Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 16, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1939
Page 3
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November 16,1939 SOCIETY HOPE STAR/HOPE, ARKANSAS *~" ' ' • l*>g. Sid Henry Telephone 321 Friends Friends me like the sturdy oaks Tlhal rustic in the breeze when the .summer suns arc gone: Like the spicy evergreens lain a- cruss our lives to shelter from the wintry blast. Friends arc like low blooming flowers that break nt spring to light our path; Like the perfumed roses dropping leiivcs of happiness about our door Friends arc like green mosses clinging close lo running brooks; Like flowing streams spreading their moisture along the fields, and asking neither guerdon nor pay. « Hernia arc like the shady nooks giving sweet release at evening's ;. hush; Like the broad expanse of softest • f ' .green and copper brown to delight !, ; the eye. •Friends arc like the gentle whisper.. ings of a love '' 'divine; < New Under-arm « Cream Deodorant safely Stops Perspiration |_ . _i — ^^^H£*^ 1. Docs not rot dresses — docs not irritate skin. 2. No waiting to dry. Can be used fight after shaving. 9. Instantly stops perspiration fof I to 3 days. Removes odor from perspiration. 4. A pure white, greasclcss, stainless vanishing cream. 8. Arrid has been awarded the Approval Seal of the American Institute of Laundering, for being harmless to fabrics, 15 MILLION jars oi Arrid lltv« been gold. Try a jar todayl • ARRID' . Al «ll Hori-n ••Illng lollrl goodl '* (•!•<> In lOc «nii 59ri«nl Forgiving and forgetting without a lingc of blame. —Selected Since there will be no church services Sunday 19th lit the First Mol- borli.st church, the choir director ,-m- nounccs Ihcre will be no regular choir rehearsal this week. Mibs Clcllfl Laughlin of Memi is the house guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jintinic Dcrris, The regular meeting of the Buy View Reading Club was held Wednesday afternoon nt the home of Mrs. J. S. Gibson West Division street with Miss Maggie Bell us joint hostess. Beautiful colorful chrysanthemums gracefully arranged at points of can- tage dispelled the gloom ot the rainy afternoon, and a splendid attendance responded to the roll call with interesting current events, the president Mrs. J. A. Henry presided over a .short business period n t which time a nole of lhanks and appreciation for flowers sent from llio club for Ihe liite Mrs. M. Ii. Barlow, from Ihe Barlow family was read. Mrs. Henry was program lender for the afternoon and entertained the club with a most instructive and interesting varied program. Mrs. W. R. Hamilton told of the history and governing and splendid good accomplished in Father Flanagan's "Boy's Town" near Omaha, Neb. Mrs. 1C. Ii. White gave a most comprehensive review of the book, "Fashion Is Spinach." Mrs. Henry closed her program wilh a lalk on "Arl in Designing" naming several Hope girls who had made good in that line of work. Opening the program a beautiful poem paying tribute to Ihe lain Mrs. M. H. Barlnw, written by Mrs. Hugh Smith was read. During the social hour Ibc hostesses served i most tempting salad course with cof- fc. The next mccliiig will be held Dee- ember Oh will) Mrs. R. M. L»Grono «s hostess, assisted by Mrs. T. R. Bil lingsly Mrs. Sid Henry Mrs. W. G Allison and Mrs. Kenneth L. Spore. Mrs. J. R. Wilson of EIDonido will be the KUCSI .speaker. Mrs. Wilson i widely traveled, a fluent talker, OIK ol Arkansas' leading club women making this program one of Ihe best during Ihe club year. Hope Chapter No. 328 O. E. S. will hold ils regular meeting Thursday night at 7:30 at the Masonic Hall. Pulling Power "Choir practice was out early tunigbl, John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps COolcjreea cftqeauj. SEXruq t£tore Bottle 33< 33 SHAVE Experience Over 57 >' cms pcriciu'C in fi|1 ' infi prescript!""* is what "">• '- 1 registered druggists offer you. Over 262,000 R*'s fiHed *„ * r "DOUBLE ' 3-HEAT MAsrreMRAFTJ The latest »«< lined de«8o!> Approved! 'OLAFSEN COD LIVER OIL Pure Fresh/ COUPON J BOX 100 PUR-PAK S PAPER NAPKINS • )• o* s^Sfe-^ • I 8 [M with this ^5 coupon '| (LIMIT 2) 'Babe in the Woods' Back Home flCility. f Thayer propels Milady at a breath- aking pace through a series of ad- cntures find misadventures with the xcculioner at Lille, who gave her 10 quaint shoulder emblem, Cardial Richelieu, Anne of Austria, Eng- nnd's Duke of Buckingham, and last- y the Musketeers. The author has uccessfully combined thrills and ex- temenl on a par with Dumas' origi- al with his own individual style. It's swell book for a rainy night. The Three Musketeers ride again— lis lime across the wcslcrn prarie— i Zanc Grey's lasl thriller, "West- rn Union" (Harper and Brothcrs:$2>. lie old master of the westerns was ever belter than in this account f the building of the telegraph line •om the Missouri to the coast. Grey's musketeers include a Boson tenderfoot, a quick-shooting Tcx- n, his plodding partner and a mel- ncholy cowboy, drawn together to iclp build the telegraph. They do nore fighting than building and drive ff Indians, and black hearted while Like the Babes in the Woods, Bruce Crozior, 7, covered himself with vhT lost fn ll tho ^ H a r-'" sub '"' eezl "g weather he endS wnnc lost in the rugged Arizona mountains. Luckier than the Babes, who didn't awake, Bruce trudged into a deer hunt^s camp after 100 posses had searched six days tor him. Bruce Catton Says: Urge (J. 8. 'Stop Watch' Arijitration to End Dispute in Motor Industry By BRUCE CATTON NKA Washington Correspondent WAEIIINUTON - Experls on labor disputes here believe that the recent bi.'-liii v of ilic textile industry offers a valuable tip lo the auto industry ii wranuli's lilu/ ihu one currently causing a costly .stoppage of work in the Chrysler plants. Central point of this dispute is* .-- — operations Ihe speed at which certain are pul through. Tbo union demands a voice in selling thai speed. The company replies that to grant i!. would be a long first step toward admitting the union lo a share in the management of the orgiini/.ation. Textile Industry Hit Similar SIIIIR 'Hie textile industry hil the same snag .several years ago and got around it lo the .satisfaction of organized labor and management alike. It did this largely by using the services of a skilled technical staff maintained by the Division of Conciliation of the U. S. Dcparlmcnl of Labor. Here's how Ibis body works: A dispute over speed of operations arises in a textile mill. Representatives of management and labor argue and reach no agreement. The Division of Conciliation offers its services and they are acccplcd. A Rovcrnincnt technical expert comes to the scene. He makes a detailed .slop-watch study of the operation in question. Then be makes .studies of similar operations in cither textile mills—in as many as 15 or 20, sometimes. He comes back, calls in both sides, and explains his findings. By .showing how (he operation sliced in the local mill coilipares with the average for similar plants, and by calling on his own technical knowledge In suggest ways in which adjustments can be made. lie usually Unscrupulous Sympathy A steward on the Normandic was asked bow he liked his work and replied fine; Ihal the tips were very generous, but-that he nearly lost his job on Ihe last trip. It seems there were several days of rough weather and in taking a bowl of hot soup to a stale room he unfortunately lost his balance, tripped and poured the contents of the bowl into the lap of an old gentleman asleep in a deck chair. "And just what ditl you do?" "Ob, I just taliped the old fellow on the shoulder and said, "I do hope you feel belter now, Sir!" Not Concerned A hillbilly whose feet had been toughened by a lifelimc of going bare- fool, was .standing before his cabin fireplace. Suddenly his wife smelt something burning. "Swell anything hurnin.' I'awV" "Nfiw, Maw." "I thought 1 did, Paw." "What makes you think so, Maw?" "Well, you're standin' on a live coal, Paw. You betcr move your foul!" "Which one, MiiwTr-Medley. wasn't itv How did it happen?" "Oh. somebody blew an juito born outside and a minute later the male quartclto was all thai was left" PAGE THREB scoundrels with unusual ease. A dancing girl and a southern beauty are around to be rescued at various intervals. The climax is typical of Grey with guns blazing and wild rides across the plains. For all of those readers, who as boys and men have followed Grey's gun-blazed trail from 'Riders of the Purple Sage" this last volume will mark the end of countless hours of thrill-packed reading. 'Beevcslakes' WINCHESTER, Va. -(/»')- The Irish hospitals have their Sweepstakes, but Memorial hospital here decided a "Bccvcstakes" would be more appropriate for Winchester. Three fine baby beeves were given to the hospital's junior auxiliary by Mrs. John Hay Whitney, noted turf woman, from the registered stock on her Llangollcn estate. The calves were paraded through the streets in advance of the auction. MIND YOUR MANNERS V. M. «•«. V. •. »AT. Test your knowledge ol correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the autho.-itativ* wuwerf below: 1. Is it ever permissible for two plates to be cleared from the table at once? 2. Is it correct to serve a dessert with the silver on the plate? 3. If you are invited to a holiday dinner, should you assume that your hostess will expect you to slay longer afterward than at the usual dinner parly? 4. If the host is short, may he stand while he carves? 5. Should the hostess keep Ihe conversation going while her husband is engrossed in carving? What would you do if- The host is carving the turkey".' Would you— i\ fa) Keep watching him? \ (b) Join in the general con* -. vcrsation? '' Answers 1. Yes. If a hostess is serving _ without a maid. 2. Yes. 3. Yes. 4. Yes. 5. Yes. Best "What solution—(b). Would You Do",, PARSONS, Kas.-W)—Boy Scout L. Montgomery of Parsons saved man from drowning in the Elk river I last July , but he forgot to gel the fel-1 low's name. It took Scoutmaster £>ahl Devinc weeks to track him down sol he could get him to sign a petition'! recommending a medal for Montgom*! ery. The fellow said he was glad to I know who it was that saved him be-*! cause the day it happened he \vas too) excited to inquire. is able to suggest a speed which boll sides agree is fair. Sometimes he is able to show tha by slowing down the speed at Hi spol which has caused Ihe trouble it will be possible lo increase Ib speed at another point in the operations. By suggesting readjustments ii operations, he can show how an in creased speed will profit both workc and employer. Dispute Settled, No Face Lost In any case, Ihe point is thai, hi arbitration is accepted. ' On the one hand, union grievance which arise over questions of spcci arc settled without strikes. On the other, Ibc management is able to make concessions, where concessions arc advisable, without in any way admitting that labor is entitled to a voice in selling Ihc policy of Ihe company. It is admitted that the auto and tcx- lile industries arc not exactly parallel, and that a procedure which might be fairly simple in the one could be extremely complicated in the other. For one thing, tremendous sums of money are involved in an aulo factory, and costs arc shaved with micrometers. A saving of a third of a cent on one operation and half a cent on another can mean a difference of millions of dollars on the year's balance sheet. The thing that has been established iu the textile industry is lhat determination of the speed at which certain operation!! arc to be conducted can be made a matter of collective bargaining negotiations, his can be done without implying that a union has an actual or a theoretical right to exercise a voice in shaping man- gcincnt policies. Within limit, the matter can be classed with the setting of hour and pay schedules. To that cxtcnl, the record in tcxlilcs may be a useful guidcposl lo Ihc auto industry. HIGHLIGHTS FROM LATEST BOOKS Musketeers Get 1939 Renovation Dumas in swing, sparkling with Rabelaisian additions, best describes Tiffany Thaycr's "Three Musketeers" (Dial: $2.75), a modernized version of the story of Milady dc Winter and those three master swordsmen, Porthos Atlios, Armis and D'Arlagnan. If Dumas has an idea that his classic has come to such an end, he's probably spinning in his grave like a whirling dervish; but if the old French romanticist were writing in 193!), this is the slory he would tell. Central figure is Milady dc Winter, she of the branded shoulder and aliases as numerous as lovers. She discards bolh lilies and men wilh equal Outstanding Values FALL DRESSES VALUES to $7.95 $ 3 VALUES to $12.95 Ladies' Specialty Shop IN A 1940 FORD you gel more room, greoler quiet, a finer ride, easier handling, and o much more luxurious car than ever before. There are no less fhan 22 important 1940 improvements, including the following: • Greater Icgroom, clbowroom; new • New front window ventilation control seating comfort • Mr • i -, . • New instrument panels; new 2-spoke • New finger-tip gearshift on steering steering wheel post (All models, no extra cost) " ChnC " New ead - Beam headlamps; beam • Self-sealing hydraulic shock absorbers indicator on dash And the only V-8 engine in any low-priced car! YOUR LOCAL FORD DEALER FORD IS FIRST IN FEATURES THAT COUNT.'

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