Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on April 17, 1958 · Page 4
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 4

Fayette, Iowa
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Thursday, April 17, 1958
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THE TATTLER study about volumes. were Judged separately. There In Science we had a tost over were many valuable prizes thr< hist tlii 'i 'i' .topics. Thrsc chap- awarded. THE TATTLER STAFF cards—only 17 cards arc left to EDITOR ^ - Barb Kauten eomo in - Do y° u think wc wil1 ASSISTANT EDITOR Ruth Nims makc lt? CLOTHES HITS Donna Hetth and Kathy Shaffer Mrs. Henry visited our room MIXED CHORUS GIRLS GLEE CLUB SENIOR SKETCH GRADE NEWS TYPISTS BIRTHDAYS FUR AND FEATHERS GIRLS SPORTS BOYS SPORTS SPECIAL FEATURES HIGH SCHOOL NEWS SPONSOR _ Steve Talcott on April 10. Carol Dahlquist On April 19 there will be Jan Schabacker and Bill Hughes twelve students a nd three moth- Jan Bennington and Roger Otterstein ( ,„ s from our room m l0 Ruth Nims and Jan Bennington c , licaK0 . W( . know we will cn . Becky Maxson and Marge Downing .. . . , , Lowell Paul J0y the tri P- M «''y bl ' ™-xt " m '' Peg Eischeid and Sharlcen Mullins K,mu ' of us wi " » e :> bl(> »° write Kip Knight and Gene Van Buren Kolleen Anfinson and Gloria Alber Jean Cue and Carolyn Bright .... Mrs. Pickett THRftllPH THE «° WE STIL1 HNVC SCVON P^P 1 *-' lllAyUUn inn UIUIUEIO w)lo j iave bcen ncit her absent Second Grado News nor (ard s0 f;jr {hjs n . T)) Thursday afternoon while aru . Kichard Ash> IIowie Hubbell, working with numbers, he clock To Lamphier> n „ se Mary was introduced. All of the pupils Qwen ^uise Pickett, Carol learned how to tell time and W egner. and Rodney whitt . Be . • } which hand was the minute hand sides tnes0 k , Davk , RonaW a report of our trip for the paper. We are mounting spring flow eis on construction paper for our science bulletin board on signs of spring. and which was the hour hand Curt, Ernie, Harriet, Diane S., Friday was the day for Weekly B(>b Rila , ind Francis have not Reader's. In the Weekly Reader was an article telling how to tell the age of a tree. A piece of a tree was brought to class and the pupils were asked to tell its age. A bulletin board of an old Dutch windmill and a garden of tulips was put up Friday. Those receiving 100 in spelling last week are: Barbara Ashby, Laderyl Bierbower, Eileen Bonjour, Joyce Gage, Joyce Hall, Norma Hammond, Cheryl Hienemann, Karyl Hienemann, Peggy Hofer, Darla McBride, Jimmy Niles Diane Pattison, Mary Schmidt, Julie Smith, Terry Van Buren, and Lowell Voshell. • • « • Fourth Grade News Miss Stevenson Another six weeks ened Friday Seventh Grade News By Helen Kauten Friday we had a test in aiitmc- tic on formulas, degrees in a circle, different parts of a circle, and angles. We are starting a new chapter Monday. We are also finishing a chapter in science. The next chapter will be about land and water. Wednesday wc saw an experiment performed by Mrs. Capell. She lers were about :>ur solar system. We are happy to report that Ann Austin and Christ Sl.jarkrnan are back from their home states. Missouri and Mississippi. They visited there during Easter vacation. In English we are studying explanations and d finitions. Each of us wrote an ixplana'ion on a subject of our choice. Some of these; subjects were "Defrosting a refrigerator", "washing dishes", "making a bed properly", and many others. In spelling wc took a six weeks test. Our question this week is "If you could change places with someone, who would it IK and why?" Buzz Olson: A teacher, so I could show her how it feels to sit in a desk all day. Buck Maxson: -Same as Buzz. Handy Van Hogarl: Bob Cousv. because I enjoy basketball. ' Karen Weininger: Debbie Reynolds, because she is pretty and is married to Eddie Fisher. The fair was supplemented with Science movies and a program in the afternoon featuring a demonstration of methods of producing light. The new plate glass light was demonstrated. The students left in a bus at 7:30 a.m., and returned at 0:30 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Talcott were the chaperones. EFFICIENT FEEDING AND LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT Ronald Crawford, Curt Dumermuth, Sandra Gray, Dennis Hcn- drix, Harriet Johnson, Louise Pickett, Bob Swchla, Carol Wogner, Patty Scheidel. Jackie Miller, and Francis Kauten. Tom's team had eleven A's. They bo- „ , „,„ . . , long to Steven Aanes, David and we have only one more to Bu £ man Tom ButterSi pa(ll;] Gould, Linda Henry, Howie Hub bell, Ernie Johnson, Mike Schroyer, Larry Webb, Rodney Whitt, and Rita Jellings. Last week we had another diagnostic test in arithmetic. Tom Butters was the only one Who had A's on all four parts. Most of the A's were on division problems and the least were on subtraction problems. Now we are spending a lot of time on reading problems. Carol Wegner and Howie Hubbell have returned their dental been absent or tardy this six weeks. In social studies Richard Ash gave a report on lobsters, Bob Swchla on herring gull, and heated some water which was Larry Webb on mackerel. Dennis about l'/i cups. When it was Hendrix brought an abalone measured later we found that \» shell for us to see. It was very of it had evaporated. One and a pretty. Thanks, Dennis, for half cups of water was set on bringing the shell so we could the window sill for a day. When strumental Contest see it. it was measured again there was ratings are: Richard's sipclling team had 1 3/16 cup left. We then proved thirteen A's on the six weeks heating evaporates water quick test. Those getting A's were ly. Patrick Ashby, Nancy Beckncr. y/ e have an aquarium with INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC Saturday. April 12. State Music Contest was held at Gtlttenburg. Those participating in the Inand their -Saxaphone Solo several guppies, and snails. We had a test over Julien Dubuque, the first Indians of Iowa, and the Spirit Lake Massacre in the Iowa history. We are a little over half way through our Iowa 'history books now. Solo— ATTENTION Any Girls, Married or single, that would like to play softball please come to the meeting for organization and election of officers at Howards Radio & TV Store, Monday Nile, April 21 at 7:30 p.m. Eighth Grade News By Marjorie and JoAnn We regret to report that Corolyn Johnson broke her right arm. She is now back with us, though. Her cast is well covered with names written in purple ink. April 10th we finished our Gene Van Buren- Solo—Rating II. Bonnie Olson--Oboe Rating II. Carol Dahlquist—Flute Rating II. Ann Austin, Carol Dahlquist. and Dnyna Dumcrmuth—Flute Barb Nading. Marge Downing. Trio—Rating II. Janis Bennington. Ruth Nims— Clarinet Quartet—Rating I. Those receiving an One Rating will receive and automatic letter. HOT LUNCH April 21-April 24, 1958 Monday Ground Beef and Spaghetti Buttered Peas Peanut Butter Sandwich Grapefruit Sections Brownies >/j Pint Milk Tuesday Escalloped Potatoes with Ham Sunshine Salad Cheese Sandwiches Chocolate Pudding V- Pint Milk Wednesday Chili Con Carne with Cracker Lettuce Bread and Butter Cinnamon Rolls Plums Vi Pint Milk Thursday Barbecued Luncheon Meat on Buttered Bun Buttered Broccoli Tossed Salad Cake V. Pint Milk Friday Tuna Biscuit Roll with Cheese Sauce Buttered Green Beans Celery Sticks Bread and Butter Sandwiches Apricots Vi Pint Milk By Dr. Gtistav Bohstedt Emeritus Professor of Animal Husbandry University of Wisconsin Hogs On Pasture And Dry Lot Dr. Bohstedt VOCAL MUSIC Until recently, pasture was considered indispensable to successful swine management. Pasture is still desirable, but in a more restricted sense. After a normal weaning age, pigs that arc to go to market can lie grown and fattened on concrete just as well as on pasture. Successful swine production in the dry lot is made possible by modern research which has developed pasture substitutes and efficient nutritional aids. Alfalfa meat. Vitamin A and D specialty mixes, antibiotics and fortified protein concentrates provide so well that a growing pig in dry lot hardly misses pasture while fed such modern rations. Trace- mineral salt and mineral mixes complete the rations and guard ngninst mineral deficiency losses. Even so, wo still like to have «ows or breeding stock in general nnd suckling pigs on pasture. Somehow the green feed and other environmental factors, and exposure to sunshine, make for conditions that better 8orve the different phases of reproduction and early growth. Willi a good pasture start, newly weaned thrifty pigs, fed modern rations, stand a good chance of making rapid and economical gains while confined in clean and comfortable quarters. They need not see a single spear SCIENCE FAIR Eight High School and Five Junior High Students attended the Science Fair at Cedar Falls Saturday. They were as follows: American History text. Wc also Betty Ramsey, Lois Bennington, took our semester test. Now we Kay Van Sickle, Eddie Roberts, are studying Civics from a book Dennis Van Bogart, Bill Lewis, titled "Citizens Now." Barry Zbornik, Marilyn Ramsey, April 1st, we enjoyed seeing a Lee Burns, Maurice McBride, Street Frank A. Miller, labor Alfred N. Hansen, L. A. Wooldridge, welding, repairs Public Safety BASEBALLSEASON U.I.U — APRIL 19 Iowa Wesleyan (2) U.I.U. — APRIL 22 Mankato State F.H.S. — APRIL 18 Elkader F.H.S. — APRIL 21 Waucoma F.H.S. — APRIL 24 West Union ISHERE1 Here Here There Here There Limestone and spreader trucks are awaiting your order. Fayette Stone Co. Inc. Phone 73 Fayette, Iowa gjfflafflgKBaHtMRLHLTOnHffiiS^^ magician do some tricks. Some of the tricks he performed still has most of us baffled. In Arithmeic we made many designs, made basically from Bizzy Olson, Dick Van Sickle, and Jostin Talcott. There were about 250 projects displayed at the science fair, about half demonstrated Biologi- circles. We now have them tack- C al principals and the other half ed up on t!he bulletin board, physical science phenclmena. Most of them are very rich There were three judges for looking. We now are starting to each division. Freshman projects STOP TROUBLE BEFORE IT STARTS Avoid delays on the road. One stop here keeps you going safely Ask about our customer courtesy policy. HARRY'S CITIES SERVICE Those vocal soloists receiving No. 1 ratings at the State Music contest held at Guttertburg, Iowa last Saturday were: Carol Dahlquist, Marjorie Downing, and Steven Talcott. The girls trio consisting of Sharon Blaker, Fol- leen Anfinson, and Kay Campbell received a No. 1 rating. The mixed quartet composed of Kay Campbell, Kolleen Anfinson, Max Gross and Steven Talcott Ed Campbell's Station, also received a No. 1 rating. Sas, oil Carol Dahlquist is the first Central Fire Truck Corp. Freshman girl in the school to repairs receive a No. 1 rating for a vocal How ard Hubbell, police solo at State Contest. (Lowell Carl Masters, police Paul received a No. 1 rating for L1 °y d Holtzman, a solo when he was a freshman.) Kay Campbell is the first freshman to receive 2 excellent ratings for vocal ensemble groups. We might add that this is the third year in a row that Steven Talcott has received No. 1 rating on his solo work. The Mixed Chorus is busy preparing "Annie Get Your Gun," the Senior Class musical to be held in May. of grass, for the modern rations provide all their nuliier.t need 1 :. One factor muki;iy I .-r more efficient gains, is that ph's in con finement do not iu.\ off a loi i : fat as some of thrni are inclined to do when on pasture. Sanitation is c^jcnlijl, of course, whether on pasture or in dry lot and any concrete (eedin;; floor should ho equipped for ready flushing with plenty ol water. In Europe little or no pasture is used in swine management, not even for breeding stock". It seems that the practice of many generations of hogs raised in confinement has reduced their need for a number of nutritional principles that pasture provides. Question: What success have the new bloat controls had so far? Answer: There are several controls to report on. Penicillin-salt mix, tested at Mississippi State College, and now on the market, has,been very effective when fed on a free-choice basis. One held of steers that were bloated 90 per cent ol the time while grazing ladino clover went down to 20 per cent, and that 20 per cent had only mild cases. Penicillin in feed, tested at Michigan State University, eliminated 93 per cent of the bloat cases in a test grout > of 300 cows. At Iowa State Collego bloat was greatly reduced when dairymen sprinkled crude soybean oil over the green chop fed to cattle in dry lot. Each animal should get about \\ pound of oil per day. parts 6.75 249.48 FAYETTE COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS Used lf!f-r> fh -rol.-t 210-4 dr. sedan—tot;. 1 bid, S950.00 — Henyan Motor Co.. 1958 Ford Custom—4 door se- 10.28 dan—total bid, $1,749.00 — Wil- 266.51 bur Motors. 1953 S:ot:mnn -4 door se-'an— total bid, $1,069.00— Dittrner 28.95 Bros, by George Zabriskie. 1953 Chevrolet-Delray 4 door 35.49 sedan—total bid, $1,781.00 -7.35 Henyan Motor Co. 7.35 Voting by ballot, resulting in 3 84.63 votes for Chevrolet—1 for Ford. 193.49 Adjourned on motion by Schmidt 38.91 seconded by Addy. 396.17 ATTEST. iMame L. Cole, Clerk Special meeting of the Town Council at Council Chambers on 8.25 March 18, 1958 at 8 p.m. Meeting called by Mayor for purpose of 68.16 hiring police officers. . Fayette Insurance Agency, 161.14 Motion by Addy that Martin C. W. L. Nading, 230.22 Timm and Lloyd Holtzman re- 464.77 main on the staff at salaries same Municipal Enterprises as of 1957. Motion seconded by Anna Conboy, wages 19.55 Erion. Roll call, all voted aye. A. Br.ryl Thompson, salary 43.99 Council adjourned on motion 63.54 by Erion seconded by Schmidt. Utilities ATTEST: Ma me L. Cole, Clerk Interstate Power Co., 302.97 — Mame L. Cole, 162.10 465.07 Motion by Erion seconded by Martin C. Timm, Swomley'a D-X Station, Sanitation Goeken's Food Market, supplies Ed Campbell's Station, gas, oil HOSPITAL NOTES MERCY HOSPITAL The Town Council met in regular session at Council Room at 7:30 p.m. March 3, 1958. Mayor SchmVdt that bills be allowed as Friday, April 11 R. E. Cousins presided. reaf i Carried. Council discussed Admitted: Councilmen present — Erion, tne aCce ptance of the insurance M rs , Minnie Hewitt, Maynard Addy, Johnson, Schmidt. Absent po i icy on tri e Sewage Treatment Discharged: — Henry. plant. Motion made by Addy Saturday, April 12 Minutes of last meeting read secon ded by Erion that the Mrs Minnie Hewitt, Maynard Council accept the policy in the Mon., April 14 Iowa Hardware Mutual Ins. Co., Discharged: " " Mrs. Kenneth Schrader, May- and approved. Bills were read as follows: General Matt Parrott and Cons Co., cl. spls. Fayette Co. Mutual Tel. Co., Charles Moore, labor Mrs. C. A. Lund, refund 162.05 40.05 25.50 nard. Mrs. Allen Tift and boy, Randalia. PALMER HOSPITAL Saturday, April 12 DRIVE BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNER iii!m!IMl!l!nii;:;i!:!;i!:il !;mi !!M!iii;mtt HOW MANY OF THE FOLLOWING BANKING | SERVICES ARE YOU USING? • Checking Account • Savings Account Q Business or Personal Loans • Safe Deposit Boxes Bank Drafts or Money Orders • Travelers Cheques [~| Insurance Service . Q Trust Service Q Western Union Money Orders We invite you to try these and the many other services j of this bank. State Bank of Fayette 1 as written by the Fayette Insurance Agency, closing the binder of September 1957. On roll call, all voted aye. Sealed bids have been submitted to the Council on the cost 17.50 Q £ an automobile to be used as Bjjjhs: 245.10 a police car, they were as follows Mr ' and MrSi Marvin Seegers, girl, Maynard. Discharged: Tom Schmidt, Fayette Mrs. Durwood Wells and boy, Fayette. Monday, April 14 Admitted: Grant Kiel, Fayette Mrs. Russell Dixon, Fayette Discharged: Mrs. Lena Aeschliman, Wadena ATTENTION HOUSEWIVES Every Home has a place where a Rocker or Straight Chair can make the room complete. We have them in many styles and coverings to select from. We also have some choice patterns in wall paper at prices to suite your needs. Delsing Furniture IrtRjMHMiumiHmiminmHUHHuninmHiiimtffi ALL THE FUSS AND MUSS OF HOME BUTCHERING? Why not step into our large, large refrigerators where you will find tons of fresh beef with thai delicious corn-fed flavor and pick a side or qustrter from the beef of Your Choice* All our beef is slaughtered,-cooled and aged under the strict- lit sanitary conditions. * It you'"Wish it will be cut and wrapped while you wait. ; SPECIALS FOR THE WEEK SIDES Af% A Hind Quarters Priced "T^sF V Accordingly Cut and Wrapped ~ YOUR CHOICE BEEF CO. Va Mile South on Highway 150 West Union, Iowa ... .03c Fayette Theatre FRIDAY, APRIL 18 EARLY MIDNIGHT SHOW STARTING AT 10:30 JAMBOREE Its A Teen-agers Delight SAT. — SUN. — MON. APRIL 19 — 20 — 21 DIRK BOGARDE MURIEL PAVLOW in DOCTOR AT LARGE (In Color) It may not be Ethical but its definitely comicali Take the laugh cure. GET MORE OUT OF LIFE — GO OUT TO A MOVIE.

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