Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 25, 1942 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1942
Page 4
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7% HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, PebrUoty 25,1942 f \ P Virginians 'in 10 Straight 'Surprising Mountaineers Earn Invi- f of ion Meet Shot |fj»y BURTON BENJAMIN RiHEA Service Staff Correspondent IdtoRGANTOWN, W. Vs. - The hills ! West Virginia, glorified in song and i, are basketball country htis n. Eight young men and a shave- coach are showing some o£ the em neighbors a few of the finer „ bints of dash-dribble-and-dump. & As typically Mountaineer as buck' wheat cakes, the backwoods boys, ho all shave and wear shoes, have an 12 games against a lone defeat |by Duquesne. I' .Coach Richard A. (Dykel Raesc, [barely out of his swaddling clothes in |coaching circles, and his handful have omped over Geneva, 54-33; Mary- id, 64-35 and 41-27; Youngstown, 40; Carnegie Tech, 48-40; Pcnn State, 38-33; Wesleyan, 58-40 and 59- i; Pittsburgh, 66-47; Army, 57-40; Bethany, 80-41, and Navy, 48-34. |£ Metropolitan moguls already have * en notice. If the Mountaineers can through unscathed, they are a ch for a coveted bid to the Mad- 6n Square Garden Invitation Tour- Etament, March 17-25. ll Club Even Fools Local I* Supporters ^Even local supporters were caught tart. The team was lightly regard- before the season. Three regulars missing from the 1940-41 squad. OUR BOARDING HOUSE ISelective service and defense work Morgantown's fifty-million dol- llajf ordnance plant took others. IThen came a series of surprises. Kesling broke the individual ring mark against Wesleyan with 127; points, upped it against Pitt with [32, -which tied the Pitt Pavilion all- |tirne high set by Eddie Stralowski. = xThe forgotten mountaineers broke fa seven game winning streak record fset in 1924 against Maryland with itheir eighth straight success, made lit nine against Bethany and ten a- f gainst the Navy. Their 80 points against Bethany apped the University Field House |mark and tied the school record set fin 1904 when West Virginia eked out an 80-1 (correct) win over Waynes- iburg. |(- ! jDuquesne stopped them in their ttird game of the season at Duquesne rdens in Pittsburgh, 30-22, but the lountaineers have another date with Ktfie Dukes and are revenge-bound. e Alters Offense to .Meet New Situations yRaese, who started coaching in little "avis High School, teaches two dis- iictive types of play against the ae and the man-to-man defenses. |&-Fasjtest break is the motif, with rotund Scotty Hamilton, whom Army bservers called "the best player to cV! " a t Point this year," feed- EGAD, CLANCY, WHAT BETTER TRAINING FOR YOUR FIGHT WITH ROUNDHOUSE GOO&AN COULD VOU GET THAN A SESSION WITH YONDER WOODP\LE?-*vUM-KUMF -**^D\D YOU KNOW THAT GENE. TUNNEV MADE HWSELF HEAVY- < WEIGHT CHAMPION BV WIELDING AN A^ IN THE NORTH WOODS . MARTHA HAS BEEN. AFTER ME FOR A WEEK, Tt> CHOP HOPE RIOT CALL. 5 •THE BAIT/, / < I* it -4 ^ with ... Major Hoople RELIABLE WITH* AN AX IN MY M\TTS .'-<•"'X WAS HIT ON THE HEAD WITH AM AX WHEN t WAS A K»D, AND NOW I GET DIZZY SPELLS WHEN I LOOK AT A WOODPILE/-*^BESIDES, MY AIM'S BAD v^cYoUR INSURANCE COMPANY \MOULD CANCEL YOUR POLICY IF THEY KNEW X WAS CHOPPING YOUR WOOD/ yjoO" /'^ —I {<£ .2-25 tOPR. 1942'BYNEAi JNC. T._M.REC.U. S. M $ .(I J<ss JO SOAP = Home Clubs Aid Victory Plan Schedule Arranged for Sale of Scrap Metals According to Mrs. Early McWil- litims, County Council President of Home Demonstration Club, Scrap-for- Victory Campaign through the cooperation of USDA War Board of Hcmpstead County the Home Demonstration Clubs over the County are having a campaign beginning February 25th through March 5 in collecting scrap and having an extensive clean-up campaign over the neighborhoods and communities. The following schedule will be observed by the neighborhoods, Home Demonstration Clubs and communities to sell their scrap and junk to tile scrap dealer; Thursday, Feb. 26 Columbus—(Wilson Bros. Gin) 9:30 a. in. till 11:30 a. m. Cross Roads (W. F. Gilbert & Son Gin) 1:30 p. m. til 3:00 p. in. Friday, February 27 Deanyville (Yarberry's Gin) 9:30 a. ing from center court to Kesling up ahead. Despite the fact that Kesling is the spot man, leading scorer is Capt. Rudy Baric, only 5-10 but a great rebound man. If the defense should slide back to stop Kesling and Baric, Hamilton and little Roger Hicks, both good set shots, pop away from the outside to force the opposition nito normal defense. Mountaineers Stall to Draw Out Weslcyan Wesleyan, with instructions to choke up Kesling and Baric down court and let the Mountaineers shoot outside were given a different treatment. Hamilton simply held the ball a full three minutes, within the rules which state a player can hold the ball indefinitely if an opposing guard does not advance within three fee. As Scotty stood statue-still in the middle of the Field House court, his mates sat down and spectators were fearful someone would suggest a game of gin rummy. Finally, Wesleyan gave up and moved the defense out. Perhaps that's typical of the Mountaineer foolers. Dyke Raese dreamed of this kind of a club, and one thing that won't beat the young coach is impatience. Esso Dealers' air gauges have been checked for accuracy YOUR ESSO DEALER cjn and will help you to make your tires last,' He knows that tires 305& under-inflated rob you of one-quarter of your possible mileage. One mile in four! And a. recent check showed that nine out of every ten air standards are inaccurate! So your Esso Dealer has had his air gauge tested and, if necessary, adjusted to give the exact pressure needed. Further, he has a. special chart showing the car-maker's tire pressure recommendations for your car. And he'll be glad to give you a ready reference memo card, which shows proper pressures for your tires, both front and back. Here are other services that lengthen tire mileage: (WITCH WHIEIS IVIRY 3,000-3,000 'WHS, If you have no spare, move front tires straight back and shift tear tires to opposite sides in front. CHICK WHIEL ALIGNMENT PIRIOD1- CALLY. Watch for uneven or spotty wear. Tires out of line literally drag sidewise at every revolution. RfMIR SMAU CUTS. Even a tiny cut can work right through and ruin »'tire. Have tirej examined frequently and repaired. HQW YOU CAN HELP: 1. Refrain from high speed driving. 2. Accelerate and brake slowly. 3. Avoid scuffing against curbs. 4. Never drive on a flat. 5. Don't get oil or grease on tires. 6. Let your Esso Dealer check tire pressures at least o*ce a week. Oil n AMMUNITION...USf IT WISELY! KEEP WHIEIS AND TIKIS IN BALANCE. Whenever tire and rube are removed from rim, have wheel balanced again to avoid uneven wear. BI SURE TUES ANO TUBES ARE PROP- IRIT MOUNTEP. Use proper tools to prevent damaging tire bead or pinching the inner tube. iSSO) CAKE SAVES WEAR DfAUg STANDARD Oil COMPANY QF LOUISIANA Prescott News By HELEN HESTERLY Red Cross Fund Tom Bemis, Chairman of The Emcr- :ency Red Cross War Relief Fund, urges every one to give their contri- ution today. To date, the fund is >2326.85. $231.36 of this being derived from the Reel Cross benefit show iven last Wednesday and Thursday it the Gem Theater. The quota for Nevada County is 53000, and it is hoped that the goal will be reached soon. Telephone 163 Oson and Miss Louise Ca'Tinfiton. Miss Martin received many lovdy gifts. About twenty guests were present. Gem Theater Damaged by Fire The ceiling and roof of The Gem Theater were damaged slightly Tuesday morning by fire. The origin of the fire could not be determined. Water did considerable damage to the carpet. The show however, will continue its performance Friday. Shower Honoring Miss Mary Ann Martin Bride-Elect The Young Business Women's Club jntertained Monday evening at the home of Miss Frances Bailey, with i miscellaneous shower, honoring Miss Mary Ann Martin, bride-elect. A color scheme of pink and white was carried out in the decorations. The living room was attractive with its arrangement of pink sweet peas and carnations. The dinning table was covered with a white linen cloth and centered with miniature bride and groom. Dainty cakes in pink and white with coffee were served by Miss Virginia Ander- Society Oil and Gas (Continued From Page One) Among the Preesott people attending the races in Hot Springs, Monday, were: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tubcrville, Charlie Pittman and Tim McLclland. Mrs. T. W. McDanicl Jr. and children have returned from Bremuda, to make their home in Boughton with Dr. and Mrs. T. W. McDaniel Sr., while Lt. Colonel McDaniel is on duty with the U. S. Navy. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tuberville left Tuesday on a trip to points in Louisiana. Mrs. Randolph Grimmett, Mrs. Florrine Buchanan, and Mrs. Paul Buchanan attended the races, Tuesday, in Hot Springs. Assignment of O. & G. Lease. Dated 2-24-42. Filed 2-24-42. J. B. Zick to Hunt Oil Company. EVi> SE'/i Sec 33 T. 14 S. R. 23 W. 80 acres. Assignment of O. & G. Lease. Dated 2-24-42. Filed 2-24-42. J. B. Zick to Hunt Oil Company. NE'/i NE'/i Sec, 29 T. 14 S. R. 23 W. 40 acres. Warranty Deed. Dated 2-24-42. Filed 2-24-42. Citizens National Bank to Aubrey Ray, ct al. NE'/i NE'/i Sec. 3; N 10 acres of Pt. NW'/i NW'A Sec. 2 T. 14 S. R. 25 W. 30 acres. Assignment of O. & G. Lease. Dated 1-7-42. Filed 2-25-42. A. C. Taylor, ct ux to Mngnolin Petroleum Co. S'A SW'/i; NE'/i SW'/i E<A NW'/i Sec. 3G ' T. 14 S. R. 24 W.; NW'/i SE'/i Sec 31 T. 14 S. R. 23 W. 240 acres. O. & G. Lease. Dated l-G-42. Filed 2-25-42. J. N. Lanclcs, ct ux to J W Love. SWVt SW'/i Sec. 31 T. 14 S. R. 24 W. 40 acres. (10 years). Assignment of O. & G. Lease. Dated 2-19-42. Filed 2-25-42. Roy M. Mays to Pure Oil Company. NE'/i NE'/i; S',:; NE'/i Sec. 4; WVi NW'/i Sec. 3 all in T. 13 S. R. 23 W. 202 acres. m. till 11.30 n. m. Blevins (H. M. Stevens Gin) 1:30 p. m. till 3:00 p. m. Saturday, Feb. 28 Bingcn (Bingen Gin) 9:30 n. m. till 11:30 a. m. Washington (Washington Gin) 2:00 p. m. till 3:00 p. m. Monday, Mnrch 2 Hope—to any scrap dealer, 8:00 n. m. till 5:00 p. m. Tucsdny, March 3 Goodlctt's Gin, 9:30 n. m. till 11:00 n. m. Cox's Gin (Ozan), 1:30 p. m. till 3:00 p. m. \Vcdncsdiiy, Mnrch 4 DcAnn (Burkc's Gin) 9:30 a. m. till 11:00 n. m. Thursday, Mnrch 5 Fulton (Temple Gin) 9:30 a. m. till 11:00 a. m. Springhill (Ezra McDowell's Gin), 2:00 p. m. till 3:30 p. m. The Home Demonstration Clubs will put their money in their treasuries and the money will be turned into Defense Stamps. 4-H Club boys and girls over the county are asked to cooperate in this campaign assisting the Home Demonstration Club organizations. Letters have been sent out to all presidents, vice-presidents who are co-chairmen of the scrap committee in each club group. Letters hiive been mailed out to individuals who sent in cards to the War Board stating they had scrap on hand. The materials to be sold include old iron, aluminum, brass, cpo- pcr, lead, rubber, news paper, magazines and card board. Each type of material is to be bundled and kept together as (1) Flatten out nil cardboard cartons and boxes, lie them in neat bundles and keep them dry and clean (2) pile newspapers separately, fold (hem flat, and tie them in separate bundles, (3) keep rags, mclul, and rubber separately in big cartoons or bags if possible. All communities, neighborhoods, clubs and individuals are urged to do n good job of this to sell the scrap for Uncle Sam. Good Timber Stumpage Price Farmers Have Chance to Derive New Income Good slunipago prices for form timber emphasize the need to "crop" rather thnn "mine" farm forests, reports Oliver L, Aciams, county agent. Stumpage prices for timber should be good in 1942. The National Defense progra mis including and involving the farm timber acres with their respective forest products, according to Frederick J. Shullcp of the University of Arkansas College ot Agriculture. Under these conditions, over- mature trees, as well as wolC and deformed trees, hnvc a ready market. Furthermore, such cuttings improve the remaining stand. The Extension forester further pointed out that mature trees, which can be sold now at fnvorablc prices, .should tench farmers to npprccinto their growing timber stock more and look upon timer as n crop, such as corn or cotton. The growing importance of wood in oiir national economy and the great demand for limber products during the war re-emphasize most strongly the need to protect farm timberland from forest fires, Shulley said. Along with the selling of merchnnt- nble or over-mature trees, there should be u word at caution not to overcul a stimd, the forester said. This upsets a good sustained yicld- rnantigomcnt program, which is the goal ot every timber owner, and corresponds to selling too many of the foundation stock in a herd of cattle after years of development. Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On Creomulslon relieves promptly because It goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, Inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulslon with the understanding you must like the way It quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis Automatic Water Heaters Harry W. Shiver Plumbing Repairs Phone 259 309 N. Main o o o 0 Calendar Wednesday Sunday School jL'ouncil of the First Presbyterian Church will meet at the church at 7:30. Subscribe to the Hope Star now, delivered at your home in Prescott each afternoon. Mack Greyson, Tele- hone 307. Crop Insurance Covers Al! Loss Cotton Protection Includes Weevils, Insects Under the new cotton crop insurance program Hempstead county farmers can insure their 1942 yield aghinst loss from all unavoidable causes, including boll weevils and other insects, flood, drouth, wind, hail, plant disease, storm and such others as may be designated by the Federal Crop Ins.urance Corporation, according to E. N. Martindale, chairman of the County AAA committee. "Cotton crop insurance is a businesslike program," he declared. "It is designed to protect the cotton produc- !er from loss due to unavoidable causes. It does not offer insurance against laziness, however, and will not cover losses due to negligence, improper cultivation and so forth." In discussing protection offered by crop insurance, Mr. Martindale gave , , _. . . . . .. the following answers to other qucs- ' ba ! an j-' e - The administrative cost Lafayette County February 23, 1S42 Prepared by Eunice Triplctt Lcwisvillc, Arkansas praised crop losses. They are paid by signing a commodity note calling for payment either in cotton or the cash equivalent, or in deductions from loss payments, if any, or from the first Federal farm payment. 5. How will losses be repaid? When? Losses will be paid with certificates ot indemnity transfering to the producer ownership of enough cotton to make up the difference between his actual production, if any, and the amount for which his crop was insured. This certificate may be converted into cash by returning it to the FCIC and receiving a check in exchange, or by turning it over to the Commodity Credit Corporation for a cotton loan on the amount of cotton represented by the certificate. In case of total crop loss the indemnity will be paid as soon as the loss is established. In case of partial loss, the indemnity will be paid at the end of the season. 6. How is crop insurance financed? The Federal Crop Insurance Corporation has a capital stock of $100,000,000, but it is expected that over a period of years the program will be self- financing. That is, funds withdrawn from the capital stock to pay losses in ba dycars will be returned in good years when premiums paid in exceed Assignment of O. & G. Lease: dated 2-17-42, filed 2-21-42. Andrew V. Erwin and wife to Skclly Oil Company 3/4the interest in the NE'/i of NW'/i of See. 19, Twp. 16 S., Rge. 23 West. Royalty Deed: 3/598 Int., (3 royalty acres), .dated 2-9-42, filed 2-21-42. J. A. Complon, Gdn. of Ruby Compton ct al to Occ S. Griffin. N'A of NE'/4 of Sec. 5, Twp. 15 S., Rgc. 23 West. Royalty Deed: 3/5GO Int., (li/ 2 royalty acres), dated 2-18-42, filed 2-2142. Eli D. Bernstein and wife to Carter Mullaly. NE'/i of NE'/i of Sec. 5, Twp. 15 S., Rgc. 24 West. Royalty Deed: 1/112 Int., (2'/j royalty acres), dated 2-18-42, filed 2-2142. Paul Fennessey and wife to Carter Mullaly. NEVi of NEVi of Sec. 5, Twp. 15 S.. Rge. 21 West. Royalty Deed: 1/112 Int., (2^ royalty acros), dated 1-31-42, filed 2,2142. Eli D. Bernstein and wife to Paul j Fennessey. NE'/i of NE!/ 4 of Sec. 5, Twp. 15 S., Rgo. 24 West. Pastor Knocks Out Franklin Scores Surprising Win Over Negro Heavyweight CLEVELAND — (/P)— Bob Pastor turned slugger and after exploding the myth of Lem Franklin's famed fistic power, fought on to stop the Cleveland Negro in eight roi^ids Tuesday night. Pastor weighed 181: Franklin 197 1-4. After weathering Franklin's punches for three rounds, Pastor gave Lem a boxing lesson for the next few heats and put him away with a blistering barrage at 2 minutes, 8 seconds of the eighth in a fight booked for 10. At the outbreak of the war, 1350 business firms left London; 200 returned by November. ORIANA AMENT BOYETT Tcr.chor of Music-Voice, Piano. Art-Drawing, Painting. Studio G08 South Mnii? Street Phone 318 W • NOTICE •, Erie Ross is now employed by Keith's Barber Shop New Location on E. 3rd Next to Checkered Cafe KlCHERrTASTlNGMT SO MILDl PRINCE ALBERT IS NO-BITE TREATED AND IT BURNS COOLER. THAT MEANS NO HARSHNESS, YET PLENTX OF GOOD, RICH TASTE > fine roll-your-owu clirnrcttca in every dandy pocket can of 1'rlnco Albert THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE R. J. narouldii Tobacco Company. W!nitnn*S«!em. N.O losses paid out. years premiums Over a period of and losses should tions most commonly asked by farmers and business men in Hcmpstead county about the new insurance program: 1. Where can I apply for cotton crop insurance? Cotton crop insurance policies are being written at the AAA office in the courthouse at Hope. 2. How long a period does crop insurance cover. Crop insurance must bu taken out before the cotton is planted or before March 16. It offers protection until the cotton is weighed in on the gin scales, provided this is not later than January 21, 1943. 3. How much can I insure my crop for? A producer may insure his cotton crop for 50 per cent or 75 per cent, whichever he wishes, of the seven year average production of his farm, according to the protection he wishes and the size of the premium he prefers to pay. Insurance providing 100 per cent coverage would not be practical, because some producers would take advantage of the Crop Insurance Corporation and neglect their crop in order to collect an indemnity. With producer scarrying the first 25 per cent risk there is still a big incentive for producers to make a full crop. 4. How are premiums calculated and how can they be paid? Just as yields are based on the average historical or Appraised production of the producer's farm for past years, the premium is based on the farm's average historical or ap- paid by the government and will not be added to premiums which are collected from any payment due the producers. More Machines Are Confiscated Police Renew Warning to Get Rid of Slot Machines County and local police announced Wednesday that several more slot machines were seized and confiscated here Tuesday night and renewed warnings that "they will not be permitted to operate in Hcmpstead county." Previously several machines were confiscated in the Patrnos area by county police. After the Patmos raid police noted that slot machines began to disappear in Hope. Fortune From Stumps The sale of two very rare stamps from British Guiana, dated 1850, preserved among her grandfather's papers, brought an elderly German woman a small fortune a few years ago. filed 2-21-42, Roy to Basil York, E Nevada County February 24, 1912 Prepared by Helen Hcsterly O. & G. Lease, filed 2-21-42, W. N. Arrant ct ux to W. I. Wilkie et al, SE NE, Sec. 35, Twp. 12, Rgc. 20. Royalty Deed, filed 2-21-42, J. G. Martindale ct ux to Basil York et ux N NW SE NE SE, Sec. 27-34, Twp. 12, Rge. 23. Royalty Deed, Anderson ct ux NW, Sec. 34, ,Twp. 12 Rge. 23. Assignment O. & G. Lease, filed 221-42, J. B. Warmack to J. B. Zick, SE NW, Sec. 34, Twp. 14, Rge. 23. Warranty Deed, filed 2-23-42, O. W. Bailey et ux to E. L, Bailey. Warranty Deed, filed 2-23-42, J. E. Bulter et ux to R. A. Bulter, Sec. 26-29-34-35, Twp. 13, Rgo. 22. Warranty Deed, filed 2-23-42, H. W. Fore et ux to J. E. Bulter, Sec. 26-2734-35, Twp. 13, Rge. 22. Warranty Deed, filed 2-23-42, J. N. Hairs ton to L. M. Clark, Sec. 26-2734-35, Twp. 13, Rgc. 22. Warranty Deed, filed 2-23-42, E. L. Bailey et ux to H. W. Fore, Sec. 2627-34-35, Twp. 13, Rge. 22. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-23-42, H. A. Bullock ct ux to R. D. Franklin, Sec. 28-29-32-33, Twp. 13, Rge. 22. Warranty Deed, filed 2-23-42, R. A. Bulter et ux to T. B. Goodwin, Sec. 35-26, Twp. 13, Rgc. 22. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-24-42, Mrs. Helen H. Shelton et al to Hunt Oil Co., SE SW SW, Sec. 13-24, Twp. 14, Rge. 23. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-24-42, A. C. Jellcy et ux to Lion Oil Refining Company, Sec. 35, Twp. 12, Rge. 21. O. & G. Lease, filed 2-23-42, Arthui Pennington et ux to H. H. McKenzie, W SW, Fr. SW SW, Sec. 26, Twp. 12, Rge. 23. Royalty Deed, filed 2-23-42, Walter Keith et ux to B. C. Moody, NE NE, Sec. 27, Twp. 13, Rge. 22. Royalty Deed, filed 2-23-42, Walter Keith ct ux to B. C. Moody, Sec. 26, Twp. 12. Rgc. 22. Royalty Deed, filed 2-23-42, Walter Keith ct ux to B. C. Moody, Sec. 2627-34-35, Twp. 13, Rgc. 22. Royalty Deed, filed 2-23-42, J. R. Hamilton ct ux to Nell M. Slifcr, S SE, Sec. 27, Twp. 12, Rge. 23. Bring us your Sick WATCH Speedy recovery guaranteed. Repair service very reasonable. PERKISON'S JEWELRY STORE 218 South Walnut When you buy, you want to buy something with the quality you can count on. You want the real thing. Your guests want the real thing/ too. Coca-Cola is the real thing in refreshment,,, with the quality of genuine goodness, You trust its quality BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY HOPE COCA-COLA BOTTLING PHONE 392 L. HOLUAMON COMPANY 114 WEST 3rd.

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