Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 14, 1998 · Page 59
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 59

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 14, 1998
Page 59
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6 — WEEK OF JUNE 14-JUNE 20, 1998 ON TV •SUPPLEMENT TO THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL MONDAY JUNE 15, 1998 MONDAY EVENING 6/15/98 6:00 1 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 1 0:00 11 0:30 1 11 :00l BROADCAST CHANNELS 1 LD LD CD cs CS S) BD IB m no us Home Imp. jHomelmp. News® News E {Extra E NewsE 700 Club News-Lehrer Single Fam. Mat. Home Imp. Martin (S Fresh Pr. Mad-You Slar Trek: Next Gener. Frasier A Entertain Seinfeld A Frasier A Cosby (R) Jeopardy! Mad-You Entertain Raymond Fortune X-Rles Movie Special Suddenly Cybill (R) Suddenly George General Hospital IS Movie: "Don't Take It to Heart" Business Served People's Court A E Fresh Pr. Home Imp. Simpsons News Cosby Seinleld A Simpsons Home Imp. Paid Prog. Antiques Roadshow 7th Heaven (R) A fJS Ally McBeal (R) AH Caroline Caroline Michael Hayes LI 20/20 E Coast 1 Benny Hinn Going Places A E Bulfy Vampire Movie: * * s "Rio Lobo" (1970, Western) X-Rles Movie Special Love Boat-Next Ally McBeal (R) All Clueless Clueless Movie: "Kenny Rogers as Ihe Gambler" (1980) CABLE CHANNELS iFiMJIiffllBiTiaiiilBinM AMC COM DISC DISN ESPN FAM FSB LIFE NICK SCIFI TBS TNN TNT USA "Whis OddCple. Movie: **» "West Point Story" (1950) Laugh Wings Top Guns' (R) GrowPains Basketball Brotherly US Open Daily Show (Ben Stein Gimme Shelter (R) iiragim/i! NewsE Dateline A E NewsE Practice "Dog Bite" (R) James R. IPaidProg. People's Century E Real TV A Mama News CopsE Mama Deep Space 9 News ella Reese iMovie: *** "Salome" (1953) Movie: ** "Still Smokln"' Comic Wild Discovery | Raging Planet Tire" Movie: "How the West Was Fun" Strongman Baseball Lonesome Dove (Part 1of 4) Last Word Supermkt Rgure-Out Sports Debt Tiny Toon tOi) Sliders A E Cheers A NewsE Late Show NewsE Paid Prog. Cancer LAPD DiffWorid Roseanne Vibe Hollywood ,^^^H Poirot (Parti of 2) iShertockH. 1:15) Movie: "1 Walk Alone" (1947) Comic Relief 8 Shipwreck! (R) |(:35) Movie: * * "Three Amlgosr (1986) 'PG' Sportscenter LI Rescue 911 AS) Baseball Horse Diagnosis Murder E Major League Baseball Colorado Rockies at San Francisco Giants. (Live) Intimate Portrait Doug m jRugrals A VR.5 "Simons Choice" (5:05) Movie: **« "Dolores Clalbome" Music City News Country Awards Awards (5:00) WCW Monday Nilra (Live) A B Baywatch A E |Highlander: The Series Unsolved Mysteries A Arnold IBrady Seaquest 2032 A® Wheelchr Gooly MtBiking Hawaii Five-OS FOX Sports News Movie: "Uar, Uar" (1993, Drama) Art Hindis. Brady Sightings WonderYr X-Rles HappyDay (:01) Sliders (7:55) Movie: * *s "Dolores Clalbome" (1995) Bewitched R) AS- Justice Scarecrow Sportsctr. 700 Club Sports Attitudes Love Lucy VR.5 MS) LA. Lifeguards (R) Music City Pre-Awards |Music City News Country Awards (R) A LI Movie: *** "The Ry" (1986) JetlGoldblum. Walker, Texas Ranger I (8:57) WWF Raw LI WCW Monday Nitro(R) A LI WWFWarZoneE IStalkings I ieVflfljai 1 111 i'l In! Hi •••M I 11 •^•••liimiiiiiireiiy.iraMliiiiiTiim^ PREMIUM CHANNELS 1 HBO MAX SHOW (5:30) "The (:10) Movie: In Crowd" |(:15) Movie: ** "My Fellow Americans" B JSexCily * **X"Ry Away Home" 'PG' (5:45) Movie: * * "Ghosts ol Mississippi" A lArliss (R) * * * "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Movie: "The Wall" (1998) A E [Wedding Oz To Your Health" A "Extra | Movie: "Night ol the Living Dead" Movie: ** "Rough Magic" A EVENING 6:00 P.M. CD Home Imfjrovemenl Tim arid JJ anxiously await tie foal results of a lesIM will show II rlandy is seriously II. n BD (3 CS CS Newt IB) GO 700 Club CB Newihour With Jim Lehrer BD 89 Uvlng Single Overton Identifies to mugger who slolt theringheboughttor Synctaireandfinallypnposn. n (Pan 2 C42IBD ID Family Hatter* EOdnelucentyiigru up In laki WM lessons to Improve his tHskatbalsHU. A W 89 Honwlmproveinent Tim gels irfc trouble with J* when r* bumps Wo nil high-school gMriend. who rasu on meeting his wile. ABD S3 Star Trek: The Ne*t Generation Picvd finds thai ht hat i K» when his advtreaiy. Daknon ftok, threatens lit yong man's tit In revenge torn CM olMFirtngrt son. A w O FrulwFrt^li orated Manured tfwthi tries lo frdaajjet place to read O W (SET) PoJrotWhUonhoMayinCOTwa.PoiroUnd Hastings CM* i young womin who become) hysterical attar her toictSU*! (Putt o!2) (C5H) Odd Coupl* Fib asks Oscar to pose lor I layout adv«Mng a ntw men's cologne. f£^ Wing* Sonuol tie beilyoug plots in •» U.S. galti- er to list Mi skis ant tarn from lop Navy pfeli at tu Top Gun RgtilerSchool. (R) (HSU) Growing Paint The Seevtrs rmMsci u they pnpan tat garagt safe. (Part 2 ol 2) W [FAM) Lonesome Dove Two termer Tuai Rangtn renew Nw (pint of advtnlurt a they and olw residents ol a Tnas town jon a can>« ami to hi Montana Temtory. (Part 1 ol 4) (FSB) Last Word (H5T) DrMm Machine* 'Hartey-Davldson' Harity- Davidson motorcycles are toil built in a Milwaukee garage In 1903, and in a lew decades the macrints become a troubled American icon. (Parti of 5) [DUD Supermarket Sweep [H1EK) Figure II Out [USA) Baywatch A mams biologist It pursued by a man whoaBackedhei w la beach. A W (WSR) Bufly the Vampire Slayer Cheeneading candidates art being struck dwi by a vaitely «catastrophes, so Butty Mil out lo unmask the witch she suspects a al fault. (R) A W 6:01 P.M. fsCIFl) Slider* The slders enler a work) w which Ihey must remain tor 27 hours, bul bid themselves running lor cover in a bomb-targeted alley. A W 6:10 P.M. (HSX)Movie * * ** "Fly Away Home'(1896, Drama) Jell Daniels. Anna Paqum. A Canadan scutotor'i young daughter must lead tie geesi she raised Iron birth on a migratory Sghl lo North Carotna. A W W (1:47) 6:30 P.M. S3 Horn* Improvement Tun gels into trouble with Jill when he bumps into his high-school gWriend. who insislj on meting hit Kile. A OK CB Extra A (31 (B Martin Tht men decide they aie belter cooks than Oina ardPam.cieotag a Trankjjmiic; batted tie sexes. A El P Fresh Prince ol Bel-Air AdeiwndtrtCiuKm! AM by hit guantari angel alttr being rejected by Function. AuT @ MldAboutYouAmarriaoehappiieutislinamaga- zra helps spaik old memories loi Jamie and Paul. A OH @EnterUlnment Tonight A 03 [AW?g Movie * *K "Weal Point Story' (1950, Musical) Virginia Mayo. James Cagnty. The star of a ilage show alWtsI Poinl is persuaded to joii m the instUion's revue. (1 :«7| (EgH) Make Me Laugh [DISN) Brotherly Love Joe deiven Lou's an tcUptun. but overshadow her talenl nhtn tit galeiy owner's daujWer BwksJoe created HIS) (RPR) U.S. Open Golf Preview (FSB) FOX SporU News (DTFIDtbl [NICK) Tiny Toon Adventures 7:00 P.M. GD SelnteW Jem/i attempt lokicnuebusiusial a smal call backfall; George regrets agreeing to an 10 lest A W CD FrulerFra^lscatttar^lnlenupltdvrienhetntslo find a ou*t place to reed. A ffl CD Cosby Hnoridoetmiealueeaitu Had tfwicbrri Pauine'iplay H a MrtyyeM portrayal ol him. (H) A W CB Jeoperdyl W CS Movie ****Don'tTaluilttoHaair(194S) Richard Greene, PaUda Hadna, A Inrytr Ms In love •* an ok) mUefi oaughltr, M piandng appertain determine lie Wt ol tie old man's caste. (130) CB Nightly Business Report Schedule* KMi PMps, pubtsntr d American Pcttcal Report W m People^ Court A W Fresh Prince o( Bel- Air Cartoi is hospilaiied twunlorprom. A W 83 Home Improvement Tm and Jianboutly wail tie (naJ resdls ol a lest Dial Ml show 1 Randy It Hnomly I. A W SB SlrnpsonsSeaichinglorthecauseolheiliarolllying, Marge visits a psychiatrist after embarrassing her larruly ttile on antirplani. A W (Si News (SSE) Sherlock Holme* Mysterle* The Bruce- Partnojon Plans' The deal) ol a young deik it ted to missing top- secreHubrrannt plans. (R) (CoH) Daily Show (BISCJ Gimme Shelter Solar energy; lamjy-roomadoilion; cVy«al.(R) (BISR) Movie * * -How the West Was Fun" (1994. Comedy) Ashley Own. Mary-Kale Olson. Twin sisters help a unman save her dude ranch Iran dewlopenj who would ike lo tim tie property Mo a themt park. W (1:36) (ISPTJ) World'* Strongest Man Competition 1M7 (Fp) Major LMgu* Basetwll "Colorado Rockies 81 San Francisco Qlanls" From 3Com Park, (live) OWT) Train* Unlimited The history ol model railroads incuts a profile ol Joshua Lionel Cowen, cieator ol tie (si elec- lridoylnin.(R) (Of E] Intimate Portrait 'Bttn uatf A proUe ol singei, actress, molherandanviionmenlalalBelH Mdar. |R| A [ffi (RICK) Doug (31 (?Cfi) VR.S Sydney Is asked lo lake an Amthcan secret agent who committed Mason into VH lo determine exactly whal henyealedlo tit enemy. (USA) Highlander: The Series A Watcher Is pui in reopardy »tien OePasqua doses «i on Melhos. A E! JrVrJfJ) New* W 7:15 P.M. iHlS) Movie ** "My Fellow Americans" (1996. Comedy) Jack Lemmon. James Gamer. Tw torn* CNel EiKutives embeUt on a road Inp ol mute tod inddmls allei Ihey are Iramed tor a poWcil scandal. A W>13' W (1:41) 7:30 P.M. CD Mad About You A mamage happiness lest in a maga- nn« h«(i)! jpjik CM merortei lor Jamit and PaJ. n G2 (D Entertainment Tonight A IS] CS Everybody Love* Raymond Ray buys his lalher a tancy aquarium tor his biithday, a jtl that depresses the eldeny man.(R) A W IB Wheel of Fortune W (D Are You Being Served? The stall is asked tor Ideas to Improve lie store's slumping sale). O Cosby Show CSIt persuades his bHwrtorejw his ok) buzband A W & Seinfeld Jerry's anamptUlncnuMlxisiieu ale smal cattbaddkn; George regreH agreeing to an 10 lest. A W ID Slmrtton* Ban Irlcb an Auslrata boy into accepting a cohd cal and lie lamiy must «y to AusMa to make an apotogy. A W IB Home Improvement Tim and JJlraxislytwat tie faal lesuli dllMt Ml wl shawl Randy Uwrtouily I. A BD [TORI Win Ben Stein's Money (ESTO) Baseball Tonight (ESPNJ) World Cup Soccer "Best Match ol the Day" (Samfrdey Tape) (RIER1 Rugmt* W (tm Music City News Post-Award* Inlenlm wh «*min (mm tic Music Oy Mm Counlry Awards. (Uve) A W 7:65 P.M. (TS51 Movie **« "Dolores Clalbome'[1995) Kaihy Bates. Jeorilei Jason Leigh. A oonun contents her estranged daughter and her pajl as an abused trie xhen she's accused ol murdering her employer. (2:50) 1:00 P.M. CH 89 X-Ftte* Movie Special The making d The XFies: Fighl the Fuhire," with a took al tie set «u series hat caused among science-lcton fans. A ffi CB Suddenly Su**nNena wiles a column iiMe Susan it sick Vicki trios a great guy but dounllie his «wk.(R) A BD BD Cybill Cyblquttcnocolsle cold turkey when! turns out she is alergc: Man/em's parents visit (R) A BD CB General Hospitsl SD CB Antiques Roadshow Apprising a China trade desk. a Confederate lag and a 1JS9 congressional yearbook in Alanla. A(Pait2d2)uD O 7th Heaven Mary breaks up wittiWJsoo, Simon search- el tor a giMmd; Mai receives bad nem.(R) A W O Movie **n*RloLobo"(1970)JohnWayne, Jennifer 0 rW. Howard Hawks' post-Civ) War ihwl-'envu? about three former solders ralying twin Idk against a crooked sheiW. (200) EB Love Boak The Next Wave Chief purser W(l Sanders Iries to get Capt Kennedy to >elai and dance win the passengers; bar manager Paolo finds the woman ol his * earns (H)AEB 1@ Movie **» "Kenny Rogers as the Gambler" (1980) Kerny Rogers, Lee Pure* A professional gambler lakes a train ride Bireujh Ihe Old Wesl to help his esUanged son and inds romance. (2M) (Ap) Uw&OrderSlonglstorcedubringamolherto court alter she is chaigtd with murdering her drug-acktcled daughter. (31 (CSHl Movie * * "Still Smokln" (1963) Tommy Chong, Cheech Mann White attendng a Dutch flm festival, Chetch and Chong are mistaken tor Burl Reynolds and Doily Paiton.(l:30) !6iSC) Wild Discovery -Giuid ol nt Canatfan HoduBS- Uving wilh a family of gnuty bears in Band National Pa* through one season. [ESPN) Sportscenter W (fSB) Rescue 911A teen-ager Is hi by and pinned underneath a can a sporting-goods storeownerissholduringa robbery: a teen-ager lals 60 feel Into a gorge. A BD (RST) Secrets of World War II In a desperate bid lo ham America's homeland, tie Empire of Japan launches secret weapons Mended to destroy forests and OSes on the West Coast [LTfE) Unsolved Mysteries A jpngg Hey Amoldl BD [SCIFI) Seaquest 2032 The ship grants asylum to U. O'Neill's secret internet chat pal, a IHgh-lech warrior who is fleeing herleanome and leafless comndes. A BE (TOR) Music City News Pre-Awards Interviews witi celebrities attending tie Music City News Counlry Awards. From Nashvile.Tenn.(R| A BD (TNT) Movie * * * The Fly" (1986) JetlGoldblum, Getna Davis. David Cronenberg's remake ol the 1951 classic about a botched experiment ttial transmutes a man Into a monstrous insect (2:00) (U5S) Walker, Texas Ranger Walker and Trivetls dely international law when they enter Mexico to help Walker's lomwr partner escape Iron lie Mexican crime syndcale. A BD !wCTT| Beverly Hills, 90210 Everyone tinks Kelly is a diug user; Brandon and Susan decide to pump Dora's lather for information about Joe's heart condition. A BD (TOf) Movie * * * "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country" (1991, Science Fiction) William Shatter, Leonard Nmoy. A blossoming peace between KKngons and the Federation may eiupl Into war alter the Klingon chancelor Is assassinated. A fG' BD (1:51) (SHOW) Movie The Wall" (1998, Drama) Edward James Otaios, Ruby Dee. A trio ol tales Inspired by mementos left by visitors to tie Vietnam Veterans Memorial In Washington, D.C. A W (1:35) 8:30 P.M. CD Suddenly Susan Susan links about Jack whti rehearsing Christmas cards; WcH Items about Hanukkah from her boyfriend. (R) A W GD George* Leo Leo Is afraid to be atom attar hearing a scaiy story, whle George worrits abort being (licked on Haaoween.(R) A BD CB Paid Program (KM?) Movie *** "Salome-(1953,Drama)Rita Hayworth, Stewart Granger. The stepdaughter of King Herod becomes Involved In her erf mother's plans to Id John the Baptist (1:43) (FJiCR) Brady Bunch The Brady hornt Is ki chaos when Carol leaves to cart lor an aling anil and Alice spmins htr ankle. 8:35 P.M. (DT3N) Movie ** Three Amlgosr (1986, Comedy) Chivy Chase. Steve Martin. Three bumbling silent-movie cowboy slant head to Mexico and become Involved In a smal town's battle against a tyrant. TO'EC (1:45) 8:67 P.M. (USA) WWF Raw BD 9:00 P.M. CD 89 Ally McBeal When Ally squabbles over tie last bag ol potato diips in a supermarket, she Is provoked into getting anested and musl appear before tie stale bar review board. (R) ABD CS Caroline In the City Caroline noWesautwritlei that she's getting free cable TV, leading to trouble with her neighbors: Rtehardi surprise party. (R| A BD CB Michael Hayes (Series Fnale) Hayes is shocked whan his former boss Is accused of taking bribes; the man who tiled Eddie's Brsl wile Is released on parole after serving a short sentence. (Postponed tarn an eaifer dale) A BD S 20/20 BD CB Coast to Coaat O Doing Places Ecuador otten tie chance lo climb tie highest active volcano in Kit world, search tor note birds it the Amazon and visit tie cotonW city ofQuto. A W • Butty the Vampire Slayer Chenleadng can* datas an being struck down by a variety ol catastrophes, to Butty ten out to unmask twaDdi she suspects It al fault (R) A BD CB Clueless ThediU end up In jaiwnen liny an caujW (38 Biography "Oela Reese: Outspoken AngeT Tin InspMng He oTacuess-siny* Data Reese, whose lain and spilt httjed her overcome an abusive mamigt and medal problems. (R) fjSjSei Raging Planet Tin" Tht various tarns ol hi. (R) KSTO) Baseball Tonight IFAMJ Dtagnod* Murder Skun makes some shocking obcmntw about a murdered Wend after the nan's severed arm Is found in In bety ol a deceased she*. A W IHSTJ U.S. Invaded! Ran castiol enemy acton on American Hi, Inducing N deaths of n people in Oregon tan Japanese bombs it 1948. (R) (PFf) Movie "Liar. Liar" (19t3) Art rlrrie, Rosemary Dunsmore. A happiy married lather of tour It torced Into court star his troublesome 1 l-year-old daughter accuses him ol Incest (200) (BEK) Brady Bunch Uaroa leuu, as trough her world has been destroyed when sht gels cocci on her teeth. (THH) Music City News Country Award* Jett Foworthy hosts t» ceremonies honoring county music arisls. Fic^Nashvie Anna in Nashvite. Tern. (R) A BD 395N) In the Heat of the Night Virgil's investigation Wo tht eppawil suicide ol a waitress leads Nm to an old college acquaintance who was the last person to be seen with the victim. (HBO) Sw and the City Miranda dales a man obsessed with models: Samantia's recent sexual escapade is videotaped (R) ABD 9:01 P.M. (SeiFI) Sighting* (H) ABD 0:30 P.M. CD Caroline In the City Del gelt support from Caroline after hi suddenly learns he If a father. Annie wants Richard's backing. (R| A Efl CB Benny Hlnn 09 Clueless Cher's learol driving and a dreaded DMVtesl stand in tie way ol her acquiring a driver license. (H) A BD (C<5ffl) Countdown to Comic Relief Interviews with comics and a behind-the-scenes took al tw upnnwg Con* Raliel event. (R| 1ESTH) America's Horse SSWI) World Cup 2Night (RICK) Wonder Year* Kevin is Itmpled to cheat In math etotokeep up lit grades. A BD SWH Making of The X-Files A behind-the-scenes took al The X-Ftti: Fight tit Futun," starring David Duchovny and Gian Anderson. (R) (HBO) Aril** Ariiss deals with a Hewd-abusing kntbacker't Miring career and a starnjnnlng back's conlr*ct(H) A BE (SMOWJ My Best Friend'* Wedding: Behind the Scene* The makbig of the Urn "My Best Friend's Wedcfng; wilh stars Julia Roberts, DemxH Mulronty and Cameron Diaz. (R| 10:00 P.M. Q] O NewsBD CD Dateline Scheduled: tie experiences of Ituee women over a three^nonth period who are talcing a new dnjg (or advanced breast cancer. A BD C£) Practice A jury member in the Kenny tie ptap trial approaches Lindsay, which may jeopardize tier case: Eugene strikes another but with Williams. (R) A BD nn James Robinson CB People's Century Jews and Gypsies lecel ill In Gennany before Nazism, while ordnary citizens discuss the movements Initial appeal. A BD ED Real TV A BD EB Mama's Family Vinl musl choose between Mama and Naomi when he wins a dinner lor two. 0g (S3 News CD Star Trek: Deep Spaoe Nine Qua* is summoned lo his home planel when his mother violates a Fetengi law prohibiting women from earning a profit A BD (SSf) Polrot While on holiday In Cornwall, Perot and Hastings meet a young woman who becomes hysterical afler her fiance is kied. (Part lot 2) (COM] Comic Relief 8 From New York. Biny Cn/slal. Whoop! Goldberg and Robin Williams reunite lor Ihe eighth comedy event to beneil the homeless. Scheduled peiforniers Include Chris Rock and Jon Stewart. (ETSC) Shipwreck! Submarine acddenli and rescue chambers that save lives. (R) ) Wheelchair Sport* Summer Stale __ ) Hawaii Flve-0 MoGairetl Is Iramed tor Wivery. (Paittol2)BD (758) FOX Sport* New* [HSTI Dream Machine* •Hariey-Davldson' Harity- Oavldion motorcycles an tost bull In a Mteauket garagi In 1903, and In a lew decadal the machines become a Irajtted American Icon. (R| (Part I of 5) (Wi) Happy Days Ricnle M*S advice on sell* enst (rom F'onzle alter two mughnecki embarrass hin In Ironl of Ns dale. (TNT) WCW Monday Nitro LTD (JSS) WWF Wv Zone KD (W5NT Simon A Simon A schoolteacher's pornographic pasl comes back to haunt her. prisonheallh want In constant demand. (R) A W (W5X) Movie *K "Night ol the Living Dead" (1990. Horror) Tony Todd, Palrida TaHman. ZomMts top seven Unified people in an old farmhouse in producer George Romero's remake ol his 1966 honor classic. W(l:29| [SHOW] Movie * * "Rough Magic' (1195, Fantasy) Bridget Fonda, Russell Crowe. In tie 1 950s. a magician's assistant and her two pursuers go to Mexico in search ol an ancient shaman. A 'PG-13' (1:44) _ 10:01 P.M. (SCI!) Slider* The sliders enler a world on which they musl remain tor 27 hours, but find themselves running for cover n a bomb-largeted alley. (R) A BD 10:15 P.M. (Sng Movie *** "I Walk Alone" (1947, Drama) Uzabeth Scott Hurt Lancaster. A convict nil out to even lii« scon w* his lamer partner and colecf his snare ol their bootlegging ventures. (1:38) 10:20 P.M. (SIR) Goofy Adventure Story Goofy and Gooly Jr. reminisce about their ancestors as tiey took through lie lamHy ahum. (R) IB) 10:30 P.M. CB Paid Program • Cop* Fort Worth, Twai, offcersriv«nigaii a break-In andcfeomraslioolingvkfcadcffltslfcoltturbanci. A BD B Mam* 1 * Family Mama's tow tor deleave movies comesln handy when Lola's mother dsappean. (EfTO) Mountain Biking "NORBA National Championship Cross-country Series* From Big Bttr Lake, CaK. (Taped) paii 10:45 P.M. (TPD U A. Ufaguard* Los Angela Htguudi ihsn htm- to stories. (R) 11:00 PJM. (D Cheers Frasler goes out on Ns list dau since his marriage encW CM begwis a buskwisvenlurswiti hum video camera. ABD QQ CB News [ffi CD Late Show SB CB IMS) Paid Program CS Cancer War* 'Heroes and Vitains" Though sdenct has laled to pravldi a cure tor cancer, II his otlued i reaksbc asstssmenl ol the pnblein. A (Part 2 of 4) BD • UPD:LH*onth*B*atAsuspeclidburglaf breaks his leg while trying to flee: bank rabbin lake a Wer hostage. (R) A BD O Different World Una Is torn between M pasl and tit present when her old boyfriend and Irien* liom Balarmxi come toravislt ABD 8S Roseanne A furious Roseanne heads to) Chicago when she Inns David and Daritne are living thin together. A BD B9 Vibe IB Access Hollywood A BD (550 Sherlock Holme* Mysteries "Thj Brura- Partngton Plans" Tht death of a young deft is ied to missing lop- tKrelsubrwine plans. (R) (SHE) Juatlce File* Bartend wivei. touted chicken and tarnJes snuggling to stay together. (R) IRIS.NJ Scarecrow of Romney March An leti-centu- ry vicar, Disguised as a scarecrow, leads a noAjmal rebelton lng George Ill's lax poWei. (R) (Part I of 3) 8D Sportscenter W 700 Club : OX SporU New* Train* Unlimited The history ol modal raiuoads hdudts a proSt of Joshua UonK Cowen. creator of tw Cist eltc- Inc lay liaui. (R) (DIT) New Attitude* The "gym class 1 eieia'st routine: holiest bobs ol the season: how to keep passion alrve In a iiJa- lionship.BD (NJCK) I Love) Lucy Uiq mistakes a laM scout tor a mash« and neaity niins Ricky's chance al a 8m carter. OB I5£lf!) VR.S Sydney Is asked to lake an American secret egert who comnitied mason Into VR to dtlemilne inch what htievtaled to tit enemy. [HJ9QJ Movie "Extramarital" (1990, Suspense) Trad

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