Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 14, 1998 · Page 60
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 60

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 14, 1998
Page 60
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SUPPLEMENf TbTHE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL • ON TV WEEK OF JUNE 14-JUNE 20, 1998 7 TUESDAY JUNE 16, 1998 TUESDAY EVENING BROADCAST CHANNELS si Home Imp. [Home Imp. NewsE lews Ei] [Extra S3 News® 700 Club S) m \lews-Lehrer Single [Martin E Fam. Mat. Home Imp. Mad-You Fresh Pr. Star Trek: Next Gener. Frasier A [Entertain Seinfeld H Mad-You . Movie: **K"TheCutaway"(1994) C\ d Frasier I Entertain Mad-You [Nowsradio |Frasier (R) [3rd Rock API's 100 Years... 100 Movies HE Jeopardyl [Fortune [Figure Skating Home Imp. Two Guys Movie: "Man on the Run" (1949) iPaidProg. Coast Business [Served People's Court n E NovaS Bufly Vampire Fresh Pr. Cosby Home Imp. Simpsons News Movie: "The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag" Seinfeld O Simpsons Home Imp. Benny Hinn Frontline A GS Invasion America ES Movie: **» "TheGetaway"(1994) A SB Moesha(R) tin-House (Malcolm iGoodNews "Kenny Rogers as the Gambler, Part II" NewslSJ Cheers A Dateline A ® iSJBT NewsBS Late Snow NYPDBIue(R)El News H Paid Prog. [Paid Prog. P.O.V. A H Real TV A CopsE Mama News Mama Deep Space 9 News 'aid Prog. LAPD DiKWorld Roseanne Vibe Hollywood CABLE CHANNELS A&E Silent Witness "Blood, Sweat and Tears (R) AMC COM DISC Wings (R) DISN ESPN GrowPains [Brotherly Movl«PTheBrave LittleToaste" Ill'saTrip -=• —:—r— 1=: .. '_—'—= r- rz—: • —T™ L " FAM Stanley Cup f Lonesome Dove (Part 2 or 4) FSB LIFE NICK SCIFI TBS TNN TNT USA WGN 'The Fighting Sulllvan8"|Homeward Bound (Rj ILaugh Law&OrderE jBiography: Eyila: Myth [Silent Wilness(fl) Daily Show |Ben Stein Movie: ***» "Slate Fair" |(:45) Movie: "Man Without a SttP Movte: *** "CrocodileDundoe"(1986) Gimme Shelter (R) |wild Discovery: Whale [New Detectives (R) IShipwreckilR) 1 ;: Finals Game 4 Figure-Out [Tiny Toon DibT Intimale Portrait Sightings: Biopr. Mai Doug IB IRugralsA (:01)RashAd Sportscenter 0 \fivT Premium Movte: ** "The Mighty Ducla' Movte: * "Tn» Cowboy and the Movte SUr" Tonight [Water Ski | NBA today Last Word [Sports [Major league Baseball Cotorado Rockies at San Francisco Giants. (Live) JFOX Sports News Unsolved Mysteries A Movte: **S "Any Moth»f« Son" (1997) Ruorats A IBrady IB Iseaquesl DSV 51 |(:35) Movie:' * * * "Ertrtmlttef (1986) Windwagn Hawaii Rve-0 OS Brady |WonderYr |HappyDay |Bewitched" lew Human Race 'Joker jailyShow Justice Scarecrow Sports Attitudes Love Lucy ) Flash Prime Time Country A IVideo Playback: TNN [Dallas 'Denial' A |Dukes of HaaardU |Prkne Time Country (R) |TNNLive ?"•"• T '-'-' " . "'. '"*.". .. * — . •' I--"* . ". '. ' .'.— j. '" '."TZ^."Z"'' ' "!*• Jjjm^i —...-.-.•-•- ,_ j UB-_|, i_ 4ll— fit±,m*M Hf\OC\ (5:C^MovleV"Bac'ktoth»Fiiture''' iMovte; ** rite Sacral of My Su^M1987) |llovl«!"BacKtotf>»Future"(1985) Baywalch A 111 [Highlander: The Series [Walker, Texas Ranger [Boxing Angel Manlredy vs. Reyes Munoz. IB |Stalkings Invasion America E PREMIUM CHANNELS MAX SHOW (5:30) Movie: *** "IndependenceDay" E "Honky1nk"|Movle: ** "Solo" (1996) E iBeverly Hills, 90210 A lln the Heal ol the Nig Movie: * "Speed 2: Crulto Control" (1997) • "Side Out" Movie: "My Father, the Hero" 'PG' Movte: ** "Toys" (1992) Robin Williams. A Movie: * if "Extreme Measures" (1996) 'R' Oz'PlanB'(R)E Movte: *H "The Glimmer Manales ol the City [TalesCity" EVENING 6:00 P.M. GfJ Horn* Improvement Despite Jilfi if approval, Tim cwivinces Mart to join a karate class. A ED CD GD (B News ED CB 700 Club S Newehour With Jim Lehrer ED GD Uvlng Single MM Wes to stop her opponenTi mud- i»n»i>g campaign hl« met IwaWeiman. A ED IB Family MetteraSttvegelsaiooBlacolfeaihopio help wtof repaint Ihe WMows' home. A ED 83 Hcmelmorovefnent Tim acts u a surrogate latter i*wh&l>mtao>cl*s to leave his wife end d*»en. A Cffl B3 Star Trek: The Ne« Generation Geort and Data kwestigaU en unexplained series ol metlunctons, Iron which i^oeduMNshVlslomilng to own Welfares. A W IB FrM)«fFr«««K!Ww<llcwe(ti*lilwiidl!ng tin women tiniultaneotisly. A 19 (SSF) Silent Witness Samer*a probes In mysterious dHJh ol i v«y tucceuU Asian boiet iiho dM In Iw ring: Sun'i atont returns « the new chief superintendent ol poke. (R) EBH| Odd Couplt OK* U suspected of tout (ley when no one Menu to t» able to Ind F*t, WlngaTheGeimanspertectsxIWIet engine oil* c^Wo*IWe/ll.(R) (5RSW) Movie * * » 'My Father, the Hero' (1994. Comedy) Geiard Oepardeu, Katienne Helgl. A vactloning 1<year-old kirns heads wlwi the pretends thai Iw latw Is actually her tover o Impress* older boy. W BD (l«l) 7:00 P.M. (2 SelnUld Jerry Is shorted tehwtw naughty suggestions on his tape recorder George sees Elaine in anew Ight A ED CD t« woman timJtaneoully. A ED fB AFI'i 100 YMre.- 100 MovlM Woody Alen. Juki Robert! and Matin Somwse are among host on hand to help the Ameitan F*n Inslorle celebult I century ol oneme «tti a selection ol the 100 best AmedcanSms. A W CB Jeopardy! OH CB Movie **» -Man on the Run - (t«4») Derek Fair, Joan Hcftira. An Aimy oeww moves tarn tarn lo tow looking lor peace and quiet, only to become Involved In more too- SS Seinfeld Jeny Is shocked to hear the naughty suggestions on his tape recorder; George sees Elaine In aim light A ED 09 Slmpuni Bait tiles everything he can to destroy Lisa's knajeai a dependable baby ttleintiin the U led mchuge. A ED IB Hoow Improvement Despite*! Disapproval. Tm convinces Mait to K*i« karate dats, A W (gSW) Win Ben Steln'e Monty (HI® flugrat* ED (TStD Movta **» The Secrtlol My Success' (IM7)MlcheelJ.F(ji.Hel«iSUter.Pc«igaseiun«xeiecui(e, an imHkxa youti uses hit kem business sense to ** Manhattan 1 ! coportt ladder. (2-JOJ 7:35 P.M. (M) Movie * * * 'Extremities (IS»5) Farrah Fa««tlJariwftaio.TVwAppro*ial«Avic>mdallempted Q] Nighty ftitbiwRtportSfMM Into R. IJH55) Growing Pains Maggie goes Wo labor and Inter- ntXs'Ben'i birthday party. ED (MM) Lonnwm Dove Cal end GUI a» kneed Woa oarfrontakon w» in cM enemy *ho kttupi end bnMai Uxm, »nle Jake hooki up «*h ll» Suggi brelien). (Put Z ol 4) M UtlWofd Diwm ItaclUm* •Sfio* CmT Tl» oevetopmert mWt lulea ml iKM iporti on, Muring t» Jtguv, MQ, Fera/l, ftmdn, Miatt, Uoq^n art) CMveKe. (P«t 8 ol S) Pj] Sup«rro»rit»l SWMP (R1EK) Figured Out (TOR) Prim* Tim* Country SdwUrt onj« Randy TnSi. A ED (D|A) B«yw«tch A movie producer »enU to make l*lene Mar; Shawl hUpi an animal moa oisanlalion raiie money. , S People'* Court A tffl Frath Prtnet of W-AtoWi»*ome»i**lxicd Wend »t«ll In LAB compete In • comedy cUiltiOKtse. A (ffl 89 HcmelrnprovwwntOeipSejrsolsapprovil.TIm coffYtTtfrt MenHtottriirthtfftt^fiT A W WBem UaHrosmone'l play. (2«) 1:00 P.M. (D O Movie) **»TheQeUw»y-(l»4)Ak«: BtVMn, Mm Besrger. A hind gun end Ms »* hud to In tor- der«henem)c«erb«>iyilwTidurtngaiiao«mptedheisl A uledlMSIowutlen. A BD IB New* (SMg Honwwwd Bound Bon Howard, Elm Bmlyii end Btny Udneon Jscuu how movies it»M dwiglng hroly CD IMAbtHitYouAIMPidlpsaalnloiiiekildeci- son, he ml Jamie end up on Had CutYi In bets I p»Hm»y cWm.(R)ADJl QD Ftgun Skating fleltectiona on Ice: Michelle Kwan Skilei to the Music ol Disney's Mulan' ) Daily Show ) Qlmm«Sh«tt«rCastl»newel; pew Bole; yirt ) Movie * * * "The Brave Utte Toutti* . Fmtuyl Voices ol Jon lotto Tim Stack. Antatled. Ffce IW5S1 InvMlon Anwric* A battle-waty OavkJ Hindi atone In delme o( Earth agaliut the Dragjfi mel»w Iwitaid- rwnL Trekking through tie BadMi, OavkJ is assisted by Doc. A BE 8:30 P.M. GD Horn* Improvement Tim act! as « sunogate lather when lfebroft«i!«^i to leave NiwHertrtldren. A 131 (D Extra ABB 81 MtamnMaito arrange* « fond-raiser tor i tatted movie heater Kith Han from the 70s attending. A W Si Fra$hPrinc« of Bct-AlrDuboyi gamble may Ihelr money to i lernal* card inert wto taket a lancy to Canton, making her boyMendleakxu. A W W M«t About You Jamie disowen Paul Is al his best HtunuKonsoous. A ED EnUrtilnment Tonight A ED ) Mike M* Uugh ) Brotherly Love Joe end Andy boti ind love « the .t shop where Mall woiki. ED i) FOX Sports Newt iDebt 3 Tiny Toon Adventure! Movi* * * -Solo- (1996. Soence FWw) IMo Vtn PeeWes. ei/iy Coo*. An ntoid soWM kicks Wo > leu- detensrve mode ntwi Ihe mllary decides «* nil moal streak mat bt erased. A 'PC-is 1 3D (134) »e« abandoned summer eaomw IB (1»l USPN2J X-QauKM TrUI» (RD Mijor Ucgu* BM*b*ll 'Colorado Rockies at San Francisco Giants' From 3Com Pa*. (Uve) (HIT) 10 QrMtut American Car* of the) Twentieth Century Jack Peikeu seajchet IK most exctu- we auto museums and pmale homes to fod 10 perfect cars. (R) (DPI) Intlmat* PortnOfremmyWynettt'Countiy singer Tammy Wynete Is prosed. (R) A ED (HICK) Doug ED (TFW| Video PltybKk: TNN'» 16 Yum Hot! Rate McEniie eianrns t» gm* ol countiy inuslc wee TNN was launched In IMS. A acUollemjriimcommitudWyewieaAef. A (Part 1 0(2)68) r:oiP.«. lenelmuroerlivettoetBn.BD (ATOlMovl* ***» 'State Fall" (IMS. Musical) Jem* Crain, Dm Andrews. Rodjers and Haranersssin scored Ms second 8m union d W steiy ol w km tarn hmys adventure! at he lair. (1:40) fSS> Movl* * * * •Crocodile Dundee' 0«M) Paul Hogin. Undt KoAwskl. An Anwkw reporter convinces a legendary Austratan hunter k> mum »» Iw to M wlds ol lying a tiaiwJ asseudi »holikingpnmlnenli*ens. A W 7:30 P.M. CD Max* About You Jamie iscoven Paul i» at to t»U wtienunconwoui. A OS CD Entert»lmmnl Tonight A KD CD Wn«»l of Fortun* (ffl QO Aft You MiuSOTtriTlte Mori's owiMMWil iruUi i cktteckircul television to w«e* shopoers end sWI. •I Co»by Show WtienctnosnfcikiNttaWe haw, CWsetksrHugeinNsolk*. A EC boyonralnalcaOletlnVe. AIBIEOOI (rf^civUWsr Journal PowertJ weapons o(W CM rate olOisney-inewtilchaiictei. (Taped) A CB QD NoveMjnkn/lscis^anceslKSOIZmilonjeariejo existed as tcavengen and Ml ansnws gm tse lo human Weejenca. A(P»it2on)BD • Butlyttw Vampire 8t«y»rWhenCoro.lab(eeki OK Mr secret romance. Km* gets sMenl «M Amy to put a spel on her, i*resute tor taiitiat he Wended. (R) A ED • Movie ** The Gun In Betty Lou's Handbag* (I H2) Penelope Am Wet, E* Thai A mousy Hnita's decision to if** up I* Hi w» e fount mutt wepon puts a ucisfc Her on hat M. (2«) O) Mo«a^UMihii<idU(i«liappiyanWpatelieamval ol Iw grantitnr, but Funk Is less Dun eailed. (R) A ED O Movie **» •Kenny Rogers as the Gambler, Pan II - The Adventure Continues' (1«M) (Part I of 8 Kenoy Rogers, Unoa Evens. Brady Hmkas teams up »ith i shaipstooling sng« e) save his son tarn lie ImnicoWshoMng the toy hostage. (2«l) SB) Urn » Order Stow Ms NmsHI In • batte mill lie IBlstl Wild Disco very The 6o«t>ead Whale' The aicherypal bonhead itieto, <*ose skM-movkig snd shy mmner hekis I adapt to We In W polar seas. )8portseent»fED • DMUuLuplcaShow __ ) Movte * The Cowboy and the Movie Star" (1«W Seen Youno,Perty King. Alter a car acooent leaves War became He luring point for the way the wild Bphts. (R) (DP|) Unsolved Mysteries A CRICK) Rugrata ED (5Sn) Seacjuest DSV The ship's previous captain seeks revenge after she Is stripped of her command. A (Part 1 of 2) tffl (TSH) Dallas Jock's death affects the members of the Ewing lamlylnavailelyofways. A (OS?) Walker, Texaa Ranger Walker Is assigned to protect a lamous siiger whose wealthy ei-husband Is wan) lo Oy anything to gel her back. A [SI (WSffl Beveriy Hills, 90210 Kelly decides to kick her habit the amVal of Susan's en-boyfriend makes Brandon led Insecure; Ele Sits with Clare's lather. A ED [HS5] Movie * 'Speed 2: Cruise Control* (1997. Suspense) Sandra Butocfc, Jason Panic. A madman at the helm sinks s couple's chance lor romance aboard a hmntous ocean Smr. Directed by Jan De BonL A 'PO-13' BD (205) (MAX) Movie ** Toys- (1992, Fantasy) Robin Wlliams. Michael Gambon. A toymaker altempts to tan his evi uncle's plot to maitiel war toys to chUOen. A TG-13' BD (Ml) (SHOW) Movie w * "Extreme Measures' (1995. Suspense) High Giant, Gene Hackman. An ER doctor puts his own Me m jeopardy when he refuses lo stop Investigating a homeless man's sliangedealh. A W 3D (1:56) 8:30 P.M. CD Newsradio Hoping to teach U a management lesson, Dave and lisa promote him, bul he rises to the occasion. (R) A {Pan lot 2) KB Q} Paid Program Q) In the House Maikn accepts a four^ay Mexican ciuise Irom Mai, but H turns out to Involve more hen Mai has revealed (R) A (Part Id 2) Cffl (C15N1 We a Trip A Nashvle, Tom, (amity's adventures on Ihe way to Disney's Animal Kingdom. (R) IB rjgwll] RPM2Nlght (KICK! Brady Bunch The Brady! are suprisad when Paler enpiains that he saved s grfs Be. 4:00 P.M. CD Fraslsf As hat pregnancy progresses, Roz Worms the lather, Daphne gets baby-sUng tiei; Iran Marin and Ntes. (R) A ED CB Home Improvement M lean the worst when house guest WHO* doesrt come home one right Tool Tine' cele- bamSt Patrick's Day. (R) A Cffl CD Coast to Coast CB Frontline The possUe Impact thai itiarHMde chemicals am havirig on human he** and to environment A ED SB Invasion America A bUle-weery David stands atone In defense of Earth against the DngH'e meteor bombantnenL Tnkklng through the Badlands, Davkj U assisted by Doc A IS) B) Malcolm & Eddie Sparks fly between Malcolm's tatter and Edde's dtvoroed mother when me parents vlsl their sons at the same time. (Ft) A (B) (SEE) Biography IMa: The Woman Behind the Myth 1 Eva Penn, lie actress who minted a country 1 ! leader and became a national heroine. (R) 85155) New Detectives The iltcultei laced by nrensic scientists during the O.J. Simpson murder trial. (R) (BI5S) Movie * * The Mighty Ducks' (1992, Comedy) En* Eslff.ii JMI Ackland. An arrogant young lawyer Is forced to transform a bunch of unruly youths Into a champl- onship-catber hockey learn. W PS (1:41) Baseball Tonight J World Cup 2Nlght Art of Tattooing People al over N world get tattoos tor retglous, tncVonal snd personal reasons tiat an mon> han skvvdeep. (R) (OF0 Movie * * X 'Any Mother's Son' (1997) Bonnie Bedeta, Sads Thompson. A woman seeks (mice altar learning that her gey son, a safer In t* Navy, wsi murdered by his shipnates. Cffl (201) (HICB Brady Bunch Whan CWyatddenlaly gives away Mania's clan, Mama deddes to snkide her younger sister from her it. (Ttroi Dukes of Htuzstrd Boss It tone sMankn buti- ness and mnksBoendlaka am stating Irom him A OB 105*1 Boxing 'Angel Manfredy vs. Reyes 'AscheSted iS^lghlwalgMlghttom Bkmktu; (SSE) SHent Witness Samantha probes the mysterious deasS c< a very suoassM Asian bner who des In the ring; Sam's ««*ver returns as the new chief superintendent of pofce. |R) (EON) Viva Variety Actor Abe VTgoda. music guest Sister Hazel. (RlCffl (DT5?) Shipwreck! The wreck of the iner raimouth Csslle, which was consumed by lire. (R) (ESPN] Water Skiing 'Pro Wakeboard Tour* From Austn, Tens. (Taped) (FAH) Hawaii Flve-0 A communist agent tiles to sabotage a missile tracking base. (Part 2 of 2) ED (FSB) FOX Sports News (fiST) Dream Machines -Sports Cars' The development oi thewoAfs fastest snd raciesl sports cars, Muring the Jaguar, MG, Femni, Porsche, Miala. Morgan and Corvette. (R) (Part 2 of 5) [RICK) Happy Daya When the boys stage a sit-in protest against a curfew, they wind up In |al tor breaking and entaitng. (TWO Prime Time Country Scheduled: singer Randy Travis. (R) A Cffl (TNT) Movie * * * X -Back to the Future' (1995) Michael J. Fox. CMslopher Uoyd. A modem-day leen-ager Is transported lack lo the 1950s, where he encounters the teens who w» become his parents. (2:30) (WfiNJ Simon & Simon The Simons join forces with two lemaie detectives to solve a ease. (HBO) Oi A recovered Sold has tie MUSH™ shun Husenl Marshall; Groves commits murder In honor of Said's power. Beecher gets revenge on ScNUinger. (R) A ED (BTSX) Movie *» The Glimmer Man' (1996. Suspense) Steven Seagal, Keenen Ivory Wayans. A tomei gov- envnenl operative and a Los Angeles dekKthre loki forces to unmask a serial Ber who preys on lamles. A W ED (1:32) (SHOW) Armletead Maupln'a Tales of the City MaiyAnnlscortronledbyOeOeandencounlenlhetlnvin Neman Neal WHams; Edgar lets Anna he's dying. (R) (P«rt 3 ol 10:30 P.M. (D Paid Program B Cop* A Fort Wo*, Teas, sergeant Investigates a sr»plit*gcal;eneigrtC4tioodwslrtrBpcfl;o«icerihlt»iti rocks. A ED Mama's Family Mama stands In tor VH al Naomi's sICaiiosMoivoe. (Same-dayTape) A EC (fiSH) In the Heat of the Night Ofcsi bum Coitsi Is fandto pursue her a-sai brother whan he realms to Sparta and become! a suspect In a robbery. A (8) ^^ g;01 PM. SOT) SlghUnas-BtopenecSoi: BuUng Da New Hunan olftetiumanoce»id«ertroml»p™senli*Naidolc<yon- icsend bionics. (H)SD »:JOP.M. CD 3rd Hock From the Bun Many and Dick suspect I* Solomon house Is haunted; Saty and Tommy dress« Sonny and Char. (R) ADD Q] Two Quys.eOul and a Ploa Place Berg surprise! Pete w*N(^^'ccvetedchajripicmhiptiinner, which causes an uproar among tie team's tarn. (R) A BD ™1 Benny Hlnn I Good NewsPiiWHimMpnandBamssutler stags ) A(PW2olJ)ED TX-Games Trials ,..,-„, Wonder Veers Inspired by the Bettas, Kevin gets enelectfcguitarandiolrmrockband A Cffl 9:40 P.M. [TBD Police Academy - The Series (M?) Movie * * * -Man Without a Star*(l955. Western) KM Doudas, Joanne Crain. A nnch owner seeks the aid of her reluctant taeman as the tghts tor land rights. (1 a) 10:00 P.M. CD CD Newa BD CD Dateline Scheduled: the doctors behind W Sugar Busters d»l and how some dWn responded lo He popUar weight-loss plan. A ffl CD NVPD Blue Sfcwici tries to control his age when he investigates»»rape of«g* Sknone Is dismissed by I monefs delemwiatwi to support her drug haM. (R) A (PA) Cffl CD Paid Program CB p.o.V.F*mu*erOevidZeigeiipert i ywr learning W Mais and UbuWioiis o( his son's high-school marching bind In The Band.'A(Bl B RealTVnSD B Mama's Family Mame sets out Biecnit men tore chjrcrrsponsored dance. 89 S3 News B SI" Trefc Deep Spec* Nine Km lekKtanty returns to Bajor on e mission ajawt Snakier, her ludar during w isslslance movement A (B (COB) Premium Blend Comics Dane Cook. Leighsm Lord and Mck Swardson peiform. (R) ) NBA Today J Pro Beach Hockey (R) _) Bewitched Unde Arthur switches Samantha and tn's voices. 10:45 P.M. J Saga of Wlndwagon Smith ED _) Movie *** The River*(1984)MelGfcson, y Spaoek, Cvere«1ended crecSI, declining profits and rising doodmleis threaten a haid-woiUng laim family. (2:40) 10:50 P.M. (SHAW) Armlatead Maupln's Tales of the City Mona moves out OeDe learns she Is pregnant (R) (Part 4 of 6) 11:00 P.M. (D Choera Norn's plan to avoid an IRSaudt backfires; Sam Iries to prevent the bar Irom watching an ok) Red Son game. A W CD CD News ED CD Late Show Cffl CD (W5KD Paid Program CD Cancer Wars Uovtng the Target 1 The Ugh! against cancer In tie 1980s. when a number ol products were said lo causa Iw disease. A (Pan 3 ol 4) Cffl B LAPD: Ufa on the Beat Brothers Ighlduinge parking dispute; an airplane refuses to respond alter entering Los Angeles airspace. (R) A BQ B DHferwl World Ei-oasebal gnat Langskn Paige leases put of his home to Ncolege kids. A ED 88 RoaejanneRosasnni Mas to calm Mugs down when tagosiMoimgeowr^artrMm'ireltaaisnlp. A BD 19 Access Hollywood A SD § Dally Show . Justice FHes Cam where In people were tend ipia gnat reasons IN doubt. (R) Scarecrow of Romney Mstrari Joe Raraley attempts to leave tie county wit M Scarecrow's contraband, but . (E^lSportscenUrBD (JTO) TOO Club (FJIS FOX Sports News fH5TI10Oreal«sl American Cars of the Twentieth Century Jack PeHdnj seanhei N most wdu- liva auto museum! and private homes to MII) perfect can. (H) (Hi) New Attitudes A fMss program M blends maiM aits wti ambles; tips on (nance; sotUom lnpMiMlgN»n> Hn.(R)(B CS!a) I Love) Lucy Ricky gets e screen last one Hot/wood movie tot (Si CtSN) TNN Uv«Coui^si™ Lome Morgan pe*ms. From Nashvie. Term. (fl)H SO (UpJSUkSUIIdngsCIinieleltodearanoWlitendwtien atuiettialslar-igulWs^lirramleretf^Upschtiascmen CMs and Rita's new ralalionsNp.(R) A 181 (HBSJ Tracey Takes On... The Beet of III A (dec- ton ortie lunnlest moments from Tracey UTman's comedy senes. (RJAED 11:01 P.M. (SCiFD Flash A broken medason is Bam/I only due to idenS- lyinjtualnsdjssassmwnolilulrijpformientctaera. A W 11:15 P.M. (SBTg Movie *** The Joker Is WW (1967. Biography) Frank SUwlia, Jeanne Cn*. A portrayal of Iw He of nightclub comic Joe E. Lewis, beginning will his early career as a singer In speak-easies. (2:06) LATE NIGHT 11:30 P.M. CD M-A-S'H ED CB 01 IS (W5H) Paid Program B Real Stories of the Highway Patrol 98 Cops ED CgSBlWIn Ben Stein's Monty (E5W2) Mike Lupin Show (LTFT) Qolden Olris ED TREK) Mary Tylw Moore EC CHBa Movie * * 'Profile lor Murder (135) 11:35PJkl. CD Tonight Show ED CB NlghtUne W

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