Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 23, 1942 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, February 23, 1942
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World-Wide News Coverage Given Impartially by Associated Press Star The Weather ARKANSAS — Rain and thunderstorms Monday afternoon and in the east Monday night; colder with cold wave in northwest Monday night with temperatures from 20 to 24 degrees; cold wave Tuesday or Tuesday night in the northeast and southwest portions. VOLUME 43 — NUMBER U 2 Star of Hope, 1899; Press, 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1929. HOPE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1942 {APJ—Means Associated Press (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n PRICE 5c COf>V Invasion Fleet Halted Jew Well Due to Be Brought in on Tuesday Three Others in J Midway Field Are Hearing Completion -By Special Corcrspowlcnt •STAMPS — Late reports from the Midway field rcvcnl that Bnrnsdnll's Dodson No. 2 of the SE quarter NE quarter of seclion 10-15-24 is due lo be brought in sometime Tuesday Prosily was topped at 0424 feet with npuil depth of G531 feel. The same company set the production cnsin« Sunday night of the Dodson No. 1 well to a depth of 6,521 feel. The Dod.son number one is located in the SW quarter NW quarter .of seclion 11-15-24. Prosily was topped at 6417 feet. Tlie Arkansas Fuel Oil Company Sunday nighl scl its Creek No. 1 casing al 6494 feel. Tlie well is located in the NB quarter of SE quarter of section 10-15-24 and prosily was /flpppcd at 6421 feet. Oil men were very pleased wilh Ihe Roberls Bond No. 1 NW quarter SW quarter of section 11-15-24 which was still coring. Prosily was lopped al 6338 which was much higher than Iho Collier wells. The No. 1 Roberls Bond ,Js Ihc due cast offset to Die discovery well. The Magnolia Johnson No. 1, sec- lion 11-15-24 was drilling al 6,370 feet. Wingfield's Rogers No. 1 C-NW quarter of SW quarter of section 11- ri5-24 set Iho surface casing and was '•'-Waiting further orders. Ojjve activities included: JSwpdall Bond No. 2, C-SE quarter SVfktt'u'arter, seclion 11-15-24 drilling at %30 feet. ,. B«rni4alUBoncl.No. 3, .C^SW.fluaKtcr :•$. SW quarter of seclion 11-15-24 drilling below 6030 feel. Barnsdall Bond No. 4, C-SE quarter of SW quarter of section 11-1524 drilling below 4265 feet. Barnsdall Creek No. 1 C-SE quarter ^pf SE quarter of section 10-15-24 drill- ..ng below 4710 feet. Barnsdall Beck No. 1 C-NE quarter of NW quarter of section 14-15-24 drilling below 4960 feet. Rutherford's Stamps Land ....o. \ C-SE quarter SW quarter of section 3-15-24 drilling below 5737 feet. Frankel's Burns No. 1 C-NW quarter of NE quarter of Section 10*15-24 drilling below 6137 feet. Hope Resident Dies Sunday Mrs. S. E. Wingfield Succumbs in Local Hospital Mrs. Sallie E. Wingfield, 79, died in a local hospital Sunday afternoon after an extended illness. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. R. H. Ragan of Greenville, Texas, and Mrs. R. L, Gosnell of Hope, i son, Ernest O. Wingfield of Hope, a sister, Mrs. Reese Lamb of St. Louis and several grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon at the Firsl Presbyterian church with the Rev. Thomas Brewstor officiating. Burial will follow in Rose Hill Cemetery. O. Felkner Succumbs at Home Near Fulton O. Felkner, 36, Hcmpstead counly farmer, died al his home on Fullon Route one' Sunday. He is survived by his parents Mr. and Mrs. E. Felkner. Funeral services "l/ill be held at the Hcrndon-Cornclius funeral home at 2:30 Monday afternoon. Burial will be in Rose Hill Cemetery. Cranium Crackers Derby Day Maybe you have never been to the Kentucky Derby or drunk a mint julep, but ou should be able to answer these questions about ., the Blue Grass State: 1. Name the famous composer who suggested "we will sing one song" for whal? 2. Whal is tlie largest city in Kentucky? The state capital? 3. Identify the famous appoint' s meiits of Kentucky governors? 4. What city in Kentucky has the same name as a famous town of Ihc Revolution in Massachusetts? 5. What small Kentucky college crashed the athlelic hall of fame »by defeating Harvard al football and what was the team's nickname? Answers ou Comic Page C//p This Map.... Have It Beside You When You Listen to the President -o QAtt \ Jf.' \ n ^ :7A \ %,«.»** U ^ t Canary Is.; I (Sp.) •1 Cape Verde 1$. ' (P°rt.) > WAKE • ^ISLANDS "GUAM ,'MorshaII lV Rowland / i Palmyra Solomon Is. fr Baker ' Pacific Ocean oTohiri • Pifea rn THE WORLD Showing distances in statute miles and principal allied aid routes (heavy lines). Some distances appear distorted because of map projection. NEW ZEALAND Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor ALEX. H. WASHBURN Congratulations to Congress 300-Million Tax Steal Is Killed On February 19 the House Ways and Means Committee by a vote of 16 to 8 killed H. R. 6465, which aimed to federalize the present state-administered unemployment compensation system and pour into it 300 millions more of the taxpayers' dollars. The governors of Ihe various slates, ©including our own Homer M. Adkins, fought the bill openly and hard. So did Ihe press and other business and industrial associations. The governors fought it because the states had rolled up surpluses in their unemployment funds, and would have seen all of this swept into the federal maw of the Social Security Board. The newspapers and other industries and businesses fought it because at the time the unemployment compensation tax was voted it was promised that tlie tax would be regulated by Ihc degree to which an employer had kept his own employes from becoming a public burden. All these years Arkansas employers have been paying the full 3 per cent tax—2.7 per cent lo the stale. .3 per cenl lo Hie federal government—and the merit-ruling system which will reduce the tax for employers with good record is scheduled to go into effect after April 1. Had H. R. G4C5 become a law the merit-rating system would have been swept away along with the loss of state contol of unemployment funds. H. R. G4G5 was tlie repudiation of a solemn promise of government— and as such met the defeat which it deserved. Pushed to a showdown fight on the floor of congress—averted, however, by its sudden death in tlie committee-room—H. R. 6465 might well have led to ultimate repeal of unemployment compensation in its entirely. For with Public Enemy No. 1, Killed Charles Chapman Shot to Death by Federal Officers MERIDIAN, Miss. -(/P)- The bul- Irl riddled body of Charles Irvin Chapman, 44, labeled Public enemy No. 1, lay in the morgue here Monday, victim of an FBI ambush Sunday night while officials carried out widespread roundups of his alleged associates in his Neshoba county stronghold which local police said might reach 25 persons. Six persons already have been arrested. MERIDIAN, Miss. — (/P)— Irving Charles Chapman, designated public enemy No. 1, was shot and killed Sunday night by federal agents, cily police and state officers on a highway six miles from Philadelphia, Miss. Percy Wyly II, chief of the Mississippi field office of the F. B. I. phoned police here that Chpaman and a companion, Alfred Ward of Ne.s- hoba county, were trapped by a blocked highway and surrounded by officers. Ward .gave up, Wyly said, but Chapman fired five times before he went down in a volley of gunfire from the officers. Road Fund Only $100 Short of Its Goal Canvassers Monday reported donations of to the oil road fund, boosting the total lo $1,400, just $100 short of tlie goal. Donations follow: Saenger-Riallo Theaters ~ .......... $25 Home Ice Company .............. . ......... 10 M'System Store ............................ 10 Ladies Specialty Shop ................ 10 Hillard's Cafe ............ . .......... _ ...... 25 Marines Captured 12,026 U. S. Marines of the Second Division helped capture 12,026 prisoners in World war I, one fifth of the total number captured by tlie entire A. E. F. the other half of the Social Security legislation — old-age benefits administralion is a fairly certain Ihing. Payment depends either on altainment of the age of 65, or death—two things politicians can't juggle. But unemployment is at best a questionable term. The very nature of the problem suggests that there will be frequent attempts to make political capilal oul of it. H. R. 6465 was such an attempt—nor docs it reflect credit on the Washington masterminds that they chose this critical hour on the international front to try to "put something over" ou tlie political front at home. H. R. 6465 is beaten—but the odor lingers on. * * * By WILLIS THORNTON So Little Is Asked of Us For nearly 10 years tlie German people have lived on a closely rationed Anthony Ships 1st Car Lumber New Hope Mill Employs 100; $15,000 Monthly Payroll Anthony Lumber company this week-end shipped tlie first carload to be finished at the now mill con- strucled south of Hope on Highway 29 last fall and this winler, Graydon Anthony announced Monday. Tlie mill began operations in January, and an additional boiler now being installed will further increase its capacity. Present employment is 100 men, with a gross monthly payroll of ?15,000 according to Mr. An- Ihony. The firsl carload of lumber, cleared Ihis week-end, was sold lo the United States government for delivery at Bear Strap, Texas. Marines Held B»s c First to land in Cuba in 1898, one battalion of Marines held Ihc naval base there against 6000 Spaniards. Coast Guard Cutter Sunk Alexander Hamilton Torpedoed Near Iceland WASHINGTON -(/P)- The Coast Guard Cutter Alexander Hamilton lias been torpedoed by an enemy submarine off Iceland, the Navy announced Monday. "While being towed into port," the Navy said "the ship capsized and had to be sunk by gunfire." The navy said the loss of life was "moderate" but gave no details or figures. The Alexander Hamilton was built in 1337 at New York and is 327 feet long and of 2,141 tons. She had a speed of 20 knots. Jane's Fighting Ships credited tlie vessel of her class with two or three five-inch 51 calibre gu(ns plus anti-aircraft guns. The vessel was the first U. S. combatant ship reported lost'in the vicinity of Iceland since tlie U. S. declared war. Oil and Gas Filings (Continued on page three) Hempstead County o Prepared by Jcwcllc Barllett February 21, 1942 Hope, Arkansas Dead. Dated 11-18-41. Filed 2-20-42. State of Arkansas to Oscar Van Riper. Block 145, Washington, Ark. Warranty Deed. Dated 2-20-42. Filed 2-20-42. Oscar Van Riper to U. S. A. Block 145, Washington, Arkansas. O. & G. Lease. Dated 1-31-42. Filed 2-21-42. Stella Adams ,et al to Edward McNcill, Tr. Pt. NEV 4 NE'/ t Sec. 30; Pt. NWVi NEVi Sec. 30; NW% NW'/i Sec. 29 all in T. 14 S. R. 23 W. 80 acres. (5 years.) Correction of O. & G. Lease. Dated (2-7-42. Filed 2-21-42. V. G. Jones, ct ux to Louis R. Travis. NVa SWVi; NW'/i SEW; Pt. NE'/4 SE'/ 4 Sec. 22 T. 14 S. R. 24 W. 139.50 acres. Deed. Dated 4-12-38. Filed 2-21-42. State of Arkansas to E. L. Carter. NE'/4 SEVi Sec. 35 T. 14 S. R. 24 W. 40 acres. Wamanty! Deed,. I Dajted 5-13-*). Filed 2- 21-42. W. D.' Flowers, et' ux to Cybron Flowers. Pt. NEVi SWVi Sec. 25 T. 13 S. R. 25 W. 1/2 acre. Warranty Deed. Dated 10-12-38. Filed 2-21-42. John Flowers, et ux to Lonnie J. Flowers. Pt. NWVi NWVi Sec. 2 T. 14 S. R. 25 W. 1/2 acres. Warranty Deed. Dated 2-19-42. Filed 2-21-42. John Flowers, et ux to Sid Flowers. EVa NE'/ 4 NW 1 /* Sec. 9 T. 14 S. R. 25 W. (20 acres) WVi N',s NWVi SWVi (except Vi acre) Sec. 2 T. 14 S. R. 25 W. OVi acres) W. B. Huddleston reserved Vis mileral rights on the land described in Sec. 9, but a full Vi of milerals in that section is hereby conveyed. Said land in sec. I 2 as above described is Ihe land meant where all minerals are conveyed. Warranty Deed. Daled 12-7-36. Filed 2-21-42. O. V. Flowers, el ux lo John Flowers. EM; SVi NWVi SWVi Sec. 2 T. 14 S. R. 25 W. 10 acres. Warranty Deed. Dated 2-19-42. Filed 2-21-42. John Flowers, et ux to Glendon Flowers. SEVi NWVi NWW SW'/4 NE'/ 4 NEVi Sec. 9 T. 14 S. R. 25 W. 20 acres. (It is understood that W. B. Huddleston retained '/& of Ihe mineral rights on this land when I bought it; but a full Vz of tlie mineral rights is conveyed in this sale to the buyer.) Warranty Deed. Dated 12-7-36. Filed 2-21-42. O. V. Flowers, et ux to W. D. Flowers. WV6 SVi NWVi SWVi Sec. 2 T. 14 S. R. 25 W. 10 acres. Pt. SWV 4 NWVi Sec. 2 T. 14 S. R. 25 W. % acre. Deed to said V'a acre is good only during the life time of W. D. Flowers and Maude Flowers, will revert to grantor after their death. Warranty Deed. Dated 2-19-42. Filed 2-21-42. John Flowers, et ux to Cybron Flowers. NWVi SWVi; NV- SWVi SW/4 Sec. 4 T. 14 S. R. 25 W. 60 acres. W. B. Huddleston reserved % mineral rights, a full '/> mineral right goes with sale. Warranty Deed. Dated 2-19-42. Filed 2-21-42. John Flowers, et ux to Loii- nie J. Flowers. WVi> NWVi . WV 4 ' NEVi NWVi NW'/ 4 ; NWVi NEV 4 NWVi Sec. 9; S'j SEVi SEV 4 SWVi Sec. 4 all in T. 14 S. R. 25 W. 45 acres. W. B. Huddleston reserved Vi mineral rights on this land when I bought it, but I am conveying in this deed a full Vis of tlie mineral rights. Warranty Deed. Dated 2-19-42. Filed 2-21-42. John Flowers, et ux to Vernon Flowers. SV-j SWVi SWVi; SWV 4 (Continued on Page Three) President Roosevelt "fiefs 4 " suggested lhat' have a map of the world handy when he delivers his' important fireside chat Monday night. As a special service to its readers The Star presents this graphic map. Clip it out. Have it with you when you listen to Mr. Roosevelt at 9 o'clock. Learn what this war means to our America. Allies Smash All But One Ship of Big Armada United Nations Have Chance to Wipe Out Enemy Forces on Bali By tlie Associated Press Having teamed up with warships in the smashing of an invasion army in the batlle of Bali, U. S. and Dutch planes operating alone were reported Monday to have dealt a blow at the Japanese offensive toward the other end of the stronghold island of Java, setting fire to a big transport and strafing other ships in the Banska Strait. The new attack was delivered mainly by dive bombers, about 250 miles northwest of Batavia and off southern Sumatra. The stricken transport, was a ship of more than 10,000-lons, the Dutch reported in a communique. It said also that four Japanese planes were downed in attacks Sunday on. Java airfields. Coinciding with the assault the United Nation's airmen machine-gunned other ships. Land on Bali At a cost of all but one ship of their invasion armada, accoidmg to the Dutch, the Japanese have overrun a part of the island of Bali on the east flank of the United Nations Java island stronghold, seizing an airdrome there within 200 bomber miles of Soerabaja, now the number one naval base of the defenders. But this was a tenuous foothold, one which might readily be wiped out if enough of military strength-in Java; —colonial, U. S. and Australian'troops already are 'on the island—could be, safely diverted .for the^task, It. is possible- too that enough-trot RedsWithold War Report Stalin Colls on People to Fight for Liberation By the Associated Press Joseph Stalin voicing regret thai Russia "has no Allies in Ihe fighting lines with the Red armies" urged millions of soldiers and civilians to fight on lo complete victory in the war of liberation. But at the same time in an order commorating the Red army day Sla- lin lold the people that the way would be hard. "The Germans," he said "have allies fighting beside them while so far we have not been in that position. "There is however a small RAF unit fighting from Russian bases and a large Polish army is being organized on Soviet soil." To outward appearances at least Russia and Japan still are on good diplomatic terms. A Kuibyshev report said that Japan and Russia still were dickering over the renewal of Russian fishing concessions in Pacific waters. The Russian ambassador to Tokyo was back on Russian soil enroute to Moscow but said his visit was routine and that he would return to Tokyo. While Ihe world awailed for an anticipated official survey of the 1 Red Army's present position on the 24th anniversary of tlie Red organization the day drew to a close with little to fulfill that expectation. The Moscow radio said the Red navy had sunk 81 warships and 276 auxiliary vessels in the first seven months of the war with Germany. -m»** Tanker Torpedoed in Dutch West Indies WILLEMSTAD, Dutch West Indies —(/f)—The Panamanian tanker Thalia was torpedoed near Moncos island about 100 miles from the Dutch Caribbean Island of Aruba, Aneta, news agency reported Monday. Auto, Tire, Wheel Stolen Here Saturday Police announced Monday that a tire and wheel were stolen from a truck, owned by Eddie Williams, Saturday night as it was parked uptown. They also announced that an automobile owned by J. E. Allen was stolen the same night. The investigations continue. Election Rumor Take Spotlight Two Candidates Reported to Be Definitely in Overshadowed by war news previously Hempstead county election rumors jumped to the front in Hope over the week-end when it was learned reliably that two candidates would definitely announce within the next few days while several other prospective candidates are connected with other races. It was reliably reported that Frank Hill, present county clerk would seek the sheriff's offcie, presently held by Clarence Baker who is also expected to seek re-election. Others rumored as possible candidates for the sheriffs office include John Gaines, Tom Middlebrooks and Frank Ward. Sources in a position to know asserted that Dewey Hendrix, present assessor, would be a candidate for the clerk's office. Others connected with the race include Andrew (Speedy) Hutson, and Gifford Byers, both were candidates two years ago. Meanwhile Leo Wray and Olis Landers were mentioned as possible candidates for the assessor's office, presently held by Mrs. Isabelle Oiutead. It is also rumored that Judge Fred Luck, Treasurer Newt Pentecost and circuit clerk, J. P. Byers, will be without opposition. All will be seeking a second term. Phoebe T. Harris Is Made Demonstrator FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — The appointment of Miss Phoebe T. Harris as home demonstration agent of Randolph county was announced here over the week-end by Universily of Arkansas officials. Miss Harris, a graduate in home economics from the College of Agriculture, June 1940, has been assistant home demonstration agent of Hempstead county for the last six months Prior to her work in the University 1 !. Agricultural Extension Service, she was home economics teacher at the North Heights School, Texarkana, Ark from September 1940 to May, 1941. Miss Harris' appointment is effective February 23. She will make Pochontas her headquarters. Foreign Legion Private Tlie late Brig. Gen. Frank E. Evans of the Marine Corps was tlie only commissioned American officer to serve as a private with the French Foreign Legion. in action since last' Friday—to-wij out the invaders^ ; , No one could say whether the Japanese had a second expedition uri- derway either to support Bali positions or using it as a feint to strike Java' in another quarter. Undoubtly the Japanese would try to capitalize on" their airdrome positions for the land- ; ing of airborne troops. Exposed to Annihilation Thus for the first time in the new Pacific war a sizable Japanese expeditionary force is exposed to annihilation—temporarily at least. Authorities in Batavia as well as the Netherlands Government in exile in London joined in the claims of victory over the invasion fleet. The fleet of warships and transports which the Japanese sent against Bali appeared to have been poundecl to pieces with the running attack of Allied warships and bombers. It would not be incompatable with such a drubbing at sea for numbers of the seaborne troops to have won land positions before their ships were blasled behind them. However, it could be assumed that thousands of Japanese troops got no closer to Bali than the shark infested waters. The first goal of the landing parties seems to have been an airdrome near the south coast of Bali. This was acknowledged to be in enemy hands. Acknowledging partial successes of the Japanese lunge at Bali a Batavia announcement said: "On the other hand strong Allied naval and air offensives against the Japanese expeditionary fleet was so successful that not a single warship or transport remained near Bali to give support or supplies." Details of Japanese losses in this action still were not complete but was understood lo have been considerable. If the enemy is lo exploil his foothold he must get through fresh invasion forces. Sheriff Makes Raid on Slot Machines Tlie Hempstead county sheriff announced Monday that several slot machines were confiscated in tlie Patmos area Sunday night and warned that other raids would be made in the county. The raid followed complaints from residents of the Patmos area. Coffee Ration Cut by Swedish Board STOCKHOLM— (/P)— In an effort to conserve Sweeden's limited supply of coffee, the Food Commission has cut the ration to 250 grammes (a little more than eight and a half ounces) for adults for the next three months. In addition, no coffee will be issued to householders or to restaurants during the spring and summer months, in order that a limited ration may be available for the ensuing fall and winter months. Over 200,000 defense workers now wear the Navy "E" awarded for efficiency in naval ordnance plants.

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