Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 14, 1939 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 14, 1939
Page 4
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gf,".-»'.; • sw V*V- HOPE STAK. HOPE, ARKANSAS !»'* 13 Teams Remain On Unbeaten List i Tennessee and Texas A. & ^ M. Two of Nation's Greatest Teams '' - fcfiW YORK--</P)—When the victory strings of Notre Dame and Catholic ,1/Wversity snapped Saturday, only 13 1 unbeaten and untied college teams rc- • maincd in the country. i Top ranking are Tennessee, which romped to a 34-to-victory over The Citadel, and Cornell, Eastern kingpon, which slipped by Colgate, 14 to 12. Only Tennessee, among the leaders, has an uncrossed goal-line. The leaders and their records, jn- cluding games, points and opponents' points: Teams— G. P. OP. San Joes CCal.) ,...10 260 22 Louisiana Normal 8 163 18 Texas A. and M 8 159 18 Maryville (Mo.) Teachers .... 8 155 20 Manchester (Ind.) Teachers 7 289 16 Tennessee _ : 7 1V3 0 Fresno (Cal.) 7 157 35 Slippery Rock (Pa.) Teach. 7 148 30 Duquesne , _ 7 120 26 Colorado Mines ._ 6 198 38 New Britain (Ca.) Teachers 7 163 12 Cornell ..„ 6 136 46 DE Sales (Toledo) 6 123 6 OUR BOARDING tfOPSE TAKEiTWE •IT'S NdTBId ' ENOUGH TO mOE A < IM; BUT IT stars A TENT/—*- THE \S TIPFANY N,TVN»G<S< _ CALLED "T.IMTA , T ASSUME THE LADY COLLECTS THE RE WERe- AND THE: GENTLEMAN IS '€ ; ' PURELY witli Major TMATS CORRECT, MR.TWI665 —'I TAVCE THE CAGM AND HE ^HANDLES ^COWVERSATIOM/" TO BE SUftS, MAK-'KW/I i p55eftl .TO LEAVE MONETARY ^MATTERS TO OTHERS , WHILE I DEVOTE M,YS6LP| TO BROADER AFFAIRS PHILOSOPHY, LITERATURE, THE ARTS AND . EGAD, TW5 FELLOW 15 A BLUNT <5ORT OP v BUZZARD/ Merit System (Continued bom Fage One/ comment "at this time." 'Won't Knuckle Down' A showdown between the state and federal governments was indicated. John R. Thompson, state welfare com- IND OCCASIONAL SANDWICH.EM, MAJOR ^ * */__ / ,0 In recent laboratory "smoking bowl" tests, PRINCE ALBERT burned Hun the average of th« 30 •(few of the Urnst- selling fcranrfs luted -cootot of «/// C OOL smoking means smoking COMFORT —a feature "makin's" smokers, too, praise in Prince Albert. P.A.'s choice tobaccos smoke MILD so that the rich, full-bodied taste comes through delightfully! FAST-ROLLING? You bet! Neater too.Thanks to P. A.'s "crimp cut," there's no spilling or bunching. Easier-drawing too. For all-'round "makin's" amoke-joy, there's no other tobacco like "no- bite"Prince AlbertI (New joy in a pipe too.) Covrrirht, 1933. R. J. F r n n H A lotacco Co., WlMtoo.S.l.a. N. 0. missioner, said he was "ready to fight this thing to the finish." "We won't be forced to knuckle clown," he said, "and we will get our share of federal aid, too." Mr. Thompson said ho had received no official notice from the Social Security Board. The SSB administers federal funds which go for old age assistance, aid to the blind and aid to dependent children. The federal government matches state funds dollar for dollar for these programs. Mr. Thompson had said previously that ' he is not opposed to a merit system but that he would insist the state be permitted to draw up plans for :hesystem and would resist efforts of Washington officials to dictate. He said he would favor a proposed Merit System Council here for administering the merit system for all state employes whose salaries are paid in part or in full by agencies which' obtain funds from the Social Security Board. If the Social Security Board shuts off grants to the Welfare and Health departments, they would lose about SI 325,000. The Health Department receives approximately $400,000 a year. The Welfare Department is allotted S92o,000 under present reduced grants Of this fund. 5750,000 goes to old age and blind, assistance and dependent children, $40,000 to child welfare and $75,000 to crippled children. The federal government also contributes $60,000 to administrative expense. The Unemployment Compensation and Employment Service offices already maintain a merit system and would not be affected materially. They Couldn't Wait to Be Married VANCOUVER, Wash.-^-Dressed in a robin's egg blue i nightie" topped by a pink silk bed jacket, Minnie Hinze was married to Jalmcs Kielpinski in Clark county hospital here recently. Miss Hinze underwent a major operation shortly before the ceremony, conducted in a setting of salmon-pink gladioli and hospital white. The couple decided to go ahead with wedding plans when the bridegroom had to | hurry to Grand Coulee dam to accept a job. ROUING TOBACCO fin* roll- your-own cigarettes in »v«ry bandy tin of Prince Alb«rt COSTS LESS 700 When you board those big thirty-five passenger luxurious Arkansas Motor Coaches, prepare for a smooth joyful trip to any place you want to go. Loofcicarefuliy at the big money saving you will enjoy— costs less than driving your own car— and cheaper than other forms of travel. Couiteous agents will give you full details. Careful drivers will see Id your comfort. Low fares now in force. For instance: ROUND TRIP FAKES Hope to: LITTLE ROCK $ 4.03 HOT SPRINGS 3.10 13.60 20.80 ST. LOUIS CHICAGO STATION DIAMOND CAFE Phone 363 Bowling Tlic City Bowling League Standings Monday November 13 Standard Oil 89 122 133 — 344 93 101 75 - 269 155 62 106 — 323 63 177 — 240 go 119 160 — 359 129' 87 110-326 Upton ;).( _ 3 . Miller Spears Tarpley Cannon Sangecs Total Davis Ward Garner Franks Bailey Stuart Hilt Totals 1895 Court House 114 JOO — 214 110 125 85 — 320 86 115 99 — 300 76 _ 7 6 105 102 101 — 308 79 116 125 — 320 138 131 105 — 365 Ab Hcrvey Jack Hervey John Frisby Stonequist Barnes Weekley Oliver Taylor 1903 J. C. Pciuicy 107 122 — 229 46 91 — 137 133 71 98 — 302 123 141 — 264 99 108 71 — 278 US 193 107 — 416 63 - 63 86 139 — 225 Totals Smith Huckabcc Waller Griffin E. Frisby Willis Totals 1914 Feeders Supply 160 159~ 121 — 440 131 133 108 — 372 42 64 120 — 226 164 205 78 — 474 89 112 94 - 295 55 94 107 — 256 2036 A civic-minded individual recently donated to his local zoo a monkey which, during his first 10 minutes on Monkey Island, sfappcd down seven other monkeys, beat up two raccoons and grabbed three fish. That would explain the philanthropy. Largest Bear of Season Is 1,500 Hide Measures 11 Feet ong and 11 Feet 8 Inches Wide JUNEAU, Ala.sk;, ~(a>>- Compilation of professional guides' reports show the largest brown bear killed the past season was a 1,500-pountlcr brought clown by..D. S. Hopkins. Spokane, Wash., hunting near Uyak Bay May 10. The hide measured 11 feet long 11 feet 8 inches wide, and the skull, weigh mg 20 pounds, was 19'/i inches ling and a foot across. Samuel H. Hosteller, Hutchinson, Kansas., hunting on Admiralty Islaud brought dovAi ihe season's biggest grizzly. Its hide was 9 feet 4 inches each dimension and its skull was 18'/.i by S',2 inches. Henry A. Roemcr, Pittsburgh Pa., shot the largest southeastern Alaska black bear of the year. It measured 7 ieet 3'/;> inches square and had a skull 13 1.2 by 8 1.2 inches. W. Osborn, hunting for the American Museum of Natural History, New York City, took oul the largest bull moose of the year. It was shot in the Kenai Peninsula, and had an antler spread of 65 inches, a palm breadth of 14 inches and had 34 points. Guide Tom Odalo found a moose, killed by another, noa r Tustumcna Lake, which had an all-time Alaska record spread of 78 inches. William Phillips, Bath, N. Y., brought down a mountain goat in southeastern Alaska which had horns 9 inches long by 4 inches circumference at the base. The goat weighed 300 pounds. The largest mountain sheep reported this year was shot in Rainy Pass by G. B. Parr, San Diego, Tex. Its horns measured 39'/i. inches, front curve; had a 21-inch spread and were HV't inches around at the base. Totil1 ?2C2.40 Firms going 100 per com were Hope Auto Co., Ladies Specialty Shop, Rit- :hic Grocer Co., and Citizens National Bank, HORIZONTAL 1, 6 Famous American frontiersman. 11 Burden. 12 Broad smile. 13 To bob bait. H Small tablet. 15 To leave out. 18 Hogs. 19 Derivative of aloes. 21 Hindu instrument, 22 Devoured, j 23 Bravery. 27 Silk sac. 2D Myself. FRONTIERSMAN Ansu'cr to Previous Puzr.ln I 45 Resumes. .. ... 48 Brother. 30 Folding beds. 43 Tone B. 31 To satiate. 50 Wheeled 33 Form of "a." vehicles. 31 Female 52 Half an em. relative. 53 Tidy. 35 Horseback t 55 Being, game. ' " ' r " -"• 37 Earth's temperature division. 39 Whether 41 Palm lily 42 Wise men. 44 Roof finial. section of the itate of Ml. )er. J W 7_- ! 56 To act as a model. 58 He was a great pioneer of settlers. 59 He once VKKTICAL 1 flightless bird. 2 To enliven. 3 Marriageable 45 To value. IB Toward. 17 More intricate, 183.M1G. 120 Portrait statue. • 21 Authoritative negative. 22 Astonishes. 2-1 You and me. 25 While. 2(1 Yawning, 28 The xvas both his friend and foe 30 Billiard rod. 32 Tree. 3-1 Blackbird. 36 Simpleton. ^8 To think. 40 Warning cry in golf. 41 To harass. 43 Nativa.of Greece. 4 Exists. 5 Behold. 7 Giant king. 8 Live-forever .plant. 9 White grape. owned a huge 10 Concludes. 46 Color. 47 Clan group. '50 Vulgar fellow. 51 Halfpenny. 54 Each (abbr.). 57 South Carolina. Tue&Hay, Novento 1'4,193?. Second Tabulation (Continued from One) Jessie Montgomery 25 John Montgomery 25 Mareell Montgomery 25 AJvin Muldrow „ 25 Lcm Muldrow « 25 Karl Nelson ....' 25 Leo. Nicholson 10 John Noble 25 Wyntt Payne '. .50 Taft Phillips ' 25 Arthur Pilgrum 25 Jessie Pilgrum ,: 25 Will Poindcxtcr . ,25 Elislm Pool .'...„'. .25 R. L. Richards 50 Fred Sliadlc 25 Churlcy Shaw ....- 25 Frank Smith 25 Charley Thompson Charles Thomas ....-., John Turner Frank Turner Frank Tyus ; Otha Whcaton F. C, White Perry Joshua .. R. B. Watson Charles Bostic Otis Bostic . Will Crow ' Elmer Brimmagc Sherman Cole John Coleman O. C. Crawford Willie Davis .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .50 .25 .50 .25 .25 Joe Duffic 25 Ed Evans C. Fulks Otis Fulks • Herman Garland Isaac Goodman Tom Green L. A.. Harris Ed Hayden Albert Hickey Alfred Hickey John Hill Kelly Holmes ; '^V Gco. Isley Ira Islcy Thomas Jackson .... Charles Jefferson ..' Ford Johnson Charles Jones Ew Williams Ben Williams T. C. Williams • .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 1.00 1.00 .25 .25 .25 .25 .50 .30 .25 .25 .25 .25 .25 Legal Notice Warning Ovdcr IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT CALLIE McFADDIN Plaintiff, v. ALEX HARRIS et al Defendants. The defendants Tom Harris, John Muldrow, Hansel Harris, Jasper Higgason and Mrs. Jasper Hlggnson, his wife, Mnry Cooper. Otis McFnddin and Mrs. Otis McFaddin, his wife, Violn Johnson, Nellie Johnson, Willinm Johnson and Mrs. William Johnson, his wife, Howard Johnson nnd Mrs. Howard Johnson, his wife, Moses Muldrow nnd Mrs. Moses Muldrow, his wife, May Delia Hawkins, Alberta Cox, Bert Hubbard, the unknown heirs of Sam Bradley, deceased, the unknown heirs of Nancy Muldrow, deceased, the unknown heirs of Howard Johnson, deceased, the unknown heirs of Nancy Bradley, deceased, and each of them, arc hereby warned to appear- in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff herein. Witness my hand and seal as clerk of said court on this Gth day of November, 1939, RALPH BAILEY Clerk. 7, M, 21, 28 BARBS Male students at a southern university said they would prefer getting heir education without co-eds around. One could scarcely tall that cduca- *ion. A Pacific coast town has announced no local taxes will be levied for icxt year. The townspeople may soon expect n lot of new neighbors. Another psychologist has contributed support lo the theory that the nasculinc I. Q. is higher than the fe- nininc. If this keeps, up husband will talk themselves into bciievcing it. A cyclone recently damaged every louse in an eastern community except the one lhata was insured. One would almost suspect the insurance company Nad a hand in the storm. NOTICE OF REVISION OF ASSESSMENTS Notice is hereby given that the Board of Assessors of Street Improvement District No. 3, of Hope, Arkansas will meet at the office of L. Cartel Johnson, second floor of the Arkansas Bank & Trust Company building in the city of Hope, Arkansas, at 10 o'clock A. M. Thursday, November IGth, 193'J, for the purpose of revising and readjusting the assessments of benefits against the real properly in said district. Any person desiring any revision or readjustment of his assc.s.VmeMUs, or any change in values, for improvements erected or removed, or any change whatsoever, may appear before the Board and make application therefor and same will be considered. This 2(ith day of October 1939 POLK SINGLETON, EUGENE WHITE, CARTER JOHNSON, Board of Assessors. Oct 31, Nov 7-M Change of Life J7OR women in iniddle-lifewliosc nerves are on edge, who have "hot and cold flushes" or who suffer from backache or headache associated with functional disturbances, Dr. Pifrre'.'i .favorite Prescription is a bi'ticficial tunic. ... „ , Mrs. Mary 1'araalio, 579 Turon St., Hcaumont,Texas, says ^'During the 'chanKc' I was awfully nervous ami weak, never cared to eat, and would have such terrible headaches and backaches associated with functional disturbances. Dr. Picrcc's Favorite Prescription surely Rave me a fine appetite, .«<rmerf tn quiet my nerves, and I was relieved of the backache and headache. I felt ever so much stronger too. Ask Tour Arnngui for it xxlar, liquid or tablets. New siic, tablets SOccnts. NOTICE or HKVlStON Of ASSESSMENTS Notice is hereby given thai the Bonrd of Assessors of Street Improvement District No. 3, of Hope, Ajkansns will meet nt the office of L. Carter Johnson, second floor of the Arknnsns Bank & Trust Company building in the city of Hope, Arkansas, at 10 o'clock A, M. Thursday, November 16th, 1939, for the purpose of revising and readjusting the assessments of benefits against the renl property in said district. Any person desiring any revision or readjustment of his Hssoss'm'ents, or any change in values, for improvements erected or removed, or any change whatsoever, may appear before the Board and make application therefor and same will be considered. This 20lh day of October 193D. POLK SINGLETON, .EUGENE WHITE, CAMTEn JOHNSON, Board of Assessors. Out 31, Nov 7-14 When two queen bees fight, they i only try to sting, but they also pull each other's hair. Radium gives mil enough hoat lo mell its own weight in ice per hour. It can emit both hoat mi rlltRht for an Indefinite period without losing its power. Hduiewives say Join 'Hi- tht»:i»»ii<Ti of tmusowfvofi who ti9« Ui« ptt-a«Hta *ay t*» rcHtw.- im'tv:niici h^wd-tch*-, ;--i iitd.*.' t»ftin rr ni"t- i!;;irt. They take CatHiJIn**, * standby remedy for forty r**m Capudinc qnlcklv r*»- )itv«« pAfii, foothr* Unae nervcn. hrinffa ffhtfu) roliixjilinn. 10r, 30r, tiOf. CAPUDINEfor HEADACHE by LONG DISTANCE TELEPHONE... It's Fast and Costs so Little to Telephono FROM HOPE TO... n»y Ni e i,t Memphis, Tenn 90c 55c Little Rock, Ark 65c 35c Dallas, Tex 80c 50c Th*i« ar« ttotlon-to-itallon rat*i Night ralti alia oppl/ all flay Sunday SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE CO. Two Piece Living Room Suites . , . tailored to -suit ,niy home; fine coverings and best spring con.stnictinn used in ;i)l alii' suites. I'riccd $34.50 and up HOPE HARDWARE CO. ISingleton's Fresh Roasted Coffee! ^ <• V* 1 4 XV ^ V^ 1 _t — J&A. T 1 Pound lOc 5 Pounds 50c *f» & 2'/ 2 Pounds 25c 10 Pounds $1.00 ^ T T W. P. SINGLETON t T Hope, Ark. *> v *£ 113 South Elm Street XBEST PLACE IN HOPE TO BUY COFFEE*:* SHOP—COMPARE PENNEY'S MEN'S FLANNEL SHIRTS AH Sizes Bargain Smashes 59c THURSDAY 10 O'CLOCK Quilt Scraps All You Can Get In n Giiymodc Hosiery nug I0c HEAVY UNIONS WEDNESDAY 100 Pairs Men's WORK SOCKS OUTING A FLANNEL OC UTILITY Percale Bundle FOR PATCHWORK QUILT MAKING RAG RUG WEAVING Bundles SPECIAL FOR THURSDAY Men's & Boys CHAMBRAY Work Shirts/-UU Each 72 x 84 DOUBLE BLANKETS NOT LESS THAN 5% WOOL MEN'S TOPCOATS $14.75 ALL STYLES ALL COLORS FRIDAY IS REMNANT DAY WHERE HOPE SHOPS AND SAVES ACROSS STREET FROM POSTOFF1CE

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