Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 9, 1939 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1939
Page 5
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Gwiiw.v Cake Wnlk A rnke walk .sponsored by tbe Giiorir-ey basketball teams w'ill be liHd at the Guernsey High f.chool auditorium Friday nttflit. November 1(1. The public ,s invited. { this yr.-ir, (lie on fj.riiis'' w.'iv flic .-mil I IK- number of k l i , I, - t], ( . smallest HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ACID INDIGESTION? ' you ;ir<> (ron- Me/I u-itli acid >iiilij;i\-;| joii. f»;i .j, '"iir stimi;H'b f,ir lu-;u tliurn, you "i •' y rcipn're ;i t"iiio like Dr. V. ..I I.'M.U . ,| ,„,. i.ii.iy. NOW'S YOUR CHANCE "It's ("lionsc Your COAT WEEK" l!rc:illi tiildnn Villiit'S .5. LADIES Specialty Shop Band Auxiliary to Sponsor Magician The Groat Virgil to Ami At City Hal! TUCS/I.T, Night A big indoor circus of mystery beinc; brought (o lu.pe by the Mi Hand Auxiliary and will ')„. |,,- 0 s,'ni- ''il ill the rity hull auditorium at 8 p. m. next Tiu-Mlav ni«hl. Novfin- ber 14. 'I hi- troupe is beaded by The Grout i Vinjil. premier international m,i and illusionist, and they will sent a niiunotb full evening show Idled with baffling mystery and spectacular illusions. In iidditi'in to (he nviny magical '•Il'icts and illusions. The Gieat Virgil will present his mad-merry gang "f i-puoks. goblins, and ghosts: a feature that be is using throughout America Io crowd the largest theatre-; •'UK! auditoriums. .Six dax/ling sets of scenery. d<i/.eivi of beautiful costumes. s|n-eial light- on* equipment and tons of equipment are used j n t| u . presentation of this Mgatilic my.stcry spectacle. If you )>av<- not II.-K) the good fortune OUR BOARDING HOUSE PAGE EWE with MajprHoopieiQuarrels on Air Problem of Radio t oiny Moiidini, Tlmi'Moiil or Herman, the Great Masters ol Icrday. don't feel disappointed a. now have the opportunity Ii them all re-incarnated in tin peaiance of tbe Great Virp.il Mipreme magic master of the M-nl. 'Ihe Gicat Virgil has spent a finif (level.iping this extravagan/a of mystery ami among the many breatb- t-iking acts to be seen here will be: '1 hr Vanish of "Siinha," the real liv: African Lion, Tin; Beautiful Hin- doo Princess Asleep in Mid-Air. An BAH/ WHAT TIME FOR A. LACE TO COME UNTIED/ CONFOUNSO THIS WRETCHED STRING/ TURK TAKING TCM YOUR IN DOW LOOK oir\ MAGTORj HE. COAAES THE BIG TRAIN PF.M VOUR 'SVE MAJOR STOOPED Must Decide What Should Be Free, and What Paid for life- FRIDAY and SATURDAY SPECIALS East. Front Street PORK Phone 851 ( ruin Cut CURED HAMS Ib. 35c SPARE R!BS Ib. l?'/ 2 c Por,V i j(i Sausage Ib. !lis. In i'iis(cmicr) 22c K. C. Steaks !b. 20c - 25c BeeJ^Roastjb. 17 '/•, c-25c Banquet Bacon Ib. 27 Ib. 35c Nice Fresh Country Butter Sweet Milk He qt. FLOUR 6 Ib. sack 12 ib. sack 24 Ib. sack 25c 45c 8Sc VALUABLE COVrOK in every sick enlillct you Io > piir ol LIGHT CRUST SWEET- HEAIT HOSE al . HADDSOME SAVIB6. Kxeciilin!) on Mars, The Famous Ilin- I Cli r • • (loo Hop,- Mystery. Hindoo Basket | SlTOH $ IO11K13113 Miracle. Chinese Opium Den M.vs-j ^"^ Vll & LAMIIOlrtHd tery. Chinatown After Daik. Saiau ' Hums a Man. The Dissolving of the- Bodies of two Human Beings, and do/ens of others. Julie, tin- psychic enifiilia. will bo a special feature with The Great Virnil Sluiw Julie i s ..-aid by scieu- tiM:-, and doctor.-;, to possess a mind •(.DIM yr-ars ahead of our time.';, and uill prove eonclu'-jvoly' her ability to .•iriiialh i(.;,,| || H . iniiid.s of the The (In'at Virgil Company recently gave- L'N consecutive performances at the S,-).OHi).l)illMii| Fox Theatre in San Vranci-co. Califnrni.1. The sann- complete show will In- si-en here in Hope. ams m e Basketball Games Guc-nisuy and Columbus Teams Play Wedneasy Afternoon GUERNSEY, Ark. — The Columbus and Guernsey basket ball tc-ims split tour games here Wednesday after- ncijii, Columbus winning the Kvo sen- Team to Play Here Yergor Squad Will Seek Seventh Straight Win Satin-day The Yni-Roi- High School football team, undefeated and uiiKcored on this NeiiMin. will sock its seventh consecutive victory here Saturday afternoon when the Tigers meet Webster Parish Training school of Minden, La. The Louisiana team boasts of a powerful .-quad with only one defeat alter a hard scheduled t date. The game will be played at the Yer- «rr field ,-uul die fdckoff has been '"( for '>:.\~, o'clock Saturday. One of the largest crowds of the season is expeetod. Advance tickets are .selling at 13 and 25 cents. Admission at the gale be 25 and 50 cents. II<ipi-'s StaiTmi; Lineup Right Km I P. Grady lf,0 Right Guard. J. Williams 179 Right Tackle. R, Greene I(i5 Center. C. Wright 154 Left Guard, A. Kountz 160 Left Tackle. C. Coloraan 182 ) Left End. D. Shaw .190 | Quarterback. E, Poindexter 172 I RifJit Half. J. Stuart 1GO I Left Half. D. Carson 1GO Fullback P. Carrigan 1G8 Mimlen Starling Linup Right kind, Duncan 165 Riiiht Guard. Farrel 1GO Right. Tackle. Davidson 108 Center, Anderson 154 Loft Guard Washington 158 i Left Tackle, Pierce 175 ; Left End, Glmlney 182 I Quarterback. T. Winston 1G5 i Right Half. Cobbs 170 ' Left H,-()f. Wfiills !55 i Fullback. P. D. Winston 1591 | Hope's line average is 108. back-field ', average 165, and team average- 1GG. j Minden's line average 1GG, brickfield • average 1112 and team average is 1G4. By PRESTON GROVER WASHINGTON - The radio industry I is confronted with a tough public j relations problem since il adopted the | code under which it refuses to sell time for the broadcasting of controvers ial speeches. John L. Lewis and his Congress of Industrial Organizations and the group interested in Father Coughlin's broad cast arc piling up complains. Particularly has the CIO charged the National Association of Broadcasters, spon- Ffi' 1 of (he new code, with an attempt i to destroy freedom of speech. For (he broacasters, it is a thorny sc. The announced that their purpose was to protect freedom of speech, not to destroy it. They proposed in their code, effective Oct. 1, to do two things: 1. Sell no more time for discussion of controversial issues (except to politicians in political campaigns.) 2. Organize "forums" where time would be given free to all sides to argue questions of public interest. The station owners reserved to themselves the right to determine what are "questions of public interest." Their position is that if they sell radio time for controversial discussions, the people with money will hog the time, to the disadvantage of people with a good case but no money. CIO Brondcnsts .Ended Here is a typical reaction. Station WJW of Akron, operated by Miss Edythe Fern Melrose, has been soiling time regularly for CIO broadcasts. Under terms of the code, she has told CIO that she won't any more. '"Taint fair',' says CIO and announces plans to take the case to the federal communications commission. The protest of tho labor group is that air time is sold to Akron's tire manu- iacturers and other industrialist over the country to build up public good will for their products and for industry. The labor group, however, must wait until radio awards it some free time on a ''forum" where the industrialists share alike the right to hit back. Miss Melrose of Akron's WJW says she is already giving way ten free periods of 15 minutes each daily to such organizations as the American Legion, community chest, ministerial I'jraciation, WPA and Federal Housing and naturally won't have an unlimited amount of lime io give away to "for- ums" on CIO issues. Case of Father CoOfthlln The case of Father Coughlin not. become nearly so heated out in the open but is- seething underneath Time on the .air U more than 40 sta- i i lions is bought for Father Cough- j Mr.'.' weekly speeches. Aircasters, Inc. handler, the business. The Nation! Association of Broadcasters finds Coug- lilin is exactly a case in point. No one would deny he (alks on controversial issues. Nor is the argument all on one side The Coughlin broadcast is a plump piece of business for stations snaring ir il. For instance, the 17 stations on the Colonial network in New England get a sum estimated as high as $50.000 a year. Yet the net work stations are members of the National Association whose code says "no." On the other hand, the broadcasters recognize Father Coughlin as a subject of "public interest" and sc entitled to (res time on the air. How much? The board if directors of the association is discussing that now. along with other questions raised by Father Coughlin's ugenls. Just to help tangle up the case the American Federation of Labor, irt contrast to CIO, thinks the new radio ? s i code is excellent, mi TALBOT FEILD, Sr. ACCIDENT and HEALTH With Life Insurance Clai'ms Paid 100% Promptly 9 years with Reliance Life Box 44, Hope, Ark. WANTED: Two men with cars to deliver samples and take orders. 60c an hour. Phone from 7 to 8 p. m. Fuller Brush Co, Phone 212 BACKACHE, LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of fired Kidneys If backache and l«g pains are ninkinr yr.U mixraljle, don t junt complain uml do iiolliihii abmit tlicni. Nature inny he warning you thai your Jiujjicjj need niienlion. J lie kMntyn nre Nature'j ,'hief woy of tatinj eicess nn.li! »tul pnim>nui» waste out of Hit blood, ihey belp inmt i.eople puna about 3 piliK If'the 15 miles of kidney tubes and filters .i T.I i*fi i 1 P'^'onous wa«te matter stays in [lie hlood. I liett |,oi.»oiis may start imeuinii backadiw, rheumatic pain!, leg po i,, fl) Jo," J pep «nd energy, getting tip niglitn, swelling, puffiness under (he eyes, headaches and d!t£ ness, hretiiient or scanty passages witli »mnrt. tmj and liurnmK sometimes shows there is something wrong with your kidneys or bladder. t>'n " ?"'" ABk ?' our druugiisl tor Uoan't Pills, used nitcenrfully by millions for over 40 years. J l,ey give happy relief and will help tli« iL'tl f? ,1' v!f y , tu r'™ ?V Bl) out prawxwM Irom the blood. Get Doau'i Pifli. •m I SPECIAL ON PERMANENTS 'Til November 18th Introducing: 2 NEW PERMANENT WAVE SOLUTIONS IN OUR SHOP A REAL SAVINGS TO YOU also A FREE GIFT with each Permanent At Regular Price HERLO1SE - FRANCES - RUTH ELLEN - FAYE "Flossie" the Maid Kate's Beauty-Gift Shop "For Something- New — Call 252" winning tho EaKKsss.sassJsscs, COOK.JE SPECIAL . /v.li.vio'i |v FiWiiile-. I jf 3 Aj" 10 Ibs. Steamboet 24 Ibs. Cream uiiiiimiiin Miiiiiuiiiiiiimimmr " ^ PRODUCE ~ - Country Club SALAD qt. DRESSING Maxwell House = Cnsj) = CELERY . Stalk COFFEE | RUTABAGA l3</ z c = TURNIPS Ib. PAN ROLLS 3 Ibs. 39c i f MIL mm Doz. 5c = C C AMI Sml. ( ATM T ri.urit 11 10c| 3cl 17c lOc ;-{for AVACODAS mafiaaaMxxm'aKim^eumaii Texas Dox. GRAPEFRUIT Rod or White 10 POTATOES Ihs A 48 Ibs. 1 Cream White 5459 Clock BREAD 2 20 oz. Loaves natuncrcra FRUIT CAKE INGREDIENTS Ynllow 6 Ibs. lOc i 5 ONIONS 8k. 75c = JiiiiiiiiiiiliiiMiiiiiiiiitiiiiiMiiiiuiiiirT Uarhai'a Ann TOMATO SOl!I' Can Pure C;i!K SIKJAR 54c Sweet Crust KAISIN HIJICAI) 1 Ib. C. C'. I'HAUtKIJS r> ox. c\ c. I:\KING !>o\vni:i; •> II). \Vesro { li,\t RKif.V Knibassy M.\ltSII.\l.\l.I.()\VS 15c 16c 10c .-vnv..'\u UOIIIIIKI -^ -*•** y .M.Vli.MI.MAI.l.OWS « W iUIIIIIUimilill UllllllllllllllllliilllllllUUUIIUilliSlllllinilllliKltlilMllilMu 1S^ efEisr """ «ftl'"s«S 1 «' rd i SHl.NOI.A .tv:T oil. i SPARE = RIBS ISOliAX \VI.NDEX 10c fiul. 1 )ri'inriiai \ Call j>v;r. Mr i:i;i;Aj) 11.-.. 33 C 12ic ior fiamc.s nnd Guernsey two junior contests. The Cliinibus cats were just two! much for the- '"Blue Jays," outclass- i ini; their opponents in every department while they were swampping tbeni to ihe tune of 25 to 8. H>ep- person and C. Caldwell, forwards for the Timers, with eifiht and seven points each respectively, were high pointers in the inline. Boyce, Columbus center, and J. Caldwell, his team mate and back guard, played bang- up tranie.s defensively—Boyace. hokl- iny tho rangy (ifool -1 inch center, D. Cox to OIK- field goal. For Guernsey. L. Calhoun, forward with 5 points, showed up best for the "Jay Bird.-.-." Ji the .second senior tilt, the' Lady . ery also look their game, 25 to M. Al the end of the first half tbe Blue Jays were leading 10 to 8; but (lie big star of the game. Forward Stout of Hie Columbus se.xlett, found her ranee early in the 3rd quarter and socked 20 of her team's 2.") points before the final whistle. Edwards and Aylell, forwards for Guernsey with (i to 7 counters rcpectivcly. showed tit) well for the home team. The other games of the afternoon were fought out between tbe junior clubs of Ihe two schools. Guernsey winning both fights, M for Guernsey and 11 for Columbus were the scores, in the junior boys' game: and 13 for Guernsey. 11 for Columbus wore the j u.-.-ults in (he junior girls' contest. I The War Department Pays a Small Debt BUFFALO. S. D.—i/Pi—A. A. Thurn } rancher near here, was about to con- i elude (he government had forgotten his World war service 20 years ago. j Then he received a $2.32 check from | the war department, tbe balance due him for transportation from his point ' of discharge to the ranch. He .had filed j the claim in lillfl. There are approximately two toTBe acre in the United Stales. Relief At Last For Your Cough Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes right to the seat of the trouble to loosen germ laden phlegm, increase secretion and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. No matter how many medicines you have tried, tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding that you are to like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis T T i ingleton's Fresh Roasted Cof f ee| 1 Pound lOc 2'/ 2 Pounds 25c 5 Pounds 50c 10 Pounds $1.00 113 South Elm Street Hope, Ark. T t T T T r ABEST PLACE IN HOPE TO BUY COFFEE? ** SALT .MI-:.\T »•• = iiiuiiiiiMiuiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif: W E S C O 16% Dairy Feed $1.39 | Egg Mash $2.29 Broiler Mash $2.69 I Hen Scratch $1.85 STARTER & GROWING MASH 100 Ibs. $2.25 Ask About Kroger's FREE Poultry Service K. J. Caplinger, Market Mgr. Cecil W. Dennis. Gro. Mgr. ALWAYS REMEMBER ue Ribbon Bread At Your Grocer and City Bakery "That GOOD Flour' FREE! WHILE SUPPLY LASTS This Lovely Salt and Pepper Set Carnival Glassware, Newport Design Choice of 4 Brilliant Colors Wilh Purchase 24 Ibs. or More HELIOTROPE HOPE Wade Warren Grocery Joe Rider Barton Cash Store J. H. McDaniel J. H. Warren Reese Market B & B Gro. & Market Lewis Grocery Hobb's Gro. & Mkt. Lon 'Sanders Dan Godbold R. L. Patterson Snow White Food Mart Cecil Wyatt W. H. Olmstcad J. A. Davis Byer.s Bros. T. O. Putman M. M, Cornelius E. H. Montgomery Brookwood Gro. Gunter Lumber So. Cassidy Cash Store Will Cooper Neighborhood Gro. 933 Service & Gro. Houston & Son No. 1 Houston & Son No. 2 EMMET City Gro. & Mitt. J. A. Beany Wards Grocery DE ANN G. S. S.-invuels & Son Urrey Gvo. & Station WASHINGTON A. P. Dcloncy Etroud & Co. nuggars Cash Store Fru/iers Cash Store J. R. Card Roadside Gro. 0/AN Rubins Gro. Wilbur Jone.s McNAB Mary Spates * Note to Grocers: SARATOGA F. H. Holland FULTON Moser & Moser 1'ATMOS C. P. Jones L. D. Rider T. M. Ward Bert Keith LEWISVILLE Van Emerson A. M. Hunter Madison Kitchens BRADLEY Esso Station J. L. Stevens A. D. Price M. E. O'Neal Barker's Cafe Edwards Co. C. D. Simmons Lee Crabtrec L. E. Wise L. G. Middlebrook J. M. Hartsfield E. G. Dickson Harvey Hansford McKAMIE J. B. Bowles BUCKNER Buckncr Lbt. Co. STAMPS Petrey Feed Store COLUMBUS D. \V. Hamilton C. W. Wilson Hamilton & McCorlde GUM SPRINGS Willis Greeson GURDON J. E. Allen Bud Morris & Son J. R. Capps Louis Cabe J. E. McMillan Blacks Gro. Dave Malcomb Sandidge Mkt. Newton Store If you are haiullun; ik-Uotro|>? and your iiuine has been and il is purely accidental and u supply can lu> furn RITCHI HOI OKLAHOMA CITV MILL t ELEVATOR CO. OKLAHOMA CITY. USA Spurill Gro, S. J. Menton George .Poster Bill Lipscomb J. A. Barringer BEIRNE Lewis Cabe CURTIS T. A. Beene W. T. Kwing ARKAJOELPIIIA Essie Francis W. R. May O'aktree Gro. E. M. Buck Jim Copcland Charles Welch J. R. McDonald W. T. Matlock FRIENDSHIP James Fisher W. M. Fowler MIDWAY W. C. Crowe DONALDSON Nabors Station NASHVH.LE T. A. Hulchinson & Co. Anthony Lbr. Co MURFREESBORO Percy Brewer ALPINE Glover & Buck AMITY L;iy & Echo Is Mrs. £, E. Richardson Galloway Gro. O. T. Hays Allen's Cash Store Merrill & Rowe OKALONA Hill & Co. ANTOJNE E. C. Wingfiel.l DELIGHT Halcomb Mkt. Frank Reid E. C. Kelly J. B. Kelly & Son Stolls Feed Store John Dickey are very sorry repiTsciilntivt 1 . Distributors HOPE. ARKANSAS

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