Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 17, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1939
Page 2
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HOPE StfAK, tfOPE, ARKANSAS Hope Announcement If, 1:030 v ', ^ • tar of tfope, 1899; Press, 192T. Consolidated January 18, 192$ (7 Justice, tJelivef Thy Herald From false Report! 'f-t ..•-•• —i—• .... .... Published every week-day afterttoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. C, E. Palmer nnd Alex. H. Washburn. nt the Star building, 212-214 South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, President ALEX. H. WASHBVRN. Editor and Publisher (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass"n. Subscription Bat* (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per week 15c; per month 63c: one year $6,50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, itcwart", Miller and LaFayette counties. $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member of The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for reptiblicafion of al! news dispatches credited to it or hot otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Charges on Tributes. Etc.: Charge will be made for alt tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from n deluge of spoop.taking memorial*. The Star disclaims responsibility or the safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. The Star Is nnthorlml to announce (he following candidates sattjtxt (o the notion of (he Democratic city primary election Tuesday, November 2S, 1939: fat City Attorney E. F. M'FADDIN LAWSON E. GLOVER ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER • "Ths M-ore You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • * You Can Talk to Only One Man 0 Want Ads Talk to Thousand* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone One lima—I'j word, minimum 30c Three times—1%c word, minimum Me Six times—«c Word, minimum 90c One month—ISc word, minimum 12.70 __'_ Rntes 8fe ' or continuous insertions only. BARBS Russia made the mistake of writing hive notes to the United States last April. Any young suitor could have told the (1. S. S. R. that .such missives are likely to bounce. £nilors putting ashore in Canadian purls iu-e being warned to be "discreet" in Ihoir I'onvprsnlioiis. When Hie fleet's in the lid is no longer off. Completely confused by fashions of American women, ;i Chinese student For Sale Uncle Sam Can Take Care of His Own America learned o lot of thing* from the first World war. Generally they, were things that the people of this country could have learned without the ter- | riiie expense in lives and money, if they had just taken the trouble to tackle ! some of the war problems in peace time. i One of the thiings the people of this country discovered was that the j United States wc,.< far move nearly self-sufficient than had been commonly • believed. When trade routes were cut off in !!)!•) and warring nations couldn't afford to export materials they needed badly at home, the brows of industry were cSased with worry lines. Many needed materials and the benefit from many valuable manufacturing secrets were rapidly becoming unavailable, and the United States looked sadly toward the day when certain industries, particularly chemicals, would have to close and the public would have to do without commodities to which they had become accustomed. Questions nn Page One 1. Robert Taylor, Janet Gaynor, Lewis Stone. 2. Jean Harlow. Clark Gable. I!. Joan Dennett. George Dan- Croft, Cary Grant. 4. Franchot Tone, Katharine Hep hunt. 3. Irene Dunne, Robert Taylor. FOR SALE—Two Pointer Bird DORS, 17 and 22 months old. J. M. Downs. I Bodcaw, Arkansas. 8-Ctp. j WANTED PECANS-We pay highest price.-; for Hi-cnnK. McRae Mill ft Frvl] Co. CM7-IM For Rent FOR RENT—Iron eliul warehouse Mix 100. Accessablc to truck or train Hoi-sty MeRne. 16-Htp at nn eastern girl's school has resorted to her own native costumes. American men, who feel the same way, can only take headache powder. The national debt of the Philippine Islands is $2 per capita, iiliout one- f thirtieth that ((f Japan. USE Monts Sugar Cure When Butchering This Fall and Winter For sale by the leading merchants in every community. . R. Williams In ordinary eases of wry neck, ap- j plication of heat and use of drugs to I overcome pain and rheumatic con- i dition will frequently bring about prompt relief. In every such instance, i however, the doctor should mako a thorough .search to find out whether or not there are foci of infection in the body—for example, in the roots of the teeth, in the nose and throat j or in the sinuses. Removal of such | foci of infection will probably pre- ' WANTED TO BUY—We pay more 'for ROCK! Used furniture, stoves. rugs, etc. sec us before you buy or sell. Franklin's Furniture Store. 112 So. Elm. N2-lm Wanted lo Rent I WANTED j unfurnished I tion. Write TO RENT-Nii-r- fi room house. Permanent locn- P. O. Box 457. 7tf Then the laboratories got busy. They learned how to make optical equip- j venl a recu rrencc of the condition ment and they produced dyes which had suddenly become unobtainable. New ; Sometimes enlargement of the gland chemical formulae for manufacturing processes were evolved and industry as j in the neck will" cause twisting' of a whole began gradually to understand that American genius was equal to the i the neck, hese glands enlarge be- new problems. The problems we looked at with horror in 1914 we approach today with calm self-assurance. The shock of the first World war was not quickly forgotten, and scientists have been experimenting constantly since then in an effort to find new substitutes for standard processes. Ottered It was once believed we could obtain rubber only from distant tropical j of the infection. cause twisting of the neck, hese glands enlarge because there is infection somewhere in the head and neck. Again the fundamental treatment must be applied to the source • places. Stoppage of this supply would have been serious enough to sprout gray hairs on the heads of all automobile executives and industrialists who j need rubber for their products. But today, concern over this situation is only slight. .Laboratories have produced synthetic rubber. Ills not yet generally in use, and it probably has not been fully developed; but threat of a shortage of the natural product would hasten research in this field. Minerals which this country now imports are probably lying imbedded in the.rocks of America or Alaska, geologists believe. If certain ores cannot be found, scientists will probably find a way to get aolng without them. Self-Sufficiency is not a healthful state of affairs for the United States. „..„„., „ ,...„„. Economic intercourse among the nations of the world is necessary, and the nocturnal whirligig. United States should share in this commerce. The war? That's what entrepre- But it is comforting to know that this country is not helplessly dependent on neurs of shows and cafes and com- other-nations to supply materials in times of emergency. modities say. pinning the quantity of '=; j loose cash squarely Europe. There IN HEW YORK NEW YORK — There is a spendthrift atmosphere about New York. You can feel it in the air. in the shops, at the theaters and around the SERVICES OFFERED-Sce Hempstead Matt;ess Shop, T12 West Fourth, for new and' ro-built Phone Paul Cobb 658-J . Sept. 26 1M. SPECIAL—Guaranteed S2.5D permanents SI.HO: S.l.nO permanents .52.50. White Way Beauty Shop. 119 Front Street. l(i-.'!tc KOO'M FOR RENT—Larye room ovci garaiji 1 . with or without meals, half hath. Airs. S. fi. Younj;, '111:! West Division, phone 71. l5-3tp KOR RENT~fi room brick veneer Iwrlling. 515 East Third St. R. T. White, Phone 158. 16-3ti> FOR RENT—Front bed room in nice home, to working Imly or couple. Close in. Phone MR. Mrs. Edi-iington. FOR RENT Plenty of room for storage purposes at Franks Fruit & Grocery store, South Main street. 15-3tp FOR RENT-fi room house. Middlebruoks Grocerv. Apply NOTICE Lost .LOST—A black and white pointer I bird dog with blue specks. Four years j old. Two inch .scar on right side of throat. Weighs about 80 or 1)0 pounds. Answers by the name of Buck. Liberal reward. B. F. Willingham, Gurdon, Ark. Photic 15 or 20.1. " 20-Pay Life Policies. SKiOO up. Ages 1 day old and up. Talbot Feild. Box •1-1 Hope Ark, 9 yrs wilh Reliance Life. Oct. 27-1 m. | WARNING—No hunting or tre.s- ! passing on my farm. Koonce Farm. 15- Up • THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. M. MEG. U. *. PAT. Off By DR. MORRIS FISHBEIN Kdlto-, ftranra] of the American Medical Associitlo*. u4 •( Hygeia, tbe Health Magazine Many Suffer From Twisted Necks; Tissues, Muscles Becomes Contracted Many people tilt their heads to one side and twist them on their necks. Muscles become contracted and pull the head toward one ,side. The scientific name for this condition is tor- ticollis, which means "twisted neck", the common name is wry neck. In many instances this condition teems to be present at birth, but usually it develops early in childhood and gradually increases in severity. In some cases the muscle responsible may be imperfectly formed : at time .of birth, or there may be damage to the muscle during the birth process. In cases which have lasted a long time, the tissue on the short side of I upon the events in Europe. There is a boom on entertainment. Ask any of the Broadway ticket brokers. Their racks are "Clean." their cash tills full-up. There is a run on Laughter. The , sombre offerings are shunned by both showmen and show-shoppers. After crying the blues, the cinema citadels are lining their parishioners all the wa yaround the corner again. A business acquaintance of mine, who deals in the little luxuries, says | | there is a run on what he has to sell. , | A Fifth Avenue jeweler who deals in the neck also becomes shortened to i the trifles whose cost would solve the accomodate itself to the twisting. : life-long economic affairs of many an The face as well as the skull may, American, says things were never bet- become deformed, giving it a slanting ter. appearance. There may actually be, Ha.s that much-publicized Corner a twisting of the spine to compensats t been turned? for the twisted head. Business Booms in Show Shops There are instances of wry neck! Well, in this up-and-down town, which are not congential and which a likely barometer is the pleasure- are not due to a permanent cle- j grist of the playhouses and night formity. hese are cases in which there -clubs. Few previous Octobers showed Sow Oats Now — Don't Wait for Spring. Oat.s always do best fnll- nlanted. Best oat;; we ever raised was | sown December 8. We have the best j seed you can buy. Ferguerson No. j 1)22 recloaned 50 cents per bushel. Hope Ifi-.ltc Brick Works. / NOW I PON'T WANT "TO V BE HAR.SH 00. HARD- BOILED WITH YOU BUT ' KNOW WHAT I'M TALk.- THE OLP BULL. \ OF TH' WOODS FERGETS THAT MACHINJE WAS YOUNG WHEN \ HE WAS—THEY BOTH STARTED TOGETHER,-- / HE FERGETS / WAL, DB Oil MACHINE HE'S DOING AS GOOT AS DE OL' MAW.' DE OL' MACHINE HE'S WOT WOR SO G.OOT NO MORE AN' DE OL' MAK) NOT THINK! SO C5OQT NO MORE.' INO ABOUT BECAUSE I RAW THIS MACHINE FOR VEAC.S AND I GOT THE , WORK OUT--IMPACT, I GOT MV FIGST REAL. PROMOTION FROM THIS L/VTHE •-S8*, j^**" 11-17 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Stuck By Edgar Martin ' OUT rr' . AW BtfOWc V\ Oo . 1830 BY NE> SERVICE. INC. T. M. R[C. ll.'S. ALLEY OOP New That We Understand Each Other By V. T. Hamlin has cle been due inflammation of to an interior the mus- ! such frenetic signs of prosperity, infection. | Every movie palace between Times ed with the catching of a these cases the neck will fuch inflammation is usually associat- i Square and Columbus Circle was and the muscles will be contracted and j stricken with cold. In i thriving. There were twenty-three be stiff 1 , shows on Broadway, nono of them tender. COMMON REPTILE HORIZONTAL ." I Pictured reptile. 5 It has a %'ery extended or - body. 12 Henrt. 13 Pronoun, 15 To hoot, " Id Self. 17 Male cat. 19 Wireless machine. 21 Over. 22 Turning a tcnm oL hor?os. 23 Whole crnin. 26 Preposition. 27 Depression. 29 Musica! note. ?,OTo so:iV: fiax. 32 Half nn em. 33 Watery part at blood. '.'>••> Elk. ,"C Limb. P.R Ket'-i-. •'id Se?;imf. 42EU.'fU'ic;.l unit. Answer to Previous Puzzle __ {BOBJ3YURJ GGS QiRi'" RJAWN MlW RAG __ BiE A ft 8 A L'LJgPBR:R U L E Si I NN ; bOE>NTHR r A~tTL_jE RA'T BADS Al 'L NN'E"R] 43 Portuguese 02 It coins. proy 4ri Nev.' England. 46 Feather shall. 50 Flatfish, 52 Footless —s its v.'hole. VERTICAL 1 South Carolina, 2 M;uv.ed with 11 To suffice. 14 Unit o£ v.'ork.' 18 Musical note/ 20 Procrastinates 21 Bishop's fcarf 22 Most types of this roplile are . 24 Particular 25 It is n legless or • roplilo. 28 Onto. 31 Label. S4 Craft. 35 Patte:-n bloc-',:. 37 Din-h fklo. 54 Mohammedan title. 5r> Since. 5fi Stone. f)7 To knock, fifi Forbidding. f.O To loiter. (!! It be'.ona- itvo genus to M In a row. 4 F.xckimation. f> Eporli. fi Kimono safh. 7 Corn pry. H Tr. Ic.'ivi.-. 'J .V'jnv-r;;!' trrrninrit/ir.. 10 HfTOr.,. 4! Kit 44 C'!'. •57 X;,'. niiv 48 H.v P Of MO! jvc Jnd: 4f) Y..'0 <",,- 'O f r;n,r.n. -.ri'.i.-u lit '„•'.; r.r j . .icv.-i ].' :'H Tono F,. box-office anemia. On the contrary, the clamor for seats was a steady drone in the house treasurer's ear. Feverish producers were hurling together musical shows, at an ag- j gregatc cost of more than a million dollars, because the trend is strongly in that direction. Folk don't v/ant to be troubled by problem plays, by mournful wordiness. They want the 1 gaiety and thoughtlessness of a happy 1 song and dance show. • Nowhere- did the October joyseek- 1 ers draw their purse-strings close. At ' Madison Square Garden, the Wild West Rodeo marshalled the largest round-up of customers since its first ; annual corral in Manhattan. The- cow! boys have had a wiff of spcndthrift- i ne«;, loo. at Gotham's numerous Bar- : , X's. j At the concert halls, the dulcet j tinkle of thrj do re me in the cash I boxes, vie with the melody of the musical i.cale and this sudden prospering is not merely enjoyed by Tos- .'Ccinirii. but by almost any recitalist : who cores to draw a bow across hi.s violin Mi ing.s. [ 'Ihc- terpsichore fans and the ballet- jOinanes have an orgy of both, though I rarely have they cared to tread on 'each r.ihi'r's toe.s simultaneously. | For on the same night, not long ago, I the Ballet Ru.-sc pirouetted across the i.stage of the Metropolitan Opera House | while a dancing troupe from Bali i and Java exercised on a nearby ms; ti uin—and both places were jammed to I the rafters v.'ith adoring throngs who h.vl paid plenty for admission. Il's All An Escape j fin .showmen and cafe owners and ; ti inkct :,'.-liei.s argue that it is a false ! ami faintly hysterical prosperity that | hax come over thtir flashy sector of j Manhattan Island. The monotony of the- v.-ar in Europe, and the slow tcn- , >i'.n »! w.'.ilini; for cornc-what-may ha.s . driven N(.-w Yorkers to diversion. ; 'lo a lurgi.! degree, they have be- f-'.rne (..-..efrc.c escapists — from the rrii.i Mm" headline, the afternoon bul- l''ti;i. >i:i- night-time radio fl«sh. They v.-;iri; in li.iijih. And tiie impresarios who prosper • 'i:'. !a;.ii;!iu.T are not far behind the. i.i.j.nl.-ir v.i. h. If New York wants to .-.:;f-r,'l fitely for a good laugh, they ••'•'ill :.'.t U- cheated. These look like t;.e.i'. days for Joe Miller's joke-book and a lively tune. COZY ill V NOW, OOOLA, I WANT IT UMDEE.' PARTV WE'RE) STOOPTH/a YOU CAME ALOM6/ >', EH, AGAINST AAV WILL"SOI COkl'T ' "DOC? JJUS'V WAMT YOU BlAMIWG ME. LIKE OL' r ^- =v _ IF- TIMES y^i^.r—f—of—^""ry \> &*; (*£. 'fi**Z\ I1-»V J^ 1 GUESS YOU'VE 1 1 PULLED YOU OUT OF YOUG ^ LAST JAM.' WHO DO YOU ) THIWK YOU ARE, ANYWAY, ORDERIMG AV\E AR.OUMP? (3>o CHASE- youe- SELF.' A'.V, OOOLA--) LISTEN), YOU && APE, L FOR CAT'S YL'VE MO MIMDTO TAKE SAKE! JA LOT OF LIP FROM WASH TUBES DEC. U. S. »T. OFF.-J CJJvutugh, KAAYBE YOUR UMCLE UIWCOUW ftM'T CRAZY, WASH, BUT HE'S CERTAINLY A -SAP VOUVE BAKED ME A CAKE ON MV B1BTHOAY. YOU'LL WEVEe KUOW HOW THft TOUCHES ME, MRS. 6LIMT T- —/ JUST CALL ME Things Don't Look So Good By Roy Crane FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ALL RISHT, YOU GUYS , X GOT KICKED OUTTA THE GAME .' YOU HAD YOUR WAY .' MOW SEE WHAT YOU CAM DO WITHOUT ME ' I'D rOESOTTEM THERE WAS •SUCH UNSELFISH PEOPLE A-S YOU LUCILLE. PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS ASKIW ** TO DO THIMSS FOK THEM, BUT THE V/ TWM6 WICE FOR WE LIKE...LIKE v THrS PEOPLE ABE HORRID. THEY THWK OULV 'OF THEMSELVES VJU AIN'T THAT WAY, LUCILLE. YOU'CE KIND. YOU'RE PIFFER- E(JT. YOU 6OT PRETTY EVES, TOO YOU MIGHT WALK HOME WITH ME, L1WCOLU. I WDU'T REALIZE VT LATE I WOULDN'T WVaH TO BORE YOU ABOUT POOR 1 LITTLE ME, LINKY. BUT HFE HA«, BEEU SO •SAVJ AVAC LOUELY ^>MCE MY TWfcO HUSBAWD LEFT, -SOMETIWES I WOWDER WHY, CERTA\WLY. AN' YOU CAW TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF WALK ALON6 UMCLE LttJCOLM Lard Isn't Missed By Merrill Blosser RED RYDER FOR NAY SAKE, AT LEAST THEY COULD HAVE MADE IT APPEAR TO BE MORET OF A STRUS6LE / Getting Acquainted By Fred Harman SOKRY "xoij FOUGHT VMITH LUCKY DRAKE OM tAY RYDER' I'rt f(&r*> THE ^OOEA,^) 6 -THE NHvo SCHOOL. -T&ACriER .' *l I'LL lAKtCARE 1 OF THAT R£D SURE , n\<35 JO TH' IMJOM KID IS I fAT PAL , LITTLE fll SEEl^S To ME THA.1 L1TTLS 0EAMER SHOULD 6E IM SCHOOL, W(- '.'LI r ' ~ I V JU6T CALL AA' AW-- THAI'S A GREAT IDEA-'TU'KiDf-JEEDS

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