Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 21, 1952 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 21, 1952
Page 3
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irsTell loilmon clngMon vt ** -W' B ' * IfAt, H0fl» AUKANSAt **;' &l'''F ll frSnf% { 5T» J *S'l**?$ ^ V KH » .* - ' W -Ti •ft, * x «*, Ark. WW rowr today nl a Chdft. art he«rln(j that a rallfond " KJ,*,wnton member in the fltirfns a dispute si the tffli* Rl»ml<ird UrnK«»hoo ...fry Co, ^itln*, which opened yes- on ft company complaint thu Ar'L International ' and Foundry Worker* •I J. I*. Goodwin, tho rall» D, was Injured when his 1 10 enlor the struck plant. I union h*» denied "all mule ajletfiltlon*" i n comieellnn ineidenl. Mubnnk*. w« I d n r nt fr ttstlllwi that he »«w ' swlit« up nn the . !, e»r flftd kick 'Meek*, R union man. Hu l^iajd Meek* \t-mn hit Good><? striker*, Fred llobbf, nnd Oscar Culpoppitr, County Sheriff Altai 4 Utdny thot h« or- flnd Onidy Alexander .. ».,...,»,.* agent, und churned I' tyHh "jrHefferaicri of lawful itytfMnt. 'ft ol nine witnesses prciwrik'd JO firm yesterday snld they iTJMtook*' HlriHo Goodwin, I* rotmlllnK one wUno«» from " >. Judge Carleum llnrriit the hearing until 1 p, in. ion 1 ! Morse icklke (0 ™- Sen, tHKitlng hlimelf Hopublleim", UM< l %«oy bo wilt campaign viffhl 0. swthower an Hint 1 dl»non eertnln tpoclttc ome, wrote Kluonhower made pufalls by hi* of- because UN to tho»e !»• '"time will U'H what In t solution," dlelttted his latter to ffil- from London, ffinu,, ««• u « Iftter from the Ri>*»n nominee. 18' and Sen. Rumioll Long «ro miiklns on inspect Ion U,S, ulr biiium ov«»wa« Bonnie Armed Service* toe, , jl .wi'Olw Etuwhowert ut IB importBnt i» that Quite have n« H pramUont n man Hi j-ou, in whom they omt their complete tonfidoneo low thtit you will exercise 01 independence of Judge. the mttrlw of «ach lunue, liberal HopubUenn t nm o lupuAt-t yuu nntl ufi,?r CjUon I nhnll bn happy to te w»h you and Nixon. ljew numlneis tw vlco ont, in trylna to dovulop « prtigrnm which alw«y» tliu wtilfurc of our peg- heraby tho n«sour|ty of our in n nMlltun of first con- NEWS Thunday, AupaM 41 Th* Wedn*»diy flrtd«c Club will meet on Thur*d*y afternoon at 2:90 In th* hortie of Mm. Allen Oee, Tho PtQicoU Kiwftfti* Club will on Thursday at •: 18 p.m. tor NOTICt . t The Ico cream aoclal that WAI to he held at the f're»bytcrl<jn Church tonlBht (Wednesday) hai been postponed Indefinitely, Vletory HD Club In Woo»l§y Horn*. ., , Tito AuJKunt ineetlhfl of the Vic* tory Home Uemnndratlon Club wit* held on Friday afternoon In Ihe honm of Mm, Nat Wooiloy with Mm, F, K, Murrnh co-ho** •Summr-r flower* in nltrnotlve nrrimaumonts dncomtnd tho room* Mi'K, J, T, Me ft »o anvo the do- votlonnl thoutfht for inn afternoon ii rid led in prayer. Mm. Hoy IxiomU, preildent, pro»ld«d and conducted the bunlnoM, Plum for the Nevada Count/ fair were Sovunil Uilero«Un« Home* woro conducted by Mr§. A. L. Turner 1'uneh und cooklcn were norv- od to lha twenty-lour rnernbera. Dukea Have Pith fry Mr. arid Mr*, Hoy Duke, Jim mid |i,d, entertained with n fliiii fry on the Itv/n of their home on Htiturdny ovenlng. Tho supper Wnn icrved on yard table* covered with bright color- I'd clothoi to Mr, and Mr*. H, fi. DoLHm«r, Mr, and Mm. Lostor Bleed, Mr. and Mm. J. M. Duke, Jr., and Jwrne* Wyllo. Mr». J. M, Dime, Sr,, Don Hay», Minn Ann And Owen Duke of Onllits. Mr. and Mr*. M«8waln Kntartaln with ttuppor Mr. und Mm. C. D, McSwnln ontortnlried « few of their friend* with a burbequo chicken uuppor on the lawn of their homo on Sat> urduy evening. TnbleB wore arrnyvd on tho pit* Liu for the (luenu, Mr. nnd Mm. Hubert VVhitMkor, Mr. and Mrs. Htsrvey riemlB, Mr, nnd Mm. Wnl- liiew Pernborton, Mr, nnd Mm, Urookn Norflnet of Forront City. Rodney Hnmllton, Jr., hud on hU weekend u.uo«t* Chnrlle Smith und Jerry 'Cunningham of Toxar- knnn, Colleges in Arkansas Get $474,000 PAVETTKVILLE. </!'/- The Inl- tl*t fund grant to finance a new experiment In training teacher* In Arkansas wan received by a dole Steols $456,000 Gets 10-14 Yeon NF.W BHUNSWrCK, N. J.. l/n •A judge who «aid he prayed to. two scntcnccn arc to run consccu- brought the unfortuntto situation on himself. 4 ' - Uorlcy was given five to 'sev«n- yi>ar sentences on each of eight counts of embezzlement. The first rfach a right decision today sentenced William C. Horloy to 10 to lively, and the other sbt to run concurrently. M year* in *tatc prison for a Each of the counts on which the $4.10,000 embezzltmflnt Arnboy bank. Th from hi*! tall, balding bank executive was j ir.dict«(i named a firm or indivi- 11} *ofl-spoK<m banner, neatly! dual whose account he was ac- •,nd In B brown suit, stood i cuscd of juggling between Aug. 4, , from tho Fund for the I calmly n* tho sentence was pro-! 1950 and May 1, 1932. | Advancement of Education. | noimrcd by Superior Court Judge! • — The grant, tola Him fi/4,000, was > H«l|>y J, Smnlley. j Wrong Wrongdoer Boruch Obsenres C2nd Birthday DYERVILLE. Calif, i^l — Elder statesman Bernard Bsruch celebrates his 82nd birthday today in | the shadow of the world's tallest tree— a 284-foot (,'iant redwood. The New York financier is to.be guest of honor at the dedication of B redwood bench in Founder's Grove near the Redwood Highway. announced by Dr. Henry Kronenberg, dean of the University of of Kducnticm. Red-Linked Teachers to Be Smalley, iiftor n IwiKthy pica forj The sapsuckcr feeds on the in-j Irnii-ney by df.'ferw; counsel, said j nor bark of old apple, tulip, and Hoi-Icy, 50-year-old formor vice i Austrian pine trees, but tho wood- SYRACUSE. N. Y., calling tor a "gtt tbtigtt" toward public school teachers linked with the Communist party. The resolution was presented yesterday by the Detroit local at the opening session of the AFL union's 35th national convention. S EW LEGION HEAD-Uwl, etchum Gough, «, of Pasa- dene, Calif., is slated to be the next national commander ot the American Ltgton. dough (rhymes with "doff') is currently, vice commander. A Call- j fornla state inheritance tax op- i praljw, ho served four years in World War H as a commander; In the Navy. | Truman Tax Estimate Is Surprise by FRANCIS J, KELLY WASHINGTON (/I 1 ) — Corigru money cxpertM vxprud!)c< Unlay nt I'rt'Nliieiit Tru inBn's I'Stlmuli.' thnt direct tnxc on corporiitlund thin fiscal your wil yield thruu billlun tlollurs IOKN that ho hud fl«uri'd in bin budget sovoi iTKinths iiso. Howuvcr, iiniuiiR the few )HW mukors nviiliiiblc (or comnient 01 the I'cvlsccl liiidin't cBtiuiaU'.H re leaned luiil nlfiht, rionu ehiilleiiKoi the possibility thul the drop-back point IUIN bfi'ii fcachi'd. Hop. Dimii'l A. Kecd of New York, ranking Hupubllcan on tin tux-wrltlnK H"UHo Ways und Monn Mr. nnd Mr*. Horace Hale, Mrs. Commlttco, sulil it had boon ovl Thomas DoWoody, Sharon and dent to him for somn time Ihnl re Bronda. nnd Mls« Ha«el Matlock|tnll business hus been InmslnR. H wwo the Buesln 8und«y of Mr. and | observed thnt such a eondltloi Mm, Dob Archer in Kl Dontclo Jim Ktl Duke and Don liny* tint dny» In Dallnx. Mm, ICdwiird Brynoii had HI her «u«»u Mr. and Mm. Joe und «on, Hcotty, of Fny- ettevllle, Mr. imd Mr«. Frod Sutton, Mr. nnd Mm, Albert liaydon of Little Rock weru tho «uu»tn Sunday oC relHtivei. Mr. nnd Mrs. R. F,, Yorbrough, Gcno Lett, Tommy Taokott, Mrs Krnnlt Gilbert and Judy Gilbert Mr, and Mrs. Hilmsn May, Mr and Mrs. T. Sullivan of WiUisvlllr nccompatilod the Llltlo AJI-Star Tcnin to Little Rock Friday. Mr, and Mrs. Floyd Hubburd sputU tho weekend In Hot SprlngK and attutidod an Alpha SlgniH Tim outing, Mr. mul Mrs. Leonard Hart were Sulurdtty vUllura in llopu. . ITIUZE RYACRIOF SICOING Arrived! ' % %fii\ 1 y) »r» WR ondl D« Soto Havo.... mtucky 31 Fescue » iM' m Mr. nttd Mrs. Joint Hubburd mo- Un'od to Monticello Friday und were tK'i'omptmlod home by thvlr HOII, trl, who has booti attending A&M Collotttn could hiirdly axial without a bkc taut nn mnnufiu-tuiiMs, Hep Herman P. Kberhnrter o Pcimnylviiniu, n way* and menu Democrat, called tho decrease I tuxui) probubl.v taken from cor poruUuMS "uncxpocttul." He sal hid personal opinion hnd horn tlui businoNtt Uix ri'i.-ulpts would hnv buun Homuwhnt hitthur than th January estimate ot $87,000.000,00 The llui-euu's uvtlmat PENNEY'S ALWAY S FIR S T Q U A LIT Y ! DOORS OPEN AT 9 A. M. ArKnnxax' College .. .._. KroriMibfiru onid ho had I'-ccivt-d pr'^i'lonl "f tho F'Jrst Rank andjp-ckcr gc final confirmation of the grftnlj T " J1 ' t Co " " f 1>trth Amboy, had • it makes, from Or. Thomas Spragln, gctrti-i|' lary of the Fund. | WhIUi the Ford foundation orl- j Ulrittlly ^prorwdod the «xp(;rimi-nl, Ur, HroncnijiTK s utatt-mirnt macU- no mention of thnt agency, Ark«n»«ii' participation In th« pro- Rriim wim drnftttd by « 3fl-mcm- bcr plnnning committee rruidi- up f ruprcsentatlvcii from the »tiit<:'» collides nnd the Department of duciition nnd tho univerxity. Tne program will be diructud for nn executive committee reprasfnt- thu Kniiii' ngcncli'N, nnd Ihu university will net ng dUbursmu iHi'iiuy tor tin: grant. Dr. Kronviibi-rK mild the grant IM ntunilMl to rover mcninnuu costs j of tin; proKi'nin nbovu normnl op-! «rutloiuil costs of thr pnrtlcipntihg! InHtltutlons for the flr.st ycnr. i "At luust ulKht to 10 ycurs will' be required to determine di.'ftnitciy tho offfctlvoncsH of tht- expcrlmcrtit. ul proKrnm nnd wti nnticlpiite ml-j ditionul grnntu from the Fund lot thf Adviint'cnicnt of Kducotion over n period of ycurs." aaid tin doiin. SluduntN who nre accepted for Ihu experiment will undergo n 4- your trnimng purlod, spoclftllzinu in the subjects they intend to lencn nnd also following n biono pro- grtim of gi'iiurul education. Thou the first purl of n fifth year will b« devoted to profesnionul training in cduciiUonul sciences, including | pursonul observation of teaching techniques. Tho second port of th« fifth ycitr will be unecl for supervised tcnchlnK In u public school. ] Kronvnbcrg siiicl .students whoi wish to follow the exisliiu: pro- j grnm muy do so. After the new program tins been used long enough to determine its (.•llectivi'iiess, tl;lr "responsible | ngi-ncy" will decide whether it is j to be retained nnd re()ulrud for all pronpvcllvi< tenchurs, he suid. : .— The F'Jrst Rank nnd|p"ckcr gets blamed for the holes! American Federation ,of Teachers I will votr> Thursday on a resolution UK OH UR8CR SIZES It Tiblets ISt, 100 for »t MOTHERI To gl?« jouf child *>plrln< TlbrtU trt >/« • dull d»i*. oranj* til- >or«d. Bur lit STRETCH your dollars farther at Penney'sl BACK-TO !•*•••£,' Big Shipment RAYON PANELS • Big 42"x90" Size! • Hemmed-and Headed! • Perfect Quality! EA. FIRST TIME! fffHfK^^M^^^mmmliiH^llii^^^^m WASHFAST COLORS Sparkman Sees Victory and Prosperity Mr. and Mm. $roxto Hayule, who have been living In Ft. Smith, rtuve returned to weir homo In Pr«»colt. of itovenmuMit Incomo hus ru rathe i- t-onslslfiiUy lowiu' lhan ar tual rucvlptH In most recent yours In his new look nt the budge Truman figured that not only r colpu but spendlnu and the 'your- end deficit are coming down. For tho fiscal year which ends next Juiio 30, hi 1 lowered his estimate of receipts from 71 billion dollars to ?08, 7(H),000,000; uf expenditures, from WJMOO.000,000 to 71) billion dollars; und of the deficit, from $1440,000,000 to tlO.HOO.OOO.OOO. Oiu> exception I the downtrend was Individual income tuxes wlncii will brlntt I" about 33" billion dollar*, ur hull a billion more Hum. luo Jummry osllinuU'. Trillium sulil his current estimate that curportition taxes will bring in $24,11^,000,000 instead of JU.UUO.OOO.OOO wus based on two i lactor*: u tawor utitimutc oi corp ortttiott profit^ for culi'iului- jriir.-- unct 1WJ. und u(kli-il experience willi the provisions of tho o\profits tux of 193 and last Mr. and Mrs. Chester Davis ot Hou»t»n> Texan, have, arrived (or a vimi with Mr. and MM, tru Uu- vl» and Mr«. Oeno Cummtnj(«. Mv». Sewoll Munn spent a part of Intt week In LitUe Rock *« tho of her daughter, Mrs. mid Mr, atst, • UUly Mr and Mrs. Qeorge Cashmun and famtly h»v« returned from Hot Sprinfi* whore they spfnt the past several month*. Owen Duke at D«lUi the weekend, guett ol Mr. and Mr*. Duke. Ho was accompanied by hU daughter, Ann, wh» hat lw«n vUHlu| in th* Puke horn*. L * .V i;f •* • • \.- Oomt Commiitbn Hat Ntw Chairman LITTLE ROCK HI — Hugh Hack* ler ot Muwuaiu HIWH* UH» new chairman of th* Arkaataa <*»«>« And Fish CwnnvlMitm, «ui»««idi»B U. T. Fatten of C«md*n. Arwll Taylw ot CUriuvUle wa* named vice chairman by the commussiw Ttoe conuniwtoo *Uo awardvd « contract »UbUUattoo el a 10- kua to th* Co. of Forrest o| Cow Bayou iwar M»r- rr»nci» MatvrtaU in lull's tax bill. All but 100 million dollars ot the ostmuiU'ii $0.400,000,000 decrease in nimdiuiivs was out of military tunas, incuuUng ftnvisn military by REX THOMAS I1A,RTSEU..E, Ala. Wl-A tennnl farmur's sou returned home us <\ \ Democratic vice presidential n itieo today jubilantly forcciistin« victory in November and four mtn-t! years of prosperity for the nation. Son. John Spnrkmnn came back In triumph to the small North Alabama community where he was' born M years ago in n house made of logs. It was the third and ni'xt to Inst day in n series of "welcome home" celebrations that .started In Huntsvlllc Monday. Spurkmun journeyed here from nearby Albertville, his wife's home town, where ho sought to stop i»»lde and focus attention on Mrs. Spnrkmnn and their attractive daughter, Mrs. Tazcwoll Shepnrd. ilut in a brief speech, he told the sun-scorched Albertville crowd that the Democratic party will win the presidential election "if we can RO to the people of America and present the facts ns they exist, 1 ' He promised Just such n cam- |.uign, both for himself" and for Gov. Adlai Stevenson, the presidential nominee— n campaign tree of "double talk." Kwrlier, he stood on the bvil of n truck at neighboring Arab. Ala., nnd confidently spoke of victory on Nov. 4 and of 11 South united once more behind the Democratic party. And the lection of Gov. Stevenson, he said, will bring n ••con- Truman explained that | linuntion uf thnt Rood day we have, there have bow not only vorialn *een come to nil of the ciumtry j ruductuMs in upprupnaUoiis but and particularly this part uf tho "some slowing ul military produc- country." l» Albertville, the vice presidential candidate wore a cotton boll in the buttonhole of his dark blue »ult us a symbol, he called u. pf his own career. It wus a mortgaged bale of cot- Kn, Sparkman recalled, that 8 ave him money to enter college, study law and thus get into politics. • Sparkman forecast ul a barbecue In Albeitville last night that the! South would "show it still stands fast for what the Democratic purtyj stands for." tion reMillln« front Ihu work stoppage in the steel industry." Other segments uf the budget were m> uv down u few hundred million dollars hum thu tirsl-of- .vvttt- cstimute* Kved said he drew two conclusions from a preliminary cxummatUm ot the Presi- otents fl«ures; 1, Th»i --burring u thmi world "proper »•«»* lo mvp thu taxpayers That when tax rates ttre set to^htgh. they brimj in less revenue thtu» Uwy would if tho levies were more iuv>der»W, Another Hike in Oil Production fULSA. Okla,. — tUPi- U. S. Crude oil production showed another hike last week, Increasing to barrells daily, tho oil and g«» »e|x>rtwl today. The daily increase was 14,275 barrels. up 18,100 barrels. Ark*us«» showed |h« greatest gain incr****. California, 1,400. a 3.750-barrel 1.1UO, UuMana aad Nebraska te«> Uft, T*v«fi New was iu»- 25 PAIRS MEN'S SPORT DENIM SLACKS • All Elastic Waists! • Assorted Colors! • Sanforized! S-M-L! PR. Advance #6007 HOT WEATHER FEATURE! CRAFTMAN UNDERSHIRTS • Heavy Duty Knir Rib! • Cut Full and Roomy! • Sizes 34 to 50! 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Jj& —German proverb Hope Star »<P" WlAVMM Arkaniaft — Clear to p * If cloudy this afternoon, tonight, Temp«r«tur« r Low 7J •v ^m 53D YEAR: VOL. 53 — NO. 265 il«r •( Han* lit*, Jan. II, 1«17 HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, AUGUST 21, 1952 MMtkwrt Tht Ai»cl«»t4 rrtu It AwIN '•'*••• •» Clrnitatla A», N«I r.M ci«i. t M .^ iMUit MM«h »i, itsa _ PRICE Se Jury to Resume Probe of Bishop Accusations The imperturbable Associated I'ress reports that a St. Louis co> poral ending his tour of duty in Korea will be late getting home because he first has to visit 24 U. S. girls who wrote to him J v,bile overseas. ! County Grand Jury will resume Us Actually there wore 23, but the! investigation Friday irrto charges 23lb lives in Omaha — and after by killer Tuck Bishop that he pur- consulting his road maps and ar-j chased his freedom from an Ar- ,ging his itinerary Cpl. Rayikansas penitentiary for $1,500. iohn says Omaha is loo far andj Prosecutor Tom Downic said yes LITTLE ROCK UP) — The Pulaski he can't include hei. No matter whether they get an armistice in Korea, Nebraska hus lost the war. If you want to do any research on Cpl. Bohn's problem, I sug- terday the he was recalling the jury to hear additional evidence in the case, which it had requested when it recessed Aug. 8. The jury was not scheduled to reconvene until Aug. 28. Bishop, a trigger-happy gunman gest you look up the script of an j who has killed six people is to die old stage play I saw Doris Kcanc i before a Utah firing squad Aug. 27 I in the winter of 1921-22 at the /4>npiro theater, New York. the story of Catherine the' Great of Russia. If you don't recall your history, the play will remind you for the slaying of two mine bunkhouse mates near Ophir, Utah. The 'he play was "The Empress," men were shot down while Bishop was a fugitive from the Arkansas prison, where he was serving a life sentence for killing four men at —Catherine was quite a man's j Springdale, Ark., in 1943., lady. And the French government, | Bishop told Utah authorities that anxious to tic up Russia with al'he purchased a 90-day extension to treaty and avert war in Europe, sent her very best male charmer as special ambassador to the Czarina. he maps and the itinerary call- for a quick journey to Russia. j'But the ambassador stopped- off in Warsaw — and was so intrigued by Warsaw that the possibility of war became unimportant. I note from my own paper yes- a 10-day holiday furlough he received from the prison farm last Christmas. He said he paid the $1,500 in a Little Rock hotel room meeting last December. Meanwhile Gov. McMath pledged his co-operation to the jury but added that he, is leaving the state Aug. 22 nnd will not be back until Sept. 3. In a letter to Joseph G. Schmeltzer, foreman of the jury, the gov- terday that the Russian govern-1 crn ° r s .?, ld: •ment is just as unpredictable today L I w'U give you any other Inas it was in the times of the Czars «> rm j»Hrm o_r assistance in helping and Czarinas. ? The Politburo, having acquired unsavory name around the vorld as a tight little oligarchy I of bureaucrats running a slave I nation, is about to be abolished. Russia advertises / that her Congress, which hasn't had a session in 13 years, will meet October 5, and the Politburo will be replaced at that time by a group known ai the Praesidium. The main difference between • Politburo and Praesidium is Prae- l*'.dium is harder to spell, and will •Add that much to the cqrvfusion of 1 the .Caplalist . . '-The longer J, think about this Politburo and Praesidium business the' more I realize that while the Czars may have had a worse government the Soviets certainly have better playwrights. They ought to put this new act en Broadway 1952. Except for the Mae-Westlsh Doris Keane, it's a better comedy lhan the one I saw on Broadway 1922. the Grand Jury to find out all the facts in this case. I-am willing to continue to cooperate with the Grand Jury and with the prosecuting attorney in order that the re?l facts in this case may be made known." He said that "any information that you Schmeltzer may desire pertaining to my campaign records will be made available to you," and said be would be willing to appear before the jury at any time. BUNKER HILL POUNDING—Two 1st Division Marlnos watch from their outpost as mushrooming A-bomb type cloud rises over Bunker Hill displaying evidence of the terrific pounding the enemy received during assault on thtf strategic position by UN troops. — NEA Telephoto '.'••' Mrs. Jock Sharpe Succumbs at Little Rock Mrs. Jack Sharpe, aged 36, a president of Guernsey, died late ^' ednesday in a Little Rock hospital. She is survived by her husband and her parents, . Mr. and Mrs. M, E, Patrick of Guernsey, a sister, Mrs. Arthur pibson of Hope, two brothers, E. T. Patrick of Camden and Sgt. K. T. Patrick of Ft. Sill, Okla. ; Funeral services* will be held at 3 p.m. Friday at Herndon-Cornelius Chapel with burial at Wal- Qr Creek Cemetery. •' Active pallbear^fs: Clifford War ren, Neil Huckabee, J. O. Gibson, Lyndon Yocom, a Mr. Burris and Frank Laughton of Malvern. PT. OF THE MOUNTAIN, Utah Wl — Tuck,. Bishop, Alias Carl Anderson,*' sits in' his death' row cell here pondering his fate, a death sentence scheduled a week from to day. , A third of the way across the country, an Arkansas Grand Jury will meet Friday in Little Rock to continue its probe of a report that Bishop paid $1,500 for a 90-day furlough from the Arkansas prison last year. No one has hinted whether the Arkansas Grand Jury action might make any change in Bishop's date with death here. He was convicted June 11 of killing two miners at Ophir, April 51. Warden Marcell Graham said Bishop has been in death row since June 28, when he was transferred here. He has received no visitors in recent weeks, Graham added. The warden said he has not been notified officially concerning Bishop's scheduled death sentence next Wednesday. But, he added, "I expect word in the next day' or two. Special B. T. S. Program at iGarrett Memorial A special BTS program will be [held Sunday night at Garreti Memorial Baptist Church, "The Im- jportance of True Doctrine." Devotional — Harold Meador. Salvation Is by God's Will — I Alice Neil Yocom. Trio — Nancy Ruth Yocom, Carolyn Phillips and I Martha Garrett. Salvation Is a Divine Act — fUfton Carroll Booth, Solo by iwana Kathryn O'Steen. ^'.m of Salvation — A. L. Caud[ le. "Piano Solo by Ginny Lee Warf ren. Salvation Affords Occasion for Unseasoned Gratitude — Dana Lou Cunningham. Trio — Janelle War, Martha Bearden and Vivian i Tonnemaker x Can We Know True Doctrine— Vera Tonnemaker. Roundup Club to Hold Rodeo The regular meeting of the Rowd-up Club and an amateur rodeo will be held Thursday night at 7:30, Guy Downing aod Tr*jri* ' wiU ride a fr.fjrfag horae, t^ Two Women Injured in Wreck Here Two Hope women were painfully injured about 8:20 last night when an auto went out of control and crashed into a telephone pole at Sixth and Pine Streets. The auto ,was driven by MVs D. June Cornelius who was considerably bruised but not believed seriously injured, Julia Chester Hospital attendants said this morn ing. Her mother, Mrs. Mattie Bennett is being treated for facial lacerations, bruises and an injur- fed knee in Branch Hospital. A third passenger, Mrs. Cornelius' sister escaped injury. Investigating city officers said the car was badly damaged. In another accident in Hope yester day, automobiles driven by M. J. Copeland and C. D. Gibson collided at East Division and Hazel Streets resulting in slight damage to both vehicles. Christian Church Pastor to Preach Farewell Sermon Rev. Wm. P. Hnrdearoe, minister of the First Christian Church, will preach his farewell sermon at the regular Morning Worship Service, Sunday, August 24 at 10:.-SO a.m. Luther Hollamon at the organ and Miss JnBclh Rettlg at the piano will bring special music for this service. One number will be an arrangement of the "Lord's Prayer." Mr. Hardcgrce and his family Will leav- early Wednesday morn- Ing for their new home In Commerce, Texas, There will bo no meeting Sunday evening of the Christian Youth Fellowship, and neither will there be any Evening Worship Service. Black Market Ring Brings Tokyo Arrests TOKYO Iffi - U. S. Military au- thorlties and Japanese police said today they have arrested some American servicemen and 73 Japanese. Chinese nnd Korean Nationalists in connection with what they called a 3-million-dollar-a-yeiir black markot ring that feeds dollars to Communists. Mnj. Jnck Elliott, judge advocate for the Far East Air Forces, said the ring operates in this manner: Military payment certificates, MISS X — Patricia'-AVard, right, .the'"Mlsa X" who allegedly broke the cafe society vice probe In New York, talks with newspaper reporters at the District Attorney's office. She Is being held as a material witness. — NEA Telephoto used in lieu of money by U. S. forces in Japan, arc spent illegally by servicemen in bars, hotels, restaurants and for taxi fares. The certificates are not supposed to be used in dealings with Japanese. The certificates reach money dealers who then pay other servicemen ;o exchange them for dollar drafts or money orders. The money orders and drafts are turning up in Hong Kong, off the Red China mainland, Elliott said, and "it's a conclusion anybody can make that the dollars arc going to the Communists" to give the «ecl|, "dollars ','they heed to support *«'heir operations in dollar areas over the world." Women Know Much Better Than Men How to Make Fuel- Just Plain Old Inner Anger By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK Wl — The reason women get more things clone than men is that they know better how to make a fuel of themselves. There is no fuel like ni) old fuel, and the oldest and best fuel isn't wood, coal or oil. It is anger— plain old inner anger. Notice how a woman operates. If she has a distasteful job to do, the first thing she does is get all steamed up about it. Let us suppose the chore her conscience tells her she should be doing is her semi-annual housecleaning. A man faced with this task says, "I ers, then smooth them out later.' That is sound- psychology, up to appoint. Of course some wives when they get mad, just go into another room and lock the door No rule works with all of them And, of course, it usually works the other way. A woman uses hei anger to whammy a man intt obeying her whim. Many a fellow is prodded into success in life only because of the long slow .burn o: his wife over the fact the hus band next door is getting ahead faster. Her wrath feeds his will and he rises in,the world on bor rowed fuel. Korea May Have Averted Bigger War, Ike Says By REX OHANBY KANSAS CITY, Kan., <UP> - Dwlght D. Elsenhower, Republican presidential candidate, said today this country may have averted n "far more serious" war by going into Korea when It did. Eisenhower told a group of He- publicans from seven Midwestern states that "terrible blunders" preceded the outbreak of the war In Korea. "But once thoSe conditions occurred, how you cotild have stayed out I do not know," tho former five-star general said. ought to tidy up this joint, and 11 There is another inner fuel, as will, one of these days, but I feel | old as anger. It is called fear. awful tired today." And he doesn't get around to shoveling out the debris until it threatens to smother him. Anger is a fighting fuel, fear is the fuel for running away. You need both to live. I may be a traitor to my sex, But a woman says, "I hate thej but u seems to me that way this place looks." She is I kec 'P these two fuels in better bal ance than men. They are less likely to be overwhelmed by either. They know better when lo be angrily brave, when to be cautiously afraid. But. man or woman,. nobody ever became a star in the human race until he learned how to make the right kind of fuel of himself. Missouri Town Hit by Tornado SEDALIA. Mo. Ul — A tornado, centering its fury on the Missouri State Fair grounds, struck the Se- oaiia area early today killing one man and injur jng 17 other persons. The Sedalia Diemwrat said indications were that the damage might reach $5 million. Of 160 teats bousing exhibits at thq lair grounds, only, 8 or 9 re- standing after the storm buildings on the fair AM* roofs or **£!• other Parking Meter Adv. Deal to Go on Ballot Distant rumblings from various sources has prompted the Hope City Council to place the matter of parking meter advertising before voters on the November ballot. sngry at it, the anger gives her energy, and soon the dust and furniture are flying. By the time her anger is worn out, she can collapse on a spick-and-span couch in a house that is shiny-bright. That is why men are secretly afraid of women —because of the power of anger they have. Few obstacles can stand before the flaming energy of a wrathful lady at peak cry. A wise man, however, can exercise some influence over o woman if he cunningly learns to channel her fire in the right direction. In stead of coaxing her to do something he wants, he might find it, better to make her so mad she can't help doing it in spite of herself. A friend of mine worked this ruse successfully in getting his wife to pack her suit case in time to catch a train for their vacation trip. He pulled out his watch and pointed at it. She dawdled. He pleaded. She dawdled. He begged. She yawned. Finally, he picked up one of her favorite dresses and said: "Well, I forbid you to take this along. It makes you look like Queen Victoria on a picnic." "Oh, it does?" she snarled. "I'll wear what I want to, smarty!" In a tempestuous burst of energy. she packed the suitcase, snapped it shut. They caught the train. "As a matter of fact, she was so angry she wouldn't speak to me for a week— but is that altogether bad?" recalled the husband, "But Hicks Funeral Home was grant- Otyen to Open New Store on Saturday Owen's big new department store will hold its grand opening on Saturday, August 23, starting at 8:30 a.m. The building wus formerly the George W. Robison Co. store. During the past few weeks the store has been completely remodeled from top to bottom. Mr. Owen indicated that some $7,500 was spent on redecorating the walls, celling and floor of the building. The huge building is completely air cooled. New fixtures have been Installed and all new merchandise has been purchased. Several new departments have been added including a home appliance and baby's clothes department, and the ladies ready-to-wear department is comparable to any. Nothing but nationally advertised brands of merchandise is sold at Owen's new store. The store will open promptly at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, There will be free drinks all day, souvenirs for children and free prizes. Mr. Owen first opened a store in Hope six years ago and said today that, "I came to Hope to get tho Robison building and its like a dream come true." Personnel at the new store Includes Doyle Reeves, manager, who is currently in the hospital recuperating from an operation Mrs. Estelle Blake, Mrs. Cora Martin, Mrs. Olln Powell, Irish Byers. Rose Hood, Mrs. Harold Sanford, J. N. Rider, Larry Moses Paul BmHi, Mary Alice Rogers, Christine Allen. Kathleen Walker. and Katj^: Lester. Mr. and. Mrs. Owen and family extend ap Invitation to everyone to visit Jjje. new store. 'Middle of Road' Policy Draws Cheers WASHINGTON Wl — Dwlght D. Elsenhower's theme, of "tho middle way" for his presidential cam. piilgn drew cheers today from three Republican senators. Sen. Karl E. Mundt of South Dakota, said Eisenhower's campnl gn klckoff at Boise, Idaho yesterday sets a sound sense of direction for the coming campaign," "Millions of independent voters nnd constitutional Democrats will welcome the opportunity to support a candidate pledged to our traditional Arqericnn concepts," Mundt said. Sen. Bourke B. Hlckcnloopcr of Iowa culled the,^Isenhower speech "extremely sound" and added: "He believes that In order to go forward tho American people must be.- freed from the extreme views of the leftwlngers on one hand and the so-called complete reactionaries on the other." Son. Wallace F. Bennett of Utah said he could support everything that Eisenhower listed as goals for the American people. Ho added that the address,.would have a special appeal to Westerners. "Westerners don't want the federal government to turn us into reservation Indians," Bennett said. "We want Eisenhower's attitude carried out In proposals for reclamation and power development." DENIES CHALLENGER — Gunioll Basar, 21 • yenr • old Turkish winner of the "Ml»s Europe. 1952" contest, denlad In Naples. Italy, that the runner-up, "Miss France", has challenged her to a strlpdown showdown. Miss Bazar Insists that the bathing ault she 1 wore In the parade before the Judges was a Bikini model and revealed as much of her iimple anatomy aa any other contestant. — NEA Telephoto Girl Quints Reported Doing Fine SAO PAULO. Brazil, (UP)~Girl quintuplets born to n poverty- stricken rural couple wore reported progressing satisfactorily today in an incubator at the Sao Maternity Hospital. The five girls wore born Tucuday night to Mrs. Mni'ia Aparecida M- taano, 38 S wllo ot Jose Albnno.i a Negro odd-Jobs worker. They be» came the third wot of surviving New-Fair Deal All Demos Truman Asserts By United Press President ,T r u tj\ -,.« sharply today that Gov.,-, ovenson must run fof Preii tho record of the New We|i Deal administrations.' That, Mr, Truman said ,a,t, ! news conference, is nil the. cratlc Party has to run on. The President's statetnenl llded with 8tntem«nU';«nd'3 by the Democratic nominee) political observers have cOA as" moves by Stevenson to ,d himself in the public mind tho Trumnn administration, , <• Mr. Truman aborted "JHal^ personally, Is a key flgurorUM year's Democratic presidort' campaign, That la so, no Mid OH use tho Democrats have 1 f ' pnign on tho record ot the velt-Trumdn administrations*'! The President, In respons questions, also pild his Voapei Stevenson's recent statement,^ ho will do his best to cleH "the mess In Washington,^ ' Mr. Truman said tersely,,thaV knows nothing about any meM hi* administration.' ' < 'f-^ Mr, Trumnn had no comment' n recent statement by Sen, J. Spnrkrfian Of Alabama crutlc vice prudential * rtoj that tho steel strike had beei handled throughout,- -Spa made the statement*In an view with tho magazine U.S. ond World Report. j. Tho President gave the sa'me comment answer to a quest' whether he'Vli'^Btisfled with way Slovorjs/m and SpaVkmal starting tholV campaigns. Ho' sa id ;Mt •• ho would riotf;, ready to announce his campw The council has been looking into meter advertising signs for some time. Under the plan' signs from various local and natior$ll Advertiting Program Very Succesiful LOS ^ firms will be placed on all down- 1, he n a tk> 0 convention town meters with the city getting ir.crease 1*1 — The adver- *l quintuplets times. known In modern council also agreed to a proposal to close Municipal Swimming Pool from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on weekdays and at 6 p.m. on Sundays, starting next week. Where new water p*ters are installed a $5 deposit will be required in the future instead of $2. A hospital bill for a street 'department worker, injured while oa the job. was ordered I learned to get 4. get her lesson: II you want on time, >« Iff t*». bupreme Luke E. Hart Hempstead Is Represented a 1 4- H Meet The Annual Negro 4-H Cltib Camp was hold August 12-16 , at AM&N College, Plnu Bluff, Ark. .with a delegation of 21 persons from Hempstead County. They were: Pearllne Cheatham, Elcc Brown, Elmorc Smith, bus driver, Lillic Mae Ooby, McCaskill 4-H Club; Juanita Booker, Van Dora Colston, Estelle Windflcld, and Rosic Lee Jefferson of the Washington 4-H Club; Delols Jean Boyd, Williams Chapel Club; Char lene Flenory, Wynne Chapel club; Ruby Lee Horton, Powers club; Nannie Lee Smith, Feni Irean Mil chell, and Lemuel Wade, Blcvins Club; Edna Earl Adams, Mars Hill Club; Charles Block, Antioch Club; Jonathan Meggerson and Archie Lee Brown, Mt. Pleasant Club; FairlUa S, Smith, Home Demonstration Agent, and Walker Fleming, Jr., ' County Agent. Hempstead County was represented one-hundred percent. Club members participated in the following activities:' Bobbye J.oyce Findley, Softball; Jonathan Meg- gerson, SpftbaU; Van Dora Colston, .Talkjestj 'Nannie Lee Smith, Candlelightlng Ceremony 1 ; Roitie Lee Jeffer»on, Flag Raising Ceremony; Charles Block, "What I Enjoyed Moot at State Camp." Talent number was given by a sextet composed of Estelle Wino- field, Bobbye Joyce Findley, Juanita Booker, Ronle Lee Jeffergon, Van Dora GoJ»ton and Charlene Flenory. Results of contests were as fpt low?: Dress Revue: Charlene Fl»« ory represented the county with a school dress. Beat Dress: , Estelie WlndfieW won first place and will be presented with a $25 war bond. Work Outfit: (Indoor) Ruby Lee Horton received an "A" rat- Ing for work garment. Individual Demonstration: (Food Preparation) Van Dora Colston won second place. 15fcP : «»to *-H Leaders Confer- W»S held at |b^ swne time. Tho governor of tho stato of 3ao Paulo ordered the state treasury to extend financial aid to the family, which includes two other children, and advised thu state's welfare service to give thcrA all possible help. Doctors ul the hospital, where tho babies were taken utter being delivered with the help of it neighboring midwife, said they appeared to be in good health and had a good chance ol survival. Dr. Lplno Llmu, un intern nt the hospital, said tho quintuplets were making satisfactory progress , .jynce plons, other than the Labor speech at Mflwapkee, until- IB Mr. Trurfeh ; ; .refused comr on Republican .presidential nor Dwlght t). Elsenhower's sp«x Boise, Ida.', yesterday. The Idonl said he hadn't r,ead I Ho said, he would 'reserv thinks, be Ropubllcar wrong MINOCQUA, Wis. ^—GoV, lul Stevenson blocked out the ri ,I_A<>» i^'J... *J»* ! lU-i.'" <H< -i drafts te'day 10*. and displaying "good vitality." He suld they would remain in tho incubator us long as their condition demanded it. 'Ho said the mother was doing "very well," ,The babies Weighed approximately two and one-half pounds each. The father, who appeared dazed by the event, said ho would name them Mary tho first, Mary tho sec- Olid, Mary the third, Mary tho fourth and Mary the fifth, "If God wills that they live," , The mother said she was happy to learn that all five girls wero alive, und added smilingly that "God's present was too big for us." The midwife, Ana Delflna Viu ira, suid she became alarmed when the ttyrd baby was born ;«md seat the father for a doctor; By the time thu doctor arrived, all five babies had been born. , The Albunos have two sons, one 13 and the other 3. Five other children died, Albano said. The only other quintuplets known to have survived in recent times are the Dlonnes of Canada, who became 18 last May 28, and the Dilllgentis of Buenos ^ires, who were nine on July J8-1 The Dilli- genti quints are three girls and two boys. . speeches he will make on, »'< driving totir next month tp the Western ,vote in the Noyem election t > ' ' t>j This campaign /may open- f*«j>t In Denver, Colo.,, the of his oppofwncapp nominee Dwight' D. Els before moving westward cUie ' ..... - ~ Stcvcn.bk W<irinV 95: '** DPI IB; and miss « little fishing, boa and Just plain - loaf f T " "" " speech writing. He* another news conference Yesterday, the Democrat!^, dentlal tvomlnee told reporter, feels "very* comfortable-- ^ his chances for be».tl But hei)«W th/ltf in his path i« the Republic m?nt that it'ft<"U^|jr'- ^Stevenson ana ' fata „„ have clearly Indicated that! batting this argument ""^ hammer on the counter*)}! that St«v | election told the delegates yesterday thai more than a million inquiries have Leen received as a result of the', - -r , ~- ^r -^—^ —— ads and that 94,723 have been en, Gertrude Nash, 8|iBppar4 Home roUe4 for Catholic instruction ' " —^ .. -...z». . Ex-AP Man Named by Democrats - WASHINGTON, — (Ui*)^ Former Associated Press Correspondent Tom YarbrougJi today WHS named assistant publicity director of the Democratic national committee.' Yarbrough, a native of Oklahoma worked 10 years as a newspaper- ipan. For the past year, he has men a special assistant to Jack Corrie, chairman of the Security Resources Board. (hat, he was administrative t to Sen. Thomas. C, Jr. jobs — thtw eliminating: doipg be{o|« ' ' * pens- ' Asked J|j thing for: ing Amerlca'iS foreUw," .1 j . «j to George V LIOHTNINQ Mima. Minn., (UP) Tom Henry were in the market |pr some new cattle Pewpft|jtr»tion elec pr«sJ4ept of $s State Lead- h«4 •oup ers <£fln|grence pl*nn*4 |p accompany the but, in wt «o«Mu't go. vm. Studio Suiptndt I shall think Stewensoja. r n*8 has port tot

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