The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1940 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 8, 1940
Page 12
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, PAGE TWELVE BLYTTTEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS O ' : ??/~il 5? • Tni • TV .-.«••• some GJass to Plus hirmture Plan Envisions Extending Financial Help And Advice WASHINGTON, May 10 <UP)- Secretnvy .of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace is ba:V:ing a move lo taring Hie more than 13,000 /armer-coop- cralives under (lie government's wing. The government ivoiili) not ex- ri'cise contvol over (!\c adnilntelra- livc iiffah-s of these coopemUvcsl 'would extend additional financial, aid and. advice, according (o phms ijdtig cornicle-red by nfji (cultural officials. The farmer-cooperative movement is not »ew in the United Slal«, hut it lias grown rapidly In recent years. Last year these cooperatives handled products valued at approximately $2,000.000,000. IVnniers buy inaclitncry, seeds, fertilizer ami other ..upplies through their cooperatives. They sell Hie ci'ops they grow niul livestock. The co-ops enable farmers lo make community use of pure- Capper Hill tiulorml Wallace luis indorsed n bill by Sen. ° f thc mnsl '» |CTO ""« ork ' s Orosrcld " 011Ke > " M " s™' "'K > I lhcr l °l>' CU(1 " lWcs - "<">l)s. less of the sola ami pan of Uio incline frame are of a ° ! lw »'l»™ »> " «rfcs ot " B la,sic" rooms, sllown ttl New 'He i-liarmi,,,; SU|P t , lmll . s> nll or ll)B colvce ub)(% ^^ 1]j( , , ca . l>ra:ul new plastic First Luly Becomes Leading Lady Arthur Capper, R, Kas., to | vvliich looks exactly like clear elnss. Unlike glass, nosvevcv, it doesn't chip break or split Furthermore m^the" ABriaUUu-e' KmenT I "^ ^ "" U " Chi '" ° f ""' C ' 1CmiSlS te lmpCrVlOUS l ° Blnlns """ ™»' 1 """tor or wnrp. A piece or two TOe divista,wo'dd S e" rnsthe « lvfs "">' 1TO1 » ". «« hl - Irwh - m °< ta '''. but not modernistic, look, central jigency for ronrdlnnling present, governincnl aid to coopein lives and tor the extending ot additional assistance. Such n division, Wallace explained, would "ramble us lo focus our thinking and planning dynamically on Hie cooperative method nnd make, I nm sure, truly significant, contributions in this whole field." Wallace and other sponsors of the movement defended the "coops" against charges that, they arc a step tasvnrd collectivism or Communism. They are "in harmony wilh our democratic traditions" and' are peculiarly npproprintc" In this, country, Wallace contended. I Issue In Dispute -.The dispute over cooperatives has been, alternately smoldering mxl flaring into public conlrovcrsy' since before President Roosevelt senl his committee an inquiry on | cooperative enterprise to Europe! three years ago to study cooper-' olives in net mil opera lion. The committee spenl several months—aht! more than $50,000- in Sweden, Denmark, Finland. Germany, France and Britain, then disagreed violently on the iKlvisn-1 Mlily of government sponsorship .of eonsHmer-cooiJernlii'es in the United Stales, ! The majority report held "consumer cooperation is not a highway to Utopia." The report, however, recommended (he establishment, of a government agency lo "give information nnd advice" to the cooperalives. Several minority reports were even more pessimistic of establishment, of consumer co- operalives in this country. The farmer-cooperatives Eleanor Roosevelt has not played is thai About iiie only role Mr jot movie star, .so now she's doini;' just that. She's pictured which" 0 K " "" tlcr M * M 'W's I" n Km- York studio, where she recently have gnined widest acceptance in I " W(lc " slini 'l «u the Rooscrclt fimiil.v's hobbies. I'ieUucd with her are llol)l| J' ox 'l' ( 'rt Dave Elmin, (buck lo ciiiueial and dlrccluv Arihur I Award. Marriage Licenses Rifiht couples have angled nt, Ihe niylhevillu office of the conn- ty court clcik for licenses lo wed dining the past week. Names or the couples nml (he officers or minister performing the ceremony, if listed, follow: Marvin Baird and Mrs. Jessie Hopkins, both of Camthersville, by Magistrate T. I,, cnsstdy; Russell I'Jle.s and Miss Louise Lovelace, both of Manila, by Magistrate Gas-' sidy; {Jletls Lovelace and Miss Altn Files, both of Manila, by Magistrate Cassidy; Gaston Taylor and Miss Alline Hilcy, both ot Dell, by Magistrate Cassidy; Earl Hoggilrd and Miss Tltelnm Mcrritt, both of Manila. George Blaylock Jr., and Miss Bertie Lee Wheeler, both of Tyler, by Magistrate Cassidy; H. B. Sawyers ami Miss Kalhcrlnc Hopper, botli of Ulytlieville, by Magistrate Cassidy; Roy Lee Rlcketts of Louisville, Ky., and Miss Augusta Penrl WhilKcll of Ncoslio, Mo., by Magistrate Cassidy. Not all black leopards are fierce and untamable. the United Slates are a combination' of consumer and producer cooperatives. There are. however, several strictly consumer-cooperatives in operation. Mind Your Manners Test your .^ _. _ v social mage by answering thc'fol- lowint' questions, Ihen checking against the authoritative answers below; 1. On what color paper arc wedding Invitations engraved? 2. Is it necessary that wedding invitation, 1 ; be enclosed in i«- 0 envelopes? 3. How is the inside envelope addressed? 4. Does the inside envelope have gum on the flap for sealing? 5. When a girl's 'parents arc rti- vorced and she is living with her I mother and stoplnther, should her | own father he inviied to the \vfd- |dii)g? What would "you <lo if— You are n woman who i.s marryii)!! | for (lie second limi' ai:d wonder ihow your invitations and nnnonner- of correct I mcnts should be sent out— I (a) Have tliom senl out by your parents—as was done at your first wedding? (b> Peel thai you should not send out invitations or nnnoimre- a. YCS. :i. Mr. and Mrs. Jones. •I. NCI. fi. Certainly. Host "What Would Yon Do" solution—(n>. ments for a scmcmd marriage? Answers 1. White or ivory-white. "I'air of Tmns" As a singular noun. "Iwiii" nieam "one of two brought forth at a birth." "Twins" is delim-d us "two young brought forth at one birth." A pair of twins should mean four offspring, bill it does not. "Twins" and H "pair of twin.-,-," by popular i usage, menu tilt individuals. same— merely Iwo FARMERS AUCTION SALE EVERY THURSDAY Sell for Top Cash Prices Buy At Your Own Bid OUR I! A UN DISIN- KKCTlil) AN I) IN- SI'HCTKD KVKItY WKKK OF T1IK YKAI{. A Wide Open Sale Give Us a Trial Missco Corp. lilyllicvillc Itarn al lliyinv.i}- IS and J. I,. C. !•:. ii. I!. BUY STANDARD TIRES NOW! 4 YEARS OLD AT THE SAME LOW PRICE At Today's LOW PRICES! CAc Per V/eek A* Low As On Our j BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. j SI* WalMt • Mumt. 810 SOFT AM) iMi:i,1.0W AS A KENTliCKY S1>1U\G-TIME • x i\H'-- !/ T <RV T ' vv ' SAXIUI: "^ """'•' Ic ' s four ful1 y 0 ' 1 " -. ./..;•/ 1 old ... an extra melhum^ year ailildl toy »s age, but not a penny to its price. IWSlMUElS KKNTVCKY STRAIGHT HOVRDON W11SKKV FOR IS Fears Ctirlailmenl Of Shipping From Denmark To Have Effect MINNKAI'OUS, Minn., May 8 UII'J—Dr. W. S. CnrlKon, explorer and veteran of two expeditions 10 Grecnliiiid, fe.-ics that eiutallnicnt ol shijipini; from Uenraark of the liritish blockade will "starve: Orc'cnlund out." With a growing danker of possible starvation frtcint; Ihe 17.000 Kskimos and. Danes wlio inhabit Ciri-ciilaiid, tlis American lied Cross has asked Carlson for advice. He said Hie island population i.s im- IX'iilled and faces innumerable hardships although no military force may he dispatched to the Carlson was (ierol<j(;isl and me- teorolotjlsl wllli the \S2K Ujiiver- sity of Michigan survey party and later was stationed at Unernovik in (lie Arclie Circle as :i fellow ot the American Scandinavian Foundation. On Mmtbcrgh fcxpi'dili'im One of the expeditions In which lie took pan made prclinun<ii> surveys for Col. Cliarles A. Lind- berfsh's northern trail Waxing flight for Pan-American Aira-xjs "Grcenlanders," he said, "arc hunters and fisheiTolk, normally self-siinicienl, but depeiulent, en- lircly on Dcnmnrk /or twine for their nets, ammunition, rifles and, above all, fuel oil for their boats." There is little or no agriculture on the ice-capped plateau, he said. "Consequently, apart from meal and fish, Greenland natives must import most of their foodstuffs," he snid. Since IITO. Greenland has been a trade monopoly of Denmark, he explained, and since 1821 the waters of the island have been closed to all but Danish, vessels. "With the spread of the war to the north, Greenland was cut oil' from the mother country," he added. Shipping Sccsou Short. 'Hecmise of Ihe shortness of thc shipm'iij? season—the east coast is navigable from May through August only, the west coast ice-bound except for the period between May and October — the situation is acute'.' '('ho longer west coast season would be of no aid to cast coast ., Carlson said, because Irans-shipmcnt ot goods across the (iltttcim is virtually Impossible." ' 'Under ordinary circumstances, Ihe supply ships lenvt' Denmark about April \,» ,|, e explorer said. •Ilie passage is a long one H took me 3D days to mukn the cioss- l"e in one of the supply boats." '•ami flas Moved -Much of northern Germany once was Scandinavian soil. Great glaciers, originating i,, Norway, pished southward across (he Norlli .Sen and covered CH-rmany w ith soil u )m down from Scandinavian inoun- VV(-II Pormrd The comb cell.of a honey bee i an engineering masterpiece. K.ich hexagonal chamber .shares It.? Us six enclosing sides and nine- fold base, with nine other cells wilh which it is in contact WEDNESDAY, WAY 8, 1040 Courier News *anl ads (KHZ) Sign the New Register at the Ritz • Mountain Named late. Mown Mazama WHS named years •me,- It disappeared liilo the earth, Crater Lake, Ore., remains at the site of the oiice mighiy mountain peak. Try One or Our Drllrlmu PIG SANDWICHES Ole Hickory Inn CHARCOAL Broiled Sieuks Small Ifnir Tcmtc'i- wltli r/Vo frlfd jwtnlofs ant] slaw • ) '' ........... 7;-,,. ITOTKL NOBLE WKDNKSDAY-THURSDAY GiT ' amirs rinmoinit Xeus A c onn>dj faming Soon: Virginia City Krbet'ca Typhoon .lolinuy Apollo ROXY WEDNESDAY -THUKSDAY PAL NIOHTS 2 Admitted for Price of 1 \URETHEW4V c TRWTS IH£J Also Comedy & Sporllight I.IBTEN TO KICN ll-.OO «.m. —12:45 pjn.-«:3B p. m , Phone Ktti Phone Roxy 333 Agent Sinclair Refini'ng Company (Inc.) B. J. ALLEN Phone 200 AGENT Blytheville, Ark. 'T'HIS YEAR, see how many more A of the things you want in a new car arc yours in n 1940 Plymouth! Of "All 3"low-priced cars, Plymouth has the longest wheelbasc, the widest scats, roomiest body. Discover Ihe silky power of that Floating Power engine... the re- laxed comfort of the Luxury Ride. You'll find Plymouth is the loai- priccil cnr most like high-priced cars in quality, luxury, and engineering. See your nearby Plymouth dealer. PLYMOUTH DIVISION oi' CHRYSLER CORPORATION. BUOR BOWES, C.J.S.,THURS.,9.10r.»., E.D.S.T. Vflll PCT ALLTHESE HIGH-PRICED CAR ADVANTAGES I UU UL I IN EVEN THE LOWEST^RJCED PLYMOUTH SEE THE QUALITY CHART- TAKE THE LUXURY RIDE CF 12 IMPORTANT FEATURES FOUND IN MOST MICH-PRICED CARS Plymouth has 21... Car 2 has 11... Car 3 has 8 . 117-inch Wheelbase. Double-Action hydraulic brakes for smoollier stops. "L-Head" Engine Design. Aluminum Alloy Pistons for fast acceleration...greater economy. Four Rings per piston add to power... save gas and oil. Chain Camshaft Drive makes driving much quieter. Sealed Beam Headlights give bolter road light at night. Pre ci sio n-Typ eLowcr Connecting Rod Bearings reduce wear. Pressure Lubrication. Valve Tappet Adjustment for maintaining quiet operation. All-Silent Transmission. Roller Bearings on Transmission Countershaft reduce ivcar. Steering Post Gear Shift. X-BracedFrame,muchst ronger. Four Chassis Springs give you a softer, more balanced ride. Independent Front Wheel Suspension smooths rough roads. 4 Doub!e-ActingS!iockAbsorb- crs sive a luxurious ride. Hotchkiss Drive... cushioned starting and stopping. Roller Bearing Universal Joints contribute lo longer lilc. Hypoid Rear Axle is much stronger—with longer life. Tapered Roller Differential Beatingsarcpeimanenllyquicl. AWARD FOR THE SAFEST CAR BOOT BUILT— preMnled to Plymouth by "Safely Engineering" Macazine, PLYMOUTH BUILDS GREAT CARS

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