shot down and no American Army or Navy planes were in action. "Since no bombs were dropped, Stimson said "It's possible that the planes might have come from commercial sources operated by enemy agents to spread alarm, disclose location of gun emplacements and slow down war operations by blackouts." causing (Continued on Page Five) Cecil B.Sh'one, 53 Dies at Blytheville BLYTHEVILLE -(/I 5 )— Cecil B. Shane, 53, leading figure in Arkansas politics for the past several years and former American legion commander in this stale died in his law office here Thursday. He was a closo friend of Governor Homer Adkins. .fl Wood licks can live four years wilh- oul food. Cranium Crackers Tax Troublers Boiler have lhal income lax return filed by March 15, but here are some queslions Hie collector will not ask you: 1. What branch of the govern- mcnt collects the income lax? 2. Why was il necessary lo amend the Constitution befcfrc congress could enact a valid income tax law? 3. Najiic a prominent gangster sent to Ihe penitentiary for failure lo pay his income lax. 4. Which is the biggest producer of federal revenue; income tax, liquor excises or the tariff? 5. The governor of what stale has proposed reducing his stale's income lax rate 25 per cent to ease the burden caused by higher federal taxes? Answers on Comic Page O/7 and Gas Filings Hempstead County Prepared by Jcwcllc Bartlett February 26, 1942 Warranty Deed. Dated 2-25-42 Filed 2-25-42.-'J. .M. Mitchell, et ux to Jimmie Richards, et al. Lot 6, Block 2 McNab, Arkansas. ' O. & G. Lease. Dated 2-25-42. Filed 2-25-42. W. E. White, et al to Gene Goff. NW'/4 NWVi Sec. 33 T. 13 S R 21 W. (40 acres) SW'/4 SEV 4 Sec 29 T. 13 S. R. 25 W. (40 acres) Pt. SE'A SW'/i Sec. 28 T. 13 S. R. 25 W. (8V- acres) containing in all Illy, acres' (10 years). O. & G. Lease. Dated 2-4-42. Liled 2-25-42. C. H. Wilson, et ux to C L Campbell. NE% NEV-i Sec. 1 T 13 S R. 27 W. 40 acres (10 years). O. & G. Lease. Dated 1-29-42. Filed 2-25-42. Leo Adams, et ux to C. L Campbell. SW/4 NE'/i Sec. 36 T. 12 S. R. 27 W. 40 acres. (10 years). 0. & G. Lease. Datcd'l-29-42. Filed 2-25-42. Mrs. Emma Erwin, et vir to C. L. Campbell. Pt. NEy t SE'/i; NW'/ 4 SE'/i all in Sec. 3G T. 12 S. R. 27 W. 61 acres. (10 years). nMorgan. W' 2 of SW'/i, SW'/ 4 of SW% and WVi of SE'/4 less 5 acres in the SE cor. of the SW% of SE'/4, all in Sec. 17, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Lease: 10 yr. term book T-7, page" 189, dated 2-21-42, recorded 2-23-42. W. P. Riggins and wife to Hunt Oil Company. NEy 4 of SW"/i; and S'/ 2 of -- ,-,j, . v- mi n«^ *lwiuiciJIUl\^ IJUL J I** rt n „ T ed at her pier, and we coulcl not , n H Lcase - Dated 1-29-42. Filed • - - - bo blamed for beginning lo believe the cards wore stacked against us. War is not a game of checkers that can bu folded up with a yawn at bedtime. We face even moie i;ha.slly cruelties. Yet even in this black hour other images are beginning to grow. The scared sides of the Normandie hardly had cooled before Ihc Brooklyn navy yards spawned a new combat submarine, and a GflOO-ton cruiser dipped her bow into thi; water four months ahead of schedule . A day later another mnnlinio maternity was consummated at Stalo>i Island where the spick and span destroyer Meadc slid down (he ways. Twenty-four hours later Norfolk added the 35,000-ton Alabama, mightiest battleship in the Navy— nine months a- hcad of schedule. Philadelphia and Cumcien floated a new cruiser, the Monlptlior, and two destroyers, the Butler and Gherin;li, in the Uclawiire river. At Snn Pedro, Calif., another Liberty ship, tliu 10,000-ton freighter Albert Gallatin, was launched. Other pictures come crowding into the mind. In Detroit Henry Ford finally is geared to turn out pianos in mass production. Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Youngstown and other great iron and steel cities arc producing wfar sinews faster than a can.ival vendor can make popcorn. Yes, in spite of PeaiJ Harbor und the Normanclie, in spit.o of the mistakes yet to be made, this iu America. Oh, we'll stub our toes again before we emerge from the dark icss of wi.r into the light of peace. But wa still have men with what it takes. Mtn I like Colin Kelly! Men like the one- 1 man Philippine army, Ctt'.Huiu Wer- j muth, collecting Jap prisoners in ilie steaming jungles with the aplomb ot H wholesaler in New Yo.'l: bujing goods for the firm. n . 2-25-42. C. W. Erwin, et ux to C. L Campbell. SEVi NE'/t Sec. 36 T. 12 S R. 27 W. 40 acres (10 years). Warranty Deed, Dated 2-2-42. Filed 2-25-42. Hope Retail Lumber Yard to C. E. Anderson, et ux. Lot 22, Block 7, Cornelius Heights Add., Hope, Arkansas. Warranty Deed, Oil, Gas & Mineral Royalty. Dated 2-25-42. Filed 2-25-42. G. G. Glasgow, et ux to C. H. Sutlon. SE'/i SE'/i See. 25 T. 1' S R 24 W. 40 acres (1/2 int.) Assignment of O. & 2-10-42. Filed 2-2C-42. Lease. Dated Don C. Matthews, ct ux to Sunray Gil Company EVi SW'/i Sec. 2 T. 14 S. R. 26 W. 80 O. & G. Lease. Daled 2-20-42. Filed 2-2G-42. Aubrey Ray, el al to J. K Wadley. NEi/4 NE'/ 4 Sec. 3 T. 14 S. R 25 W.; Pi. NW'/i NW'/i Sec. 2 T. 14 S. R. 25 W. 50 acres. (10 years). Royalty Deed. Dated 2-20-42. Filed 2-26-42. J. B. Zick. et ux to Southland Royally Company. SMi NE'/i Sec. 27 T 13 S. R. 24 W. (1/16 int.). Doyalty Deed. Dated 2-20-42. Filed 2-26-42. J. B. Zick, ct ux to Southland Royally Company. EM; SW'/4 Sec 27 T. S. R. 24 W. (1/16 int.). Warranly Deed. Dated 4-4-35. Filed 2-26-42. Addelle J. Waddle to Claude B. Waddle. N 50 acres of WVz SE'/i Ssu. 4 T. 13 S. R. 23 W.; NWV 4 NE% Sec. 30 T. 12 S. R. 24 W.; SE'/ 4 SE l /i Sec. 4 T. 13 S. R. 23 W.; Pt. NE'/i SEVt Sec. 4 T. 13 S. R. 23 W. O. & G. Lease. Daled 2-19-42. Filed 2-26-42. Foster-Grayson Lumber Company to Hunt Oil Company. SE'/i SW'/i; SW'/, SE>/4 Sec. 32 T. 14 S, R. 23 W. 80 acres (10 years). Lafayette County Feb. 24, 1942 Prepared by Eunice Triplet! Lewisville, Arkansas Assignment of O. & G. Lcase: dated 1-7-42, filed 2-24-42. A. C. Taylor arid wife to Magnolia Petroleum Company. Nb of NW'/4 of Sec. 20, Twp 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Assignment of O. & .G. Lease, book M-7, page 360, dated 2-19-42, recorded 2-21-42, Thomas W, Leach and wife to Skelly Oil Company. 3/4ths Int., i in EV 2 o SAV/4 of NW'/i of Sec. 24, Twp. 16 S.. Rge. 24 West. " """*'**"""" ' Ratification of O. & G. Lease: book 1 he first banded bird to fly across M-7, i age 355, dated 2-2-42, recorded And Admiral Halstv. enemy bases in Die the and Gilbert islands with the v;^or and accuracy of a workman wiping fly specks from a grocery windoxv. There are ugly-looking figures on the debit fide of the ledger of war. But a new page is turning, and the power is ours to keep it bright. the Atlantic was recorded July 3 1913. 2-21-42. H. L. Lester et al'to W. O. SE% of NW>/i of Sec. 4, Twp. 15 S Rge. 23 West. O. & G. Lease: 10 yr. term, dated 2-19-42, filed 2-24-42. T. S. Grayson and wife to Hunt Oil Company. NEV 4 of NE'/i of Sec. 4, Twp. 15 S., Rge .23 West, 30.84 acres. Release of O. & G. Lease: book" 0-7, page 145 dated 2-21-42, recorded 2-2442. Nivla Oil Corp. to J. A. Hanson and wife SWV4 of NWV4 of Sec. 7 Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. (Lease dated April 15, 1937. O. & G. Lease, book O-7, page 146, dated 2-6-42, recorded 2-24-42, Stamps Land Co., Inc., et al to P. R. Rutherford. SEi/4 of SW'/i, SW'/4 of SW'/i, NE'/4 ot NW%, NW'/i of SE'/i, SE'/ 4 of NW'/4, SW'A of NE'/4, NWJ/4 of NE'/4, and NE'/i of NEVi of Sec. 3, Twp. 15 S., Rge, 24 West. Assignment of O. & G. Lease: book O-7, page 151, dated 2-fi-42, recorded 2-24-42, P. R. Rutherford and wife to Barnsdall Oil Company. (Same description as above in book O-7, page 146). Assignment of O. - G. Lease: Book O-7, page 153, dated 2-24-42, recorded 2-24-42. G. J. Sylvester and wife to Kenneth A. Huszagh ct al NE'/i of NE'/i ; NW'/4 of NE'/i; except 1.97 acres; and 8.80 acres in the NE'/i of NWMi; all in Sec. 21, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. O. & G. Lease: 10 yr term, dated 2-24-42, filed 2-24-42. Parlee Foster Hendrix to Hunt Oil Company. NV 2 of NE'/i of Sec. 5, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 23 West. Royalty Deed: 1/64 Int., (10 royalty acres), dated 2-24-42, filed 2-24-42. O. B. Horlon and wife lo R. S. Randolph E'/i of SE'/i of Sec. 5, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 23 West. O. & G. Lease: 10 yr. term, book T-7, page 323, dated 1-6-42, recorded 223-42. J. N. Landcs and wife lo J. W. Love. EM- of NE% of Sec. 11 Twp. 15 S., Rge. 25 West. Royalty Deed: 1/576 Int., (1-2/3 royalty acres), book T-7, page 325, dated 2-19-42, recorded 2-24-42, Frank Billingslea and wife lo R. Salyer. S'/a of SE'Xi of Sec. 3; NW'/ 4 of NEV4 of Sec. 10, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Royalty Deed: 100/12232 Int., (5 royalty acres), daled 2-17-42, recorded 2-24-42, Julia Meek to O. M Morgan. W'/ 2 of NW'/4 of Sec. 3, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. Mineral Deed: 1/64 Int., book T-7, page 327, dated 2-14-42, recorded 224-42. Walter W. Larsh and wife lo R. S. Randolph. N'/ 2 of Sec. 18, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 23 Wesl. Mineral Deed: 1/64 Int., book T-7, page 328 and 329, dated 2-14-42, recorded 2-24-42. Martha L. Glilespie and husband to R. S. Randolph. S'/i of Sec. 7, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 23 Wesl and N',4 of Sec. 18, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 23 Wesl. Royalty Deed: 1/256 Int., (10 royalty acres), book T-7, page 331, dated 224-42, recorded 2-24-42, Maiy E. Turner et al lo J. A. Fletcher. NM; of Sec. 12, Twp. 15 S., Rge. 24 West. 15 year term. Assignment of O. & G. Lease: book M-7, page 363, dated 2-23-42, recorded 2-23-42. R. P. King and wife to Hunt Cil Companj, SWVi of NEy 4 ; NEVi of Routes Japs May Use to Bomb U. S. AltCKAFT CAMtlEtS WOUL0 HAVE TO MING (Continued on Page Six.) Sfimson Praises Stand of Allies Soys Wavell Visited Singapore Day Before It Fell WASHINGTON —(XP)— Secretary 'Stimson said Thursday that the United Nations were making a "magnificent" defense of the Netherlands East Indies and had inflicted heavy losses on the enemy which he said the;Japanese have not disclosed. "We fully realize the importance of the situation in Java and are giving all aid possible," he told a press conference. In a* tribute to Sir Archibald P. Wavell, Stimson reported that the southwest Pacific command-in-chief sustained a broken rib in an aircraft accident on a visit to Singapore the day before Singapore fell. He said Wavell proposed to visit the Bataan Peninsula front also but General MacArthur advised in a message not to take the risk. Protection for County Crops AAA Program Offers Insurance Up to 75 Per Cent All persons, landowners, tenants, sharecroppers, having an interest in a 1942 cotton crop may protect their share of the crop through cotton crop insurance, E. N. Marlindale, chairman of the county AAA committee, said Wednesday in a notice to Hempstead. county farmers. "Cotton crop insurance is just as important to the tenant or sharecropper as lo the landowner," Mr. Martindale said. "Indeed, more so, because the tenant and sharecropper sometimes have more difficulty financing themselves for the year and suffer more from a crop-loss." "Those having an interest in a crop may insure their interest independently of each other," the county committeeman said. "That is, tenants or .sharecroppers may insure their portion of the crop whether or not the landowner insues his, and vice versa." Under the cotton crop insurance program the cotton producer may insure his crop for 50 per cent or 75 per cent, whichever he wishes, of the seven year average yield of his farm. In the case of a sharecropper, this would mean he could insure for 50 per cent or 75 per cent of his interest in the crop. The premium rate will depend on the crop-loss record ol the farm. Cotton crop insurance will cover loss from all unavoidable causes, such as flood, storm, drought, insects, accidental fires and so forth. The deadline for accepting cotton crop insurance applications in Arkansas is March 16. Automotive Hint When traffic is heavy and moving on the downgrade, many motorists leaves their cars in high gem- despite frequent stopping. It is a better P..UI to operate in second gear because it offers more effective braking. Bananas are raised by the mayor of Miami, Fla., in his back yard. This map shows possible routes Japanese aircraft carriers 'might 1 bring bombers close to Pacifci coast cities. British Damage Big Nazi Ships Assert Battleships to Be Inactive for Long Time ,.,, LONDON (XP)- The 26,000-ton German battleships Scharnhorst and Gneisenau and the 10,000-ton heavy Cruisei Prince Augen apparently have been knocked out of the war for some time to come, according to a naval review presented in the H^use of Commons by the first Lord of the Admiralty A. V. Alexander. The British submarine Trident sent a torpedo aft into a cruiser of the Prince Augen class, probably into the Prince herself and also may have hit an escorting destroyer, it was indicated in a communique from the admiralty. The ocean-going submarine, 1090- ton at surfacing, has been dogging the German-Norwegian sea route and it was there that she nailed the heavy cruiser. On November 29 the submarine was credited with successfully attacking 7 German transports and a supply ship. Three were seen to sink and the four others were so damaged that their loss was considered probable. Alexander's statement and the admiralty's communique disclosed the close watch the British are keeping on the whereabouts of the three German warships. In tlie Mediterranean sector the admiralty announced that another British submarine scored 3 torpedo hits on an enemy convoy of three supply vessels. Alexander's statement was the most comprehensive defense of the Navy to bo made in the house since clamor first arose over the sinking of the Prince of Wales and the Repulse early in the battle of Malaya—a clamor which swelled by the getaway of the three German ships from the French- occupied harbor at Brest. 6 Air Recruits Killed in Wreck 25 Others Injured When Train Rams Large ENID, Okla. A Rock Island freight train ripped through a bus here Thursday killing six enlisted men in the Army Air Corps. Twenty- five others were injured in the accident which occurred in a blinding snowstorm about a-half mile west of Enid. There were apparently no witnesses other than the men in the bus and the train crew. Major W. S. Stephens, post adj. of the flying school said the bus carried between 35 and 40 men. The accident occurred at a grade crossing. None of the men were pilots, the commander said. Shooting Ends With 2 Dead Sheriff Killed by Rival in Election Race OZARK—(/Pj—Marching into a barbershop while Sheriff Champ Crawford, 41, was being shaved, Jim Wilson, unsuccessful candidate against the sheriff in the 1940 eleclion, started an argument Thursday that resulted in the fatal shooting of himself and the sheriff. Mark E. Woolsey, barber, said Crawford died almost instaiilly. Wilson, 38, was la ken lo a Fort Smith hospital where he died . Woolsey attributed the shooting to election rivalry. 29 Enemy Aliens Arrested in Florida Pilkinton Quits Draft Position Tenders Resignation as Appeal Agent for County Senator James H. Pilkinton Wednesday submitted by letter to Governor Homer Adkins, his resignation as appeal agent for Hempstead County under the Selective Service System. Mr. Pilkinton's letter follows: Honorable Homer M. Adkins, Governor State of Arkansas Little Rock, Arkansas Dear Governor Adkins: I hereby tender my resignation as Government Appeal Agent for Hempstead County, Arkansas, under the Selective Service System. I,t is my wish that this resignation become effective as of March 1, 1942. I have enjoyed serving my country in this capacity since October 17, 1940, and my action in resigning now is prompted by the fact that I am of military age myself and because of my belief that, under present conditions, it would be to the best interest of the Selective Service System in Hempstead County to have the office of Government Appeal Agent filled by an older lawyer. Respectfully submitted, James H. Pilkinton Burma Climax NearsHeadas Japs Move Up British Troops Start Destroying Installations at Rangoon By the Associated Press / I American triumphs in the battle of,' Java and the Philippines highlight-, ed the Far Pacific conflict .Thursday while the grim drama of Burma mov-l! ed toward a climax with Rangoon re-' ported in flame and the British fight— ''!, ing against heavy odds. '*•* "So far," the British said, "there * ; has been no evacuation of military* personnel from Rangoon," but ap- 1 ^ parently there was little hope held out that the city could be saved. , In Calcutta, India, 740 miles across * the bay of Bengal from Rangoon, Bur-' mese capital, the steady approach of Japanese invasion hordes through the Burma gateway to India heightened preparations for resistance. 1 Trenches were being dug in Calcut-* ta streets and 500 buildings in the ' metropolis were taken over as air raid shelters. • v U. S. Subs Hit Hard , In the Dutch Indies U. S. submarines are smashing at Japanese seaborne raiders, and were officially said to v ' have torpedoed two enemy transports, * an auxiliary ship, and a freighter ' and Washington naval quarters pre- " dieted ultimate defeat at the present > ; rate of sea losses. ; ' ' ~ A bulletin from Dutch headquar-'' ters announced the attacks ^occurred '„ within the last 48 hours. • ^ In addition to the Japanese ships one of a squadron was as S. fore its torpedo, the report said, " -eotiriter*' < , ' The bones of the body are about twice as trong as oak. Cotton MIAMI, Fla. The FBI continued its raids Wednesday night on enemy aliens in the resort area, arresting 29 persons in Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale districts and seized guns, cameras and two written codes. By the Associated Press NEW ORLEANS Close March 18.37 May 18.54 July is.67 October ig.86 December 18.89 January 1892 NEW YORK March 18.34 May 18.49 J"ly 18.61 October ig.68 December 18.72 January 18.75 Middling spot 20.09. Japanese invaders appeared to have'' 1 over run lower Sumatra to the Sundra>> ! strait and also to hvae advanced down «"\8 the west coast of Dutch Borneo. Japs Press On Despite fjerce counter blows by air-' planes, ships and submarines an of- 'if ficial dispatch indicated that the Jap- »., anese were pressing southward in a i march of conquest with an all-6ut fury and that the "zero .hour" was near in the battle of Java. ,,Dutch headquarters acknowledged that the invaders were striking down.- lower Sumatra and had reached the . Sundra Strait. An NEI communique said Dutch naval forces bombed Japanese storage yards near Sumatra's southern tip. Japanese warplanes roared over Java in the seventh successive day of intensive attacks, bombing the great Soerabaja naval base and airdrome in western Java. The toll at Soerabaja was officially listed at 7 killed nd 19 wounded. The Dutch communique also reported that the fighting was raging with unabated fierceness on the island of Celebes and acknowledged Japanese capture of Sinkang, in west Borneo- and the tin producing island of Bang- ka, off the east coast of lower Sumatra. While British Imperial troops fought with their backs to the wall in desperate attempts to save Rangoon, demolishion parties started destruction of vial installation and black smoke rolled over the Burmese capital and only charred ruins marked the site of a big refinery. } Claims of Hope Men Disallowed Commission Settles Total of $39,841 for$3 7 771 LITTLE ROCK - Claims totaung . $39,841.27 were settled by the State J Claims Commission for $3,771 Wednesday, including two by Hempstead; county men. Troy Smeod of Nashville, allowed, 5500 of a $6,000 claim for injuries received near Lewisville while employ-i ed by the state Highway Department. Douglas Chism of Hope, $7,500 claim disallowed. He contended he was injured while EI Highway Department employe in 1940. Hospital and nurses' bills totaling $221 were allowed. James Martindale of near Hope, $6,000 claim disallowed. He said he was injured on U. S. Highway 67 near Texarkana while employed by the Highway Department in 1937. • > » Lose Weight It takes four pounds of tea Jeeves to make one pound of tea Three pounds are lose when the freshly, picked leaves are dried out. English, French, German and Italr ian are spoken by Pope Pius, who & a Roman by birth.

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