Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 13, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 13, 1939
Page 2
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&>Pfc SfrAft, ftOPB, Hope $ Star Sfw of Hope, 1899; Press, 1927. Consolidated January 18, 1929 0 Justice, Deliver Thy Herald From False Report! f Published every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. C. E. Palmer and Alex. H. Washburn, at the Star building, 212-214 South 1 Walnut street, Hope, Ark. C. E. PALMER, President ALEX. H. WASHBURN. Editor and Publisher (AP) —Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n, Subttrlption Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per *eek 15c: per month 65c; one year J6.50. By mall, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller and LaFayette counties, ?3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member ot The Associated Press: Tlie Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or t«ot otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charge will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers front a deluge of space-taking memorials-. The Stnr disclaims rssponsihility or the safe-keeping or relvirn of any unsolicited manuscripts. • THE FAMILY DOCTOR Politic*/ Announcement The. S|nr is nuihorizcd to nu- uounre (he following rnndlrinlr.s subject to the notion of the Democratic- city primary election TIIPS- «tay, November 28, 1939: For City Attorney E. F. M'FADDIN LAWSON E. GLOVER I ED • ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER • "Ths More You Tell the Quicker You Sell" • * Yau Can Talk to Only One Man 0 Want Ads Talk to Thousand,* SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP Alt Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone t>ne tlms—2J word, minimum 30c Three times—3V'ac word, minimum We Six times—«c word, minimum 90c One month—lite word, minimum 13.7(1 Rates ate tor continuous insertions only. Questions on Vngc One 1. (b) Mackenzie King. 2. (d) Lord Tweedsniuir. ;). (b> !). 4. (b) Albcrtii. 5. lui Quebec. For Sale T. M. o. », -PAT. off Yerger Scores Its 7th Straight Win | &'ii FOR SALE—Two Pointer Bird Dogs. 17 and 22 months old. J. M. Downs, Bodcaw. Arkansa:!. 8-Gtp. FOR SALK—One bom- hog. medium typo Poland China, Tolled stock, C. P. doodled. Blevins. Ark. 9-3tp Male Help Wanted ll you lire intorrsted in n well puy- nv, job unit not afraid to work, write li'l't Star. Box !)8. Car necessiirv 11—7—39-Up For Rent Monday, Nor<?mbpr 18, 'ending student, after requesting him twice to plen.sc sit qi'itotly. "Oh, no," said the student, a shocked expression on his face. "I wouldn't or the world do that. I was trying o explain your jokes.,to my friend." Someone has just CDIIH- out with i "turkeyfurtliur"--turkey on n roll vitli cranberry. saiM:i!-—just to prove he inventive spirit 'is not yc-t dwul n this country. Beurs in Yellowstone P;irU arc lieinjs riixl by n special uuuvt and sentenced 'or a variety of '(iffonsts. Such bciir- sh escnpiulps as biting off the hand (hot feeds them HIT now loukt-d upon as anti-sooinl. • Apparently no one spotted thei In Holland, the no\vjy-ninrr|ed wo- French railroad engineer who sneak- 'U' 11 ' tvadu her bridgtoom n frntli- ed across the Western Front with tionnl mixture of brandy and raisins a freight train. ,is purl (if the innri-ingo eercniony. USE \ Monts Sugar Cure When Butchering: This Fall and Winter For sale by the leading merchants J in every community. j .R. Williams By DR. MORRIS P1SHBE1N Journal of th« American Medical AsMciiMoB. «•* «4 Hygela, the Health Maiaxta* Recently Developed Drugs Help In Cases Once Thought Hopeless ! Tigers Whip Minden, La., I ! In Rain and Mud Here | Saturday FOR SALE— Tires mid Tubes, all vs " lltl buot - s '- Brown's Tire West Third Street, across street from Windmill filling station. 9-;',tp FIR SALE- " llhi ""' !lt :i ' ~ FOR KENT-Kront bedroom. Bicycle first i>u K a,. i The YcrjLjer High- School Tigers, play- 1 1 ing in rain and mud, defeated a negro biitli. 747. 108 West A-ve. P. Phone (',21 FOR RENT—South bedroom for one gentleman. Large bedrotun, 2 beds con- Vrnient for two and KuriiRe. 801 South Main. Phono G57R !t-;!(e FOR RENT-C room -hoii.se>. Apply Middlebrooks Grocery. 'J-!!te Before.the recent introduction of tu'l'apyridine and sulfanilamide, the Oltient stricken' with pneumococcus i.j'tiingitis almost invariably died. 5 : oc • instance, in a large Baltimore fit,-dial, between 1930 and 1936, 29 tut tents were treated for pneumococ- (tts meningitis, and not one lived. •From December. 1936. to October, 1938 17 patients with pneumococcus .meningitis were treated with sulfnnilamide and one recovered. In other words, out of 46 patients treated in a period of eight years only one recovered. Between October, 1938. and May. 1939, patients with the infection were treated with sulfapyridine and eight re covered. The survival of eight out of 17 is, obiously. a tremendous advance ill the treatment of this disease. Other medical records tell of 1-1 persons with pneumococcic meningitis who were treated with sulfapyridine and eight of them recovered. In meningitis, a germ gets into the spine and-attack the membranes which cover the spinal cord. These membranes are called the meninges. The various germs which may bring about such' an infection include the slre- pbKOGUs, the meningiuccocus. the pnen raoeoccus and even the gonococus. Quite certainly the use of sulfa- pyridine and various preparations of this drug has greatly improved the outlook for the patient with pneumoe- occus meningitis. Foi some of the other forms, there are special serums which are useful Physic : ar«s in Baltimore who have been studying the effects of sulfapy- ridine and its sodium salt on pneumoc- occus meningitis found that regular ad- ministration of the drugs would inert-use the concntiirntiim within tin- spinal tluid. When they gave the drugs regularly in proper amount." in their lust four cases, all of the patients recovered. The drug can be given directly into the blood. Tliis constitutes one of the jf.'catest ifct-nt mivi>ncis of scientific rr.'xlicinc here j pricivs for l-'ocans. i C Legal Notice football team of Minden. La., I Saturday afternoon 20 lo II. It was the seventh win of the' st>iison j for Ho|X!. The Tigers are unbeaten and I unscored on. i The Yerger team gut off to a jjood I start, rolled up 20 points in the first i half and then resorted to a defensive | game because of the slippery ball nnd muddy field. The last half was mostly a punting wAMTrn duel between Yerger and Minden kick- I V • , , trs. Yerger played without its sta ,.i ll '> r "'W-shed WANTED PECANS— Wi- pay highest NOTICE OF HEARING BY COUNTY COURT OF PETITION REQUESTING ANNEXATION OF SCHOOL DISTRICT 51 to I8-B, Hempsleud Co. Notice is hereby given that a petition purported to be signed by a majority of the qualified electors of School District No. 51 (Walnut Grove) of Hempstead County, Ark., has been filed for the consideration and judgment of the County Court of Hempstead County, Ark. The said petition asks that District No. SI be dissolved and the territory thereof be annexed to and made part of District No. 18-B. The County Court in session at Hope, Arkansas, on Nuv. 6, 1939. the same being a regular adjourned day of said Court, orders the County Examiner of Hempstead County lo give notice that the above petition will come up for hearing by the County Court, H. F. Rider, Judge, on Nov. 20, 1939, at the Cily Hall, Hope, Arkansas. ..;, Frank Rider County Judge By E. E. Austin County Examiner A1cK;if Mill & Feed G'-IV-IM WANTED TO BUY--We p:iy more for Hood UMVJ funiitiire, rloves. rugs, etc. soo us before you buy or sell. Franklin's Furniture Store. 112 So. Elm. N2-lm NOTICE 2tl-Pii.v Life 'Policies. SlOUO up. Ages I day old nnd up. Tulbot Feild. Box •U Mope Ark. '.I yrs with Reliance Life. Oct 27-1 m. Found Wanted to Rent halfback. Carrigan, who was injured. The Yerger team has an open dat this week, but the following week the j Tigers will meet the strong Conway, Ark., team. lion. Write TO RENT—Nice G room house. Permiiiu'iit loca- P. O. Box 457. 7tf ir + * Offfjri-vJ OFFERET>-See Hemp. Cafegc, Injured, Will SERVICES I stead Mattress STiop, 712 West Fourth j for new and re-built. Phone Paul j Cobb C58-J- Sept. 2G IM. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Be Out for Ten Days Slices Ofl'ered-Oil S1.50 to S7.50. Expnriencec KNOXV1LLE, Tenn.— <iP}— Tennes- Vanity Beauty .Shop, see's great halfback. George (Bad | News) Cafego, will be shelved for at - — least 10 clays with badly pulled lig'a- I ments in his right knee. Trainer Mick-1 t-y O'Brien announced Sunday. j Cafego injured his knee Saturday i during Tenntssfcf's 3-1-1) victory over; The Citadel, twisting it when he cut! buck on a right end run. | "The ligaments were pulled badly." ' O'Brien said. "X-rays showed there! were no broken bones nnd I believe George will be ready for the Kentucky game Thanksgiving." The Volunteers will be without the leadership of their backfiekl star against Vanderbilt next week—a traditional scrap that develops annually i into a dog-fight. permanents operators. Phone 39. 9-3tc TAKKN UP—Iron yray horse mule, weight about 900 pounds. Carl Richards. Hope. Route 2. near Cemerville. 13-3tp "Won't You Please Keep Quiet—" K1RKSVILLE. Mo.—(/(')—A humorist with a lu.'me known nationally, was talking about "wit and wisdom' 1 at Northeast Missouri Teachers college. He was interrupted several times by a whispering, gesturing student in ;i front row. "You're tippnrently trying to hu- WE GOT TO TO SLJMP'M BECUZ THAT FARMER WILL COME RIGHT TO SCHOOL AM' PICK US OUT-HE DID OKJCE BEFOQE--TRY A GOOD MOT ME! I'LL TAKE Ml WE SIBLE HUMAM BEIW7 TH' AMMUTE SHE SEES THEM SHE'LL STRIP YOUR. STOCKIM'S AM' GIVE IT TO YOU OKJ TH' BARE SHANKS.' / I THIMK ITS <30T TOO CRACKY A SOUMD-- ]'M AFRAID SHE'LL GIT '3PIC/OUS TH' FIRST LIClC NOPE--THAT OL' LINOLEUM AIM'T GOMWA WORK/ MOTHlW BUT A CARDBOARD HIPPOPOTAMUS COULD HAVE LEGS LIKE THEM/ ..T. M. nee. v. r,. PAT, o, F , THIRTV VEARSTOO cof'p. 1110 ny nn » SERIAL STORY OAN OF ARKANSAS BY JERRY BRONDFIELD 1 COPYRIGHT. 1933. NEA SERVICE, INC. Darn! — < bWt\_V'.» -TIP! Wt ALLEY OOP By Edgar Martin 10 . AocwW--' To <«o we.\<t.;, v_ / fr . . — Y'— <•—• v.--^ £#%&&*: $1 ©•- Dan and Joan arrive at the stadium JUMC before the era me lieelu.x. PlttN «m:i*li!nnr offciijge pound* TePh. When a Pitt bqcU (fet* aivay fur u long run* l)au races to Mtop him. lip IH hit 1»y a hlnvlcer :IN he makfM ihe taekle. Pain Nhootx iliruugji ItlM hand, lie Ii.ia broken (be bone agulu. CHAPTER XXIX IT-HE pain in Dan's hand was intense as they lined up for the almost impossible task of halting the Pitt juggernaut on the two- yard line. Dan clamped his teeth together and hoped the hand v/c*d get numb soon. • No trick stuff now. Just plain, straight brute football. Hal For-! rest took it and smashed between | guard and tackle. For a split second a hole appeared there, but Dan came up fast and messed the play for no gain. Again Forrest, this time on a cross-buck. Good for a yard. Third and one. The Tech guards were on their hands and knees. Tony Mangano raged up and down behind the line, slapping, pleading, ; threatening. Pitt came out of the huddle . . . into a single wing to the right. McCarroll on a cut-back over tackle, but Dan and Hank Butler rrn.ashed into the interference. !Li i-ncy Hughes nailed the runner :.';: inches from the line. ro."rest in the tailback now. The hand on the clock said two ralmites of the first half remained. The two lines locked . . . piled up on the goal line. . . . Forrest hurtled forward, plunged over the mass, but Dan hit him in midair 'Desperately the referee plunged into the mass ... . reached f or •ihe ball. * It lacked two inches of being 'a touchdown. throbbing ache all over his body. First and goal to go on tho eight. Eight short yards packed with dull misery and punishment. Hal Forrest wasn't human. He hurtled over tackle, stepping on his own interference, driving his 200 pounds with the speed and force of a projectile. Marty Gallagher stopped him once after being dragged for two yards. A minute to go. Forrest again spinning like a top and crashing through a alight opening between center und guard. Dan saw him coming, smashed aside the Pitt giuircl v/lio had slipped through to chock him nnd poured his tired body into the Slopped again ... but how much longer could they stand it? Third to Keith yours on old G2. . . . How 'bout it, gang?" Two minutes to RO. It wan Keith Rhodes on a reverse. Joe Donchek and Dan Webber led the way. Joe hit the end with his last explosive gesture. The end tottered . . . went off balance and out of the play as Keith and Dan swept by wide. Barney Hughes had gone through, checked the Tech linebacker on that r-ido of the line. They were through the secondary BUT HEWASM'T down to the 30 the 20. n> .( H ; GOOD HEAVENS.'OOP DIVED IMTO THE MIDDLE OF THE/^WELL, lFHE*-\ PREPARED TO '( HOLD THE^ TIME-FIELD.' ITS AWOM-(WAS.HIS CORPSE A GO-THERE'S/CIRCUIT OPEN- PER HE WASW'T .^{.SHOULDTURM UP) HIS TROJAM ) PERHAPS IT'S " ' TROY _L/EQUIPMENT... V MOT TOO Service of Supplies % ! By V. T. Hamlin * \\; AMD HIS AX.' LATE VET ^ \~? ****• 11-13 fins 'o) \s\ Hal Forrest and another member of the Pitt lust line of defense tore across the field . . . headed to cut Keith off at about the 12. But they ran too close together. "Cut to the right!" D:m yelled WASH TUBES Step Up and Be Snappy ,. . , . v || _• -tav^ -t^w-- I t /r VT«'.'1,T —'«—'**' I Ir-J **-^V^->C^ I Pit— ttiWHsy ^t>X^/2^m B ^f MIGHT VA/AWT HE ^/\AV BE (3LAP TO <3ET THESE THIW6S A 5 MOKE MOW D THEM and four. McCarroll almost as bad this time | line!" "toward the side- hitting in there like an express train but Joe Donchek, sobbing, sub- marined blindly, nailed him in midair. Still fourth and four. But the great Hal Forrest had been stopped cold. Pitt called for a place kick. The stands screamed a mighty "Block it! Block that kick . . . block that kick!" As if they had to be told! Barney Hughes poised himself for a quick dash. Tony Mangano looked for a spot he could knife through the line. McCarroll was kicking. The ball came back to the man holding. McCarroll stepped forward . . . right foot meeting the ball square- Marly Gallagher smashed through, leaped high the ball j •*• Dan » " * * MANGANO embraced kissed him in Latin 'i-rnotion, but they weren't out of grazed his fingertip.-; and continued on its v/ay. It split the crossbar for three points just as the gun ended the half. * TJAN kept his hand hidden during the interrnis.-:ion so it" swollen condition would go tin- noticed. Thr : y sat around and And then he flung his borly forward, in a long roll block. He caught them both at the same time . . smashed them to the turf. Blackness . .'. deep and welcome, engulfed him, but not before he heard the tremendous ronr which told him Keith had crossed the goal. TTIS arm bandaged from the elbow down and smelling from rubbing liniment, Dan found Joan waiting for him outside the dress- I ing room. Then he noticed she was with someone ... a tail, well-dressed. man whose arm she clutched pos« sessively. '•Dan . . . this is my father." "Great game, young man," J. G. LOOK'. \THEV'RE AIL HERE TO TH' YARD'S } BORROW MOWEV. OH, FULLA I WHAT'LL 1 DO? I PEOPLE / AWT 6QT TW HEART TO <SAY WO FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Roy Crane THE A?rA\\2'-> OF A, UNCOLM TUBB5 NOW UNDER THE PERSONAL rAAMf\6EN\ENT OF Confidence Itself G.W.TUBB5+ EAf"" EVERYTHING WILL BE -STRICTLY BUSINESS, A TIWE, PLEASE boomed as he "Great, I say way you watched over my daugh- U-r, too. these last few days took Dan's hand, wondwl'u! the By Merrill Blosser won't forget it. to have dinner You've got with us tonight jusl got tr>." Dan grinned. "I should be doing all did the for thanking for me . . . but what Joan the dinner sucked on lemons as Bill Slocuml date .sounds swell. See you at the talked, softly, encouragingly. hotel after I go back to the house They almost dreaded going back and change clothes." on the field. It would only be a Jdanger yet. Johnny White had to! repetition of the first "half".". ."andilT took him a half hour to fight punt out from behind ms own goal 1 it was. } -»- his way through the wild jam» ne - Grimly, blindly they f outfit off horee at the Gamma house. They He barely got it away, but the kick was short, McCarroll taking it on the Tech 30. He almost got loose, but Barney Hughes brought him down with a desperate lunge on the 18. And then it started all over again. -~^~Forrest . . . ForrestT^TMcCar- 'roil . . . smash . . . smash . . . sm2«h. Over guard, over tackle . . . crunching pov/er plays over center. t And Dan Webber, reeling on his fett, plugging the gaps until he .no longer lelt pain, but juit a dull, the power that was Pitt. If only almost tore him apart and they could get the ball in decent might have had he not held up offensive territory. Ten minutes to go. Eight. Four. And then Dan Webber hurtling in to stop what looked like LI weak-side reverse, lunged through the air and deflected a shovel pass. The ball popped into the clear. Joe Donchek smothered it to his chest on the Pitt 45. "Now or never," Johnny White panted. ^'It's youra, Keith. . . . his bandaged hand in self-defense. He was almost dressed when he found the letter on his desk. It was from Acme Pottery Products. About his job, perhaps. He tore it open eagerly, scanned it rapidly. When he had finished he crumpled the letter up into a ball and tosserl it into the wastebasket. There was a bitter expression on his face as lie :-,taro>d moodily oul the window. (To Be Concluded) KINGSTON^ SHADYSID f MCKIM' S •••''. I THEIRSELVES )I 10 /// J BK5 MUMBERS "TO STICK UP AFTER OUT POINTS RIGHT \ 6OIW ON ? AWAY AND HAVE 'EKA PEADY 1£> STICK UP SHADYSIDE"? /t,- ^ „ 'J^. ' '•Tw h .\5^> , t ., 3 ~, RED RYDER The Lady Dp^-p't Like Mashers Fred Harman ', 0RIGHTT £•<£&!) NAM£ 16 MOT 'BRIGHT -p"—ANt)i DON'T NEED YOUR ACCOUMT OF THEIR ADVENTURES WITH THE OF WOLF CREEK CANYON WHEN) THE WEST 60UNO STAGE PULLS IN AND OUT •STEPS A 0£A.UTlFUL

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