Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 14, 1998 · Page 57
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 57

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 14, 1998
Page 57
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4 — WEEK OF JUNE 14-JUNE 20, 1998 ON TV •SUPPLEMENT TO THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY JUNE 14, 1998 MORNING 5:00 A.M. Your New House Jewish Perspective Home Again GB U.S. Farm Report Tarzan Hawaii Flve-0 _ [COM] [DISC] [FAM] (FSB] (LIFE] SClFiTPald Program Ink & Paint Club El , , World Cup Pregame ESPN2) North to Alaska HSTl History Showcase NICK] Bob Newhart , , All New Scooby and Scrappy Doo tNT) Gilligan's Island OS USAl Street Sharks OS iN) Bozo Super Sunday 5:30 A.M. America's Black Forum Wall Street Journal Report Martha Stewart Living OS Travel Update Sunday Mass ~" (FSB) _ 'orld Cup Soccer 'N2) Sportsman's Digest KTNewhart OB TBSTFIIntstones TNTJ Gilligan's Island S3 6:00 A.M. Lifestyle Magazine TodayOS Mosaic Front Runners Movie * * * ss "Life With Father" MotorWeek OS Bultwinkle __ CD (EJ [COM] [DISCI (LIFEl Paid Program 83 Dr. James Kennedy ,A&El Breakfast With the Arts DlSNl Mickey's Mouse Tracks OS ESPN2} American Outback AMI Bishop Patterson Mf FOX Sports News HST) Gadget Boy's Adventures in Istory NICK] Gullah Gullah Island , Sci-FI Entertainment Flintstones NASCAR Garage Lois & Clark: The New mtures of Superman OB (USA) C-Net Central WGN] Pinky & the Brain [SHOW] Movie **» "Infinity" (2:00) (MAX) Movie ** IS "Protocol" (1:45) It Is Written OS Bay Sunday Better Homes and Gardens OB Storytime OS Real Adventures of Jonny Quest ED 69 (COM) (DISC) [LIFE] Paid 'ogram [AMCl Movie * * * The Curse ol Frankenstein" (1:30) DlSNl Katie and Orbie OS ESPN 2) Spanish Fly FAMTZola Levitt HSTl Inspector Gadget's Field Trip SICK) Blue's Clues SCTFil Inside Space OS TBS1 America's Funniest Home videos INN] Shadetree Mechanic USA] Mighty Max GS WGNl Superman In Touch OB Meet the Press OB Sunday Morning OB Good Morning America/Sunday OB Reppies OB Bill Nye the Science Guy OB Frederick K.C. Price Hour of Power 03 Captain Simian & the Space ikeys ' ISO [LIFE] Paid Program ie *x "Once Upon a Crime" FOX Sports News _ Field Trips USA :K) Family Double Dare 3 Master* of Fantasy W America's Funniest Home videos Inside NASCAR In the Heat of the Night W UttraforceOB I Men in Black: The Series Country Mouse and the City » Adventures W 7:25 A.M. (DJSNJ Circle Time Exalted Word Theodore Tugboat W Dragon Ball Z Extreme Ghostbusters ntty, the Best I* Yet to Be Open Book (UFE] Paid Program J Otter Offi [NICK] You're on Nickelodeon, Charlie Brown fSCIFIl Swamp Thing W USA] Double Dragon 03 [WON] New Batman/Superman Adventures (HBOi Babar 7:35 A.M. [TBS] Movie * * * "Romancing the Sf5ne"(225) 7:55 A.M. [DlSNl Circle Time _ 8:00 A.M. Hour of Power OB CS News OB Jubilee Christian Center Big Comfy Couch SI Fantastic Four Key of David Fox News Sunday Mask (Disci (FSB) [LIFE] Paid Program Biography International I Movie * * * "Monkey Business" :DISN] Bear in the Big Blue House OS _ Sports Reporters 12) World Cup Pregame Tn Touch OS _ Trains Unlimited O Muppet Babies Time Trax OS TNNJRaceday Wfl In the Heat of the Night OS USA) Wing Commander Academy OS Movie ** "Buddy" (1:30) Movie * * "Beloved Infidel" (2:00) " Bunch of Munsch OB 8:25 A.M. [DISNl Circle Time 8:30 A.M. Face the Nation OS Amazing Facts WImzie's House El X-MenEl (DISC) (FSB) (UFE) Paid Program Extreme Dinosaurs , New Beginnings DlSNl Little Mermaid SB ItpNl Sportacenter ESPN2J World Cup Soccer ICK) tiny Toon Adventures iSAl Savage Dragon El /GN] Pinky & the Brain SHOW] Bedtime Stories El 8:55 A.M. DlSNl Nifty Nineties 9:00 A.M. Web World With Style El Martha Stewart Living El S3 89 [FSB] (LIFE) Paid Program GroundlinjFMarsh IK1 ZorroGS Jumanji El _ Coral Ridge Hour A&EJ Movie **x "Murder: By Reason oTTnsanit/ (2:00) COM) Odd Couple ^"^ Zooventure Amazing Animals OS Animal Adventures Rockets! OS Looney Tunes D Web iSTNHHA Today TNTT Movie * * * "Midnight Run" (230) USA) Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm IS) IWGN) Animaniacs ISHSWI Bedtime Stories W 3D Bay Area People 3J CS BS @ (FSB) (LIFEl Paid Program " Rebecca'* Garden Marketplace Wishbone BQ Dragon Ball Z Incredible Hulk OS Movie * * Tarzan and the Valley 41 Odd Couple CJ Boneheads: Detectives of the oworld NJ Amazing Animals OS ;N] NASCAR 2Day Animal Adventures Best of Shadetree Mechanic Street Fighter SB I Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries Chimps: So Like Us SB ' ® NFL Europe Football OS U>5< Open PfBviow Auto BacingOS This Week IB Key of David Magjc School Bus Oil Student Bodies W Paid Program BreakerT ~ McD NBA Tour .Movie Magic Scooby-Ooo and the Ghoul .NBA! Christy (i_ fM Sports writers on TV HgT] Rocketsl GB DPE What Every Baby Know* OS Jones Year tor Kids WGN] Andy Griffith RBSlMovie * * x "Groundhog Day" MAX] Movie * * "Foots Rush In" (2:00) SHOW] Movie * * "Changing Habits" 10:01 A.M. [SCIFIl New Edge 10:05 A.M. (TJSJ Major League Baseball Efl American Religious Town Hall Reaching Out Blossom OB 0 Paid Program Sweet Valley High 051 •COM] Make Me Laugh lisa Real Kids. Real Adventures :SPN] Cheerleading ISPN2] Motoworld JFETKids These Days 5D NICK] Angry Beavers 1) C-Nei Central TNN] Motor Trend Television TJSA) USA High OB N] Major League Baseball 11:OOA.M. Senior PGA Golf GS Eye on Business EJ S Paid Program Nature OS Adventures of Oliver Twist Beast Wars A&El American Justice AMCl Movie * * K Tho Grass Is ireener" (2:00) :OM) Make Me Laugh .Jlstl Adventures of A.R.K. ESPN] LPGA Golf ESPN2] Ultimate Sailing FAMjMovie * x "How I Spent My Summer (2:00) FSB) Outdoor Trails Hi Rocketsl OB 1J Golden Girls OS |KJ Hey Arnold! OS Flash OS Auto Racing _ World Wrertling Federation Operstara 11:30 A.M. 5] World Cup France Report 5j ED (£9 Paid Program m Bill Nye the Science Guy OS A&E] American Justice :OM] Movie *x "Armed and angerous"(2:00) DISC) Jaws & Claws I2) Cheerleading ISA Action Golden Girls OS Aaahhlll Real Monsters OB ...... Movie *** "SaturdayNight Fever" (2:30) a 11:40 A.M. (DJSNl Movie * *» "Pee-wee's Big Aav5nture"(1:« 11:45 A.M. GD World Cup Pregame OS (HBO) Movie * * * * "Close Encounters oTTRe Third Kind" (2:15) [SHOW] Movie * X "Race the Sun" (1:45) AFTERNOON 12:00 P.M. World Cup Soccer OS Cornerstone Loon* on Golden Pond GS Paid Program Movie *** The King of Comedy" 3) Algo's Factory <E] Biography This Week J MovieMagic N2) Cheerleading his Week In Baseball 1 Rocketsl OB I Movie "A Strange AffairftOO) 1 Rocko's Modern Life W ) Movie The Outsider (2:00) I Pacific Blue OS J Movie * * * "Home From the 12:30 P.M. ITS Straight Up OS Paid Program ctric Playgrobm ra Paid Program Adventure* of Sinbad W Nightman Boy Meet* World W £\ Mysteries of the Bible pMC) Thorn Bird* ^ J Auto Racing J Movie * * The Return of the Six i Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman" FSB) FOX Sports World *""* Crusade in the Pacific 1 Shadetree Mechanic j Saved by the Bell: The New Class ) Movie * * X The Professional" 1:05 P.M. (IBS) Interstitial Fill 1:1SP.M. (IBS) Movie * * * x "Coal Miner's Daughter* (2:45) 1:20 P.M. [DlSNl Movie * * "The Computer Wore TenTiis Shoes" (1:401 1:30 P.M. Paid Program ...AC Masters icoMi Movie ** "Delirious" (2:00) DISC] Mysterious Universe HST) Battle Line NICK] Tiny Toon Adventures TNlJNHRA Today WGNl Andy Griffith SHOW] Picture Windows 2:00 P.M. Worldwide Soccer: World Cup '98 09 Paid Program Religion & Ethics Newsweekly OS Highlander: The Series Movie ***!« The Kids Are grit" (2:00) Movie ***x"JFK"(2:00) I A&E] Unexplained jlcl Strange but True? im World at War EE Movie "Child of Rage" (2:00) NICK] What Would You Do? Sightings BH 3335) Dukes of Hazzard El Movie * * * "Urban Cowboy" WON] Movie **X"Soapdish"(2:00) ''"'^Inventors' Specials W 'Movie *** "Music Box" (2:15) 2:30 P.M. Capitol Racing Breakthrough Paid Program DISC' NICK MAX AnimalX Wild & Crazy Kids Movie Magic" (2:00) GD Paid Program Mo" • • - - . Movie ** "Choices" (2ffl» ! Think Tank I Movie **x "St. Louis Blues" (2:00) j Haven &El Treasure! Robert F. Kennedy - A Memoir Almost Home OS ** "Bionic Showdown: DISCI e onc owown: TieSix Million Dollar Man and the Blonlc Woman" (2O)) FSB] Cycle World " ' True Action Adventures Global Guts Quest for Adventure SA) Movie **S "Romeo Is Bleeding" HBO) Movie * * * The Secret Garden" 3:30 P.M. LD Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal (3 Paid Program To the Contrary Martha Stewart Living W IM] Movie *** "National Lampoon's acpon"(2:00) • DISN) Baby-Sitters Club W h 2Day at the RaceiT egends of the Hidden Temple One More Cast With Shaw iby 4:00 P.M. Baywatch W Frailer (SI Paid Program This Week In Northern California Movie ***"BenlT(2flO) Police Academy -The Series Movie ***x\JFK"(2tt)T „ Psi Factor: Chronicles of the 'aranormal El A'&El Ancient Mysteries Real Romance W Robert F. Kennedy - A Memoir Flash Forward El ESPN) Sportscenter ESPN2) World Cup ZNight . ••• i «*n P*» VMM •.ilium EUfHooked on Golf HST1 Automobiles LIFE) Movie To Save the Children" (2:00) h Salute Your Shorts ,jl Movie * * *x Terminator 2: jmentDay"(3a» (TBS) National Geographic Explorer W Outdoor Magazine Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher 4:15 P.M. {SHOW) Movie * * x The Mirror Has I wo Faces* (2:15) 4:20 P.M. (ESPN) Baseball Tonight 4:30 P.M. NBA Basketball Playoffs 081 Extra OS Paid Program lughlinC Behind the Jug Juice' Group BsN) Bug Juice 131 E|pTl2j World Cup Soccer Clarissa Explain* It All W Bassmasters ] Parent 'Hood 09 Movie * 4 * 4 *p"My_ Girt" (1:45) (HBO) Moy|.. Earth: Final Conflict § Star Trek: Deep Space Nine El >8.1) Guide to Historic Homes El ] Movie * * * Trouble Along the 2:00) ' Robert F. Kennedy - A Memoir BISN Bug Juice W Major League Baseball W 'rograi a Well ilfareasWeKnowttThe ESPN; . _ AMI Movie "Storm Chasers: Revenge of eTwister (2:00) 1ST] Modern Marvels ICK) Wonder Year* OS In-Fisherman Television Movie **** "RainMan"(3:00) Movie * * * The Remains of the WO) N) Sister, Sister OS 5:30 P.M. CBS Evening News OB ABC World News Sunday OB Paid Program Uncommon Knowledge _ CopsGS COM] Movie * x "Armed and jerous" (2:00) .DlSNl Growing Pains W Pro Beach Volleyball NiCKl Are You Afraid of the Dark? GB , fN) Bill Dance Outdoors WON] Jamie Foxx GB EVENING 6:00 P.M. CD Seinfeld The Bbrary has no record of Jerry returning a book he look out in 1971. A OB GQ News OS W National Geographic on Assignment Allied forces during World War II tried to prevent Hitler from possessing the ingredients needed to create atomic bombs; dangers of being a smoke fJjPald Pro W Ending successes a get out of the system. I ED Police Academy - The Series Casey is put on trial at the Police Academy for aiding and abating a tank robber. (R) B3 Silicon Valley Business This Week Host Jim Goldman discusses business in California's Silicon Valley. ffij Star Trek: Deep Space Nine The DeTianl crew hastens to save a aarfleel captain who is stranded cm a remote planet with SfUe oxygen. A OB CQ Star Trek: the Next Generation Akuander reaches the age lor the First Rite of Ascension, but Worms Wort he has no Intention of becoming a warrior. A GS (SJ Access Hollywood Scheduled: country singers Travis TrM and Charley Pride. A GS [DISCI Beyond Birarre The spiritual healing powers of rocks in Sedona, Ariz. (R) fbiSNl Growing Pains CoachLubbockblames tfieWof his job onW (Part 2 of 2) GS [HSTl Daredevils! Daredevils, indudiM biplane acraoal Lee Oman and motorcycle jumper Robbie Knievel, and the breathtaking stunts that have made them famous. (R) [UFE] Movie * * x "Conspiracy of Silence" (1991) Stephen Ouimetle, Michael Mahonen. A Mounlie suspects that local townspeople have shielded a Cree Indian woman's murderers from justice for 16 years. (4.00) ' ") Figure It Out L.A. Lifeguards Los Angeles lifeguards Mesqufte Rodeo Highlights ol brone and i from Mesquite, Texas. (Taped) A Unhappily Ever After Tiany becomes ... columnSfwBi the school newspaper; Ryan tries to determine the identity of the schooTs nymphomaniac.(R)A[S] 6:15P.M. fHBbl Movie * * * "Men in Black" (1997, Science Fiction) Tommy Lee Jones, WiR Smith. A streel- wise young cop joins a secret government organization thai monJors extraterrestrial activity on Earth. A 'PG(MAX] Movie * * K "My Girt 2" (1993, Comedy-Drama) Dan Aykroyd, Anna Chkimsky. Vada learns important lessons about life and love when she visits her unde in LA to find out about her late mother. A 'PG' GS (139) 6:30 P.M. &) Our Town (Series Finale) Doggy Olympics canine games; a muraHst; Chuck Jones'cartoon art; a look at The Horse Whisperer: OS m Five Report* Paid Program Meeting the Challenge 5lSN) Muppet* Tonlghtl Bobo the Bear is oetecrtned Ic ' ~ ' " ' • """ New* S . — Program Inside Washington America'* Dumbest Criminal* ip performs the show's theme. (R) A "fAWght Already Carol's new sateDie dish _W lo memorize the answers to •Jeopardy 1 and is her boyfriend, jfl) ACS " ra " ' i * X "Beverly Hills Ninia" „ -raFaney,rtotefieSr*ndan.V or-irHialnng agrees to neb a beautiful woman iwestigale her boyfriemfs wspWous acUvlles. „ 7:00 P.M. CD Op World's FunnlestlAb wear gefctuohl on a door chkfcen » baby; father who uses hii chjdren in »„. dow prevents i baby from eating cMdyVj L§J Sttdown 33 60 Minute* A 031 GD Movie * is The Big Green" (1985) SSveG*er^,0(«iao-Abo.Jlo»6-itrii(*Te«ajl«»- man hebs i new British tchoolsacher liantbrm her cj^studenUlnbaicccerlsatn. A 08(2.00) m Dr. James Kennedy B Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher Nick •

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