Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 27, 1952 · Page 42
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 42

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1952
Page 42
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PAGE FORTY-TWO RESTAURANT - Wood River Corntr or MlifMriM ind Wood Rlv.r mnu«. Six booth ind 5 irMli, Refrigerator, stovej, f_n$, sod* boxei, etc,, ind doing good buiinew. Owner must leave and will Mcrifice. Lease with 3-year option. Total price fllOO and you're in business. DORRIS REALTY CO. ALTON EVENING TELEORAPff THURSDAY MARCH ay, 1952 4-772B OFFICE — 4-4X09 4-fllftft It _ ' jijOU»|8 £_ f6n SALE"— faiTr room frame house, aumm*r liltchcn, guru**, otilhiillillngi;. half acre, good locution. Price t2»on. B C. t»r»nt n. Ph. «l <h* Drug Stor* Worden, Illinol«. ..... TINT rT'ST.— Near Henry, 5 room modern home. A-1 condition, A bargain for .......... $6800 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY UPPER ALTON, near high school. Large 5 room modern home. Classed and screened front porch. H.W. floors, cabinets. Venetian blinds, gas heat, garage. Clean as a whistle. See this one for $10,500 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY Phone 3-3584. after 6 p,m. 2-1335 MIDDLETOWN, Blair Avenue— A very nice 5 room modern home. H.W. floors, cabinets. Best of taste in interior decorating. 3 bedrooms. Gas heat. Large porch. A better home in a selected neighborhood. See this for $13,500 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY Phone 3-3584, after 6 p.m. 2-1335 RY OWNER — S-room iTfmonVrn on Mnyflelri. Newly dur.ornlert, close lo school end buses. City sower. $0250. FOR SALE 21 Young Polled HEREFORD COWS Ifl cnlvr*. R»-«» lo tri-nhrn. down enlfhooil vncrliinlpcl, purl irirMrri'd. One rpRlMnrrd polled bull (lino. Nix mita* wcM, one. mil* noiKh of OillrmplF, III. Stanley Hautchild Rnnfr 2 IM,. Help Wintcd-Male FIREMAN FOR ____ ____ _ __ _ _ SHELLY ST., "Soar "Si-ate St. — 4 room home, furnace, concrete basement. Large level lot. Work shop on rear of lot. Completely furnished. Widower and owner lays sell for low price of $4200 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY _ 4-TIOOM MODlnN -'- Onfiifia atiachirt, cnmpletaly furnished, Inoliirilng tele- Yliilnn. $1)700, Dial 3-84117. _ HENfff TWARUP AGENCY WASHINGTON AVK. _ H-rnom modi-rn 4 roomii on ench floor. Hnrdwooit floors, cabinet) nnrl clnaels, plastered wnlls, full basement, hot air htnl. Kan water healer, glasned - In rear porch. Very good location nnd good lot, $1 1,000 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS -Llmlcnwood Dr. 7-room modern brlclt, new. I -floor plan. Hnrdwond floors, closets and cah- IneM, Inlnld In kllchfn. dllnng and bath. Fully Innulnled. Allnchrd unrnse. wired for glove; nanemenl. sloktir, forced air heal. I..ol 7Sx200. Prlcn ................................ $I2,U(H> SANFORD AVE. — fl-room modern. 1- floor plan: closets, cabinets. Inmilnlr-d. Morm anih nnd doors, vrnptlnn lilliulu, glnsscd-ln rear porch, full haiement. •toker heat; also wnter lipnlrr. House In very good shape. Wcnthrrbonrd single roof; good gxrdcn and gnrnKC, .................................. IBflOO WOOD H1VEII— Mndlson nvcnuc. 4 -room teml-modcrn. Weatherboard. Henl« for Wd per monlli. Also 3-room inodprn basement IIOUBC. Furnnce, hot air heat. Kents for «25 per month, a houses on one lot. 80x120. Price ...... $.1fl2S UNION ST — 10 rooms, 3 apt* . 2 rooms each apt., 4 • room apt. (or owner. Weatherboard house. Good lot SOIIOO MILTON AREA--- Slowcll avenue. 4 rooms, wnter, IlKhl*. plastered wnlls, closets and cnhlncts, full husemcnl, ln- •ulnted. rugs and linoleum, rnniie slovo and large henter thnl heals house and hnsemcnl; good garden spot, her- rles and fruit .................... *«HOO EAST ALTON— Ohio nvcnue. 3 - room modern, complete baiement for another house, ,12x:i2. Furniture included, new gas range. Lot .10x120. Down payment *DSO. Price ....................... PISH COTTAGE HILLS— Ray St. 4 rooms and utility room, modern, water and lights. atoker, electric wntcr healer, limilnled and screens. Will sell with small clown payment ......................... MV7.1 BELLEVIEW AVE, — 7 room modern. 4 on first floor, 3 on Becouri. 1IWF. plastered walls, closets and cabinets, real large floor plan, plnce Is brick •nd ntucc'o. large front and renr porch and fireplace, full basement and stolcer forced air heat; also wnler hrnter, wired foe stove nnd also gas. Lot 50x 1;1S .... ....................... $12.000 WOOD RIVER — Lincoln Addition. «room modern. Cabinets and close I H, full basement, hot air heal, gas wnter lient- • «r, Venetian blinds, sun room, a-car garage, chicken house; fruit * grupes. Lot 85x130 ................... =...»7:WO COTTAGE HILLS— Hay street. 3 rooms. •eml-modern. Water and lights. Good level lot. Will sell with small down payment ......................... «'"° 19th STHEET NEAR LIBERTY— S-room modnrn. Hardwood floors, plastered walls, newly decorated, lots of cabinets and closets, wired for stove, also gas; large screened-ln porch, Insulated. atoker heat and full basement nnd garage ........................... W" )l) FARM, 17 ACRES — «-room modern house, « miles from Alton. 1IWF, plastered walls, new halh fixtures, full baiement, stoker, forced air heat, electric pump and well water; also large pond. 40 x 36 barn, and other outbuildings. 2 acres of nlfnlfa, U acres In cultivation, balance In pasture, Some berries and fruit. Price $i:i,BOO WOOD RIVER & BETHAI.TO IIOAD— 8 acres of good ground and basement house, wired for stove, well water. •lectrlc water system, berries nnd fruit ................ ............. »«BM BETHAI.TO— Nice lot on corner of West Corbln nnd Grunt. City service, water and lights avnlluhle, PrU-e. .$7<u> FARM— 40 acres. 4-room modern house, Venetian blinds, Inluiil. full basement, •toker heat, plastered walls, wired (or (love, screened-in front porch. Well ind cistern water, electric pump. 40 acres, all In cultivation. All level land. limed and phosphated. Tractor and outfit ot tools, few chickens, small barn and sheds. Farm about 8 miles from Alton .................... $15,000 FARM — 46 acies with 7 room house, 2 large barns, granary, 2 poultry houses, garage. Well and cistern w»ler, 19 acres in cultivation. Ualonct In pasture and timber. About IB miles from Alton on all wealher road S80HO HENRY E. NARUP, REALTOR 303 E. SEVENTH 2-5735 — 2-3718 IW II Oil UK* rOK «AI,i FOn SALE—fl-rrmm cltipinx, «ll modern throughout; git heat, close lo Western. For snle by owner. 2-57:16. "NEW 4 ROOM MODERN aTH STHBET. WOOI) nrVF.fl—Automat- ic (an heat and hot water. Full deep basement, 4, cabinets. Near proposed new school. Landscaped lot. Should «o FHA. John Berigan, Realtor, 4-6614 KvenlnKs: 2-42111 NORTH ALTON Lovely 5 Room Modern on paved street, stoker, blinds, garage. nice lot. Sale price .,$9000 NORRIS 2-4295 Drrw Agency ntfNKEre inl.L~B rooms. 3 porches, one arrr; block to highway. Possession. »:i:imi.jCh(irl«ii Bland. _ BAST" ALTON—S-room modern home, jsio._l_rondltlon. Cnll 4-42(11. __ SANFORD AVENUE (Near Washington) 6 TIOOM MOI.1KRN CnhlneU, Insiilali-rl. all Inrge rooms. Plenty of closets, stoker hent. Nice lot. For quick sit In $llflflO NEAR ST. MARY'S (1 ROOM MODERN -- 1IWF, Venetian blinds, fireplace, rnhlriels, all lam* rooms nicely decorated. '.'» hnlh down, 3 bedrooms nnd btilh up. See this horn* before you buy. Only $11,000 NORTH ALTON (Select Lncnlloni 4'i ROOM MODERN•••Beautifully decorated, HWF, reception closet. Venetian blinds', cnhlnpls, large bedrooms, nlci* convenient husement gnrjiMe. Must lie seen In be Appreciated. Owner leaving stale Only f 10.000 ADAMS COURT S TIOOM MODKHN -- Kxcept furnace. Nice bnlh, nulomntlc water heater. Good locution. Contract for deed, »4!IOO ROLLA H. HARRISON AGENCY HEALTOn 3«II Stnle SI. Office: .1-831)7 Evenings: 3-53BB ' - JZ-nOflO __ ""LARGE 7 "ROOM" HOME MIDDLETOWN AREA $14,700 small Industrial plant. Mutt Be Qualified Operator of Stoker Fired Steam Boiler. Steady. Write Box 560, Care Telegraph RE-STYLE YOUR HOME WITH JOHNS-MANVILLE SIDING .rfStt • FREE ESTIMATES O CONVENIENT TERMS O 8 COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM • Company Trained Applicators MARCAL HOME IMPROVEMENT CO, [ Phone 2-5915 I -MYMI9P* IB'WEANTNQ PilaS—Ti"weeks"oidT Call 4-1)077. «» AND Phone Carrollton 181 Collect and make * date to come for your chirks. 4 or 3 wcrks old. Pullets, cockerels or straight run. All with a big guarantee. Open Sundays. • All good sire room* • I'lnsirr wnlls • Plenty clONels • Reception hnll • Full luilli up • Powder room down • Full l>n»cnirn! • Auloiiintlc henl • Automiillc hot wnter • Lnndscnped yard CLEM NOLL REALTY AGENCY 849 K. Hrondwn.v. Phone :i-(l«2t After « P. M. Plrnse Cnll __Dlckmnnn. 2-/M54 or Strulf. 2-2I4R BY "OWNEll- '-Wood River," new It-room brick. TIWF, nlumlnum storm windows, gns heat. SWII50. 114 Cnrslcni. 4-01(111. SPECIAL—Alton confectionary A lunch room, Includes all fixtures nml slock; doing H good business. Mnxl he sold ImnipillHli'ly hecmitii* of owner's III honllh. Priced lo "I'll J.VHtO CLOVEHLKAF AGF.NCY, HF.ALTOH .IM HUlKP, Alton. III. Dial 2-l):M4 or ;|-34:IH "OWNER LEAVING TOWN SUBURBAN HOME 1 Mile Out Owner Will Accept Reasonable Offer. 4-ROOM MODERN, 2 BEDHOOMS, HWF, CAHINKTS, B YF.AHS OLD. IN PERFECT CONDITION. LAHGE FKNCKD YAHO. Ask For Verna C. Riggs, 2-3239 M W A N _ TOR A QUICK SA'I.E"—orvour" propertj Call ELI M. GHEKH AOBNCTf OFFICE-DIAL 3-7504 __ TOM GIBSON . 2-42Si ifAHmSON~ACiENCV — Needs • llsHngii. For quick results dial 3-5:i»7, evenings IIAUY CHICKS—Poultry suppllei, Occl. dent feeds with multl-mycln. W«rt'< Grocery Dial 2-SOOfl SUPER BABY CHICK VALUES AT SEARS White Rocks Barred Rocks Huff Hocks While Wyanrloltes New Hanipshlres Amlra Whiles While Leghorns DAY - OLD Straight - Hun . . . . .$10 2r. per hundred 2-week-old chicks, add »ll to above prlcfl. 3-week-old chicks, add 118 to above price Available Every Thursday. Order 4 Days Ahead SEARS BIG ALTON FARM STORE 4thjfc Plasa. Aljoji, III. 3-3511 UA"BY~c!lTcK}f — Specials for March. Broiler-fryer White Rocks »9.95 per 100. Whlla Rocks (Egg Oradei as hatched »11.SO per 100. Any Tuesday or Friday, Place orders In advance. Our standard mating* also available In Leghorns, Hnmpshlres and White Rock*. Runzle Peed Store, fi09 Belle St. llofman Feed ^k_Supply. II!t W. Hrnadwav. BAKiNO" HENS — O. W." Krant/!"Ood- frey, III., Tolle Road, turn east al Civic Cimler «J;g«- FOB "ALB __ ADMIRAL ^ CAPEliAnf"TELEVISION - : Frei! _honin demonstration. H-H640. BXBY'HASKEf -AlsV bathlnc't,' reasonable, Cnll 2-:iUM. BROK6 S€RVIC€ Sor TRUCKS ScrviciiiR tinil<p«i so (tint they iir« jiositlvp, ((tiiet, long wear- Ing nnd in perfect adjustment in our cvcltinivc bu.sincxs. \\ l r . KNOW IT TIIOKOUOfH.Y . . . Try us. A DAN'S BRAKE SERVICE _ '. I E l J 5 2 II 9O9 WNINTH STREET "4-room house for colored, line. Hlchl Agency, it-77:U. modern house In pnrly. Will pay WANTED near bus •J-'.iUUil, ___ WAN ten ~^" T room Alton from private cash. Ph. 3-7037. WILL BUY - - From owner only. 4, 5 or 6 room modern house. Plnase stale lor cation, price, etc. Box. BSD car* T«l- ggrnph. AUCTIONS «4O _Al)pTION»_ AUCTION --.. Tues. and Sat. nights, 7 P in. Hi HO, Collage Hills, 111. What have you lo sell? Call 4-IU!B(l, Goessman Auction. i'URNitURE' AUCTION •^"FrideV »»e- nlng. 7:uo p. m. Jouatt Auction House, 1706 Washington. Complete ll»e •< household Items; large or smell consignments accepted. Dial i»-.1034. CHICKEN FERTILIZER-Forjiale._2-«q33 COMTiiNAfioN"--'- Radio" ' "and""" record player, 18 records. Rung* cook stove. heating stoves, oil stoves, dill East 4th CnAFTSMAN' TILT"" TABLE SA'W--""'.i h. p. double belt motor, pinner and Htecl_t able_cpinblnnllon._ $100._4-704:t. CrioCIIETRD". — Embroidered pieces, miby IhlnKs, stamped Roods and thread Art it Gift Shop, 202 Henry street. FOII SALE or TRADE - T«hl<- model "Aclmlriil" radio - phonograph; aUo wheel luiliincvr Dial 2-1121111 after A pm FOII SALK Good barrels,"" $:i.(MI; linlh tub, $1.1; drain bonrd sink. $750; lavatory, $5; square kitchen sink. VI. .1. J. Htilienstcin. 14th and Alhy. Alum. FOK SALK-^Mohalr divan "with slip cover. 817 M«dl»oii^ Wood_niver. FOR sALkT-~Bi> l >y buttiiry. pi»i 2 .-. a47 *- F'OH SALK ,- One steam sectional holler, 4 overhead fan type healers, piping Phone Hob Sjyan, 4-417:1. FOIl" SALE"-- ltirl'» bicycle, standard sl/e. good condition, $25. .Student walnut loll Ivpe dexk with swivel chair, $25. .'l-HfU-t. FOR SALE- New Admiral radlo-phono- Kraph combination with base and 'record cabinet: aluo rebuilt electric portable Sinner sewing machlnn. 3-11:11)3 nfter :t p in. | FOR SALK f'resuiure cnnner; also 3- ; piece chrimie dlllellt- wllh yellow j Formica lop; chairs lo match. 2-fitft5 { after 4'lll) p. m. i FOOT (.'ONTIIOI. Baby bathlnette, like j new. $8. Dial 2-11201. I.EA'rilKH-IIOLLYVVOOb Bed board ft \ legs, $111; portable barbecue set, $851); New B4 iravvlliiK bag, $10; sliver coffee service. Dial .1-.'tM». RED PICKKT KKNCE-.W-Fi.' Rolls 3 Fl. High $7.73 4 Fl. High $»25 7 Ft. WHITE CEDAR POSTS .V Round Top MUc e». 4" Hound Top tide ea STEEL POSTS S-FI 7llc ea. B'.-Ft Hfic ea. G INTER - WAHDF.1N CO. 450 Front SI. Phone 3-.'l3«B ir UPRIGHT" "PIANO —Very _ ARTICLES FOR S A I,K B '-"HMxTli llres.~Nevcr >7scd. Wlil sell or Irade for anything. What have you? PhoneJI-nB27._ it BOyTfiTA N D _ A CC IE 88 O RIE 8 ~ COME IN AND SEE—Our 1952 line of F.vlnrude Outboard Motors. Thompson. Dunph.v, Fealhercraft Bonts — many good buys In used boats . TeeNee and Sportsman Trailers, Marine supplies, motor and boat repairs and hauling. Del Cherry Bout and Motor Sales, Phone 1724. Gdwardsville. 2IB K. Park. FOR SALE— Snipe class sail boat and trailer. All mahogany, excellent, racing sails and equipment. 3-32IIB. _ _ JOHNSON OUTBOARD "MOTORS New and Used REPAIR SEIWIC1 Marine Supplies KRAMER ELECTRIC 1 12 E Broadway MEKCCRY MOTORS— Sales nnd service HarKntn* In Kood used motors; molded plvwood boat*. Easv terms. R«y Kruse, Boats & Motors. Glendnle Gnrriens, 'j Mile en«t of Wood River. 4-ll2:»I. NEW FLAT BOATS FOR SALE Two 14', one 18', one 12', one »' Koyak; also boats made to order. Francis Jones. 27 Missouri Ave. Phone 2-4(I2:t. ONE "USED THOMPSON BOAT - 14 ft.. center deck, windshield. steering wheel, throttle and pulleys: newly painted. $2110. Del Cherry Boat * Motor Sales. 21B E. Park, Edwardsvllle. Phone. 17-M. IB-FT. SKIFF. $:i5— 2708 ' No"rth~*free"t'.'_ 7S FOR SALE Frame building, 10x14, to be moved. Phone 4-ntHH. FOII SALK •- Used drop siding and wood liith, ', price. Will sell whole or pan. Worden Apis., 1113 Washington. ort'ice tn basement. 15 SQUARES Of rock sldlnK for sale cheap. !I04 Wiishinxl'm. :<-IK153. COAL FARM - LIVESTOCK 85 _________ BOOS— CAT8_1>ET* CANARIES ---Ready for~"ni«llnii" and finches^ Dlal_a-2450._3952_HUlcrest. SIAME"SE~KTTTENS' -- 'pedigieed! iso3 Washington. 3-7H4.V WANTED - Home for small puppies. Call 2-8040. WANTED- Goixt horn* for inippy. Dial _4-9797. 2 SMALL^t'EMALE" RAUlirr lldUNDS— One running. $1.1. Dial 4-9HOa. • EAST ALTON Five room modem, gas heat. Inclosed porch, large rooms, quick possession Prict $6300 EAST ALTON Six room modern duplex. In good repair Prict *™.M UPPER ALTON Six room modern, two batlu*. one block from business district, stoker, garage Prict $12.1100 BERKELEY AVE. geven room modern, four bedrooms, gas heat, tea yeare-old. Price ... *H,800 CLOSE IN New live room modern, gas heat, aiiach- ed garage- A good buy at .. $11.200 CLOSE IN New live room modem brick, attached garage, automatic heat and water, quick possession. Price $16,800 WOODBURN, ILL. Six room house, one and one-half acre. *• KAHM 1)11) YOU KNOW" Tliai > mi ciMihi buy a new ford Tractor with chloride. sturler, proofmvier. lights; ifaii>' lo go delivered on >our farm, lax Included, for less than tiliiOO' 1 See us today for complete In- lorninlion on a new Ford Tractor and DIM i l»>i n Farm Equipment. CARTER HHOS TH ACTOR A ECJUIPMF-NT CO. Dul :l :)541 •) 1-ane Ilitliudi- 67 Alion, III. t'OU SALE- -A «' tractor with plow and cultivator!,. Phone 2-7015. W. CJ. CARROLLTQN, ILL. New five room modern, brick and wood construction, breezeway and garage, corner lot, full baiement, automatic heat and water. For further information <-' a| l our olfi.ce. RUSSELL H. HALE AGENCY 3879 Berkeley Av«. — 2-2246 SAKAHV/ARPLOW .. 4-6173 ALFALFA HAY" K6«'~'s"ALB--UOe" per bule VVill Oben Kami, Humbert road OROER~ ~\~O~0~R~~P*1STER"~Hybr"ldi seed corn now Everett Harris. Fosterburg road. 2-4008. Will deliver :mi) "CUTTING" ALFALFA HAY— i year old spotted Poland China registered boar. 4 coop battery brooder with heat- mg_jclenieiu._Fi ank Uerson^Dow, 111^ «| _________ ______ LIVESTOCK ~" * FOR SALE :i yearliiie calves. 2 bull*. 1 heifer. 2-7086._ __ FOR SALE - l 3 > ear old white' hone. saddje and _bridle._ Phone Bethalto 6582. GUERNSEY COW "- And calf "for'sale. John Mue»!>el. care Robert McCauley. Foiterburg. Ill HAMPSHIRE "SOW -""s shoals, 6 "pig*. Phone 2.-B983 or 2-9079. __ RIDING HORSE -- Bridle! »addie. "and blanket. Bruce Davis. Route 140, U mile east of Powder Mill road THREE — 10-week* old piis;~"~chick brooder^Jjhal 2^77^ _ _ 10 PIGS — 10 ueeks old O'NeUl. St. Road, 1 mile irom Elm. 2-8971. STOVK FURNACE & BOILER RBPA1H —Pert* most all makes. Quick *ervlce Tr.» us. WISEMAN. U2I K Broadway Phoiae 3-WMM _ THROW"HUGS FO¥ "SALE—win take orders. Also custom weaving don*. 4-B3S8. _ f rlERMO^LINK WAtBR""HEATiER. »17 75 —Waymlre Electric, H38 Lorena. Wood River. 4-51180 or_4-7B34. __ — WRINGER ROLLS Parts. Greases, Oil, Service FOR ALL MAKES • WASHING MACHINES • VACUUM CLEANERS New Tank Type Cleaner* ... *48.93 SERVICE FOR ALL MAKES • AUTOMATIC WASHERS • DRYERS • HOT WATER HEATERS • STOVES • REFRIGERATORS F MIDDI.ECOFr REPAIR SERVICE B'-'B Fast 7th St. Dial 'J-441'3 lies Phone a-li:iS_— 2-250S MOTOHB1KK — $40, motor only $30 Home mud* gasoline-powered lawn mower Mo. gasoline motor, a « h p. *IV 'j ilr«in tubs (singles! on stand, euch *.l Applv HOB Summit 5 to 8 p m. USED MERCHANDISE 2 Ma\ug WK.-.IU-IS i tuss Spindly Washer* J H.ndix Aulunialic Wa«heri 1 Thor Ironer I Frigiduiie Clothe* Dryer 3 Kleciric Hmiges U Electric Refrigerator* 3 Cia< Ranges 1 12' Capehart TV 1- Radio, record player 'table modeli, ALTON REFRIGERATION CO. 550 E. Broadway—Phone 3-7722 WALL SHELVING — Three 8-ft sections, two aisle counters, «afe, and cash register. Phone 3-IJ413 or_3-3648. FOR SALE -V child's tractor, practically new. Large oversluffed chair with slip cover. 1235 Alton St 2-Fl." WOOD LATHE- No "motor. »17; set of V wood turuing chisels. $10: drill pros with motor. $45 Electric carpet sweeper. $4. '22 Remington automatic a" 3 "x'ib e "FLORAL" AXMiNsTER "HUG— VU. Cedar lined wardrqbe. $10: 1 construction shanty. *25, 4-4884. SIS First 71 ___ _ COAI.-COKF.-WOOD _ COAL, "ROCkT'SAND A "DIHT— General hauling. It A L'KOSS, 4-401 1. _ CLAY EAST SUPPLY CO. OODFRKY ROAD COAL. HOCK, SAND, C'EMENT, MOKTAR. LIME. CONCHETE BLOCKS AND SEWER PIPE __ PHONE 3-6353 __ FIREPLACE WOOD — Kindling. coal. rock, sand and livestock hauling. Dial tJKNFRAl, IIA1ILINO BASEMENT DtafilNG— Back leveling alt: dirl for l«\vns. (Ill dirt. Hock for driveway John H. Wolf, Excavating am) Trucking Co For free estimates dial 2-7111: evenings. 3-6208 CiNDEHS — Hocks, sand, dirt; "general hauIlng._Phone_4-944B. LANDSCAPINQ — ~ "SoTldini~ seeding. shrubbery, hauling dirt, roclc, gravel. ..._-__ __ ROCK. SA'ND — "And lawn dirt. "immediate delivery on driveway rock. Clvde peCJer!ia_4-.18R6. _ ___ __ _ GABAc'ii HAULING— Rock. ••nd~dirt. and limbs. Dial U-4908. James Sanders . ** ' to 3 BLUE COAT A BONNET Parly other clothes, iea»r>nilt>le; age 1 BOYS SUIT ... 2 pair pants. Si/e IX. blue gabardine, excellent condition. Ph THIS BEAUTIFUL MODERN HOME FOR SALE BY ORIGINAL OWNER Optn for Intpcctidn Next Sunday, March 30, from 1:00 to 5:00 P.M. BUILT TO LIVE IN — NOT TO SELL! Thli modern brick with (enrage attached hn« In rue living room with picture window, carpeted dining nnd living room, two nice »iz* bfltlroorru nnd •paciotu kitchen with hiiill-in cnbinrli and breakfast booth. Other Important modern fcnlyre" are: Automatic oil forced air furnace; fireplace with built-in book shelved; bath with tub nnd Aeparnte nhower; aluminum window*, storm Muh and «cr«enii. Mint be neen to he appreciated. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. On Route 100, 2 mile* north of North Alton, Kremer Addition. ALUMINUM CANOPIES AMIRICA'S MOST 1EAUTIFUL AWNING Protection from rain, Sleet and Sun YOUR SELECTION OF COLORS 10(1% Aluminum Riveted by Ksclory On<-PI«ce Randerlitd Aluminum nss-Ovtn Baked Finish Die Formed (not rolled) With er Without Louvers • 1>« Luic—Narrow Hist • No Sprint*—Clips or noils • No Stronger Awning In the City • Custom Built • With Side \Vlnji • Vinyl flnstlc Flint 0 Acrylic Ovtr fiprsy snd Diked CITDUtn—mA AWR6VED MODERN SALES CO. DIAL 4.-8I07 205 OHIO, SO. ROXAXA »25-»5<M.OOt u S»500 Ot OTHft COHYlNltHT »UNJ New CUIklagT Hasse end Aut* Repoinf T»l«T»i«ii Set? ... Gel the money ye* feeed new lor tfiet* M ooy othef worth-while pvriio**. •ho»« Rut . . . Hie* (•<"• )• TMtit CONYCHtfUT tOCAHONS. IAIT ALTON 421 WEST ST. LOUIS AVI. "AT TM€ VJAOOCT" Phone: 4-3864 ALTON 200 WEST THIRD ST. SOS »««! Not 'I t*»k t Trait lie*. Phone: 3-5S56 WOOD KIVIR 21 -A EAST FERGUSON AVE. MIOM: W.od Rlvtr 4-4327 PUBLIC LOAN CORPORATION 79 I1OI)SKHOLD_GOOD8 NOHGE WASHISR""— With automatic timer. Hke_new, $75. _DlaJ_?i7.»*7'_. 8-Pc! DINING SET-vExcellent condition. Very reasonable. 2-8087. BARGAINS THAT SAVET6U MONEY 9x12 Felt Base Rug with border $3.95 9x9 Asphalt Tile 5c each 12-ft. Linoleum, first quality, square yard 59c Porcelain Top Cabinet Base, stove height $14.95 $98 5-piece Breakfast Set.$64.95 9x12 Axminster Rug, first quality, $89.50 value $59.95 Pull Up Chairs, values "to $16.50, $9.95 $22.50 All Cotton Mattress, full size $12.95 $24.50 Wood Poster Bed..$14,95 $4.95 End Tables $2.98 Genuine Congowall, first quality, runnig foot 49c NATE ARSHT'S FURNITURE STORE One store, one location, foot of Milton Hill at the bridge, Alton. Dial 4-3321 Convenient front door parking, Open Friday and Saturday Till 9 P. M, __, _ FOR SALE—Fine piano, excellent cond'l- IIon. Cull 3-9:194. 925 Logan. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS — New e»d used pianos, guitars, amplifiers, clarinets, ukelelei. etc. Gould Musle Co. 551 E_ Broadway, _AHo». PIANO .-Uoiod condition, $25^ 3-9127. 1 HPlflGlIT "PIANO - 2620 Saiu7~or' dial KEEP YOUR CAR SINGING IN THE RAIN WITH THIS COMPLETE TUNEUP SPECIAL I Scientifically analyze engine performance with factory recommended analysis equipment. I Clean and adjust carburetor. I Install new carburetor ganhet* I Clean and adjust spark plugs. I Clean fuel pump. I Overhaul distributor. • Install new points ' » Check ignition and wiring. l Adjust generator. » Clean oil bath air cleaner. • Check cooling system. ALL FOR ONLY 11.95 CARTER WOOD RIVER MOTOR CO., Inc. 815 Wood RJver Avenue WOOD RrVER 1'h. 4-4385 SALES ARE HOPWN' PEOPLE ARE TROTTIN' TO TROTTER'S mtM FOR "FRESH" NEW TRADE-INS ON THE 1952 BUICK 1951 STUD6BAKIR Conwrtibl* Commander—Thi« car l« • "comminder" in prict and look*. Has tfit _uto-m«tic transmission and fully equipped. A one-owner car with plenty of references. 1950 BUICK Special Sedanerte—One of our cleanest cars on the lot. Equipped with radio, heater and Dynaflow, Black in color with perfect white side walls. Don't fail to see this one. , 1950 CHEVROLET 4-Door Sedan—A tutone green with radio, heater, fender skirts and seat covers. A car that will solve your budgef problems. See this one and you'll buy! See Ut and Compare Cart and Prices. Free Demonstrations — No Obligations 1949 BUICK 4-Door Sedan—A luxury car in quality, but low in price. This car is light grey. Ceiling Price $2015 Our Price $1395 1949 PONTIAC Tudor Chieftain 8—Another Trotter special fully equipped for your needs. Ceiling Price — $1755 Slashed To....$1395 1948 CHEVROLET Aero Sedan—Tutone beauty with a "new" car look. Has radio and heater. Ceiling Price $1235 Our Price $1095 1948 CHEVROLET Club Coupe—A Fleetmaster fully equipped. Has white sidewall tires and is tutone grey. Ceiling Price... .$1160 Our Sale Price. $1095 1947 FORD Tudor Super Deluxe 8—This car is silver grey in color with white wall tires. Has radio and heater. Ceiling Price $975 Our Price Today .$895 POCKET BOOK SPECIALS 1946 PONTIAC Coupe Sedan—Has radio, heater, fender skirts and sun-shade. Practically new tires and new battery. Ceiling Price $985 Bargain Priced,. $595 1946 DODGE Business Coupe—A swell fishing buggy or new car saver for factory workers. Ceiling Price $865 Your Price $55O 1941 CHEVROLET Tudor Special Deluxe—One of the rare cars you've been looking for. Must be seen to be appreciated. Ceiling Price $460 Priced at $365 1939 PONTIAC—The car to solve cheap transportation needs. Ceiling Price $375 Priced to You $95 Travel the "GLOBE" In a "TROTTER" Usid Car. Square Shootin' Trotttr Guaranties Thtm. TROTTER BUICK CO. EDWARDS VILLE KOAD AND WHITELAW WOOD RIVER, ILLINOIS. WANTED TO BUI _*^ti- ^ 9 jf 9 UMBRELLA TENT—3 heavy duty cots, gasoline stove, gasoline lantern, $40. Call 3-6481. 80-INCH BAND SAW—8-inch table law and 8-lnch planer, W each 1722 Botta 6-Ft. GLASS" SHOWCASiCGooa condition, $33, fit Central, Roxana. FOR SALK Clrl's full length coat, il/e | U'. navv blue. $10 •.'-'J4«ti GIRL'S SPRING COAT .Navv blue. si/r S, gooit condition: chllct'» boots. si/f M likr nen :i.ill6 MISSES TAN TWEEn SUIT size 11-U exrelleiu conditinn: brown and black faille dt'i'.s***, same si/e*. reasonahle 1110 Slate .! MEN'S SHIRTS -Size IS',-;W. ' never wen n. $100. Ladies grey gabardine »ult._sl»e IB. $10. JI-525S _______ 7»_ _ BOIISEHOLD OOOpi BEDROOM siTlTE - Dining roon'r.uUe. washer. Majestic coal range. Ph. 2-695.V CROSLEY Shelvador refrigeVa tor, large size. $78.y.1: C'oldipot refrigerator, $5993: Westlngliouse refrigerator. $4999: Westlnghous* refrigerator, large >ue. $79 9A: Th or spinner washer, late model. $9.1 95: all In good operating condition Convenient terms See them at B F. GOODH1CH CO.. 438 440 East Broadway Dial :!-7754 CURTAINS-"braperlesr "iinem. rug*. spreads, etc. Convenient term*. Star Specialty Co. 2-6732. FOR SALE 4 rooms of furniture, good condition Priced for quick sale. 2-7872 FOR SALE — Kenmor* \v«sn machine. power mower, 21 in I'sed one year. 4-5129 FOR SALE- Electric refrigerator," electric vacuum sweeper, rugs, oil »tove and tome furniture. After 6:30 2608 Klrsch ttreet. ____ __ GIRL'S COMPLETE BEDROOM SUITE— Single bed. 437 East 4th. upstsir» __ ~ HI RADIOS - IlKF. •^TELEVISION COMBINATION Radio and phonograph. excellent condition. $:i.1. 2300 Pleasant COl.DSPOT REFRIGERATOR — Excellent comlition, $BO. 61S Wilson. Alton. ; FHIGIllAIHE For sale. Good condl- i lion rail :i-(|on:i. ; HKFRKIKRATOR " - For sale. I.Ike new. ! I'll 4-200S __ . i'SED REFKIGERATOR -V Good condition JMI. 4-S7:)8 or 1U Ohio, East Allo_n_ ^^^____ lit ~8EWINq MACHINES " SINGER- Treadle "sewSig: machine, good condition and reasonable. Call a-6338._ SEWING MACHINES—Before you buy see our complete line of new and used tewing machine*: all make* and mod- eli. priced to fit your budget. CENTRAL SEWING MACHINE CO. 14 West Broadway Phone "-S214 ANTIQUES WANTED — Silver, chinaware, glassware, iron toy*, anything J>ld.__odd._iinusii» I 2-3276. ATTENTION-Wnnted, sinks~~bathtubs. toilets, furnaces etc. Call iii. We pay top pi-Ices. WISEMAN. 1124 E. Bdwy _p_lal_2-!>294. __ ANTIQUES — Furniture. glaTswaTe. chlnaware. picture frames, silver, cut "ii'i. 'amps. clocks, 2-758:1 HIGHEST~PRICES Furnaces. scrap Iron, brass, copper wire,, baileries, radiators, tine. Ci ALLAY METAL CO. _Dlal_4-«i)BO. _ Wood J?iver.__IM._ CASH PAID— For all k,lnds"of"good used ____^^ _ TOP CASH PRYCES~PAID~To7 used dining room, living 'com, bedroom and kitchen furniture Dial _3-3024 or_2-1507._ _ WANTED —"Hug Jr~cafpetTng71 2x12. DJal_n-5239. _ __ _ WANTED — Sll«7~bathtub«7 Toilet*. furniture. Anything of value bought sold or exchanged. Vroman's 217 St Louis Aye.. East Alton 4-3933 or .4-4HH2 __ WANTED — Good used stoker." Dial 4-716:!. ___ WANTED— One " "jig'" saw and "~U~ "h~ p. motor. Dial 2-8294. _ AUTOMOTIVE __ TIER TABLE— Walnut, almost new. $I5~; corner what-uot sheU. *3. Dial I-18W- 700 Linden . SEWING MACHINES— Repaired «>4 *+• built: part* & supplies for 428 br»M» Old machine* made »k« »«w wjtlj out ipecial rebuilding proc»i» Treadle machine* e'ectrtfled and converted Uito console*. portable* or desk model* Central Sawing Supply Co. Alton Branch 14 W Tjro*dw»i Call VSJ14 (le * __ _ _ _ SEWING MACHINES RIPAJHED-Havt your tewing machine repaired by ay- pert repair men. Repair* on all ma*«« All work guaranteed No cbarg* (or estimate Free pickup and delivtiry- Call Singer Sawing Machine Co.. 1U State »treet Alton. Phone 3-8313 L. C. SMITH SHOTGUN-Double barrel. 13 gauge. Jthol 6 time*, oat year old- Phone 4-36W after » P m. »l __ AUTOS— PASSENGER" CAlt 1838 'DODGE 4-DlooR- s^o'od ~t7res. run* good. Leaving town, must sell * M _-_ 25 1? ?'»!«• _jhone 3-988;;. 1936 CHEVROLET COACH-Good7~new ring* and mains, $90. J. H. Foiles, McClusky road. __ _ iSi'li MASTER cTlEv7~C"bA~CH^ ::: ~Good condition. Phone 2-1205. 19.19 PONTIAC" -s" SEDAN, $i75~n:ioi Sherman, or 3-6865 1941 PACKARD 6 CYLINDER"-'-" Good tires and motor. $130. Phone 2-2518. l.'IKl Rivon 1942"PLYMOUTH' CLUB COUPE "~~Rebuilt engine, new tires, new paint. $:175. Can be seen al Les' Motors. 13(10 E. Broadway. 1946 PLYMOUTH CLUB COUPE —Very good throughout. Leaving for service. 2-1507. PUBLIC SALE OF DAIRY CATTLE Having had an accident that injured both of my hands I »m unable to care for my cows and have decided to se.ll them at my farm, i miles north and 1% miles east of Bunker Hill, 8 miles east, 1 mile south, then 1!4 mile east of Shipman, SH mile* northwest of Dorchester, on an all weather road, on Tuesday, April 1, 1952. Starting promptly at 11 o'clock. 1 Red Cow 20 Holstein Cows 1 Guernsey Cow Part of these cows nave calves at wide. Others are springers. Most of these cows have their first and second calves. This U a herd of good producing cows and if I hadn't gotten disabled In my hands I wouldn't be selling them. Will probably keep a few young heifers back for a future herd but every one advertised will sell without reserve. WILL ALSO SELL 12 JHLK COWS. Russell Unverzagt will sell 4 Guernsey and 1 Holstein heifers, heavy springers. TERMS CASH. "Doc" Pressler, Auctioneer Kelley Heyen, Clerk Fred Schaller, Owner Lunuh Will be Served. Not Responsible for Accident*. •' AUTOS—PAS8ENOEK CABg T948 FLEETL1NE CHEV. — For sale. Private party. Excellent condition. 912 W._Delmar. rn49~FORD"4-DOOR — For sale. Heater and radio, in good condition, $900. 2-40n:i._2-25(W. GODFREY ROAD MOTOR SALES Highest cash prices paid for clean used cars. See us before you sell. Dial i 2-4466. i 1946 motor recently overhauled, radio, heater, seat covers. Very good condition. Owner leaving for service. 546 Whitelaw^ East AUon._jl-8437. __ __ _ 1947 FORD — 2 door, very good condition, can take over payments. Price (700. Bargain. 1810 Myrtle between 4 and 8 pin. __ 1948 CHRYSLER — 4 door sedan, fully equipped. $1278. 3-5449. S10 Easton. 1951 CHEVROLET POWER GUIDE — Delux» 2-door. Radio, heater, seat covers. This car has very low mileage and Is like new. Only $1793 MAJOR MOTORS 20:^_Edw8rdsvilleJRoad._Wood River BUY YOUR PRE-WAR CAR "WHERE YOUR DOLLAR GOES FARTHEST NO DOWN PAYMENT REQUIRED 1941 Buick Sedanette. Radio, heater Runs perfect *345 1941 Chevrolet Club Coupe. Radio, heater, new paint. A nice car $386 1941 Pontiac Club Coupe- Radio, heater. 6-cylinder *265 1940 Ford 4-Door. Original paint. Looks nice «« 1839 Plymouth 4-Door. Good transportation *iSO Many others to choose from KEN'S AUTO SALES Edward*vill* Road. Wood River STATION WAGON— Crosley; radio and heater, $300. j»-704.1. IBsi" PLYMOUTH —4-Door Cranbrook. Very low mileage, like new $1695 IBS I FORD CLUB COUPE—Fully equipped, 7000 actual miles. A very good buy .....»1695 1950 OLDSMOBILE 88—Fully equipped, excellent condition $1695 IR49 CHEVROLET—Fleetline J-Door. Radio and heater. Very clean J1295 1949 BUICK SEDANETTE—Radio, heater »nd Dynaflow. Exceptionally clean, 1946'pLYMbuTH — Special Deluxe. Radio, heater, seat covers. A real bargain 5695 1948 WILLYS PICKUP—Very good *595 MAJOR MOTOR CO. 102 W. Edwardsvillc Road Wood River Phone 4-9321 Lot Open Evenings Till 9 P. M. \nlDGET~RACER — Licensed for highway. Extra Ford 60 motor $250. Tower's Service. Dial 2-8631. SPECIAL DIAL YOU NEED AUTO NO MONEY DOWN Free .1952 Plates Free Tank of Cat Monthly payments small First payment one month after you take car. 42 Butcks — 41 Buicki '42 Chevrolet?, '41 Chevrolet* 41 Fords — 40 Fordt — Hudtons '41 Pontiacs, '42 Plymouth* Also 39s and 38s as low a$ $10.00 a month. Drive Them First 1730 60ZZA AT E. BROADWAY 9IA TB4TLEM FOR SALE—27-ft Alma house trailer, very good condition: also large spray painting outfit, fully equipped. 915 Brmkmen. Home Addition, Edwardi| ville. 111. I FOR SALE — Of trade, 1918 Alma house I trailer, very good condition, bargain I price it »old thi» week. Can be seen on East Prairie St., Jerseyvillt, 111. i Chat. L. Tucker. SPARTON MANOR HOUSE TBAIJJB— ' 9 rooms, fl800. Phone 3-7269. WANTED EXPERIENCED SECRETARY. Good Salary Excellent working conditions. Give age, experience and references. Write Box 1000. Tilijraph 91A TBAILEM 4-WHEEL BOX TRAILERT 446 Korreck.'VVood River. A I/TO TKtCKg ~ Pickui> - mot ° r FOR SALE — 1940 Ford pickup truck with_ cattle rack. Phone Bethalto 6882. 1941 FORD PlCKUP-Good tires end motor, $200. 2-5762. 183frDODGE~" 1 7-fbN"~PlCKUP— Private jnyner^Phone 2-5B10. __ 12-Ft." diiAHA" STANDARD TRUCK BODY-With 80-inch grain sides and fold-down cattle racks. Ray H. Cooper, Moro. HI., R. R. No. 1. 93 BICYCLES * MOTQBCTCLE1 '* FOR SALE—Boy't 28-inch Monarch R- cycle, *25. Phone 2-30J8. 195Z HAHLEY DAVIDSON—128 motorcycle. $230. 852 3rd, Wood River. Pi«l REBUILT BATTERIES—$4.50 exchange up; used tire*, all sizes. MAUL'S AUTO PARTS^jloa Belle. Dial j-47!». GUARANTEED REBUILT MOTORS — Factory rebuilt to perfection; guaranteed same a* new car motor*. Guaranteed exchange price*! Plymouth '33-'48 $142.83! Dodge '33-'4B, $142.95! In»tall«.. tion arranged. Only $3.50 weekly Spiegel J St R, 400 Belle St., Alton, 111. Phone 2-9281. M ACCESSOE1ES " PERMANENT ANTTTFRfEZE—Zerome". healers, stop - leak, tires, tube*, baiter- ier. an sizes. EARL'S. 30q5 Belle street. 100 WANTED. AUTOMOBj£^ lUKEN FONTIAC PAYS THE HIGHEST PRICES FOR USED CARS Don't Fail to Get Our Bid Before T6u Sell »U> * Belle — 3-6688 230 St. Lout* Av«.. East Alton. 4-Ufl Atoy-3-881 *

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