Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 17, 1939 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, November 17, 1939
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World-Wide New, Co*«Mf e Given Impartially by Associated Press Hope VOLUME 41—NUMBER 20 Star HOPE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 1939 ARlCANSAS-Cloudy, probably occasional rains Friday night and Sat* urday; not much change in tempera-i lure. PRICE 5c COPY SCHOOLBOYS Hope, Clarksville Game Looms as a ToughGridBattle B o t h Have Veteran Squads, Each Reported in Tup Shape HOMECOMING AFFAIR Miss Lucille Ruggles to Reign As Queen Over Grid Game The final home conference game of the .sciusun will be played al Hammons .sUtdium at 8 p.m. Friday when Hope and Clarksville, apparently a- buut evenly matched, square olf at each other. The game brings together two veteran teams. Reason records show the Crimson Cyclone with a total of MX victories, a C to G lie with Hot Springs and a G to 0 loss to Fort Smith. The Bocals have a record of eight victories and one loss, and rule as a slight favorite among loyal supporters of the team. The Bobcats will have an advantage in weight. A hard battle is expected and indications point to a large crowd. Coach Foy Mammons reported his squad in top physicial shape. From Clarksville came word that the Crimson team "was set" for the battle. Neither team has been "scouted" Home Conference Game Will Be Played at 8 p. m! Friday 11 I ~~ ' " • • —— n i n TV • ' . .~" " ' ~~~ '— — o -• -^ The Probable Starting Lineup HOPE Green 190 ... Cttlhoun 230 Breeding 163... Bundy 175 Quimby 160 Simpson 255 Jones 200.... Ellen 162.... Baker 155.... Colcman 150 Easou 190.... Team Average Line Average Backfield Average . Left End . Left Tackle . Left Guard Center Right Guard .... Right Tackle Right End yuartcr Back Left Half Right Half Full Back . . 184 162 196 163 164 161 CL.AKKSVILL.fr Hickey ....Allison Warren . Ogilvie .... Garrcn ...Smith Snow .-Scarborough .Boggs ....Bock -Delmonego Team Aver Line Avei Backfield Avei 167 165 154 163 156 184 152 175 154 149 168 age age age Prescott Defeats DeQueenl4toO Nashville Loses to El Dorado Wildcats by Score of 50-6 ' this season by . opposing coaches— the goal for touchdowns and another as far as could be learned—and both for an extra point, Prescott scored ~iay be forced to resort lo their best in the second quarter when Halsell pet plays .for victory. The Bobcats may use their "chicken fight" formation during a portion of Die £ti!iic. The game will be homecoming for former Hope students. The football LVI ini;i -iiui'i: :>tuui:iiu>> A uv: luuiuui* IMI LIU; JJUlllL. 1 lie JjCOpai'Q S Olliy squad has named Miss Lucille Rug- threat came in the third period when glcs as queen to reign over fcsti- thfv urlum-nowi r^ nm iu« ,,:..:<„..,.' ic vitics. Chosen as her minds are Misses JVlary Sue Kent, Martha Houston, Nancy Hill, Nancy Fayc Williams, Dorothy Henry and Rose Marie Hondrix, A pro-game planned. ccrcmony has been The visitors will be .seeking revenge for an early .season defeat ul Hope in the 1938 football campaign. Coercion Held i n Motor Financing General Motors Corp, Convicted of Anti-Trust Violations SOUTH BUND, Inil.—i/l'i—Fed- eral Judge Walter Limllr.v imposed fines of 55,000 each on the General Motors corporation and three affiliates Friday, following their conviction Thursday night by a jury for violation of (lie Sherman antitrust laws. I'rior lo imposing the fines, the maximum provided by law, the judge overruled motions for a new (rial and arrest of judgment. SOUTH BEND, Ind.-(/l')-A jury in federal court here Thursday night convicted the General Motors Corporation and three .subsidiaries of violating the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. The subsidiaries were thu General Motors Sales Corporation, General Motors Acceptance Corporation und G. M. A. C. of Indiana. The jury acquitted 17 officials of the firms. The defendants were charged with conspiring to monopolize instalment .sales financing of automobiles by coercing General Motors dealers to use General Motors Acceptance Corporation facilities. Under the Sherman act, the corporations may be fined up to J5.000 each. Elders' Salaries Up to Conference Little Rock Conference Follows Issue of North Arkansas WAHHKN. Ark. —</I J )— The moot question of equalizing the .salaries ot district superintendents (presiding elders) plunged the Little Rock con feiencc of the united Methodist church into a morning-long debate Friday. The North Arkansas conference last week settled a similar question by fixing Ihe .salaries of il.s eight clis- trict superintendents at $3.000 u year plufj traveling expenses. DE QUEEN, Ark — The De Queen High School Leopards were no match for the Prescott Curly Wolves here Thursday night and lost, 14 to 0, the visitors completing passes twice over assed to Smith, quarterback, and Halsell place-kicked for the point. In the final period the Curly Wolves .scored ugain when Hiilscll passed 1 to Baker. Another pass was completed for the point. The Leopard's only thcy advanced from tlie visitors' 35 to the five-yard line, where they were held for downs. Bourns, Williams, Hawthorne und Fen ton led the attack for the Leopards, svhilc Halsell, Smith, Wilson and Baker were outstanding for the visitors. DC Queen made 12 first downs to 11 by the visitors. Nii.sliville Loses to El Dorado El DORADO, Ark — Scoring in all (Continued on Page Four) Texarkana (Tex.) Juniors Lose Here Hope Juniors Beat Borclei City Crew by Only 7 to 0 Red Cross Drive Total for County Hitsj717-Mark Canvassers Turn in Total of 120.40 on Friday Report 7 FIRMS 100 PERCENT Campaign Rolls on Toward Hempstead's Goal of 1,100 The 1939 Red Cross Roll Call total in Hcmpstcnd county went to $717.61 on committee reports Friday which added $120.40 to Thursday's figures. Among the locul business and professional firms reported as contributing 100 per cent to the Red Cross Roll Call are the following: Bruner-lvory Handle company, Cox- Casidy Foundry, J. P. Cox Drug company, Coca Cola Bolting company, Dr. J. G. Marlindule's office, Roy Anderson & Co., and Dr. L. M. Lite's office. Friday's contribution report follows: John P. Cox $ 1.00 R. L. Broach 1.00 Molotov, Stammering Former Exile, Now Stalin's No. 2 Man The Hope Juniors. led by Sedford Bell hard running halfback, defeated the Tcxarkana, Texas, Junior team at Hope High School Thursday night 7 to 0. Held in check tor three quarters the Junior kittens pushed over the lone tally of Ihe game late in the fourth quarter with Bell scoring from the two-yard line. Bell passed to SUin. ford for the extra point. Tcxarkana seriously threatened in Ihe second quarter but the half ended their drive. The game was hard fought and both teams punted frequently. First clowns were: Hope 7, Tcxnr- kana 4. Bell and Stanfircl were outstanding for Hope. Norman was the mo.st consistent ground -gainer for Tcxarkana. A Thought Remember this, that thhc enemy hath reproached, 0 Lord, and that the foolish people have blasphemed thy name. — Psalms 74:18. 1.00 Lamar Cox Bertha Zimmerly .. Lovcta Mouser Winfred Huckabee ... Paul Erwin Bill Bailey John Hamilton Clyde Gains Mincola Owen Henry Hotel Diamond Cafe Luther Hollamon ..... Luther Hollamon Jr. C. C. Hollamon 1.00 Dcwey Bolls 1.00 Dusty Rhodes 1,00 Mrs. Gladinc Morris 1.00 Carter Johnson 1.00 Louise Crane 1.00 Roy Anderson i.oo Mary Sue Anderson 1.00 J. O. Cox i.oo C. E. Cassicly I.OO Lynn White i.oo T. H. Dickson "... 1.00 Tilton Foster 1.00 J. B. Ragon l.oo Russian Premier Said to Resemble Teddy Roosevelt For 18 Years He Has Served Stalin—Others Were Killed ONE OFFICE SECURE Foreign Office Chief Changed Only 3 Times in History B,v IMIOF. THOMAS J. R. MENNER Wrillcn for NBA Service Soviet Russia is currently looking at the world through the pince-nez glasses that porch on the nose of her kcwpie-faccd foreign commissar-premier, Viachoslav Mikhailovich Molo- lov. His recent harrangue at the democracies for prolonging Europe's war and the "war of nerves" clamped against Finland for refusing Russian military demands, throw light on the personality, background and outlook of the man who since last May has been directing affairs at the Soviet foreign office. Many informed persons in the Soviet Union now consider Molotov the logical successor to Etalin, now approach- 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 •11.00 Aing 60. - Macheslav M. Molotov: Through his eyes, Stalin looks out on the*vorld (Continued on'Page Fa "Gulliver's Travels," a Full Length Feature Cartoon by Max Fleischer, to Challenge Disney By PAUL IIA1UUSON NEA Service Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD - The widely traveled Gulliver and the pigmy hordes from Lilliput and Blefuscu arc as- •sembling in Hollywood for an immediate a.ssault on the whimsey market. They're embodied in the first feature-length cartoon since Snow White and her pals began charml mg the customers in February, 1938, and they'll reach the nation's screens two months in advance of Disney's second feature, "Pinocchio." "Gulliver's Travels" has been drawn mid filmed in Florida, during (he past 18 months, by Max Fleischer, an assortment of excutivc Brothers Fleischer, and a crew of about GOO. Holly- Wood pays no attention to activity outside its generous environs, and until now it has scarcely been aware that anybody is daring t o compete with Disney in full-length animations. But Gulliver and company have come to Movietown for final organization and inspection, and the Paramount lot these days is as busy us Lilliput itself in the scramble to get everything sct f ol - pro-Christmas release. A few odds and ends of film tor insertion in the picture arc arriving almost hourly from Miami by plane. Comedy Broader Than Because of the production's disjointed condition, your correspondent was able to see only numbers 3, i, and B of the eight ,-ecls. Parts of them were without dialog, und other sections had no sound effects or music. They were enough, however, to show that the Fleischers have turned out a swell piece of entertainment. If the colors seemed slightly Jess rich than those of a Disney product, it may have been due partly to reflections from a low metal ceiling in the projection room. If the comedy seemed a little broader than the Di.sncy brand, what of it? Maybe Disney's stufl would be improved by a little more slapstick. Sonic changes have been made in Swift's original story, und the script deals only with Gulliver's adventure in Lilliput und the war with the diminutive people of Blefuscu. In fact, it's told from the viewpoint, of thy (Continued oa Page Four) 'Gulliver's Travels" is moviedom's latest contribution to the rapidly c.xjianding collection of foiblcd film cartoons. Top picture shows Wax Fleischer's Gulliver in (he middle of one of his many adventures. Bottom picture is that of people wln^u voices you'lfhcar ;md who posed, for some of the scenes—Lovcy Warren, Sam Parker and Cal Howard. Molotov is Stalin's alter ego. Forty- nine years of age and son of a clerk, he won his spurs by becoming a revolutionist at 17 and a Siberian exile in his twenties. Ever since he has been stumping for Soviet "ideology" in general and Joseph Stalin in particular. Careful Grooming Doesn't Fit In personal appearance, he is nol unlike the late Thcdore Roosevelt. He is pale, rather thick-set with heavy He is pale, ratclir thick-set with heavy shoulders, and seems out of place among most of his colleagues because of his Anglo-aristocratic bearing and careful atention to grooming. Like Rykov, whom he replaced as chairman of the Council of People's Commissars, he speaks with a noticeable stammer. During my recent trip to the Soviet Union, I found his picture everywhere, often beside those of Lenin and Stalin. Sometimes entire top-stories of Soviet office buildings are covered by canvas poster-portraits of the Soviet quadrumvirate: Lenin, Stalin, Molotov and Voroshilov, commissar for defense. The foreign commissar is popular and personality capable, but is destined to remain a figurehead so long as Stalin is master in the Kremlin. Close observers of long experience in the capital refer to him as the Georgian's "good man Friday." Hasn't Faced Single Firing Squad For 18 years he has been the immediate assistant of Stalin and has escaped the successive purges which have depleted the ranks of the Old Bolsheviki. As new master al the foreign office (which has known only three changes _n its leadership in the last 21 years— Chicherin, Lilvinoff and Molotov; he is me of Ihe youngest foreign ministers j m Europe; .speaks German and French fluently. Molotov is hardly known outside of Russia, but his wife, now head of the German Troopers Take High School and Arrest 1,200 Army of Students Loaded into Busses and Taken Away PRAGUE HAD RIOTED Action Friday Follows Student Rioting of Last Wednesday PRAGUE, Czechoslovakia — (IP)— The Czech high schools and the Karlovy university Technical Institute were occupied early Friday morning by German Schutzstaffel (SS) detachments and about 1,200 students were hauled away in buses. Reasons for this action by Adolf ..Hitler's Blackshirt guard were vague. Shots were heard at Masarvk college but apparently no one was injured. On Wednesday about 2,000 Czech students demonstrated against the Bo- hemina-Moravia protectorate government set up by Germany hi the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. Jap-Russian Peace TOKYO, Japan —(If)— A foreign spokesman asserted Friday that relations between Japan and Soviet Russia had changed to a point where the situation was more favorable "than ever before" for solving their outstanding differences. He said the change was due to the following factors: L The September 6 truce which ended '.fighting ; ojjj the.-bjqrder, vbejjwe'en., Outer Mongolia and Manchbukub. 2. The European situation. 3. Japan's "fundamental policy'' for conclusion of the conflict with China. Allies' War Council PARIS, France — (/Pj— Premier Da- ladier left unexpectedly for London Friday to attend a meeting of the Allied Supreme War Council. The session was understood to have been called for discussion of the war's-economic aspects. British-French Plan LONDON, Eng. — (fp)— The Supreme Allied War Council met in Lgndon Friday and announced 'complete agree, ment" on the methods of using French and British forces for effective conduct of operations. • Molotov and Stalin: Out of step as they bore the ashes of Maxim CorJty in 1936, but in unison now in the handling of international • CRANIUM CRACKERS Movie Memory Test If you're a moviegoer, perhaps you'll icmcmbcr who played in the following films, popular only a few years ago. Underline the names of those actors and actresses who had purls in the film mentioned in each group. 1. "Small Town Girl"; Robert Taylor. Janet Gaynor, Belli Lugosi Chester Morris, Lewis Stone. 2. "Wife vs. Secretary": Betty Grable. Juan Cnnyfurd, Jean Harlow. Robert Montgomery, Clark Gable. 3. "Wedding Present": Charles Bickford, Joan Beimel, Gary Cooper, George Bancroft, Cary Grant. _'!. "Quality Street"; Fianchot Tone. Juan Crawford, Constance Bennett. Greta Garbo, Katharine Hepburn. 5. "Mugnitici-nl Obsession": Helen H;\ye.s. Irene Dunne, Robert Taylor. Francis Lcilerer, Rosalind Russell. Ansivws on Page Two State Committee Meeting Is Due May Fill Post Vacated by Brooks Hays Before January 1 LITTLE ROCK —(/!>- Governor Bailey said Friday the State Dcmocra- tim Committee should meet before the first of next year lo make recommendations for national committeeman from Arkansas, which post was made vacant by the recent resignation of Brooks Hays. Col. T. H. Barton, El Dorado industrialist, and Grover T. Owens, Little Rock attorney, have been mentioned as possible successors to Hays. Announcemen ts Must Be Signed Within the last several weeks The Star has received a number of announcements which, because their senders failed to sign name and address, can not be published. Signatures arc not printed, but (Jie authority back of the -announcement must be known to the management before jt can be used. Tliis rule is enforced absolutely in announcements concerning weddings, engagements, births and deaths. If any subscriber has sent such an announcement to us and failed to get it published it is because the announcement was not signed—and unsigned communications are treated alike, even though the omi.ssion is an oversight. Mediation Isn't Wanted by Nazis But Would Respond to U. S. Request for Statement of War Aims BERLIN, Germany —(/Pi— Authorized sources said Friday that any general mediation! offer by President Roosevelt at this lime would be "uninteresting" as far as Germany is concerned. France's injection of Austrian restitution into the issues at stake in the European conflict, these sources said, shows conclusively that the Allies regard all peace talks as futile. However, should President Roosevelt ask both sides to disclose their war aims to him with the view of finding some common basis for mediation Germany would be most likely to respond, these sources said. Capone Suffering a Brain Ailment Former Gangster Requires Hospitalization, Physician Says BALTIMORE, Md. — ./Pi— The extent of Al Ciipone'.s brain affliction remained a medical secret Friday after a physician had issued a formal statement in the case, noting that the former Chicago gangster "is ill und und in need of hospital cure." Hot Springs Wins Junior State Title Spartans Defeat North Little Rock 14-0 for Championship LITTLE ROCK — The Hot Springs Spartans scored touchdowns in the first and fourth quarter Thursday to defeat the North Little Rock Bulldogs, 14 to 0, for the state junior high school football championship. Line plays netted the extra points. A pass from Brown to Payton, end, netted a 40-yard gam and a touchdown in the early minutes of the first quarter. The aerial traveled 30 yards and Payton ran the remaining distance. Tommy Newton, Spartan quarterback thrilled the crowd with a 98-yard run in the fourth quarter. With the North Siders expecting a punt, Newton ran off-tackle and eluded the Bulldog secondary. Ecuador President Dies of Operation Aurelie Narvalez Had Collapsed in His Office Last Tuesday QUITO, Ecuador — M 5 i — Aurelie Mosquera Narvaez, president of Ecuador, died early Friday. The president collapsed al his office last Thursday and underwent an emergency operation Wednesday. Mastodons, camels and an ancient type of horse once inhabited the desert areas of the American southwest. Cotton NEW YORK—(.^-December cotton opened Friday at 9.71 and closed at 9.62. Middling spot 9.S3.

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