Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 16, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1939
Page 5
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Ttiitrp.flay. N | Nevada Farmers Building Up Soil B. W. (Chambers Reports Success With New Evening Classes Ari'onlmi! to B. W. Chambers, voc- nlionii) Agriculture In.slrticlor. Many runners of Novmlu county hiive do- inonstriitcil thpir willingness and dc- totmiiuition to cooperate with the Agricultural Adjustment Adininislra- litm in carrying out the much needed voil Iniildinx practices. Many infre*ting reports luwe been «iven Ijy fnnners in various evening schools of the enmity regarding the fiiVoruble results which they have achieved through the use of different soil building pi'nctices. Evening school L-lasres linve been nrftinized :>t Mt. Morjh, Stitton, and LunohurK. In the :eVertlrig p^hool clnsses fnnners are Hot. intyt'givon , un opportunity but ^ ' fc? •*-- *'• V ~L. EYS PASS 3 PINTS A DAY Sector* »j> your kldoeyt contain IS mll»« of tluy tubw or filteri which Mp to purify ttie blood Mid k*«p you healthy. Kldtieyi retnov* fic««t «dd. and potaonoiu w«»t« from your llooa. Thtr help moil peopl* pin about 8 pint) WfcWdkorder of kidney function porrnltt polMDOui nutter to remain In your blood, It «n»jr <*UM fikgglnii baokndie, rheumatic nre encouraged to add to the discussion nny experiences which he desires. From n rliscnssfon of the experiences of each other nnd by attempting to bring out the truth which scientists have developed, each individual (armor will develop principles nnd practices which he ciin use in his own iHirlicular /arming operations. Just now. our American farmers fnee (he acute problems of uniting their efforts in cooperative endeavor. The way farmers have worked together whole heni-teclly in nttetnpting to solve the cotton problems is sufficient evidence to substantiate- the fact that they are ready to cooperate in every way possible to correct the present situation, hey have demonstrated since the beginning of the Federal Farm Program in 1933 there rliffing- ness to cooperate in holding production nnd marketing in line with demand. Curd i>f Thanks We wish to express our si nee re appreciation for the kindness shown during (lie recent illness and rleiith ol our lover one. Armcn While Cummings. Signed, Clyde Elton Cuininiiigs. Mr. and Mrs. Melton While- Merlin White. HOPE. AtOtANSAg m OUR BOARDING HOUSE WHO'S THE NEW PENGUIN IN OUR LITTLE MUSEUM, MOW WAS WE ^ CAPTURED, NET OR, LASSO? ' OH, AA15S. PLt, HOW UT ADDRESSING THE NE*T SET L OF D\SCS TO MY -PLATE ? UAAP-KkF-F, YOUR SUSUTING -REFERENCE TO MR.TWIGCBS IS OUT OF TASTE-/EGAD, I MUST SAY OUR NEW BOARDER SHOWS SCHOLARLY RESTRAINT WHICH SETS HIM APA FROM THE OTHER HOUSE -^— BY THE WAY, HE IS A BOER WAR UETERAM AND^ AN OXFORD with Major Hooplej On the Stage at the "New" Saturday LldCL AKl /-^/l- 1 /•»«•—^82^1 »*mnr-r'" ij luii;ili./li; ' * IF HE'S AM OXFORD MAW ,TI4AT STRIWES M(M. OUT POR ME ^^ THE LAST OXFORD MAN I MET SOLD ME 14 VOLUMES ON •STONE AGE POETRY, AN' I'LL STILL BE PAYING OFP WHEN -SHIRLEY TEMPLE STARTS WRITING "MY 65 YEARS ON THE: AMERICAN WE'5 AS FRIENDLY S A RAr- CACTUS/ <5TAGE-/ *\ s-ZZ* ~~\ £3® • <*k*^> *tiMi viuMtbiiiK nuu fuming •OI1IQI1II1KA •how* therfl is BorncOiing wrony with your kidneys or bliulilor. Don't irut'U Auk your drugffct for Doto'a P1IU, u»ed (ucouwfully !jy iniUioiui for over 40 yoan. Tlity «lv« hnppy relict nml will help tlie 16 nllea of kidney lubn fltuh out poUunoui WuU from your blood. Qet UOKII'I I'lllt. Chesapeake Bay OYSTERS Dressed Hens and Fryers Every Day Phone 7B7 CITY MARKET We Deliver ALWAYS REMEMBER Blue Ribbon Bread At Your Grocer and City Bakery =*-•—^_-' _» i ..-.-. ..... ._. — ^r HOME OWNED—HOME OPERATED GRO. and Market B and FREE DELIVERY 51.00 or More Phone 871 I' ure Ciitie SUGAR 10 Ib. Piipor Bag 54c| B & B Special COFFEE 15c GIANT All £ AA BARS Kinds Laundry 0 for£^C Anncnir.s & Liljhy'.s . 3c £„ Be I MILK. Ci.n CORN Country Gum. ;| r (H . dRKEN N,,. 2 BEANS Can FLOUR HELIEOTROPE 24 ib. Sack 85c SALT A SODA O ftMTCIIKS 100(1 Sheets TISSUE Canon |5c 6 25c No. 1 Tall SALMON ARGO No. 21/2 Can PEACHES 15c GRAPES Ib. 5c Winosnp iincl Joniithon 4 f* AHM.ES nice si/e doz. 1 UC Tuxas — Seedless (JKAI'BFBIJIT YVIIlMV M 4 A ONIONS H n,. 1UC Red .POTATOES 10, ta 21 c KHUN' . No. 1 Tall COCKTAIL 2 cans 27c National Biscuit DD AM Soz.pk. lOc DliHIl 6oz. pkFREE BANANAS Doz. 15c Texas ^ _ ORANGES do/, IDC LOOK— We have jusl received new sli!|>im-nt ( ,f hulk all( | |)at .k aK ,. of Fruit Cake Ingrediance GET YOURS EARLY Large Heads LETTUCE C f tlr HAMBURGER MEAT Mix Ib. Sausage lOc VEAL ROAST • 15c , 20c ib. Round ;iml Loin STEAK ib PORK ROAST 15c 18c OLKO MAHGAKJNK )b. B & 15 Special BACON I 21c PORK CHOPS 19c Kit AFT A Ib. Cft* (in:i:si: CeoxOUC " m 15c,20c«, 25c Di-ci'.scd Fat HKNi? 11 Prices for Friday, Saturday & Monday ~ ^ g - ? -^^--•"•—-•--—• .-»—. —n.. — i.,- *• \/\ U . L qrP' COPB. UK «Y nr« sravict. . M. MO. U. 8. PAT. Off. ' LJOASTIKIG THE NEW BOARDER AT BREA\<FA«ST/ • SERIAL STORY 5 WOULD KILL BY TOM HORNER COPYRIQMT. 10»B, MCA SERVICE, INC. WNl.-rilnyt Arnold Ili-iillinrni- name* Hvc prnonx who hal«- him an li«- iviiiCM tor lilx miirdrrrr. Mln lut-k linn run out. While hr rr- <•» 111, hln |iheiiiiitii-iiul IIUHIIIVKH MIK-I-CNN, <N<- UllOr <>|II>IIN. till- kllllT ••'"'•'•«• Mmlhorni- ri-o»Knl/.<-i< hl M r, iukCN 11 <le«|irr*«r CHAPTER II JJUDDLED against the gatepost, Patrolman Flynn had not missed the sliver of light that filtered through the rain as Arnold Benthorne peered out into the storm. For hours he had watched that window, steadily, throughout the night. He knew Arnold Ben- thoi-ne was in that room-—waiting. "Poor fool," Flynn said to himself. "Him and all his money—and afraid that someone's going to get him. Sitting up there waiting. Cold and wet as they are, I'd rather be in Dan Flynn's shoes tonight than Arnold Benlhorne's." He jumped, involuntarily, at the sudden flash of lightning and the clap of thunder that followed. He hunched his shoulders deeper into .his raincoa^ resumed his'pacing back and forth before the gate. * * * ^ TAXICAB slid to a stop at the curb. The door opened and a young man's head emerged. "Officer! Oh, officer!" the young man called. Flynn turned. "What do you want, at this time of the night? If you're drunk, you're disorderly and I'll—" "It's not drunk I am, officer. We're looking for a minister. We want to get married." "What?" "That's right, officer," the taxi driver pul in. "There used to be a minister lived around here someplace. These kids—" "These idiots!" Officer Flynn retorted. "Here, let's have a look at you." His flashlight sent a beam through the darkness to .show the laughing face of a youth peering out the cab door. Raindrops flecked the young man's red hair. "You've an honest face," Officer Flynn conceded grudgingly. "And that wild look in your eyes explains why you'd be getting yourself married on a night like this. But Where's the girl that'd be marrying the likes of you?" His flashlight swept the interior of the cab. Huddled in the corner was the girl. She was small, dark of hair, dark of complexion. It was her eyes that Officer Flynn remembered best, later in the night. "Smoky, they were, sir," he reported, "just like little live coals with a wisp of smoke coming from them." "Can't you wait to be married in the morning, like decent folks?" Flynn growled at her, but his tone belied his anger. "It's his idea, not mine!" the girl answered from her corner. Flynn turned back to the young man. "It's a surly wife you're picking, if I may say so, lad. But then my own is no angel, Now what are your names?" "Do you have to know that, officer?" the youth asked. "After all, we've commilied no crime, just asking your help in finding a minister." "Anyone that stops in front of Arnold Benthornu's house tonight has to give his name. Captain's! orders. Com? on, now tell me! who you are." I "If you're going to write down our names, you'd better step into the cab, sir," the youth suggested. "Here, climb in. I'll stand out on tlte curb. -I'll turn on the light for you." Flynn pulled his notebook out of a raincoat pocket, leaned, wet and dripping, into the cab. In the ' light the girl was even prettier She pulled her slicker closer about her, turned her face to the darkness. "Now your name, son." "John Douglas," came the voice behind him. "And yours," Flynn nodded toward the girl. Her answer was softly spoken, so softly Flynt hardly heard. "Ara Johnson." "And let's see your license," to the cab driver. The driver fum bled in his pocket for a moment, finally withdrew a greasy card "N-i-c-Jc S-m-i-t-h," Flynn spelled out slowly. "Well, looks all right. Now you get going, you'll find a minister on 21st and— Say! Where did that young fellow go?" The cab's motor roared. Swiftly the girl reached across the seat, gave Flynn a shove and slammed the door. Before the patrolman could recover his balance and struggle to draw his revolver the cab had disappeared in the darkness. .John Douglas was nowhere in sight. Flynn's whistle shrilled through the night. [-JEY, you, where do yo you're going?" The police- nan, gun in hand, darted from the shadows of the garage, hurried to the figure that had just come up tho walk. "I beg your pardon," a soft voice answered. "I am William Alston. I've come to see my daughter, Mrs. Benthorne. She- failed for me. I am .sure she's expecting me. May I ring? 1 ' "Captain's orders were to admit no one, sir,' 1 the policeman's tone was deferential. "Go ahead, ring the bell, and we'll see." In a mutnfriit the door opened, Illustrations by Ed Gunder. throwing a shaft of light on the tall, old man. "Come right in, Mr. Alston," came the butler's voice. "Mrs. Benthorne is in her rooms. She asked that you come up immediately. It's all right, officer." The door closed. A,s the policeman returned to his post just inside the garage doors, the piercing notes of a police whistle split the night. The policeman ran toward the front of the house. Suddenly he stopped short, as a shot echoed above the rumbling thunder. Then he ran on. * * * TOEY DI TORIO smoothed his J coat over the automatic in his armpit holster, pulled his hat deeper over his face. "Now, Benthorne," he said softly to himself, "comes the payoff." He walked out the door, into the clamor and din of night club gaiety. An orchestra blared from across the dance floor, and n throaty-voiced contralto mourned an unfaithful lover. Guests spoke to him as he walked between the tables. A waiter came up at his nod. "Get Pete here," Joey ordered. He turned to a noisy table. " 'Lo Marge, 'lo Dave." A wave encompassed the others. "Getting off to a late start. Past midnight, Dave, and you're still on your feet—" "Been here almost two hours only six drinks, and still can see—" Dave laughed. "What'yu doing, Joey, cutting yj>ur whiskey now?" "Takes champagne to get you ?oing, Dave." And as Pete touched lis elbow, "Pete, champagne for Dave's crowd, on me." They all cheered and whooped after him as 10 walked away. "I'll be back soon, stick around and we'll have another round before closing." They'd remember the cham- Jagne, and the time, too. Joey wanted them to remember the ime. They'd forget about the floor show, if they could .see it. "I'll be back in an hour, Pete," ie added in a lower tone. "It's il'ter midnight now." Joey pulled lis wrist in front of him, made sure Pete saw his watch, "Take over." He went out into the rain. In his car a few minutes later, ie stopped under a street light, et the hands of his watch back, xactly one hour. (To Be Coutltmed) "Coyote wells," in American parlance, means natural depressions > in the rock which catch and h6ld'*' rain water. As an added attraction at the New Theatre Saturday November 18th The popular Radio and Stage stars knows as Chuck Woods Western Stars, former Movie Stars also Entertainers of WLW, KHJ, FFI, WMMN and featured Artists on Cowby Roy Rogers Program at Arkansas Livestock Show. Featuring the Holly Trio, Katy, Rosie and Gloria. Tillie hompson that eccentric comedian and famous Hill Billy Singer. Also Virginia Lee "The Girl of the Oolden West" sweet singer and yodeler. The screen atlraction features Roy itogerr in 'Wall Street Cowboy" with Gabby Hays and Raymond Hatton. I he eleventh chapter of Daredevils of the Red Circle plus the three stooges and Charlie McCartney nnd Edgar Bergen v/ill fill out this two hour show. Student Council Is Formed at Yerger David Shaw President, and E. E. PoincJexter Vice- President Organisation of a student council •jl Yerger High School was completed this week. Purpose of the organization at the negro school was .stated as being to create , better discipline and friendship among the student body. Officers were elected as follow: President, David Shaw, Vice President, E. E. Poindexter. Secretary, Helen Wilson; Asst. Secretary, Sammie Johnson. Representives from high school class >; Twelth grade, Marie Wilson and Cleona Hill. Eleventh grade, Paul Grady and Henry Walker. Tenth grade, Mavis Trent and Lewis Lowe. Ninth grade, Bertha Simpson and Charlie Reed. Guards from high school classes: Twelth grade, Earnestine McFadden, Elizabeth Bell, Rosie Sx-oggins, Del- Imp Carson, Marie Wilson, Cleona Hill, Grace Trent. Eleventh grade, .Calvin Coleman, Nemiah Doss Tola Savage, Paul Grady Henry Walker. Tenth grade, L, E. Brooks, Verdie Glasglow, Annie Frierson, Sam Poindexter, Lewis Lowe, Ninth grade, Ara C. Swift, Savannah Murry, Odessa Scoggins, Mary W. Teague, Thelma Carter. The students' council meets every Wednesday at the fourth period. The law in Alaska: No one may disturb a grizzly bear for the purpose of taking its picture. ' largest axOfii THURSDAY - FRIDAY MOM THE GREAT LOVE PR AM AI —PLUS— MONROE DOCTRINE COMING SUNDAY Sooners Pointing for P^Christman Oklahoma Coach "Keyed" Team for Battle With Missouri NORMAN Okla~H/P)- Passin' Paul Christman's press notice are beginning to irk the Oklahoma Sooners, thanks to Coach Tom Stidham. Stidham, \^ho believes that as Christman goes, so goes Missouri, has been feeding his boys double doses of Pas-sir.' PauVs publicity, hoping they would get sufficiently fed up to do things to the big, blond aerial Six football game at Columbia. Every time the Sooners turn around in their dressing room, Christman's s-miling face beams down on them Vom newspaper clippings on the wall. The sly Stidham virtually has plastered the room with 'mug shots.' Christman sipping a malt with a bevy of Mirecuri co-eds. Christman tossing a pretty girl to his pass-catch- ng teammates, the Orf twins. Christ- nan doing this. Christman doing that. Christman! Christman! Christman. And, not satisfied with the pictures, Stidham had the No. 44 which adorns Christman's playing jersey ill over trie room with colored adhes- ve tape. The magic number even loom up in the mirror before which the slayers comb their hair. Alice. FAYEAMECHE end the screen's greatest personal- ilies of today . . . and yesterday! —PLUS- MARCH OF TIME FRIDAY-SATURDAY THE RITZ BROTHERS DON AMECHE "THE GORILLA" —and— "TWO GUN COMING SUNDAY "ALL QUIET On the WESTERN FRONT" "UNCENSORED" Taffetas! Moires! Tiny-waisU'd, woosli-skir(ci) frocks that mean more dales for you! Charming- young stylt-s with high or low ntcks, new backswept lines. White, black, "picture" col- WHERE HOPE SHOPS AND SAVES QUICK RELiEF FROM Sympttnt »f Distress Ar!*tng fr«m | STOMACH ULCERS DUE TO EXCESS ACID M«*t H«t» or H Will dottles of the WTLLARD 1*1 '•~»»*m*iui * have been sold fop relief of ^,1 -ymptoms of distress arising from f— - ' and Duodenal Ultert due (•*•-• e , icon SlSta2? t S2uS wir °. r U ""^"»"S£ aiuinctt. Heartburn, SlecplntnHt, rte.! 1"? V e «J»* *«I1. Sold on ISdawi ttSl A'kfor "' i Menag." whh full* expiates this treatment— free— at BRIAN-PS DRUG STOttE FRJDAY & SATURDAY ROY ROGERS —m- "Wall Street Cowboy" With "Gabhy" Hays, Raymond HatUm ALSO ALSO "THE THREE STOOGES" 2 Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCartliey 3 No. 11 "DAREDEVILS" SATURDAY ON THE STAGE 5—STAGE SHOWS—5 11 A. M., 2:30, 4, 7, & 9 P. M. CHUCK WOODS —PRESENTS HIS— WESTERN STARS SONGS — YODELS — COMEDY Rollicking Lads—and a Winsome Lass Loaded with Harmony— Superb Music, Good Clean, Comedy and Novelty. » FEATURING The Hollywood Trio KATY - ROSIE - GLORIA TILLIE THOMPSON FAMOUS HILLBILLY SINGER VIRGINIA LEE "Girl of the Golden West" Sweet Singers and Yodelers A SHOW FOR EVERY MEMBER OF THE FAMILY You've heard them on the Air —Now See Them on the Stage CHILDREN ADULTS lOc 20c COL. BAL. lOc TODAY! THURSDAY Then Goodbye Forever! CERACKE EXPOSED SLAVES ^BONDAGE IN-TOTING MAIDENS BBBBBBBBH9BB TRUE/ UMCEH TNMU SEEKING MOTHERS PAID ESCORTS MAT 15c NITE 25c Col. Bill. lOc AS YOUR DOCTOR PRESCRIBES Recovery is hastened by calling your Doct»: .: the first sign of illness . . . .md when prescriptions are needed you can rely on our pharmaceutical ex- perti\ess. Two Graduate Pharmacists on duty WARD & SON The Leading Druggist "We've Got It" Phone 62 Motorcycle Delivery

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