The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 9, 1940
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. SPOSS08 Buy a Button Be a Sponsor TIIE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHJMW,» nWAMBla ,„,, __J*™^*'' •*•' ^ Aj ? ? k3 VOMJATK XXXVII-NO. 45. Blyllicvllte Dally News BlyUicvllle Courier Chamberlain Clings To Leadership, Will Reorganize Cabinet i'S'Vfe «" (U'V-Ctemcnl Attlcp and Arthur Mlsslsslpiit Valley lender lilyllioville Herald riine *-, . * »' "• \ •"• ' / VJJ^IIIVyllV, *T H ItU Circeriwood, Labor party loaders, conferred Wlli .Minister Neville Chamberlain tonight, presumably ing the possibility ol' cahinel reork'iiimation, 1 hero has been .speculation on whether a coalition « m -- CTiiment could he formed. Bunion j,»\ The nicctinjf took place after liolh thr Mouse i,( Com mons and the House of Lords kid adjoiinied until MJIV 01 subject lo call at niu- time " " any time. Chamberlain fought lo keep his* government in power and lo bolster defenses against n German attack on the'British isles. , Defying the prediction of most London newspapers that he would i resign, the 71-year-old prime mm-1 Isler showed no intention of quitting when he again faced a lurbu- j lent House of Commons that had Bive.T him a doubtful 81 vole ma-1 jority in a lest of confidence. / Instead he was represented as considering a complete cabinet «•organization in an effort to weather the still increasing storm of opposition by a more energetic war policy. The beginning of more drastic action was seen in two actions today: 1. A proclamation signed by King George making a,500,000 more men between the ages of 19 and 37 liable for military service. 2. Introduction, of a bill giving tho government- drastic power to crush "Trojan Horse" or "Fifth Column" trailers on the home front and lake additional precautions against the possibility of invasion of the British Isles by frontal indirect attack. Chamberlain won in Commons when motion lo recess until May 21 was ofl'id SEC Outli Be a Sponsor Buy a Button Mussolini Declares Only "Acts" Will Break HisSilence SINGLE COPIES FIVE CBN'IS nes Jan To High Officer Of Ar my ON PJIPEB ROUTE John Mai-tin, 63-Ycar-Olc Courier News P a p e Carrier, Succumbs A copy of Die Courier ,, placed in the door of the Terry Service Station at, Main and Franklin streets and as was Ills cits- . ,. won a minor victory i '," a w hen the government ? rop|lcd accepted aftei new attack by Robert Boolhby, conservative, who said thai the prime minister's cabinet did not possess the confidence of the country. lorn, John Martin. (13-year-old paper earner, yesterday afternoon nsked permission to rest for a few minutes because he did not feel well. As he sank into n chair he collapsed a-nd was dead-upon arrival at Blythcvillc Hospital across the street. lie ivas the second man to die j suddenly at lhat intersection willi- Frank Cruse having I wliile standing in Hays Store Saturday mor.iing. A paper carried in Blylheville for the pnst 10 years, Mr. Martin wns well known among his customers for his carefulness and promptness in delivering their wcck> It wns believed Chamberlain > 1!ll * rs - Not content to be dcpen- hoped to retain office by rccon-l r agc atul il! health had struction of the cabinet to replace ™ lm) f" Kl ''"n to abandon his live- unpopular members nnd bring in ° r f!>1 ' ml| ig. Mr. Martin wns energetic new members who would °" cl 'f etlc '" "Is work and had been command the confidence of pnrlia- ™' 1)|0 > T<I for «ome lime both by inenl. ! ltlc . Memphis Commercial Appeal, Tliis led some experienced polit- wl " cl ? lle <leU vered early i ;) the -' -•- ' morning,- M d the .Courier News which, he distributed in the niter- noons/ He hud also formerly hnd a Meinphb, press Scimitar- route work-ing for the Courier Born in Osceola, he hnd lived In Mississippi County all of his life i Funeral services were held this ical observers to believe that Chamberlain .-would resort later to a technical resignation in which .he would -fqhnalb) offer to resign but accept the king's commission to form a new government. Sucli a move would permit him to, "start from scratch" in building n new Before News. cabinet. .. ., Boothby recalled that govern- p r(cnlo ° n nt the Full Gospel Church speakers told the house yes- °" Lll!y stl ' c et by the Rev. A A terday that the strategic situation '"" lk "" : - pastor, with bnrim in Elm- was serious. frood Cemeter}'. "There is no use pretenting that Ihe situation hns not been aggravated by what look place in ihis house yesterday," he suid. "We ni-e now confronted with a serious situation, nt home." Laborite Clement Davies supported Boothby. and demanded reconstruction of the government. "At any moment there may be; a new thrust," he snld. "Holland is I waiting, not knowing when Its hour' of destiny may arrive. The same applies to Belgium." The house rang with angry shouts when Boothby ninde his "no confidence" statement. Chamberlain sat light. It May 0. iui>)-~ mini Jerome N. Frank of llio Itlcs and Exchange Commls- lias outlined to high army which he believes womd"m-ovldc nt! lo SM.000,000 lor nriimmenls « pendliures, ihr Unltecl Press learned lodny. U ..,, w "" 1(l '"clud« adoption in modi/led form or (he -forced loan" Plan evolved for Great Britain by J. M. Keynes. British economist. Keynes' plan provides for Ihe levying of n contribution, fairly high in relation to Uie totnl Income pnrt of which would be regarded as n loan by the taxpayer to be evidenced by securilles repayable m Installments nfler the v v«r the remainder would be considered taxes anil would not be repayable DF HW SEEKING Invoke 1931 Law To Compel School Board '] Mccl l^vi'iity-llvo thousand persons _ HOT HI'ltlNtlS, May !), — Hot II ivhi're Mussolini hud- presided ' nt ™ n » Wrlnl mecllnn of the ijo;m| |J !, 0 |"''' cni ,'" ly .'" wlllcl1 |1C Pi'escnlod ° r I'Miicntlou lor l<Yldiiy niiilit. Frank deal . proposed mechanisms to with the inter-related problems of reducing civilian expenditures and raising the necessary funds. They were contained in a hitherto unpublished address made by Frank to Ihe army In- tlnstrinl college a month ngo. Taking up (he basic problems conccmlnjf ways and means of reducing civilian expenditures by the amount to be spent on armaments Prank snid thru $15,000,000 could lie used from various sonr- New Distribution Set-up Meeting With Success, Is Report Workers In tlin reorganized campaign to sell 5COO "Sponsor Buttons" in Blythcvillc and Mississippi Comity, for Notional Gotten Hayti Baby Succumbs At Hospital Here Marie Cross, four months old dnugliier of Mr. nnd Airs. Jnmcs Cross of near Hayti. died yesterday afternoon at Blytheville Hospital one hour nfler having been nd- nitlcd. The remains of the baby, who wns in only child, were relurred lo Hnyil for burial. He is survived by one brother Joe Martin of niythevillc; and two sisters. Mrs. Anna Lowers and Mrs Lillian Martin, both of Luy.ora Cobb Funeral Home wns in charge. McClellan Says He's Good At "Waiting" British Admit Two Submarines Missing LONDON, May 9: (UP) — The admiralty today listed six officers mid 35 men missing from the sub- narine Sterlet and five officers and 8 men missing lv it|, tho submarine Tarpon. Both craft ha<i |, C en. re- lortcd overdue. Both apparently .'ere sunk in the Kattegat, in the early days of the Norwegian cam- pafgn. evident- that whatever happened, whether Chamberlain reorganized his battered ministry or whether at some time he gave way to another man. Britain had noiv made LITTLE ROCK, May 9. (UP)— Former Congressman John L. McClellan of Mnlvem, prospective candidate for governor, conferred with pollticnl advisers here lodny but refused to dcclnre his intention with regard lo the gubernatorial race. up its mind, in its deliberate way. to face the war squarely and fight ' mcnl il lo the end with nil its resources i ' N ° and all its strength. Questioned on reports thai he would announce for governor, McClellan refused to mnke any state- N ° l a ' ""•' present lime," said. Then he added "I can | us long as any of them." Sons Of Legion Head Names Committeemen Appointment, of cominUlceiiteii lo| serve the local squadron of Sons' of the Legion have Picking .Contest to be held here next Pall, were meeting with much success during their first day of the renewed activity, It was reported isy a member of Hie National Cotton Picking Assoclnlloi!. Supervisor w. M. Scruggs checked out COfl billions for distribution among Ihe five commlltees In.Ills charge, which Include commtllees on InrBc farms, headed by Jesse I'nylor; fnrm Implements, headed jy L. G. Nash; cotton trade, headed by E. C. ration; drug stores, liead- ed by Sam c. Owens, and whiskey t ,. "' ...... L.I^ t (III lllll U o. .Us Italian army lo Addis Ab- «ba. of Die new Kalian'empire. , tories. A.H for lh L - past "A lo nijr silence. Only ncl.s will break my silence." He left Die balcony, but, cheers brought him back Dirco times. Each lime, a group of officers Immediately beneath the balcony started Iho shout of "Tunisia." It had been expected that Mussolini • might make some liii|x>rhuit statement lodny on Hie Interna- tiona! situation, In which Senator MiuivMo Mnrnvlglla hntl said In a siicech yesterday Haly is now a "lirc-bclllgcrcnl" rnther limn n imn-uclltgorciil. U hiul been ninioiinced yesterday thai the battleship lioinii, lust of four :«,000-ton first clii.w men nml ssvecthcni-ls of Ktillim Midlers "°" of Ilnrvey II. linley » s clly Aiio had been killed )„ Elhloplii, O f schools will l«> ",," '""' Albania. asked lo explain lo Die Iiixpjivers " wns me fourth niinlvci-sin-y of tllc reason for Ihelv »»' founding with the entrance! IhiMvldely known cduciiloi-, Indict Former Head Of Utility Empire And Three Associates mnii tvnii,i .,.'. f •' '•""••••".VI were indicted today on m ul ti and and coiwpmicy clinics by u federal Fraud iu'fv wud. j,m,H P( | ilH, m of ilorriiwliiiir i,,w«f la '- glaiul W The meeting was called under 6<'«lon OB or tho scncml school law dny In (|IB history "' Arkansas, cmictcd Mai'eh ''5 ,„.. ''"» ll °n Is May 0. J»M," MILS. 1031. nnd r olm( | l(1 .y ce tl(.ii 11,62-1 Millnl snld. "](, was u dny of sun- <" l'«Ws mural, it flooded ' ' ' when n petition by f>0 lux stores, headed by Louis Applcbaum. of war which Italy Imd built, would J. A. Leech, supervisor of four other committees consisting of bottlers nnd ice cream, headed by R. A. Nelson; banks, liendetl by Fred Wnl '""" " places, headed by and oil and be launched soon at Trieste. Uouscvrlt, Hull Confer ' WASHINGTON, May U. (TJ|')_ •esldent Roosevelt, continuing an gas, intensive study of latest foreign ed out among t bultons for distribute committee. 1 ;. of Slnte Cordell Hull and Undersecretary of stale Sunnier Welles .n Association hendminrlors. These committees include Service clubs, headed by Edgar Borum- hotels, headed by Jcssec Stilt; cleaners -and pressers, headed by .;. Q. ''Bob" Bnrncs; wlioies'ale grocers, Jieaded by Fnrincr Br.gland. and automobile dealers, hcadcd'-by Russell Phillips. Don Edwards, in charge ol American Legion and Sons of American Legion activities, stated his group's activity continued at a fast pace. Under this -new organization setup the campaign to get 5000 spoil, sors for (he much-publicized cotton Picking Contest is expected to IK completed within n week, it wns nnnotmccd. one of n series which hns caused speculation whether Ihe president Is planning some new action. payers Is presented to each member of (lie School Hoard, rccinoslliiK ft mccllnu, members receiving such Iiellllon must hold the mecllmr pet!llo.ied for. TI, O petitions were icwlliy siisncil nnd «,»! b,, presented today to members of Die niwrd of Education. Announcement of the proposed nctton brought to n climax nil exciting dny in which the school controversy continued lo be the center of inlei-cst In this clly. Yesterday's events: Approximately 1,000 .students of senior and junior lilsli schools rn- fiisw! lo ntlojid classes. Sltideiits paraded Centra! nvenuo for Ihe second consecutive day as "' ' " " loyally to A proposed mass meeting in Como Square was culled off when n student spokesman announced Ilic Plnu to Invoke the law against "•- .Scltool Board. a demonstration of Ihelr superintendent. SEilE STIES BILL Deliberates On Mouse Pro- lost Bill Against Reorganization Plan WASHINGTON, May D. iU!'))- 'I'he senate rcornantavllon conunlt- <« begins hcurlngs loilivy on u rexoliitlon to dlsuppvove of President Donsevcir.i fourth rcorguni/n- Ui» plnn. The hoiiso dls«|irirav«l of II yesterday, a;)2 I 0 IB;>. I'hc scnnie re.solutlon Is spon- The notary CHilj, of vHilch Mr. house meet. - sored by Son, i',u McCarmn (Dem, N«v.) and is aimed specifically at the pri'sideiu's proposal to transfer the civil Aeronautics Authority nil lmii<|MM;<lc>it nijeiicy lo Hie com- mcree depiirlmcnt. The coininltlct!, It was learned, will vote on McG'nrran's resoliillon not Inter tlinn •! p.m., tomorrow, nl the conclusion of testimony by CAA officials, numbers of the air safety board mid other (it'rsons who have signtjicd support or disapproval of Hie CAA Irunsfur, The seimle. meanwhile, continues debate on the Tovwisend bill to rc- pcul Hie silver purclui.w act. The iiivcfllora of more than + The Indictment In addition - to Hojwon nnmcd Charles n Travis und Clawstt A. Brownback, attorneys for the utility empire/ and Frederick liurrmighs, a principal officer of Ihe system. The Indictment contained 18 counts alleging mall frniid and one of conspiracy a jut each of those named faces, if convicted, n possible maximum sentence) of 92 years in prison anil a $28.000 fine. They will be- arraigned Tuesday. Hopson, ' who' in-cscntcd medical evidence Unit lie .was a "mental a«<l physical wreok" in nil effort lo avoid testifying before the grand jury, Is alleged lo have conceived wllh his three co-uc-fendanUi a plan which produced "unlawful profits In excess of $20,000.(XK)." ., 'Hils was done, tho government charges, by using his control , of. Associated to Induce the various member companies of tho system extending from Canada, to Florida lo oilier liito devious transactions' with him for his benefit and .to defend him when actions" were brought seeking nn account of his stewardship. . prosecutors snld Ihls was tile .hue UnU lawyers and a banker USurroughs) nccuscd of preparing the set-up for nn asserted fraud, an hour early in un I T_|-, i . •••».! -... ,i,* >IUMI tm t y ;|| nt I ,.!".,Ii,i " , lll . C) ",'; cr ' "I'DOlntcd a) »Ucmpl lo dispose of conference re- Unrls on two I'onlrovcrslnl inenstircK -the $30'J.OOO.OOO iisrlcilllliro np proiiilnlion bill nnd (lie Wliecler- linnsportiiUon bill lo plneo rail, water nnd molov Irunsporlu- lion under jurisdiction of the In- teratnle Commerce Commission. comtnHtce to atlempl to about a peaceful selllcmcnt arid Invited other civic, clubs and or- Knnlnatlons to tuke similar action. G'omo.Scirari! would not have hold Dm people who were iirrlvtus for the mectlni;. Hundreds enmc on foot and In cars. Seldom bus nity local issue so stirred the residents of Hot Springs as hns the mailer of the retention of Mr. l^alcy. | The Rotary Club,'' of which Mr. Unloy i s piwC'pVesldcnt'.'lH'ilrd several persons discuss S erai persons discuss the Issue, UiibbI A. D. Milne presented u resolution endowing Mr. Jinicy. it was jtiot Hdoplcd. 'iwrtly, 'II wns snld. . t " rr «l n'lmil mldnlsht lust because some members believed It llcnr Hnyli, where he lived. Hayti Dredge Worker Suffers Ankle Injury Fred Green',-' as-Vcn'r-o'ld olicr on n drcdet' mncliltie, scvccely Injured his ankle In nn nccklciit which uc- nliihl Approves Measure RoOSCVch Asks rnn(7i-f»;sl SO " 8ht to " (llclntc " lo ll » board. | ' 1 ' lle n»Wc Is dislocated and he i\oobC.CH rtSKS LOnglCSS!A compromise wns reached by ntlop-i wl » I)L> confined to Ills bed for lo Provide Additional i"°" of " Inotltm nravuiing for np- p i I Po'ntment of 11 committee of (hrcc rUndS 'lo confer with Hie lionrd of Education .nal allempl to secun; n WASH1NOTON, May n. IUI') — President Roosevelt today nsked '. contrcss lo provide $100.000,000 for Fnr In/-r0oc; n w..,,.; co »l!™ss lo provide $100.000,000 for "•solution invited nil oilier civ! 1 or increasing navy the Rural Electrification Admin- clllte '" lhc 1 ' U J' t! > ( "ke shulln stalcincnl outlining board members' objections to Mr, llnlcy. 'rhe rraolullon invited nil oilier civic and ... , been madnj WASHINGTON. M« v D (UP)— .will be announced tomorrow The senate naval affairs eommUlee today favorably reported to the night by Cnpl. Hugh Hnrbert Jr nt a meeling of (he group n( 7-30 o'clock at the American meeting. Legion At Ihe same time, plans for membership will be discussed and (lie year's activities outlined. New Yorff Cotton May July Prev. Open High LOW Close. Close Find Unhappy Husbands To Be On 1 to 3 Ratio KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (UP)—One out of three husbands is unhappy but only two out of seven wives are iiciinppy, according lo Dr. W. E. Cole, a University of Tennessee sociologist. He based his stalistics on recent maritnl surveys, nnd added this thought: "Divorce stalislics must not be accepted with finality as nn index i to happiness because they do r.ot indicale the extent of happiness' In families still intact." ' he Ocl ,vuit. Dec Jan. Mar. Hopkins on Hand For a Ball Game Dog Goes to School, ! Gets Report Card, Too' PORT ARTHUR, Tex. (UP) — Mary's lamb followed her to school. Bui Jacky Qulmi's dog goes to school. When Jacky started to kindergarten, he didn't want the clog lefl at home, so il was arranged lor the boy's dog to go to school with him. The dog's report card, signed by Christine Taylor, teacher, and Sitpt. J. Ji. Davis, showed her to be proficient in "barking, eating and sleeping." Fine for Late Hours As a scheme for raising municipal funds, Hie frontier town of Senta, Yugoslavia, Imposes a slight flue for slaying out, slrcels and cafes. Ic.te in its ne of his rare public appearances since his recent illness, Secretary of Commerce Harry Hopkins is pictured as he Yankee - Washington Senators 10G8 1034 390 975 9C5 953 1074 1047 1000 Q85 970 96S ICCB 1072 1034 1038 090 900 375 083 9G5 970 958 9CG senate the house approved Vlnson bill calling for an 11 per- cent expansion in U. S. naval strength. The navy originally had requested n 25 per cent Increase. Only major chnnxe in the measure was the adoption of an nmendmert to incrca:o ihc clcva- Uon of big guns on the old battle- istratlon in 1941 throiijsh loans from nctl °"- • some time. He Is iic lilythevflle Hospital where he vvus brought following the accident, clctnlh of which were not learned here. Ihe Reconstruction Finance Corporation. In a Ictler lo Spenkcr Wllllnm H. Bank-head he asked Hint the REA fund of $10,000.000 In the 1841 agriculture department appropriation bill be Increased lo $100,000.000 nnd thnt $009,000 be provided for salaries and expenses. An nccompnnylrg letter from Budget Director Harold Smith said ! I,, response to the REA now hns requests tor loans Making good an announcement thnt they would ".strike" us n dcm- Baccaiaureate Chorus Will Practice Sunday prncllce for the chorus which had , ever actually (jccn indicted "long with the principal dcfraditnt. Travis and lirownbnck are senior partners in thu tlrm of Travis, Urownbnck and Pnxon, which. |s alleged lo have received between $5,000,000 ivnd $0,0000,000 for legal -services to Hopson and Assoclaled In Uie pnst 12 years. Travis alone, according to Assls- luul U. S. Attorney Hugh Pulton, allegedly made more limn $1.000,000 wlillc Urownbnck received "over hnlf a million above all expenses'," The lawyers are charged wiih falling to represent the system in stockholders' ncllons aiid with try- I Ing Instead to assist Hopson .to. I avoid the accounting "for :whlch I they loijcw he wns liable^". '-.-,• 1 . ';The. fcxpehses :bf .these tdeftnses . ami various sctltemenls ''"iiitidfi-out" 1 of court with litigants were charged to Die system and tliiis > It was charged gns and electric consumers were deprived of the lower rates thnt might have been ' ordered by stale nuthorttlcs had a large profit margin been shown. onstrallon In behnlf of Afr. Ifnley * l' rtlcllci; <°>' the clmn: more than 1,000 stiirienl.s of Die ".'"I " l Ul ? I)|B| ' scl " i senior nnd Junior high schools refused lo nltend classes. They held n 'deniovslrnlioii In front of the hlqh hool uiic- cnlnnrcatc services Sunday, 2(i nt Ihc city lUidilnrllun, Is b called for Sunday afternoon school building ami ll.eii marched dn,- c h " " Vemle - thC M"-' May --. nl o'clock at. the First Uaptlst city's main Tlplon. is to 10G4 1033 089 974 9G-1 957] ships Texas, New York nnd Arknn-1 totnlinsf $70,000,000 coiiiprisinif 535 sns. ^ Nnval officers salt! Hint work I applications In « stntes. '''hlf, he salil, would provide ([tiestlons, Mr. Iln- ley snld lodny llial he did .rot know of nny action Unit would be Inken j nuntnst Ihose who parllclpnled in direct Ihc chorus. Is inviting members of (lie city's vni-lmis church choirs (o attend the practice. Miss Nnnnle Clarke Siiillh will be nc- eveif cruisers can: oulshool these three battleships. New Orleans Cottonl Traffic Officers Flunk Drivers' Examination May July Ocl. Dec. Jan. A T Prev.I MOBILE, Ala. (UP)—Mobile mo- Open High Low Close Close torlst.s are laughing up iheir 1056 1023 985 371 959 S5C 1066 1056 1033 1023 995 985 98i 971 071 359 965 955 1029 932 978 371 954 1055 1023 983 9G9 089 055 Stock Prices 173 1-2 Am Tobncco 90 1-8 Anaconda Copper 29 1 4 Beth Steel '." BS (.2 Chrysler " " 8G 3 .g ^ Cities Service C 1-8 Gcrcrnl Electric 35 Genernl Motors 55 Int Harvester 5G 1-?. Moiit;omery Ward N Y Central • North Am Aviation j Packard 3 i-< Phillips .19 1-2 i Radio ]' ' g 5_g Ilepublic Steel //_]' ,,\ i Socony Vacuum ,\( i Slandnrd Oil N J j Texas Corp U S Steel JQ 3.3 15 3-4 23 1-4 10 3-4 42 3-8 46 3-4 61 1-2 Livestock food by same ^.Washington... BAST ST. LOUIS, III,, May 9 (UP)-Hogs: a,500-9,OM on sale Top, 5.15. Cattle: 2,300-2,000 on sate Steers, 10.25-7.50-11.75' ' j ocvery'." up sleeves these <)nys. Approximately two-thirds of Ihe city police force hns flunked the state drivers' license exnmiuation. These Included traffic officers and detectives. Only three officers made above 90 In the test, which recer.tly wns inaugurated over the state by the Ainbamn safety department. and provide considerable employment. 'ithout his consenl. The School Hoard, niocll icsdny night, voted 4 to a pone the election of a sin dent until the close of the school H wns said Ihnl Ihe two 'who „ ... volcti a«alnst po^tnonemcnt favor Supcrmtcndcnls nnd principals of rc-clcctins Mr. Hnlcy. School Officials Will county will hnvc their | monthly meeting here lonlght. j They will meet nt seven o'clock nt the court house nnd go to a local cnle for dinner. Lnler, they will return lo the cotirl house lo hoar n program arranged by I'hillp! ITi'ya, Babe! Security Benefit Saved From Cent Loss Deere, of Whlllon Bride, 64, Sit Sorry Groom, 73, Is Too Shy|'i CLEVELAND, O. (Ul 1 )— Fred j get 0 cents. Krnl. 73, fa "loo shy nnd gets embarrassed." nccording lo Ills G4- Block of Stamps Prized Because of Many Errors PORTLAND. Me. <U1') — A $2 purchase has brought John n. Cameron a small forlune in stamps. . Already he has been offered scv- b i' bestowing a kiss on the blush- i cral hundred dollars for the sheet' '"E bridegroom at the cr<l of the I of John Adams 2-cent stamps (hat I ceremony, hns "everything wrong with II." | . Tenn. (UP) — If | bookkeepers for the Social Sccnr- I books lo balance, probably they remember that Gilford Dillnrd of Monterey figured it wns ; not economical lo spend n dime to yenr-old bride. So, Mrs. Krai she not only did the . ,,, , •* , •---.-- = • iv u;.»» lit CJI.SIl' but also reversed Ihc usual process , ), m t U. P .• tl . fk by bestowin a kte on th b-' i Dilinrd received n check for ii 1 cents from Ihe Soclnl Security , Hoard. The bank would have' r, i ii.'' ^O"* ave e-m rcely ndmiU, cbnrgc( , ,,„„ ,„ ccn(s f , 1!lmnil . g j ^1 ' .,'' "^ "I !' ».«* hc.«. S l«U the check-so he W though the printer had pasted the last end of one roll to Ihe stnrl of More Popular in Cafes Town Offici&l Champions Women as Housekeepers J. (Ul>) _ HAMMONTOiV. N. ., ., -- , Councilman Snlvalorc Arcnn another, with one row of stamps) CHICAGO (UP)-A "palale poll" on record as agamsi under Ihc overlapping paper. | conducted by the National reslnu-, mcnt of a WPA I rart association reveals Hint ordi- project because he says Hammon- i nary American dishes have re- .ton women hnvc nolhiiK to learn Origin of Catininfr The modern canning Industry placed "fancy "European food's on' about housekeeping was made possible by Nicholas menus from coasl to coast. : -Thr ™,,«, J^ it in a scaled con- Yes, it's the Bambino, the old County's Malaria Drug Bill Over $48,000 Mississippi County residents spent' $•10,000 in, 1039 for drugs used ill the treatment of mnlaria, according lo a survey mp/le by the Mississippi County health unit which is launching a cnmpaUh to''curt this Illness through eradication, of ns many niosoultoes ns possible. According to George shamlin, county sanitarian, the adult mosquitoes are noiv beginning to lay their eggs so this is the time to start cleaning premises and to get rid of any standing water if com-, miuiitfcs wnnl mosquito breeding kept nt n minimum. Mosquito- proofing of houses Is nlso very Important, nccording to ; sponsors of Uie program who said- that this keeps down, the different- diseases cnrrlKl by flics and mosquitoes. :i The henlth mill, which has offices in the county courl house, has special Information on sanita-- lion nnd mnlnria control which 'nay be! there, it has been announced. Infant Prodigy Knows Every State Capital BOUNTIFUL, Utah (UP)—Blue- eyed, llght-linlred Craig Knewell Ilushforth, Uountlfurs 31-monlii- old child pvodisy. is amazing listeners with memory tents. Uountiful residents headed by School Principal J. A. Taylor have Interviewed the boy repeatedly nnd gone away astounded. They report Craig not only can repeat the capitals of every state in the Union backward, forward or at rnidom, but knows at sight each letter of the alphabet and numbers. He demonstrates traffic driving signals nnd Ihe meaning of colored traffic lights, nnd can also name most important dates I of history nnd prominent officials of the nation, slnle, countv, cily nnd his church. lor an nut- j keep house." snid. "and is- beefsteak the choice for the 'course. n house to keep, it waste of money." would be a WEATHER Stilton of Swat, Babe Rnth him- Arkansas—Cloudy and cooler to- fclf, nil duked up in a topper, | "Ight, Fj-iday partly cloudy, slight- inorning suit and boutonnicrc ns !>' warmer In west and central he went beaming around at the portions. wedding of his daughter, Julia.! Memphis and vicinity —Showers m New \ork. She recently wed nnd cooler tonight; lowest temper- Richard Wc-lls Flanders, of Mel-, nturc about 58. Friday partly '"fi?!V «ww. i cloudy and cooler.

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