Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on July 10, 1951 · Page 8
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 8

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1951
Page 8
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vi rj TT rrrtrn rtff rmTTtfTIT i»nmmimmr(iitr!f™ , ninnii"iii»' - n w *":- THE REGISTER-NEWS — AAT. VERNON, ILLINOIS CITY MANAGER BILL IS SIGNED BY STEVENSON Governor Colls Passage of Low a Major Achievement of Legislature. P 7- By Associated Press SPRINGFIELD, III., July 10 — The city manager bill was signed into law today by Governor Stevenson. The new law will permit all downstate communities to hold referendums on adpoting this form of government. Previously, only cities of less than 5,000 population had that right. In a statement announcing approval of the legislation which he advocated, Stevenson called the bill a "major achievement" of the 1951 General Assembly. "After 36 years of repeated ef forts and failures to pass such legislation, the cities of Illinois with the exception of Chicago now can experiment with more efficient local government on a home rule basis," he said. Under the city manager-council form, a salaried official appointed by the council for an indefinte period would take over major administrative functions of the mayor or village president. The mayor would preside at council meetings, attend ceremonial affairs and act as legal head of the government. The council would become strictly a legislative body, passing ordinances, prescribing duties and powers of appointive officers, and fixing salaries. The city manager would have supervision oVer law enforcement and could appoint or remove department heads. He could be fired by a majority vote of the council at any time. t The law provides for initiating areferendum by petition. •If a petition is filed with signatures of 10 per cent of the voters who went to the polls in the preceding mayorality election,, the county judge would have to call a special election within 60 days unless a regular election was scheduled before the deadline. ilf two conflicting petitions were filed, only the first proposition lVbuld go on the ballot^ -A favorable majority vote would carry the proposition and the mayor would be required to proclaim adoption if the city manager form. • If a city adopted the city manager form and continued under commissioners, or elected to switch to a commission-type council, selection of commissioners would be subject to these provisions: 1. Cities under 1,00,000 population would elect four, and those over 100,000 would elect eight, Jill from the city at large. 2. Commissioners would be elected to staggered four year terms, half of them being chosen every two years. The council would set salaries of Its members and the pay of the E ianager. The manager would ave to be paid at a rate not less than provided by statute for mayor. Four years would have to elapse after adoption of the city manager form before a referendum could be held on abandoning it. Cities with the aldermanic system could elect to have a city manager and,either continue with aldermen chosen by wards or switch to commissioners picked on a city-wide basis. DAIRY-DIP DRIVE IN,*, Across From The Granada Theatre SOMETHING NEW FOOT-LONG 2 EX-CONVICTS SHOT DOWN BY BRINK'S GUARD Two Others Escape; Tried to Hold up Chicago Money Truck. COMMANDER — Admiral Robert B. Carney, U. S. Navy (above), has been appointed Commander in Chief of the Allied Forces in Southern Europe by Gen. Dwigbt D. Eisenhower. Road Gives Way; 2 Killed on Bus By Associated Press JASPER, Alta., July 10. — A glass-topped sightseeing bus rolled down a 25-foot incline near this rocky mountain resort town yesterday, killing two women and injuring five others seriously. Twenty-eight persons were travelling in the bus. Bill Johnson, the driver of another bus following closely behind, said the sightseeing bus slowed down to pass a parked truck and the crust of a new "blacktop" surface of the road gave way. The bus stopped, teetered and then rolled down the 25-foot incline at the side of the road. He said the glass dome broke and fell out as the bus rolled. Specialising in Farm Sales Furniture and Real Estate at Auctions. Sales. Carl Kraatz, Auctioneer Phone 86F12 Cllin or Phone 3414, Mt. Vernon, 111. By Associated frin CHICAGO, July 10 — Two ex convicts were slain in a gun fight with a young Brink's Inc., guard ysterday as he thwarted their attempt to hold up his armored money truck. Julius Blanchart, Jr. 25, a guard for only three months, suffered a possible skull fracture in the bloody gun battle. One of the two gunmen he killed had slugged him on the head with a shotgun after the weapon jammed. Blah- chart, a former mail man, was lauded by police. Two other bandits escaped. Their slain companions were identified by police as well-known hoodlums and suspected members of a curency exchange robbery gang. They weer Rocco Belcastro, 36. and Frank 'Piazza, 42. The shooting took place in the second floor garage of the Bowman Dairy Company distributing station at 836 Evergreen avenue, on the city's near north side. Blanchart and two other guards had driven the armored truck into the garage to pick up receipts from 250 drivers. Blanchart remained in the truck and the other two guards went to the third floor for the money. Brink's officials refused to say how much money was in the truck, but police said there probably were several thousand dollars. Blanchart told police when he saw two masked men, both wearing butcher smocks and carrying shotguns, walking toward his truck he got out of the car and started shooting. Becastro fell and Piazza turned and fled. Blanchart fired again and dropped Piazza. At that time Belcastro came up behind Blanchart and struck him on the head with the shotgun but the guard fired again and Belcastro sprawled at his feet. In the meantime, Blanchart had TIME TO BUY LIQUOR IS NOW from the only Liquor Store in Mt. Vernon East Side Square - FREE DELIVERY. PHONE 100 or TM Free Parkin* In Rear CHINA DOLL RESTAURANT _ TANTALIZING DINNERS 904 MAIN CALL 465 Prepared By Our Chinese Chef Chop Suey Chow Mela .M 'Plain Chop Suey . .15 Plain Chow Meln 1.00 1.M 1.75 Subgnm Chop Suey 1.10 Chicken Chop Suey or - »» . « . • Chow Meln 1.25 For Party Reservation AND Chicken Chow Meln With _ — _ . White Mushroom* Carry-Out Orders _ Special China Doll Chop • Suey Serving From-4 p.m. ^ , „ „ i. * A Shrimp Subgum Chop Until 11:30 p.m. Suey 1.45 Daily Except Sundays Egg Foyaung .75 ITALIAN and AMERICAN STYLE FOODS Prepared by ITALIAN CHEF For Good Food It's CHINA DOLL aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii PHILCO Air Conditioner tfs Nva Ysar W«T«tty ; Find out now how euy it ia to air •; condition your bedroom or any room or office with a Philoo window unit. Easily huUUed .. I <^79 50 ™? lU ^£Sl?^ ln-t.ii.tton ' tartar FREE booklet!. Free 65 Week« to Pay GOODYEAR ttr MZ8 S. lotti . Phone 1101 YOUR RENT DOLLARS For what you're paying in rent every month, chances are you can pay for a home of your own. After a reasonable down payment, our financing plan involves payments just like rent You make the same payment each month and that one payment may include taxes and Insurance, too. Let's figure it out together. MT. VERNON LOAN and BUILDING ASSOCIATION 112 N. 10th ETHEL M. GREEN, ftey. «, 0llt ]| '"IfllllllNlllllllllimiMUllilUiilLimmi i See Nationwide Bread Increase By Allocated Prttt NEW YORK, July 10 — The nine-day strike by AFL truck drivers against major New York bakeries today reached a showdown that might lead to nationwide increases in the price of wrapped bread. A special fact-finding committee, appointed by Mayor Vincent R. Impellitteri, last night offered a package settlement formula to the two sides and gave them until 3 p. m. (CST) today for their reply. The offer included the striker's chief demand, that their 40-hour week be spread over fife days instead of six. A spokesman for the union, the AFL International Brotherhood of Teamsters, said the acceptance of the five-day formula here would lead to its extension throughout the nation. The New York bakeries were expected to ask a one or two cent increase in the price of a wrapped loaf if the five-day week goes through. Persons close to negotiators said such increases would accompany a county-wide five- day week. Involved in the New York strike by 4,000 drivers, are 16 bakeries which produce SO per cent of the wrepped bread sold in New York and its suburbs. sounded the truck's siren and the other two guards joined him. Blanchart, with another guard, Emmett Ebert, 26, saw Piazza crouching behind a row of parked cars, attempting to reach his shotgun. They fired simultaneously, killing Piazza. The third bandit, meanwhile, had disappeared and police said witnesses told_them he fled down a back stairway to the street and jumped into an automobile driven by a fourth member of the gang. Otto Plank, a Brink's vice-president, said the company has a standing offer of S1.000 for *each bandit killed by a Brink's employee. He said the reward might be increased to include all three guards — Blanchart, Ebert and Theodore Kobylinski, 34. COMPOSER OF "IN THE SHADE OF THE OLD APPLE TREE" DIES By Aifoclattd Prt»» CHICAGO, July 10—Egbert Anson Van Alstyne, famous as a composer of some of the nation's best known songs,^including "In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree", died in his home yesterday. The 73-year-old composer of more than 500 songs since the turn of the century, had been in failing health several years. He suffered a stroke last April in Miami Beach, Fla., and was re- torncd to his home by ambulance. Van Alstyne composed only the music for many of his songs. The lyrics were by several collaborators, including Haven Gillespie, the late Harry Williams, his old- time vaudeville partner, and the late Gus Kahn. Wrote "Memories" Van Alstyne's first major song was "Navajo," published in 1903 and his last, "This Is My Son," was published in 193S. Favorites he composed included "Memories," "Prettv Baby," "Old Pal." "Pony Boy," "That Old Girl of Mine," "Your Eyes Have Told Me So," If you see 'WING MIS , near your house you may have TERMITES "Sunshine and Roses," "I'm Afraid to Go Home in the Dark," "What's the Matter With Father," and "The Little Old Church In the Valley." He was born in Marengo, 111. His widow, Ruth Leslie Van Al styne and a son, Egbert Anson, Jr., survive. Funeral services will be held Thursday afternoon. Tax Lien Against Virginia Hill Filed By Associated Pr«t» CHICAGO, July 10.—A $48,369 Hen against Mrs. Vlrgilia Hill Hauser for unpaid income taxes TUESDAY, JULY 10, 1951 in 1946 and ,1947 was filed by the Federal government yesterday. John T. Jareckl, collector of Internal Revenue for northern Illinois, said the action against Mrs. Hauser, one time friend of the late gambler Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel, was taken at the request of the collector at Tacoma, Wash. Mt.Vernon lumber Co. PHONE tt Authorized RepraMatativf of AC* Ohio VilUv Tcnaini* Corp. 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Noras hos M hiddea drain pipes that can't fas kept dtaal With so-called "no defrost" refrigerators, frost accumulated in the freezer chest must be scraped away periodically. Noras nsvsr bailds up frost Hist Mast be scraped or chipped awayl NOW-Fast automatic defrosting really perfected NEW NORGE agar SELF-D-FROSTER most convenient refrigerator ever designed Less work for you, more space for ' foods! New Jet Self-D-Frost system dissolres host every night, in minutes ... even ice cream stays frozen! The roomiest interior yon ever saw . . • including a full-length Handidor with front-view shelves, Egg Nest and 4-temperature Batter Bank. Bull-width Freezer Chest . . . roast-deep Meat Keeper... adjustable, movable shelves . . . huge Select-a-Size Krisper with removable dividers that's really 3 cria- pers in 1. Every convenience... even a built-in Bottle Opener! 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