The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1940 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 9, 1940
Page 2
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PAQE TWO JBLYTHEyiLLE /ARR) COURIER NEWS Osceola Socjetyn-Personal Home" >a,s Use subject ol the chapter taujJit by Mrs. Spence Williams atlhfemect- " Ing of Society -MethpeUst Mntidi/- af&rruxm, taken from the mission study text, "From " Jjo Mrp. Wil- Mrs. Roy E. Dawson .gave ,an iu- f- jreport . of .the .district pT-^e^^lsr'inissipnary; -ijrii'.at'.Manlla 'la'sl' w'edc- " which" ",6hi • alterideil. ' 6tiicr6 jflio we(t jrtth'<HrB.-DftWBOii Jo .U)o meeting -were -Mra. •$. it>. -Kelly, '' i an'd far*.' C."N. if. Harwell talked on ^l"Jhe .nu- .elementary .stalely' 'lins '.'Mrs. .the' Wt)on seK«>i to"'wh'lch" 'cohlrlbutdd.'""" "* Plans .werp juihpuriced for Uie : -Hospital tyiiy to be 'held .cqunlrj- .l}0ine ;pf Mi;s. A. ' . Glascoe Moutjay, May is'th, .(it Ui'e. Business meeting '•', of; the \V.M.U.: The party -held , each' year dri'Uie' •Monday'., following Mother's Day, "which Is observed .throughout 'the nation 'as .National Hospllal Day, 'U ".'for ', .lie benefit' .of 'the Baptist 'Slate Hospital ii iitUe Rock. "A : 'miscellaneous ^shorter "of' .ouinqd' food' arid ' linens' jand casii for 'th,c .charity 'fund is",hei<i in" connection '"ig. Mrs.'',Gja'scoe 'Is flh of ,the ,uiilqri. rsTv,-: "P'.':«a|e .used I' Tim. 5: as' the basis .fpr'her'dfivodoiijii Ics- .son.oV'ffib 'Christian Home; Mrs. .'•Harold B.' Tillmiin' 'gave'';! rejxjrl, .'of ' uie ."district meeting' of north- £ast'.Ar£ansns .W.M.tJ. .which" she -attisfftled 'ja'sV weei^at qornliiR. A ;lett<r; was" read from ' Mrs.' p'wlghi ^H, : Blpcfcwoijd," . jjresicSe'iit, .who Is .'sjieridlng ' '.the ' season In ' .Los j Angeles;' .Co)'. '"' " '? Main Dentures .of .t!;e quarterly '.report for ,the last.' quarter as reid Jiy 'Mrs. F. E. J'pnipklns, secretary, jfrpre six new \tltrieiii, 'seven new rnfmbers, ,nn average ; fttfekidancc' of ' J5 pi the monthly missionary' rneet- i.lngs.'and' 50 subscriptions to the jArtonsai Baptist' aiicTUic nilssloii- T ary ' magazines; ' : "' :V .:': ' '".""* * ' " ,0'hutoh Plans Repairs V At \the" meeting" of 'Calvary Ejiis- icorta! Auxiliary " in the home of !Mrs."F.'-P. Jacobs this week, plans ,wcre discussed for mnklng minor repairs .and redecorating ,Uio In- 'terlor.of. the church. The exccu- ..tive "council of the church Is also making' plans to make' repairs on the. outside of .the church and nut i new roof on .the .lullduig. . Tlie Rev. Mntlhow Curry, ,paslor if' the Osccoln 'and Blythovllle ihurches, \vns present, nnd taught :he lesson from the mission study ext bclnir studied by ti:c mein- 6ei's. Monday's lesson was entitled ::Servc." The auxiliary voted to continue Uieir meetings through the Bummer rnimili's Instead "of .suspending the meetings as hiisibceivUie custom ii former years. They p!i\n also £o (to Eoihe' more sewing for the Hcd Members of the auxiliary nljp drove to Forrest. City Tuesday Jpr Ihp District meeting of auxiliaries in northeast. Arkansas \i<erc Mii> W. T, Hunt, Mrs 1 . J. 1!. Lovewcll, tfrs. T. P. Perkins, Mrs. Harry Mil- l<jr, Mrp. H. V. Mn'dden "nn<l Mrs O. A. Davis. The Senior Circlei'df tho Wqincns CoiiJidl of the Christian bhjirch iclrt a incollng iji the liorae nf Miss Fan Nicholson Monday. iOnly. routine Jjuslncss whs trjinsacted. Mrn. Joe Yoimg Is chairman of the clrcjc. 11 * ..* .' Vi;urkers .Council Meftls Mr. anil Mrs. .<j. yv'. Strange, as- iisted by Jvlrs. A. : L. Boycc, were losts to 25 members of the Sunday School teachers nnd officers ta.fT .in ,Uie Slnuige home Monday ni^lH for their' monthly business and social riicetlng. An nttcndnnce goal of 350 In Sunday School wajj set for Mother's Hay. W. T. Toole, superintendent of the Sunday School^ re|x>rtcd an average attendance of 230 for. March and of 258 for April. f Among the advances noted -In- rejioits of .the various classes and departments were those of the Rev. Harold li. -Tllunnn, whose Business Mens Bible .Cliiss hns grown to 31 members, and .that of Mrs. T. L. Blake, Cradle Roll Superintendent. Mrs. lilnke 1ms CO bubics enrolled in ( thc department. » » # A|,iHiin(cd to State Offices Announcement has been niadc from (lie headquarters of rtrkaiistis Congress of Parents nnd 'Teachers of the appointment of Mrs. W. W. Prewltt as stntc ohnlrinan of Guide Reports, whose duty will be to examine the reports of all units in the state io detcrinihe their rating. Mrs. :W. B. Dm-kett of Bassett, sixth vice-president of the state organization, hns also been nppalnl- eil chninnan of Die committee on Home Service, whose work is correlating and coordinating .the work First U, S. Envoy To Greenland and Willis and daughter, Miss Myia Mac' Nnilllng, have lelurn«t from ten days with relatives' "In .Oklahoma City, and Houston,-Tex; Myron Naming went on to Austin' Tex., pn Business. W. W. Prewltt was a business visitor In Dyersliure Monday, returning by way pf Memphis k> visit his .grandson, William JVa- thcn Prewltt .in, a I Uie Mo'Uiocltst liospilnl. Mrs. W. W. Prewltl, jr and baby, returned from the lios- pilnl Wednesday. Mr. and -Mrs. A. J. Florida- were business visitors In Mpnette and Lcachvllle Monday. ' " " " Mrs. \V. ,E. ,Dunlap ^nd children jSnrn Lynn and Bruce ' Charles have returned to their homes In Itlduely, Tohn., following a visit here with her .mother, 'Mrs. Tal- ma<|ge Tongnle and Mrs. Torigate. Rtrs. JJimlap ci\mc' also (-0 atUnd Die w«ldlii(f of ' Miss Cntlicrlne Jlnrwetl Io'Philip Parks Burks' on Saturday. . ' " '• : Mr. nnd Mi.s. W. 11. Ijoney of Stamps, Ark',, arc' guesta of llielr '' Evidence that Germany's of Denmark .lias caused .Uncle Sam .to take a new" interest in Danish territory [in the Western Hcmis'plicrc'is seen in .the cstab- lisliinent of a provisional U. S. Consulate at Gbdth'aab, Greenland. It will be in charge of -Tames K. Pcnfield (above), of the Slate Department's For Eastern Division. of the Parent 'readier adult education program with that of the school.' • ,* • F»lis. Alma Morrison spent Tuesday in Dlytlievilic as .guest, of her sister and ..niece, Mrs. .Willie Thompson and Mrs. Rex Warren. I.oiils .Nnilllng and sons, Myron daughter, Mrs.' Pniil'Galloway' arid - ., , .-, -.., -, the Rev. .Mr. anl6jn;ay' this 'wee'Jc. j.vf'iil'of SMni'. l t' J b(7 l iii r '""'u( i "ii 1 £' The two fainllics dro'vc \o Jackson,'.«'««« <"><•> (iie'lJSoIil'fjet Doiii^i'ili". 111 Mo., Monday to visit relatives, ' Mr. ami Mrs. Joe Alexander of Blythevllle -visited her -mother, -Mrs. Lulu Hogera, who is seriously ill this week. LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidney* If (wckaclie UJM! ]t& imm .are making you niitttabta, don 15usi couiiitaiii nivvdo [lotlimn about ihtui. Nature may }:C wurniug yon'^kt yo'j; ki'lticys ntcil altfiitiort. 'L'hfl li'lwya are ^ulure'i way of Cikinj; eice*s aci'ls and yinisorious v.'Hate t>u! of the lvt«H*l. 1'kvy help mcx]t jicopl* iiasa al;o^l 5 pints o ilnj-, " * ' ' ' ' ' K miles of ^itincy tulics arid filters [1011,1 work well,,{ upjstc niAKcr stiij's in ihc blood, TJitee nuisou 1 ?^ wtay sl«rl na«ei»K hackachts, rlicuijiahc [>ains, lee nalju, |o*.s o£ [iep and energy; getting' up tiiKlita, swe|Iiu«. liiifimejj) u»'l«r,Uit^y«, hcinlacfiefi uml dim. ItiX nn»] bii ttilMB wro . , I'leiueiil tit staiiiy p soitielirnes shows there i\ fiomc- wrong Kit), your kill ncya ar bls'l'ltr. "> t -™» W >*' 'IriiirkiW -to: .Uoj»'» ' i>y rniJIioiif.'for ow 40 - l: ' ' -"'"--ilp (bn COOKS WHO KNOW GOOD COOKING INSIST ON Now Located in Glcncoc Hotel Blitg. ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU EUWAKDS, rroprictor All Mukcs «f Hebuill T.vycH-rltcrs, Adding machines and .Calculators— Hup.iirlnjr— 1'arts — Klbbom FLOUR South's Finest 20 !b. sack !>5c; 10 Ib. sack 51>c; 5 Ib suck 32 MILK, earnatipn, 3 Large ..l..i...'21'c;" 6 Small 21c ORANGE AND GRAPEFRUIT JUICE, Femdell, 47 Oz. Can Ea. 24c PEA§, % D.ay Petit P.ois, No. 2 Can Ea. He LffllA BEANS, Pelmonte. Small, Green No, 2 Can Ea. 16c OVER BAKED BEANS WHh L>r>rk and Molasses Sauce Bro>vn Beauty, -3 «ms . 25' SOAP, Life Buoy, For Your Summer Bath 2 Bars 12c BEANS, Blytheville Strin^less, Cut, No. 2 Can .. .. 3 Cans 23c TOMATOES, Standard Hand Packed, No, 2 Can 2 Cans 14c JSPINACH, Baby jtuart. Fancy. No. 2 Can Ea. I2c CAKES MOTHER'S DAY SPECIAL, White, Bach ncconited ' 49 P. andG. SOAP, Giant White Bars 1 ^' '..'.'_ " 3 for He TEA Sam Panj Orange Pekoe, 1-4 Lb. Beautiful Glass Free Pkg. 24c OLIVES, Libby'g Green, 14 or. Net"We^ht Jar 27c SOAP, Woodbury's, Buy 3 Get 1 for Ic 4 Bars 25c COFFEE, Maxwell House Regular or Drip, 1 Ib. tin 25 , Selected U. S. No. 1 Red 10 Ibs. 2(5c SUGAR, Pure Cane, Granulated, Domino 10 Lbs. 57c CATSUP, Heinz Pure, 14 oz. Botile Ea 19c SALT U Lb. Box For the Table 2 Boxes 5c Pasteurized Grade A Milk For Better Health irr t ^ ' - Cb?r> * e O y- Fash » one 4 Kind, No. Zi Can Ea. 9c JfcLLO, 6 Assorted Flavors, Your Choice Pksr 5c S& BEANS Campbell's, 1 Po W nd Can ^ :::::: ! 2 Canf'lGc CORN. P.nde of »lmois. Full No. 2 Can Ea . 10c HAMS Whole or Half. Swift's or 'Wilsiw's 14-JC Ib. <ivcr«KC. Hi. 21' LARD, Loose,' Lb. 8c BEEF ROAST, Best Gr. Chuck Lb.20c BACON, SKcd, .Rind Oif PORK CHOPS, End Cuts P.O.RK CHOPS, Center Cut. Lb. 18c Lb. 15c Lb. 18c BUTTER, Best Grade Lb. 32c CHEESE, American 2 Lb. box 43c SALT MEAT Best Grade Lb. 12c SAUSAGE, Mixed Lb. 5c BACON ILb. Box24c «ird Brand S Ib. pound pails '!8c; 70' We Deliver 104 S. Division Street I'houc 1SI C. L. NABERS « GROCERY fr MARKET Friday, Saturday, iMonday, May it), 11, 13 JW.JE. Main .Street in lilythcvilfe I'honc 23'1 Free Delivery. IJcst for Less-Everyday Prices .Good for Fri., S^t., ;Mon, & Tues. PUFFED WHEAT Quaker 21 C STRAWBERRIES Grown Pi. Raisins . 2 Lb. 17c Grape Jam Pint J5c MarshmaUows Lb. 124c Sorghum Gal. .5§c Pimehtpes 4 pz. 5c Syrup, pure ..... Gal. 45c Apple jRwUer Qt. lOc Peanut Krunch, Pi. I2c GREEN CABBAGE .U). 1:1 3c POTATOES •Sound-Firm Sk. SUia; 20 iO !l)s. )bs. 45c; Canoya Coffee, Pkd, Drip or Reg Lb. 22ic Kelloggs Corn Flakes, Regular Size 3 Boxes 20c Searchlight Matches, 3 Boxes lO.c; Carton ........ 19c Kreme'l, By Kar.o, All flavors, P,ies, etc. 3 pkg I4c Heinz Baked Beans, 10c Size ... 3 Cans 21c Libby's Pure Tomato Catsup 14 oz. I5c Welch's Grape Juice/Healthy, Zestful Qt. 39c Delmonte Midget Peas, Extra Small 16c Monarch .the Finest Quality Lb. 26c Stokley's New Sliced Carrots, Beans, Beets r Pride 111. Corn, Lge. No. 2 Cans !...:..":;..'.'.„.'::. 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Per Bbl. $5.35 TOMATOUS PEAS HOMINY yeans & Pwk .Carrots, i'cas i\lix Veg'lablcs Cooked Aspirin 12's IVr Can Your {'liolco Only 5c SI'AGIIKTTI MATCHES SAI/r MACAItONI TOM. PASTK I'ottcd Meat AI'PLKS .ORANGES Your Choice 2 for 5c New South Syriij) l,j;c. t Strained Honey 8 tn. juvs l''nr.niturc Oil. full '/2 P' n<s Floor Wax. old Knglish flat cans I'. t vt (;. ,,r Ov. Whifc .Soaps 3 for 01.KO, 1'urc VcKclablc Ib. IMCKI.l^S, Full 1'ints....'. Your Choice IVr Article lOc MOTOR OIL Texaco Valor 2 (Jal. TEA Orange 1'ekoc Old (Jut (JlJi Judi;c .ss I'ree 23 C TOMATOES Hand .'{ cans Bairy-Stock-Pouljry Feeds See and Use the Latest Comcnk'iU'c in fnod shopping, the glider .baskets—rolls so easy \u> back breakinr; carry ing. THURSDAY, WAY 9, 1940 GROCERS PRICES FOR FRIDAY & SATURDAY ^••••••1 17c Libhy's Milk 6 Small Cans 3 Large Cans Coffee Chasm & ^a horn, Ib. n Ca nova or Maxwell Houso, Stokely's Finest Food TOMATOES N . 2<m Hf •No. 2 Ci»\ CHILI SAUCE :; 15 CITRSIP "' „,„ 20 CATSUP "Lu, 12 Heinz Sale IIIUDA Fresh Cucumber UUmDV PICKLES -\ Ac Vt THMATA KKTCH'UI IVmHIV Xec. jjottie BAKED BEAKS 15 TOMATO JUIC:B; 'I ,:•'"" 15' SPAGHETTI <*•£•,",*- 25 VINEGAR '"'<?" ,4 Matches 3c Cabbage 2c YELLOW SQUASH , S CARROTS :3 Bchs. 10 POTATOES 10 20 SPRING ONIONS Hch. APPLES Arkansas Black "s for 10 k New POTATOES ..ft. fiRAPEFRUIT 13 JEWEL OIL H 17 „, 30 OLIVES I'olo Jiriind, Queen "22 ox. jar PORK BEANS . 25' TOMATOES Standard No. 2 can America in Oil Ho. y 4 Tin SALAD i pt. 120 Dressing pt. 21c qt National lifUCAT Shreddetl If flCH 9 IJox ROYAL 10 5 JELLO RONCO GRAHAM LOG CABIN SYRUP „ 18 TOMATO PASTE IJox 1 ox. C( Hox V GRACKjERS i 11). -lft( I Box IU can BANQUET TEA PEERLESS TEA i Ib. can 21o Vi Ib. can 4()c .9 07.. Box 25 PEABODY TEAM'S'£20 Tender TCI 7 o/.. liox 3-ic. ] A-af I CR 3'/» o/. Ifox I8c Shoulder Thick Rib Clod.lfc. Ib. 20c Pure Lard PIG LIVER 10 SALT MEAT liinjnil 10 PICNIC HAM IIOUIHl 15 Bacon 18c BROOKFIELD Ill "S, 1 ,32 CLEO Swift's Victory VEAL STEAKS 20 SUNLIGHT CHEESE 45 I jMUHid Box 25 Jewel vs 37c|Sugar 5 47c Aunt Jemima MEAL 15 28 '"'"".W Hacli . 10 II). Satk . 20 Ib. Sack . FLOUR GULF 2 j Ib. Sack . . ..C5c .is Ib; sack $1.25 Shiblcy's 21 Ib sack S5c BEST •ISlb.Saok $1.05 SUNSHINE lOc IJo.v Krispics Crackers and lOc Box I'of a I o Chips 15 s 2l)c Value for Silver Dtist Powder, with CANNON TOWBJ Ho Tomato Juice Frazier 46 oz. Can 14c PEANUT )iim ' KR 1>lnl Oiiurl . He OXYDOL Small Ijox 8c; Giiuil 57c; lipx ..lilt

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