Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on July 2, 1971 · Page 7
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 7

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 2, 1971
Page 7
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COULD SEND CHILD TO ANY SCHOOL DESIRED Vouchers for Education? WASHINGTON (AP) — Supreme Court disapproval of some forms of state aid to parochial schools has given a boost to a congressional proposal for issuing educational vouchers to each U.S. family. Under the plan, strongly opposed by many public school officials parents could use the voucher to send their children to any school they choose. The Office of Economic Opportunity is conducting a limited experiment with the voucher system in several school districts, but it has never been considered by Congress. Now, Rep. Roman C. Pu- cinski, D-I11., chairman of the House general education subcommittee, says he will try to provide for a voucher plan in a general school aid bill on which he is working. A Roman Catholic with a large Catholic constituency in his Chicago district, Pucinski said Tuesday he was bitterly disappointed by the Supreme Court decision that held uncon- stitutiooaH teacher amy supplements or "excessive entanglements" between government and church schools in Rhode Is land and Pennsylvania. In the last three yeiaors more •than 1,000 parochial schools have been closed and the entire system is threatened by lack of funds, Pucinski said 1 . If the parochial schools ape forced to shut down and the 4.3 million' pupils attending them are placed in the public schools, he said, the public school system will be in danger of bankruptcy. Pucinski has drafted a bill to provide a family with a $100 voucher for each school-age child, which could be cashed in at either a public or private school. Supporters oi the voucher plan say it would invigorate education by introducing com petition into the system, but its opponents say it would drain money, pupils 'and teachers Pooe 7 Garden City Telegram Friday, July 2, 1971 from the public school system and eventually undermine it. Pucinski is planning to try to attoen his voucher proposal to a bill that -also calls for greatly increased federal support for the public schools. Although voucher plans funded by the OEO are in various stages of planning in Seattle, Wash., Sain Jose, Calif., Rockland, Matoe, and San Francisco, the OEO has not endorsed the idea but says it wants to find out whether it ' will work. On TV Tonight FRIDAY NIGHT 1:00—To. Tell THo Truth, 13 News. Wtnr. 8pu. 11. • • :30—Brady Bunch, 13 • High Chaparrel, 11 The Interns, 6 7:00—Nanny and the Prof., 13 7:30—Wagon Train, 11 Andy Griffith, 6 The Partridge -Family. 13 8:00—Jacques Cousteau, 13 Movie, 6 g: 30—Odd Couple, 13 9:00—Big Valley, 11 Love, American Style, 13 10:00—News, Wthr., Spts.. 11. • Scene Tonight, 13 10:39—Tonight Show. 11 Dick Cavett, 13 Movie, 6 12:00—Nightmare, 11 Final Report, 13 1:30—News. 1J SATURDAY MORNING 7:00—Tomfoolery Show, 11 Bugs Bunny, 6 7:30—Heckle and Jeckle, 11 7:57—In The Know, 6 g ; 00—Woody Woodpecker, 11 Sabrina and Groovie Coolies, 6 Lancelot Link Chimp Hour, 13 8:30—Bugaloos, 11 8.57—In The Know, 6 9:00—Adv. of Dr. Doolittle, 11 Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down. . 13 Josle and th« Pussycats, 8 9:30—Double Deckers, 13 Pink Panther. 11 Harlem Globetrotters, 6 9:57—In the Know, 6 10:00—Hot Wheels, 13 Archie, 6 H. R. Pufnstuff, 11 10:30-rMajor Astro, 11 Sky Hawks, 13 10:57—In the Know, « 11:00—Scooby Doo, 6 Motor Mouse. 13 Hot Dog, 11 11:30—Monkees. 6 Hardy Boy», 13 Jambo, 11 U47—In the Know. 6 SATURDAY AFTERNOON 12:00—Knight Time, 11 American Bandstand, 13 Hands Across the Fence 6 12:30—Jot sons, 6 Around the Town, 11 1:00—Baseball, 11 ABA Playoff, 6 Young Scene, 13 1:30—Mystery Matinee, 13 8:00—Bill Anderson, 6 There Ought to be a Law, 6 Golf, 13 8:30—Hal-ding College, « 4:00—Wide World of Sports, 13 Hugh X. Lewis Country Club, 4:30—Wilburn Bros., 11 6:00—Conover's Jamboree. • Porter Wagoner, 11 Sports Challenge, 13 1:30—NBC Sat. Night News, 11 CBS Evening News. 6 SATURDAY NIGHT 8:00—News, 11 News. Wthr.. Spts.. 6 Colt 45, 13 6:30—Mission Impossible, 6 Andv Williams. 11 Lawrence Welk, 13 7:00—Great Mojave Desert, 6 7:30—Of Mine and Men, 13 Movie. 11 My Three Sons. • 8:00—Arnie, 6 8:30—Immortal, 13 Mary Tyler Moore, • 9.00—Mannix, 6 9:30—This is Your Lffe, 13 10:00-Scene Tonight. 13 News, 6 10:15—KSN News. 11 10:29—Local News, 13 10:30—Movie. 6. 13 Name of the Game, 11 12:30—News. 11 11 13 11 SUNDAY MORNING 7:30—Davey ana Goliath, 13 8:tW-TV Altur. B Get Together, 11 8:15—Doodle Time, 13 8:30—Perils of Penelope. 9 Revival Fires, 11 Freddy Fudd. 13 9:00—Johnny Quest, 13 Day of Discovery, t Herald of Truth, 11 9:30—Oral Roberts, 11 Cattanooga Cats. 13 Insight, 6 , 10:00—Cathredral of Tomorrow, Bullwmkle. 13 * - . Faith for today. 6 10:30—Discovery. 13 Face the Natron, 6 11:00—Day watch, 13 TEA, 1IT Guidelines. 6 11:30—This is the Life, 11 Music and the Spoken Word 6 SUNDAY AFTERNOON 12:00—Bowling at Fun Center, 6 Meet the Press. 11 12:30—Issues and Answers, Open House, 11 12:45—TEA, 11 1:00—Sunday Classic. 13 Garden Wise Show. *.*. NHL Stanley Cup Playoff, 6 2:00—The World Tomorrow. 11 2:30—Harvestore Feeding, Roller Derby. 11 3:00-Golf. 13 ' . 3:30—AAU Championships, 6 Phys. Mutual, 11 3:45—Smart Shopper. 11 4:00—Children of .Compassion, 11 4:30—Untamed World, ir Kansas Outdoorsman, 6 5:00—CBS News, 6 Ian Tyson Show. 11 Celebrity Bowling, 13 5:15—American Sportsman, 13 5:30—Death Valley Days. 6 Pet Set. 11 Virgil Ward Show. 13 SUNDAY EVENING 6:00—NFL Action, 13 Lassie, 6 Sportsman Friend, 11 6:30—World of Disney. 11 Hogan's Heroes. 6 Lome on a Roof Top, 13 7:00—FBI, 13 Ed Sullivan, 6 7:30—Bill Coaby. 11 8:00—Movie. 13 Bonanza, 11 Glen Campbell, 6 9:00—Honeymooners, 6 10:00—News, Wthr.. Spts., 6, 11 Scene Tonight. 13 10:30—Movie. 6 Movie. 13 Movie. 11 t Dr. Schauf Retires AtCimarron CIMARRON — Dr. Heiniry A. Schaiuif, optometoist, retired Thursday afflteir 53 yearns of con- tauouis pmactace in Gunarron. He has soiH (his practice ito Dr. J. Wiiiiiiami Ctemienit, Garden Oiby, whose office here wiE be opened on Thursdays only. GARDEN DRIVE-IN Says-- WE'VE THEFU FOR AN EX FIRE ENT OH, I'P ?M ABOUT 'FIFTY- (JELL, I SUPPOSE \ tOHATDO i* CORRECT) vou THINK ALTHOUGH MOST/ OUR CHANCES PEOPLE WOULP fAREOF UJ1NNIN6 SAT WHO "vV TOPAf WHICH IS CORRECT, "WHO ARECJE KIPPIN6?" "UHOMAREUJE KIPPIN6?" SNUFFY SMITH 8ALLS 0 FIRE!.' WHAT'S VORE WIFE-MATE CRAVE TO BORRY THIS TI(V)E,LL)KEy? HOWDY, SNUFFY-- CAW VE SPARE A CUP OF UH- A gf aduialte of Needles tuite iand Norbheam M. College oJ Optomebry, Br. Sehauf plans to take it easy, possibly doing some d«ep-sea fishing .this fall 3 JULY ONLY see 11 v' wEE* *C- Starts "PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES" 'THE DEVILS OWN" "PRE-HISTORIC WOMEN" PIUS DAWN BUSTIN'— flWWORKS T'HE RYATTS *DEAR, MOM ...THE COUNSELOR WON'T LET US EAT UNTIL WE WRITE OUR FttPENTS...SO I'M WRITING...LOVE TAD." WASN'T.IT THOUGHTFUL OF HIM TO WRITE 60 SOON? J WE DECEIVED LETTER TAD/ MICKEY MOUSE CAN'T UOOK UP WITH A STIFF NECK THIS STEVE CANYON •Cycle Rider Spectacular Ends Tonite< 'DEVILRIDERS'-'HELLCATS'-'CHOPPERS* 'Program Rated "R" — 2 for 1 if on Cycle At The Garden July 4 -5-will be 'SISTER SARA'-'WILLIE BOY'-'BIG JOHN 1 For the Ride of Your Life It 1 SPEEDING THRU THE 6th! EVENINGS 7:40 and 9:35 PM MdtlitMS at 7:30 Saturday-Sunday-Msnday! Want Ads Get Results MOOSE AND UP No F«d. Ex. Tax or Trade-in Needed • 40% or more of the original treed depth • Dressed up, cleaned op -they look great • Whitewalls, blackwalls, rubeless or tube-type FREE MOUNTING ^COME.' 'KIM Yi.A5 ATOK6N T AS I MMIMRW MY CHEEK, OP THE PASSION* HOW M3U ONCE BERNARPA... , OF ANOTHER PA/ SAVBP/WUFf! -WHICH I RKAU. -AP6BTWHICH - w./-x ^-^ x^ WITH TENDER A I AM ABOUT TO /^^>^^br CMOTION 5 ^^bas^-. rfflDl aWp THE REVEAUINS Y BETPAYINIS THE 60WN...INTHEMIPPLE PEASANT TURNEP THE PEAUTV PATCH-WHICH KNOON... / MIUITANT REP FOE CONVENIENCE -BUT WHO FOB THE SATINS OF IMPERIALISM. 1 THE BRAIP5...WHICH ACTUALLY COVERS PA5SEP YOU AS A SCANDINAVIAN... HOLD ON, DOC YOUR JOBIS TO TREAT PETS! HAVEN'T YOU TAKEN THE HIPPO-CRWIC OATH? GET THAT CUMBERSOME BEAST OUT OF HERE, MOOSE.' I REFUSE TO TREAT A SICK HIPPOPOTAMUS/ fHgRf YOU GOfA HtMK U5UAI A 5HA VfAf A POGO SLONDIE WE GET OUR TIRES FRESH FROM THE TOPEKA. KANSAS FACTORY THE ONLY TIRE MADE IN KANSAS BY KANSANS BANKAMERICARD. n '/*• (•>,'// in '*• (•>,'//( n 120 N. Main and 108 East Fulton Street — Garde. City, XCMMS "Thf World'! Largest Distributor of Goodyear Farm Tires" LISTEN-IP YOU TOOK AS MANY NAPS AS I PO/ AfeS^YOU'P BE TIRED <W>9® 7 ANP WORM, TOO/ PASWOOP, WHY ARE YOU SO TIREP ANP WORN-OUT ALL THE-TIME? li : «cRi MOW WHERE )S HE? HE'S SUPPOSEP TO BE CUTTINS THE GRASS WELL, ANYWAY/ THAT MAPS SENSE TO ME HOPE Von DON'T MINP/SIR. HE A X\0< OUT BEETLE BAILEY

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