Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 18, 1942 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1942
Page 5
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Wednesday, February 16,1942 HOP! STAR, HO PI, ARKANSAS PAGE l ? County Food Drive Recipe Housewives Advised fo Consult Nutrition As n port of (he Hempstead county Food-for-Victory campaign Ihe following recipe is submitted fur probable use by housewives: Arc you sure Unit the food served »t your 'house supplies all the necessary food elements your fninily needs for health? Consult the Nutrition chart "Eat the Ui H |,| Foods". Look for it in the grocery stores, it will help you plan' well-balanced meals. '^ lls c '"»rt has been prepared by the National Nutrition Committee. Milk should be the foundation of the diet as it is the most nearly perfect food. Fresh milk is the idenl form of milk especially for drinking. However for families who have to buy fjv their milk, it is real economy to use evaporated or powdered milk in cooking. Remember you get the same food value for less money. Evaporated milk is just milk with about one-half the water removed, nothing bus been j-j. removed or added. Try the following method of preparing rice, use as a simple dessert or as a basic recipe for more elaborate dishes. (Serves (j or 8). 1 cup rice (uncooked). G cups hot milk, (or .') cups hot water anil 3 cups evaporated milk). Cl 1 teaspoon salt. Put in double boiler, cover it, and cook until rice is tender (about 1 hour). Stir frequently. Add to it, 2 teaspoons butter or oleomargarine, 1 /:, teaspoon of vanilla. , Serve Rice hot or cold with crush - ; ..* ed or stewed fruit or with a combination of: •( this, sugar and 1 ibis. cinamon. Making Your Makeup Last Advice on Saving Beauty Cosmetics for Ru ration 1 '-' By BKTTY CLAKKK AI> Feature Service Writer How to keep your face made-up longer is something of a teaser any lime. But now when you're doing homework, war work and then some, f you wish you realily had a way to do it. That's why 1 asked the pretty Cuban radio singer, Emma Otero, how she manages to look lovely in spite of rushing from rehearsal to broadcast and back again. '• ' She says her secret is to apply • powder first, (hen add a liquid powder base as a topper (instead of as a base). By smoothing the foundation makeup over the powder, you get a clear and clcmi .'.uok minus a shine. ( I And you thereby avoid cakey or spotty powdering. Miss Otero insists her way wastes less time because it makes the makeup lust longer. She uses no rouge, preferring the languid lipstick und Where We Are Right Now rouge, she puts it lightly over her entire face (and she means lightly-) after the base application and wipes it off with tissue to leave a rosy lone but no red color. You may prefer to put some extra powder also on top of the base but dust it on with a fluffy puff (nose, chin and forehead may need it especially). Try wiping it off lightly with tissue. This is Ihe time to be concerned with correct color. If you're not sure yours are right, next time you buy makeup consult a makeup specialist free at beauty salons or cosmetic counters. And remember, as Miss Otero does, that diet often can do more for your skin—not necessarily a starvation diet but more balance to the food you're choosing. Her sugegslion for art in eye makeup is to put it on precisely almost eyelash by eyelash and to spread your Harrison in Hollywood •y PAUL HARRISON, NEA Service Correspondent Wise-Cracker Cracks an Unwise One HOLLYWOOD-On or off stage,®there's never an armistice in the rivalry of Hollywood's wise-cracking comedians, and it's an odd experience to sit with a group of them and study the tricks each one uses to try to gain the floor and dominate the conversation. They seldom laugh at each other's gags for the simple reason they don't pay attention; while one fellow is talking the rest are figuring on what they'll say as soon as they can gel a word in edgewise. It was at just such a session of laboring wits that Martin Greene '"">rfl one of the boys explainini his recent absence of a week. It eye shadow slowly and smoothly. Be I seems that his father, a one-time excellent eye makeup. If she uses any miles. sure to remove the surplus. ,—-••«. Ninth longest river in the world is the Missouri, with a length of 2551 A. C. Monts & Son, Local Pioneer Featuring a Complete Line of FielcK./As the value of the product and its ami Garden Seed and Shipping Thousands of Dollars Worth of Melons, Potatoes, Radishes, etc. Through the Hope Fruit (< rowers Association Each Year as Well as Enjoying a Stale Wide Distribution of Monts Sugar Cure for Pork Provisions, A. C. Monts & Son is an Important Asset to the Life of the Community. Economic II was back about 30 years ngo thai A. C. Monts established the Hope .;'% Fruit Growers Association with .the idea of providing a staple market for fruits and vegetables produced in this area. Starting in a small way, they rapidly developed into one of the largest shippers of these products in Southwest Arkansas. Later or about .» 1927, the Monts Feed Store was established in conjunction with the Hope Fruit Growers Association— carrying jj complete line of field and garden seeds for the benefit of Hope and Hempslead county people. Both ,^ of these departments of the present " business have been of great value to producers throughout this area, but a more recently added department and one with which the public is not generally familiar is A. C. Monts and Son which mix and distribute throughout ( •:* the slate a prepared sugar cure compound for use in curing pork hams, shoulders and bacon. This part of the business was added about ten years ago and in the beginning was sold to retail trade only. economy in cost became known sales increased rapidly and area of distribution was gradually enlarged until it now includes the entire state. Today, for example, with the exception of local retail trade through the store, the entire output is sold through jobbers and wholesalers with state wide distribution facilities to some 1500 meat markets and grocery stores over the state. This statewide area of distribution is in itself a splendid testimonial of the quality of the product. Monts Sugar Cure, for example, sells for only 7c per pound and 5 pounds will completely sugar cure 100 pounds of pork using 10 days to do the job. Thus, while a very small percentage of their output is absorbed locally yet the mixing cost of the entire production is represented to a great extent by wages paid employees is distributed with Hope people and ultimately enters local trade channels. In fact this one product brings thousands of dollars of outside money to Hope which would otherwise never find its way here and A. C. Monts and Sons has become an important unit in the group of wholesalers and jobbers which make Hope the marketing and supply point for a wide surrounding trade territory. A. C. Monls and Sons take this opportunity to express appreciation for your business in the past and to invite a continuance of your patronage stage figure, had died in New York. "We were all shocked," he said feelingly, "although we really had been expecting it. He was in bad health, and very old." Immediately another comedian coming oul of a spell of detached thinking, cut in loudly with, "If you think that's funny lemme tell you this one . . ." Powdered I.ollmrio There's alweys a new laugh on where a certain brawny, striking poses and flexing his muscles while standing between Ihe mirrors. His behavior so disturbed other players and the wardrobe staff that the studio bought him a set of the mirrors for his dressing room. The newest yarn about this homely Narcissus concerns his role in a prize All Honolulu Keyed to War Tropical City Wants 'Another Crack at Japs' By BKTTY MacDONALD NKA Service Slnff Correspondent HONOLULU-There hasn't been so much activity in Hawaii since they dethroned the last Hawaiian queen half a century ago. At least, that's the opinion of the graybearcls around town who have lived through 50 peaceful years here on a sleepy tropical island. Honolulu, today, is a gangly, growing, defense youngster in the throes of coining of age—rudely—as of December 7. Palm-fringed streets are studded with sandbagged machine-gun nests, buildings are heavily barricaded and sentries challenge all persons who stroll outside at night. During the day new soldiers are everywhere, just off transports, gawking like the tourists of a season ago. Our favorite beaches are crisscrossed with barbed wire and pitted with gun emplacements. Honolulu housewives gossip over back fences about the new island vegetables they are trying out because most mainland supplies are curtailed. There's a shortage, too, of candy, beef, oranges. Honolulu businessmen are concerned with (a) how to get more gasoline ration tickets, (b) when liquor will be back in Hawaii (c) should par be raised on golf courses since the army fouled the fairways with barbed wire to prevent enemy planes from landing, (d) whether to pay that bomb shelter company $40 to dig the shelter or do the job themselves, (e) about that liquor again. Honolulu children aren't concerned about a thing. Schools are closed, for the present at least. Boy Scouts help keep waiting lines in order at civilian fingerprinting stations and Girl Scouts are folding bandages for the Red Cross and learning how to knit. Crime Is on the Downbeat Crime is down to its lowest level in years in a blacked-out town that goer to bed with the chickens and gets up with the dawn patrol. And, there hasn't been a hangover since December 7. The cry, "Remember Pearl Harbor' has gaineda significance that wil probably out-shout slogans of thi past. Local newspapers and radio stations blast out the phrase daily, res taurants print it on their menus, sailors sing it, soldiers speak it and hun dreds emboss it on their letterheads. We double up in autos for rides tc work, for gas is rationed at only 1 gallons a month. At grocery stores our favorite store keeper apologizes. any homely actor is nothing fcut egn working. He has where his brains in 1942. Adv. Byers Abstract Co. in 10th Year Established in 1932, the Byers Abstracts Company has available a complete set Company has a Complete Set of 1 of records to Hempstead county prop- Kfcurtls of Hempstead County i erty and with these facilities they can Property and can give you full und j make an abstract of tille to any piece complete information on the title to of property in the county in a short ought to be, and he'd jump off a sky- scrapper if u director assuerd him it'd look herioc on the screen. About a year ago, in fact, he very nearly drowned himself because during filming of a storm sequence the director ncauliously tuld him: "The longer you stay under water the more dramatic it will be." Soon after he came to Hollywood, this husky gent got a first delighted glimpse of himself in the wardrobe department's 1 ! multiangled arrangement of full-length mirrors. The view pleased him so much that he took to dropping in almost every noon hour, fight picture. He .gets licked, but doesn't mind because the director assured him it'll be very dramatic. After the long shots of the action had been filmed, some close-up inserts were required showing his mid-riff being hammered by the opponent's fists. The actor didn't respond when called, and a frantic assistant director finally burst into his dressing room. The lug was standing there powdering his stomach. Whal n Diimc Strange Fish (Mounted) Among Uncle Sam's Trophtei Waikikl waters yielded this two-man U-boat, part of Jap trap at. Pearl Harbor. Cargo of sub." captured before it could do dirty work: two torpedo tubes. suicida Let Children Play at Battle May Prepare Them Mentally of Dangers of Warfare By DOROTHY ROE Al> Feature Service Writer If your children like to play war games, with realistic looking tanks and planes and guns don't try to stop ;hem. The make-believe war may prepare .hem mentally for the dangers of actual warfare, and an air raid may seem just a more exciting form of a familin game. This is the advice of officials of the Child Study Association of America, now devoting a cencentrated program to the training of parents in the best means of protecting theii children from "war nerves." Fright Psychosis Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt advises parents to teach small children to make games of bombing raids, to protect the magainst a fright psychosis. She tells of her 2-year-old grandson Haven Roosevelt, son of Ensign John Roosevelt, who has been taught to say "Moom!" wherever he heart the big guns at the' San Diego Naval Base. "Now the child thinks he is creating the explosion and is delighted every lime he heads one," soys the First Lady, "As a result of this method, the child will not be frightened if there is a real bombing." War Games Other children may play more intricate war games, plan battle strategy, and take an academic interest in any actual war that may come. It is natural for children to. imitate their environment when they play And so we may expect to see littie ( jj boys playing with toy tanks and anil* * ^ airciaft gupns, small girls dressing *"g then dolls as Red Cross nurses t ~* «f It is an escape from all to grim reaVj-/ if oities, and the sign of a healthy) nb>> nul imagination i f "May I have another cake?". ( ^ "Another cake what?" ''»• '^ "Another cake, please." 6 ' "Pletse mother ' "Please mother what?" ' , : 'Please mother, dear." *•» < No you can't, you've had two alj i eady *v Sommerville Produce, Hope Leader Established here 10 -years ago and®finest of fresh fruits and vegetabljJIJS; "Sorry,. bjut. .ypu, can only buy tw of each article . . . military orders . . no hoarding." And, thus, carefully worked out budgets are shot to pieces. The little American-born Japanese maids who work for us are sheepish. A typical statement is: "Me sorry. No can help being Japanese. Me American. Me not. savvy this kind Japanese. He kill everybody." Even our pets are up against it . On the same intellectual plane as "° f j sh tidbits for tabbv . • • • save food this brawny hulk is a gentle, big-eyed for humans • • • the Civilian Defense little actress. This i.s the gal who a year or so ago cautioned her escort when arriving at a parly: "Now don't di ink anything except whiskey, darling; remember, you've got to drive home." On a Sunday afternoon visit to Hugh Herbert's ranch .some months ago, she expressed great admiration for the floral equarium which is a feature of the house because it's set into the lloor of the living room. Recently she went out again with some friends and very nearly fell into a second pond which is almost exactly like the first except that it dominates the front lawn. "Oh!" sh exclaimed, teetering on the brink and clutching for something to say. "They've moved the house inside!" The 1940 census revealed that 86 new cities had passed the 10,000 mark in population. Hair Raid Your Property on Short Notice. J. P. Byers, Owner. : At one time in the early days of 1 Arkansas, requirements for giving deeds and having them recorded when property transfers were made were not so strict or important as in recent years. Also, during the past few years the desire to cut down expenses has time. These complete records plus their years of experience is your assurance that the title to your property is as shown by any abstract which they compile. Hempstead county people who may solicit a federal farm loan or one under the Federal Housing Authority Act will find this service of especial value since a clear title and up-to-date many property transfers to be ' abstract is required on all property on vilhoul benefit of abstracting | which federal loans are granted. The caused m made with — , or title investigation. The result is business policy of the Byers Abstract that titles to a substantial portion of property not only in Hempstead county but nil over the state has been and Js in a delinquent condition. Because *of such a condition millions of dollars has been foolishly lost all over the United States when for a nominal sum they might have had full and complete information and absolute protection. ) Jn this respect, the Byers Abstract Company is one of courtesy and convenience to their customers and the business they have built up in their years of service is a testimonial to the accuracy and efficiency they employ in solving your title problems. They take this opportunity to express appreciation for your business in the yew pf 1941 and to invite ypur continued patronage during 1942. Adv. CANTEEN CHECkS EXCHANGED for humans Council issues the orders. The blackout nights will last for the duration of the war. Where most residents have built Hawaiian-type houses with open windows and lanais (porches) thut virtually brought the gardens into their homes, blackout paint and tarpaper have obliterated the views. The lucky officials who can use their autos at night, drive in the wake of two pin points of light shining blue through two-inch slils in the headlights. The gay blades-about-town are in uniform now and our favorite hula dancers are working in defense offices. The siren that once rang curfew from Aloha Tower in the city, now waits silently to signal uir-raid alarms. As you walk the streets, you subconsciously note arrows painted at the corners. They point to first-aid shelters where staffs are on duty 24 hours a clay. And everyone becomes nervous when a hum of planes is hearc overhead or when a nervous crack o machine-gun fire barks through the darkness as soldiers practice. Sentries really mean it, too when they yell, "Halt!" and keep a fingei curled over the trigger. You're careful and so is everybody else. Not all the soldiers you see are in smart new uniforms. From all of the W9ve, COCOA butter factel and a aw tan shave, if you mrtyi, frwwte," serving Rc.tail Grocers in the Hope Trade Territory, the Somnicrville Produce Co., arc Wholesalers and Distributors of a Complete Line of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Operated in connection is the Sommerville Trucking Service doing available without legaid to the time of yeai and distance from source of production. They are constantly in touch with; the fresh fruit and vegetable market' as well as the centers of productioiiil and they buy the finest of fresh fruits: Motor Express Lines, mcrville, owner. ° r _ L °"i ,_ D l Stn " CC I and vegetables These are then marketed, in grocery stores in the sam'ej H. G. Som- eight islands in the Hawaiian group are coining laughing youngsters to train for the Hawaiian Territorial Guard. Because uniforms are still scarce, you see them frequently in khaki shirts, civvy trousers und white sports shoes. G'ne of the fiercest "battles" of the war was fought "somewhere on Oahu" by a force of 100 civilian soldiers hurled into an all-out fight against an enemy of the U. S. armed forces. The army claimed a crushing victory after 8 hours of furious assault. Their enemy: a giant kiawe (algaroba) forest which the army needed cleared for undisclosed military purposes. If you came visiting you would find the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, luxurious pink palace erected on the Kaikiki beachfront in 1926 at a cost of $4,000,000, hasn't sponsored a public dance ince December G. It's a recreation re- ort now for officers off duty. Then oo, the declaration of war scuttled Hawaii's third-largest "industry" — he tourist trade. Besides regular shortages, you have others to cope with when you go shopping. To get many commonplace drugs, like aspirin, you practically need a priority rating. Gasoline I've nentioned. But, you take a chance on getting a taxi. Drivers actually refuse a trip if they think it will use too much of their value quota. Flashlights are practically price less. One of the town's richer men, telephoned to his wife on the mail-viand before Christmas, asked for a dozen batteries as the finest possible gift he could receive. It's hard, too, to get a sufficient amount of blackout materials. The result: lights out. Dan Cupid Is Doing O. K. Dan Cupid is doing fine, even if the rush has slowed. At one ceremony ,the prospective bridegroom had only two hours leave. He phoned his fiancee, told her to meet him at the church. En route she picked some hibiscus flowers frob a hedge for a bouquet. The wedding over, the bridegroom hustled back to his ship at Pearl Harbor, the bride to her lonely apartment for a wedding supper of graham crackers and milk. Here in Honolulu, more than 50 Shinto shrines, in thickly populated Japanese sections have continued to operate, desipte the fact this is the religion of the Rising Sun. There's seldom a dull moment in Honolulu's provost court. Recently six men caught in a gambling raid were required to turn their fines over to the Red Cross. Fourteen loiterers were sentenced to 30 days of digging bomb shelters and filing sandbags. Two speeders, fac- In the past ten years medical science las found that fresh fruits and vegetables are rich sources of nearly every vitamin now recognized as being essential to good health. Because of .he wide publicity these facts have seen given and the comparative ease with which one can now obtain fresh 'ruits or vegetables at almost any season of the year, there has been a !arge increase in their consumption. In this connection the ease with which local people can obtain these essentials to the well balanced menu, is made possible largely through Sommerville Produce Co. This firm has liberated local people from the restrictions of season and location as they make the world's fresh condition in which they come from the refrigerated truck or car. This firm is ready on short notiei? to serve local merchants, provide ;;a payroll spent locally and, through; taxes, contribute substantially to city* and county expenses The wandering or itinerant fruit and vegetable ppdr dlei does none of these tilings mentioned above, their products are ofteni of an inferior quality. Because of the above mentioned facts, Sommerville Produce Company I, is a valuable asset to the econpniip." * life of this community and their .conf tinued paiticipation in it should be ,.*' eneouiaged They take this occasion "' to express appreciation for past bus!- '4 ness and to invite a continuance of t your patronage in .the future. Adv. TODAY S WAR FRONTS AND TOMORROWS- They re All Mapped In This New Book ing the alternative of losing their licenses or donating blood at Tripler Hospital, happily reported to the doctors. All in all, though, it's not bad seeing the sunrise each morning and sleeping without the disturbing roar of traffic. It's certainly not boring. Western Auto Store, Home Owned Under its present ownership for aOthat of a smaller merchandiser in year on Monday of (his week, (lie Western Auto Associate Store is locally owned and managed, yet en- jeys the tremendous buying power of the Western Auto Supply Co., this field. The Western Auto Associate Store offers many items you might need in the automotive or accessory line as well as other merchandise. Davis tires, as a whole and thus can offer sup- Wizard batteries, Wizzard washing erior values in auto parts, accesso-1 machines, Truetone radios, bicycles, bicycles, sporting goods and ussoc- ! sporting goods, garden tools seat cov- iatcd •iiierchandice. Ted Junus,owuer. ! ers are important among these and ] in each department these articles may Many motorists when in the need ] be had in several price classes. of parts and accessories think of the dealer who sells their particular make of car. However they do not realize that this dealer's manufacturer has sot the retail selling price of the various parts and accessories he carries for your car and that in doing As stated above, the Western Auto Associate Store is home owned with the result that the money remained here. They invite you to visit them when shopping for anything in any of the above lines, in the belief that they can more nearly satisfy you, so the manufacturer has allowed the not only in merchandise and price, dealer a liberal margin of profit to | but also in courtesy, convenience and make up for the small turnover he j all other elements, that make for usually has on his type of merch • i pleasant trade relations. On Monday undise. j of this week Mr. Jones observed With the Western Auto Associate | his first anniversary as the owner. Store, parts and accessories are their business. They are independent of dictation from the manufacturer and with their large volume, their margin of profit need not be so great as He takes this opportunity to express appreciation for your business in this pust year und to invite your continued patronage in the future. Adv. 1 1 3; m 1 .1 16 PAGES-SOME IN COLOR 16 pagef covering every arena of war, Plus background by experts of The Associated PreJI lOc a Copy - Buy Through Your Star Carrier, the Newsstands, or at Hope ft Star

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