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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 23
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana • Page 23

Indianapolis, Indiana
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THE INDIANAPOUS STAR THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1994 B7 THURSDAY EVENING CBS handles LOCAL 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 6:30 1 7:00 1 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 1 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 MID 1 12:30 1:00 1:30 2:00 4wttv Bonkers Full Family Full Golden Married IU College Basketball Indiana at Northwestern. (10.15) Rescue Married Empty Empty Mama's Duel of Hearts ('92) (Alison Doody) -rwiiv 724 (CC) House Matters House Girls 569 With Pregame (Live) 8057 News 911 With Nest Nest Family Incognito lady helps framed lord she loves Z9wTTK 9453 (CC) 1 796 989 (CC) (CC) Children 1 23540 Children 33076 63309 10729 in 1820s London. 45038 Rudtu i00) News 7250 (CC) News ABC A Current Inside Mattock The Fatal Seduction. Ben is drawn into PrimeTime Live 35811 News (11:35) (12:05) (12:35) (1:05) (1:35) Home 7788651 (2:35) "wmv Oprah 3163 (CC) News Affair Edition probe of two men's deaths. (R) 23076 (CC) (CC) 3162076 NightJine American A Current Paid World flHU Winfrey 4415 (CC) 5279 3927 JCC) Journal Affair program News Runcu Real News 9618 (CC) News CBS Wheel of Jeopardy! 1994 Olympic Winter Games Alpine skiing, cross country skiing, figure News (11:35) Late Show (12:35) 1994 Olympic (1:35) I (2:05) Bertice Berry (R) rDc Stories 8231 (CC) News Fortune 8095 (CC) skating, shorttrackspeed skating. From Lillehammer, Norway. 861434 (CC) 3157144 With David Letterman Winter Games Designing 8469274 tbb 2811 (CC) 6237 (CC) 6422724 (CC) 5231019 (CC) Women lun-un (00) News I Hard News NBC Enter- Cops Mad I Wings I Seinfeld 1 Frasier I LA Law The Age of News (1 1:35) The Tonight (12:35) Late Night (1:35) (2:05) (2:40) IOWTHR fcgHy 2989 (CC) Copy 4827 (CC) News tainment 4683 (CC) About You 5368 (CC) 88453 38095 Insolence. 72237 (CC) 5937250 Show 6252182 (CC) With Conan O'Brien Bob News Jane NB0 Jessy 3724 (CC) 1989 (CC) Tonight J873 (CC) (CC) JCC) 2614496 (CC) Costas 1 16897941 Whitney National Carmen Square Wild Nightly MacNeilLehrerNews- This Old Red Across Makin' Mystery! Inspector Are You Charlie Rose 260076 Dennis I Off the air no? Geo- Sandiego One TV America Business Hour 38540 (CC) House Green Indiana Tracks Morse VII: Dead on Being Whoiey PBS graphic 77732 27255 Report 94569 1 73076 1 84231 1 43521 Time. 37811 (CC) Served? 00 Family Little House on the 21 Jump Street 86250 All in the I Family The Cannonball Run kPG, '81 )(8urt Reynolds, Hunter Dead on Target. Taxi All in the I Paid Taid I Sherlock I HardcastJe toWMCC peu( Prairie 22366 Family Feud Roger Moore.) Contestants enter cross-country (Part 2 of 2) 80927 34250 Family program program program Holmes McCormick 931903 Encore 23095 38415 road race. 61892 77163 36835 1 16583 632274 27W27AR News Vickil 46328 School News Time Out Limbaugh Politics 16366 Insights 96502 News 14219 (CC) Copy News Progress 398293 CAT0814941 Capitol 573903 AfliuuMD Laveme Saved by iGomer Bonanza 179811 News Hogan Lester I Street Life World Harvest 558279 Charles Stanley Calvary Images light I Wonders Daugh- I Manna Discovery I Benny HUWHIYIB Shirley the Bell Pyle 294434 Heroes Sumrall 551366 Temple Intern') Music wty JO Marilyn Praise the Lord 29665 Jerry Brent TBN Peter Dwight Thompson Praise the Lord 759786 Dean Benny Hal Praise H-WCLJ Hic)(ey Barnard Walters Today LaLonde 36182 and Mary Hinn Lindsey the Lord iQuiviu Batman: Mighty The I Roseanne I Murphy Roseanne Cheers The The In Living I Living News I Star Trek: The Next I Ricki Lake (R) 299095 I Arsenio Hall Clarence News (Ft) Paid Can We 'WXIN Animated Morphin Wonder 978237 Brown 342231 745521 Simpsons Simpsons Color Single 328786 Generation Power Williams III. 558800 776699 program Shop F0X Years 978417 (CC) 368279 1 347786 714434 974106 Ray. 186182 (CC) 1 399699 Ind. Coi- Acrylic Great Hoosier "Mind News Butter Voices Visions (R) literate A Feast Women's College Basketball La Salle at Butler. I Off the air U3WTBU ectjon Pain, Lades Histoty 4Body 279881 1 Persp. 6642809 (CC) 9849521 CABLE 4-30 5:00 5:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 1 7:30 frOO 8:30 9:00 9:30 10.00 10:30 11:00 11:30 MID 12:30 1:00 1 1:30 2:00 2:30 (4:0) Police Story The Rockford Files Charlie In Search Of .554453 The Real West 530873 A Night In Havana: Dizzy Gillespie in Cuba In Search Of Salem The Real West 244854 A Night In Havana: Dizzy Gillespie in Cuba Mrs. Broken Badge. (Part 1 Harris at Large. 188569 8e-bop trumpeter meets Castro, WitchesStrange Be-bop trumpeter meets Castro, Columbo of 2) 295163 (CC) performs at jazz (est. 533960 tors. 774415 performs at jazz test. 950019 BMP Street In Name Only ('39) A woman will not Kiss Them for Me ('57) (Gary Grant) Navy Sylvia Scarlett ('36) Sylvia cuts her hair, Kiss Them for Me ('57) (Caiy Grant) Navy Sytwia Scarlett 36) Syfwa cuts her hair, Scenes: give her rich husband a divorce to many the pilot steals shipbuilder's fiancee on shore feave. dresses like a boy and flees French poBce with her pilot steals shipbuilder's fiancee on shore leave, dresses like a boy and flees French police with her N.Y. widow he loves. 809540 134873 faner. 997144 S41892 father. 323941 dct Rap City 751250 Video LP Screen Sanford Happen- I Happen- Comic- Video Soul 881705 Comedy I Screen Midnight Love Videos Comic- Video LP I Video Soul 865903 Scene ingNow ingNow view Club Scene 587767 view BRAVO (4:00) Twin Peaks The investigation The Duchess of Duke Tne An Open Soutti Bank Show La Femme Nikita (R, '90) (Anne South Bank Show Johnny Guitar ('54) (Joan Crawford) Soutti Bank Show into Laura's death continues. Street Tea and a Wad. Perfect Window Lenny Henry Hunts the Parillaud) French agent turns drug punk into code- Georg Solti. 222163 Saloonkeeper ana gunfighter lover face Lenny Heniy Hunts the 996076 (CC) 629927 Woman Funk. 237960 cued hit woman. 247347 loudmouth's mob. 921187 Funk. 968564 CNBC (4:00) Market Wrap Insiders Business Portfolio Money Pozner Equal Rivera Live Tom Snyder Personal Equal Rivera Live Tom Snyder Pozner Paid ruu Inside Early- I Showbiz The World Today Money- Crossfire PrimeNews 187705 Larry King Live World News 177328 Sports Money- News- Showbiz Larry King Live (R) World Sports Politics Prime Today 702163 line (CC) 107569 (CC) Tonight line night Today 1 492670 (CC) Update Late PflMFflY Stand-Up Saturday Night Live Short At- I Almost Stand-Up Soap Mystery Science The- Kids in the I Whose Saturday Night Live TheA-List Politically Mystery Science Theater 3000 Aliens plot to take TheA-List Two Drink uum-ui stanlHJ Host: Joe Montana tendon Live Stand-Up 1722786 ater 3000 8845845 Hall Line Is It? Host Jason Alexander. 9503618 Incorrect over Earth with androids. 2376564 4634309 Minimum 1 4250540 Span 1726502 1 5590778 "'-j C-SPAN (10:00) House of Representatives News Call-In (7:15) Call-in Event of the Day 676366 Public Policy 6164038 fafe Moscow 82141618 men fcisy I Home- Home Pet Incredible Beyond 2000 Eye fluid Strange I Pirates Movie Secret U- I infinite Voyage Future I Strange Pirates Movie Secret Li- Infinite Voyage Future Wings Lockheed1 Con- Does It works Matters Connec- Animals and blood alcohol. Powers 206279 Magic feMa- of the Past 535328 Powers 751322 Magic feMa- of the Past 836090 stellation. 434496 922705 281960 913057 Son 536057 815076 chines (CC) 875748 chines (CC) rcpu Skiing (R) Run the The Designat- Senior Sports- I College Basketball Southern Methodist at Hous- College Basketball Massachusetts at Temple. Sports- College Basketball California at UCLA. (Live) Race- I Sports- 386989 Gauntlet Dream ed Hitter PGA Tour Center ton. (Live) 425618 (Live) 134908 Center 604212 horse Center League 672298 1 426366 Digest 1 943854 cam That's Punky Brother Riii New The Waltons The I The Young Riders Rescue 911 994182 The 700 Club 904569 Bonanza The Big Jack- Black I Maniac Paid program 822944 The 700 Club 614670 rw My Dog! Brewster Jake Tin Tin Lassie Sinner. 905298 981618 (CC) (CC) pot. 952231 Stallion 1 ice (4:00) Original Sin Couple's son is Super- Shop Til Unsolved Mysteries Sisters Rivals. 987892 The House on Carroll Street (PG, '88) FBI Unsolved Mysteries Unsolved thirtysomething Once a Paid Paid I Paid tddnapped; mob grandfather may -market YouDrop 978144 (CC) (CC) agent and writer catch Nazis in '50s New York. 965705 (CC) Mysteries Mermaid. 327534 (CC) program program program kmwwhy. 639618 Sweep 997279 303212 751835 763670 ucu (3:00) VideoPM 995637 Club Dance 259298 I Country Barbara Mandrell Music City Tonight 717521 I Club Dance (R) Country Barbara Mandrell Music City Tonight (R) 649813 On Stage nHon News Sisters 446521 188540 News Sisters 309941 uipK Wild and Hey Dude I Temple What Looney iLooney Bullwinkle Partridge iMorkand I Love Bob I Mary Maiy flick Get Smart Dragnet Alfred Super- Donna Troop Bob Crazy 289502 944927 Would Tunes Tunes Family Mindy Lucy Newhart Tyler Tyler Van Dyke 551304 866090 Hitchcock man Reed 582767 Newhart Kids You Do? 925892 209366 813618 1 156960 Moore Moore 1 818163 I 1 232125 1 952477 561274 too (435) (5:05) (5:35) (6:05) (6:35) (7:05) (7:35) (8:05) The Alamo (60)(John Wayne, Richard Widmark, Laurence Harvey.) (1135) Cheyenne Autumn r64)JRicharrJ WidmarK Carroll Baker.) (2:35) Brady Savedby Savedby Growing Growing Andy Bev. Hill- DavyCrockett Jim Bowie and Wfc Bunch the Bell the Bell Pains Pains Griffith billies soldiers 1836. 48897231 Oklahoma to Wyoming. 74467569 umii Reading Sandiego Square Computer Business MacNeilLehrerNews- This Old Studio Six Mystery! 45892 (CC) News I Editors' Being The New Explorers (12:35) Off the air Rainbow One TV Report Hour 56908 House Forum Desk Served? 1 8930453 (CC) TNT (1:00) 1994 Olympic Winter Games Bugs Bunny's All-Stars 438502 NBA Basketball New York Kntcks at Houston Rockets. (Live) (10:20) (1050) The Manftou (PG, 78) (Tony Curtis) (1:05) Cat! of the Wild (PG, 72) Roughneck Live)656637 8264724 Inside the ftychicasksv4chdo(togevyoflgir1friend's and partner mush Alaska with sled dog Buck. 1 NBA back. 51878219 69967485 "7ic $100,000 I MacGyver Pilot Cartoon Express Major Wings Murder, She Wrote I Perfect Family (R, '92) (Bmce Boxteitner) Wings I Wings I Quantum Leap 1 291 87 Counterstrike The (Odd Once Pyramid 654750 (CC) 797231 Dad 741927 Murder Takes the Bus. Single mom takes in mysteiy couple as boarders. 454989 699250 (CC) Beginning. 494038 Couple Bitten 709809 (CC) 172873 (CC) j(CC) 175960 (CC) (CC) ,1 104903 1 uCM Stunt FNnf I Saved by California I Fame Designing TheJef- TekWar.TekLords ('94) (Greg Evigan, Eugene News Sanders, Payne. Night Highlander 378368 The Andromeda Strain (G, 71) (Arthur Hill, David Dawgs stones the Bell Dreams 613231 Women fersons Clark.) Ex-poteman must save ex-wife from 254637 (CC)' Court Wayne.) Scientists msh to isolate an alien germ brought back 618786 984231 619415 computer vims. 235502 506502 by a space probe. 714125 PAY 4-30 5:00 5:30 6:00 O) 7:00 7-3Q 8:00 1 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 M1D 1:00 1:30 2:00 2:30 riNF (3:00) There Goes the Neighborhood Ladybugs (PG-13, '92) Sales- Hera (PG-13, '92) (Dustin Hoffman) Bram Stoker's Dracula (R. '92) (Gary (12:15) The Temp (a '93) (Timothy Intimate Obsession (a Movie (PG-13 W) (Jeff Daniels) Comedy, man forced to coach girts soccer Other guy takes credft for loser's plane-crash Oldman) The vampire count of Transylvania. (CC) Hutton) Exec's new helper has her ownagenda. '92) Adults only. feC) 219279 team. (CC) 870298 rescue (CC) 990366 1005250 (CC) 85974729 3171125 nicuFY Wonder- Kids, Inc. I Mickey Just "EeriT The Mighty Ducks (PG, '92) (Emilio i Don't Raise the Bridge, Lower the River Paul McCartney: Get Back The The Final Days 89) (Lane Smith, Richard KMey.) land 999163 Mouse Perfect Indiana Estevez) Hotshot lawyer must coach peewee (G, '68) Dreamer and con man plot to steal oii-drtll former Beatle 1989-90 world tour. President Nixon retreats from Watergate to his White House (CC) Club 637811 628163 ti.i2M0-:if invention. 249705 ya 710163 inner circle. 796729 "jjofj (4:00) Men Don't Leave Indebted The Naked Gun Detectives handle Miracle Beach (a '92) Gorgeous Rage and Honor ('92) Teacher i Dei State of Emergency ('94) Doctors (12:35) Gas Food Lodging (R, '92) Comic widow starts over with sons in mess from files of "Police Squad." gerue criges tiomeless man's figlUs dans with poycan and fw Comedy decision could cost his career. (CC) Singie wartress and her teen daughters ftew RelietW Baltimore. (CC) 653163 (CQS12637 436724 kung fu. 270989 Jam 7613434 Mexico. (CC) 86917274 Ll CHnUf (4:00) The New Adventures of tPlppl The Big Picture (PG-13. '89) (Kevin Bacon) I Captain Ron Salty rogue steers Bessie I Lock Up (R, '89) (Sylvester Stallone, Donald Prey of the Chameleon Weirdo I (1:35) Betsy's Wedding (R, Loflostockhw (G, '88) Film-sch)lgradgeaneatoninHQllyww)d. Chicago family's yacht in Caribbean. Coleman Suthertand Convict hero lands in warden's takeson look of the man she wants 90) (Aian Aida) Comedy. (CC) Cfcldren. 967336 183434 (CC)S764873 private hell. 440786 to M. 6225903 88353632 lijjp MS) The Taking of Pelham One (6:10) Without a Clue (PG, '88) Sleuth Dr. To Protect and Serve (R, '92) (9:35) Sins of Desire ('92) (11:10) Gas Food Lodging (R, '92) (1255) Private Passions Canadian I (25) Two Three (R, 74) Watson soives case with bogus Sherlock Holmes. (C. Thomas Howell) Action. (CC) Woman poses as nurse at snady Single waitress and her teen daughters in New teen likes European gtrl and rr Movie hdm (CC) 23967453 xmFf 8748811 mtm 21536279 rk Mexm 14276927 I mother 8884670 1 showdown expertly "It's been a long wait." Truer words were rarely spoken by figure skating announcer Verne Lundquist at 10:36 p.m. Wednesday, when CBS finally showed Nancy Steve Hall Kerrigan's leading performance in the women's technical program. Thanks to the KerriganTonya Harding scandal, the broadcast is expected to rival or surpass this year's Super Bowl in viewership. As always, when it comes to the Winter Olympics coverage, CBS saved the best footage for, last, even though most Americans knew the results hours before. But with heavy coverage of Bonnie Blair's history-setting 1.000-meter race and far fewer features than normal, Wednesday's broadcast seemed the least calculated and least manufactured of any during the past two weeks. The photography, as usual, was superb. As they've done throughout these Olympics, figure skating commentators Lundquist and Scott Hamilton balanced each other out to make a good announcing team. Lundquist Is often given to that sportscaster's vice, overstatement. Did he really have to keep saying over and over how the tiny Northern Lights Hall was the center of the world's attention? But Hamilton has provided some of the best commentary of the Games through prepared features explaining each move, and shrewd but gracious critiques of action on the ice. He's one of the few members of the CBS crew who can praise without resorting to hyperbole. By contrast, listen to how speed skating commentator Dick Stockton talked about the winner of the women's 1,000 meters: "Bonnie Blair goes out with a blaze of glory. America is proud today." You know, Bonnie Blair, "America's little sister" and "America's sweetheart." Hmmm "Steve Hall. America's beer-swilling Naw. Mays to become partner On Wednesday, University Broadcasting Co. accepted a letter of intent by Mays Chemical President Bill Mays to purchase University's 49 percent share of Shirk, Inc. for about $3.5 million. As Bill Shirk's partner, Mays would co-control three radio properties and one TV station the greatest amount of minority broadcasting ownership ever in Indianapolis. Shirk, with Shirk controlling a 51 percent share, owns Top 40 radio station WHHH-FM (96.3) and religioustalksports station WXLW-AM (950). If the sale is approved by the Federal Communications Commission, Mays will replace University's Art Angotti as Shirk's partner in those stations. Shirk and Mays, also the owner of The Indianapolis Recorder, are already partners In 1BL, L.L.C. That company controls the license for low-power TV station WAV (Channel 53) and has entered a local management agreement for Greenwood country station WGGR-FM (106.7), with intent to purchase the station in 1995. Shirk and Mays will likely pursue other acquisitions. Shirk said In an interview. "It Just makes it easier if I have the same partner In these ventures." He anticipates no format changes in WHHH and WXLW. Angotti was out of town and unavailable for comment. Pence to syndicate Network Indiana is syndicating statewide a three-hour daily talk show from conservative Mike Pence. "No other show out there is as caller-driven and deals specifically with Indiana," said Pence, who hosts a three-hour program on WNDE-AM (1260) at 9 a.m. Saturdays. "It will be similar to my Saturday show." Stations can take one, two or three hours of the syndicated program, which debuts April 11. Stopping the clock Intrepid reader Carl W. Fuller of Indianapolis timed CBS' Winter Olympics broadcast last Thursday with a stop watch. He confirms that we've been seeing a lot more commercials and features than actual event coverage. Fuller recorded 164.5 minutes of the 180-minute broadcast. Of that time, 69 minutes was given to "context" (athlete introduction, reprisal of other events, 43 minutes, commercials; and 16 minutes, athlete features and other reports. Only about 35 minutes of the three-hour broadcast was devoted to actual competition. 1 Shading indicates movies. Movies are rated by the Chicago Tribune. Star ratings: 4 excellent, 3 good, 2 fair, 1 poor. Thursday program notes CBS' Olympics coverage blows out the competition TV RATINGS It also represented a 9 percent audience increase over the 1992 Winter Olympics from Albertville, France, which drew 156 million viewers. For the week of Feb. 14-20, CBS won all 44 prime time half-hours, a feat unequaled since ABC's 1984 coverage of the Los Angeles summer games, for a 25.9 average rating, and a 40 percent share of the audience. ABC. with more typical ratings, was a distant second, at a 10.4 1- f'f LATE-NIGHT MOVIES rating, 16 share, and NBC had a 9.0 rating, 14 share. Fox Broadcasting programming on IS of the 22 prime-time hours, hafl a 7.3 rating, 11 share. The victory virtually assured CBS of victory in the February ratings sweeps one of thee, monthlong periods of intensive audience measurement, which allow local stations to set ad rates. As a lead-in, the Olympics boosted ratings for local newscasts by an average 51 percent. DISN The Mighty Ducks, (1992), (2 931699. To get out of trouble, a hotshot lawyer opts (or community service coaching rowdies in peewee hockey. (CC) 4:05 A.M. TMC To Protect and Serve, (1992), (1 hr. 35 mins 83612477. A policeman and a policewoman are put on the case of corrupt officers slain one by one in Los Angeles. (CC) 4:43 A.M. AMC Banjo, (1947), (1 hr. 15 mins 57050545. A Georgia orphan and her dog, Banjo, go to live with her Boston aunt, who sends Banjo back. 4:50 A.M. HBO Miracle Beach, (1992), (1 hr. 40 mins 98544651. When a man loses his job and apartment he gains a gorgeous genie named Jeanie, who grants his every wish. (CC) 7 a.m. Good Morning America. In Hong Kong's Statue Square. Filmmaking; lifestyles of the rich; how goods made in Hong Kong get to the United States; open-air markets. 7 a.m. 1994 Olympic Winter Games. 69255. Alpine skiing, figure skating, freestyle skiing, short track speed skating. 7 a.m. (D Today. Tony Randall, actresswriter Jean Marsh. 9 a.m. Regis Kathie Lee. Steven Seagal, Scott Baio. 10 a.m. ffl Jenny Jones. Men who allow overnight dates for their teen-age sons. 1 p.m. TNT 1994 Olympic Winter Games. 656637. Alpine skiing, cross country skiing, freestyle skiing, ice hockey, Nordic combined, short track speed skating. 8 p.m. 1994 Olympic Winter Games 861434. Alpine skiing, cross country skiing, figure skating, short track speed skating. 8 p.m. (D Mad About You 1873. An intimate videotape of Paul and Jamie accidentally winds up at a movie rental store. 8 p.m. ffi The Simpsons 368279. Homer and Barney vie to become the first citizens in space. Guests: Buzz Aldrin, James Taylor. 8 p.m. NASH Barbara Mandrell the Mandrell Sisters 446521. Glen Campbell, Alabama. 8:30 p.m. QD Wings 5368. Brian and Alex move in together; Lowell is a godfather. 8:30 p.m. 2) The Simpsons 347786. Bart gets a job to pay for a rare comic book. 9 p.m. Seinfeld 88453. Kramer is a stand-in on a soap opera; George wants to break up with a girlfriend. 9:30 p.m. OD Frasier 38095. Frasier seeks a new recliner for Martin. Associated Press ew York CBS' coverage of the Winter Olympics lifted the network to its highest-rated week ever, according to Nielsen Media Research ratings issued Wednesday. CBS's eight broadcasts from Lillehammer, Norway, have drawn an estimated 170 million viewers, delivering the all-time top seven nights of Olympic coverage winter or summer. CBS said. RADIO HIGHLIGHTS SPORTS 5:30 a.m., WQFE-FM (101.9) -Sports Talk Morning Express. 4:04 p.m., WIBC-AM (1070) Sports Updates. Bob Lamey. 5 p.m., WNDE-AM (1260) Sports Daily. Mark Boyle. 5:15 p.m., WICR-FM (88.7) Worn-en's Basketball. IPFW at U. of I. 6:45 p.m., WXLW-AM (950) Women's Basketball. LaSalle at Butler. 7:15 p.m., WICR-FM (88.7) College Basketball. IPFW at U. of I. 7:40 p.m., WIBC-AM (1070), WQFE-FM (101.9) College Basketball. I.U. at Northwestern. 11:30 p.m., WQFE-FM (101.9) -Sports Talk Late Nite. MUSIC AND TALK 8 a.m., WICR-FM (88.7) Adventures in Good Music with Karl Haas. Ad Libitum. 5 p.m., WXIR-FM (98.3) Good News from Tab. Max Lucado: Vividly Describing Biblical Truths. 7:05 p.m., WNTS-AM (1590) Golden Age of Radio Theater. Vic Ives. Old-time classics. 8 p.m., WENS-FM (97.1) Nite Lite Love Songs. Eric Games and Tim Bon-nell. Requests and dedications. 9 p.m., WHJE-FM (91.3) Dancin' on the Edge. Dance and rap with Laura Diggle and Angie Sims. 11 p.m., WXIR-FM (88.7) Martin Jones in Recital. 3 A.M. The Nest, (1988), (2 320187. A scientist, a sheriff, an exterminator and an island mayor's daughter hunt mutant cockroaches. AMC In Name Only, (1939), (1 hr. 45 mins 5952038. A woman will not give her rich husband a divorce to marry the widow he loves. BRAVO La Femme Nikita, (1990), (2 hrs 685729. A French govern-ment agent turns a Paris drug punk into a chic assassin cued by her code name. 3:10 A.M. SHOW Hexed, (1993), (1 hr. 50 66334477. A bored hotel clerk finagles a blind date with a French model who is also a psychotic killer. (CC) 3:20 A.M. TNT The Oklahoma City Dolls, (1981), kit; (2 3323800. Factory women form a football team to assert themselves, with a has-been as their coach. 3:40 A.M. CINE Boys From Brazil, (1992), (1 hr. 20 mins 17035922. Filmmaker John-Paul Davidson profiles transvestite prostitutes in Rio de Janeiro. 4 A.M. The Savage Innocents, (1960), (2 566729. An Eskimo goes about his business until an accident makes him a fugitive hunted by Mounties. WGN Blanche Fury, (1948), (2 hrs 926767. A Victorian governess marries an Enqlish heir, then plots with a stableboy totKill him. PBS A PRO: Inspector Morse (John Thaw) continues to solve four bizarre cases on the all-new Inspector Morse VII series at 9 p.m. on WTIU and at 10 p.m. on WFYI (Channel 20). 9:30 p.m. Living Single 974106. The girls buy an alarm system after their apartment is robbed. (Repeat) 10 p.m. QD L.A. Law 72237. A prudish librarian sues a co-worker who torments her by talking dirty; Rollins delivers an ultimatum. 11:35 p.m. Late Show With David Letterman. Linda Ronstadt. Dave's mother, Dorothy, interviews Nancy Kerrigan. 12:30 a.m. Arsenio Hall. Clarence Williams III. (S) (CC) 12:35 a.m. 1994 Olympic Winter Games. 5231019. In and round the '94 Games. (CC) 2:40 a.m. (D Jane Whitney. Women addicted to prescription drugs. 1 I Twin Towers Atk a.

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