Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 18, 1942 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1942
Page 4
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Classified **** You can talk to only one man Want Ads talk to That/Sands SELL, RENT, BUY OR SWAP "Alt Want Ads Cash in advance. Not taken over the Phone On* Mm*—Je woM, minimum 30c Three times—3 Vie word, minimum SOe Six »!m*t—Sc wofd, minimum 75* One month—lie word, minimum $2.70 Not** dr» to* continue ths«f*«ort» anry "THE MOR£ YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL" For Sole ,» ^ K f' & S^¥EAH-OLD ROSES, ALL KINDS, Me. Thursday only. Also have shrubs. Mrs. Alston at Bundy & Son Station. Third and Shover. 18-2tp :1938 HUPMOBILE. 4 DOOR SEDAN, n4w battery, overhauled motor. Leaving town, will sell at a bargain. Call 255-W. 802 E. 3rd. St. 14-6tp SOME NICE REGISTERED COCKER Snd pointer puppies. Padgitts Kennels, 3 miles South on 29. 18-30tp GOOD EAR CORN, STORED IN Hope. 74 pounds per bushel. Cotton seed, D & PL 12, Stoneville 2-B, first year from breeder. Hay, Alfalfa, Lespedza, and Johnson grass. See T. S. McDavitt or C. E. Boyee 2-18-tf 1931 MODEL A FORD COUPE. Good mechanical condition. May be seen at Lafayette's rooming house on East 3rd St. 18-3tp Trailers For Sale HOUSE-TRAILERS NEW, 1942 AND Used. Buy like rent. On Texarkana Highway 67. Two miles. 14-6tp Wonted to Trade TOUR-DOOR SEDAN IN EXCEL- lent condition, five good tires; trade for good pickup truck. City Market, 112 E. Tthird, Hope ll-6te. For Rent NICE FRONT BED ROOM. PRIVATE entrance.. Adjoining bath. Would share kitchen. Mrs. G. C. Stewart. 623 North Elm. Phone 889-W. 12-tf FURNISHED ONE-ROOM APART- ment. All bills paid. Also front bedroom. Mrs. C. A. Williams, 710 north Elm. Phone 786-J -4-3tch. 2 ROOM APARTMENT UNFURNISH- °d or partly furnished. 218 West Ave. C. Private entrance. Phone 870-J. 16-3tp 'FRONT BED ROOM WITH USE OF kitchen. Close in. Adults only. 518 West Division street. 3 BEDROOMS. CONVENIENT TO bath. 401 South Shover. Phone 423-J. 16-3tc TWO LARGE ROOMS FOR RENT, with board. Connecting bath. ' 4 men or 4 women. 403 W. Division, Phone 71., 17-3tp ROOMS & COTTAGES, FURNISHED for light' housekeeping. North of Hope on Old 67. Just outside city limits. Mrs. J. E. Schooley. Phone 38-F-ll. 17-3tc 2 OR 3 ROOM FURNISHED APART- ment, private entrance, adjoining bath. 10-10 West Avenue B. 18-3tp Furniture For Sale IDEAL FURNITURE CTORfi HAS moved next door to Saenger Theater for better prices on furniture see Ui. 21-3«c Refrigeration REFRIGERATION SERVICE — WE repair anything ElectrioEtl, Wiring, motors. Kelly Refrigeration Service. 112 Main. Phone 144. 10-lm-c Notice DON'T TAKE A CHANC1! BRING us your abstract work. MONROE ABSTRACT CO. Phone 10, WASHINGTON, ARKANSAS. 1-23-lmp WE SAVE YOU MONEY IN BUYING. Selling, and Trading, New and second hand furniture. We carry NEW BEDROOM SUITES, Studio Couches, Occasional Rockers and Mattresses. "WE SELL FOR LESS" Located by Saenger Theatre. IDEAL FURNITURE STORE. 4-lmp Wanted to Rent 3 OR 4 ROOM FURNISHED APART- ment. Close in. Phone 149-J. 17-3tp Services Offered 556 SERVICE STATION. CARS Washed nad greased $1. Called for and delivered. All business appreciated. ll-6tp. Air School MEN AND WOMEN. 18-45 VITALLY needed by aircraft factories. You must be trained and in good physical condition. See our representative, Mr. Mills at Barlow Hotel, Thursday or Friday for full information. AIRCRAFT TRAINING SCHOOLS, Dallas. 18-3tp Answer to Cranium Crackers Questions on Page One 1. New Orleans is the Crescent City, St. Louis the Mound City, Minneapolis and St. Paul the Twin Cities, and Seattle the Gateway to Alaska. 2. The four Springfields with more than 50,000 population are in Massachusetts, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri. 3. Great catastrophes were the Chicago fire allegedly started by Mrs. O'Leary's cow, and the Iri- quois Theater fire, San Francisco earthquake and fire, and the Johnstown flood. 4. Reno, Nev., back pats itself Hope Star Star of Hop*, 1809; Press 192?, Contoll- 18, 1929. dot«d Joftuory Published every WMk-day after noon by , , Star Publishing Co. Ine. {C. E. Palrrtef and Alex H. Wdihbuni) at the Star buirdlng, 212-2M South Walnut street, Hope, Ark. C. I. PALMER, PrMlctent ALKX. H. WASHBURN, Editor and F*MMMr Entered as seconcf class matter at the Postofflee ot Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n Subscription Rare {Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier, per week 1Sc; Hempsteod, Nevada, Howard, Miller and Lafayette counties, $3.50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. Member of The Associated Pren: Th6 Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republlcotion of all news dispatches credited to It or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. National Advertlsmg Representative- Arkansas Dailies. Inc.; Memphis, Tenn. Sterlck Building; Chicago, 400 North Michigan Avnue- New York City, 507 Fifth Avenue; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 414 Terminal Bias. Chora.es on Tributes, Etc.: Chorae will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers from a deluge of space- tokirth memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility for the safe-keeping or return ot any unsolicited manuscripts. as the biggest little city in the world. 5. Hollywood, Calif., is not a separate city but is part of Los Angeles. Lincoln Strategy "When Abraham Lincoln lived in Springfield, 111., the fire brigade in that city wished to secure some badly needed supplies, and a lot of us youngters were given a share in collecting the money," one of the "youngsters" relates. "I went up to the rooms over the grocery and entered the law office of Lincoln. He asked me a lot of questions about the fire brigade, seeming quite interested. "Then he said: 'Well, I'll you what I'll do. I'll go home to supper—Mrs. Lincoln is generally good-natured after supper—and I'll tell her I've been thinking of giving $50 to the fire brigdae. And she'll say, "Abe, will you never have any sense? Twenty dollars is quite enough." "So tomorrow, my boy, you come around and get your 520:' "Which I did!" Little Tommy had spent his first day at school. Mother was anxious to know row he had got on. "What did you learn, dear?" she asked. "Didn't learn nothin'," came the discouraging reply. "Well, then, what did you do?" mother persisted. "Didn't do nothin,. A woman wanted to know how to spell 'dog' and I told her. -That's all." Prespect: " And what is the diffen- ence between last year's cars and the new models?" Salesman: "Well, on last year's cars the noses pointed upward like they were smelling something; this year they point downward—like they found it. Hope Basket Co, in 32nd Year Established here over 31 years ago w basket business, so far as this section FRONT BEDROOM WITH ADJOIN- ing bath in private home. For one or two men. Phone 892. 18-3tc 3 BEDROOMi! INNER SPRING i mattresses. Hot running water. Convenient to bath. 815 South Main. Phone 404-W. 18-3tc the Hope Basket Company manufacturers and distributors over the entire United States thousands of Fruit Packing Baskets each year. Walter VcrHalen, President. Lost WIDE TAN CAMEL-HAIR BELT to coat. Please return to Mrs. Doyle Reaves at Cox Drug Co. 17-3tp LADIES BROWN WOOLEN PURSE. Containing money, check to A. N. Stroud, valuable papers, keys, and fountain pen, and bank book. Re- war. Call at Hope Star, or call 15 at Washington. 12rtfc NEAR ROCKY MOUND, FEMALE Fox hound, white and tan head, two black spots on side. Please notify H: H. Higgerson. Bowdens Store, Hope, Ark. 18-3tp The establishment of the Hope Basket Company here in 1911 marked an important step in the commercial and industrial development of Hope. It was a welcome addition to what is now a sizeable group of manufacturers and wholesale firms which make Hope the supply point for a large section of Arkansas. But of even greater importance is the fact that firms of this kind provide payrolls to be distributed in the city of their location, a ready market for raw materials produced in that section and add to the economic life of the entire community in which they are established. For these reasons the Hope Basket Co., is an institution of distinct value to the community. This firm manufactures and sells throughout the United Stales, thousands Of fruit packing baskets each year. Thus they eliminate in the is concerned, the senseless practice of shipping a raw product to some distant point where it is manufactured into a finished product and then shipped back, as in many cases, to the original district from which ft came. Furthermore, their nationwide sales also bring thousands of dollars of outside money to Hope which would otherwise never find its way — here. For example, while only a small part of their production can be consumed locally yet the manufacturing costs of the entire output, as represented to a great extent by wages paid em- ployes, is distributed here and ultimately re-enters local trade channels. The executives and employees are all Hope people while the firm itself is a substantial contributor to city and county expenses through taxes on their plant. The above are reasons for the important position this firm holds in the economic life of the commcnity and why their continued patronage in it should be encouraged. Adv. OUT OUR WAY By J.R.Williams THATT'S OWE OF= HtS SMAR.T HIMTS •THAT WHBK.\ V\)E EAT HERE WE SHOULD WASH THE DISHES/ T_ KWOW HIM—HE'S AT ME THRU CHIUDBErO, AUD YOU LET HIM I THIS IS WHUT X SIT— I'Kft TEACHlW o 'EM TO UKE SHE AU-US HATED.' TRVIM 1 TO BRINKS UP BETTEK THAM HER., AM' THIS IS WHUT I SIT-- A l\ FAMILY FIFTH COLUMNIST.' *.' WHY MOTHERS SET , AftRAN WASH TUBBS By Roy Grant* 'th the Search f CAPTAIW EASY, MV PAT1EMCE WELL, BUDDY, NOW THAT I HAVE TIME, 1 fcoM'T MIND I WA*. ONLV SdRTCr-ADECdy. THE RfAL MESSA6E SfiARER toLLOWED IN A PL AWE HOUBS LATER.. TOO HAVE REACH END I Of RCAC5.' Wit filUE V3U FIVE NMNUTES TO REV6AL WHERE TEU.IH6 WU THE TRUTH NOt BELIEVE S A6AIW THE aROUMD. PLANE, HIS WATCH, HIS CLOT HW6!it>6 MOT ADrihkonthe House Thimble Theater I DlDM' ORDER / s/OU A NO SOUP v-rA<=>keD X HERE IS THE SOUP VOL) ORDERED, ADMIRAL THEV SAY UJOMEW CAMT MAKE UP THEIR MINDS— P006W •/ HEV, LUHER6 NO, 1 YA DAME- — I I OOM'T UDAMT MO -SOUP- I DlDM' OH, ves, vou OID/ —IKJ v Me TO FACK, I YAM J BRlMid YOU MOT EVEM i 60UP-MOU YOU TOL' YA TO. It TO ME CABlM <^/>^ . . ^~ ~ —"i ..v OHALL -CUAlT < TILL i UDARM IT UP /- •50METHIW6J \% LURONG HERE; POPE4S MU6T B& LOSlM6f' HIS MIMD OR HE- IS JUST OLIVE OYL —, DONALD DUCK It's Smart to Be Thrifty! By Walt Disney NOVV ON YOUR BOMB...! BLONDIE The Firemen's Convention By Chic Young I ti &*—:•-, '* ^4i V'Ss ' '!*S. 'l|ll> GREAT SCOTT-1 MUSTVE PUT THE LOCK ON WRONG ICANTGETTHE HAVE PRIVACVWMEN I TAKE M^ i.'V fS'-y x^J(&)lATHE FIREMEN CALL MV BATH MY OWN 'J\ ( HAVE VOU OUTOF *"\l a* *T*I ir"r5r~ it i A BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES ByJEdlgGirMartin RED RYDER One More Chance By Fred Harmon AMOTriER AMX5 IT'S -BUT _ 1 CAM GE.T AHOLti OF . . ROPE THAT •DIABLO IS DRAGGING' THERE. IS A CHANCE IF/^iOT DRINK.' . UTTLE. BEAVER .' 1 CAMT LET TAKE, -~2TME BUY-UM BONDS, K)U ALLEY OOP Something Must Be Wrong ByV.T. Hamlin NOW.BV SETTIMS ABOVE A ROOST. IT SHOUUD STEAP OF A NOOSE WHV KIOT UOWER A ^BATTEP CA6E . , BE A SIMPLE MATTER MIGHT WORK,.BUT TO DROP A NOOSE--/ TVE GOT A M .. SING/ AN' &INSO/ - BETTER FLAW.'/ AN' HAUL UP... SIMPLE, EH"? FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A Trifle Snoopy By Merrill Blosser MlSS ELLIS, I'LL BE BACK IN HALF AM HOUR. .' I HAVE AM APPOINTMENT ~ LOOK AT A NEW AUTOMOBILE-/ S QUITE- A PUDDLE JUMPED HE'S J KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TMIMKIKK3- —AMD Mfe. ISN'T GOIN& TQ LIKE YOU FOR rr / . LOOKING AT/ A SATOP-lJ EIGHT $3500 F-O.B./ YEAR. BEING MAYOR.? ^COPR- 1842 Bvt?EA SERDfcE. INC.' T. M

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