Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 13, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 13, 1939
Page 3
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Ivovernbo ,, f K ^jTa*^, SOCIETY ivira. Bid Henry MIIIIIIDII III Ic, Vlrl'il.V A inif'hiy minion (li/min.-ili's nerliri — ) 'I hi inoniimi'iil In Vic-lory and nl ils ha.--!.' Olll' •(•(•;; ii ur.in. mil ulil. with SI10W- whitij hair And p;ili> lilank fan'. I'i">idi' him. fullof lifp, th<> clover wore wciik end gueste of Miss Betty Cox in Prescotf, Telephone 321 O, Napoleons, VDII Cue How tragic ni-( enjoys. These are its munuiiH'tit.s; ed eyes, Tliu Inukeii hoys. . . Tony Wons S<-raph<i')l<. the triumph.'! victory ' blind Mrs. nnd Mr.s. Dor.soy Mc-Rao KI\, were Sunday guusts of tlii'ir daughter Mr.s. William Glover and Mr. Glover in MuU'orn, 1 wax M-'-H. \Vlial Itl'iiirhrd hi*, haif 7 [u Will' tilJM' ah. linw yiiuiit; (If mils! IK,vi- IK-CII. I'/'iiralli ih.. Muiiuiiu'iil i Tn Vk-lury We passed. The steps uf frii-nd.s and lues sound all (lie same. He lli'.-il'il hi?, (in ellp clink: lie ciiuld mil six' "in blush ul ;..|iiinie. AUss. Julia Leiuley of (lie Furl Smith Home Ef. Dt'iiarlmonl ;nul Miss Janet mli.-y, a Mudent in llu- Stiite.' Uni- i's-il.v. l''ayflteville were week end rst.s of (he;ir iiurctils, Mr. and Mrs 1 Ki'udall Lemley anil other homo folks. Miss Fny Brinnt of Albercjuerque New Mexico, is the guest of her brother, R. T. Driunt and Mrs Brinnt mid otliw relatives one) friends: Miss Margaret Marshall of Tex- nrkann was (he week end guest of Miss M»Kfiie Bel) ami Ike T. Bell Kr. end i.ift Margery Dildy spent l)>e week wihl Miss Aarn Ann Barham in Miss Polly Tolle.son was the week end guest of Miss Fxlno Ruth Walters in Prc'scoll. Dorst'y Mcllac Jr. and Htlle sun .spent tin- week end with Mrs. Mt-Iine who is attending tin? hfd.side of hei' nuitliei, Mrs. Gus UurniiT in ' Little Hock. Mi.ss Kllen Cm-rigim uf the Miiulen, i'lihlii- School faculty WHS Ihe week i ml Huost of her purent.s. Mr. inul Mrs. | Dolph CiirriKiin and other relatives and ' Ini-mls. The Morning After-Taking Carters Little Liver Pills Tin- Alallxan Claw; of Baptist Sunday School will regular bus mew and social the Kir.st hold its! meeting OUR BOARDING HOUSE Tuesday evening al 7:110 at the homo of Miss Maude I.ip.scomh. teasl Division. All members are urged to be PSYCH/C ENIGMA The Great Virgil to Show Here Tuesday Crowd Expected at City Hall Auditorium Tuesday Night A (lihllintr fun show based on mystery i.s promised local people when (lie Greiil Virgil, famous mnglclar and illusionist, brings his companj of iirlisl.s (» .show on the slage i)f the city hull auditorium here Tuesday IliplK a( 8 o'clock. The Hope Band Auxiliary is sponsoring (he sluiw. The Groat Virgi .showed :il Pine Uluff last Friday night ;ind here is n telegram from Ralph Mitchell. Jr., president of the Pine Bluff Lions club which sponsored the .show there. The telegram: "The Crt'iit Virgil .showed here Friday night til the high school lo a large and i.'iithusiastic crowd. H was the best show of its kind in Pine Bluff for nifiny years." The Great Virgil will transport you into the Far East as mystery fol- kiwy mystery in rapid .succession— mysteries that surpass the fabled feats of the magicians (if India. Though the entire performance is full of laughs, there are many hair- raising nml death-defying scenes which combine to round out a masterful show of mystery, beauty, thrills, and fun. The entire show takes place under bright lights, yet the illusions are unbnlicvoable nnd seemingly im- poKsible to human execution. A special feature of The Great Vir«il show will be Julie, the psychic enigma, who will offer her startling "Human Television" act. in which she demonstrates her remarkable ability to ivad the minds of the audience, and tell thc'in their thoughts at the exact Mr. and Mr.s. Ben Turner of I'ani- '"''""- J »"'f«'nlact. Julie is claimed by Mould have arrived for a visit witll j ^'''^ ->n<l ^lentists to have a mmd Mr. Turiifi-'s mothers. Mrs Florence Turner ami sister, Mrs. J. M. Harbin and Mr, Harbin. They were joined over the week end hy Jiinmie Harbin of Litlle Rock. TO THIS' ACCOUNT— " AMD WOOPLE,, 1 UNAWARE- THAT TWE TURK UAO PLUNGED AT MlAA, STOOPED TO TIE A -SHOE LACE ~~~ BEM'. ZEEM WEMT ZOOMING OVER. HOOPLE'S BACK, KNOCKING HIMSELF UNCONSCIOUS WWEI MIS MEAD STRUCK A -RING* , POST MTU TERRIFIC FORCE..,* BAM/ SUCH INCREDIBLE- INACCURACIES/ TRUTH CRUNCHED JTO EARTW -RISES iLlKET ' YARN OUR ATUUET6 * SPUN ABOUT LOOPING AH< AROUND-A POST LIKE At LASSO WAS OUST ANOTHER •POTFUU OF STEWED • APPLES/ with Major Hoopleiffllnmhiis In ,^...—,-. xs^r ifes^?t I Over Washington TUAT5' WOW WE BEAT AH — j GOT BY J ON A ^ -\OE6TRIKK! AS AIM/ xou UNCONSCIOUS, rTOQ, Tigers Swamp Washington In Basketball Game, Score 40 to 13 Bokats to Meet (Continued from Page One) night. Clarksville at Hope. Friday night. All mothers of children in Ogleshy school are asked In attend Ogle.sby I" 1 . T. A. Tuesday afternoon. November Mill al three o'clock at the Oglesby school. Mrs. Guy Bayse and Mrs. Edward McFaddin have interesting program for the entire term. You can -show your inlerest in your child also in your child's teacher by attending these mcflingx. The subject for Tuesday's program will be educating For j Kconomic Efd'e/encl led by Miss Henry i City School Supt. You are urged to be j present. The John Cain chapter. D. A. R. will hold its regular monthly meeting with a luncheon at 12.-I5 Tuesday al the Hotel Barlow, with Mrs. K. F. MeFnddin, Mrs. W. G. McDonald. Miss Mamie Twitchell and Miss Mary Car- riK'Ht as hostesses. The Gleaners Class of (he First Baptist S. S. will hold its regular monthly l.u.sine.ss and social meeting Tuesday evening at 7:!iO al the home of Mrs, (.'laudi- Hamilton, Kysl 2nd streel. -0- Mr. nnd Mrs. Olis A. GilU'hml are guests at the Henry Hotel. Their marriage was solemni/.ed in Texarkana on Sunday morning at St. Edwards Rectory in Ihe presence of relatives and close friends, with the rector. Rev. Thomas Gillis officiaiine. Previous lo her marriage, Mrs Gillelard was Miss Florence Culver of Texarkana. and Mr. C'lillelard'.s home is in Camden. M i.sses son and Martha White. Mary Wil- Miiriu Antoineite Williams S.'PM-. Off. IKE 'REPORTERS ALWAYS ; .GET TRlMGS AMVlEP UP/ 1 NEW Last Time MONDAY "DRUMS" in TECHNICOLOR with SABU. RAYMOND MASSEY. COLOR NOVKI.TY — NEWS — USUAL 'PRICE!-; — thousands of years ahead of our times. While The Great Virgil's show is billed to have a thousand thrills, ils great popularity is likely due to the fact that it is filled with fun and good wholesome comedy that appeals to every member of Ihe family. Among the exciting creations dur- ini; Ihe many scenes of The Great Vrgil'y- performance are The Mystery of the Jungle, in which Virgil introduces a real live African Lion by the name of "Simba", and in this mystery the Lion is hoisted into the air and while all eyes are on him, he vanishes in a puff of smoke. The thrilling spectacle of the Beautiful Hindoo Princess asleep in space. The breath-taking demonstration of an Excution on Mars. The gorgeous oriental fantasy of China town after Dark. The exciting spirit seance during which spirits flit and flutter about the .stage causing strange and laughter provoking situations, making the members of the audience howl with laughter. I The Famous Hindoo Rope Mystery, which everyone has heard of or read about some time or other during his or her life, but which a very select few have had the thrilling opportunity of witnessing before their very eyes. The dissolving of the Bodies of two Human Beings, in which the Great afiHSXESJBBHKBISSdHB' ROAD SHOW RTTRACTION ROADSTERS 8ACK SEAT PETTING A SOUWW WARNING '.AN ELOQUENT SERH0N THE PICTURE ALL PARENTS MUST SEE 15c - MITE 2Sc Colored Balcony lOc IrJMAW STARTS TUESDAY DOUBLE FEATURE "Smashing Money Ring" — and — Loretta Young Warner Baxter WIFE HUSBAND AND FRIEND" — PLUS — * PICTORIAL Achievement Day at Yerger School Negro 4-H Clubs Turn In Annual Reports—Pro gress Is Shown Achievement day was celebrated jointly by the 4-H clubs and the Home Demonstration clubs in Hope with a program at the Yerger High School November 4. Each club gave a report of its year's achievements. As a result Sheppard 4-H club and Washington Home demonstration club were selected as county champions for such splendid accomplishments. H. C. Ray, district agent, was present and gave a short talk on "The value of setting a goal and working toward it." H. B. Mitchell, Miller county agent, was also present nnd gave some helpful suggestions about planing a years work. At the close of the program Ml. Zion Home Demonstration club entertained the entire group with games and refreshments. The home demonstration clubs are sponsoring a county wide quilting project which they expect to complete before Christmas. The purpose of such a project is to make some less fortunate persons happy at Christmas. According to reports turned in by the several 4-H clubs and home demonstration clubs throughout the county 75.000 jars of fruits and vegetables, , ... _,„„ „ „ have been canned; 3,000 bu of table ! » owt> '- | "»' sc '» Downing SMU 0-2. beans nnd peas have been dried; 1,000 — Po - wcr - ' lower - P° wer - Big ' pounds of apples have been dried; 1,500 j pounds of peaches have been dried nnd j approximately 20,000 pounds of pork' meat will be killed this winter. Two out of every ten families own chickens (25 head flocks) and ,a cow. These facts were taken from data turned in by members of home demonstration and 4-H clubs throughout Hempstead county. 3!)2 families have been working under the influence uf Agricultural Extension work. Such influence has been received by mothers or by children in club work. Texas Aggies Roll On Unbeaten With Only Rice and Texas Left On Schedule Farmers Prove Superior to C. M. U. With 6-2 Victory In Mud Saturday — Razorbacks and Rice Tie at Houston, 12-12 teams we have played this season." The Methodists gave the Aggies DALLAS — (#>)— Texas A and M bounded on to glory Monday, mighty 'ootbull team only two steps removed their all. Only five seconds remain- from a perfect season. | ed when the Methodists made their Through mud and rain the big Ag- | last big challenge, a wobbling, rain git-s plowed Saturday to beat the I splattered pass that Kimbrough bat- iad to beat—Southern ted down in the end zone. It was the team they Methodist. Just ahead lies Rice !cr that, the University Thanksgiving Day. But not a crv of "Rose Bowl" or any other bowl disturbs the calm surrounding the Aggie football team. They are just silently destructive. Eight straight triumphs are theirs and they didn't falter u step in beating Southern Methodist. They had barely changed from soaked uniforms to street clothes before they were talking about the Rice gnmo— at Houston Saturday. The Aggius could play every Saturday through June nnd never come u.p against a tougher foe than Southern Methodist. The murderous Mustangs gave the Aggies the works—and they look it and countered with just a little more poisonous attack. Only one pass, and it was unncccs- fnry, was thrown by the Farmer owe Power, power, power. Big John Methodist line ng and tackling like a madman. "One of the great teams in football." said Coach Matty Bell of SMU, lifter the game. "Bettor, more povvr- j fill than Notre Dame and Oklahoma ( On Friday afternoon, November 10, the Columbus Tigers played host to Ihe Washington cage teams—the senior and junior boys' clubs. Coach Bristow's fighting Bengals won their second victory of the week by downing their opponents by the count of 40 to 13, having previously urned back the Guernsey seniors on Wednesday afternoon at Guernsey, 25 o 8. Coach Holt's kittens, however, were nol so lucky because the Washington juniors trounced them 15 lo ?,. In the senior battle the Cats proved to be far superior to the visitors. At the end of the first 3'A minutes of play, they were leading 9 to nothing; and at the send of the second quarter the scores stood 19 and 4. When the third period ended, the Tigers had scratched up 33 points to Washington's 8. At this stage of the fray the subs began lo go into the game, Dicky Boyce replacing Shepperson at one of the forward positions and Ervin Pardue taking over L. K. Boyce's pivot place; and Captain Calvin Caldwell, star guard, gave way to another substitute. But the slashing snarling cats con- linued to show their sharp claws and gnashing teeth, hanging up 7 more counters for Captain Cal before the final whistle stopped their rampage, the game ending 40 to 13. Shepperson. star forward for Columbus, with 13 points, and his teammate, Guard Calvin Caldwell, with 11 counts, showed up best for the Tigers. L. K. Boyce, regular center for the Cats, played his usual bang-tip defensive game, while Williams, with 4 points, as center, played besl for Washington. , U. Cooley also played well for Ihe visilors. The second tilt of the afternoon was a story with a different kind of ending as far as Columbus was concerned, for the visitors swamped the juniors cats to the fast step of 15 to 3. Ames, guard for the Kittens, was the only player for his outfit that counted, making Columbus' three points. Captain D. Caldwell, center and a team mate, played a good defensive game. Forward Saunders, with two field 4 Colleges Idle LITTLE ROCK—|/P>-Three Arkansas college teams go into action against out-of-state competition this week while four others remain idle. The Arkansas Teachers College Bears meet, the Delta Teachers of Cleveland, Wisg., at Conway. The Arkansas A. and M. Bollweevils of Monlicello stay at home to engage Northwest Mississippi College. The Ouachita Tigers of Arkadejphla go to Nalchitoches, La., to battle Lou^ isiana Normal. Hendrix of Conway, Henderson lit Arkadelphia, Arkansas State of Jonesboro, and Arkansas Tech of Russell- vllle have open dates. iOHTCOUOHf ^due to colds.. .checked without "dosing". j Aggies' big test—and they were betInstitute: af- i ter than a Methodist team that ranks of Texas on I among the notion's best. But next Saturday they will be playing n team with nothing to lose. Rice, tied Arkansas. 12-12, Saturday, may not have its Ernie Lain, suffering from a shoulder hurt, but Ollie Cordill, n great man on a football field, will be there. Tumbing along right behind the Aggies in the conference race is Baylor, a good team which smothered Texas, 20-0, in the mud Saturday. Cowboy Jack Grain was bottled in goals, and Guard Boyetle, with three field goals and two tosses from the free throw stripe, were Washington's stars in their vcitory with a 12 point margin. Next Friday afternoon the Columbus second siring senior boys club, junior boys and senior girls' teams plan, (if possible) to visit Fulton, provided final arrangements with Superintendent Lieblong of Fulton can be made. Washington Host to Zone Church Meeting TALBOT FEILD, Sr. ACCIDENT and HEALTH With Life Insurance Claims Paid 100% Promptly 9 years with Reliance Life Box 44, Hope, Aj-k. QUALITY PIANOS Beasley's Texarkana, Ark. HARVEY ODOM Local Representative NOW'S YOUR CHANCE "It's Choose Your COAT WEEK" Breath taking Values $15.00 LADIES Specialty Shop When the 1!)00 auto chugged down the road, without top, without headlights, without, windshield or fenders or bumpers, it cost the driver lit) cents a mile to own nnd operate. Virgil changes places with one of his lady assistants in the fraction of a tecond. And many, many more beauti- tul. spectacular and thrilling mysteries of the pas(, present, and future combined to make one long unforgettable evening luxurious pleasure. Relief At Last For Your Cough Creomulslon relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to loosen germ laden phlegm, increase secretion and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. No matter how many medicines you have tried, tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Oreomulsion with the understanding that you are to like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, bronchitis A PICTURE YOU CAN'T MISS! MONDAY - TUESDAY MATINEE TUESDAY 2:15 FRANK CAPRA S ARTHyR*MMEs STEWART with CLAUDE (AIMS • EOWAIO ARNOLD • GUY KIIIEE • THOMAS MITCHELL • MULAH BONDI A COtUMtIA PICTURE the mire but Baylor's Sophomore Jackj Washington was hostess on Novem- Wis-on wen, for the heavy 8™* bor 9 to Zone Two of the Frescott dis- Veteran Jimmy Witt flew through the j ir ;,. t ...1,1, ..-.._ w ,, r ™. , ,, •nud and Texas was never close? Next I Sdi*'* M ' S ' H ' W " T ' mb ^lake Saturday Baylor breathers, playing. Centenary at Waco. : Texas Christian, finding itself with a 1B-0 triumph over the Tulsa Hurricane, has most of its regulars in the harness again and will invade Austin for a date with Texas. The Methodists, battered by the Aggies and anxious about a mouth injury to Preston Johnston, its fine s.ophor>ioro kicker and runner, meets Arkansas' Razorbacks at Little Rock. Is abolished the pilory COLOSSAL ARENA HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured ancient Roman amphitheater. 9 Its ruins .sUmd near the in Rome. 13 Declaimed. 14 Rubber pencil end. IP. Othenvisi' 17 Market place. 19 Strong taste. 21 To allow. 22 Merciful. '.M Chum. '25 Pronoun. £e Ell. L'SIn truth, 31 Carried. 34 Shows displeiiKtiro. 35 Mohammedan nymph. 30 Formal .slate agreement. 38 Abstract beings. 39 Rumanian coins. 40 Railway. Answer to Previous Puzzle 41 Policcm«ji. 44 Traduces. 4!) One plus one. 51 So be it. 53 Ear parts. 54 Wharf. !i!> Italian coins, fit) Gown. 57 Sound of .sorrow. 58 It was built by and Vespasian. 59 Its name is often applied to s. VERTICAL U Shield fillet. :t To endure. •1 Single thing. 5 Street, (i CJo.sed vvilh wax. 7 Border. B Nothing more «7 Net. than. 9 Note in scale. 10 Malt kiln. 11 To lull-vest. 12 Liquid merfsure. 15 Hurried. 1C Pertaining lo an ellipsis. 18 Mystic * syllable. 20 - fouglvt beasts iu this arena. 22 Having a chest. 23 Animals' feeding chains. 25 Pertaining to a seta. 27 Foolish. 29 Neither. 30-Owed. ;!2Be still. 33 Silkworm. 37 Submits, 42 To leave out 43 Fairy. 45 Because. 4t> To foment. The devotional "Christian Home and Its Influence" was given by Bro G W. Robertson. "Possibilities of a Home Today" Mrs. Bert Ccott, Jr., McCaskill. "Family WorshirJ in a Modern Home" Mrs. R. M. Briant. Poem "lit Takes a Heap o'Living" Mrs. Chester Stephens, Blevins. Vocal Solo "There's No Place Like Home," Mrs. Kenneth L. Spore. "From Home to Community—What?" Mrs. Sidney Churchwell, Holy Grove. Hymn "The Home Over There" was sung by group. The following officers were elected- Mrs. H. W. Timberlake, chjaruian] Mrs. Chester Stephens, secretary. St. Pan! was designated as the next meeting place, which is to be included with the Officers Training Day. Mrs. R. M. Briant dismissed with prayer. 1 Sumatra is the sixth largest island in the world, with 100.000 square I miles of area. AT YOUR SERVICE Prescription Specialists W<" have long had a reputation for filling prescriptions with scientific precision, and the freshest drugs we insure your health; we cooperate with your physician. Two graduate phar- mists on duty, WARD & SON The Leading- Druggist "We've Got It" Phone 62 Motorcycle Delivery Need Laxative? Take An All-Vegetable One I Don't let impatience lead you into; i harh measures for the relief of constipation! There's no use. A little spice, all- vegetable BLACK-DRAUGHT, taken by simple directions, will gently persuade your bowels. Take it at night. That should give you plenty of time for sleep. being. clay 48 Actual 49 Glazed block. 50 To hnve on. 52 Tennis fence. 54 To stroke lightly. Morning usually brings punctual, thorough relief from constipation's symptoms — headaches, biliousness, sour stomach, loss of appetite and energy. BLACK-DRAUGHT'S msiin ingredient is an "intestinal tonic-laxative," which helps to tone the intestinal muscles. It's economical, tpo, 25 to 40 doese: 25c. Singleton's Fresh Roasted Coffee T T T 1 Pound lOc 2 l / 2 Pounds 25c 5 Pounds SOc 10 Pounds $1.00 W. P. SINGLETON 113 South Elm Street Hope, Ark. gBEST PLACE IN HOPE TO BUY COFFEE*!* BED ROOM SUITES *29.50 DINING ROOM and and up DINETTE SUITES Our Prices are Right HOPE HARDWARE CO.

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