Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 14, 1998 · Page 62
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 62

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 14, 1998
Page 62
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SUPPLEMENT TO THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL- ON TV WEEK OF JUNE 14-JUNE 20, 1998 — 9 THURSDAY JUNE 18, 1998 THURSDAY EVENING BROADCAST CHANNELS OD S) cs QD CD Home Imp. [Home Imp. Major League Baseball San Diego Padres at San Francisco Giants. Bl News BE Newsd I Extra SI News ID 700 Club News-Lehrer Single I Martin E Fam. Mat. Fresh Pr. Fresh Pr. taster i~l (Entertain • Friends (R) I Veronicas Seinfeld AJJustShoot —^—^^—^^—• • •• j ii •' _. " ' ' . . .* . ' ' .„ .. __ '' . • ~« Promised Land (R) El Jeopardy! (Fortune C-16'EINino' A E Diagnosis Murder (R) Movie: **K "The North Star" paidProg. Business IStocombe National Geo. People's Court A I Hercutes-Jmys. Stanley Cup Playoffs: Finals Game 5 Movie: ** "Sunstroke" (1992, Suspense) Star Trek: Next Gener. FrasierA [Entertain CABLE CHANNELS Simpsons News Simpsons Home Imp. 48 Hours 'Road Rage- Prey 'Sleeper" ABB Coast [Benny Hinn Mystery! "Original Sin" Xena: Warrior Princess To Be Announced Deep Space 9 IDeep Space 9 'Kenny Rogers as the Gambler III" ER'Ground Zero" (R) Nevis IE Thursday Night A.S] oS5in IPaidProg. RealTVn 0 Mama Mama News Deep Space 9 New .ate Show News El Race Week Mapp LAPD DiffWodd Roseanne Vibe Hollywood A&E <ew Explorers AMC "A Summer Place" COM DISC OddCple. [Laugh DISN Mngs 'Spyplanes' (R) ESPN Mulan [Brotherly FAM FSB .onesome Dove (Part 4 ol 4) LIFE NICK SCIFI TBS TNN TNT USA WGN Unexplained (R) |',15)Movre:**** "Breaking Away"(1979) [Law & Order Censure Daily Show [BenSiin Movie: "The Gorgon" Movie: * * »"Ghostbustera II" (1989) Bill Murray. Gimme Shelter (R) [Wild Discovery [Animal X (Movie |Wings "Future wii Brett Butler Movie: **"AGoofyMovle'"G' |(:20)Movle: ***"lnnerspace"(1987)'PG' ;2:00) Golf U.S. Open-First Round. [Baseball |Sportscenler 1 ' _ .L ' _' _ . . . Supermkt Debt igure-Oul JTinyToon In-Zone |Team Goll: t Rescue 911 A® Intimate Portrait :01) Forever Knight A ;05)ThunderBl Doug BB iRugrats A Robocop: The Series Seaquesl DSV A .California |Goll Unsolved Mysteries A Alex Mack (:05) Movie: **x "The Octagon" Baseball |U.S, Open Goll Marathon Movie: *** "TheIn-Uws"(1979,Comedy) Goln'Deep(R) [FOX Sports News Movie: ** "Bom Too Soon" (1993, Drama) Brady WonderYr X-Files Masters (:10) Thunder (R) IT (:01) Forever Knight A (:10) Thunder (R)E3 Show Disney Sportsclr. 700 Club BE* Attitudes Love Lucy Robocop 'LeaalEa Prime Time Country A JToday's Country (B [Dallas "The Phoenix" | Dukes ol Hazard @1 |Prime Time Country (R) (5:00) ***"RoiMnclni|lhe 1(20) Movte: ***"RlsliYBuslness"(19B3) iMovto: **li"le96nd" (1985) Tom Cruise. Baywalch The Trophy* [Highlander The Series IWalker. Texas Ranger iHovte: * * * * "The Godfather, Put II" OH IStalkings Major League Baseball: Twins at White Sox PREMIUM CHANNELS MAX SHOW 'I'm Not Rappaport" A [Uleslohes |Movi«-. * * "Space Jam" (1996) |Movte: "EitraiMrltal" (1998) A 'R' Movie: ***"Sommer»by"(1993)'PG-13' |Movle: ** "Summer School" IRosewood [Movie: "Til There Wat You'll Movte: *K "Being Human"(1994) 'PG-13' Movie: * * "High School High" Movie: * * "Sunset Park" K EVENING 6:00 P.M. 2) HonvelmprovernontTmlearnsalessonlniomance when he tries to give AJaoVlce. n BD Q) (S CB News BO CB 700 Club G) Newshour With Jim LahrerBD O Uvlng Single To save Flavor, Kharj|ah tell a parts! Merest lo a conglomerala; SyncWie attempts to ctieer up Refine. AtSJ El Family Matters The Wlnstows do double lakes when Steve acciOBrt^ clones Iwuerl. A BO ED Star Trtk: The Next Generation Pfcard U manlpiisted back and to* tmafi the pan present and toure byhli longtime antagonist Q. n (Part 1 ol 2) 00 (£9 Fre^erFraslerwafiUtoaskllieex-drlfrieridolaceler outonarjale. A BD (SSB New Explorara Bl Kurtls visits Una and Bnd to stales how UFO hoaxes may tie perpetrated. SOH) Odd Coupli Fib persuades OKU to use hit Warn U prevent a great colege quarterback torn being corrupted 'yprotoolbal. 5) Win j« Parlous moments tiavi arisen tor til Uniled i'st^r>c and tacW spy planes, Ihe SR-71 and tie U-2. J Movie Surfers Qo Inside Disney's n Behind tie scones of Disney's newest Urn, IMan.' (R) (FABQ LonMom* OpwGuiiiciilicalyidjuiidduiinoan Win attack lul hnalens the drive's Mmptoion; Cal has aVal nivln with Bin Duck. (Pert 4 of 4) IH5T1 Dream Machines •Oream Can* FutuMc car designs torn American automotive sngineeis in UK 1950s an) 1960s were W revealed al traveling shwii^Motaamss. (Pait4olS) U.IFE I Sup«rm»rtnl Sw*«p (Nlclq Fljur« II Out t wductd lur, i toimw tteguan) pmw lo daw- tfHlailHiilumintiHoMtlntilmutla. n (Part Id JIBE (WSS Movl* * * * -Somm«r»b/- (1943. Orima) Bcfian) OKI, Ma Foliar. Swfwom ariH »*an a CM Waf I* d«, iKMumrt datd tenn ytn, cwnl»n hit mli't la. A ' ) Movl. * » -Ming Human' (1H4. Candy ol«nW*wu.JoWTurtum.AmMkmann«m«dH»c(K Hand) on hi Mr* ol a dtdiiw ki Mdi d ht upwaH HMal (SSfl) FonvwKnitfitAUindolrM!'iliouliag«l*riin up i* m 6*1 PJi. itfitAUind I* It uhiMt to com up i* musfi avldtnct to how IK p«M •unitainturounteglipiortUi. A W t-MPJU. 058 Thumtor OH CMP.M. CD Hom»Unprov«n«nlJiHiO»aic*w*»0*MI aKgaaw; Ml. BMonf t dMigMv Ucgmw Wi na« produw. AQZ S Extra A OS Martin Tin brtrtttw Mark impale «mic(lioul on paiglatnlliioklngtogilma A BE •I FrtthPrin««i><M-«lrWindCtilloiilaaaiMa anll»«»y«aMrty\rf*it»»iWl(iolkin»gj«<>»*i«rt. A IolZIBS EntartdninMilTanlgM A W ) Make M« Liugh _) Brotherly Love Matt'i Mood Iraps *)• Wo a dale, ft make* Mad |«fcu!; Clare dates Kan, tx ta cream man. )D«bt ] Tiny Toon Adventure* 7:00 P.M. Q] Major League B«»eb«ll 'San Diego Padres at San Francisco Giants' From 3Com Park. (Uv«) A (31 Q) Frwlw Frailer wanlHoaiklliaei^lilmenlol a caUr outonadala. A \SQ Q] PromiMdUndTh»iod«lwortnwtwlx*N««vinnl away Irom Hie Grwrw \t accwed ol neajgam «rhen her own ton IUH away Mlh htn. |H) A (Part 2 ol 2) IS] W Jeopardy! BB CB Movie *** The North Star (1943) Dana Andrewi, Anna Baiter. During World War II, a couragaoui band ol Russian natouli (Wend. Mr ylagt trorn Nui tmden. (1301 GD Nightly BualneM Report SdwW«t Robert Heiidwax, tenkx lekw at IM Brookinjl IniiWon. Bl • People'e Court A [ffl O Freth Prince of Bel-Air VM and Cartartlanolord nJAVmatarlrialrapartrnenllidaitriiyed. A (PaflZdZ) W CD Simpson* Bart and UsauMittMo-idt hrtaH to convince Homer lo buy a Mrfmmlnj pool. A W IB Newi @5|) UnexplaJnedThemyjliHyllutraiiumunixltie long o) Mrig Tgl since Us rjscovery, and the mWorUiet tut D«l«li(ieifcriMiitoajiUwtB opened HP) (JSBH) Dally Show (Gl58) Qlmme Shelter IrmaSrioavirtBj hood «nd i* Ing; nWthlng appianc«; repairing a olveway. (H) (CISR) Movie * * 'A Goofy Movie' (IMS, Comedy) Volm ol 61 Farnw, Jaiwi Manden. Arinilad. Gooyi lean- age ton mm put hit dale wilh a lovely Mend on hold attar Dad drage him along coavacalioii.'0'[Bl(l:») IESPNZI Mejor League Soccer 'Colorado Rapids al Los Anodes Galaxy' From W ROM 8owl in Paudena. CaK.(Uw) USD In the) Zone (HIT) Modem M*rvel»Advanc«iinlKtinok>gyalo« defonan ol rotor coaslen to let! «» Wtt ol KM human body. PI (DO) Intimate PortrattTanilJ&fc'GnBimy-wwoo, linger Patt UBeee'i caraar, from the early rjtce rjayt to her cur- ranHucoen.(R) A W (NKR) Doug W (TOR) Today') Country ScftedUet My R«y Cyrui. A (QfS) Highlander: The Series MacLeod takwlnapoy win became an tamcrtel (Hen he «ai W y«« ok), Iw obcov- ertMUtTnuJUnormotyei. A IB fSSS Ufeatortes: FemlKee In Criale'Conlrontng tanSir- Hit WeivWIon ol tn MokT A laaivigar mtt ton to conW to pretterM will alcohol and drugt(R) A ffi ScTO Hobocop: The) Serle* Robocop Uanignedlo Khool gradualei ponder th»i fuoni whle preparing tor an upcoming bicycle race. VG' (1:40) 7:20 P.M. (TRTJ Movie * * * -Risky Business" (1983) Tom Cruise, Rebecca Oe Uomay. A hio>Khool eenior Irom an albert Chicago lubiirb takei a waft on the wld tide wMe hl» parents are out ol (own. (2:10) 7:30 P.M. CD Entertainment Tonight A W S Wheel of Fortune W W Conversation WrthMra.Slocombe A proDaol Mole Sugden, who portrayi Mn. Skxombc ki tie MM comedy terlei 'Are You Being ServeoT A O Cosby Show Oanlie'edeclilon about what cotege the wl atend becomee complicated whan CM and N> Uher give DMiraMct. A 131 O Slmpsona Marge |oin» lie poke academy after we- cftiUyca?lu^arrwtlui»canrrttngacrlme. A ED IS Home Improvement Tim leamiileaonkiromince whanha Mat lo give AlaMca. A W (egH) Win Ben Stein's Money (KPN) Baseball Tonight (Fig) Golf "Northern California Team Championships - Granite Bay vs. Monterey Peninsula" From dwdornay Con CM) i) Napa, Ceil. (R) (WORugraUBH (fi|S) Movie * * "Space Jam'(tM6,Fanlaiy) Ucriael Man, Wayne Krighl Michael Jordan coadw Bug) Bumy and Wendi in a baikatal toumamnl agaiitl a leanome extrWfiwWal learn. A W W (127) 6:00 P.M. (D Friends RacheTto/ewiiooilnjaiid by Iw boil, Joanne: Uonta lactt a big decMon; Chancier, Ro» and Joey party. (R) A IS) CB Diagnosis MurderWIwi i nelworkliili«i»np(«i. dent and I* leplatemenl are murderad, Dr. Sloan ilepi in to iolv«lheca».(R) A fffl CB &16M»nluuii|beRm<lrappedlnMiollCMaia rew« ol a were reirutoirn. memben try to put a condition out oil janjsler. A tffl W World o* National Geographic The oVerw Wend ol aiMam, Jewj and Uuiimi who Inhabit In dry ol Jeruiileni^eecomMninlen^lowMJieligioiadevolioa • Hercules: The Ugendary Journey* When Hemta pnomi to Serena, he nut deal w»i Idaut' otiap- pnval. Otlaneui't hut toeingt and Am' plot to detlroy t* rela- eonjf»;.(fl) ACB Movie * * "Sunstroto' (19*2) Jane Saymou, a woman Marching tor her daughter In IK Man oteert. (400) § To Be Announced Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Saaton Final!) ol OOP Space Tram new W. A OD Caro»siia.wawaretial<Wrjukalhaiwur>goor/plan. A BD 09 Movie ** "Kenny Rogers as Ihe Gambler, Part III - Ths Legend Continues' (1917) (Part 1 H 2) Kenny Rogers, Bruce taWlrw. Body Hawkes meoWes between tie jowmnnnl and In Stout when lansons ssa over a «d lend I*. £00) ) Law t C*de» Slew toceseli^«uri be* when (TBD Movie **»Tn«OcU9on'(l»»3)CM* NwS; let Van Cleat A weaatiy young oomin hi/n i refced vendatlaoliloflnarlovar GU (CM) Movie **»"Gho8ll)usl«sll-(19«»|M 7:11 P» ) Movie * * * * ~ - (tm,*)) (Blstl VWd Wawvery-VelowttinetoVitoi-TheWid HaafTt«^Amerk»i»eifcriil»gey»ertan)hol»pdnyiol YaJOMhna Nafcnal PHI to N Snake Ffcoi w«tnM to I* Yukon. (H) 1ESPNJ Sportscenter W (FRW) Rescue 91 1 A »ky rjyefi psraohule Is caught on Ihe planar an underwater can iipiorn gets tott a ikler (all and lande between two oadert A W (H3T) Wortd at War Germany attackt the Srwlel Union in June 1 Ml . unuxessMry laying liege to Leningrad trorn Septarroer 1941 unl January 1944. [DFE1 Unsolved Mysterlea A (RICK) Secret World of Alex Mack OH [SClFj] Seaquest DSV Sd«*ib Huoy dwrtcal-ipewtag volcanoei looted on He ocean tooc DanvM. the sNp'i dotot*. coMnasamysleilouilnen. A W (TNN) Dallas J.R. met Martlet Slone to regain his ilandng wiifte artel, and vowi to make a Wronger company. A (D5S) Walker, Texas Ranger Walker go«t under cover to ^eipoia a group rt town officials who are taking Ihe law kilo their ovnhartbykaingdltecAnlrialeintown. A W (WSWNewsSl [MAX) Movie * it "Summer School" (1987, Comedy) Ma* Harmon, rOnm Miy. A gym imruclor forced to lake over a remedal reaolng course emptoyi unorthodoi method! to leach Mi rriilit itidenti. TO13' OH (1 J6) (SHOW) Movie ** "High School High" (1996, Comedy) Jon Lovftz, Tla Carrera. An tieabfc leadwr leave) a comtortable position at a private school to turn taner-clly luodumi MosdxHan. A 'PG-13' Bl (IM) _ 8:20 PJH. (DI5N) Movie * * * "Innerspace" (1987, Soenct FicBoi) Dennis Quad, Martin Short. A daring enperimenl goes awry whan a mWalurlzed lest peal It accidentally Injected Into tie body ola meek clerk. W 181 (IS9) 6:30 P.M. Q) Veronica's Closet Ronnie gets a dale wlm Dive's younger brother, Grllin, and makes some troubling discoveries about rm.(H) ABB CB Paid Program (F55) Hooked on Ootr (NJCKJ Brady Bunch Jan receives a kxtel from an unknown admirer and al lie Bradys an curious about who sent H (WSfJ Honeymoonere Ralph prelenklw Is loo tredtt visit his molhe(*law so he can go to a bowing tournament 9:00 PM. QD SelnfeldJerrybep>tt<lalingrMimmalft6eorgejpori- denarecknama;FJeiraliaslogetgwiwiraraacooe.(R) A W QD « Hours "Road Raje'Scfteduleiefliem. CUM ol road rage, Murjng a deacon who Ued a man knowing a driving atercsaxUR) A fffl CB Pray Sloan and Tom track Ed to Alaska, where ha has been abducted by Copetan* spedai members dtvelop a plan to wipe out tie human race. A BH CB Cout to Coast Q] MystaryCOrtglnalSin' A long^orp^en photograph provides Otigeesn with an tnportanl due to the murderer's identity. (R)A(Part3ol3)BQ SB Xena: Warrior Princess Presumed dead, the defeated Amanxi leader Velasca relumi U do battle and torcas Xena to make a itiky deal with her old enemy Calistt.(R) A W fB Star Trek: Deep Space Nine KJra cXuclantly akrwl Dukat to accompany her on a mission to Snd toll Bajoran prisoners - a mission with emoional axisequences lor turn boh. ABfl (SEE) Biography Ine Carpenters: Harmony and Heartbreak" Marnews w* Richard Carpenter and his sister Karen's best friends help M tw story ol tie musical duo whose rise to Ihe lop ol the charts ended Bagfcaly. (R) (SRC) Movie **» "Kansas Haiders" (1950, Western) AuoA Murphy. Brian Oontavy. Jesse James and Ms W- lowers kiln QuanWs raider gang ol vicious Utn out tor tool (120) (SSCl Animal X Kler bees; the Harrow dsappearanoe ol crocode. (R) ) Baseball Tonight ) Wortd Cup JNight __J Movie ***"Theln-Uws'(l979)PetarFak. Aim ArUn. A Moral agent and a dentist become involved t) Lain American tiptonage on the eve ol McMdMri weddhg, (2:00) (FSS) Qoln' Deep (HIT) England's Great Wall Hadrian's Wai, an SIMilla- kr^"tlruc«j(einEno>dbj*bylrieFtoman«miyloierveaia banier agairut Pia marauders. (H) (OTfJ Movie * * "Bom Too Soon" (IMS) HicM Moriaity, Pamela Reed. A woman and her twband struggle to hold I* marriage togetier as ftelr pnmature baby ligl* tor survival.!^) (BIB) Brady Bunch Greg Is obsessed w* becoming a big tague pitcnw ater receiving encouragement torn Don Drysdalt. CBB) Dukes of Haaanl trVften Daily and Boss's nephew Jamie tel In love, Boss and he Dukes try to slop 1 A W (D?S) Movie * * * * The Godfather, Part II" (1974) (Part 1 ol 2) Al Paono, Robert De t*o. Michael Coriaona rules hli Uhefs criminal empire, wMe luhtacks real young ViB'scM) to power. A W (2M) OSJajIntheHeatoltheNlghtAljmouicounliy singer Is staked by a would* songirler who dakns be It respontUt tor He star's mostpopuiar songs. A W (Hf® Uovi*"Extramantar(tmSuspanse)Tnd lords, Jen Fatiay. An Investigative reporter becomes intrigued by hernewlrlenr/sadiMrousalfair. A ff [ffl (1:28) *:0t P.M. SOS) Making of The X-Files A bermd*e-Kenei look at The Xflet Fighl N Future," starring David Ouchovny and Galan Anderson. (R) 9:10 PJ*. Q} Jurt Shoot Me M knocks C«tl»w0«k»(l*oi' clot»andhasloeallwwo(*wt>enU*u|iulsr<iadvefe4inj (3.A1B CJD Benny Hlnn c SpedaWlects wlwk deals at""' __ mother. ABB (5SDMa*tsrso«FantasyAproieol»jr«xHai1an Baton. (R)AQD ) Movie **»Te9enor(l9«)Tomdu»e,Ua young people become enwand ki lie baaJe between good and ) Movte ** "Sunset Pa*" (l«96.Comacy- Drama) Ftwa Perlman. Fredro Starr. HjVschool basketbal players are nsiiraly skeptial whan a woman witi no knowledge ol t» game becomes Mrcoadi. A W BD (1:39) 9:45 P.M. (KfS) Making of Rosewood Jon Voighl and Vlng Rhames star in John Singleton's dm based on a radal Wdenl in U23 Honda. A tffl 10:00 P.M. Q] CD NewsBD Q] ER Dr. Greene's spirits dedne but he oners assistance to Or. Rots, who gels some troubfcg news; Ors. Benton and Corday dsagrea about surgery cases. (R) A SS CD Thursday Night A ED CB Feed the Children A Q] Devi) Newer Sleeps Filmmaker LourdesPorHo reveals a web ol family secrets through interviews, home movies and snapshots as she ewestigates tie mysterious death ol har uncle. Afffl 0 RealTVntffl B3 Mama's Family VW hocks Mama's silver to get enough cash to ball a Mend out ot ia). B) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine The Dominion tricks Sisko Into a confrontation will the TzenkeW thai could lead lo Mi- scale wariare. A W (2XE) New Explorers 81 Kurts visit) Mexico and Brail to tavestgale UFO siblings and Menlews a skeptic who demonstrates how UFO hoaxes may be perpetrated. (R) (W5q Wings •Future Wings' The new A-3XX supei)umbo « reran Ij being designed to carry approximately 550 passengers. (FSB) FOX Sports News (H5D Dream Machines 'Dream Cars' Futuristic car designs Irom American automotive engineers In the 1950s and 1960s were Hist revealed at traveling shows caBedMotoramas. . (R)(Part4olS) (NiCg)H«ppyDayaFonziellp«noad«dtoputcnapo»ce officers urtomi to help prevent a rumble between two rival gangs. (TNN) Prime Time Country Scheduled: singers Cant BlacUJaMcCam and Mark Ch«snuB.(R) A W (W5R) Simon a Simon An amusement pa* hires »» Smonbrotrurs to find a stolen dolphin. (853 Movl. *» -Til There Was You' (1M7. Comedy) Joanne Tilpptahom, Dylan McOermott Cirojnslances who are slated tor a bleU encounter. A 'PO-13' BD (1:53) 10:01 P.M. (SUED ForaverKnlghtAlriendolNck'sisoutragsdwhan he Is unable to coma up with enough evidence to hold tie prime suspedinKerrijrderolapnslltuii. A W 10:10 P.M. (TBS) Thunder IB) 10:20 P.M. (018) Growing Pains A lack of money stands kilw way oia sting tii> with Kate unS Ifte comas up with a scheme tor a tieerlde. ED 10:30 P.M. GD Paid Program • Cops Crimes iwesligaled by Ihe Los Angeles Poeca Department A BD O Mama's FamllyVWagreestomanyaPortuguese woman so she can gel legal U.S. status. (SMC) Movie ** The Gorgon" (1964, Horror) Peter Culling, Christopher Lea. A skeptical professor and his assistant invesllgala a rash ol deaths si which (ha vWms have been turned to stone. (123) (E3M) Brett Butler: Sold Out The veteran comic's second soto performance, Irom Portland, On. (R) (ESPN) Medlo Marathon de Coban From Coban, Mexico. (R) [ESPN2J ATP Tour Tennis (NTCK) Bewitched Samantia weaps when a spel U save ' an sing tree goes wrong. (060) ArtlMAriUsosalswiliastaroiiMxjsiriglinebackei's taiteriig career and a star running back's contract (R) A [Bl " 10:50 P.M. (fflSS Sorcerer's *P?" n '' e » Q} Seinfeld Jeny woffles IhalhijcomaloMneiohborwl recover and seek revenge; George lean a plane crash. A W 00 (9 News Hi GD Late Show BO (9 Raw* Week (9 Mappt Lucia Lucia's stock mariu* success prornpls. tsapp-FIMs stay at IMards whan tMir house is Doodad. • LAPO:UfeontheBeatATO(orcyti«r*«llakeio« onta*o«cenmalu>anune»|>er«narr^bust,(R) A OH a OHferent World Teml is csughl with a handgun it thedajsroom; Spencer proposes to Mm. A BO W RoseanrieRojeannehasactouercountKolacitlii- ert knd when the ooel to a o« oar with Nancy. A BO fB Vibe IB Access Hollywood A BO fag) UneKpUlnedThemyiuHylialhuuimundedln Umboi Wng Tut since Us discovery, and tw misfortunes lot baMftaardiaeotoglsIs who opened H.(R) (CQMJ Dally Show [H§B Justice Files MHary crimas against cMians and msdeada win tw rralHary. (R) 9 WaH Disney Presents BD ISportacentarBO 1 Jet Sktlng "National Tour From Fort la, Fla. (Taped) (fTOT)700Ckib (FlS) FOX Sports News (HJTJMocfcmMstfvetaAdvwceinUdvictojyaJo* designers of near coasters to lest tw fcitt ol tie hgman body. (R) (HB) Hew Attitudes Shopping onina; a toxin that slops U A Open Ootf First Round HlgoHght* (RIBB (NJ££) I Love LucyRi^srrwUortaaneceilrtilase move tor tie flardos.[B OW Today's Country Scheduled: Bfy Ray Cyrus. (R) fUSQ silkStarilungs Ova'nnpamr Is almost raped by anohar ooJcer and becomes tie main susped when In turn up dead (H) A 00 ]ftU Program . Shock VMeo I: Tum-CWi TV Th» mMett and soap operas, gam shows and tak shows art gaturad trora around tie workt(R) A Bfl 11:01 PJ*. fSE) RoboeosB The Series Robocop Is assigned to prolaa cotpoolt raaei Tod Tolw mho controls tie rwulacijie. olCCP Spec*TramrocketW. A OB 11:10 PJH (TK)Movie **»"U9»JEagles'OH8)

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