Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 14, 1998 · Page 61
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 61

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 14, 1998
Page 61
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8 WEEK OF JUNE 14-JUNE 20. 1998 ON TV -SUPPLEMENT TO THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY JUNE 17, 1998 WEDNESDAY EVENING BROADCAST CHANNELS CD cs NBA Basketball Playoffs: Finals Game 7 - Bulls at Jazz [Sildown (Entertain iFrasier A (B News m |ExlraW News 88 CD Cfl m B3 m Home Imp. [Homo Imp. [Selnleld A |Mad-You |Mov1«: ** "Blink" (1994) Madeleine Slowe. News!) Nanny (R) | Simple Life I Public Eye A ® Jeopardyl Fortune 700 Club Newshour-Lehrer Movie: *** "Molly and Me" Business Single Martin m Fam. Mat Home Imp. Fresh Pr. Mad-You Star Trek: Next Gener. Frasier O [Entertain Chicago Hope (R) d Spin City Dharma People's Court National Geo. Smart Guy (Smart Guy Fresh Pr. Cosby Home Imp. Seinfeld A Simpsons News Movie: * "Death Wish If (1982), Jill Ireland Simpsons Home Imp. Carey Paid Prog. 3rd Rock Ellen (R) Coast Benny Hinn Alexander Calder Wayans [Harvey Movie: * * "Blink" (1994) Madeleine Slowe. Sentinel The Trance" [Star Trek: Voyager (R)" 'Kenny Rogers as the Gambler, Part II" News® [Working Primetime Live II Paid Prog. [Paid Prog. Face of RussiaU Real TV A [Cops® Mama News Mama Deep Space 9 News Cheers A News SI Late Show News® Popofl Cancer LAPD DilfWorW Roseanne Vibe Hollywood CABLE CHANNELS A&E AMC COM DISC DISN ESPN FAM FSB LIFE NICK SCIFI TBS TNN TNT USA WON Jnreal Story ot Professional Wrestling (R) Benny Goodmn" OddCple. [Laugh" WENN Wings(R) BrowPains [Brotherly |Law& Order SB [Unreal Story ol Pro Wrestling Movie: *** "Drums Along the Mohawk" |Movle: "Die, Monster, Die!" (1965) Daily Show |Ben Stein [Movie: "National Lampoon's Vacation" (1983) Mulan vlajor League Baseball: Teams TBA .onesome Dove (Part 3 ol 4) "Razors" South Park Gimme Shelter (R) [Wild Discovery [Discover Magazine (R) [shipwreckl (R) Movie: **Ji"Pocahonlas° 'G' Mulan Major League Baseball Teams to Be Announced (Subject to Blackout) [Rescue 911 AS vlajor League Baseball Oakland Athletics at Texas Rangers. TjJghT Supermkt [DebtI Intimate Por Rgufe-Oul [Tiny Toon (:01) Forever Knight A Doug E iRugrabAT Unsolved Mysteries A (:01)M.A.N.T.I.S. A Arnold [Brady (5:05) Movie: it * * "Ghost" (1990, Fanlasvl Prime Time Country A [Fan Fair Phenomenon SeaqueslDSVB Movie; * "Maximum Overdrive' Baywalch A BB (1966) Wayans [Harvey m The Series [News A IE 'ANce In Wonderland 1 U.S. Open Goll Preview FOX Sports News Dr.Katz Mickey Daily Show Justice Scarecrow Sportseenter S3 Diagnosis Murder SB [Hawaii Frve-0 j] [700 Club Movie: "Sin and Redemption" (1994, Drama] Sport! Brady [WonderYf [HappyDay [Bewitched ~'" ' _. __•--_• T-"""-— ' * _ (7:50)Movie; **«"Malice"(1993) Dallas A [Dukes ot Hazard BC Forever Knight A Attitudes Love Lucy MANTIS (:10 Movie: "Rowers In the Attic' Prime Time Country (R) ilry(l |:05) Movie; * "Cannonbill Run II" (1984) Burt Reynolds. |"Haiimum Overdrive" Walker, Texas Ranger 1(8:59) Movie: * * * K "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" A PREMIUM CHANNELS HBO MAX SHOW MenBlack [Movie: ** "Buddy" (1997)'PG' 'DaleAn [Movie; "Wayne'« World 2" (1993) Beverly Hills, 90210 A In the Heat ol the Movie: ***"DonKlng:OnlylnAmerica" [Oz(R) A (5:45) Movie: "The Mirror Has Two Faces" [SexCity Movie: **x "Adventures In Babysitting" A [Movie: ***y. "Allen" (1979) Movie: **k"GoodLuck"'R 1 l(:45) Movie: *"SkyseraDef"(1996) A'R EVENING 8:00 P.M. CD Horiw Improvement JVsnewlywed sister spoils Tim's pak« nighl when she brings her marital problems to M tea Tun. ABB (T) NBA Baaketball Playoff* "Finals Game 7 Chicago Bulls at Utah Jazz 1 U necessary, tram the Delia Canter. (Uvi) A SB C3 (B NewaBD CB 700 Club OB Newthour With Jim Lehrer 031 80 Uving Single Regro endsliings with Keith and du- coveiswhalshereafywanlslnarelalionsliip. A BE 63 Family Matters SlnitKcomn a BlgBiDlwr to a streel-smanlourtrvgraderwho can't read, n BE 89 Horn* ImprovcnwntAIJil'shigh-scluol reunion, TmmeeU her former boyfriend tor the firsl time. A BE 03 Star Trek: The N«t Generation RoLaren's inliualuxi ol tie Mnquit vigilantes backfires when h» hailed ol Caidasslans makes tier sympathy to the group's agenda. A SB (13 Frailer Frasier reluctantly accepts a caller's chalenoe 10 aujblicSslfighl. A ED (55E) Unreal Story of Professional Wrestling The history ol professional wresting, lion lum-ol-lhfrcentury legitimate bouts to l» theatrical matches ol today. (R) fcptyl) Odd Couple Alter turning down the role ol Scrooge in aChrislmas play, Oscar kicks F«tu nil ol he apartment (DISC) Wings The history ol tempting enemy radar k> gain theelemenl ol surprise In wartime situations. (H) fD[SN] Growing Pains UnHonl-lenanl proUems abound when Mike moves ink) he storage area over tie lamty garage. (Part 2 o(2) SB (PAH) Lonesome Dove Jake's Mvemenl with the Suggs gang reaches a Iragc cSman; Lorena's alfecton tor GUI is tested'when he is reunited wilh okl tame Clara Alen. (Part 3 ol 4) (H5T) Drum Machines 'Hoi Rods' Modfied and power- lul street cars fusl appear in me 1930s, leading to the sport ol drag racing with cuslorrued hoi rods. (Pan 3 ol 5} [Ort) Supermarket Swop (NEK) Figure It Out ITNNJ Prim* Time Country Scheduled: music groups Alabama and Dixie Chicks. A BE (TNT) Movla * "Maximum Overdrive" (19B6) Emilk) Eslevei. Pal tingle. A passing comet has an unusual etled on inanimate objects in Stephen King's dmtonal debul of his own short story. (2:05) (USA) Baywatch A gang member deles his latter and joins a program where he learns various aquabc skills. A BB IWGN] Wayans Bros. Marlon beans dating a single motjv nr and tads he has a totto common with her 7-year-old son. (R| Atffi ftfBO) Making ol Man In Black A behind-the-scenes took al the scrano-fiction Urn slarring Tommy In Jones and Win SmKi. (R) A SI 6:01 P.M. fSCIFTJ Forever Knight A vampire wisrwg to alone lor his eri to regain his mortality discovers his lormer vampire masler is searching tor him. A W 6:30 P.M. CB Horns Improvement Al Jill's higlvschool reunion. Tim meets hei tormer boyMendbrlhelirsllime. A W (S Extra A W BP Martin Maran'iorunusi come to a head when he tits to dMdtwtwIhir Tommy or Colt should be his best man. A SC fS Fresh PrincaotBal-Alrlnoidti to graduale.Will must enrol in I music class tor child prorjgw and dress as a taw lor to school play. A SB f® Mad About YouPaJ wants to invest kit parking space at In Buchmans' buktig even tough mey donl own a car. A OB IB Entertainment Tonight A W PW) Make Me Laugh (CiSR) Brotherly Lova Matt plans his firsl party; Joe lakes Andy and Uoyd «* him to Alantc City so Lloyd can see R$ Taytor perform. W [UFtlDabt (HlcTi] Tiny Toon Adventures (WGN) Slavs Harvey An insurance policy makes Steve susjjclpusol his lather's new young fiancee. (R) A IB] (HI5) Movia * * "Buddy-(1997, Comedy-Drama) Rene Russo, Robbie Corlrane. In 1920s Brooklyn, an anknaMov- ing sociakte rescues a baby gorilla and raises him as a member ot her household. A 'PG' El (1:24) (TOO Movia ***-Wayne's World 2-(1993, Comedy) Mke Myers. Dana Carve/. The lale Jm Momson Ms •Saturday Kghl UveV Wayne Carnpbel to organize a huge nek conceit A 'PG-13' tffl (1:34| 7:00 P.M. IX) Sainleld Elaine breaks up with her 66-year-dd beau, who sulleis a heart attack In Irani ofjem/s apartment A W GD Nanny Fran's love Blair *nn her dieam man Is put in jeopardy by a kite white fe and his obsession wilh aslrokny. (R) ABB CS Jaopardyl BE CB Movla *** "Molly and Me'(1945)Monty Woolley. Grace Reids An unemployed acliess lakes the job ol housekeeper in tie home ol a number ol Parliament (1:30) ® Nightly Business Report Money Fie guest aumoi Terry Savage. Si] El People's Court A fJQ 13 Fresh Prince ol Bel-Air Aunl Vrvian and Unde Phil decide to renew Mr weddng vows on their JSIh weddng anniversary. A BO m Horn* Improvement Jil's newlywed sisler spots Tim's poker night whm she brings her manlal problems to JH and Tro. A EB 09 Simpsons Homer considers keeping up wilh tie Joneses by divorcing Marge. A H) IS Naws (AHc) Remember WENN Belly Ijecomes concerned for Victor's salely when anomer voice Ills the roll ol Jonathan Arnold. (RUB) !CW) Daily Show 1PISC] Glmrna Shelter Renovating the basement; showei doors; air purrter. |R) [piSNi) Movie Surfars Go Inslda Disney's Mutisn Behind tie scenes ol Disney's newest film, 'Mulan: EC 1ESPN2J Pro Beach Hockey (Taped) ;HST) True Action Advanturaa The boats, cars and daredevil drivers thai made history. (R) [QTEl Intimate Portrait -Celine Den' Chronties Ihe tie and career ol Grammy and Oscar award-winning singer Cefne Dion. (R) A SB (RICK) Doug BE !TNN] Fan Fair Phenomenon Country music fans who attended Fan Fair speak out on topics Irom meeting lavorile slais to watching live concert peitamancev (R) A SB lUSKj Highlander: Tha Sariea The kves of Duncan's Irlende are put at nsk while Immortal tiam O'Ftourke stops al noth- ingto lake MacLeod's head. A (Part 2 ol 2) BO (vTSKJ) News [ffl 7:01 P.M. fSCIFl) M. A.N.TJ.S. A virtual reattv soklw is murderrig citi- uns ol Port ColumUa and Dr. Hawkins believes he may bt the rwd target A 7:30 P.M. (D Mad About You Paul wauls to ttvesl In a parking space at •» Buchmans' tuktng even liough Ihey donl own a car. A CB} CS Simple Ufa MuM heads back to Queens alter Sara uses an actress ti a molher-daughlei segment on he show. A SC CD Wheel of Fortune 00 CS Keeping Up Appearances HyicMh Is tinted when wealthy Mrs. Fortescw asks I* tor a B Into town. O Coaby Show The lamly sets out to give Theo a lesson on trie's realties. A SD W Selnleld Elaine breaks up with heiM-year-ok! beau. who sutlers a hear! attack in fronlol Jerry's apartment A KB 09 Simpsons Homer turns to a career in pro boning when he darners he has a genetic condition that protects his brain from injury. A W IS Horns Improvement Jil's newtyned sisler sporli Tim's poker nigh! when she brings her many problems to Jill and Tim A BB (AMC) Movia * * * -Drums Along the Mohawk' (1939, Adventure) Henry Fonda. Claudette Colbert John Ford's dassic account ol a Revolutionary War-era termer's attempts to buildaSfe In lie Mohawk valley. (1:43) gBra) Win Ben Stein's Money (Blsfi) Movia * * X "Pocahontas" (1995, Adventure) Voices of Irene Beoard. Mel Gibson. Animated. Based on the story of the Algonquian Indan who singtehandedy stopped a war between her tnbe and the British. Q 1 KB (1:27) TSPN) Major League Baseball Teams to Be Announced" (Subject to Blackout) (Live) BE (WcK) Rugrata BB 7:50 P.M. (TrfS) Movla * * » 'Malice' (1993) Alec Baldwin, Nicole Kidman. Dark secrets and revelations come to Nghl afler a charming doctor performs emergency surgery on fis landlord's wile. (2:20) 6:00 P.M. CD 9S Movia ** 'Blink' (1994) Madeleine Stowe. Aioan Ouinn. Ocular flashbacks plague a formerly bind woman who may have witnessed the murder ol an upstairs neighbor. A BE (MO) ID Public Eya Scheduled: Men who are not the laliers of the Oiildren tor whom the govemmenl holds Diem legally and fhancialy responsible. ABB (B Spin City Mchael Iries to dissuade lie mayor Irom having a reWonship wilh a young woman; Paul acts as Michael's assistant. (R) O OB ID National Geographic on Assignment BB Smart Guy T.J. runs for student council when he learns no provisions were made tor the sdence dub. (H) A BB IS Movla * "Death Wish IP (1912) Chartes Branson, Jil Ireland. Aichiled Paul Kersey resumes Ns vigilante ways alter his daughter is brutally murdered al twii new Los Angeles home. (2.-00) Q) Sentinel Ellison and Sandburg Iry to save tie He of a munler witness who claims shewashalianceduringthe king. (R1ABD ® Movia * * s "Kenny Rogers as the Gambler, Part II - The Adventure Continues* (1983) (Part 2 ol 2) Kenny Rogers. Unda Evans. Professional gamblei Brady Hawkes and a snapshooting sidekick close in on the train carrying his capbve son. (2:00) [A$Ej Law A Order The murder of an accountant who was a Insiee al an eidusive boys school puts Briscot and Logan on Ihe tad of a gifted young man. W [COM) Movla ** X 'National Lampoon's Vacation' (1983) Chevy Chase, Beverly O'Angek). A Chicago lamily sets out tor a two-week road trip to CaSfomia and encounters every conceivable mishap along the way. (2:00) (K5CJ WIM Discovery 'Animals of the Rocky Mountains' Intimate encounters wilh the wDoHle ol the hlgtvpeaked Rocky Mountains. (R) (E5PFJ2) Sportscwiter (RM) Raaeua 911A father and daughter an burled under tons ot sand; a bank later dais 911 during a robbery; Ihe Animal Medea) Center In New York. A OB (H5T) Weepone al War A chronicle of modem propulsion, from the World War II kitroduclton ol jels to supersonic lighters. P) (DR) Unsolved Mysteries A jrg) Hey Arnold! W (SCIfD Seaquest DSV The sNp's previous captait seeks revenge aflershe Is slrippedol her command. A (Part 2 of 2) IB! CTRR] Dallas J.R.'s conltiued absence and Ray's apathy toward the ranch have Bobby busy trying to keep Ewing Oi afloat and Soutrloili running. A (055) Walker, Texai Ranger Walker decides he must spend some time atone after a lapse m his judgmanl during a hostage situation almost causes Die death ol a leen-age boy. A BB (W5N) Beverly Hills, 90210 KeDy moves In with Colin when Doma and Clare's attempt at Intervention fails; Valerie's liiend Ginger returns with blackmail plans. A BB CRIB) Movie * * * 'Don King: Only In America' (1997, Drama) Vmg Rhames. Vonde Curtis-Hall. The Mamous fight promoter lakes on judges, mobsters and lie FBI in Ns wild rise to the lop ol the boxing world. A 'rT BB (1:56) (TO?) Movie * * »'Adventures In Babysitting' (1987. Comedy) Elisabeth Shun. Maia Brewton. Mislups him a routine silting assignment No a haMsing evening tor three youths and tueii leen-age guardian. A 'PG-13'(H2) (STOW) Movie * * » "Good Luck' (1996, Comedv) Vincent 0'Onolno, Gregory Mines. A panplegc and a blind en- gridiron star atlempl to ovircome adversity by taking part In a wMe-waur raft race. A 'rT BB (1:35) 6:05 P.M. (TRT) Movte * 'Cannonball Run II' (1984) Burl Reynolds, ton Demise. Hal Needham's madcap sequel to his 1981 cross-country cai-racespectaculv.leatuilngal-slar cameo appearances. (2:30) 6:30 P.M. QD Sltdown ffl Dharma 4 Greg Dharma shares yoga with Greg, hop- Ingto low his slress level. (R) A BB CB Paid Program SB Smart Guy TJ.'s lathw, tuother and sisler arrange tor TJ. to have three dales to Ihe prom. (R) A W (FSB) Light (NTClf) Brady Bunch Little ghosts begin haunting tie Brady house when their pewits decide to move. 6:65 P.M. CHfH) Movla Surfers Go Insld* Disney's Mulan Behind lie scenes ol DUne/s newest dm, -Mutan.' (R) BB 6:59 P.M. (05S) Movla * * * K Terminator 2: Judgment Day- (t991) Arnold Sdwanenegger, Unda Hamlua X reprogrammed kler cyborg antves In Los Angeles to protect a future leader from a snipe-shifting assassin. A BB (341) CD Entertainment Tonight A W CB Chicago Hope Dr. McNei.tninkmo his gamUng acUctlon has been beaten, attends a convention in Las Vegas where he sees an old friend's son killed in the bonngriig. (R) A QD Draw Cany Drew offends someone special when he toasts Mr. Louden Mini hires an attorney In her senual harassment suil(R) A BB CB Coast to Coaat CD Alexander Calder 'An American Masters Spatial 1 Playwright Arthur MiHer, ardilecl I.M. Pel and artist Elswortn Kely paint • picture of the He of Inventive sculptor Alexander Calder. ABD BD Wayans Bros. Marlon begins dating a single mow andlindshehasalolincornmonwilhher7-year-ok)sori.|R) A SB CD Star Trek: Voyager The Doctor is transported to an etperlmental Starfleet ship and discovers an unstable version of his EMH-2 on board. (R) ABB (A&E) Biography Metlrey Dahmen The Monster Witiin' Interviews with doctors. My numbers and others oiler nsight into the miid and dark obsessions ol serial Idler Jeffrey Dahmer. (R) lOISC) Discover Magazine Using one set ol bones to back a Idler and anotier to gel intermaKm on oVwsaurs; early American bones. (R) (FSPW) World Cup INIght !FAM) Diagnosis Murder Mark becomes suspoous ola veteran police officer who claims he kVed his partner accidentally, when the dead nan's widow sues Ihe police department A BB (f$5) U.S. Open Goll Preview (FTSf) Ancient Aliens Sdentisls examine ancient niiis, arttacls and tails Irom around Ihe world that lead them to believe enlialeneslrials have visited Earth. (R) (LIFE) Movie 'Sin and Redemption' (1994) Cynthia Gibb, Richard Grieco. A woman who previously became pregnant by her rapist dwovers a shocking lact about her husband. (2:00) (NICK) Brady Bunch We and Carol settle an argument about who has tie easier job by switching roles. CTRNTJ Dukes of Hazzard Nephew Hughle and Boss scheme to foreclose on Cooler's aaraae. A EC (TO5N1 In the Heal ol the Night Harriet suspects thai a woman recently victimized by car thieves may be dangerously obsessed wilh Bubba. A SB 9:01 P.M. fSCiP) Sightings Govemmenl studies on UFOs; a debate over the alleged towel, N.M., UFO crash: a cemelery haunting: a mysterious hum In Taos, N.M. (R) A KB 9:25 P.M. : D(SR) Movie ***» 'Alice In Wonderland" (1951. Fantasy) Voices ol Kalhryn Beaumonl Ed Wynn. Anmaled Lewis Carrol's young heroine meets an array of curious characters in Ihe Disney version of the dassic tal«.«' SB (1:15) 9:30 P.M. Q} Fraaler Frasier reluctantly accepts a Ciller's challenge to apuMclisKght A BE ffl Ellen Elen snuggles to win the approval of her new gin 1 friend's 12-year-old daughter. (R) A (PA) BE CB Benny Hinn 89 Slave Harvey An insurance policy makes Steve suspi- ctous ol his lalher's new young fiancee. (R) A SB (AMC) Movie * *» "Die, Monster, Dial'(1965, Horror) Boris Kartofl, Nick Adams. Eiperimenls with a strange meteonle bring terror and JtilructwloaBnlan household. (1:16) (ESPE2) X-Gamaa Trials (RICK) Wonder Years Grandpa Arnold visits and brings Kevin a new puppy. A SB _ 9:45 P.M. (SHOWJ Movie * 'Skyscraper- (1996, Drama) Anna her resources H rescue hostages from a power-hungry madman and his mercenaries. A W(1:36) 10:00 P.M. CD CB Naws SB (D 3rd Rock From the Sun Ok* befeves he musl come between I possible romance between Tormry and Mary; Saly gels ajoo.p) ABB CB Primetime Uve BD (D Paid Program Q] Facaof Russia The spiritual rebirth in Russia affords a took at 1 ,000 yean of religious culture domkialed by tie Russian Oflhodoii Church, vmich Is known lor Its powerful art A (Parti o!3)BB SB Real TV A BB IB Mama's Family Mama hopes to become a member of an eidusive women's dub. f?g Si Naws CD Star Trek: Deep Space Nine JaoSa undergoes a Tnn ntual and meels Dax's previous hosts, who oxnmunicale with her through Slsko. Odo and others. A BB !7&f) Unreal Story of Professional Wrestling The history of professional wresting. Irom tum-of-the-cenrury legit- Imalebouls to the theatrical matches of today. (R) CC51vT) South Park (Bis£) Shlpwrackl The wrecks of tie Andrea Ooria and the Stockholm. (R) (KH) Hawaii Flva-0 A convicted murderer escapes from prison and tuealans to kit his lormer ojrMend. BD [P5B1 FOX Sports News (HST) Dream Machines -Hoi Rods' Mooned and power- M sired cars M appear in the 1930s, leadng to the sport oldrag racing with customUed hot rods. (R) (Part 3 ol 5) (Nra) Happy Days Howard becomes convinced tial his lile has been wasted and decides to fun away to Tahiti (TNN) Prime Tims Country Scheduled: music groups Alabama and Duii Chicks. (R) A (ffl (WSR] Simon * Simon rkk and A.J. atlempl to solve a murder wilh a 22-year-old letlK as titir crty due. (HIS) Oz A Bjhl over a checker! game leads to a massive rtol In which several officers are taken hostage: the SORT team arrives to bade the Inmates. (R| A BB (ROW) Movl* * * * s "Allen' (1979. Science Fiction) Tom Skeflig. Slgoumey Weaver. Oscar-winning special itleas IHghlgtil this tale of a malevolenl creature stalking the crew of an Memetar vessel. A 'ff Cffl (1:57) _ 10:01 P.M. C&fD ForavarKnlghlAvampirewlshingto atone torNs ev8 to regain Ns mortalDy oucovers Ns tormer vampire master is searching tor him. A m 10:10 P.M. (TI5) Movla * H 'Flowers In the Attic* (1967) Victoria. Tenant. LouUe FWcntf . Few cnidren are imprisoned by their sptltU grandmother In the family's ancestral home. (2«l) 10:30 P.M. CD Working Mints invrtid to onwwiu by an eiecutiviwtfi a secret agenda. (R) A STJ ID Paid Program O Cops From Minneapolis: a radaHymotivaled neighbor- hooddspulK a domestic violence cal. A W ffl Mama's Family Naomi and VWs baby arrives early. (CM) Dr. Katz, Proresslonal Therapist Ration Oswall and Sam Brown. CElFJBSportacanlarBB (ESP>@)X-Qamee Trials (KICK) Bewitched Al nursery school, TaMthagranls a Iriend-swlshttbeabulleilly. 10:35 P.M. (TNT) Movla * "Maximum Overdrive' (1986) Emito Eslevei, Pal Hingle. A passing cornel has an unusual effect on inanimale objects In Sleplun King's directorial debut ol rii own short story. (2K») 10:40 P.M. I6I5TJ) Mickey and the Beanstalk BB 11:00 P.M. CD CheeraThegangrlpslhebarapa'twhenRobinrelums slating thai he used to hide miiion-doJar money bells. A SD (D CS Newstffi QD Late Show BB CB Peter Popofl Q} Cancer Wars living Win the Enemy 1 Whie the death rale from cancer has declined, H is enpecled to increase abroad tallowing a rise in smokng in the Third World. A (Pan 4 ol 4) BE Q) LAPO: Life on the Beat A tree saves the Me ola drunken driver; officers train to hands urban violence. 1R) A EB H3 Different World Lena Home visits Human to dedicate a scholarship in honor ol her paternal grandmother. A SB g3 Roseanna Hoseanne becomes Involved in a lamly leud as Fred sues Jackie lor custody ol Mr unborn child. A BE CD Vibe m Access Hollywood A BE (Ape) Movla * * * » 'The Razor's Edge' (1946, Drama) Tyrone Power, Gene Tiemey. An idealistic war hero embarks on a quesl for tie meaning of life. Based on a lale by W. Someisel Maugham. (2:26) [egg] Daily Show ipiscj Justice Files What is being done to close tie loopholes thai have put iMenl offenders on the slum again. (H) iP.ISNJ Scarecrow of Romnsy Marsh The Scarecrow bids an any in Philip Brackenbury, whose nlormauon results in Ihe general's reassignment (R) (Part 3 of 3) BE (FTSJjfl 700 Club fF^S) FOX Sports News [HSTJ True Action Adventures The boats, cars and daredevil drivers tial made history. (R) :uf E) New Attitudes Careers for woman: inexpensive treatments tor banishing strelch marks: common mraie mis- takes.lR) BB ;NICK) I Love Lucy Ricky paces the Boor awaiting word Irom Hollywood about his screen mi BE (TON) city ol Hop* Celebrity Softball Challenge Neal McCoy. CM Black. LeAnn Rimes. Deana Cam, Diamond Rio and ottin celebrities slep up to the plate tor a binelr! Softball game. (H) A BB :»GN) Paid Program ;HBO) Sex and the City Uranda dates a man obsessed wilh models; Samantia's recwl sexual escapade is videotaped (R) A BE 11:01 P.M. mOl M.A.N.T.I.S. A virtual leaily sokier is murdering cit zens ol Port Columbia and Dr. Hawkins believes he may be tie neil target. A

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