Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 9, 1939 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1939
Page 3
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f), 1939 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THREE She Smiles and Turns the Other Cheek PUEBLO, Colo. -i,P)-- A woman Watched from the window of her FRIDAY - SATURDAY DOUBLE FEATURE —- in "Mountain Rhythm" */ — and Jane Withers _ _ *?/!#«, vos'SwytJt IM, THURSDAY - FRIDAY SOCIETY rvira. Sid Henry Telephone 321 1'rn.ver 'rayer i.s the soul's sinceru desire, Uimtlered or expressed. I'he tuolum of » hidden fire That trembles in the .breast. Prayer is the burden of a sigh, The fulling of a tear; The upward glooming of an eye, When none but God is near, iiyvr is the simplest form of speech Thai infant lips can try: Prayer, the hublimcst strains lluvl reach The Majesty on high. Prayer i.s the Christian's vital brealh, The Christian's native air; His watchword at the gates of death lie enter;, heaven by prayer. O Thou by Whom we come to God. The Life, the Truth the Way. The path of prayer Thyself bus trod, Loul, leach us how to pray. —Selected The Hope P. T. A. council met in the city ball council room Monday, the meeting opening with a reading of (he Parent-Teacher prayer. Mrs. H. O. Kylcr, president, presided. The businott; session wa.s opened by reading "objects of the P. T. A.". Mrs. G. T. Cross gave a very interesting report on the district meeting at DeQuei'ii. Miss Henry took charge and made Ihe following announcements: Tlml the feeding kitchen had been approved liy \\w WPA. Shu nlso gave suggestions on "What We Could Do to Improve Our Schools." This was followed by a round-table discussion. Twenty-eight persons attended. Allies Like U.S. Type of Warbirds And Grover Reminds U, S. of Paul Jones' "City of Flint Case" BALKAN RULER 1; •THE PAYOFF Mis. James R. Henry Henry in El Dorado for visit this week. joined Mr. a few days lly JKURY Ni:/\ Service Sports Writer A championship football team according to popular fancy has to have everylhing from two or three lines lo triple-threat Waterboys, but most celebration of her eight birth-1 important of all i.s one or more block- anniversary, Miss Mary Anilling backs, •tor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs,! Every good club has at least one. ONLY Of^CE IN A LIFETIME... Kk^ftRWSSPt^ • / it""' Yyiffir ?., .e' •? -., i //,U/« i//i ij- " '.ik-.Vv'.^ * \ HAVr jft.W r^l'Mj m\Z^'^^^ M ida u ^^»v COMING SUNDAY ""— »ii tior-v> c „'• "'-°''' :Cf«° 10 ' °'. di C-nei.' 1 ".' 3 y,f('.'Y/> ! »' YCU " Webb Lascler Jr. entertained .sixteen of her young friends ill a birthday party, favors were miniature Christmas trees and Christmas suckers. Games were enjoyed, and a beautiful birthday cake with eight glowing candies featured the decorations. Dixie cups were served will) the cake, which was cut by the honoree. Mr. mill Mrs. CI. O. Bryanl have as gue.M, Mrs. O'Bryant's sister, Mrs. lioy C.'ulp of Ourdon. The Paisley Parent Teachers As- .-ocialioii wa.s held on Wednesday afternoon ;it the Paisley School with fifty others responding to the roll call. The regular routine of business wa.s transacted, with the president, Mr... B. O.'Dwyer conducting. A most helpful and appropriate devotional u;is brought by Mrs. 1. Pilkinton. A mo>;t interesting report from the Uistrin'1 meeting recently held in Di-Queen was given by Mrs. O'Dwyer. Mrs. Leon Bundy Supervisor of the Sewing Koom made a plea for button:-, In be used on the garments being made in the sewing roum. Tin- November meeting of the Brook wood P. T. A. was held on Wednesday afternoon at the Brookwood school and tin- prf.sidi.-nl Mrs. Earl O'Neill iinv-iilinh'. The regular routine of business was dispatched, with Miss Beryl Henry. City Supt. taking part. The p: i.'Mdcnl's message wa.s read by Mrs. Henry Taylor followed by a most in- ic.Mhi).; talk by Jimmie Jones of ihc ign .-chool faculty. In the count ol motheis prevent. Miss Lulie Allei i (.0111 won Hit. 1 highest percentage. - Mis:; B'-alrice Gordon will nrrivi TliUr:,day afti-rnoon to spend a few days with her paicnls Mr. and Mrs F. J. (.iordon. mountain cabin as a carload ot Uid- it-'S'frum thu cily overran hur properly and lu:£im gathering autumn leave.'', breaking limbs from a.spei lives, bashes and .shrubbery. "Ladies, do you know that sonic'of UJM- leave;; you have galhered are oi.Mm ivy'.'" ;,be ruslied. And she wasn't fooling. She invited tin: tri-spiiRscrs lo come inside and wash Iheir hands and faces wilh r-lrung .soap, Mtpposcd to be an antidote for poison ivy. CLUB NOTES Tin.' recently Star Chili uf School spoiiMiri I'Viiliiy or)!,mi/.<'il Morning Ihi; PluiismU View 'd a Box lintei'Uiin- nighl, November!' li. C,'recl?t( by ;' CAFT.A > Screen p'u-/i>y . SIDNEY 6UCIXAM • A COLUMBIA PICIURE Thr iifl'air was hc;irlily .supported by (he .students and patrons of the community. Tin- proceeds \vill be us- i'd for pmchiisij))-! facilities for hi; Styles B own "THEY'KE BEAUTIES, THESE NEW ODETTES," 5d)-4 Miss Lucille Hull, star oj the KK.O picture, " 1'nnaina Lady.". licauliful looks. Poise that comes from sleek fit. 'Ihe cliurm of comfort. If & a combination you won't find in any oilier shoes al such a jirice. Now you can Lave a whole wardrobe of high-style shoes...for dress, for daytime or spectator f\>iins ... and the softest glove-fit-' ting ease along with fashion, See, ihuse smart uew Odettes. ^ T'S Shoe Store You can't recall a great oUlfil which lidn't have one. Although running guards have taken over siime of Ihe duties formerly j iw-.igncd blocking backs, there arc I Jiiim-rons situations where guards cannot be a.s effective. At Ihe end of the 1!IUS .season, Ten- lessee's undefeated Orange- Bowl champions showed their appreciat- lonby electing Sam Bartholomew captain for l!i:i!l. Bartholomew is the iloeking beauty of Maj. Robert Reese Neyland's backficld. Although he is nut exceptionally large, Bartholomew's) ••peed and crisp technique enable him lo do the job as it should be done. In Ihe Volunteers' case, George Cahr.ii. Bob Fnxx, Lcn Coffman and Johnny Butler have all kinds of help because Bob Suffridge and Ed Molinski. guards, arc as formidable as any pair in the land when it comes tn committing mayhem on an opposing end or line backer. Miller Hoffman Makes l!ig Trojan Ilor.se linn liapidly flouthern California, practically ,-i .sinecure, to tackle Tennessee in the Fasadcua Hose Howl, Jan. 1 i.s fur- By PRESTON GHOVER WASHINGTON - British and French airplane orders coming afler HIP lifted embargo will bo passed around among manufacturers where they will do Ihc mosl good for Yankee preparedness at the same time they get results for the Allies. Here is a sample of what will be ' i done. The French have Uiken a strong (liking to the hot little Curtis pur- uiit plane, known as P-36. They say it is out-fighting the much feared Somali Me.s.ser-sclnriidts, which were held up as lops among fighters when the war started. Likely the French we.uld prefer to buy about nil the Curtis plant can produce. However the army lias prior orders with Curtis plant for a faster and handier plane Hum the P-3fi. ( i.s called the P-4U. The French will have to shop around among other factories. That won't be such a hardship. A half do/.en other plane makers have submitted plans lo the army and navy for ships considered only a shade less effective than P-10. \Vill Cause Expansion The Army-Navy munitions bonrc won't be able exactly lo tell the French and British where they must buy but force of circumstances will compe them to buy from plants which arc not filled with U. S. plane orders. Thai will mean expansion of plants whicl could not be boosted lo mass pro. duction by U. S. orders alone. Incidentally, it 'will put money it the pockets of some of the plant* which heretofore have been less well- heeled. Then they loo can experiment on better and belter planes. And. incidentally, long before re peal of the embargo was voted b; the senate, the French had placet additional orders with American planj manufacturers— on a "soon as" basis The British, more fearsome of creat ing a backfire against repeal, uppca to have withheld. Odils and Ends Histrical note: Naval hero Paul Jon es once put the U. S. in practically the same position as Germany now i' with respect to the captured Cit, of Flint. Jones captured three British merchantmen and slowed them IIOBIZONTAL 1 Pictured ruler of Rumania, King . 5 Hfs father x was the late King 13 To be indebted. 14 To censure. 1C Maker of tiles. 17 Light blow. 3D To entertain. 21 Currency unit o£ Rumania, 22 Aromatic gum resin. 23 To peep. Answer to Previous Puzzle 2.9 Railroad. 40 To loiter. 43 Sesame, 45 To refund. 25 Unit of work. 47 Eggs of fishes. 28 Concentric circles. 29 Either. 30 Musical tragedies. 32 Data. 49 Brains. 52 Man's reading room, 53 Cascades. 55 Water wheel. 57 Era. 33 To rent again. 59 He once ?A Deportment. 35 Pursuing study. S7To buzz 38 Pussy. or renounced his throne. 60 His forrr-r wile, Princess 15 Musical of Greece 18 Pair. VERTICAL 1 Company. 2 Distorted. 3 Back. 4 Pound. 5 Celebrity. GRatitc bird. 7 Breathed. 8 Neuter pronoun. 9 Nothing. 10 On the Ice. 11 Nerve cell. 12 Doctor, note. 20Strange. 22 His heir, Crown Prince 24 Aye. *» 26 His land is called the r or grain center of Europe. 27 Religious homage. 28 Soft palate. 31 Peevish. 32 Sloths. 34 Muffled. 36 Rowing tool. 39 Scope. 41 Arabian. 42 Precious metal. 44 Flock. 46 To resound. 48 A high priest. 50 Part of foot. 51 Musical note., 53 Tone F. 54 South Carolina. 56 Sound of . pleasure. 58 Half an em. Sports idSorts Very Special Specs FORT WORTH, Tex. ~-<flV- Don Frv'e. young high school football player, is wearing glasses on the gridiron this fall and letting Lloyds of London do most of the worrying about Idem being broken. HI.- has insured him.seif for 515,000 against injury. The glasses are of a material supposed to me "unbreakable.' 1 It Can Be Done INDEPENDENCE, Kas. —(/!')— The Independence learn, champions of the soulheastern Kansas division of the Ban Joh/i.sun baseball league, finished Ihe .season with a 51,200 profit. Six-Man Football P1EKHE. S. D. -i./i'j— In the wide- openspacos of South Dakota, Where towns are small and far apart, six* man football is running neck and neck with 11-man .squads. Nearly half tin- high schools this fall are using Ihe abbreviated lineup. Sixty-five schools—19 more than last year—use the small team, Seventy play with 11-rnan squads. Sideline Business NACANA, Tex. -- i/l>> — If they find what they are .seeking at Nacona football 'park the box office will not be the most profitable spot oil the field. An oil firm is drilling for oil. Looking Ahead DENVER -— tfi>) -- Denver iiniverr sity and Iowa Elate authorities must hit it off all right. New contracts. will insuie owa Slate's playing here as Denver's opening grid opponent every season through 1912. An Indian tribe has organized a modern dance band. The tomtom gives way to the raz-m-taz. Legal Notice NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVKN. That Ihe undersigned, as executor of the estate of W. S. Duckett. deceased, will apply to the Probate Court, in Chancery, within and for Hcmpstead County. Arkansas, on the Gth day of December, l'J3!l. or on the first day thereafter that said court is in .session, for authority to sell all the lands belonging lo said estate, or so much thereof as may be necessary, situated in Hcmpstead County, Arkansas, and described a.s follows, to-wil: The northwest 12.10 acres out of the Northeast Quarter of the .Southeast' Quarter iNE'.'i SE'.'i>. the .southeast M.GO acres of the Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (NW':i SE'.'j), the southeast IS acres of the Southeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter E'.i S\\":i), the Southwest Quarter of the Southeast. Quarter <S\V'..i SE',:'i>, 18 acres out of Ihe southwest part of the Southeast Quarter uf the Southeast Quarter (Sli'.i SE'-:i>, all in Sec- lion 20 (and being all the lands in said section 20 owned by W. S. Duekctt at the time of his death except 10 acres acres set aside to his widow as part of her dower i; the Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter <SE'.| NW!'i> and (i acres out of the northeast part of the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (SE'.i NW'.ii of Section 21; the Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarler (N\V'..| NW'ii of Section 28; the North Half of Ihe Northeast Quarter iN 1 - NE'-ji and thu Northeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (NE'.i NW'.ii of Section Twenty-nine (2!t)-all of said lands being situated in Township Ten ilfli South, Hange Twenty-four 12-11 West, and containing in all ;j(). r i.7 acres, more or less. Also il u . \Vrst Half of the Northwest Quarter (\\'i, N\V',1 ,,f Section 28. Township lu 'South, flange 21 West, containing SO acres, mure or less, subject to the homestead interest of Mrs. Julie A. Duckelt. widow of W. S. Ducketl, deceased, said Kll acres being the homestead of the said W. S. Ducked, at the tune of bis death. Said sale will be made for the purpose of (laying the debts of said estate, and for a 'ni'iire particular description of said lands reference is herein made lo the title deeds to .said property. 11. M. STEPHENS ' Executor of the Estate of W. S. Ducketl, Deceased. Nov. '.I, Hi, 23, 2.',! blocking Innate in having a back like Bob Hoffman in the role of star knocker- downer. He is the finest back on the Golden Slope. A capable blocker can bounce a defensive player aside going through the line of scrimage and retain his pins for a downficld assignment. Hitter Hoffman does that for the Trojans. Mighty Michigan fondly refers to Us quarterback. Forest Evashcvski, as The One-Man Gang. Evashevski really takes 'em out. H e played tackle in high school, a position al which body contact is its toughest. The 200-pound Detroit bay is the best blocking back the Maize and Blue has in a decade. Vieing with John P. Cox Dryg Co. Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps Evashevski for the reputation as the most formidable block- nig _back in the Western Conference is Frank Zadworney has plenty of speed to go wilh his 195 pounds. He is especially valuable because ol Ihe slick way in which he opcrat- c.s on a weak side reverse. Most blocking backs Jug the leather well, Loo, when giving the opportunity. It isn't often that Zadwor- ney carries but his average for the i Roosevelt campaign i.s almost six yards a crack. Sucker Sitko Lives up to Notre Dame Tradition In view of the fact thai Cornell lost practically its entire 1038 line much of the credit for the Big Red's spectacular performances goes (o Walt Matus/c'/.ak, junior blocking quarterback who is regarded as the best in the east. True to Notre Dame tradition. Quarterback Steve Sitko is a blocker par excellence a.s are practically all of this year's edition of the Irish. Will Mullemveg takes 'cm out for Southern Methodist. Hal Whiteman leads the way for Yale. The IRfl-pountl Dick Favor's blocking, lijie-backer and place-kicking make him a standout in Ihe Oklahoma backficld. A few days before Northwestern opened its season against Oklal Lynn Waldrof confided to that his biggest worry- away at Bergen, Norway, which then belonged lo Denmark. The Danes, shivering under British suns, surrendered the ships to the British and we Yankees yelled like everything. The Danes, burked at fore and aft, offered lo pay us something but not as much as we asked, so we refused the offer. We never collected anything. The French have a word for it. They describe the newly shaping neutrality as "neulralitc bienveillanl." It seems to mean Neutrality—with a wish for Ihe best.Probably the most unsmiling of all senators is Fra/.ier of North Dakota. Even in the piping times of peace he was almost never seen to smile and now is doubtless farther from a smile than ever. To him, repeal of the embargo is not a step lu- warcl war but a running jump. To Mrs. Roosevelt has fallen the job of lightening the burdens of the President. now that he i.s so pressed with war problems. Diplomatic dinners have been abandoned by the White House for Ihe winter. Reception.; will go on as usual. Replacing the dinners will be af- lernoon musicales and leas. Mrs. can handle them all by herself and the President doesn't have lo show up at all. ll saves him time and energy. U imposes more bur- lens on Mrs. Roosevelt, but. when energy and endurance arc needed, he has a boundless supply. Popcorn without hulls has at last been produced. The next step is lo develop corn that pops wilh a muted tone. . New Under-arm ., Cream Deodorant safely Stops Perspiration MODERN DESIGN POP CORN POPPER QUICK HE A TINC Makes plenty « jiffy! YICKS SALVE ASPIRIN Bottle of 1.UO Anniversary Special! onus TOOTH PASTE Regular size tubco. Docs not rot dresses — does not irritate skin. 2. No waiting to dry. Can be used right after shaving. Instantly Slops perspiration for 1 to 3 days. Removes odor from perspiration. A pure white, greaseless, stainless vanishing cream. Arrid has been awarded the Approval Seal of the American Institute of Laundering, for being harmless to fabrics. MILLION jars of Arrid 1. 3. 4. 5. 15 lave been sold. Try a jar today! ARRID QUALITY I'IKST, LAST ami ALWAYS Knowingly, we have never used anything in mir shop that was not first quality. Our operators are under eunstant. considerale and helpful supervision so that you may receive always the finest beauty advice and service in lowii. Price:, are modest, too, Carmen's Beauty Shop Phone 752 ....... placing Bernio Jefferso.ii, Negro Ih back. The Wildcats failed lo come up with replacement immediately, and you know what happened lo Iho'm in thnir engagements with Oklahoma and Ohio Stale. A football team .simply doesn't get anywhere withoul a blocking back. MONARCH HOT WATER BOTTLE 1-YEAR . No seams to crack or split! CRAZY CRYSTALS CHEO&OTED Emulsion 8 oz. Bot. NUYOL S Quarl Botlle BISAIADINE Guaranteed Stomach Relief 1.19 BLACK DRAUGHT TOILETRIES IPANA Tooth Pasle NAIL POLISH 4 «J< Flare I £. JERGEN'S LOTION ALMOND LOTION G ARRID Deodorant HAIRTONE 3 oz Bettie ... PEPSODENT Tooth Paste ... PO-DO PLAYBNG CARDS AT YOUR SERVICE Prescription Specialists W'" have long had u reputation for filling prescriptions with scientific precision, and the freshest drugs we insure your health; we cooperate with your physician. Two graduate phar- mists on duty. WARD The Leading Druggist "We've Got H" Phone 62 Motorcycle Delivery Maybe you can remember away jack when Hitler was just an an- irchislic upstart who would soon get j was coming to him. nil Moron i>elliti£ loitcl £oodl (uffto in lOr nml 5Op jar*} WHILE THEY LAST PUR-PAK PAPER NAPKINS PKG. 100 . 9 A Special Purchase of 200 Beautiful New MARCY LE Wash Dresses Regular $2 Dresses The Season's Newest. Styles in Gay Prints and Broadclolh.s. GROUP II Regular $3 Dresses Fancy Plaids and Checks. Rcau- liful Slums and \Vooly fabrics. Every dress a new pattern. SEE OUR WINDOW DISPLAY "We Outfit the Family" SURE-TIME ALARM CLOCK NEW! . . 98* Very accurate and dependable! BRONZE FINISH SPOT-UTE BED LAMP PADDED £%Qc CLAMP . *$Q Complete with Cord and Plug! At Cox's Fountain Whitman's Hot Fudge 4 Ac SUNDAE... I U HEINS SOUP 12 Kinds Large Bdwl 15' Alee I at Cox's For Lunch Week-End SPECIALS on Permanents CRMANKNT ANKNT ANKNT *-1.50 1'KJttIANENT uo PERMANENT Ciuai-anteed the always been kn will pay Y»U KI tak U|>" i*T tne holiday same hiali qualit \\n to give. Call CAT] I RINK RUTH ANN 1-Jeulali "The Maui .... $1.50 . $2.00 $2.75 $3.50 $4.00 i Sib> I's has in m Nnw. It i L.L''. "dressed WINNIE Sibyl's Beauty Shop Balcony Cox Drug Co. Phone 86

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