Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 19, 1937 · Page 37
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 37

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 19, 1937
Page 37
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JANUARY 19 H 1937 FIVE" SALES FOR THE HOME on Wards Convenient Monthly Payment Plan MODERN SALE! 782 Co/7 Innersnring More quality features than a famous nationally advertised make at $14.75! 182 finest tempered Premier wire innercoils! Thick, sisal pads and layers of clean, new felted, cotton 'inters! Heavy lons;-we,,rinfj woven blue and white stripe ticking! $9.95 Plot/orm Spring , 7.»4 Extra Large! - 3 Pcs.-Oak Interiors! $5 DOWN, $5 Monthly, Plus Small Carrying Charge Here's proof that you can buy fine furniture for LESS at WARDS! The fronts of this beautiful modern suite are S-ply veneered in expensive orientalwood and butt walnut! All the pieces are EXTRA LARGE with massive carved feet! Round, plate-glass mirrors! These pieces are heavy— interiors are solid oak! Concealed casters! Bed, chest and choice of vanity or dresser! Bench to match, $4.88. Unpointed Chair Ktj.3J.00 iMI C Paint them the colcr you like best.' Solid hardwood! Cathedral type shaped backs! I.E.S. Floor Lamp Keg. J8.98I ^94 Compltt* 0 Bases ivory with brass or Old English finished! 100, 200, 300 watt bulb included! 8 Piece Mining Room You'll like the heavy, carved legs and overlay carvings of this suite! The buffet is beautifully veneered in V-matched orientalwood and butt walnut. Tops are ,5-ply American walnut! Buffet, t&ble and six chairs. Buy these pieces NOW at Wards! tl*k.. C'lenner Clothes Wards Triple Cleansing Action Oversize Electric 95 Small carrying charge See it! Wards Master! Built to $69.50 specifications. Only Wards low selling costs could produce such an amazing value. Tub is 20% oversize. Holds more clothes—Wards famous Triple Cleansing Action washes faster, cleaner. Lovell wringer. Finest mechanism—scaled in lifetime supply of oil. \\ilh Gas Enzine Full Size for Average Families Make Sensational Purchase of Thousands of Rugs Just Before Price Rise! Cut Prices While Rug Market Soars! r?v^ «>»*•*, .*. v*-, | ent shortage^' Further jumps m car IJfc prices,^dieted soon. »* are MillsRaiseRugPrices The t effect by every important rug -rehouse inventone, $29,95 to $32.95 Quality AXMINSTERS 53 DOWN, 14 Monthly Small Carrying Charge Moderns! Textures! Hooked designs! 10 exclusive new patterns in Wards seajnless Dura- r,;ans! Woven by a famous maker to Carpet Institute specifications! Imported wool pile —thick, springy, lonj wearing! See them! Save '-3 to '.7, in this great sale! $49,95 Quality Seamless 0 x 12 WILTONS J5 DOWN, J5 Monthly Plui Carrying Charge You save $10 in this sensational event! A genuine sesmless Wilton at ihc usual pirce of an Axminster. Thick, springy imported wool pile! Fringed ends! Oriental copies! 22i/ix40 TKROW RUGS, Rejr. Sl.79 Quality, now . $1.59 Small So easy to own—You'll marvel at the cleaner, whiter clothes and enjoy more leisure too. Wards Special is full size. Porcelain tub holds 21-gal.—16 to leadline. Lcvell pressure cleansing. Gears sealed in oil. During this sal..- at reduced price. With Gas Engine $58.95 WARD OLEUM RU«S 39 9x12 Reduced for this sale! Moderns! Florals! Tiles! Easy- to-clean baked enamel surface on durable felt, base! 9x10%—$3.89. 7^x9-42.79. 6«9—J2.19 6 A 9 Ft Yard Goodf, R«S. 37c, iq. yd. 3lt $7.45 Super Service Rug 89 9x1S Wards famous Super Service Wardoleum—the rug that 4,700,000 footsteps couldn't wear out! Equal nationally- advertised $7.45 rugs! Montgomery Wartl 102-4-6 SOUTH FEDERAL AVE. A Line OTipe By T. PIPE Stick to the Pipe—Let the smoke blow where it will. There \yas a man who had a car, Of which he often spoke in praise; It was, he said, a perfect one, A lovely sight on which to gaze. The engine ran without a sound, And used but little gasoline; 'Twas also easy on the oil, With power and pick up very keen. Its shiny coat hrought keen de- liffhi, To all who cared to stop and see; | While gears and levers one and all, LIQUOR IN IOWA MUSTBEAR SEAL Supreme Court Interprets Phase of State Law in Ruling. DES MOINES, C/P)—The Iowa supreme 'court, in an interpretation Tuesday df state liquor laws, held it is unlawful to possess, in Iowa, liquor which does not'bear the seal of state liquor commission, whether the liquor and veracity of some well known was bought in Iowa or elsewhere, subiect. which, riolivpr^rf in Kc TX^ ^™i»-f riA^;**/} +^t> i««oii /-J would knock the listeners oat of their well worn seats did we so desire. We each have much ability alojif that line and know how to use it. A And if the two of them could think of no more jokes (old or new) or other entertaining comment, Don could always be counted on to fill in with nn exaggerated exemplification of the truth subject, which, delivered in highly extemporaneous and salubrious manner, would no doubt be Performed their duties silently, j well received by the listeners, if The lights were always focused [ any. The court denied the appeal of Luther Johnson from his conviction in Page county of illegal possession of liquor. The appeal was based on the contention that the legal requirement that liquor The body had what safety takes; j Buses still continue to operate ! bear the state seal applied only And yet the car is now a wreck, j on a more or less erratic schedule. \ to liquor bought in the state. Because it had defective brakes, j Just recently the one that has been j ——— — •— [operating on North Madison ave- ! C' „(. f ^_ J, „ T\ ._^.,|. nue was discontinued without prc- i iuSl LOnQCTl UUgOUt Some day theer will be a safety j committee in every county and city. And this committee will thoroughly investigate every highway accident, determine the cause and place the responsibility if possible. It will also make recommendations as to how to prevent siaiilar accidents from occurring in the future. At the end of the year, it will then be possible to classify each accident, designate its cause, and do something about highway accident prevention. vlous notice, thereby causing r p D " J much cussinj: of the bus system in j lOI Vj3S KaiOS general and the local schedules in I LONDON, (UP)-The first gas- particular. — • — IT QUITE EXAS-, PERATES A MAN, TO FIND HIS BUS, HAS CEASED TO RAN. The present hap-hazard method of. dealing with accidents is yetting: nowhere fast. The drivers' license law was supposed to do much to control highway safety. But for some reason it has failed to do so. Seldom is there a driver's license cancelled or suspended. A cancelled driver's license, or a 6 months' suspension would do a heck of a sifrht more to prevent drunks from driving than a S100 fine. Here and There Motoring' to Texas. HUTCHINS—Harry Thompson is motoring to Texas to spend two months in the hopes of benefiting his health. Enroute he will visit his sister, Mrs. diet Stith and family, at Atchison, Kans., his brother, Homer Thompson, and family, at Tonganoxie, Kans., and another sister, Mrs. Gillispie, at Tujsa, Okla. Peterson. 85, Is Bedfast. KANAWHA—L. P. Peterson. 85, I is bedfast at his home. Mr. Peter- proof and bomb-proof dugout in London has been completed in a basement in Buckingham Gate, near Buckingham palace. The dugout, which is designed to accommodate 12 persons, is aquipped with a filtration plant which purifies any poisoned air- drawn from without and will even counteract the most potent poison gas. Should the power driving the plaint fail, air can be filtered by manual labor, through pedals worked on the same principle as a sewing machine. The railroads wore able to con- ! son bas been in at his home for the past several months. Jack Goodrich is ill at his home, suffering from a blood clot in the leg. The condition of Mrs. John Welch, who has been ill at her home the past tro! the accidental loss of life and limb through systematic investigation, and stern corrective methods. Our highway accidents might i yield to the same treatment. One way to obtain restricted I speed on the highways is to give j them a coatinff of ice such as j thpy enjoyed over the week-end. A couple of inches of ice evenly distributed on the pavement does more to remove an irresistible impulse to circulate at a high rate of speed that well nigh any other possible action that might be tzken. Woman Dies After Fall. IOWA CITY, ypj—Mrs. Lulu M. Rucker,- 62, Cedar Rapids, died at the University hospital here from injuries suffered in a fall at her home Dec. 21. Well Yields Lost Silver. OREGON CITY, Ore. (UP)— Eleven years ago Otto Lucht hired a man to clean a well. The laborer said he lost his purse with $5 in it while on the job. Then more than a decade later Lucht swabbed the .veil himself, found the purse and had died. WHEN E'ER THE HIGHWAYS THEY ARE SLICK, THEN TRAFFIC SLOWS UP MIGHTY QUICK. Arlie Otto as_ host and hostess. Ill With Pneumonia. RICEVILLE — Rudolph Hoffman, an elderly man living a mile north of town, is seriously ill with pneumonia at his home. William, the year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Clark Kelly, required surgical at- Everything is now all right. We j tcntion for the treatment of an have our Lehigh Port and Cement j abscess following a severe cose company's calendar for 1937. It is | of chickenpox, but is now much j our favorite calendar and while ! improved. I we practically !nad to ask for it, it I Meets at Cutler Home. NORA SPRINGS—The Crescent club met Friday aricrnoon at me home of Mrs. James Culler. The lesson on Hie American Negro was given by Mr,-. Marie Dobson. taking as her topic "The New Negro." week suffering from the flu, is j five silver dollars . But the laborer improved. Birthdays Are Celebrated. RUDD—Mr. -and Mrs. W. J. Frevert, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Frevert and son, William, Mrs. Anna Birkholz and Ella Linderkamp .helped W. G. Willett and Rose I Marie Edie celebrate their birthday anniversaries Sunday at the Willett home, with Mr. and Mrs. : is-, well worth the as'cing The Arms of Peace A man arrested in Kansas City tfic other day was carrying a revolver, 18 cartridges, a knife, brass knuckles and a pair of dark glasses. Evidently he was on his way to a peace conference.—Roanoke. Times. MEMO "6 In the excitement of the calendar, we failed to obtain the name of the ccntleman who brought It to us. If we knew him, we did not recognize him in the semi-darkness of an early winter evening. But know him or not, we extend to him our thanks for his kindness in remembering us. Mrs. Helen Bright told of the Creole cooking. j Employpfl at Harness .Shop. j KANAWHA—Halden Walker of i Do? Moines is employed at -,he ! Dirkscn harness shop. Mr. Dirkscr, | several weeks ago injured his j That wonderful, beautiful star ?houlder in an auto accident and TELEPHONE 57 in the west after sunset is Venus, the queen of the heavens. Never have we seen her more beautiful. —-• — In addition to putting curves back on to the vvintxjen, Mae, according: to the well known press, also drew down the hiij- gest chunk of dough of any of the movie queens or kings. Which goes to show that if you have what it takes, you don't have to be young and sappy and attached to a lot of piffleized publicity in s order to obtain a following:. A i The .same press report also • stated that B. D. Miller, president ! of the F. \V. Woolworth company i received $309,880 for the 3'ear 1936. What the little gals behind the counters received, the item fails exceedingly to mention. .£ Monday evening was a big day in our life. We received the first seed catalog: and spent the entire evening just dreaming cf summer days, and gay flowers blooming In the garden. It is still a long time until the first of May, but when seed catalogs come, spring can't be so terribly far behind. £ ^^ For several years we have been hoping to build a rock wall along the side of our garden and then plant shrubs and bushes and perennial flowers along side of it. And Hugh McKinnis has drawn up landscaping plans severs) times to improve the general appearance of our home in the North Light Suburbs, Mason City's most | exclusive residential district. But conditions, mostly financial, have so far prevented us from making our dream garden come true. — C — If dreams came true, As often times they do, I'd have a flock, Of flowers of every hue. I'd spend my time. Throughout the summer hours, In caring for, The lovely, joyous flowers. While we think of it, let us hasten to assert there is no truth in" the rumor that Don McPeak and T. Pipe will put on a number entitled, "You and 1. How Wn Love Each Other." at the opening of radio station K.GLO. is unable to work at his business. Exposure Caused Death. DES MOINES, (£>) — Dr. E. Shaw, Polk county coroner, said that an autopsy report showed that Frank Sloan, 49, found dead in a ravine in south Des Moines, died here S'inday of exposure, j There was no evidence of foul j _ play in the death the coroner said. \' 300 ROOMS FRONTS LARGE LIGHT ROOMS AND PROMPT SERVICE ASSURE YOU FULLEST ENJOYMENT AT THE Atotet =mmiTRosf— THERE'S SOMETHING IN CLEANERS Picture a cleaner for rugs ... and a cleaner for bare floors, furniture, draperies and all other furnishings . . . designed as one ensemble, instantly adaptable. That's th« new Hoover One Fifty Cleaning Ensemble. You'll be thrilled by its new userulnwa . . . its smart shape ... its Hanry Dreyfuss design ... its sensational lightntss (mad« with the wonder-metal, magnesium) . . . its fifteen new conveniences. You can, own this cleaning marvel <lj —the only cleaner with. ^Positive Agitation—for... HO Not but what the two of us could put on a number that ISO JL A WEEK CLEANING ENSEMBLE IKJPtES GAS AND ELECTCK COMEWTf

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