Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on August 20, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, August 20, 1952
Page 7
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k WH to held *t Metro «,riNlftf*(r«y night, Au* M tor «i« old it* well r, HI«nll«M of this LfWWU rcmkNorrii, Stormy Boptiit Preacher, Dies illfi >» K<J|#n" fiuehkflnn " Aon, JftiinUr Jordan, '»rt r Willie L. Puimnr, M C, bavin and many p> «t# ietlon. n«n»|fd oy half* r f «uWt, will h«vi» on Elliott, Arrhrr Kll M«lorit, fin, ft/P) , A ((Army fUptfit mlnlitor included acquittal of rmird#*% AMAH and p*f n ymith nenr her*< J, Frank Morris, 14, who «*#. i!*nH laxt fnil AI* pn«ior of the fir*! Bspllut Church «l Ft. Worth. Tnx,. bfomiiM. of falling h«illh, w«» »trldh«n with « f ni«i heart muck" nhprtly nfji»» midnight at the Fvm»ftmfntnl Baptist ymiUi cfltnj) «t Ki»y»toii*> H»>ljtht», A tfflall community norn» 40 mile* nouth ' " I, Jlntml* Stuirt «n, come out and Wd of tnUrtnlnmcftt. 11 Ipeniortd by the JfilMilrtUen, Thcro Vert drink* for unit*. ' ' * 11 I* 15 c«nt», M, «o their ,, after « vi* w#r« Mr*. , ,,j. They were , r , twiwt* of Mr, and *ty Urirjeor i'iWW, UP) — Oov, rom tho nub. IWiry «m n >Mr KM* hpre uoYt lWjllG»Moh» tho BOVE W«"»t«rn tour i'ln n*nv«r, _ r fyviidmtui """""Tl|hr IJi Mlienhownr. odbto utflnttiiii t»f In* At Itasion, hi* jUan» tor eng«|oment . r , «vlou» eQtn« .•nt bin npp*ur- M spring .n ho took Chicago en cauttht up A J»ok»onvlll<» funeral homu his body wrtuld bn uont to to Ft, Worlh whore funeral JomoftU will hf rnurt*. The nationally known minister PW hiitn ypulwlny lo nttwul the cnmp, If* would haw Ix-cn 76 rfext n.onth, A waild (rnvolur who si one llm* ncrvi'd an prmtor of l)nptl«t ditirchp* In Fiirt Worih and De Iroll, whore ho commuted, Norrls had mndft morn than hnlf a down (rip* abrond, HI* Intent wan early IhU yoor. On on* of HIP lour*, hn helpcrd In founding a church In Jerusnlttrri. Norrls, who bponmp known an tni» "stormy potrnl of ttm pulpit," aaloftl natlonnl promln#nc« when hi- Was chared in 102.1 with the fiitnl whootlriM "f »• K. Chlppn, a wealthy .lumberman, He won nc qtilttnl on ft plcij of «nlfdi»ft>n*o In on« of Ut« moiil lennatlonnl trlulit In th«< Southw(*«t. Nmvspwpor niorleo nt tho related -that Chlppn hnd called nt Norr!*' office to wnonslrnlo him for pulpit itunckf) ngalniit the may or of Port Worth. Chlpp* w»» shot thr*« tlrni'R, Nnrrln tcstlfli-tl ho •hot Chlpp* when Iho liittpr returned (o (tin ttnidy Ihti m-rond ilmtt »fti«r lhrr«iit(»nlrig to kill him, Narrl* Htib(i(*ijii««ntly wait dlH rnin*od''ffom th«« county und fliat<» DuplUt n««ocl(illonit and oruimlml hl» own church, For the Hcconcl lirn<», howeVc-r, hln church and hln hoinei wcr«» dontruyfd by flrp» of unknown origin, tind hi» again bn ««m tho Kink of ri»btilltlinj{. Ho wn« ImllcUul on two counts of arson In loin after flros firm tlfHtroyed his homo ami Inter hU church, Additionally, he wan churgpd with perjury 8rowlf)« out of Ihe chun-lt fin-, llut h«« won (icqulttul on tho church fin? clmrgp Ktid thu iithnr Indictments wore dls Nui-rU dcclurccf that iilH hnd Hinrtrd thc •''«* l» Strictly i|l*Wood, with loofcln* ti Wh«r« iMo place by ana o d«*p and rnln- B rambling iore of Lake Kts«iU>ow»r has t In th« past. It sptorlr W. Pin« KejHibHettn th* iavornor. ipftnts were liw Krnest and dlxUut K. Stev.,, li» Ohio; BWtfiiSy, Mrs. his ar. . the «r> t ride ton h/»itate, *5*" . •tMulMmi^k ,.. _._„„> Oriwit- ft' ". * .. ot •"I »htf> thai Louisianato Decide Ticket in Meet Today •y JAMBft MOL8AN *' BATON ROUOE, l,a, (« - Th« I,out»l«nn Democratic Stnio Ct-n- {rol Committee meets today lo hfnv "rltlcl«in of the national'pur pliitforin and di»plt»6 wh*»u»r to i« tlor»e tnirpiWNlctontlftl tlcHot, Indleuiloiui pointed to a Htorn «<>»ston whon lhe party's lof>.mi»n ber Kov»'rnin« Authority convene nt a p.m. Twenty eommlttuwntn wilh dl ferln« viewpoints met Informtill loi- two hours last night in on a tunijit lo draw \ip an uitenda fo today, They reported thoy -w»» pretty pv«nly divided over wh'ithc to put Qov. Atliai Stevmuon ot 111 nola oiul Sen. John Sparktnnn < Aiabnnm on thc ballot under th Irndllionul roostor symbol of th Louisiana Democratic party. CamwUloe Chnlrmnn N. B, Cai stut-phun suld h» had been inform int that u resolution would bo of fered pl«J«ing th« 10 prestdcntlu ulcclorit and tho symbol to th w>mlnt»p(i. But, ho ndtUtd, "I undorstam Ihis resolution >vlll b« (vvseiuci only if .thwru ii-'«nr««nwnt that U> part}' uf Louisiana does not ndop tlu- national platform in toto," Oov, Jt.obwrt Keiiuon said Ui ad vanp« of U>» mooting th*t he \voul «sk the coinmlttiie to condemn th pkuig spoiDiurtiiu H fair omploy inent practice^ .ctonVmlMion, al though It Is referroa to by aiwlhe name, Konnon nlso said ho would crlt Jciie a proposed change tn 8«nati rules to plneti a limit on ; fr«« de bate and Uu» pluUorm's "failuro to r«?«n(nl»« our just claims to the I^ulslunu UdttlancUt which th* R« publican platform does not roc . .. G.rmsny d.but, th« mchanical mSn <wmwt«J by two mil*, O f wlw wound thnwJh n«*r«, Uu«« can nmoke, blow? the a ™, girl during hJ. % h ,? r to " ln " p i te of hls ln «* lc »<* control. pr ° ct ° f lwo briUiflnt Swi " "3- The governor, who l«nl Louisiana's delegation to th« National Convention, s»id he would r?qu«st the committee to endorse th» group for Itt opiMHiUton to thu platform pd to uphold its action in refusing to sign the loyalty ptodge. eonUm»«»d slbnt on the , -.4 tlcM, H» has main- that It i* up to the, On.. . Cumiuitte* to ilcoldd t« endorse -StfvwMKm and Mtys Hove Bod Luck In Shoot Ark,, was vmahli hit wU« toft oft Trap w«« three _ the UU« in Find $132,000 Continued From Pago One Hot SprlnRi, Iwfan? U. S. Com rnlHHluner Klmcr Turkolt on a fed fial dhttrtiii of maklnu fulHe en li'», Sho wtin ri'lciiNi-d on $7,Itno bond. .Reported "dlncrppancioH" In thu bonkn botikx firm wi-ri? put at nearly $73,000 Monday whi-n tho ln- IcnHlvft lnv(i«tlgatlon WUH begun by thn Mtate Uank ConimiHHion. th|- Ki-dcrul Burottu uf Invi-Htlgnllon and n prlvolit uuditlna firm, M, W. Mcl-'arlln, Chlrf of the FBI's Little Hock District, «»ld fevldsnee showod that the bank'n books hud been manipulated and ledger MhcctH romovml from cur- r«ni files for almom ao years. Ca«hl<jr Tom Wt'stbrook. brother of th* president, suld It was "about 20 year* ago" that the tlurk-eyed, qul«t Mrd, SlmmltiKton took charge «f tho bunk's bookkeeping dopart- ftlPOt, * Tin- bang prseldont snld n ntim- b«r of dwponitor.i cumc In y*>Niei- »dy from tho outlying 20-mlU- rural urt>n nerved by the bnnk to check on their pcrxonal account.s. Tho bank has nbout i.oOtt depositors, Ihu president snld. Mayor Harold Smithson snld HXicHtorn were checking tho city's booJts today to determine If tmv funds were misalng. Mrs. Sini- Ington, described by the cnshlcr us one who "didn't smoke, drink or anything," was. city Ire-usurer. "1 had all the confidence in Mrs. Slmmlngton," the mayor said. "She had, been city trcnsurer for years, «ven before- 1 come here Hi years n«o," Mrs. Slmmington, n divorcee for "some •• tfryoars" W«H rnUed and lived all hoi 1 llvo In this Southwestern At'lumsiui lumber town of 1..100 persons. Her husband is reported to have remarried and now lives in California, Nomycing Left Continued from Page Ono the Red jets. It wns the first score on c M1Q in nine duy&. Tho attack on Numyang cume as the Communist Pyongyang radio #as complaining of "biubaric" United Nations bombings. On the ground, Chinese Communist trooua made n wenk attiu-l; un Bunker Hill on tho Western front. Red commanders sent a cuiding party to tost Allied defenses on tin- bloody height east of Punmunjum, hut the Cojnmuj\tsts learned quickly, that its Allied defenders wen- ready. Thc Reds withdrew after « short fight. W\ Army headquarters announce that th« Reds suffered 3.134 casualties in the week Aug. B-U. most of them Chinese who fell on the north era slope of Bunker Hill. Included in the total the groat it in two months, were 1,7-15 Killed, 1,733 wounded and U taken prisoner. But while the Chinese were dy- K on the ground in far greater lumbers than the North Koreans, he North Koreans mad* it clear hey are suffering heavily from" U. N. bombers. Pyongyang radio, In a special 0,000-wonl broadcast early today, 'omplalned «f the Allied "uarbur- c bombings" ajut called on the 'freedom-loving (UHtples of the vorld" to put a stop to them. | The broadcast came 24 hours fter B-89 Superfortresses blasted huge Red munitions plant where n estimated 9,000 w,ork«rs turned ut anti-tank and hand grenades. Red propagandists, particularly ttlw about napalm, charged that resident Truman ordered the t«pped-up U. N. air war last May nd June. They said he unleashed ass "WORLD'S HICHEST"- Mexico City claims the building shown being erected above will be the world's ''highest 1 '—not tallest — skyscraper. Although the building is only 42 stories high, It's ground floor starts some 6000 feet above where the 'Empire State Building's peak ends. Gimmick is that Mexico City is 7800 feet above sea level. jet more atrocities than Gorman dictator Adolf Hitler. Tlu- tone of thc Communist broadcast made it clear North Kori-n is being hurl by the incessant Allied air attacks. It was ample proof that tho China-based Communist air force has been ineffective in stopping U. N. air strikes. For eight straight clays the Communists kopt their MIG-15 planes out of the skies and f _ t-r-bnmbiM-s and U. N. Subrejet fighters swept unopposed o ?ei North Korea, However, yesterday American So btvjt'ts fought a brief battle with two Ht-d jt-ts, but no claims were made. The MGs wore pan of a 17-pluno formation sijjliu-d over northwest Korea, 1'yimgyunu radio claimed yesterday that North Korean artillery units sank "two enemy destroyers Which fired on peaceful areas on the east coast." U. N. naval officials in Tokyo said, however, that "none of our destroyers are missing." West Coast Continued from Page On* rector and six years later was named vice chairman uf the bank's Uoanl of Directors and a member its General ICxecutive Commit- U-e- lu the early '30s, Giaivnini and hit l$3 of 100. Mrs, King won with W. Hudgwis Jeter of Althelmer, Ark. 'M ot «# u> bad the states' _,j in th* North American SM.^!** <&• « I* yards. AU tr* tey MM) In yetterday in * , his father wvaihered u stormy battle ta keep major interests of the corporation out of the hands ot Eastern stockholders. Charged with creating a credit monopoly in .the West by control- ing hundreds of bank offices, <3»- annini testified at Federal Reserve Board hearings in 1937 that his lamily held only two-tenths of 10 per (jent of the bunk's siock. A- J. Cook, chairman of the bank's Hoard of Directors, said a successor to Gumnini probably will be named at the board's next meeting, scheduled for Sept. 10. Exp«n*lvo , , A golfer playing for only 10 cents on the first hole> *nd losing, then «oitUuuing to double the b«t and lose on each hole, wouW <>• out $86,2H *0 at the end of an 19- Ixole game. Observers See Continued from Fa<i« On* major event, though they were re- luctnnt to immediately speculate exactly what it might mean. For some time Westerners have considered that the failure of thc Soviet Communists to call a party convention in cl i c a t c cl possible woaknesseB in the party structure i'.t home. Today's announcement could menn that Uussia's Communist rulers now feel they are stronffly enough entrcnchnd to face the party members. The Communist Congress was announced in a decree of the party's Central Committee, published today in all Moscow newspapers over the name of Prime Minister Joseph Stulln, the committee', genera 1 st'cretn^y. Tho announcement included di rcctiVes the congress will be askec to approve for the now, fifth five yctir economic plan. This, the par t.v decree said, would cover thc ycnrs 1951 through 1055. Tho directives, which lire ex pected to -bo the basis (if thc new economic goals tht- Soviel govern ment will set, call for total Soviet industrial production to increase. 12 per cent annually. By the end of, 1055, total output would be per cent greater than in 1950. As with previous Soviet economic announcements, today's pro- nouncemei\t dealt only with per- centugc.s. The proposed directive Rave no tonnages or other produc tion quantities. Prime Minister Stalin prcsum nbly will attend the party congress and it was considered possible he might iTiiike one of his rare public addresses to the meeting,. Stalin was the main speaker when the party congress met last in 193S A five-item agenda was listed for the forthcoming congress: , I. Report of the party's Centra Committee, to be given by Com inittee Secretary Gcorgl M. Mai «»kov. . !, k iq,m Malenkov, a key member of tin Politburo, in recent months ha been widely considered in the West to be Stalin's heir. He i& ont. of seveial secretaries Of tho Cei tral Committee, und his selectiot to give the important committee .report seems additional evidence of his dominant position in thi Communist hierarchy. 2. Report of the Central Inspec tion Committee of the party. 3. Consideration of directives 01 the fifth five-year plan. 4. Changes in the statute of tht Communist party ot the Soviet Union. f • 5. Klection of central organs ol thc party. This election of sucl important bodies as 'the Central Committee — which names the Politburo — is likely to rank with the fivc-year-plnn directives in importance und interest. Today's party decree said the congress would consist of two dei egates for each 5,000 members of tlu party — one with a vote and cne with an "advisory voice". The proposed economic diroc lives set forth a number of in creases for individual Industrie to make by 1955 over their 1950 output. These included: t!2 per cent; coal. 43 per cent; oil and petroleum, 85 per Republican Congressmen Lose Seats Albany, N, Y. t*) — Two ftepub* licen congressmen, one of them fl veteran of 13 years In the House, lost their races for renominatlon yesterday In New York State's fall primary election. Rep. Edwin Arthur Hall of Binghampton. the veteran, was defeated by another congressman. Rep. John C. Butler of Buffalo bowed to tho GOP orgnnlzation's 1990 choice. Scattered voter discontent was Jtimor Hos Many Things tp Learn If He Intends to Grow] Up to Be President ofUUS. BV M *A BOYLE | profit nnd gives its employes NEW YORK —tfl— Every Amor-' weeks vacation a year and a I lean boy has a chnnce to grow upjot Christmas, to be president of the U. S. And I How can Junior escape the mnny a doting mother would likel'dcncy now? Everybody will to help her offspring get the job. i him—fishermen, farmers, labor "But how?" she asks herself do-i cnpita " sts '. war veterans, cat tw ... - -- •• —- «uv.m«ijf sparingly. "How can I renr mv bov cicrs - do « collectors. hobbyiM wul have a Potluck supper Wedncs « A i ,, ..... J •'sir «*.,«..««...• iir««4 Au « »T lu Jfl O&V ni&nt Aiityiict 9fi al 1 A'.«I*.«I, SOCIETY 74411 Between • A. M. nitf 4 f. M. .calendar Wednesday, August 20 The VFW Post and Auxiliary to be president?' Easterners, Westerners, North She knows, how to train him to' 1 "' Southerners. day night. August 20, al 7 o'clock. Commander, Herbert Griffin, and . . blamed for the ouster of the two' know - sho 1-ocome a cloctor or a mechanic. But what* every mother ought tn representatives and five state legislator*, although there was no dis- eernable pattern to pinpoint the unrest among the voters. There »vcre only 39 formal contests in the know how In train him for the White House. And if. she sets out ^mguided she cnn No, there is one thing more. JB President.Mrs. Thomas Fenwick, lor will have to Icnrn how to coB" r -' request all members to be It's mnnly today. And no hoifl present. svife is likely to vote to sencff man lo thc White House tl In the feature battle, Rep W. Sterling Cole of Bath, a congressman since 1934, swamped Hall by a margin of almost 2-1 in the now 37th District of Southern New York. Most of Hall's and Cole's old districts were merged In a reap- portlonment of the state earlier this yeah Butler was downed in the new 42nd district by John C. Pillion of Lacknwanna. Incumbent GOP congressmen winning renomination' were Frederic R. Coudert Jr., of Manhattan's 17th District; Ralph A. Gamble of Larchmont in the 26th district of'Putnam County and part of Westchester, Charlence E. Kilburn of Malone in Northern New York's 33rd district and E. P. Raclwan of Buffalo in the 41st district. K. Dent Lackey of Niagara Falls and Mariano A. Lucca of Buffalo were neck and neck in the 40th district's Democratic ktfchen. waste a lot of time and effort. She i ^"i* 1 ".' 1 know his way might, for example, go to thc trouble of getting him born in a log cabin, when ;this is no longer politically necessary. As a matter of fact, the average voter today is downright suspicious nf a candidate who was born in a log cabin. He thinks that is carrying the whnlo thing too far. What a wise mother cnn do, however, is to try as much i as possible to make Junior nn all-1 Ex-Secretary Commedienne] Held in Probe Thursday, August 21 .The Catholic Altar Society will jonsor a benefit ice cream sup- I per Thursday evening, August 21, I at 7:30 at the Parish Hall. The public is invited. . Friday, August 22 Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Archer, Jr., qnd Mr. and Mrs. Moody Willis 1 will be hosts and hostesses to a formal dance Friday night, August 22, at 8:30 at the Country served to the nine members present. Commq and Going Mr. and Mrs. Learnon Neil and sons, Charles and Ronnie, of St. Louis, Mo., arc the houseguests of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Houston and family. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Barrow of Washington, D. C., Jim Barrow nnd mother of St. Louis; Mo., returned to their homes yesterday morning after a visit with Mrs. C. C. Barrow's sister, Mrs. John O'Dell and Mr. O'Dell. race. cent, The direclves also call for lhe vclume of retail trade in the state and cooperative stores to increase 70 per cent by 1955 over the 1950 total, with meat sales to the populace to go up 90 per c«r4 and butler sales to rise 100 per cent The plan also provides that the Soviet national income should, in 19*5. be QO per cent more than it was in 1950. The Politburo, thriving Us power theoretically fron> the Central Committee of the Communist party, is in fact the rulta* body of the Soviet Union, and thus of world communism. It i$ made up of Prime Minister Joseph Stalin, party secretary-general, and Id others plus a number of alternate members, and has wielded unaue*t&B«d authority under StfUn. •*""* Ua4er the new statute* the replaced a "iw««siii»mn" which lus Uu» function of "guiding Uu With 11 districts missing, Lackey had 2,870 votes and Lucca 2 D04 in unofficial tallies. John H. Ray of Staten Island stood off-two young GOP insurgents in the realigned 15th district of Staten Island and Brooklyn. L. R. to Build Golf Course for Negroes LITTLE ROCK </P) — Intermiate construction of a 9-hole public golf course for Negroes was recommended yesterday by City Parks and Recreation Director W., K Amo. Amo said six Negro residents had requested that tho municipal Jinks at War Memorial Park bo opened to Negroes. He suggested the new course as an alternative. He said a 9-hole course could be built at Gillam Park, a city- owned Negro recreational center. of tho country. Sho might arrange to have him born in thc rural area of a big farm state such as Illinois, spend his boyhood in California, and begin his career In New York. We should be educated in the South, say at the University of North Carolina, and then take a law degree from Harvard University. His vacations should bo spenl working al different jobs in different states—on a ranch in Michigan, aboard a shrimp boat off Louisiana. Early in life she should loach work of the Central Committee between sessions." The party Secretariat, however, remains under the new statutes. The new statutes also provide for changing the twordecade-old name of the party — from the Ail-Union Communist pnrty Bolsheviks to the "Communist. Party of the Soviet Union." . Junior how to talk with his mouth full of pebbles, how to fish and finally how to play some musical instrument. The best one is tlu- tuba, as every man secretly would like to be able to blow n tuba. Junior also ought to always have a dog as a pet, to show his love of animals, and made to marry a girl who likes cats. A wise mother will sec lhal Junior does f;iirly well in school, but not too well. The voters are uneasy about a candidate who is too intelligent, and contemptuous of one who is too dumb. The careful mother will also bo j aware of "Tho Doctrine of Pro- photic Remarks." This is the theory Ihat all presidents, even as boys, foresaw thc grave problems ot the future. As the biggest problem likely to face nv>st Americans in Iho next generation is whore to park their motor car, the thoughtful mother could well have Junior, as a lisping lad of five, look at a traffic- jam and repeat after her: "Some clay I am going to strike a rial blow at all this." This will- make a wonderful anecdote for his campaign biography. Now all thc mothoE must do before launching Junior into politics is to have him enlist for three years as an army private, then finance him in a small but successful business that makes a modest was identified in newspaper repo¥| and their dates, today as the jilted girl friend reportedly sent vice probers in cafe society circles after Minot (Mickey) Jelke. Jelke, 22, heir to a multi-miUi dollar margarine fortune, was Ch god last week with compulso prostitution as a cily-widf rrar down on $500-a-night call-gii reached its peak. :ge*members of the Country Club The Green Lasetcr Home Demonstration Club will have a family picnic at Fair Park at 7 p. m. Friday, August 22. All members are asked to bring a picnic lunch. '.Mrs. Jewel Burke, Mrs. Wayward Burke, and Mrs. Buck Faulkner will sponsor a community gath- Lc'ring Friday nighl, Augusl 22, al 8 nft'clock in lhe club room at the school house. The public is invited. Monday, August 25 New York City newspapers day said that Patricia Ward," gave police thc information that ' to Jelkc's arrest. The reports sal the pretty blode is the mysteriol "Miss X" who has been held L $10,000 bail as a material witnel _'WSCS Circle No. 5 ot the First nnd testified this wcok before- Grand Jut;y. The district attorney's offil could not be reached for commej on the published reports. Miss Wnrd was hospitalized 21 afler swallowing a quantity*! sleeping pills while slaying ovW night at Miss Raye's Hampshi| House suite. Pollt-p said the jj had written a note indicating s was despondent over a broken mance. Jolko has blamed his arrest Methodist Church will have its annual treasure hunt and picnic Monday, August 25, with Mrs. Carl Jones, Mrs. J. W. Franks, Mrs. Thomas Cannon, and Mrs. John Wilson, Jr., as hostesses. All mem- tbers are asked to meet at Fair "Park promptly at 6:30 p. m. Miss Judy Suzanne Robertson is spending a part of this week visiting in the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Vern Boyd, Sr., of Emmet. Thurman Ridling has returned home from Little Rock where he spent two weeks in the VA hospital. Hospital Notes Josephine Hospital Admitted: Master Mitchell, Canfield, Ark., Mr. D. C. Morgan, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Kathleen'De- loney, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Trecce announce the arrival of a daughter, August 19, 1952. New Wrinkle Horrible io TVBealities By ELIZABETH TOOMEY NEW YORK (UP) — Albert Mc- Leery is worried that some of the prettiest fares on television today nre going to be banished to minor roles when their wrinkles first begin to show. With the average American's attitude inward a heroine with a double chin, plus the ruthless honesty of a television camera, he sees little chance for new long term lending ladies like Ginger Rogers, Irene Dunne and Gloria Swnnsun. "We are brought up on a cuUure of youth." said the television dl- icctor. "Women's magazines nnd movies have given us a succession of flawless heroines." There are no filters for television cameras to flatter past 3(7 profiles. To look young, n girl Just has to be young. Mcheery mentioned the names of several yirls who should be "the Gloria Swiinsons and the Marlene Dietrichs of tomtorrow." But he's pessimistic about their chances. Branch Hospital Admitted: Helen Trotter, Hope, Rt. 1. Mrs. Milton Powell, Emmet, Rt. 1. Discharged: Lewisville, Rt. 1. Mr. J. G. Gilbert, Wade Stevenson Honored on 12th Birthday • Wade Stevenson celebrated his | 12th birthday wilh a parly al thc home of Mrs. Harrison Ross Mon- Julia Chester Hospital Admitted: Mrs. Arlis Brooks, Hope. Mrs. O. B. Chance, Hope. .Mrs. Emma Bland. Saratoga. Mrs. Doyle Galloway. Hope. Mr. Jesse she was 'jilted." He did not name her. Nor police disclosed whether Mi Ward mentioned any man in h< note. a Miss Raye, who is not involvd in the vice probe, said last M; that she invited Miss Ward to r main overnight after the.v'and Mi R.-iye's husband, Mgnt club pr prietor Nick Condos, spent an eve ing out. The former secretary's real nan is Sandra Wisotsky, but she- us; the name of Ward. A number of persons were rested before Jelke, with Je and after him in the vice pro 1 Several women have been held material witnesses. Not all cases are related. Jclke is free on $50,000 bail. The group sang "Happy Birthday" as the hostesses, Ellen Stevenson, sister of the honoree, and Bobbie Nell Parker, cousin ot .the honoree, brought the cake in. 'Miss Stevenson and Miss Parker wore yellow aprons and caps. The table, covered wilh a white cloth trimmed in yellow, was centered with the white cake embossed with "Happy Birthday" in yellow and topped with yellow candles. After cake, ice cream, and icod drinks wore served to twenty-five Burke, Hope. Hope. Discharged: Caskill. Mr. W. M. Butler, Mrs. Brown, Mc- Swedes Dislike Miss Truman's Body Guards STOCKHOLM, Sweden (M —Mnr garet Trumnn's thrcQ Amorlenn b o d y guards were mnking n< friends and Influencing some news- j' m V r ; Wnshintfton'stniroaV mu of while Miss Truman vlsltec} wns exaggerated. , .' t •".'' Thc Foreign office said TrnmnnY gunrd, who re stopped o reporter" nnd tt rnpher, hnd not nctcd '.attcr?i$(j He politely told the mttii lures, nlense." Miss Trumnn hn» beerf ln?i den since Sunday on a "There arc television-trained ac tresses like Rita Gam, Maria Riva, Mary Sinclair and Felicia Monlene- gra who arc learning n lot more Kenneth | about acting in a short time than was possible in movies," he ex plained. "They're doing maybe 40 phiys a year. But I ^von't say they aren't headed for trouble five years from now, unless something changes." The change can be cither television lighting requirements or the public's attitude toward a lovt story starring a slightly sagging hcorinc. McLeery didn't mention it, but the tension of television drama with fplit second costume changes and the fear of forgetting lines should make any young beauty prematurely old. Maria Riva had less than five seconds for most of her costume changes in her last appearance on thc Hallmark Playhouse, a half hour television drama direcled and produced by MoLeery. The glamorous daughter of Marlene Dietrich finished her first scene, ran frantically across lhe cable-strewn cement floor lo put on a coat and dashed to lhe camera's ucige before she slowed down to enter the scene calmly. She whipped through half a dozen seines and as many oulfils, never with a chance to recomb her hair or touch up her makeup. When McLeery gave her a final lexturc tells the story In coivt fabrics this Kail. Here, we :-'iow Ihroc fabrics gcHlntr t6p fashion emphasis. A brushed llcece (left) is used lor this vertically-stitched loose coat by Harry Frcchtcl High mandarin collar stresses tlie simple, veiti.ai' lines. Sleek, polished zlbcUne with high luster is cut (center) into a double-breasted coat by llagr-donow. Sleeves nre convertible, cnn be worn pushed up. High-textured worsted Imm-le makes a town rout \vlf»t natural lynx collar (right) designed by Dave Belrsey. Lines of the skirt are soft, are accented hv stitched. Mn-atcninir r.1p«t«. Mr. and Mrs. Arlis Brooks announce the arrival of a daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Galloway a r.ounce the arrival of a daughter. Clubs" Green Laster At a special called meeting on Wednesday, August 13, at the home of Mrs. Ernest Cobb the Green Laster Home Demonstra- warning before the show about tion Club voted to change their ! standing at the proper angle for ; Miss Linda Foster • Given Shower Miss Linda Foster, bride-elect of Lawrence Albritton, was entertained with a shower by the Mary Eue Evans' Sunday School Class of the First Methodist Church on Tuesday night, August 19, in the home of Miss Martha Wray. Refreshments were served to sixteen guests. day of each month. o weny-ve f th F jd guests, the gifts were opened and| riav nf narhy games were played with prizes going to Ellen Stevenson and Gary Collums. monthly meeting day from the Sccond Fri . Oi - Lm The club's annual August fami- Mrs. W. E. Waller Hostess to Wisteria Garden Club Mrs. W. E. Waller was hostess to a called meeting of the Wisteria Garden Club Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock. Mrs. Waller, president, presided over the meeting. Plans were discussed for the float which they will enter in the livestock show parade in September. Iced drinks and cookies were ly picnic will be held at the Fair park August 22 at 7 p.m. All club members and their families are invited to attend. Neighbors and friends may attend also. The next club meeting 'will be at the home of Mrs. Carrie Dragoo, 720 S. Louisiana on Friday, Sept. 12, Nixon in Boston for Address BOSTON Wl —Sen. Richard M. Nixon. Republican vice presidcn- the most flattering light, Maria shrugged. "Never mind how I look," she said grimly. "I just want to make sense with the lines." markets papers In Sweden today. The papers don't Hko them. Several papers charged the three U. S. Socret Service men accompanying the-President's daughter on her Etiroponn tour were nrmcd nnd were pushing Swedish citizens around In: bullying fashion. One paper wondered why Miss j Trumnn needed nn American guard nnywAy, After all, romnu-ntcd Al'- tonblndet, "we imdersiiuul tlttit she if not ROlng tO sing Iwre," Police Chief Erik Uos snld he hnfl ordered nn InvesiiHjilinn oC the newspttper eomplnints but added he wotild have no eumment on the cnso until a full report was mndc. In VVnshlngton, the Slate Department said the U, S. l-'iubassy in Stockholm hnd denied Ihere hiulj been nny such Incidents us the Swedish press reported. The Swedish Korean Office nlso IndiCHled thill one nf tin; nlleged Instances of tTilstrcnlment-uews paper charges Unit the bodygimrds lu-r bodyguard us iiKiMits assigned by the Department to protect (tent and his family. By Thc Associated Press Grains wore lower in early trading Unlay. Hogs were Irregularly jjteiuly, Wholesale moats were steady to lower and criltlc were steady to 25 cents lower, Cotton futures opened 00 cents a bale lower to 10 cents •higher. Here Is today's commodity report, furnished by the USDA: Hogs averaged irregularly sten-1 dy tn weak on lightweights nmlj steady to strong on the medium j mid heavyweights with 210 to 250 butchers selling from $22.25 to a lop nf $22.50. And 200 to 280 pound weights are selling from $21.75 to $22.25. The East St. Louis market] is strong lo 10 cents higher butj the Indianapolis market is barely ' steady.. Those markets have 11)0 to 240 pound averages' from $22.25 lo a lop of $22.75. Sows are steady at Chicago but strong to 25 cents higher at East St. Louis. Most sows are selling downward from $20.50, HOPE DRIVE^Nf I THEATRE |f 8. Main A CiuntiV Club' r.K,.' LAST DAY/ ;*W 'MY FRIEND IRMA Starring MARIE wiso •yam •:• -.-^t.*r.' "1 cnn sny that Kisciihmvi'r is definitoly comitiK to Arkansas - nnd probably' on his Southern lour tho first oC Septt'iiihcr," Speck said. The lour nnnoumvrncnl Hiil niit mention Arkansas' ciipitnl, but It also suld the list of cities was "not necessarily -complete." Grim Thought But Certainly Practical By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON, I/PI — A grim tial nominee, is scheduled to arrive bcr? thought but practical: What happens if one of the presidential or vice presidential candidates dies teforc election day next Novem- READS OVER BOTH SHOULDERS-Eddy Mcrky, in Frankfurt, Germany, has the answer for people who don't buy their own newspapers and subsequently have to strain their necks to rend someone else's. Eddy demonstrates his way on a park fence. Yep—he's a circus pcrfovmcr. '"~' • - '-' • DOROTHY DIX NKVV YOHK I/I') — Railroads stepped out in front of the stock market today and created a mild recovery movement in the rest of the list. Most of the advance was fractional with a few issues rising to between 1 and 2 points. Losses vere universally small. There was one big draw-back, so far as the bulls were concerned — volume was moaner. The rale of trading was around a million Hhares or less for un entire day Yesterday's total came to only OBO.UOU shares. Afraid o/ Marriage Dear Miss Dix: I'm a lady of 25 and have been dating a man of thc emoucms. uu; woo betide the similar age, background, interests' rnan <"' woman who brags tha religion and education. He is la- the heart i;i subjugated al a at Logan Airport tonight and drive to Hampton Beach, N. H., tomorrow afternoon for a speaking engagement. In Cordova, thc capital of Arabian culture during the 10th Century, there were 300 public baths. *SAENGER * TODAY AND THURSDAY A Gttttral Motors Vatut Here's the most for your money! T HERE'S no mystery (o the extra years of dependable performance you get from a OMC truck. ' . v la H- to 2-ton CMC models"*' you will find many of the same extrft'value heavy-duty iga- mrei that make larger GM€'« today's standout performers on Hit road — features you do not «*t in other tru«jk« of this sfee* Th«'i why you can expect wore from « GMG~yo* get mw M/«»/or your w « Ma . Come la and tftt thc full story. Get a Real Truck-a CMC with: ruM.pr«(lur* lubrkatlon to all main bear. Uft— force-fell even to the piitoo pint I Alrplon«.typ» main *. rod btarlngt for extra durability and extra lervioe under h e «w * John PAYNE Rhonda FLEMING Forrest TUCKER like the btf GMC'e— bMfcbonin| the ni|«ed m*(banl|m lor p,r" esie in /' four.polnt cab mount. lnf-~«*m« » heavy-duty CMC'* -for longer |re,tcr driver protection I long,, piU9W*a«tlon springs that .moot* t»* |om| - outhioa the lo.d I luxvry-typft »«ot «ushlon»-dcc P VVI . spring like tie bi< CMC rowJ-linen-thsiI IBM* «*tr« drivf t comfort tad -" -' ' with ROBERT LOWERY • ALAN MQWRftAY 1. LATEST NEWS EVENTS >t 2. Grontland Rice Sport light No presidential candidate of either major party has died before election. One vice presidential candidate died just before election. And another declined the nomination and had to be replaced. The two parties' plans for such an event are similar but not identical. While only delegates to the Democratic National Convention every four years name the party's two candidates, just before closing they take out insurance by voting to conitnue a rule adopted long ago. The rule says that if either of the candidates dies before election day the Democratic National Committee will pick some one in his place. This committee—100 men and women from the states and territories — runs the party between conventions. The Republican convention delegates, after making their prasiden- Ual and vice presidential choices dustrous, kind and congenial. His limes. Not for them the thrill o weakness is curiosity. Sometimes i a handclasp, the joy of mooting I believe in love and other limes! 11 ™ sweet sorrow of parlins. For I think I'm just fond of him. 1 i Ihem only the rational relegation have dated many young men, but; of lovt -' lo il « proper p!ace -- or tccl that Ricky has meant tho wh » l tlu -'>' consider a proper place most to me. Could I have true | of s "«» material is a neurotic lovcV Is it possible to fight JoveV made. Speck Cites Corruption in Federal Bldg. LITTLE HOCK Republican I am a deep thinker and have never allowed my heart to guide my emotions. I'm afraid of marriage. ! CATHLKI-JN i Answer: Of course, the crux of i your whole problem is contained, in the lasl sentence, "I'm alraid of marriage!" In a sense, most girls are probably afraid of You and Kicky certainly have all the assets' of ;i perfect life loyelh- er. His own fault can be dismissed without worry. It's insignificant beside his manifold advaiil- Your own emotional immaturity in the stumbling block lo n fine future. Invoke lhe assistant. "THE STORY OF WILL ROGERS' ied...,coior RIALTO 'Your Family Theatre 1 ' Dorothy iJix: George and 1 havo been marri'-d two years, riagc. but when thc fcelinjj is mi- l nave suK>;c.stcd, i.nd you'll view bedded so deeply in lhe emotions; Hlckv '» " " llll ' h 1 '" SR ' 1 ' ''« hl ' that you cannot even face the very i ' thought, professional help is in- ! rj t , ar dicated. Your family doctor, or your minister, might be able lo give concrete and workable an-i vise. If they surrender, a p.syuhi- j atrisl should be consulted Intellect Isn't Everything No mailer how deep a thinker you are, the heart doesn't usk permission lo guide or be guiuVrl. , on Sunday.-, we have to go spend Gubernatorial Candidate Jeff Speck charged yesterday that there was "corruption in the Federal Build- inn" here and said he could provo it. Jn an address to a civic club, Speck, a Frenchmen's Bayou planter, said he had "documents that would rock the Internal Itevenuc Department" here. He refused to disclose the nature of his documents, but added: "They're dyria- mile." "1 won't say who or what It involves until I open my campaign," said Speck, who lost to Oov. MeMalh in the 1050 general election. Acting Collector of Internal Revenue Olin S, Godwin today invited since I was 1!) and lie VI. We have | Speck to submit for investigation and prosecution any charges of no children. I ain u good housekeeper ;md krep everylhinj; in good orcli-r for him. However, our difficulty is thai when I go to see rny mother, who lives only Iwo blocks away, he complaint!. Then every four years, vole lo have a j Sometimes it's u good thing if UK- '; th( -' day with his mulher. replacement made Ihis way if i intellect can keep some control oi ' death overtakes one of their candidates: Republican National • Today & Tomorrow •> •> Also T w 20 WIN. "GUN TO GUN" Sports, "They All Like Boats" HEMPSTEAD MOTOR CO Hopt, Arfc, 319 S. Wolnui He worked his way thru college. as heroes often do. . Now he's back where be started — working his son's wav thru. — Th»nk» to Anna tou Barnes Submit jokes for this column and win passes to the Rialto. For every joke used, the person submitting it will be mailed 2 passes. Jokes must be limited to SO words of less, and must be suitable (or publication. Leave at theatre buxoJUice or mail to: Manager, Bislto Theatre. 1. Their Committee can do it. It has 138 men and women members from the stales and territories. 2. Or this commitlee can call another National Convention, if it wants to and if there is time to do so before election day. Suppose anything happened now to Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower or Sen. Richard M. Nixon. Would the committee call for another con^- vention? It seems unlikely. The time between now and election day is too short for all the arrangements necessary before a convention can'even start. So the committee would make the replacement. But the 'committee members, most or all of them, would probably want instructions from thiei MOLLY Answer: You are entitled to us much visHnu; time with your mother as (jeorau has with his. la fact, since jou have no children and therefore; have spare i misconduct on the part of Iho Little Rock office. Said Godwin: "I have no idea what informa tion Mr. Speck has received which indicated to him that there may have been either official or per sonal misconduct within this office. • "I can state with complete as Mirance that the officials of this office und of the Bureau of In tcrnal Revenue in Washington would be glad to be advised of ' any such changes. A thorough im 'Roughed Up 7 lime" during the day, lhe logical ^Urt tavV.tl?^ wlH bi mrti { )( "' r . ia ° n .',' >UL !.. .f |JLn :A w , ,_! s "nd immediate corrective action such i your inothi.r, Stand on your rights j in this mailer, Molly, or you'll be j walked on in other things, too, WASHINGTON (/B The Whit i House said today preliminary i c -ports to it indkate "there is not one word of truth" in S w e d i » h newspaper stories that Marn ; >:'Truman's bodyguards roughed Swedish citizens. Dear Mi:;s Dix: Six months ago rinent to a brii- oung man, be- could bring him to his senses. He dated many girls in thc mean- l«es int. Uecenily I was presidential Secretary Joseph l ™*' ,^ o ^ h . our J^'":'*, S , ay ...^ Short told a news conference i.'mi ' " ' J both the State and Treasury departments are looking into the matin. U*4 t k 4-V »k--^ 1U\, , *VV V *-*! ^ ^ * ¥»*»O ., , , I-J A s-hocked to learn he has become Presidential candidate, taken In the event any charges are substantiated." Speck conceded that thc odds against his defeating thc Democratic nominee, Judge Francis Cherry of Jonesboro, were "5 to 1" and explained that his major purpose in seeking thc office wc& to, build a 2-party system in the solid Democratic South. A major portion uf his address was devoted to plugging the QOP's Gpn. engaged to another girl. He is He said their first reports iimi- " ow Vl;r >' succe^yful in business cated that "anyone was touched «nd I want hna back. What can states or territories on how to Vote, threatened, or anything else." l d " ? This might cause a bit of a mess. ------ • .. .. Neither 'party has made provi ; fion for instruction of committee members by their stale organizations. They'd have to work this out by themselves. Oldest Halt Oldest Masonic pall in the United States, built for that purpose and in continuous use, is lo; cated at Richmond, Va. Edmund Randolph, then governor of Virginia, assisted in laying the cornerstone 1785, and it has been 1 occupUed continuously since 1787. He added: "Our preliminary reports JANICE T. Answer: You euuki scarcely expect the man to v.uit around for- cate there is not one word of truth ever while you decided whether in any of the stories alleged t< of to lake u chance on his have been published in the Swedish future. Naturally, now that he newspapers. We, of course haven t ' s W <*U established, the gamble is seen the Swedish newspapers, but over, and you're willing to accept wire service reports." Short said the checkup I him. However, you wereri t game hasn't' enough to stick when the going been completed and the State De- was tough, partment, is "getting reports froirJ Talking the situation out with the Swedish police" which haven't' him may help, but I'm afraid it's arrived in Washington. ; a little late. Misi Truman arrived in Sv. edcu' last Sunday and toft today for Fin-! land. Dwlght D, Eisenhower. Speck Wa,8 an original Kisunhower supporter in Arkansas. '.; He said he "feels sure that Qefl. Eisenhower will stop in Little Rock" on his 10-city tour of the South next month. Speck said he had talked with "four men handling Eisenhower'| campaign — one. In New YOJ one in Denver and two in Wash- Released by Tht- Bell Syndicate, Inc. HELP WANTED WANTED! A nvgn for dangeroMS journey Into hufdhunter's territory — a fortune in gold is the prize! For further exciting details we "Croiswlijds" today or tomorrow at the m •'* :.\ ^IM-MORMS MAY-'Bt:. ';.;;*?; A FAMILY AFFAIR I-'liliti-tlnn, nonh-ploklna nndn t«N iiii'iithiK rcfin\ Hell nro of ton-toll- •'<!• Into »l«cn« nf lMl>»W<il'm».» .UBl/ <v liiinwlt.'ti Hint nvoillcnl «xraft» t*y .' Inrottt mm mil »/ evcfv lhr*» I>?r"-a nonn cxnnilneiU • Knitro, /»»lllp« fe inny In' vk-tltnn and not know It,, , To irul rlil iit.Vln-Wqrm«;.th«i«;'i;'j iiiwin iniiat h«t only b« klllod, but I klllcnUn tho lucuo IntwUno \yh«r« I thoy llvo mid multiply; Tnnts'wp-M nctly wlml Jnync's t'Av tnljleU do]/ ' i « i tltitl ' t " v '" 1 " t*rt»o fltAu *!M Ir.t - 1 ' '.-T'r-iAfJ f> ir«*-n rliw tliii tnblitU lillo tho fore tlioy iHiiMulvu, Tfc«it~ nuiilnrn, niv(ltci»lly-npi>rov lirodlmit BO* rtltht to 1»9fl( rin-Woimii nulckly end <li|| Don't l»h« chimcfli W dltliui, At tha nr»- ., Worm*, imk j-iniv ilruiMtltt 0miiii»ii Jnrnu'a I'-W VonnfftlBO. llic nniull, ™»yJ|n.|(ika tnl ' fueled by f^nnuii.Dr, D. .. Htm, »nuoi~it» In worm rctiv furuvur 100 yciim. JAYNE STAMPS and Return $ 1.05 KANSAS CITY/; SOUTHERN ' Plus 18%' Federal, tax. .'.',''', Tbriftrif) Chair Car farei DEPOT TICKET OFFICt ; Tclephono 7-2951.., , .-!-# WATCH FORb GRAND OPENING SOONII of our -.-^l BEAUTIFUL NEW SIO|| IN NEW LOCATION I DEPARTMENT 'STORE ARE ARMY WOI Invading Your Soybeai Pastures, or Cotto,t? Recent field checks have infestqtipns of fall Army Worms in ( H|iri and surrounding counties, Contjal ^nj9||fc now by using „ ,j ALLTOX2040DI (CONTAINS TOXAPHENE) The insecticide recommended tension service, Toxophene >^ill Grasshoppers, Poll Weevils, B<?ll Worms, Thrips, Aphids, and marij? SEE US TODAY FOE INSECTICIDE NEEI MID-SOUTH cono

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