Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 10, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 10, 1939
Page 2
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week-day afternoon by giar Publishing Co., Inc. * lb " m ' al lhe Star I"""""* 212-214 .South C E. PALMER, President AU3C. H. WAS1IBURN, Editor nnd Publisher —Means Associated Press. CNEA)— Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. The Star fs authorized to nn- Mouiice the blowing candidates subject to the action of the De.m,- crutic city primary election Tues«>y, November 28, 1939: For City Attorney E. F. MTADDIN LAWSON E. GLOVER ANSWER TO j CRANIUM CRACKER il • "Tha More Fo w Tell the Quicker You Sell" * You Can Talk to Only One Man 0 Want Ads Talk to Thousand." SELJL/-REtyTp BUY OR SWAP All Want Ads cash in advance Not taken over the Phone Writing the Platforms for 1940 . Democrats and Republicans alike One tim«—2j ..vord, minimum 30o Six times—«c jvord, minimum 90c ,—-•»• •••"»!***—AQ*; WUI"O Rntes are for continuous Insertion, n^i y Three Umej-SVic W prd. minimum One month-lBc word, minimum Questions im Page One " The following should be underlined: 1. Flute- tympanum, lyre. 2. Condor, thrush, puffin. 3. Amethyst, opjil. supphii-p. 4. Cricket, laoi-nsse. curling. 5. Ko,xlo, mink llama, orangutan. FOR SAI,E~We save you money on i.vour furniture buying. Complete .stock now and usr-d furniture, stoves jlx?ds. Wo pny highest prices for fur- Ijmure. See us. Franklin Furniture i. 021m Ke!; " io - s *«• M <"< in training is putting n burden on his heai-c. his kidneys and his other vital ! tissues. ' Our .sense of fatigue is n reasonable guide to tlie amount of physical work m which we can indulge. Any exercise is to.) vigorous if it is filUnved bv -i restless night or if one is still tired tile next morning. SOLD OUTA. N. Ktroud, -I have sold out of corn. Washington. Ark. .|-V FOR SALE: Wood for saT ackson on fast Division. P| u)ne I FOH. SAI.B-Two I>ointer I ' «md iSJ months ,1,1. j. New Deal progra'm I or fall' oi v he "' '" ° Ulcr words, does the Bird Dot's, M. Downs. For Rent FOR REN'I-Bcd room, adjoining bath nnd shower. Continuous hot wnt- er. Uosc to town. Mrs. Hurry Whit- w"'th. Phone 505-W. c . 3a . B, v wT « ittYi llOUS ° and barn ' S. J. Hobbs. Route 2, Hope. Ark. FOH BENT-3 Pi M M" °" . M. Murray. FOR RENT-Soujh Benllcnian. Lar,;e bedr«,o,,,, 2 beds convenient for two and garage. SOI South Mam. Phone B57R ^."' .. Mul -e room Grocery. l, ( Apply With lhe for the ma JO nt> of both pai , ieS agree that the United states should 'stay out of Hempstead Home Agent Mai-y Claude Fletchei- FOR .SALE: Four ,~, l)m house wiU) M ,M H"'";" 1 , t>ubil "-'is. excellent neighborhood. Rargujn. 4N West Ave : 2-ctp. FOK SAL horses and C Phone 392. 7-3tc L.fe Policies. SlflOO up. Ages ' »y old ,,„,« up. Talbot Feild. B *x Hope Ark. 9 yrs with Reliance Life Oct 27-1 m, Wanted WANTED PECANS-We pnv highest prices for Pecans. McRae Mill & Feed 0-n-IM Write USE Monts Sugar Cure When Butchering This Fall and Winter For sale by the leading merchants in every community. OUT OUR WAY r—— _ _ SO "THAT'S WHAT WAS tJQIM' HERE-HE WORKED OM My -JO& VVHILEL 1 WAS OFF, HA HI WHY, THAT:S TH' PU^BEST LOUT '^JH'SHOP" HE ^S^T/**" Lost po Poland Cl,,na. Tollett stock. . Goodlott. Blevins. Ark. fl-St, LOST-Black mare Ibs. Gray spot on side Booker, Emmet Rt. 1. mule, wl. X.'ifl of nose. Ernest toms adopted by both parfe w,l unimportant issues are like! L a s putes may be buried undtfa deluge wm Taftl the fi " al nowhere nearly so concise. a " d lh > «' vote by instinct on DersonalHies 1. Hu^h,dto..^ Mulm , TOMmn Ma s|m|to antoymm THE FAMILY DOCTOR T> n n/r -, n • — ' Too Much Exerc.se Is Detrimental ; Gradual Reducing by Diet Is Better - i Dr. Henry A. Christian, formerly professor of medicine at Harvard Uni- ercise is detrimental to health. There j does generally " ' is. Mis. P. B. * UHKUKMU. ivirs. titlie Pprterfield, Mr.s. Dean Porterfield. Mrs \V. M. Long. Mrs. C. S. Bittick and the hostess. Mrs Dora Wortham Visitors becoming new members were- i Mrs Frank Ethridge and Mrs. Claude ! Bradley. Other visitors were: Miss I Leta Rhodes. Miss Grace Wortham j and Lola Wortham. ' A business meeting held and new officers were elected for the new vear beginning December 1st. Elected were as follows: Mrs. Claude Bradley, P res i- , dent; Mrs. Effie Porterfield. Vice-1 .resident; Mrs. Frank Etheridge So- 1 retary: ami Mrs. C. S. Bittick,' Re-1 porter. The President is to appoint' new lora! leaders f or the new year before December 1st. Several demonstrations were given which are going to prove greater and better interest m club work. First in decorating for the holidavs we found, by using the simplest mn. tamers—a silver syrup bucket, common crock and water pitcher.' flowers, fruits, shrubs and m .FOR SALEllTi,:— •sues, hners and boots & Wind, Jn' n, 5 "'' Wmcl "»» f'Hmg Brown's Tire '. across street tation. 9-3t,, LOST: old in' • ' • "•••, .11.-* of $250 for return to Bolt's on Highway 29, Hope, Ark. Guaranteed Radio Repair Service replacement parts. Tubes tested Ji» Serv.cc. Phone 8QG. R oy Allen Service. Offered Grocery 2.3,*. SERVICES OPFERED-See Hempstead Mattress Shop, 712 West Fourth «-r L P Experienced operators, nity Beauty Shop. Phonc 39 the ilrl ercise is detrimental to health. There i does no7 invSC ^ hbwever >s a difference of opinion, however as I HeTucu£ ,£m f exc f s ' ve activity, to what constitutes excessive eve ! K"^.Si" *** ^ual^and should exercise. excessive exer- cpe. , 'Since heai-t disease has become the leading cause of death, doctors recognize in exercise more injury than benefit in cases of people who have indulged too vigorously or for too long a time. This is particularly true of men past 50 who can be found in their club-, still trying to play handball, tennis. volley ball or bad'm'mton at a pace be- n .t. yond their norma capabilities. alter 50" Dr. Christian beieves that many men past 50 .indulge in excessive exercise to reduce their weight. Most persons tend to add weight after 40, and it is In home made most welcomed ancl Exercise has litle effect on loss weight. Because exercise is likely increase the appetite, it is difficult toys we are 0 ™ found the not at all ~i~i'— »-.*-_, IL 1.3 UJJULUll to reduce in association with too much Dr. Christian especially warns those who exercised vigorously when young ancl who try to keep up this activity older. The human body. e, an innertube squirrel of* 0 .™ ra ^ dolls of the different nation- to ; alltle . s shown by the new home demon- s ' ratlon agunt. Miss Mary Claud Flet- c , aml passeci about soon fell in ll 'c hands of the children present and were not readily given up Then there was a demonstration in BOOTSANDJiER BUDDIES WELL, HE \ WAS ON) \ youRjroB / TH' HULL \ TWO WEEK.S ) VOIJ WAS / OFF, IS / ALL J f KWOW J By.I. R. Williams I THIMK THER'SA .SAVIN)' THAT GOES, "LOOK OUT OP YOURSELF , TO LOOKOUT FOR YOURSELF'-'BUT I THINK OL' BOSSY BLIMP OVERDOES IT/ I THIMK THAT'S WHY THEY PUT 1H4.T YOKEL OM HIS JO&, SO'S HE COULD <3ET OUT OF HIA-1SELF AM' LOOK I WTO HIM SELF ?£ /tV \* =$U .vU VMS IM THE DERBY f ' $ ^r*^~ 1 i&' —— "•^•^^•__J ALLEY OOP •> _ Gangway By Edgar Martin begins to break down. It, cannot undergo the stresses that it; could tolerate in youth. The person j past 50 who tries to play 3G holes on i week-end without keeping suitably! raon n needle point one of the finest arts in needle work yet very £in ,pl e . R u gs made by crocheting over silk hose . GUESS SHE'L HAVE TO COME d knitting bags. etc. Every- emed to give a Christmas SCREEN ACTRESS Answer to Previous Puzzle EQRIJZONTAf, • .1,6 Pictured movie star. 11 Deception. 12 Secret arrangement. 13 Genus of firs. 14 Fastened with a clasp. 16 To offer. 17 King of Bashan. 18 Courtesy title. 19 Neuter pronoun. 20 You and I. 44 Basketry twig 21 Falsehood. 46 Daisy 23 New England. 48 Hardens 24 Science of the 50 Circular skin. 52 To repair. 54 Legal claim. 56 Health cpring. 57 Pertaining to air. 58 She won success early in her . career. 59 She portrays tool. 30 Pressin 32 All. 33 Microbe. 35 Tow boat, 36 Teeters. SS Sssarne. 30 Want. 40 Tree bearing acorns. 41 Grain. 43 Lava. a girl. • young VERTICAL 2 Precinct. 3 Annelid. 4 Orb. 5 Tester of tea. 7 Slow movement in music. 8 Affirmative. 9 Dozes. 10 Liquid part of fat. 13 She has won „, ™ uve screen honors 53 Name for her acting 55 Chaos. (pl.). 57 Form of.'"a."- 14 She works in , Calif. 15 Fairy land. 20 Skin tumor, 22 Breakfast food. 24 Canine animal. 25 More humble. 26 Hail! 27 Trial. 28 English coin. 29 Still. 31 Fish. 34 Inlet. 36 Capuchin monkey. 37 Serrated tool. 40 Caucasus people. 42 Domesticates, 44 Auricular. 45 Light crimson, 46 To chew upon 47 Roman emperor. 49 Biblical priest 51 Above. crfochct thing s idea. Meat cookery and canning then was a discussion from which every one learned two things; Bone meat before you cook it and it does not have to be precooked before it is placed into I 'if Jars. Plans for the next club meeting wh.cn v.-ill be with Mrs. Effee Por- terfibld are to install new officers ancl nave cur comunity Christmas tree Rules for this are to bring one home made article to bo placed on the Iroe and numbered. Numbers will h- drawn for the gifts. This plan leiv-~ e.^ no one present out. The club adjourned with new vows lor 19-10. IWTENDEDTOAAA>< THE TRIP BACli TC , AWCIEWT TROVALOME -BUTHERECKOW! WITHOUT OOOL A POINJG? Y\- The 0/nn-Sl. P 11U 1 Home Dr-mons- Iralion Club met November I Wa iit the home of Mrs. O. C. Robins with fifteen members present. The meeting was called to order by the presidunl and Mrs. Eugene Goodlelt ;?aw.- th/? devotional from the MGth I --aim and led in prayer. Tlie roll cail nnd minutes were read by the :_ecrr.tar yfollowecl with the regular business session. Report was heard Iro-n the nominating committee. Mrs J- t. Stuart gave a report of the meetim. ;;t the Experiment Station and MI.SK Elisabeth Hanna told of the leadership meeting :l t Hope A discussion was held about our December meeting and it was voted to me:.-t on. November 20th due to County Council meeting being held on the regular meeting date. Reports of lead- cr.v were omitted due to the business rneetiup htinn .so long. Mrs. Eon fUuan g uv e the demon- -'tialion of ;, di-licious persimmon pud- "inK. which :.ho .'erved and gave the Mi.ss.c-s Willie Sluort and Elizabeth H.-itnvi led ;, n interesting contest. ^''""owing is the list of officers jf:|«jfier| ijy nominating committee for the 'joining year: President. Mrs. ^•uck Cowling; Viee-president. Mrs'. Ken Stuart: Secretary-Treasurer. Mrs. U K. Os-born, Reporter. Miss Doris .. liifii't: Poultry Leader. Mrs. Eugene |Oor.dk-U; Clothing. Mrs. Shirley Stuart WASH TUBES / I'M (WHEM V - RIGHT, \WOMMUc3s LET'S *"-'*- I V^rf 7 LAWDIMGS YOU TWO/ HAVE VOU HEARD THE UMK TUBK...HE'6 THE CHe. ACTEE,.. HAS SOME ON AUOTHER JRIP-WOBODV KMOWS WHERE/eu EvERV TltAE HE COMK BACK,HE'6 1 IMPLV BUL61W6 — MT]— XJ--'-^"rH On Every Tongue IfNEASERVIC . M. RCC. U . P«T. Of? \ ^ -Snf, /' '!-• rtor" wv S -.' "1 •v,r.Ha <$ t/T' «. f TO TOWU BE APTER SOME OF THAT OOU6H WEUL, HE WOW'T 6ET MUCH. I HA\JE AM \DEA LIK1K6 UOWW TO ALMOST LAST DOLLAR —• i •^^^^^^"^* K ^*^ = V^^HK^BMB^Jp> / \^ I'Kj pft rinl| d FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ""• - ' *! X ^ By Roy Crane Foorl l-oo-l . I-re:-erv ; ,ti f) n. Mrs. Ben Stuart; f,-.od Preparation. Miss Alma ^••mna: L.-.ndscape. Mrs. Wilbur Jones' P'.-!tc- Homos. Mrs. O. C. Robin l=.x;,!ion. Mr.s. H. O. KUifrt; Home •Manar;crnent. Mrs. Cet:il Walker; Bettj-'i Babies anrl Child Care, Mr.s. J. *•• ..'.Uiirt; Home Industries, Mrs. U.lora Cittv: Recreation, Miss Willie S'nurt ;.nd Mi- Elixabolh Hanna. -,nd Oiinlemnji, Mis. Floyd Matthews. '''I'" f);.inoc-rutic party has been "!>'.•>•<.•:) the f,«- ., ; .;e of tl,e Pasadena KOM How) foi- it./; 19.10 nation,-,) ron- VfM.lion. Kvcrylhing will bo fumi.sh- ati;;... including a pretiidonlial can- THE EN, CYCLOPEDIA FI5OAA COVER TO COVER . JEST ASK \e SOMEPN', PER INSTAWCEj -AMY PAGE LEARN ALL. THAT? WELL WHAT is ON PAGE 1070? RED RYDER SERAMIS WAS », MYTHOLOGICAL QUEEN OF , ASSYRIA .' SHE SUCCEEDED HER HUSBAND NINUS , AND LED CAMPAIGNS AGAINST PERSIA, B5YPT SYRIA AMD ETHIOPIA / Ask Nubbin—He Knows ITS AMAZING / 1 NEVER. RAN INTio •k MIND LIKE THAT BEFORE? | N MY LIFE/ I'M ASK HE CAN'T ANSWER / VOU'RE CRA7VJ HE HAS A GOLD MIME. IT'S 60 FULLA <30LO, HE HAS TO WORK IT Okll y OWE YEAR I HEARD HE ROBBED A BANK AWD H\D THE MOWEV WHAT A PITY HE HA^M'T THEY SAY WIFE c<? FROM A VERY HISH-TOMEO FOB POOR LOKJELV ' MB.TUBBS VJHECE MOMEV- "VHEV6IUE \t TO HIK\ TO KEEPA^V H50M HER By Merril Blosser -— AINT NOTHlN (did.-ite, if nec-cstary. End of the Trail

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