Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 20, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1952
Page 13
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*' *" EtA ' iltwt ft* tfl Offlc* Oty StfoN D "S .79 1.M .M l.M 1:5 !X !:S i£ 1 B.M 1.00 8.50 100 4.00 1.00 JIFJED OISPUAY »».„.,«,. 75o p«r Inch IS «».,.., n ,,M.H,. 100 per Inch Wfl p«r Inch rftflvlSf «r n», > P.m, for day. thi rlohl to iHtntnli of. ... and to rt|*tf odvtfllnna wt>of mor* i«t» _„... meh « home* number* count at on* Ytj— .—.* Ajfa 17jiV**« f f WIT ^%1K l^fnVaV «ur ail«ntlon of od and ONI Inewfet) Phot* 7-3431 lOPE STAR »W". •.**.. ' rtftt i«r li, l*it WMtuJoy aflsmoon by IUIHIN*) CO, .... N Wtlaul lirtot, Mfitf «t I.Att sll.r iMn 1IM. ft Hatsi (poy«bl« In od- In Hop* and ntlohbor- «l>.t^n..Mtt.M..,Mtl«,M ', .'W MM,,,,,,,.,,,,.., ...... , ...... 13,00 in "M»mpit«otl, Nnvoda, HowonL and Mulsr coun- . ,,«.,,, ...I.., *.H,..I |B9 MntN ......... i ..... , ..... ... 1 ,40 *t*«*lt«itMMUU(Htlt4MM*»« 3*60 * « A 0.00 1100 Ady«rtltlnq Rtprititntatlvtit it^Mllict, Inc.; 1402 5i»ntk trnpW* I, T«nn,, 603 T*no« ji,, ballot a, T«xon 160 N, •t Ihs Atlo«lot*d Pr«HI j Pr«w it sniltltd «c O th« MM tor Nipubllcotlon toc«l n«wi printvd in thli *f, at w*ll ot oil AC n»w» Strvicts Of fer«d kind* o( Ultfh *ttph work contHct dor j& C«nnon, Phono 74014 or TltnRE room »t>lMm«ftt, furnUh»d, Eleotrlo box. Bllfi paid, 304 Bonnet. Mr*. A, K, Fair Enough •y KtHf ftltur** iyftdleat*. nj)«irlment, Clo»*-ln. Ulllltle* pnld, Onrittf, Phone 7-44M. ROOM unfurnUhed apartment. Hardwood floors, Hulll-ln fixture*, Largo clonnti. ,112 Smith .Spruce, Mm, J, K, Hchool«y, Dial 7-3IW7, , lB-8t iilc* paid, Nfinr Hluro, Mr«. J. £ J'hone 7-3(177, HcMooley's Kehool»y, lB-3t S ROCJM furnUhttd npurtmcnt, Private front, Ixith, Electric notmer, Dial 7-3ftft3. bank entrances, retrlu'-iratoi', 331 30-31 WonUd ONK moro oxpflrlenccd wnltremi, We hnvn flvo of the flnent jjlrls In the Mlnte, but need one more, We pay the best nalnrlos in the iinuth and furnldh mflftli too, Apply Mm. Carroll, Diamond Cafe. 23-tf TWO «ond steady dishwasher* and on« cook'n helper. Apply Mm, Carroll, Diamond Cafe. 23U AHKIC»NMPJNTS for lined furniture of nil kinds and anything of vnl- tio, Mld-Houth Auction. 7-4370, 10-flt For Sole Fnr«JDAIUU; Illleetrlc nnnao nnd Phllco i-nn«olo, both llko new, WlBo p&rtnbln barbecue pit, Phono D, M, Floyd nt Hotel Dn'rlnw. IB-nt M, 8I/.P %" to W x 4' x BV Hiillnbii. for wnll partition)), «hiMithln«, cloxet linings, nhol- vln«, (-to. SOtlTIIKItN PLA.H- WOOD CORPOKATION. H, W. OHOUND8. lU-flt MV HOMK, '04 ncrpH good «rn«« or fnrmlnK Intnl. Fish nnd utock pimd, 3 live «prlng«. Other con vonlonees. J, U. Aruli-rson Spring Hill, ArknruuiH. l(i.(lt but no ditcfulvo di«po»Itiim c-vr-r w*t mi»d«. Sl<-««l wni rnurdnred In tJevcrly Hill*. Calif,, »m! hi* prcat-ansent, Oreennpiin, front NeW York, ci.u«ht on ** publlehpr of * nmnll (ju|)cr in LAI V>ga«, N«v,, which i had (torn recently ulnrird by the ' printer*' union. top Radio Programs HEW vbftli <* — LtntWlng to- NBC — 7:30 The Great Oilder- ulrrve; S Ormicho Marx Show; 8:30 Hollywood Mutlc Box. CBS — 0 Hotert Q'» Waxworkl; . . . _ 7:30 Dr. Christian; 8 Your* Truly, A few month* n«o. Orcennpun j ( ,h n ny Dollar »iraln*t McCar- AB c - B-30 The IxJne Ranger; Ktnftcd r«n, demanding n mlllkm dollars 7 p Mtfn8r |,, u 8A , 7:30 Valentino. on iho theory that a<lvertU«r* who „_ g pulton Lewis Jr • 7 „_ e • BOWON, Aug. 10 — Finding my- formerly had concentrated thelri M .,, ic f or . u al f Hour- 7-30 Oroat iflf.hi notion I Improved « »hln- ' |,u*ln«« In the oW citablfartitd La« nl Slww ' Irtf h«ir by further Inquiry Into th<> v«#i»ii Review-Journal were gull-i Oft** at Carl A, l,Btv», whuie con-.iy of n connplrnty became thc»ej ........ • ........ viction under the McCarran Wnl-: ixlvi iti«<»r» decided to drop out ofi lor Immlffrallon act put him In paper and again con-| Thiinday: NBC — 9:30 n. m. theoretical danger of tl«1poi'l«tlonk'frilrat<? In the Review-Journal, i 13 ""* 1 '* "r Nothing. " bl» unlive Finland nnd »epnra-!lhi» law-null Wiu nub Jddlce whenj f ' BS ~ 10;3 ° a - "'• Grand Slam. tlon from III* native American i Bwnarrt Ynro*l*w put Greengpuni ABC — 9 a, m. My True Story; wife and hi* two ndult '"nntlv<»>on the nlr from e New York all! !( '-' !l1 Rreak the Bank. American «m» who did their bit - """ '" but no more than their txiunderi bit In the United Si«t«>* Nnvy and v/ett dUchm-geil with honor, Thin ante wn« blown up'by the Nfw York Time* and HeraUI- "> «• '»• Ladies Fair. B.isebnll —MBS Game of Day drinking ploe«. to horanRtiel the public In a plea for donation*! nnd aympathy nnd a vilification N> iw»rk 12:55 p. m. Cleveland In- of Heniitoi" McCorriin. There i* no person named Chnnd- Irr anywhere ubout the refitnuriint ! i h.mci' to smear McCflrran. cli.m;< nl Boston Red Sox. Tribune, which depleted the legal) known »» "Chandler'a" Which 111 I have noted that Judge Wyzan- (.prmlerl by the mid-Hudson ay»-|ski who presided In the Boston U in, which is owned principally i lrl.il, wan » Frankfurter hot dog by the two brothers Kubin, nu-|al Harvard Law with Alger Hiss, nctlwh agnlnut Littvn 111 n nmUhintrnt Infllci'-d mi «' blntw- grwfiihorn by N rnnllclouK old man, the iwnlor »enittoi' from Nevada, Pot McCnrran. There hit* V>een n great elnmw ngnlnvt MeCnrnm from eaiitern center*, repre»t-ntln« him n» a , , ,, ._ _.. henrtlew blgol, although he corned the prepniumdn which they have! compelled to find Lntva guilty but tiwn of I'olinh territory now fluf- | rlun *ind American cttl/.ens by prorcss. l-'rimkfurter Insltiuntcd him the govvrnment among mnny |(U.<'rs, and Ihut Wyzanski testi- By the COTTON STATES LEAGUE W L Pet Cotton Leaders Beaten Meridian Natchez Greenwood El Dorado Monroe Pine Bluff Greenville Hot Springs 76 43 70 49 65 54 61 58 61 58 56 62 45 74 41 77 ' By The Associated Press The top two teams in the Cotton States League were soundly trounc-j ed as El Dorado took top-of-the-j henp Meridinn for a 5-1 baseball Win and Monroe stopped Natchez 10-8. A parade of ten hurlers march- Prides Come to Hope Pork Tonight at 8 Red River's Prides who shut I out Hope 5-0 on Monday night I will come to Fair park tonight at < ...-ed to the mound In the two games' 8 o'clock for another playoff the league leaders fought to 'If the Prides win, and they are ! ..,' 513 ' .347 sti-m the rising tide . of'hits and favored, it would eliminate Hope. runs. Reeder Iluddleston will be on the] In tho other two game:; last! mound for the locals and inciden-j night, Greenville topped Fine Bluff! tally he holds one of Hope's only] 7-2 and Greenwood beat Hot! two victories over the Prides this I Last Night's Results Kl Dorado 5; Meridian 1 Greenville 7; Pine Bluff 2 Monroe 10; Natchez 8 Tonight's Oamvs Pine Bluff at Hot Springs Monroe at Kl Dorado Greenwood at Greenville Meridian at Natuhex SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W L Chattanooga Springs 5-2. At Meridian, El Dorado in a in- The brother* Rubin K!VP no np.;'"" 1 llot " rlcc ljul twlt « as u cha1 '' pearunee of pulltloul vhuracter but atl "'' witness for Hiss. He was of a Block which suffered UN much lu tbal respect ax tiny other element of mankind Iml newer whim- pured nnd fouitht tu own fight. !!'• aldo hiiH been nmi-nred with Inn('l)don to the effect thftt he U tin ligertt of the cilmlruil underworld Ulthoitgh he tctxln a plnin and unununlly He I* the fnthi'i 1 of two Catholln nuns. One of them, Sinter Miny Pblrlcla, In n KCholnr of note nnd nuthor of h leiirncd Ihi.'-iUi entitled "Fnbfnnlitm lit the Polltleal Lift- of. Brltnln, 10III-I93I' , This earned foe Slfllcr Mnry Pnlrlcln the do- Jiroc of Doctor of Phlloxophy from the Cnlholic Unlvcmlty of America, To bet Kiiro, n mnn mlKhl bo the fnthn of two nuns nnd a ro|!\u- n^viM-thelenH, but thnt l« unlikely nnd It iTitiHt bt> nddi'tl thnl no di- been «hovln« constantly through't'"* lh<1 opportunity to condemn I he medium of Yaroiiluw consists 1 we liiw an <'. Inferentlally McCar- JiirtHy of ferocious ttbiisi) tifirii". who Is marked for political Artiei-linm rill/ens who reject thej liquidation not by his own state MitrxiHH proKram of tho organl-l llllt b > f'stern societies. In _C.rQen yatinn culled AmerelanH for Democratic action. Yarns)aw once said harangue to tho Rubin.ra- dio audience, he evoked laughter markedly he knew nil about the ADA pro-S twlec .by comments on a heart at- Kriim and endorsed It. | '»'•'< which almost killed McCar- Hubert Humphrey, the Minnesota!'; 1 ; 1 MeCarran's recovery was a „ u,. !„ ..... ,,i "disappointment" In his career in y.nator who in the presiding genius of ADA, hus been a guest" propagandist on the Yiiroslaw-Hu bin program. Incidentally, thv well-known old Reuben's rental)Mint i'i not Impllcntod in this sitti;i- nppointmcnt" Nevada journalism., In Boston rumors were current! AMERICAN LEAGUE 72 58 Atlanta 73 GO .549 N<w Orleans 69 03 .523 Memphis 67 65 Mobile 64 65 Nashville 02 68 Little Rock 61 70 .466 Birmingham 57 70 .429 Last night's Results Atlanta 10; Nashville 4 Birmingham 0; Chattanooga 2 New Orleans 1; Memphis 0 Little Rock at Mobile, cancelled, rain. Tonight's Games Nuthvlllc at/ Atlanta (2) Birmingham at Chattanooga Memphis at Mobile (2) Little Rock at New Orleans tained the lead all the way, scoring first In the second ining. Kl Dorado cinched the game- when Don Petchow slapped a two- run homer over the right field fence. At Natchez, the Monroe Sports exploded for 17 hits and had to come from behind to take the win. Greenwood's three-run third inn== ! ' n 8 cinched the game and Hot Springs remained in the bottom , of the league. j Greenville, trying hard to stay • 3UO| out of the cellar, stopped Pine 477 ul u »-euui, slopped fine 477l Bluff bc ' hind the five-nit pitching 'AKR of 20-year-old George Garcia of Tainpico, Mexico. Greenville Leftfielder John (Gip) Gayle blasted a 385-foot homer over the leftfield fence with one on in the third inning. that the American committee for the protection of the foreign born hud engaged Latvn's counsel and financed his defense. Latva may •Chandler's" M now defendant " ot hiwe known thnt this orgnni- in n law milt by the political gov-| «»>"» was on the attorney «ener eminent, charged with Kypplng tne public on food nnd drink In vio- !utIon of the OPS schedules. The amount of g y p p e r y charged "Ohnndler'N" $IMO,(M(I, was * in Jin Impressive list rod evklenee to Incriminate 1'nt MeCarnin an an nxent of the ei-lm-iti,, inal underworld, nor even nn ne- llf fl | m ||nr OI'S actions. Myles J. tlmillble chnr||« to thnt effeet, ever i,im,. ( the old Dartmouth football him been heard. It him nil beenL| nr> w |,o | s ,, IIW U.S. attorney, n- 111" HUNTER window fan, ICIcc- trl«nlly reversible, Gunrnmeett B yen I'd, 7-4414, lined montliN, Cull 1IKH LIVING, dining room and kitchen /urnlturo, Kinnll amount down nnd pick up monthly payment*, 423 W. Dtvlnlon or Phone 7-4414. iu-at NJCKRU In good nhuiio, 514 N, Wnihtuu- ton. Phone 7-30.71, aocu R«ol Estate for So U done by Inufiulo iiml It is .sli'.nifi oniU thnt the rnoul Hhncklun atlncU on Mt'Clirrim was nuulf over the nil- from an Kn»t Sldi» New Ycu-k ri-Dtiuii-uut cullial ••t'hniKlli.'f's" by n nittri rmn«'<J Hunk l« such defendants us "(ji'ci'ily i-biNeler.s" und singled nut the Hubiri brothers' steak house for .ipeehil i-ondemnatlon. The IIC-WH of the Kovernment'H charges evoked many IntereatinK tips mid under the ntinpleeK ut one llernard j ,•t-mlnUeenees concerning the Hit- YoroalBW, w noelurnal tlUc-Joelu-y-i bins ami their mouthpiece. is In Nc- 1 nnmiiius of custom mon' vwtln nn un ex-eunvk-t, lie studied , ( ,\ luivo been shipped into Nevnrtn Itiw with Vito Miirciintunlo, the New York voniirexgir.nn who fulth- I Lilly followed the Ciiiniiiunl.Ht |nu-- ty line for mnny yours, und ho Intulod Id Neviutn us presg-iiKt'nt for tho lulu HtiKji.iy Slegel, tho umlcrworUI nubob. when Slc'tiul opened the uaudy wambllnu housi- lintl hotel milled FliiinluK^ which VVR« built in part ut riuiteriul ill- tewed In huvu bi'i-n Dbtiiiiii'd In vlu- lall.ni of the reKtricliou.s. nmbUtoui mnt\ with to. work Hewpntend and a., Covmtlet, Avom«o gn *400 to $800 pen- tnon- eroitotJ )n making this money plt>B»« Contact D, Ends, M Btd||,, Tex- 15-ut Nl'IW 5 room House. 800 X 910 lot, L|«hu, UHK nnd wiiler. Can Ue sot-ii until S«turady 4 Will siu'i-l- flee for quick *nlo. Olllu Lo Grand, Knit 23rd Street. , » 20-3t __ Chance to Shoot VANDAUA, O. WPl — Tho little tsot (heir chance ut ttold glory today In tho B3rd Grnnd Trupshoot, For the Jim! and only time in the 1 ,,100,000 ••••• target barni«e, the iunrkamen will fire only nguinKt (hose of comparable Intent UN they were held un thnt t i heat MeCarrnn beeuuse he in- Irodueed the hlKhly complex 1m- mlKration bill which ' Congress fi- niilly' pnascil over President Tru- Hum's veto. The impudence of enslern letterhead soeieltea in ;it. lemptlng to dlctuto the selection nf n senator from n western stato wns losl siuht of, And the TiniL-^' iind Honild-Tribune. published In it list. He claims to have been u Communist only for a few months 111 years ago. 1 telephoned Ferderick Cohen, Lalva's lawyer, and he would only .i.-iy that If a person in Latva's situation consulted the committee, the committee most likely would reenmmend him as defense counsel. New York Cleveland Boston Washington Chlcapo Philadelphia St Louis Detroit W L 70 49 07 HO G2 52 02 58 01 5fl 50 56 Pet. .5811 .573 .544 .525 .513 .513 season, setting them down with | four hits. Meanwhile Mineral Springs hold j one win over Nashville in the oth- ' er half of the playoff and the two ' teams meet again tonight. ONCE A BASKetBALL PLAYER* ALWAYS A SKETBALL PLAYER \NHV GOL LIKE OTHER MEN VDUR AGE Show Business Answer to Previous Puiila Predicts That MarcianoWill Win Title 50 70 .417 3!) 79 .331 Wednesday's Schedule Chicago at New York Rofiovin 100 vs Sain 9-5 Cleveland at Boston Lemon 14-9 vs McDermott 7-7 Detroit at Philadelphia Wifiht 4-5 vs Fowler 1-2 "A,e you a Communist?" I asked I St. Louis at Washinfiton Byrne (i- Mr. Cohen. He said he would not discuss his personal beliefs and when I said thi.s was not a personal but a l.olitical lawyer question, in the Mr. Latva's anti-McCarran propaganda case said he considered the question to be personal. He still would not say whether he was n • Communist. Latva probably will be ajlowed to renin in this country by eexcu- tjve order. Not by the most clever design could a case have been selected by the government which would have provided a more poignant or hypocritical smear of Sen, ( «tor Put MeCarrnn. The New York city which elected a Communist Times and Herald-Tribune ignored I" Congress over and over, revelled these qualifying facts in their sob In the Latva case In Boston as a | story editorials against McCnrran. 12 vs Shea 9-0 Tuesday's Results Boston 0 Cleveland 5 Philadelphia 4-6, Detroit 3-5 twi- night. Chicago 3, New York 1 night Washihgton 2, St. Louis 1 night. NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn Now York .St. Louis Philadelphia Chicago Boston Cincinnati Pittsburgh the Nntlunnl Cl»it« chnm- pionithlp, 'I'ltleit tn five clunaws running (ruin AA, In which tho (ihiKilm avt't'HUu 00 or ovttr dosvn to CUi«» D for tin 1 not-so-Hood shoot- ei'B who «vt*r«B«i under Btt pel* tent, will b« deckled, The day's pnmruiu, oxpcctod to Hllnict HOIIU> UOO nluKiU'1'si, will bo nuumonU'il by u stutt> flvu-i\»ui\ team vaco and n tone ulngles cluiin|)luiinhl|) uvcnt in , which tlw top men will fight for noctlonul The Kill A shooting furnishes n the Preliminary Iluiull- cu|> twrmrrow and the Graiul Amur- Irnu lluiirtk'iip Friday — the major event. Thp North American' 19>ynrd clay tnritet championship w«* decided ycsteruoy ovor thtf 300 — target route. The winners wore: I Men — Rudy Etchen. 20-yoar-oW Sun VttUey. Ida., red .head who broke 300 straight and the defeated P. O, Dully, Sl.yeaiNOld F«H roont, Neb,, fanner In •* shootoK SPANISH RANGE LEE WELLS Cnnni.M.insi.M-wt:: HmnU.lt,I It)- Kli<( Ki-«luif«S CHAFTKU TWENTY -SEVEN ULAtSK Colt u tion-o\v for Aniong nlno tkxi tw third place in the aoa-ui-tjot murathon with scores of 190 ot SOU were L. Ingles Kwry, Kevadti, Mo., and Hudgeus , Althciiusr, Ark. Molnnlc. Sho had spoken Blia-ercly, teeing her mistake, inuKIng this lut eager grasp for n hupptnusa. Hope and lovo glowed in her face Mta her eyes. Had this happened two months before, Ulniaa might have taken hor away from Conejo. But . . . Itonnte, And n o w, tn thta moment, Blalso found tlml ho could not destroy Melnnie'u dreams, rerlwns later, quietly wltlulrnw- Ing, ho could bring her to umler- Illa fauo tioftoncd and he her, tenderly. She responded so awlfXly thftt Ulalso h u s t H y «tepp«d back. "You'd better got those thlnga put away ... in cane Murk conies Uck." "Hut you and I , . .T" Sh« left the question expectantly unilnlshed, "I—»ojnelhlnK will work out, •ontehow." Sho took It .M anawer enough, replaced the documents und returned them to the high shelf, walked back tu tho kitchen, Up tltn coffee cup and drank dMply. Whtn M«lante oatno out, he stood by the door, hut tn hand. "Leaving so soon?" \ "J think—I'd twtter." "When will you be baok?" I She stepped close, lifted up on h«r to«* and klaaed him air»ln. «oon, ra w»ft." .II Yord BUY-SELL or, TRADE WITH HOPE STAR WANT ADS v _^ PHONE 7-3431 ti« ducked out Uto door *nd w»Jk«d with »win, long strldaa to «wung Into the h* roda northward, his moved In » giddy whirl. He frit aahtmed for HluiseU, «nd y«t jWlUfted. too, H« recailwi Uw aurf* of #ywp»thy and stMUkUtf he had felt for M«* It, but—he mo longer loved her. But Mark? UonU had «aid to ftn4 tht ro»n who bought land, who tradftd, told and quietly acquired the Valley acre*. Blalse had found UMfct man, now. Blalse understood why. years be tore, Mwk had worked to have them all surrender to l*onla, The King of Calabasas. *" " mutt have shrewdly retUxed, drive rival* off but he could „ wholly possess the Und. Tben the ftood and the drought had 94rt*U«4 Scorpion's e»piuwlon. M*r¥ b«4 profited, k Stuiiuf* ure? Blalse fWW»ly Wtlwwie ju«t at the H*4 fte4 firora taut V lioola. Aa to tho old Chavez murder, Utilise saw It in ft now light; Mark luut coveted Chalsworth land and CliuvcK hud owned u good deal ot It. Mark might logically have placed tho incriminating gun and belt In Ululso's slwelc without suspicion, llo could then hnvo sent word to I.i'onlH, who hud moved iriKtantly to remove one of tits most dangerous opponents. That Hindu seii.si., though ac-tual proof was lacking. What of Melanlo? Sho believed Ulutso would return for her. tie shook his head. Now he need not fear cxponlng Murk, It ho was Uie real murderer. But Melanlo would discover that Ulalse could not take Mark's place. Sho would have lost twice. iilalso rodo through the pass and drew rein looking down on Ca'a- IwsjU, llo could sco theism behind the grocery storo.^pv guurds. Men moved Ut and out n the store; A knot ot them stood under the big oak treo. Blalse's lips pressed and he set the horse to the descend* Ing road. He entered the town sitting easily in the saddle, eyes sharp ami searching. He passed the blacksmith shop, noted the loafers about the open door. They were fresh from the range. They stopped talking and watched htm as he rode by, He passed a hitchrack, lined with horses, noted the Scorpion brand, So I*eonia had come ... In strength. The old man planned something, and the old suspicions flared up anew, strong and powerful But reason and Uie knowledge he had acquired In the Conejo Intervened. Leonls elmply planned direct and fast action, typical of his swift way lit the past "BUise!" He drew rein. Hal stepped front the livery stable and waved urgently to him. Blalse kicked the horse into « trot and rode Into the ys.nl "Leonis rode in. He's at the saloon, holding powwow with some of his boya." BUlse nodded and turned the. horse over to the hostler, who glared at him and reluctantly accepted the reins. Blaiae walked out the gate y»& across the street to tae saloon white H*l hurried away toward the barn. U«u4s sat »t one of the Cafe tables, a few of his riders dost about, some of the merchant*. AB Blaise entered ta* wen turned. Leonls tmiled. toy L** * ««"* We've been waiting or you." '1 heard." Blaiso walked to the able, looked around at tho men I then down at Lconla. "How ibout n palaver?—Just us?" Lc'onis cocked a shaggy brow, onsidcred and then nodded. He ;lanccd at his foreman, the storc- cecpcr. "I'll see you later, boys. !"ho sun's warm on tho porch." Tho men moved slowly to tho door and out. Ulalse pulled a chair around. The old man waited calm- y, but something in his jaw and iyes showed that he expected an- agonlsm. "What you have in mind?" he demanded. "Clearing my name," Blalse said. 'Who took, over Chavez's land after he was killed?" "1 don't know. I paid no atten- .lon to Clmtsworth. You could find by the records." "I'll llnd them, believe me. I mow the man who tits the picture, [.eonls. lie fits it right down to ihe ground." i Leonis blinked. "Who!" ' Blaiso shook his head. "Not yet , . no real proof. But 1 think my man is tied in with Vosquez. You mark my word, Leonts, Vasquer will strike again and on orders from the fellow ! know Is at the bottom of all this devilment." "You're just guessing, I'd say." "More'n that, Leonis. I know wbo 'my man' Is, He knows what's Happening hero. He'll come." Blaise jerked his thumb over his shoulder to the street. "So I want the guard held at the barn." "Until he makes a play . . » or run* out," Leonis nodded. "Afterward T" ••Jail in Los Angeles and a trial." "I order my men." Leonis agreed. 'You fear nothing from Scorpion." Blalse walked to the store. He told Hal to stop worrying. The Scorpion atgundo walked from tae saloon to the store and fathered the men on the porch around him. They listened and then moved tn a body back to the saloon. "For a drink." Hal aaid and sighed. "That means Leonis U keeping his bargain. I'U rest tonight." "I'll stand your turn," Blaise said. "Vasquen may wove any time.'' "We ain't got enough to tnM him oft," Ha) warnedT^ - "You forget Scorpioa's ia town, L#oni* won T t pa** up | chance to Wt Values, we'll have pjeaty «| gW4 on our aide/' ffoSe W L Pet 74 38 08 45 68 49 02 53 58 60 40 65 50 68 35 86 .601 .602 .581 .539 .492 .430 .424 .281) Wednesday's Schedule New York at Chicago Jansen 11-8 s Minner 11-8 Brooklyn at Cincinnati Loes 1- G vs Raffensbentser 13-10 or Pod- bielan 0-2 Philadelphia at Pittsburgh Meyer 9-12 vs Hogue 1-4 Boston at St. Louis Burdette 5-6 vs Haddix 0-0 • Tuesday's Results New York 5-3, Chicago 0-1 Brooklyn 3-3 Cincinnati 0-5 Philadelphia 10, Pittsburgh 5 St. Louis 7, Boston 5 night. PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE Hollywood 4; San Diego 0 (10 Innings). Portland 3; Los Angeles 0 Oakland 4; Seattle 3 Sacramento 4; San Fraricisco 3 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Indianapolis 6-1; St. Paul 1-2 Charleston 3; Kansas City 0 Milwaukee 5; Columbus 2 Louisville 13; Minneapolis 11 TEXAS LEAGUE Tulsa 3; San Antonio 2 (12 innings Shreveport 1; Fort Worth 0 Oklahoma City 0; Houston 8 Beaumont 4; Dallas 0 WESTERN LEAGUE v Lincoln 2; Colorado Springs 1 Omaha 5; Denver 2 Pueblo 9; Des Moines 0 Sioux City 5; Wichita 3 Lookouts May Have Talked Way Out Chattanooga's pennnnl - hungry Lookouts may have talked their way out of the Southern Association leadership. Their violent - tempered sparkplug, second baseman Ellis Clary, sat out the second day ot his three-day suspension today, and his absence retakes Chattanooga a less effective team. . Clary look such enraged execution to a decision by Umpire Pan Roy in Atlanta Monday night that his b.mis-hment by the arbiter got an extension from league president Charley Hurth, who also plastered the- unhappy Clary with a $2r> fine. Without their sparkling key- stonL-r, Chattanooga bowed to Birmingham last night, 0-2, and saw their first place margin shrink to a halt-game over Atlanta, The Crackers trounced Nashville, 10-4. New Orleans made it two in a row over Memphis, 1-0, in the only ether game. Rain cancelled the Little Rock-Mobile meeting. Chattanooga was welcomed home by 16,779 cheering tans, who saw them break to a 2-0 lead and then bow to the Clitf Coggiii mound artistry for Birmingham. Atlanta shelled Al Worthington, Nashville's league strikeout king for five runs before' his early departure, hanging his llth defeat on the husky former University of Alabama star. A brilliant pitching clash in New Orleans went to youthful George O'Donnell of the third place Pels, who threw a four-hitter at the on- mshing Memphis Chicks. By JACK CUDDY NKW YORK, (UP) — Toijmyl- Loughran, one of the most severe critics of current boxing, surprised his listeners today by predicting: (1) The Jersey Joe Walcott- 110 Rocky Marci&no heavyweight title fight at Philadelphia on Sept. 23, will draw much more in the city of brotherly love than if it had been slated for New York or any ether metropolis. (2) Marciano, -'the most colorful fighter since J-ack Dempsey," wil win tho championship from ancle Walcolt and will inspire thousands of youngsters from coast to coast to become professional boxers. Loughran. former world light HORIZONTAL VERTICAL Octopus link The black fluid obtained' from heavyweight champion, said, "I | cai'.'t understand why everyone ia' bemoaning the fact that the big fight will be held in Philadelphia . instead of New York. It's really • a Philadelphia fight. Attcr Walcott comes from Camden, N.J. —.just across the river from Philai delphia — and he has a trcmen* dous following in that part of Pen- j nsylvania and in Now Jersey. Also, anyone who would come from New England to New York would add a bit of mileage and continue on to Philadelphia. And New York fans will go to Philadelphia if they figure they're going to see a knock- c'own-drng-out brawl." Could it be that the erect, brown haired, 49-year-old ex-warrior with the scar tattings about his and mouth | because it was his home town until he moved to New York in 1945, long after his 1937 retirement? "No," said Tommy, "I favor nothing and nowhere in boxing today. I suspect much dishonesty in the sport. But I must give credit where it is due. I believe Philadelphia is the best site for the fight, and I believe Marciano will beat Walcott. "Yes, I've seen both fight several times. Marciano is the heaviest puncher and most colorful fighter since Dempsey. Yes, he's much more colorful and captivat ing than Joe Louis was. Louis was a plodder, a stalker, a mechanical fighter with great hand-speed. Ho left little to the imagination. He always wanted the opponent to lead. Marciano marches in throwing punches — like Dempsey -used ink sacks of the octopus and certain species of cuttlefish, is used in manufacture ot "sepia ink," a rich, reddish brown ink used extensively in water coloring. troit Tigers. 4-3 and 6-5. to climb into a fifth-place tie with Chicago and advance within nine games of the pace-setting Yankees. New York I" an d Andy" 5 Shakespeare's "King " 0 Doris J2 Adhesive 13 Opera singer Gluck 14 Malt beverage 15 Musical compositions 17 Broadway, —r- York ISPAit used in air races 19 Scoops out 21 Egyptian river 23 Observe 24 High mountain 27 Evict 29 Goddess of discord 32 Show mercy 3»*?ace next to 36 Opposed 37 Outcome 38 Falsifier 39 Pedestal part 41 Ocean 42 Weep 44 Peaks 46 Most acid 49 Italian territory in Africa 53 Equality 54 West Germany 56 French summer 57 Girl's name KJ Formerly 59 Worm 6U Paradise , fil Glance over CARNIVAL 1 Upon 2 Plckford 3 Gem 4 Surgical thread 5 Household «od € Huns together 7 Love god 8 Levels B Perilous 10 Toward the sheltered side 11 Evergreen trees 16 Vegetables 20 "The briny tt 22 Played a lute 24 Soviet sea \" m R 1 B V E N T l' ,« B 1 T> A S T O T A It l T A C O T S A T A S e p B R t< R B P H R T K B A T S B if A n ' T e H N 1 T R 1 C 1! M A Ct •••• M A a H 1 N T T B R N C A N B B O N» H E R O A A T A U M 1 K B ,.;; w A N S C H B • N A T T 1 R E T A 1 u A 9 1 T • C> B IN A t? N 0 T m u a A B A & R. E C5 E B Bl_ S S A f S 25 Son of Jacob ' and Leah 26 Entertainments 28 Slow (music) 30 Island (poet.) 31 Bristle 33 Mistake 35 Persons 40 Dress 43 Milton -r—, 45 Storage pits 46 German vice-admiral 47 Cereals 48 Put on shoes 50 French bank 51 Peruvian Indian 52 Arabian gulf' 55 Girl's nicknanie 1 IZ 15 IS /H 52 'ib 36 fb S3 Sb 59 Z £> IT 3 'ih Hi H 21 P ////, i'i t> 27 ^ ty// W 54 4'/ to 5 13 % Ii $ ty/'' *//,*• '•' '•' ''s' W b IV '//# ^ 'fffr HO "Jf 7 m 28 31 37 P 55 a ii n i5 19 20 •*, 29 . P V W 17 HI f& 1 i8 fcl 50 10 30 SI U * 3.1 k 70 Philadelphia Clubs Own Best Hurlers By JOE REICHLER AP Sports Writer Who is the best pitcher in base- bull today? The folks of little Pottstown. Pa., point to their own Bobby ShunU, the pint-sized southpaw of' the Athletics as the game's top hurler. On the other hand, the good citizens of Springfield. 111.. contend that their Robin Roberta, the pride of the -Phillies, is the best in the business. At any rate, one thing is certain. The Philadelphia clubs own the only 20-game winners in the major leagues today. Shantz was the first to reach the charmed circle, notching his 20th triumph Aug. 5. Roberts, who joined him yesterday became the first National Leaguer to reach that total. Roberts coasted to his 32nd complete game in 28 starts Tuesday night as the Phils outslugged Pittsburgh, 10-5. The Pirates scored four times in the last two innings after the Phils bad built up a 9-1 lead. U marked the third straight year that tb* 85-year-old right l:»nder has reached the 20-win mark. The AtWe^M didn't need the services of Shantt as they swept a doublehiead«r (ram the lowly De- PLEASE, WR. Tf?Y TO PAS5 My DADDY ON AC LWE. itS NOT FOR ANY to do. He gambles that he'll knock you out before you stiffen You've got to admire a him." Dangerous Approach A too-elose approach moon to the earth would break the moon info many pieces, starting world-wide tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, and possibly wiping out human life. PtMM tfrivf etntully,,^ tht lift you *«v« m*y to your own r £«$<? C9SO STANDARD OIL COMPANY 's more, I told my wife, let's get this straight—I " '••• want my meals right on time I" SIDE GLANCES By Galbrolth •*! with I get on » t«l*yl»ion »how! My kfd» <Jon'< _Mfvt J'w itttfittrt" -~ ---- ti***™*^*******^** PTH'eAOLfis \ * -m^ ABE JUST ON6 ) . J- . t^S. , WIT AWAY ^' A^ ,JL X ,,ti WINT'STAY . INTHRACS/ By J. R. Willlomt OUT OUR WAY WHAT WAS THAT \^~' . Ill _ '^ / OH, I . ' AWFUL CRA-=-H? ) rr: 1711 %. I NUPGE I <3UESS PA \& / —=--> i rrrzJ%!s> QA,- k 6O OKAV, I'M AN BX- »*?U HAP A COM, INSPECTOR'. »UT AMO 7WBM t Mi CN HIM XVNP LBT»KU.M,«Ak:iNA A BACK A LITTLE, ALITT'..E BUMP.' RICBHT ABOUT WOMEM WASH TUBES 6ALOMEV! HE HAVE / 1 DOM'T BELOKIfi .HERE, AMD IT MAY BE LOWCifiB THAW . YOU FI<SHTIN<5 I V0U KNOW IT! WHEN'S MY OI.fi WS HAP THOUCsrlr. BUT ITS A \ WAS ALWAYS TOO EVERY BC?XOW \><AN COM IN 1 BACK TOTAKfi'ME? HELP TO HIM TO KWOW YOU'KS I STEWBD 7» EVEW THE STREET! YOU WILL HAVE THE WITH US, AW OFF THE STKSETSy NOTICE IP r WAS - — ' »".!;S."',.",'..?". ,.,, BORN THIRTY YEARS TOO SOOSJ OUR 3OARDING MOUSE Win* Ma'ior Hoopla EGAD/ LOOK HOvJel GOT BATTLE - I MUST LOOK BATTLE -AX.. \S 3O TO I / AT THAT PRICE I'D PlSk A DEUC& THE NO. t POMY ) A A\E REV- GO- -PARADES TO <[ INFO, A SHOOT- GALLERY/ WHO Meeos A TlP OM A PLUG THAT'S POST/ vERiT/i . BLY A OF TKE SLUE CHUM! SET A TICK&T OM RIB KGAST BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES _• _. , i •y Edgar Ma . MUST VMiM TODA.V. T NO GHOST I C'/V\ON,6LMEK,BELT IT ^ GOOP ONE / J THAT'$ TH' IPEA, POC/ ARE TOD H/NVINS TWOU0LE FINPMNG THE BALU. 0UGO? ' VEA,H.., 0UT PON'T FUNNY BUSINESS By Herahberger ALLEY OOP ST^^^CN:^ VOU'RE GOING TO TKY TO T SURE! WHY BHOULDN'T A BKING THEM, KIUING A. / MA(3lC CAR!'T:V FLY MAfilC CARPET, KiaHl / AS WELL HKKC.TOIW, A.9 IT HEKC INTO THE -4 DID BACK IN AKABIA LMJ? 3OOO YEA.R9 AGO? MY STARS.] NEITHER DO I ELBKRT, J BUT I FIGURE I DON'T f TO FIND OUT KNOW .'/I RIGHT QUICK) •••."..-/r il ••'•• t«|», Ililk, NIASo.ict.'liK" ' ' 8 *' "It takes more than sprinkling a lawn to keep us from playing baseball, eh, Joey?" CHRIS WELKIN, Planeteer By Michael O'Mqlley and Rolp FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS IN T'lE VALLEY PART OF CtVIUZATIOHsAMAIZA,, ATOMIC. JlK-T AUCAP I& HIAWATHA T&CH, WHBKB 6KEAT NOT MUCH CMHCB ' We COOLP \ AMP HOPPER'S BUT IF WE SIGMA pVMAMITE TO MIS WE'RE GONNA GET HINA IN s T »/ '-- TH -'" DOMT &E STUPID' SO MAMV SITTING

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