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The Courier-Journal from Louisville, Kentucky • Page 3

Louisville, Kentucky
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SECTION 1 THE COURIER-JOURNAL, LOUISVILLE, KY SUNDAY MORNING, JANUARY 23, 194 1. 3 Four -Day Plane-Sub Assault On Allied Convoy Beaten Off With Damage to Only Tivo Ships Evidence Held By Argentina In Spy Case Police Assert Facts Compromise Suspects i i Germans Use Radio-Con trolled Glider Bombs most unusual acrobatics," added, "went all over the and it seemed the Germans were trying to guide it into a vessel. It fell into the sea, however, exploded and burned on the surface." Other four-engine planet, Focke-Wulf 200's, also attacked the convoy, using ordinary bombs. the following day, but caused no further damage and all the ships reached port safely. Both glider-bombs and ordinary bombs were used during the aerial attacks.

One British flying officer said the glider bomb "looked just like a small monoplane." It did "the wWiwuiiiiniiiin ii nn i i ii rFftft beginning tomorrow! O.P.A. RELEASE SALE 9f X. London, Jan. 22 (P) German planes using new radio-controlled glider bombs and a great swarm of U-boats attacked an important Atlantic convoy in another "Battle of the Bay of Biscay" recently, but were decisively defeated with damage to only two of the convoy's ships, an Admiralty-Air Ministry communique disclosed tonight. The battle in all its phases lasted four days and three nights.

At least one submarine was sunk, two probably were sunk, and several others were damaged, and a number of big enemy bombers were shot down. To protect the convoy, the first attacked by long-range German bombers in more than a year. Women's Low-Priced International New Phot. MINUS A BOW WHICH WAS BLOWN OFF by a mine in the Aegean Sea, the Greek destroyer Adrias arrives at her own port under her own power although at an eight-knot speed. She made the 500-mile voyage this way through enemy waters.

SHOES British and Canadian warships were rushed to the scene from all directions and U. S. and British planes were flown into the area from Gibraltar, the newly obtained bases on the Azores and from England itself. The action took place "some weeks ago," the communique said, starting as the convoy was proceeding northward about midway between the Azores and the coast of Portugal. A U-boat was illuminated on the surface shortly before dawn and throughout that day and the following night the convoy's escorts waged a desperate battle with enemy submarines dropping patterns of depth charges.

Oil patches appeared on the surface several times. Shells Sink U-boat. Once a U-boat's periscope broke water within 400 yards of a frigate. During the second night of the attack one submarine was forced to the surface and sunk with shells. Seventeen survivors were picked up.

During this time hostile aircraft had been observed shadowing the convoy from cloud cover and out of range of ships guns. Allied planes chased them away and damaged one Junkers. For about fifteen hours on the second day the attacks relented, when the convoy entered the range of British based bombers, but on the third night it was estimated about ten U-boats were clustering near in an effort to waylay the convoy anew and the battle continued again until daylight, probably destroying another U-boat. U-Boats Warded Off. Finally the U-boats were warded off without having caused any damage, but the enemy then changed his tactics and made repeated air attacks with bombers based in France.

Fifteen Nazi planes, attacking COO miles from the He d'Ouessant off the westernmost tip of France, converged on the convoy and pressed home determined attacks for two and a half hours, damaging two ships. Buenos Aires, Jan. 22 (U.R) Argentine police, investigating reports of an Axis spy ring operating in this country, "have gathered certain evidence compromising to persons already arrested in connection with the case," Dr. Ibarra Garcia, undersecretary of foreign affairs, said today. The spy ring reports followed th arrest by British authorities in Trinidad of Osmar Alberto Helmuth, a former Argentine consular official, who was charged with being an "enemy agent." Helmuth was on his way to Europe.

Confession Claimed. London sources said Helmuth had confessed being an enemy agent. Garcia said, "It is not considered opportune for the moment to give out other information which might jeopardize the development of the proceedings." Uruguayan police today investigated authenticity of a published letter, allegedly written by an official of the German embassy in Buenos Aires, quoting orders from Adolf Hitler to Nazi agents in South America to "crack the Pan-American front." Origin of Letter Traced. Police said origin of the letter, purportedly sent to Axis agents through German Charge d'Affaires Erich Otto Maynen, had been traced to Enrique Jurges, a German subject. Police said they had arrested Jurges as a precautionary measure while investigating the letter.

Police recalled that Jurges had produced a similar letter in Buenos Aires recently. This letter later was pronounced a fake, they said. Naines Board To Rescue Nazi Victims RATION FREE Bolivia To Declare War On Axis Washington, Jan. 22 (AP) President Roosevelt created a war refugee board tonight and directed it to attempt the rescue of "the victims of enemy oppression who are in imminent danger of death." Foreign Office Reveals Statu! Quantity of Many Famous Brands Red Cross, neutral diplomatic-missions, or even underground movements in occupied lands. Roosevelt stated, the White House said, that he expected to get the co-operation of all the United Nations and other foreign governments in the program.

Will Develop Flans. SHOES FORMERLY $6.95 TO $8.95 All Sales Final No Exchanges, Refunds Or C.O.D.'s The board consists of the Secretaries of State, Treasury and War, who are empowered to appoint a full-time executive director to administer the refugee assistance program. A White House statement said the President's action was designed to bring about immediate rescue from the Nazis of "as many as possible of the persecuted minorities" of Europe racial, religious or political all civilian victims of enemy savagery." L'rgrency Emphasized. The White House said Roosevelt stressed that it was urgent for action to be taken at once "to forestall the plan of the Nazis to exterminate all the Jews and other persecuted minorities in Europe." Decision as to how the goal could be accomplished was left to the board. It could, perhaps, make use of the International W.L.B.

Man Calls Bargaining Key To Pay Regulation Washington, Jan. 22 W) The extent to which regulation of wages by the Government in postwar years will be demanded or made necessary will depend larely upon the efficiency of collective bargaining, George W. Taylor, vice chairman of the War Labor Board, said today. "If collective bargaining is developed as the foundation of postwar relations, then governmental wage regulation will most likely follow the pattern of prewar years rather than that of the war years," Taylor said in an address prepared for the American Economic Association and the American Political Science Association. Justice Jackson Pleads for Curb On Group Hatred New York, Jan.

22 (U.R) Catastrophe threatens the United States unless the sharp antagonism among political, religious and business groups is checked and tolerance is sought. Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson said today in a speech before the judiciary section of the New York State Bar Association convention. "For the first time in my life," Jackson said, "1 am aware of organized groups primarily Interested in harming someone else rather than benefiting themselves." Similar movements, he said, brought about the war in Europe. Gas Coupons To Require Indorsement The board will be charged not only with developing plans for the rescue of oppressed peoples, but also with working out measures for their transportation, maintenance and relief and for setting up "havens of temporary refuge." The executive order did not specify what Government funds would be used for operations of the refugee agency, but Roosevelt empowered the board and the State, Treasury and War Departments to accept contributions, or service, of any private persons or organizations, state agencies, or agencies of foreign governments.

Enemy planes returned again Washington. Jan. 22 (A1) An appeal to motorists to help check illegal sales of gasoline by indorsing coupons promptly will be included in newly issued ratior books. The Office of Trice Administration announced today that, beginning about February 1, the gasoline books will contain this notice: "Important. Immediately write in ink or indelible pencil your car license number and state of registration on the face of each coupon.

Otherwise these coupons are invalid and may be revoked. Indorsement protects you and helps lick the Black Market." From Wirt Dispatches. Washington, Jan. 22. The new Bolivian Government disclaimed any link with forces unfriendly to the United States by announcing today that it would declare war on the Axis.

The position of President Vil-larroel's regime was made known here by Fernando Iturralde, sub-secretary of the Bolivian Foreign Office. The announcement came at a time when two Latin American republics had declared they would not give recognition to the new Government which swept into power December 20 in a coup d'etat that unseated President Penaranda. Uruguay had declared earlier in the day that it would not recognize the new Government "while present circumstances persist," and Cuba announced later that she had decided to withhold recognition. Will call for Election. Iturralde's declaration came In hour long press conference.

"As soon as Parliament convenes. President Villarroel will sk for and receive a declaration of war against the Axis." he said. Iturralde said the IVnarunda Government had taken measures only to adhere to the principles of the Atlantic Charter and added that President Villarroel will call toon for an election in Bolivia. The State Department had no comment on Iturralde's statement. Uruguay's and Cuba's refusal foreshadowed similar action by the United States and seventeen other Latin American nations.

Other Nation May Follow. Chile and Venezuela apparently have decided to follow Uruguay's example, but no announcement officially was expected for several days, dispatches from capitals of those two countries said. The Uruguayan decision was announced after the Foreign Office said the exchange of information among the American republics on the Bolivion resolution had been completed and that each of the nineteen countries which Estimated 2 Billion In Contracts Canceled Detroit, Jan. 22 (U.R) Changing war strategy has resulted in cancellation of nearly $2,000,000,000 worth of war contracts and subcontracts held by the automotive industry, the Automotive Council for War Production estimated today. MADEMOISELLE PATENTS, AS ADVERTISED IN GLAMOUR AT BYCK'S IN LOUISVILLE FTbYCK'S Final Prc-Invcntorv Clearance You Can Bent Nazis By a Hunch, This Guyr Says At a Bomber Base, England, Jan.

23 U.R) Every once in a while in the air war, said Maj. Albert M. Elton, 27-year-old Fortress pilot, you get a hunch that pays off. Elton was flying over the French coaslA Everything was going smoothly. Then he had a hunch he ought to pick up his flak suit off the cockpit floor and lay it across his chest and midriff.

He had no sooner done so than the Germans boxed his Fortress with flak and chunks of metal peppered his ship. One piece weighing about two pounds bounded off the major's chest and he wasn't even bruised. Elton brought his ship home looking like a flying box of aluminum confetti, with two engines out and the instrument panel wrecked. Soldier Given Medal For Saving Fireman Fort Lawton, Jan. 22 (U.R) Pfc.

Robert Hazelton of Continental, Ohio, who rescued a Seattle fireman from the flaming Frye packing plant after a B-29 bomber crashed into the building last February, was awarded thf Soldier's Medal today for "bravery beyond the call of duty." Pacific Hero Killed In Florida. Miami, Jan. 22 (Pi Maj. Daniel Iverson, Marine flier who won the Navy Cross and Silver Star for heroism in the Pacific, was killed today in a plane collision at the Vero Beach naval training base, his father was 'i cember was ready to make knowrFi Final Reductions On These Trimmed All-Wool Coats Fur a ii ii It I Only 89 coats! Formerly $65 to $98.75 now at lower prices to clear before inventory! A choice of colors, black and brown and size range from 12 to 20, 9 to 1 5 and 36 to 40 such rich fur trimming as Persian Lamb, Squirrel, Beaver and Raccoon! These are final reductions! 5 Group of Fur-Lined and Fur Trimmed BETTER COATS, formerly $118 to $250. y3 and l2 OFF individual decisions.

Argentina Stands Alone. Argentina so far is is the only Latin American country to recognize the Villarroel Government. Uruguay's action was seen as defiance of Argentina, which was able to dominate tiny Uruguay before the war by virtue of their geographical proximity and Argentina's economic power. It was believed that the other American republics decided to let Uruguay lead the way to emphasize Argentina's isolation from her sister Western Hemisphere nations and also to eliminate any possible stigma that the nonrecognition policy was dictated by the United States. U.

S. Refusal Hinted. The Cuban announcement was made at Havana by Minister of State Emeterio Santovenia. Iturralde. in Washington to investigate the United States' attitude toward Bolivia, hinted that he expected the United States to refuse his Government recognition.

Tin Interests Blamed. He blamed Bolivia's wealthy tin interests for influencing foreign opinion against recognition of his Government. He denied that the new Government had had any connections with either Nazi or Argentine influences. But Secretary of State Hull has hinted that there might be grounds for believing the new Government was established, or at least inspired, by Axis agents in Argentina. La Paz received the news calmly.

Augusta Cespedes, secretary-general of the revolutionary junta, said, "The Government of the nation will follow serenely along the roads toward dignity and national honor." This is Ibe Final Clearance of Fall and Winter Street Dresses Formerly to $22.95 new VAL-A-PAK I Jc $090 $190 PINUP to Pretty as a picture cute but capable like today's new Select Croup of "Small-Size" Fur Coats cuv woman! Their trim, young it travels 2 men's suits in perfect press nd all accessories as lines are definitely something for the boys! Light-hearted enough for dancing stout-hearted enough for longer wear well worth a ration coupon! 118 58 to well so you never hare pressing worries or expenses at hotels. Saves, time. space and energy. Costs only mademoiselle' 7 or. lo ht tn our thoctl A limited number of fine fur coats and jackets! South American Lamb African Kidskin in prey or black Persian Paw and and 10 to 14 each an 15 Mouton Lamb.

Mostly sizes 9 to outstanding value at its final sale price! Formerly $98 to $169.75 19' Shanghai Businesses Given Puppet Control New York. Jan. 22 W) The luncsr IjoiiiH ajjency reported 1 ti.iy that thirty American and J.ritish properties in Shanghai, J'K-'uding Important hotels, de-I ii tmeiit stores and a brewery, 1. been "transferred" from control to that of the puppet "Chinese National Gov-ei nnient." Domei said some of the properties would "be managed as joint Sino- Japanese concerns," with the Japanese "furnishing the capital and technical and managerial assistance." ttt" rv Ti stands for this Adorable "flat" in Black Patent $10.95 stands for this Beautiful d'Orsay in Black Patent $10.95 stands for the Captivating sling in Black Patent or Town Brown Calf 1 0.95 i.4 TAYILODM Trunk Company Incorporated 611 S. Fourth At.

Opp. Francis Bldf..

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