Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on April 24, 1958 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1958
Page 3
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THROUGH THE Kindergarten News We have 'been busy and Richard Langerman went on learning the trip to Chicago Saturday. to print our first names. When Thuy all seemed to tie pretty ex- we accomplish this job we can cited about it. then print them on a chart. * • • • The wonderful spring weather makes it hard for us to s,ny inside. One day we took a walk arounr Fayette to look for signs of spring. In numbers we have talkeo about the numbers 1-8. Some of these numbers are hara for us to write. We have spent quite a bit of time practicing on these hard ones. Last Tuesday morning Mrs. Denker sent to the Kindergarten Roundup in the gym. Tro high school girls substituted for her. They were Rhea Van Bogart and Janice Schabacker. We really en- josed having them for teachers. We had lots of fun last week finger painting. We have to take turns because we get so messy it takes quite a while to clean up. When we use 2, 3, or more colors i 'f i.-aint we can really make umc odd colored paintings. THE TATTLER Second Grade News Last Monday Billy Gillette brought a skeleton of some animal and some snails that he had found. He told us a little about the skeleton <and how snails can be caught. Rhonda Van Bogart read us the story of "Baby Bear", Judy King read us a story about Zippy and David Orr read us a story about a dairy last Wednesday after visiting the library. Those people receiving A's .n spelling are Laderyl Bierbower. Eileen Bonjour, Joyce Gage, Eighth Grade Newi By Marjorie and JoAnn April IGWi we enjoyed going to an assembly (program about hypnosis. We had four boys who participated in it. It was very enjoyable and educational. We have begun getting ready for our graduation program. In science we have been studying about "Magnets and Electricity." It is very interesting for some of us. In English we have been studying about subordinate clauses. P'or some, it seems quite complicated. We had some boys that went to the Science Fair. They enjoyed their trip. Wednesday, the 16th, was report card clay. Our cards were about average. In Math we have been studying the volumes of different figures. Our question this week is: "Do you like Chemise Dresses?" Karen Ash: They're OK, but not -for girls our age. Dayna Dumermuth: Only on real tall girls. Jean Ann Cowles: Yes. Judy Langerman: They're OK on some people. THE TATTLER STAFF EDITOR -... Barb Kauten ASSISTANT EDITOR - Ruth Nims CLOTHES HITS - Donna Hetth and Kathy Shaffer MIXED CHORUS Steve Talcott GIRLS GLEE CLUB - Carol Dahlquist SENIOR SKETCH _ Jan Schabacker and Bill Hughes GRADE NEWS . Jan Bennington and Roger Ottersteln TYPISTS Ruth Nims and Jan Bennington BIRTHDAYS . .. Becky Maxson and Marge Downing FUR AND FEATHERS Lowell Paul GIRLS SPORTS Peg Elseheid and Sharleen Mulllns BOYS SPORTS Kip Knight and Gene Van Buren SPECIAL FEATURES Kolleen Anfinson and Gloria Alb«r Our senior girls assisted in the HIGH SCHOOL NEWS Jean Cue and Carolyn Bright Kindergarten roundup. We still SPONSOR - _... _ Mrs. Pickett have a little girl's dress coat with a white collar that was left that morning. The owner can pick it up at Mr. Pickett's office. Mike Ashby wouldn't fish without a license even though he indicated he would like to go fishing in Minnesota! Bonnie Olson got quite a string of fish. Donna Heth had quite a memory to remember her fourth Christmas, even the name of her doll. Was Bill Finch embarrased when he couldn't lift his arm to shake hands with the hypnotist? This was a program we will remember for sometime. Billy Gillette, Joyce Hall, Cheryl p j ies and tools SPECIAL EDUCATION Many of the special education students arc looking forward to doing some craft work with leather. We have received sup- SENIOR SKETCH Marvin Buckmaster was born on a farm near Fayette on October 24, 1940. Marv has attended Albany and Fayette schools. Marv's favorites are swimming, steak, black and agriculture. Marv's pastime is Girls! Girls! Girls!!!! His pet peeve is "Girls that go out on a date and talk about the other boys." The movie Marv enjoyed most was "The Peyton Place." His favorite song is "Witch Doctor" and singer is Pat Boone. After graduation his plans aren't definite! Best of Luck in the future, Marv!!! Mrs. Doris Ash who teaches at Hawkeye, Charles Gifford, John Graham, Thomas Swale, and Mrs. Graham also went in the same railroad coach with us. 'Hienemann, Karyl Hienemann, Darla Mcilride, Jimmy Niles, Diane Pattison, Mary Schmidt, Julie Smith, and Terry Van Buren. Third Grade Nows Cathy Alshouse treated the group last week. Since he 1 birthday is during the summer, she can not treat on her birthday so this year she treated the class on her brother's birthday. Roy King also treated the group on his birthday on Thursday of last week. David Gourley and Roy King Loel is compiling a list of words with the "ch" sound, as in "church" for his speech work with Mr. William Glassell. These are objects found in town. Claude's speech assignment is names of objects found on the farm or in town, using the "th" -ovnd. The boys have made a yame using these words. We have begun to plan ahead in reading, so that each person will complete his story by the time school is out. iPatty, Marcella, Loel and Claude are finishing baskets. Listening to the ten o'clock HOT LUNCH April 28-May 2, 1958 Monday Chinken Noodle Soup with Cracker Cheese Celery Sticks Cinnamon Rolls Bread and Butter Apple Sauce M. Pint Milk Tuesday Meat Loaf Mashed Potatoes with Butter Buttered Spinach Bread and Butter Sandwich Peaohc.s Vz Pint Milk Wednesday Lima Beans with Ham Lettuce Mike Lewis was born in Cedar Falls, Iowa, June 3, 1940. He has attended schools in Cedar Falls, Forest City and Fayette. His favorite subject is English. Mike like Jackie Gleason's orchestra and the song "Badboy." Brcad and Butter Sandwich His favorite singer is Johnny cinnamon Rolls Mathias. In the movie world he likes Charleton Heston and Debra Paget. -Mikes favorite food is hamburgers with a malted milk. Mis pet peeve is a "Chevrolet" while his favorite expression is "Really?" His favorite sport is wrestling. After graducation, Mike plans on going to college. Best of luck, Mike. each brought a crayfish to school news and discussing the variety for the children to see. We are studying birds and making a bird booklet. In this booklet we will have stories, worksheets, and pictures of each of news stories is part of the morning program. Philip brought a radio to school for our use. We also may listen to music any time after three o'clock, during Our window gardens are up. Seeds planted are Bibb lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, 'and radishes. of the birds that we have studied. our free period. Those with A's in spelling last week were Barbara Farney, David Gourley, Peggy Maxson, Connie Dahlquist, Cathy Alshouse, Clark Austin, Mary Clark, Eugene Weyant, Becky Lamphier, and Roy King. We are all waiting anxiously nmg second m ^ for Friday the 25th of April to Trgck , Meet flt Dec orah, April 14. come. This is the night that we will dance for our parents in the high school gym. • • • * Fifth Grade N»ws Four of our classmates were fortunate in being part of the CHICAGO TRIP On Saturday morning, April 19, 58 students, adults and teachers left on a one-day excursion to Chicago. This trip was planned and su)pervised by the Burlingr ton Route. We went in two school buses to Prairie du Chien and took the train from there. In Chicago we were taken from one place to another sightseeing via bus supplied by the railroad. Stops included the Lincoln Park NFWC Z°°. the Shedd Squarium and the HE, IIO Museum of Science and Industry. Congratulations, boys, for win- A good many o f us visited the ning second in the Conference cap tured German Submarine, saw ourselves on color as well Canned Pears V4 Pint Milk Thursday Beef Cheeseburgers on Heated Buttered Bun Hashed Brown Potatoes Stewed Tomatoes Brownie % Pint Milk Friday Lettuce and Cheese Sandwiches Creamed Potatoes and Peas Fruited Jello Cake- Ms Pint Milk DON BELL'S TEEN TOPICS BELL HOPS SWINGING ADULT PARTIES TOOI "Bell Hops" have been golrv the greatest! (There were 18 Us week alone.) Now we're offorin Dance Parties for Adults; th first one has been booked fo Audubon, April 19 in the New Armory. For free information on either the teen dances (Bell Hops) or adult parties, please write Don Bell, 5915 Franklin, Des Moines 10, Iowa, IZZITURE? That teenagers now are interested in only two Rs? (Rock and Roll) We will be glad to have another as black trophy for our case. on and white television, saw a transparent person (model) The Track boys went to Cedar showing blood vessels, etc. at the Falls to the Teachers Relay on Saturday, April 19. The medley relay team, composed of Larry Maxson, Chuck Gooder, Bob group who went to Chicago Sat- Marvin and Max Gross p i ace d ..,)„,. An,-;i 10 TVittiQ Van Bo- , , ., .* . *. Museum of Science and Industry. We had breakfast and supper on the diner of the train and ate lunch at the Fred Harvey our . „„. . .. a ... n o« a t: ftn restaurant in the union station. and Allen Holtzman were the Maxson> Bob Marvin, an d Max people who went. Each of these QrQSS plgced third peolple gave us a good report on Our next nome trflck meet js the trip Monday morning. Dottis this FridaV( the 2 oth, with straw- lost her return ticket in Chicago but she didn't get left in the city. Allen Holtzman says he thinks gtarts at 3 . 30 the Navy Pier in Chicago was the most interesting thing he saw. Dottis Van Bogart chose the Museum of Science and Industry arid Linda King said "all the fish arid sharks, etc., in the Museum of Natural History." Dennis Schmidt is not available for a comment. We had 19 A's in Spelling last week. We also had our final test over the largest unit in OUT Social Pomt Elkadr and West ' We understand the play cast enjoyed their trip to Iowa City. A number of the Fusiness Students attended a program by Mr. Cortez Peters, the world's champion speed typist, at UIU last fourth grade: Steven Aanes, Donald Blue, Ronald Crawford, Paula Gould, Rita Jellings, Jackie Miller, Louise Pickett, Mike Schroyer, Robert Swehla, Rod^, t . .. , ,. ney Whitt, Larry Yates and Har- Come watch the boys, it f j[ J6hn ^ n . From the fifth grade were: Allen Holtzman, Linda King, Dennis Schmidt, and Dottis Van Bogart. Sixth graders were: Sue Crafton, Richard Earle, Paul Manson, Sandra Miller, Ronald Pattison, Sharon Pattison, Donna Roberts, Janet Scheidel, Sherm Wright, Gary Voshell and Winnie Zbornik. Also going were these seventh informative as well as entertaining lecture with the aid of his typewriter. Monday, the 28th, our boys Clermont-Elgin at Clermont Siudies for "the year. Dane Me- g^™^ ^onal bss*all graders: Randy Anderman. Diane T._:J_ —:^^«J fmif niipstinris out ^'B'" '" l "e oecuimai uoaousm _..,.. •»»)!.,. r^.^r,,. •Molnrlir irlde missed four questions out ^^ s^far OUr boy Ashby, Mike' Gaynor, Melody . -. ._ .u. .„„. r, o -RVnn^n tournament, fao «ar, our ooys G jj ette( Renee j e | lings> R icria rri Langerman and Linda Niles. From the eighth grade: Bozz i^iasffiM =s-™-«-= s.-id-« <•»* place in the test. They each missed 10 points. Some of our class members are really working on their science ^^ to be ^ Saturday> projects. We have ha M 3 in tn mornm g an ^ the b,irds, reptiles, stars, flowers and * ^ tiutterflies so far. Today ™,ko aiternoon. Mike Beckner has a turtle here. Last week he had a snake, some frogs and frog eggs. • • • • Seventh Grade News Tn 'Science we are about to start a new chapter called "Rocks and Soil." Monday we will have a test over water and the solar system. In arithmetic we are working angles and parallelograms. Plans are being made for a .- ., ,. ., Junior High track meet (sections °* on ' Jon *%&*• G ^ Oaklcy for 7th, 8th and 9th grades sep- and Sharon Thyer. Frank Randall from the ninth grade also went. . We were accompanied by the following adults: Mr. Pickett, How we did enjoy the program on Hypnosis! Too bad the (par- Mrs. Randall, Mrs. Olson, Mrs. ticipants didn't get to see the Knight, Mrs. Thyer, Mrs. Ideker, show too. However, if it had not Mrs. Earle, Mrs. Manson, Mrs. Voshell, Miss been for their cooperation, we wouldn't have gotten to have Nefzger, r CwU u be tfiat Sftevenson, Mrs. Crawford, and Mrs. Whitt. Mrs. Mrs. We have been learning the various formulas for finding the area of figures. , There are several people in the class who don't have the Friday's test to take. Friday 25 out of 30 g °The 8 next chapter in Language is on how to make descriptions. In Iowa history we are studying about the Me of the early pioneers in Iowa. We are learning they «te, how they planted what their homes and the entertain- thefr •wer* crops, like, DR1VE. IN BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNER Niles, Me- BASEBALL SEASON IS HERE U.1.U — APRIL 26 U.I.U. — APRIL 29 F.H.S. — APRIL 24 F.H.S. — APRIL 28 Parsons (2) Loras West Union Clermont-EIgin There There There There Limestone and spreader trucks are awaiting your order. Fayette Stone Co. Inc. Phone 73 Fayette, Iowa SAVE Delbrook OLEO - Ibs. .00 SURF box* 29C Our Family 303 11\ KIDNEY BEANS _ can 1UC COFFEE 79clb (any brand) JELLO for LAWN SEED __ _ box Longhorn CHEESE Wave Crest SALMON _ ................. .-. tin | I lb. 25c 69c 49c 55c CARROTS i bundle* WILKE'S Clover Farm Store KIDS! HERE IT IS The LEADER'S 1958 SUBSCRIPTION CONTEST TEENS TOP TEN (Returns from votes cast for pop tunes at our most recent Guthrie Center.) Bell Hops at Val Air and at Last Thii Week Week 0 1 Witch Doctor (David Seville)! 2 2 Whole World In His Hands (L. London) 3 3 Billy (continued on page four) Last Year Judy Langerman and Joan Cowles each won a $25. bond for their efforts in last year's contest. Tommy Borchert and Billy Chase won a free trip to Chicago for their efforts. Special! 4-H Promotion To help your 4-H Club in raising money for its treasury, 25c for each subscription sold will be put into your 4-H club treasury. Clubs eligible for entry are Cen{ter, Westfield, Ulyria, Smithfield, Fairfield, Harlan and Fremont. RULES 1. You, must sell subscriptions or subscription re- nawals to the FAYETTE COUNTY LEADER. 2. Your score in the contest will be based on points earned with 5 points given for a new subscription and 3 points given for a renewal. 3. Contest ends Saturday, 31 May 1958. Prizes will be award on Saturday, 7 June 1958. 4. Bring or mail the entry blank below to the FAYETTE COUNTY LEADER, Fayette, Iowa. You may enter any time. 5. Persons renewing or subscribing at the LEADER ! office may give the available points to the entrant of' their choice. 6. Price of the LEADER is $3.00 per year within Fayette County and $3.50 outside Fayette County. 7. Young people up to and including 12th grade may enter in the towns of Fayette Maynard, Hawkeye, Westgate, Wadena, Randalia or Arlington. 8. The contest is divided into two sections with prizes for each. One is for in-town entrants, the other for 4-H entrants. PRIZES $25.00 US. Savings Bond for the Fayette Winner ' $25.00 UJS. Savings Bond for the Rural Winner plus two cameras to the second high winner and a dozen Fay- ' ette Theatre passes. ENTRY BLANK Kaitt* ,. Address School or 4-H Club Age

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