Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 19, 1937 · Page 36
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 36

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 19, 1937
Page 36
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FOUR MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JANUARY 19 • 1937 RITES FOR FALL VICTIM HELD Mrs. Brackey, 77,_ Was inj Poor Health Since Hip Injuries. LAKE MILLS—Mrs. Nels "Nothing in the Paper" ********.** Mason City Housewife Runs Through a Typical Issue of the Globe-Gazette and Volunteers Her Reaction to This Oft-Repeated Lament. "Ho hum! Nothing worth read- I ful, and we have written several ing tonight!" timer to Frederic Haskin. How many times have you heard this passing remark by the man or the woman of the house Brockey. 77. died at her home | w v, 0 } las j us t spent an hour or so southwest of town Saturday. Mrs. I thumbing through the newspa- Brockey fell several months agoI per -> and fractured her hip and had I j n a brief period one Mason been in poor health since then. Mr.! city housewife, Mrs. Frank Za- Brockey preceded her in death I ,-uba, 1638 Pennsylvania avenue than a year ago. Mrs. I northeast, heard such a sentiment Brockey was born April 5. 1859. Funeral services were held on Tuesday at the 1 ,Vmnebago Luth- cxpressed. So one evening she sat down to check on the basis for it. Her findings are set forth m a ,-H^ church at 2 o'clock with the | report addressed by her, under Rev. H. F. Huseth in charge and j date of Jan. 14, to Eye Observ- jrial at \Vinnebago cemetery. Funeral for Swarm, 87, Former Mason City Resident, ing, as follows: A Housewife Writes Just lately I heard three differ- nt people say "There's nothing . „, .... paper todp.y." Going over OSAGE—Funeral services were i one j ssue O f the paper, I find this heid here Tuesday afternoon at 2 ; lo rea( j: _ o'clock at the Champion funeral: j Martin Johnson, crash victim, - - • - • crapbook clip- that my girls 8". nro'growing up.) who died at a hospital in Mason: 9. "Picture of the Morrow boy Ot'v Su"dav. Ke had been ill from who found the beaien body of como ]; ca *J,-s^ .Charles Mattson. (Is anybody go- Henry "swann was born near in? 10 pay for this crime, as in the BeaVer'Dam. Wis., Dec. 12. 1849. •• Lindbergh case?) ; - ~ •' veather. (Good news. home in charge of the Rev. John • dies. (Has been a scrapbook clip- D. Kern of the Osase Baptist ipjng for years now """' church for Henry A. Swann. here until 1927 sr.ri he went Fe and his family came here from : 3. Colder w> Minnesota" MI 1893 and he lived • for slushy weather means sick- when his wife died i ness at our house.) to Mason City to '. Pension Not Needed. make his home with his daughters, ; 4. Pension for Mrs. Coolidge. r'riscilla and Eunice Swnnn. Two (\vith her income that tight-fist- da'"i<-h.e"<; D-eeeded him in death, c d Calvin left her, I should think . EdT£ and Gladys. • it would gag her to use it, there | teurs arejun. Besides his :wo daughters in .being millions of undernourished ' " " ' the government 22. Herring's FareweU. (Old people have to be helped. Sales tax is being paid and felt by us small people. We carry insurance for whole family. Liquor control is very easy, this family having consumed 1 pint of whisky and about 10 bottles of beer in 1936.) 23. Wife Preservers. Useful hints, but not usable for family with our income. Always Reads Doctor Myers. 24. Dr. Garry Myers. Always read. Am member of local 'P. T. A. but have never set foot inside the school. Daily teacher has no idea how a mother feels when Betty comes home sniffling and says "I had to go outdoors and got knocked into the slush and got my knees all wet." (Sniff) Teacher, opening windows and herself with a sweater over her warm dress, doesn't realize the kids, sitting in the draft from the window, are shivering while she stands to the radiator. 25. Mellon's Art Treasures. (Would be more appreciated where public has look-see.) 26. P. G..& E. radio ad—Oh, what's the use of feeling bad. Immunization Suggested. 27. Parents — i m m u n i z a t ion '•Request Slips" — Handed ours back today. (To my notion this should be enforced by law during the first year of child's life, and it wouldn't be such an expense when bunched like this.) 28. McKinley P. T. A. Jan. 21. Maybe the children will go. Ama- Ma^on City he :? survived by an- j children o;h"r daughter. Mrs. H. E. \Valker j help.1 .""_,- < . . ._ i" 1 J - i - e-* should o: Du!u:K Mirr... and a son, Edward H. Sv.-ann of Osasc: fou grandchildren and seven grea 5. KGLO (Having our radio on is only a sad re- the "bum minder of the pleasure \vc have his brothers. Alfred had during the last year just "one bv. Xever had one before and rrisy not be able to have this fixed for sn'Tic time.) (i. More about the kidnaped child's body. My own opinion was that something like this would Cerilcr. Mi-.r..: h:> sisters, -,.,, 1C :<; Lev's of Caledonia. ' a ,, ri Vs .\ : , na Fessenmcv- d..u ...... . . rr of DCS Mninrs. Buri?l will be in the local cemetery beside his wife. when the father failed contact the criminal within week. Who's at Fault Then? Mrs. Arthur Rites tO Be Held in STACYVILLE — Mrs. Edward : voac j v /hcn some motorist tries to Arthur of Masor.ville died sudden- I p us h the train off the track.) !y Saturday night. Jan. 16. at the: g Gets Five-Year Sentence. horr« of her mother, Mrs. Thornxs , (Cedar Rapids being my home Kinney of Stacyvjlle. Surviving. town. T happen to be acquainted are her mother, Mrs. Thomas Kin- i with the neighborhood, but not -C'-' her husband. Edward Arlh- j the man.) ur." on? ?:ster. Mrs. Amy Kinney : 9. Movie Parade! Very interest- }f Jar.esville. . ins.'. (Pictures I saw "...I,,.•„,,,., v.'illiam. of Fa-.-go, X. | 19-8. Coileer, Moore Dak and Joe of Stacyville.'Fti-: From Walla Walla." and ''Abie's -e-sl se-.-'ccs '.vi'l be held at Vis-i Irish Rose;" Tom Mix in a west- ins at 9 nach officiating. \v:*h interment St. Mary's cemetery. .„._..„ „... .err.. Since moving to Mason City Father Manter- ! three year; ago. I saw "The Coun- \Vedne?dny morn- Funeral on Thursday. LAKE MILLS—Funeral serv- i:-es for Olavus Koidah!, 71. wh,\ died Saturday will be held Thursday at 1 oViock at the Anderson Funeral home sr.ri 2 o'clock at the Salem Lutheran church in charge of the Rev. O. R. in try Doctor" and "The Trail of the : Lonesome Pine." Much chance I , have to win the bank night prize!) ' 10. Buttrey's styk interesting if there way TO replace that what I bought | n: '••\Vith a Happy Ending." 11. Story with a happy ending. (G"ort publicity even when it's true.) 12. Xora Springs wants linrary. iSo did St. Ansgar in 1028. and I 29. Sport page, bird shelter? Our Christmas tree is doing similar duty on our porch, but so far, 1 have not seen my birds, oniy sparrow?. 30. Pulse of the Farm. Good advice. 31. Five women, nil well provided for, still "Franking" from Uncle Sam. Well, Jim Farley will be in the hole again. 32. Windshield. I might have been riding with A. P. though I have not been in the car for three months. (First bluebird call.) About Our Page of Comics. 33. Comics. Puffle Manse—Piffle!' Old Home Town I have seen this one for twenty-three years or so. Crossword Puzzle—Yes, I like to work one even if I hardly ever get it finished. If more people worked the puzzles they'd know more. Second-j'ear Latin helps some. Some time I can fill in after my high school girl gives up. Muggs and Skeeter—good humor for the kids. As for Brick Bradford. I never worry, he always lands on all fours like a tabby cat. Buddy and Ike are working up to something. Etta Kett—having a serious-minded girl for 3 daughter, I have no time for Etta's type. Officer 67-s looks like a pre-war cut of Char- would be! lie Chaplin. Inspector Wade is were somej n '-ty and these trouble shooters lately? In "Man Kilrs lo Bo Friday. LAKE MILLS—r'ur.crai services for Tostcn Qualsrurl. 88. who died Jan. IS wi:l be held Friday at Concordia. This funeral was to : teresting to them?) •p liltely to get Donovan out in time before anything serious happens to him. But Merchants Don't Get Rich. 34. Market—Hoes $7-8.50. and lard at the grocery store 20c a lb.: eggs 21c tn 23c and when I buy them, I pay 30c for culls and r-Vf U nve-'"snmc"books 'io"help to I grade-out?. Some pullets starting ,;„ ,i le -v, c ].- c , ) I their laying season, but the eggs '"is" Would Bar Children From h'.'e get arc "bantam" size and top "Divorce Movies." (Wouldn't that | price make the -divorce, itself, more in- have been held earlier H.London Fog (Editorial). It potjponed to Friday due to the i seems to be put on a bit thick, but serious illn : ?s of Mrs. QuaLsrud. I thafs the English for you. 15. Bricks! Well, "Look Below." Out 35. Bloodhound's Bay? One of the best you have published in the last twelve years. 36. Aunt Het. There never seems to be much cash in her purse, but at that "sole furnishing" for our own children is more Heads Soldier Relief. ^<-,M... j important than "soul furnishing" DES MOIXES. i'.-Pi—S. P. Wol- ! Satisfied With Her Lot, ^ j for heathen., cot:, Sioux City, was elected prcs- ! 16. Number 6 was a boy. Well, ident of the County Soldiers' Re- ; I have four daughters and I have lief Commissioners of Iowa at ?n ; not once caught myself wishing organization convention here. J. | they were boys. Am proud of my M. Franshier, Council Bluffs, . "as i two older ones for doing to well school, but am hoping my third elected vice president. POISONED KIDNEYS I one will pull through eighth i grade. | " 17. Scrap Book. Strong-headed ! the mother must ,hc to carry her j Little Goes a Long Way. 37. Liquor stores gain. I should Stop Getting Up Nights To harmlessly flush poisons and and from kidneys and correct irritation of bladder so that you can stop "getting up nights" get a 35 eent package of Gold Medal Haarlem Oil Capsules and take as directed. Other symptoms of kidney and bladder weaknesses are scant, burning or smarting passage—backache—leg cramps— puffy eyes. i 'most always.) 19. "All of say so! We bought one pint before Christmas and all had a dose for our colds. 38. Here and There. Nothing familiar from neighboring towns today. Is that the cement plant whistle —and Decker's too! Betty will be and Health. (Look over home fnr lunch. My dusting isn't done either, but for all of that I String beans have a way of drying up especially if you don't have a slab of bacon cooking in the sarr? pot His Name Is "Mr. Anonymous." 20. Eye-Observing. Nothing much today, but there are times when I agree with you, although only a housewife and you being, well—what is your name? 21 Answers to Questions. Use- Clearance Sale OF RADIOS ALL FLOOR MODELS TO BE SOLD We are clearing out our New CROSLEY radios. All floor models on sale at greatly reduced prices while our present stock lasts. Just look at the Clearance prices—see what you can save, if you buy now. $119.50 $60.00 $57.50 $50.00 $50.00 PAUL'S RADIO SERVICE 7-9 SICOND STREET S. W. PHONE 355 13-TUBE CONSOLE, Was $149.50, Now........... 8-TUBE CONSOLE, W« $89.95, Now 7-TUBE 5 BAND CONSOLE, Wai $85.00, Now 7-TUBE CONSOLE, Wai $79.95, Now... 6-TUBE 6 VOLT CONSOLE, Battery Set, Was $75.00, Now. had some fun. MRS. FRANK ZARUBA 1638 Pennsylvania avenue northeast. Mason City, Iowa. P. S.—Yes, there is absolutely nothing of interest in yesterday's Globe-Gazette. Retail Merchants at Iowa Falls to Elect 1 IOWA FALLS—Election of new board members for the Iowa Falls Retail Merchants' Bureau will be made by the members of the organization at the annual meeting ! of the Iowa Falls Community club on Monday evening, Feb. 1. Twenty nominated for 10 vacancies were W. K, Armentrout, B. R. Brown, T. B. Purcell, David Steel, Jr., C. W. Dick, V. L. Klove, A. J. Strutz, R. W. Worth, C. R. Bristol, M. L. Sheldrick, C. W. Peterson, C. A. Westbury, C. E. Burton, E. J. Callahan, V. C. Sprout, R. K. Knox, F. W. Triplett, A. B. Tyler, G. F. Chiquet and W. W. Johnson. Examination Is Taken. PROTIVIN — Arthur Tuchek, who finished the barber course at Cedar Rapids, left Sunday for Des Moines and took his examination. Birthday Is Celebrated. POPEJOY—Mrs. Emil Hartkpp entertained at a birthday dinner in | honor of Mr. Hartkop Sunday i noon. The guests included Mr. and ; Mrs. Ted Hartkop, Mr. and Mrs. : Walter Hartkop and two children j of Popcjoy, Mr. and Mrs. Frank I Hartkop and family of Alden and Mr. snd Mrs. Kenel Hartkop and family of Oakland. FEBRUARY Starts Tomorrow! Tremendous Values! Buy WARDS BUYING TRIUMPH! . Modern Living Room Compare *75 Suited Club Style Mohair Pieces $80 value[ Newest style on the mar- ketT English club lines—massive carvings on arm panels and feet! Great big 80 inch davenport covered allover in. lustrous mohair. J6 DOWN, $7 Monthly, Carrying Charge 811 2 BIG PIECES ONLY "You couldn't sell it for less than $75!" So said a famous manufacturer when we showed him our plans for this suite—Wards placed a huge order,' cut costs to the bone and this amazing LOW price is the result! Extra large for modern! Fine quality tapestry upholstering in charming color combinations! Fine carved arm panels and legs! Extra broad, new bowed arms! Buy it NOW at Wards Great February Sale! $5 DOWN, $5 Monthly, Plw Carrying Charg« $6.95 WARDROBE 588 $14.95 DRESSER 13 88 Steel. Has hat shelf, coat, and tie racks 1 $1.00 CARD TABLE Strongly brae- *yf\^ ed tops! Choice I HQ Beat the BIG Reg. $9.95 CHEST 8 88 A 11 hardwood con- 8 t ruction! 36-in. wide I Hardwood! 4 drawers! Choice of 3 finishes. POSTER BED K. $8.95! Hard- 7* of 'JENNY LIND BED -.--gi H • O _B_JL Re?. ^-"' Walnut or »»pie finish! END TABLES 5 StyM Q44 Compare $5 table! Fancy inlaid veneer tops and mar- quetry desiens! Lounge Chair 18 88 Reduced! Knuckle arm style with pillow-iype back! Tapestry upholstering. Sturdy! Only the World's Largest Retailer of Radios Could OHer This Our Last at This Price! Compares with any *9O Uange! AIRLINE $5 DOWN, Carrying charge $5788 Biggeit coal-wood range value in Ward* 65 years! A beautiful modern design, with rounded corners. Massivt cast iron construction. Triple-coat porcelain enamel finish. The full-size cook-top if rust resisting! Large 18" cast iron oven and sectional firebox! Copper reservoir! Buy now and save! With an Insulated Oven! 4 pas Range $5 DOWN, carrying charge $5295 Full porcelain! Fast burners! Automatic heat control and top light. Conv plete with lamp, electric clock, minute minder, 2 jar». Unusually low priced! It's Big, Fast, and Safe! Gasoline Range $5 DOWN, carrying charge Listed "Class A" for safety! Full porcelain finish. Quick, porcelain lined, in- tulated oven. New, round, instant-lighting cait iron burneri. ft S10Q quality and features. • BIG 40" hand-rubbed cabinet! • Superdynamic 12* SPEAKER! • World range; all 3 wcve bands! • Metal tubes, plus tuning eye! Colored "FLASH SIGNALS" show you your volume, tone, and wave band! Big, edge-lighted glass dial! Extra-fine r.hort-wave tuner! Adjustable high fidelity. Limited quantity! Hurry in to Wards! 8-Tube Movie Dial! NOW ONLY S4995 Lowest-priced Movie Dial Console! World range! 2-speed tuner 1 Metal tubeil Tuning eye! REDUCED! , on your Old Radio / Monthly Payments '(/I FREE flOME TRIAL Montgomery 102-4-6 SOUTH FEDERAL AVE. TELEPHONE 57

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