Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 9, 1939 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1939
Page 2
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,HOt>E STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Star ot Hope, 1899; Press, 1927. Consoiidnted January 18, 1029 _ O Justice. Deliver Thy Herald Fmm False Report: Published every week-day afternoon by Star Publishing CoTlnc""" C. E. Palmer and Alex. H. Washbum. at the Star building.'212-214 South walnut street, Hope. Ark. • C. E. PALMFB. Prrslilcnt ALEX. H. WASHBliUN. Editor and Publisher (AP) —^feans Associated Press. (NBA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. Subscription Rate (Always Payable in Advance): By city carrier, per week 13c; per month B5c: one y<v\r S6.30. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, Howard. Miller and LaFayette onmtk'?. S3.50 ptr year: elsewhere ?G.50." Member of The Associated Press: The Associated^F^esiTis'rvchT^iveTv entitled to the use for rcpublication of all .MOWS- dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and ;iko the local news published herein. Charstes on Tributes. Etc.: Charge will be nTade'to-l¥TiTbT^77arci7o! thanks, resolutions, or memorials, concern! nr; the departed Commercial newspapers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their riders from a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Sim- disclaims rsspo.isibil.itv or the sare-keepmg or return of any unsolicited manuscripts Political Announcement The St«r is authorized to nn- , nounco the following candidates subject to the ;u-(iiui of the Demo- ' evsitie city primary election Titos- | &iy. November 28, 11)30: | For City Attorney j K. P. MTADDIN LAWSON E. GLOVER O ANSWER TO CRANIUM CRACKER Quo lift MS nn l*;igo One • "Th.9 More YOU Tell the Quicker You Sell" • * You Can Talk to Only One, Man " Want Ads Talk to Thousand? SELL-RENT BUY OR SWAP All'Want Ads caah in advance Not taken over the Phone One tim>~L'j word, minimum 30c Three times—3M-c word, minimum Me Six times—w word, minimum DOc One month—18c word, minimum $2.70 Rates n:e for continuous insertions only. For Sale • THE FAMILY DOCTOR T. M. B6O. O. S, »AT. OP^ By DR. MORRIS FJSHBEIAI ' " i-, fonntal ot the American Medical AssAclntioa. ««<! *l Hyjteia, the Heilth Majmzlnf For Rent RKN'r -Bed room, luljoinirii; j 'r'OR SALK—We save you money on llalil lin( ' shower. Contiinuius hot \v;it- 1 your fun\iture. buying. Complete • ( -' r - Close to t<nvn. Mrs. Hnny Whil, stm-k new and used furniture, stoves. \ w'th. I'lione 5()"i-W. G-IItr _._-_ 'bods. We pay highest i>rioos for fur-i ""tr'no—i»"f\n'T~ r •"[ ~i A-i-n mure easilv; ni| i"'P- St-e us. FranUlin Fuvnilinv ; ,, ~ c '' .''"'"" "" f "'"" lsl ' fl(l • ,/-•., «... , ; iil.'iiftineiU tin Spring Hill nuid. Mrs. Wanted sssas WANTED 5'ECANS~\Vo pny hl«hest prices for Pecans. MeRne Mill St K'wd Co. OM 7-1M WANTKD•-K! or (il) tictvs (n I.t-:ise or liny. With IKHI.SV mul Ixini. \Viitc S. J. Hobhs. Route 2. Iftipr. Ai-lt. ii..;lip WANTED -- Four or five-room furnished iipartim-nl. \V. 11. Steffey, ltnnsns-Ijoiiii.iann GUM C.'n., nfficr. Phone 171. ?-:tlp Thursday, November 9,1939 niCNVKR -(/P) Conchlnjt N. C. (Tub Morris, who is secretory of the Colorado H»UI n.i.sooin(i«n and n former state rliHiupion, this season started his 25th year us footlmll couch nt West Denver hi«li .school. An S(i8-pound uma fish was haul- i-'l in weiitlj off tlie eonst of Nova ScoHa. Aiul j-ct they rlo inniiHRe, Wanted to Rent WANTED TO HENT-Nice unfurnished hou;e. Pennanenl locii- (ion. Write P. O. Box -i;>7, 7(f llenllsm *" DAUtART,, Tex. -i/l'i - Firo Mnr- rh.nl O. W.-- Rnillnrd believo.s in making fire drills realistim. Kcccntly he to the school door and then .sud- harl his fire ducks drivrn silently <l • >'j O i'i,c,| ii.i Hi/ fiiv f.ii't-n. t-'iio- 'in >i in lii-lim-l.s ;iml , ill.!'. :• CIKI!.-;, Iji-iii-iiiK axes unit .lr.i;. ;t ;iiu; In «•. d:>shed into ilu> liuildinu. S'i;-.i- ui iiu- uci-us-tiiini'd exit!' \VIMC blocked, simnl- nliiiR fire conditions. Hesp.n all tin-, i-'xrilcmoiif. .(10 studciKs not mil of tin IwilrlitiK i,, («.,, ininnli'S. Vive seconds. C 1 .sunn-how, to Muff llio.se UiiriKs inlo e.'in.s. OUT OUR WAY i Co. O2 1m S. M. Murray. - I liuve sold out of corn, Night Vision Is Related to Diet — I than the i-nlm.-d t'|,,\vt-i'.<. : I-ortiiiuitfty IM this cnuntrv. wo are ; : IN,! yr-t si'!.,.ii--.-t,-ii In bl.ick'Ult.-:. l.Sut ,' visits to HI.,!!,,,, ,-i,..-.,,- t . K,.i,es at ,m;ht • ™,-u L/u i--I nave .sold oiit i.f corn, ' „,- m |«. num . [liirKl . hc<l r n,,m. VlnM-" c,,n- Mino-.' 1! T>'v " : 'T. m :*, l ' 1 ;: pl . K ': i " :t> 1 ?" > '^:. N - ""'"'"'• ax !^'^ rk ; ;"-'•; v.-nhmt ro,- two : , n( i ^^. sm c, mlh : .'mH>''-\'Vi j'i-r'-'irM 1 ""nh'ht'^limln.--" i '-'OR SALK: Wood for sale. See T. A.'"__ — ""-'-•- : "'I' 7 "'*"-"" "» K; »< Division, f'l^no ^r-VoR^ENT-^ri-uiiin Imu.e. Apply 1 She Wasn't Busy Enough i 1_ iMiddli-hrnoks Grocery. ' ;).;>,ti- j '.I.AHKMOKK. OKLA. -~.,V>- - A! _FOR.SALE- Two IVmlor Bin! Do >; -,. j NOTICF uu\ ti People in Europe are worry ing now- present .' adnys abqut their ability to Win the At the mm* time aimi" PC 1 r ,- • dark. The blackout, which is now j niarle on the nliilif.- of rt -...-i- t,,'-!,'•" • .the .rule m London. Paris. Berlin, j u-ct differences in color ;.t n, !; hl TV t ,i tV o-n-i mr ,i ,-• -,-„ -..rna other foreign cities, has made neo- j cle ;i rne?s with whk-P ;,nv ,,^- r - •, i'»>."» '.I-.. .i.i< p!e realize the importance of making | seen depends i-f coiM-se .'.n "•-'• '•••'• their way about in darkness . | rounding r.bjeots and'en the" !,.',.-I' There is a well-established relat-i Sruuml. Color -s seen more i-e.sily }{ -ionship between the amount of vitamin j -'et "ft' by i!!um:ruuJon. A in "the diet and ability to see well • Red mid yellow r.m lie seen PMIV at night Before our eyes become a.)- j clearly on u white backci-nmn:. .:>;.;! 20-I'ay Life Policies. S 1(100 up. Ages lji; - !iv:iy-naircd \M.:n:;n who found.' 17 and 22 montlis .lid. J. M. Down".-,,' ln.-rsi.-lt 'oncly aftc;- the death of her. Bodcaw. Arkansas. 8-fitp ! :mency in her brick home here. i FOK SALK: Four room house with I ' ''•'>' old and up. Talbof Feild. Box Or. ?>(. II. fJor'.ioti was a physician. ' l.villi. built-in t-abitu-l.s, oxcolli.-nt j ' ! ' '!«|H- Ark. !) yrs with lieliance. Life. "'' In- died in I!).","., his \yt'c "mix.';- ' nui«hlji)i-hi>od. P-ar^ain. -!l.j Wc.st Avi-.i Oet 2"-l m. • , . .. ri -> i-i , - k'U-piu.ne." Their Lwci sons • in school. . , ... •horses and (i ;;.,nii mules, Phonr M2. FOR SALK -1 ,.; (U ,,| ynuni: snddl >nn 3'.' 7-3tc mediiiii) Lost . green ;;,« seen better on a'hl.ick . yruund. On nights when there :,re apted to the dark there is a s-hort period when everything looks black. =,.-....«. ^-.i .-.i a ius ,\iu-n mere Adaptation to darkness is almost com-; sh;,cli-.ws because tf ab.-Lncv of :he ptete in an hour. imoon, it is hauler to iiuke d^U'iic^ During the first World War it was ! There is also a difference iiTihe briaht- discovered that soldiers had to have i ness of colors at nisin. In u':-.v-i~ur\; n sufficient amount of vitamin A to ! yellow is the brightest coh-r. avoid night blindness. Since tiien. tests ! At nigiif, grr-en is more f-asrlv j-vt-n have been develop*; dto deterniine' than yellow, blue and red--") f.u i whether there is deficiency in vitamin I which anyone can find <,;u fnr ii:m- A and whether night blindness is ! self by valkin \i\ a garde,-, a: nVsh: "'L'!-." bu---ini.-sst.-s my busban<l lefti •p.e ,'; hit take up all my time, so ! s!.iii,.-d (tit's (.-nipl'iymi-'nt agency." i " r^l) ^\ r I,' r- "i v ;,,. ,...i 1( .„( ; ' l "> •^Al J L.--ljni> boar lio^,, .._,..,.., £h/ minxes («•„ <i ; ,i,v farms, a^ 1 ^ Pl ;)°7'^ llin ^ ™^ st«ok. .rl milk >,:t,ii n ;.. ,,h,n- am | >cveral , nlsi . j ^»,dle.». Blevins. Ark. n-Iltp I ..T- '•.' t ' ,"'".'' , FOR SALK- Tiros and Tubes all ^, ,;;ev aontKoep me busy enough, si/r ,. | im , rs ,, (lf , , )01) ,, n ,. ()w . Tj r;:"., e :;' ,•..'";",, !" H '.° I ; I :;""»B;SI>,,,>. west Thi,,i Ktnvl . am ^ s ' ftri . t , t \ LOST ..--Blacl- Ibs. Gray spot on side of I\O.M-. Krne.-t Hooker, Kmmet Rt. 1. S-ltlp LOST: l?ed bull ealf. six months old, mi.ssinj,' .since Wednesday. Reward of S2.50 for ivluni to Bolt's Crucery on Highway •»}. Hope. Ark. 2-31 p. Services Offered '•:\s iirir.di t'ds---have been' rr.- ,;tu! si:7'i'ar positions.": i,ir liu- service.s." Radio SEUVICES OWERED-See Hempstead Mattress Sliop. 712 West Fourth, for new and re-built. Phone Paul Cobb «3S-J Sept. 2fi IM. Armistice Day Ceremony ; Guaranteed Radio Hepair Serviec ! I and replaeement. parts. Tillies tested! --^ ••••.-.-- v/m-n.-.; un pti-manents (Radio Service. Phone, SDfi. Ray Alk-n. : sl r '° l " S7.f.O. Experienced operators. : Z8lf i Vanity Beauty Shop. Phone 110. Ei-rvices Offered Oil ptrmanents opera ne HO. 9-li-tc i /TO BE A GOOD / BRUSH HAMD, WES, ' VOU GOT TO <3tT POWM LIKE THIS WITH A SV\ALL LOOP, AW -JEST PUCK AM' DOPGE, AM' AW PUCK-- YORE TROUBLE By J.R. Williams BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES MV TROUBLE IS THAT 1 CAN'T GET OVER A LIMB AS FAST AS THE HORSE GETS THEM.' THE SEPARATORS -'--,r.';i .COPR. 1939 BV NC* SERjlClt INC. tt M. RCa U. By V. T. Hamlin A GOOO \iMOW BOOT'i VOftS ALLEY OOP A Strong Argument ' N ; OH -' NO ' MV P£AE- ./j p 03rTWE i_y i WAS ALOME! I HEARD YOU...BUT I THOUGHT YOU MIGHT CHAKJ&E YOUR MIMD EITHER. I GO ALOM6 OR. NOBODY 60ES,' SIR.—THE "M" ( QUITE SURE TU&E -REC31S-TE15S/ ~"~" "" EIGHT HUNDRED^ THOUSAMD •< ALOME WASH TUBES No Harm in That, Wash By Roy Crane PUEAjSE,WASWHSTQM. OOM'TSO AWAY. BACK IW A DAV OR TWO. HERE'S TH' KEY TO THE HOUSE. VOURSEUVES AT HOIAE ILL NOT -SLEEP |W THKf •SWEUUV HOUSE FULL O' DIRTV OI-SHES. OWL-i, WEA-5EL6. I>A C.01UG TO A HOTEL WELL, THERE 60£<i OLD LIWXTUB&6 OH ANOTHER , .„_ TRIP OUT WEST SOWEWHERE.)SUPPLY I'c HEMEE FWLS TO BRIU6 A POTFUL OF f WELL, SEE WIZ! I'M CUPIOUS. <;AV pooX MAVe£ U ^' :( -E UUCOLU'S PICH, iAY, fOK \ AWVWAY, THERE'S UO HARM i:j VMOHOERlW UJHEteE HE FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY NC« SEjIVlf.F. mC. T. lyl. REG. II 3. P*T. OFf He Passes Merrill Blosser An Editorial, by Xorman Kahl It .sff:rns like yesterday—that v.'ild day of ; T oy. II, J!J]8. v,-h(-n all c,f Anu-i'ica let )oo.--fc in H rnari I'u-nzy of Joy !i i; ,i iji'l/i't ^ |: . d'.-.vn until ihe I'all of Jfti'j. H wasn't ye-ai'-i'da'.'. I* <,vas 21 vr-ai'-; n;j'- I>ut 2] yoai-s isn't >,, kn:--, ; ,< hi'stoi-v i'llIKS. We wonirI like to think iliat war never happened at: all—that, ii \v a .s ;,j.;| ;i nixlit- mare tho wiiole world p-ol nil al on.- time. lint it hapjieiied all ri^/iii. Tv/ei,, v .,ne years ap'o today lhat otl-i-r v.-ar (-mi'-d aj'lej- four years that almost !j;u)kr'i),i..-d ;i,e entire world, Kiv/ht million iitih- v.-hi;e cro:--o.. are strewn all ovc-r Kur',-,<and several times that nun;',wonder why. This i.s the day for the Ct examine the ledger of thai. Fir — & sinister journal written red ink. The United Status \v only one and a half years ol" during-that time 126,000 rneji . .,,,,,, t-d. About 50,000 wore killed h; >.-r-ii-/i, : ih- - -, - ,,. ,,,,,, if .. , fathers died of diseases or v.erf- kiil-ii iu ,. :i i '-,.,1' other way.-;. In addition, 2:M,000 .A[ii--rican 'j,- ; i ,".-, t,,,,,. •.;,-,.,,, .soldier:-: v/c-re wounded and 4500 ".en- i, ; [;. i...';,,:, i •,, ,:',,,, '. ''en ijri.soner.-i or were missing when the \v.-u- pled ip.|,-;-'c- M-iiii '- r " ii: '.'-, , , ,. . """ | '" i^'k 'I. 1 .';,..".! \\riat the war cost this country in rno- ;ir . tj,,. ;i) |^ V i-r- ; , i ney v.ill ni'\oi- be accurately computed. Tlic \\',n. Ji;/ure:-s are too a.Ttr°ijomifa] foj- the ayc-raj/i; \\'hr >.!;tr) i.', • l>( i.-.ou to unrioi'stajid. They run inlo many : V *IA Scrvkea. IM. tii-.:i-^ more the ;,n'oi:>;! ,-,!' aclua! currency i '-'''f';/--'".-' ha)i(is hi |}j;-: count r'.' lorlay. 1 h' huc.-:t otrnia!.' mi Airu-ri'-a''.-; bill for '-^ ( - ^"'tj' '^•"•'i^ rn;.'.d" ii: ifi:;,I, and was set at ,- »1. i 'Jii.OOO.OOo. Thi: 1 dotis not inchule the '.V:M- dc!,l^ of aiipr'-xiinatelv Si :J,00(),000.00() owed us by otlh-r ,-,;.! ion,. That amount may <•- -.'.''•II bi- added io !i:e lolal cost. Over "''"'I'li- (-M-I'.V ti-i;:n. \\-i.inaji and child in I hi).--- I u'l-i'i-.-, a I-.- ;i..: Ho, e a.-: economists '.'•''•'' • /l ' 1 ''.' '•''"• aduai ---si ,,f i.h,. v/ar. What i; "•'-•' ••>!••; i!/(li.,tt in 1J!,- u-av of economic d'rj^res/ions i.-; a mailer of wide- speculation. !>>;. i''rai<k {)i<-}:iii>-i.n. (,f ihe ("nivorsity of '''' : '" ! -- "Ut.-: i.his r'i^ui'e at S.200,0(i(),(H)(),'()00. <>•': r .-HoMO i'oi- "••,•(•.:•:•: man, wi;rnan and child Hi lite i.'nilf.l States. bh'-uld i!i(- I'cir-d States #(•)• into the \\ "i'id \v ai 1 '.' The men b(-neaUi 1 . v -"' lj ; ( '. crM.-.-.i--; are bt.'yond tm'inK I'ica ;;ih;te. |;:it Uie crosses themsel\.-<-s THEY ARE SlNAILE, METAPHOR, , ALLEGORY, SYNECDOCH6 AND . METONYMY; ^—/'.- S-H OF ARRAMQ&MEMT CONSIST OF CLIMAX AND ANTITHESIS / THE INSURES OF CONTRADICTION EMBRACE IROMy, r;PiGR/\h4 AND HYPERBOLE / NOW, DAD "y sU.ii'srj-ian today i he fiea rc.-'t \'i't (-rails ''•'• ' !H- lirokcn, criji- -ui war. Vou won't l"oi; a! them. '1'hese ;*. I'f.'ii.-l ice ])n\' oues- iff Tiwe FOR. THE. SECOND HALF , BOYS / ISN'T NUBBIN GOINS TO PLAY ? HASN'T ME CONVINCED MR. WILSON YET THAT HE'S OKAY DON'T KNOW, BUT KIMGSTOM ISNT GOING Tto S| T AROUND AND WAIT ' CMlN UP, STOUT FEI-LA i LETS TAKE OUR BEATING KA6N , AND ALL. THAT SORT OF , V POT , You KNOW / I'LL PUT YOU To A TEST / WHAT FIGURES OF IMAGERY ? RED RYDER Hold the Press 7 i ra y v ILrtiuv^lU'3* Cj-SCAPED/

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