Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on July 2, 1971 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 2, 1971
Page 5
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Johnson Photo Service Miehtll* R«ne» Kraus Kraus-Turner Mr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Kraus, Holcomb, announce the engagement and forthcoming marriage of their daughter, Michele Renee, to Michael Jerome Turner He is the son «f Mr. and Mrs. Melvin W. Turner, also of Holcomb. The bride-elect Is a 1971 graduate of Holcomb High school. A 1969 graduate of Holcomb High School, her fiance graduated this spring from the Barton County Community Junior College in Great Bend. A December 28 wedding is planned. Toco John's 305 E. Kansas "The Hottest Spot in Town" Cheese, Pressing, Crafts, Topics for EHU Lessons HAPPY HOMEMAKERS Cheese was the topic of a esson presented by Mrs. Arthur Davis for the Sappy Homemakers EHU. The unit met June 1 at the home of Mrs. Carl Boyd, Eminence Rt. The flavor of cheese is de- termiiined by the basic ingredients and the ripening period, PS. Davis said. Flavors vary Erom the mild, unripened cot- baigie cheese to the sharp, pi- quent Pairmesan (ripened 14 to 34 months) and the robust, 3ighly aromatic Limburger. Although most cheese is made from cow's milk, she said sheep or goat's milk also may be used. There are over 400 natural cheeses, which are made by separaituig curds of solids from the whey. In addition to natural cheeses, there are processed, pasteurized, cold pack and club pack cheeses, which are a combination of fresh and aged cheese. Mrs. Davis pointed out that cheese is a nutritious food that can be eaten in various ways. All cheese dishes should be cooked at low temperatures and for a shout time. Excessive heat and overcooking can cause fat separation, stringing and toughening of the cheese.. Mrs. Davis prepared an assortment of more than a dozen natural anld processed cheeses for members and guests to taste 'and compare as to consistency, texture, color, shape, and flavor. In other business, the unit . voted to contribute money to "Sesame Street." Mrs. Henry Gillan presided Shop the Self-Service SHOE SALE at time Old Fashioned Sale Prices On Name Brand Shoes For Every Member Of the Family Open early every morning this week . . . Open every Thursday Night for the 12 members present. MIPS. Davis was assisting hostess, Guests included Cindy Jarmer, and Beverly, Virginia and Barbara Boyd. Roll call was answered with summer plans. Cindy Jarmer received the hostess gift. The next- meeting will be a family picnic and weiner roast at 7:30 p.m. July 18 in Finnup Park. Inactive members will be hostesses for the event. LINCOLN GOODWILL "Crafts" was the subject of a demonstration at the June meeting of the Lincoln Goodwin EHU at the home of Mrs. W. A. Miller, 1411 Main St. Mrs. H. V. Mickel deimon- sitraited the use of egg cartons, meat plates, pipe stems, glitter and other materials to make, flowers, nut cups and other objects. The unit received second place in the EHU Week window displays. At the EHU district meeting in Meade, Mrs. Fern West received the table centerpiece as a drawing prize. Mrs. H. F. Morgan presicU ed for the 13 members present. Roll call was answered with a point of flag etiquette. Guests ncluded Michele and Roger kVilkers'on, 'Kansas City, Mo., grandchildren of Mrs. Th.iu.iman jle. Devotions were "With God' >y Otto Anderson, and were aken from James 3. They ivere given by Mrs. Miller. The unit donated $1 to the Greathouse memorial. The next meeting will be a coffee at 9:30 a.m. July 6 at he home of Mrs. Fern West 403 N. 2nd. PROGRESSIVE Mrs. Verneal Matheson presented >a talk on advertising en Med "The Truth Is" at the Progressive EHU meeting rune 9 in the home of Mrs. John Roth, Holcom'b. Mrs. Matheson defined advertising as paid announcements used to introduce and sell goods, services, and ideas. From the consumer's point of view, she said, advertising should provide information to >ase decisions on. The unit plans to buy 12 salt and pepper shakers and six sugar and creamers for the school, as a community project. Mrs. Wayne Scott presided lor the 11 members present. Roll call' was answered with an irritating advertisement. Recreation included a purse game, with Mrs. Wayne Scott winning the recreation prize. Mrs. Francis Richmond received the hostess prize and Mrs. M^aitheson received a birthday gift. Assisting hostess was Mrs. John Miller. The next meeting will be at 2 p.m July 14 at the home of Mrs. Mike Rome, Holcomb. LAZY DAISY "The Truth about Pressing" was the lesson topic for Lazy Daisy EHU at their June 10 meeting in Friend School. Hostess was Mrs. Bill Herman, with Mrs. Herbert Graves as assisting hostess. The lesson was presented by Mrs. Larry Greathouse, who reminded members to always test their irons on a scrap of fabric before ironing a garment. Press cloths should be used to protect fibers. Roll call was answered by giving a water safety rule. Mrs. Melvin Louk presided for the eight members present. Sherri Greathouse, Imperial Rt., was a guest. Mrs. BiH Herman and Mrs. dem Shirk received gifts. The next meeting will be at 8 p.m. Sept. 9 at Friend School, with Mrs. Nate Billings and Mrs. D wight Mills a>s hostesses. ANN LANDERS SAYS Relatives Annoy Overseas Family •^ & DEAR ANN LANDERS: I "indestructibility" of '-solid" am writing in behalf of all U.S. military troops stationed in Eu- ante REGINA RAE is the name chosen by Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hangrove, Lakin, for their daughter. She was bom June 29. JOHN OTIS JR. is the name chosen toy Mr. and! Mrs. Jofhn Filbert, Scott City, for their son. He was born June 28. JEFFREY JAMES is the naime chosen by Mr. and Mi's. Jim L. Williamson, 210 Penn, for their son. He was born June 27. Calendar of Social Events FRIDAY SENIOR CITIZENS — Covered dish supper, 6 p.m., Civic Center. SUNDAY SWEET ADiELdNlES-will not meet July 4. MONDAY BUKS LADIES BRIDGE OL/UB — 2 p.m., Elks Home. TUESDAY ELKS OOUFLiES BRIDGE OLrtJB —8 p.m. Elk's Home. MNOOLN G-OODWHJL, EMIT — 9:30 a.m. coffee with Mrs. Pern West, 403 2nd. State President Visits Local LAPM Members rope. Up until the time we came to this interesting city the majority of our friends and relatives wouldn't have traveled 40 miiles to visit us. Now that we are here, our popularity has suddenly zoomed. We have two small children and we live in a two-bedroom home. Our compact European oar is perfect for our family, but it won't do as a tour bus. Alneady the letters have begun to arrive. Here's the latest: 'Guess what? Uncle Harry and I will be seeing you July 20. We will be able to stay unilil August 10. Wouldn't it be fun if Dob could get a leave and \ve could see France together? You probably know aill the spots and we have never been to Europe before." It so happens that Bob is a pilot 'and away from home approximately half the time. When be is -homo hie likes to spend Ms time with me and the children. When he takes a leave, we enjoy going off by ourselves. Please Ann, tell Aunt Ma-ry, Uncle Harry, Ramona Roommate, Freddy Frat-Brobher, and yes, Mom and Dad and Sister Sue, thait if they want to see Europe to contact a tcmr agency. — Straight Talk Bear S. T.: Here's your message. Ane you listening, Aunt Mary, Uncle Harry, Ramona Roomimate, Freddy Frat-Brother, Mom and Dad and Sister Sue? * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: I was very disatppoimited when you ajgreed wMlh The Otiher Woman who signed herself "Secune In Key Biscayne." You even wish ed 'her luck. It was- a beautiful opportunity for you to eniight en 'her, as well as millions of other readers who spout high swindling platitudes about 'the marriages. I was victimized by The Other Woman who wormed her way into my husband's life, and I have never wished her any bad luck. She succeeded in get- ling him — and that's bad Kick nougii for anybody. My hus- and was the perfect gentleman in public and a foul-mouth- cl, sewer-mirictec! liar at home. Yoxi call them "House Devils And Street Angels.") I agree With you when you ay no man can be wooed way against his will. My hus- >and was ripe and ready for he picking. Why? What was he mater with me? ! was omething he already had, and vhatever lie had he didn't want. I don't know how he and 'Poopsls" are getting along, nit I can guess. Every woman who starts to go with a married man and decides she wants to marry him should oeep one 'thing in mind. Her over was half of the team thait made up that rotten marriage -•and she might be geUing the worse half.—Been There Also I love my niece and her hus- >and very much. I once closed a letter to her with this: "Say to your husband." When I went to visit them several months later they had saved the letter air! we all had a good augh. I hope the paranoid mother sees this and feels l«t- ter.—Nuts To Freud Dear Nuts: Thanks for the day-brightener. I laughed, too. * * * When romantic glances 1urn orner HAMBURGER CASSEROLE Mrs. Mary Lordge Box 288 Lakin . 1 onion Vz to 1 cup celery 2 pounds hamburger 2 cans cream of mushroom soup 2 cans chick en with rice soup Saute onions and celery with hamburger. Add soups. Mix well and turn into a 9xl3-ineh greased cassercfe. Sprinkle with Chinese (chow mein) noodles and bake about 30 minutes at 350 degrees. to warm embraces is it love or chemistry? Sand for the book- I let "Love Or Sex And HOW TO Meeting Times Set for Tell The Difference," by Ann Landeirs. Enclose a long, stamped, self-addrcssetl envelope and 35c in coin with your request. Correction The last line in the recipe for Pineapple Whip in Cook's Corner June 28 should have read "1 tsp. vanilla." Buy Fireworks from Girl Scouts. Eagles Parking Lot. Buffalo Hunters Club Meeting times for tire Buffalo Hunters Club have been announced by the Garden City Public Library: Grade 2—10 a.m. July 10. Grade 3—11 a.m. July 10. Grades 4, 5 and 6—1:30 p.m. July 12. Grades 7, 8 and 9—10 a.m. July 13. Films to be shown are "You Can't Get Here From Here," and "Tah'tonfca." Both are supplied by the Cultural Heritage Dear Been: Thanks for a good letter. I wish you luck, too— and I me-an it. Nothing is so obvious in this life as the fact that there ane two sides to every question. Sometimes three. * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: A wold, please, to the mother who was heartsick because her daughter had started her letter, "Dead Mother and Dad." Poor Mom thought the girl wished her dead. Dr. M. D. Niedem Chiropractic Office 811 Main Garden City H»urs 8:30—5:30 nurs..$at. 1:30—12 —Adv. and Art Center, Dodge City. NOTICE FLIGHT DECK RESTAURANT WILL BE CLOSED Sunday. July 4 Watch for Grand Opening of the New Flight Deck Restaurant Coming Soon! OPEN TONIGHT UNTIL 10 PM The Ladies' Auxiliary Militat and Canton Covert No. 4 met Friday at the IOOF Hafll for a covered dish luncheon, honoring China Berates, state pireslideinit of the LAPM, -wtoo wais miaJaing bet official visit to the auxiliary. The tables were covered with the presidlenlt's colors, red, wMlfce and blue, and were centered wi'tfti a minaaJtui* rose garden on eMiber side. The roses, wtaiite for truth and red for love, wiere fflanked by the president's emblem, the American flag. The goal "To be as busy as >a bee," was nspresenit- ed by smial bees in the flower gardens. The pi-esMent was accom- pamed by -Lady Mennie Herran, Oakley, of the Oolby Auxiliary No. 20. The business nueeting was called to order by Jeanie Jacques, president. Lines were formed by Mabel Wendt, vice- president. The auxliairy adjourned until July 23 at the IOOF Hall. Variety Meats Lend Flavor to Meal When you shop for variety meats, you'll have no problem. Liver, heart, kidneys, tongue, brains and sweetbreads are all known as variety msats. Liver is probably the most papular of the variety meats. It's highly nutritious with a distinctive flavor. Beef liver has a more pronounced flavor than calf liver, and costs less. liver needs never be monotonous, with so many methods of preparation. Liver is one cut of beef Ifoat you'll want to use soon after you bring it home so you can enjoy the good flavor. It's another" cut of beef with no waste when you cook it quickly and not too long. Garden City, Ks. OPEN THURSDAYS TILL 8:30 p.m. WALL SAYINGS NOW! BROKEN SIZE RUNS-ODD LOTS NEW SUMMER HOURS Monday Thru Saturday A.M. to 10 PJM. SUNDAYS 9 A.M. to 7 P.M. Recipe for Welcome! Make.. .1 quick phone call. No. 275-5922 Blend.. .1 charming- hostess with "The Most Famous Basket in the World" Stir in.. .genuine hospitality, warm friendliness And you'll have... a generous and delightful welcome DRESSES Formerly 3.99 to $28 to BARGAIN TABLES odds & ends from all over the store—now at ridiculous prices Double Knits 100% Polyester—54"-60" wide to HURRY FOR THESE VALUES LADIES'CO ATS Now... 1/2 price Mens' Dress and SPORT SHIRTS Short Sleeves Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 $ 2. *3. $ 4. Boys' Short Sleeve SPORT SHIRTS I 33 „•• 2 44 FLARE PANTS '3, Small group men's odd lots BIKINI BRIEFS Lace trim Satinette nylon Sportswear Girls' and Ladies' sites Pants-shorts-sets-toes OFF LADIES' SHOES All summer shoes now GREATLY REDUCED PANTY HOSE Reg. 2.00 Agilon Z Pn. 3* Small Beys' and Girls' SUMMER WEAR Now... Vaoff STORE HOURS: WEEKDAYS »:30-J:JO THURSDAYS: »:30-»:30 ALL SALES FINAL PLEASE-NO LAYAWAYS--NO APPROVALS- NO EXCHANGES PLEASE.

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