Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on April 17, 1958 · Page 5
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 5

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 17, 1958
Page 5
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MOTOR MAJDS Police Issue Rules For Child Protection By Jeanne Smith, Dodge Safety Consultant Ji^ rE n U M LY 4 °' MH ' ljl ON American youngsters returning U. h L B .. P ^L tt ? a £ onwid f >ck to Bchoor safety drive has been __ .--..» - ...., u »ii*nwn ,y JULT UdUJt tO BCllUOl launched by alert police and school officials. Their concern is not only with traffic and pedestrian hazards but also with the problem of strangers and molestcrs who lurk around schools, playgrounds or other areas Miss Smith where children assemble. To protect your child from possible harm, hero are some siiK.'tos- tions offered fay police officials. Constantly remind your children of these rules and urge them to mtarl any incidents to the first responsible person they meet—a pol.cc officer, safety patrol boy, ten-licr, mailman, bus drivi-r, etc.: J. Never accept ride., from striuigerfl. 2. Don't take money, candy from any unfamiliar person, or let him touch you. 3. Never accompany strangers who ash for directions, assistance or who offer you a job with pay. 4. Go directly home from school. Never play in allryu, deserted buildings or around public washrooms. 5. Take a pal along when you KO to playgrounds, movies, stores, etc. 6. It a stranger should approach yon, try to remember his description. Obtain the license number and color of the car, if an automobile' is involved. Wrife this information clown with a pencil or scratch it with a slick in the road or on the pidnvnlk with a stone. Report it immediately. These facts will help your lor:il police department to nppivln n-\ such persons and to saiV;:i> , your community from y.,.~t..t,,t tragedy. 17 APRIL 1958 dent and Treasurer, and Raymond L>. Harford, Vice President am* Secretary, both of Oelwoin, . Io%va. The private property of the stockholders of said corporation shall he exempt from corporate debts and liabilities. The corporation shall not have a corporate seal. The Articles of Incorporation, except Article X pertaining to the liability of stockholders may be amended by affirmative vote of two thirds of the Class A Common Stock. Dated this; 15th day of March. 1958. D. & H. TRANSPORT, INC. BY Robert A. Dohse President ATTEST: Raymond D. Harford Secretary NOTICE OF INCORPORATION OF D. & H. TRANSPORT, INC. TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that a corporation has boon orRanized under the provisions of Chapter 491 of the Code of Iowa, the name of said corporation being "D. & H. TRANSPORT, INC.", and its principal place of business being in the City of Oelwein, Fayette County Iowa. The objects and purposes for which said corporation is formed arc as follows: To transport for THE EMBLEM OF DEPENDABILITY FEEDS "You can pay mote — but you can't buy beJlei" Mfd. by BELL BRAND FARM SUPPLY hire petroleum products and other personal property of any kind or nature whatsoever, anywhere within the United States; to buy or otherwise acquire, own, hold, lease, sell or otherwise dispose of, and to mortgage or otherwise encumber, real estate and personal property of all kinds; to own, hold, build, construct and erect buildings and structures of all types, and to buy, sell, lease, own, manage, operate, maintain, repair, restore, and rebuild the same; to do everything necessary, suitable, and proper for the accomplishment of any of the purposes or for the attainment of any one or more of the objects herein enumerated. The amount of authorized capital stock shall be $50,000.00, consisting of two classes. There shall be 250 shares of Class A Common Stock of the par value of $100.00 each, which stock shall have voting rights on all corporate matters, and 250 shares of Class B non-voting Common Stock of the par value of $100.00 each which shall have no voting rights on corporate matters. No stock shall be issued until the corporation has received payment in full therefore, in money or in property in accordance with law. The corporate existance of said corporation commenced on January 30th, 1958 and will continue for a period of twenty years unless sooner dissolved. The names and addresses of the incorporators of said corporation are: Robert A. Dohse and Raymond D. Harford, both of Oelwein, Iowa. The affairs of said corporation are to be conducted by a Board of Directors, consisting of not less than two, who shall be elected at the annual meeting of the stockholders to be held on the third Wednesday in January of aach year at 7:30 o'clock, P.M. Until the first annual meeting of the stockholders to be held on the third Wednesday in January 1959, the Directors of said corporation shall be Robert A. Dohse and Raymond D, Harford, and .0 ofiicers of said corporation .jail be Robert A. Dohse, Presi- Proclamation WHEREAS the City Marshall and Members of the Town Council ot Fayette, Iowa, have reported to the regular meeting of the Town Council held at the City Hall in Fayette, Iowa, on April 7, 1958, that many licensed and unlicensed dogs are running at large within the City limits of Fayette, Iowa. WHEREAS citizens have complained to the Town Council that dogs running at large in Fayette have injured property. WHEREAS rabies is a very painful and frequently fatal disease to humans and to animals- is an expensive disease to treat, and is prevalent among the wild and domestic animals of Iowa. WHEREAS rabies could easily become an epidemic in Fayette, Iowa, being carried by infected dogs running * ar WHEREAS the Public Health, Safety and Welfare demand it, , WHEREAS 1 have been directed by resolution ot the Town Council of Fayette, Iowa, passed at a meeting of the Town Council of Fayette, Iowa held at the City Hall in Fayette, Iowa, so to do, NOW THEREFORE I, R. E. Cousins, Mayor of the Town of Fayette' Iowa, do hereby proclaim that all persons owning any dog or dogs shall confine the same from running at large within the City limits of Fayette, Iowa, for the period from April 21,1958, at 8 o'clock a.m. until July 19, 1958, at 8 o'clock a.m. R. E. Cousins Mayor Town of Fayette, Iowa that I think are nvii'n "fitting" fur Iheir developiir; minds. My "'• '•"• '"''' ii..; ' , y i opular with tiie kids, anil tiny tell me I don't like "good" stories. Once in a while. thum:h. they ask a (Tomato Aspic M^hPc^UpJhose Cold Cuts' BY DOKOT;. liOX bee. Hue pretty the taste their in reading ma- UNDERSTANDING IOWA CHILDREN By Lloyd Lovell ENCOURAGING BETTER READING When I was in grade school, I rca.l hundreds nf stories aboi/l cowboys and Indians, all (if llvm alike. My mother used to make great efforts to persuade me 1« vary my reading tastes, but for several years the cowboy stories were the only nnes that held mo spellbound. A few days aj;n I happened In run across one of these .stories, one I had read many limes long ago. I j-earl it again, enjoying the nostalgic feeling of the temporary return to those young days— but I was astonished at h.ow dull and pnintlcs., the story seemed to me now. My taste in reading matter has matured a great deal. My own younu children are now as entranced as I used to be with certain kinds of stories, hearing and rehearing the same talcs with apparently inexhaustible delight. My delight in reading these stories has long since vanished, and I try sometimes to question which : hows that the stories I chost were at least heard. Parents can concerned about children i xhibit t'Tial. music ami otlu-r fields. We wonder what we can do to help them develop "mature" appetites in these arras. One way of enlarging children's range of interests is to have available a great variety "f mu-ie. hooks and magazine?, and other examples of the artistic in Id. The almost umviTs;i| :r<'si'nce of radio and television probably make- av.'iil.'il le a wirier varirtv of entertainment than most families have ever I'cen able to t'hoo'e from before, and changes in the printing industry have brom;i;t about lln same kind of expansion of i ':> ii -e of inexpen sivv written maliTials of all kinds. Koi^idiiin" a I;M en kind of mater),-!] may 1-e almost im- pos-.il)li- to enforce: i-nconraging childr n to exp'niv a convenient variety syill pn.'.uhly make it i'asier for th; 1 ehild to choose wi-ely a-; his lasts change. Fayette County Extension Service Calender Of Events Friday, April 18 Illyr'a Township IIomemakiTs' ireetini;, home of Mrs. Kd Gernand, 1 p.m., lc.-v<ui "The Smart Look" presented l-.y Merle H. Mnvis, County Kxlensinn Home 'T'HIS is the sensen when cold A culs ma!;e a welcome inoju course for tin. family dinner. How about giving extra appeal to il-.c cold platter by ai-rimcing individual tomato aspic molds hi the center? But give the aspic extra appeal, too. Combine \vith the tomato juict, crisp raw cabbage, celery and green pepper—to make a delightful salad nspic. Tomato Perfection Asplo (6 senrinirs) One envelope unflavored gelatin, 1% cups tomato jiilc^, % teaspoon salt, V± tcsspoon peppercorns, 1 bay leaf, % teaspoon whole cloves, 1 small onion, sliced; 2 tablespoons inild vinegar, Vfc cup finely shredded cabbage, 1 cup diced celery, 2 tablespoons mluctd green peppor. Sprinkle gelatin on V; cup cold tomato juice to soften. Heat remaining IVi cups tomato juice with salt, peppercorns, bay leaf, whole cloves and onloii in saucepan; simmer 10 minutes. Strain into bowl over softened gelatin; stir until gelatin is dissolved. Add vinegar. Chill until mixture is the consistency ot unbeaten egg whites. Stir in cabbage, celery and green pepper. Turn into individual molds and rhitl until firm. Un- rnold in cei,.^r of cold ment platter, or unmold on lettuce and serve with mayonnaise. * * * For a warm-weather novelty, Give cold cuts extra appeal with this .ippetlzinjr warm-weather platter. Centered arc individual tomato aspic molds. try this unusually good chiffon pic. Mint and Molasses Chiffon Pie (One 9-inch pic) One envelope unflavored Rein- tin, % cup sugar, divided, \' a teaspoon salt, 2 eggs, separated, Vi cup cold water, Vi cup un- sulphurcd molasses, V t cup evaporated milk, '/i teaspoon peppermint flavoring, one 9-inch pastry or crumb crust shell. Mix together gelatin, % cup of the sugar and salt in saucepan. Beat together t?gg yolks and water; add to gelatin n>i.x- PJjcc over low heat, stirring constantly, until gelatin is thoroughly dissolved, about 5 minutes. Remove from heat, stir in un- sulphured molasses, evaporated milk and peppermint flavoring. Chill until mixture mounds slightly when dropped from a spoon. Beat egg whites until sti(T, but not dry. Gradually add remaining % cup sugar and beat until very stilT. Fold into gelatin mixture. ' Turn into prepared pie shell; ( chill until firm. If desired, gar- < nish with whipped cream. / Saturday. April 19 Union Busy lieaveretUis Girls' •l-il C'luh meeting 1 :.'<!) p.m.. home of Janice lieeder. 4 II Gopher Control Field Clips, 0:30 a.m., LaVerne Hahe farm (1 mile north of Oelwein) and Hay Hynian farm (1 mile west, of Hawkc-ye); 1 :.'!() p.m. Max Winkler farm (2-'i mile south Arlington) and Edward introduce them to new stories Kruoger farm (2 miles northwest Tsinrs LITTLE PHIL G f-fiow A COIJFEREWCE IN WACMIMiTOr, rr-HW. PHIL CHEAilDArJ roiJ'.'D His; fOhCL'J Kl FULL ttETDetiT! IN i-K INSPIRING C-.'.'.CJMSTRATION Cf CCAO.'^I <t HE ROCE UP ,AND OOWN 7HC flOAO, PLOAf ,' AMD EXHORTIfJS HIS MEW TO RftLLV Al-lO FIGHT BACK. THE-V DID, TURNIHG DEFEAT INTO VICTORY! LET THERE BE LIGHT! APIE« |4 MONTHS ANP 44O,OOO,THOMAS EDISOM SUCCEEDED IM MAKING THE FIKST INCANOeSCCHT LAMP BURVl A PIECE OT CARBONIZED SEWIN& THREAD OrD THE 7KICK, AND 7HS FRAGILE DEVICE ACTUALLY BURNED FOR 40 HOURS! IAMIIY PRO.ILCJ! of Elgin). Monday, April 21 Hendersons Prairie 4-H Club meeting ft p.m. Donald Kerr. Fremont Jr. Fanners -1-H Club meeting 11 p.m. Robert Potralx. Scott Hot Shots 4 II Club meeting, home of Jean Sanders. Wednesday, April 23 Tour of Wildlife plantings with Conservation Club people, Hub Mormon, wildlife specialist, Iowa State College, 0:30 a.m. to 12. Special 4-H meeting on Entomology Projects, 4:30 p.m. Farm Hureau Bldg., Fayette, with Earle R:\un, Iowa State Col- U-ge entomology specialist. Thursday, April 24 Special meeting on 4-H crop projects, 8 p.m. Farm Bureau Hldg., Fayette Friday. April 25 State Guernsey Sale, Waterloo County-wide 4-H boys' arid girls' dancing part, Farm Bureau Bldg., Fayette. 4-H Entomology Meeting 4-H Crop Projects B*MNG IS A fAMILY flttOMCT/ THAT* WW WOKEN AWE fiO ENTHUSWST/C ABOUT u.m&Av/fJ£saoNOSt TMBV A«B AWARE THAT THE PRINCIPAL INVESTED IN SHM TSSAFR-AMD BOWS BONOS RESUUWIV ENCOURASESTHWFTI Soils Conservation • Makes New Plans Right more basic farm plans were ,-jpproved by Clayton County Soil Conservation District Commissioners at their April meeting. This brings to thirty- nine the number of basic farm plans approved since the first of the year. These plans provide for the use of each acre of agricultural land within its capabilities and the treatment of each acre of agricultural land in accordance with its needs for protection and improvement. Conservation practices such as terracing, contour strip cropping, eontouf farming, woodland protection and improvement, establishment of wildlife habitat, construction of farm ponds and tree planting arc planned. Agreements for eight more farms were also approved. Under these agreements the owners ant' operators of these farms become corporators with Clayton Coun ty Soil Conservation District Tin 1 lirst special meeting of the year on the 4-11 Kntoniolo.uy Pi'.ojrct (insects) will bo held April 23nl. 4:'M p.m. All 4 II Club members interested unasked to meet us at the Farm Hnrcau Building. Kayette. to go on a field trip to inspect hibernating insects. Karle Haim, Iowa State College entomology specialist will lie here. and work is started toward the formulation and establishment of a basic farm plan. The commissioners also voted to pay the tuitions of one or more teachers to the Springbrook Conservation Camp in 195fi. For the past several years sportsmen's clubs in the county have contributed funds to assist interested teachers to pay their expenses at this camp. The commissioners decided l;> enter the 195B Iowa Soil Conservation Achievement Awards contest sponsored by the Des Moines Register and Tribune and Iowa Farm and Home Maga/inc. Entries must be made before July 1st for those wishing to enter the awards program. FLORIDA'S GLAMOROUS AIR CONDITIONED SPECIALS Spring, Summer and Fall Cocktail* FREE EXCITING EXTRAS Beach Cabanas or Saroscto Beach Horn's Cars of Yesterday Hotel Swimming Pool Yachting cruls« thru Florida Keys SARASOTA, FLORIDA 7 WONDERFUL DAYS 6 ROMANTIC NIGHTS 00 SUMMER-FAIL RATES Per Person, Uoubje Occupancy. April 16 thru December 15. ; Dancing and romancing — that's YOUR Millionaire's vocation at the celebrity- filled New Terrace Hotel! So don't wait another minute for reservations! SEE \ .1 LOCAL TRAVEL AGENT OR W3ITE — NEW TERRACE HOTEL P. 0. Box 1720 — Sarasoto, Florida — Tel. Rlngling 6-4111 Tho first iiH'C'ting of the year mi 4-11 Crop Projects will ho held April 24th, (i p.m.. Farm Bureau BuiMing. Fayette. Any 4-H Club interested, and their father, is in iittend. seventh Crudes. The examinations were m;ide under the supervision of Dr. Charles Henshaw, direi'lor nf the Iowa State Dc- IKirtmcnt of Health's division of dent .1 liy.'.i n '. "Five ye;'r.i ago when fluoridation was .U.'i.r-tc.i in these six cities we conducted stir- eys to deU'nnine the airvAtnt of decay present in the tc'elh of kiri'icr- Karlen, set end rn 1 seventh j'rade yoiln^sters. Recently when we conducted similar surveys in cities and examined the teeth of children in these same grades we discovered that 100 per cent more children have, perfect teeth. Furthermore, we found about 76 per cent more children, aged 5 cd, missing and filled teeth," ext hough 8, who had fewer decay- plained Dr. Henshaw. FLUORIDATION BENEFITS Results of dental surveys in six cities in Iowa have shown that the addition of fluoride to the public water supplies has reduced tooth decay greatly. Om: hundred per cent more children, aged 5 though !i, have no evidence of tooth decay today . . . after five years of drinking fluoridated water. Local dentists in Waukon. Hartley, Dubuc|iie, Creston, Cl:i- rinda and Cedar Rapids examined the teeth of 3G27 chil- ren in kindergarten, second and County Roads To Be Patrolled Beginning April 21 Iowa .sheriffs and Iowa highway patrolmen will begin patrol- ing the state's county roads again April 21. The county road patrol was started last summer as a joint operation of .sheriffs and patrolmen to meet a sharp increase in traffic deaths on the state's secondary roads. The operation was apparently successful since the death toll on the back roads leveled off to normal before fall. The patrol was discontinued because of winter weather conditions. (continued on page six ) 1 The MAGIC of AUTOMATIC HOT Means Better Living R. F. D. with THERi Hot water—and plenty kof it—is a "must" on today's (arms. Larger washings, more extensive canning and cooking, and the great emphasis on healthful cleanliness, all increase the need far hot water. It's so easy . . . and so efficient—to heat water the modern, automatic, Thermogas way. Let us show you how economically an automatic L.P. gas water heater can be installed in your home. Put Thermo- gas to work for you, NOW. Gene Wm. Singer PHONE 247

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