Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 19, 1937 · Page 35
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 35

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 19, 1937
Page 35
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JANUARY 19 • 1937 THREE Proper Grooming as an Aid to Girth Control F EW of us can avoid eventually a tendency to become slightly corpulent. The penalty of modern life, what with little walking, much eating and a convivial cup or two, is an extra few inches at the waist. More than usual care must be given to your diet and your appearance, if you're that way already. The radio listener above has concealed his fleshiness with well-selacted apparel. We imagine if he looked down, we'd discover a suspicion of a doable chin. American inventive genius comes through to eliminate the cause of much early morning unpleasantness and profanity. Sanforizing has made it possible to buy a shirt to your exact size and have it fit around the neck no matter how many journeys it has made to the laundry. Though your vanity may not demand a suppressed waistline, these popular "girth-guarders" are acclaimed by every man as an aid to physical well-being for every day and every sport. Vests, the least of the component parts of a suit, are often carelessly fitted, spoiling the rest of the outfit. Lastex backs are helpful in eliminating: the uncomfortable back-strap, and assure a snug, well-fitted vest. Another hit of Yankee ingenuity is the fused collar that gives all the much desired effect of starched matching collars ... and is a cinch to launder. A contribution to .neatness is the talon closure used on trousers. Men who are a bit corpulent are particularly enthusiastic about this tailoring 1 improvement. ESQUIRE will answer all questions on men's fashions. Write MEN'S FASHION DEPARTMENT, THE MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE and enclose o self-addressed stamped envelope for reply. IMPORTANT NOTE: 25c brings you "Esquire's Etiquette of Color," a large-sized four-page folder in full color embracing 32 suggestions for effective combinations in colors and patterns for the complete ensemble. TOWNSEND PLAN IS GIVEN TEST First Man to Receive $200 Budgets Spending of His Wealth. CHELAN, Wash., (/P) — Jubilantly shouting, "mother, we're rich!" the first man in the nation to receive $200 under the Townsend old age pension plan budgeted Tuesday the spending of $196 during the next 29 days. C. G. Fleming, 63, father of five children and grandfather of nine, won the S200 prize by popular vote at a Saturday night dance in this apple community of 1,400 residents. "That's the most money dad has had at any one time in 15 years," beamed Clayton Fleming, 35, eldest son of the unemployed apple orchard worker. Wreathed in Smiles. The aged Fleming, wreathed in smiles, spent $4 within 12 hours. He contributed the first of the 200 crisp $1 bills to the orchestra expenses for the dance which turned fortune his way. Then he paid Mrs. E. D. Smith, president of the Chelan Townsend club, S3 dues for himself and his 58 year old wife. What will he do with the remainder? "That won't be hard to figure out," responded the man who said he had faced the prospect of'win- ter "on relief." He budgeted this way: Groceries S50; - house rent for winter $20; fuel 111; light bill $15; medical examination for dentistry $60; clothing for himself and wife, S40. Adds to $196. "That adds to $196, does it?" he asked. "That's right then."' Isom Lamb, Chelan county Townsend supervisor, donated the S200 for test of the Townsend plan. Mayor W. T. Price said all merchants would co-operate in the plan, assessing themselves s 2 per cent transacation tax for each dealing with one of the marked bills. Supervisor Lamb hoped the transaction tax would raise sufficient money to award another S200 next month. If not, he said he had guaranteed $1,000 more to continue the experiment for another five months. President's Mother Entertained by Singers Apparently well pleased with thi singing of a. t'roup from Hampton school, Negro educational Institution, who entertained her in her New York home, Mrs. Sara Delano Roosevelt, motlier of the president, claps her hands in approval. W. J. Schiefflein, trustee of the school, is equally pleased. BACKSTAGE IN IOWA POLITICS Stakeholder for Bet on Wilson-Kraschel Contest for Governor Told Not to Pay Off Yet. By GEORGE MILLS loiva Daily Press Photo Pockets bulged by an extra $1PO, a stakeholder came to Des Moines the other day to find out what was what on the chances of George during the speakership tiff in the Iowa house. Gleeful observers still are talking about the way Bolter Beltman, the republican who broke the party tie by voting for a democratc speaker, went to lunch Wilson contesting Governor Kras- be£ore the speakership vote. "I'm getting tired cf .the re- room for his coat and hat. And a flying phalanx took the preci- Additional $350,000 Made Available for in Iowa chel's election. i Be i tman was knee deep in dem . Phoning from a democratic state ocrats as he went to th( . doak department, the stakeholder complained to Wilson, i . r i < _ ous vote out the door, easily worsting two republican legislators who wanted to take Beitman out for bread and butter and a little forcible conversion. DES MOINES, W>)— Gov. Nelson G. Kraschel has received notice from Henry A. Wallace, secretary of agriculture, that the federal government has made available an additional S350,000 for feed loans to Iowa farmers in the drought area. The loans will be made, Kraschel said, without some restrictions previously imposed on rehabilitation loans. Wallace's action was in response to a request from the governor, he stated. Wallace's message said the agriculture department "realizes" the amount "was insufficient to meet the needs of drought county farmers. but added "we hope within sponsibility of holding $100 in a Kraschel-Wilson bet. Shall'I pay off the Kraschel backer?" Tradition does not record the exacting words of Wilson's answer. But the substance of the republican candidate's advice was, "Keep the money in your pocket a while longer." * * + G. 0. P. WRATH Many a gory legislative battle has been fought in Iowa over the question of county governments helping the treasuries of farm bureau units with mandatory appropriations. Republican wrath of an unknown quantity, already cropping out though the session is young, makes it certain that the conflict j this time wil! be no pansy party. Some republican legislators, recalling last November's whipping, are charging that the farm bureau took an active political part in the last presidential campaign. Since the republicans rule the senate and hold half the strength of the house this frame of mind, justified or not, will play an important part in settling the peren- the next week or 10 days to pro- j nial farm organization question for vide additional' 1 funds. Lookingbill Redrafts Deficiency Judgment Bill for Legislature another two years. * * * LIQUOR MORTAR Deep in the recesses GRAY HAIR SPROUTS At Th a t ; many a gray hair sprouted in democratic thatches before the Beltman vote was recorded in the speakership fight Similarly, sighs of relief followed the announcement of the .55-55 victory for democrat La Mar Foster. Chief worry was the nomination of Dewey Goode of Bloomfield as a republican candidate. Democrats feared with some reason Bellman might decide to vote for Dewey. The Goode candidacy was not followed up. however, and Beltman never did get a chance to express his opinion on Hi at subject. At the height of the excitement, a telegram from a Farmers Union friend was thrust into Beltman's hand. It read, "Congratulations to Footer. Keep going Beltman." And Beltman kept on going. IOWA DOCTORS FIGHT SYPHILIS State Health Department Assured of Medical Co-Operation. DES MOINES, W—The state health department, assured by an Iowa state medical society committee that Iowa physicians will co-operate, has launched a campaign to stamp out syphilis. Dr. Walter L. Bierring. state, health commissioner, met with the committee here Sunday and outlined the program which will provide free medicine and laboratory facilities for physicians and establish a new case-reporting system to. provide that persons suffering the disease are treated until they are cured. The medical society committee discussed the matter of co-operation for nearly five hours, several of the members declaring they feared the anti-syphilis campaign might provide an opening wedge for state medicine. Dr. Bierring, however, assured them the plan would be carried on through the physicians themselves without disturbing their private practices. of demo- tive C. E, Lookingbill, republican of Nevada, said Tuesday he was completing a new draft of his revised deficiency judgment bill for presentation to the state legislature. Unlike his deficiency judgment bills defeated in the last two leg- cratic councils, they're weighing' pretty seriously the idea of spending liquor profits to,build a state office building. Since the state earns nearly $1,200,000 on liquor, proponents of the idea say two or three years of highball earnings .would finance such a structure. Prime advantages: Saving of S75.000 a year rent paid for state PREMEDITATED Incidentally, there was nothing hasty about Beltman's decision to vote for Foster. Immediately after -his election last November, the republican representative is reported to have volunteered to a democratic leader that he was ready and willing to vote for a office space in private buildings, convenient location of all orphan sessions. Lookingbill's new j ° ffi 'f in ™.? building. Prime dif- bifl in effect wi!i create a mora- ! ^ ult >' : , Gettln « thc . 1^?™?™ to on deficiency judgments ^l^^^L _„ „,„ liquor profit a mora- judgments to outlaw them candidate of type. the Foster or Rice ionum nstcaci of seekin entirely Thc new draft would prohibit immediate execution of deficiency judgments and give the property owner a year's redemption period. During this period of grace, the property, under court order, would! be in receivership, with provisions for payments of the rents, profits and taxes. the keeping its hands nff the setup 'or the necessary earning period. KNEE DEEP Democrats taught the republicans a lesson or. the care and feeding of a hard won convert WILSON GAIN Official news is lacking, but reports indicate the republicans believe their "off the record''' recounts for governor have yielded 3 very unofficial £ain of 1,700 vols for Wilson. Twenty counties have been checked in various ways, the votes for governor being counted when ballot boxes were opened in local contests. Nine more counties are being checked on the governor vote this week as ballots are being recounted in nine contested races for seats in the Iowa h-~use, "Recruited" Athletes KENT, Ohio, (UP)—Kent State university's varsity club, composed of ahletic monogram winners, is urging school officials "to forget the normal college days" and begin recruiting athletes who will "do more than win moral victories." Death Sentence of Man Who Survived Hanging Commuted SHANGHAI. — The death .senterjce from which burly Atma Singh, Sikh member of the British police^ escaped when a snapped rope saved him on the gallows, has been commuted to life imprisonment. The British embassy announced the commutation. The officer, who was to have died for the hatchet slaying of a fellow policeman, will finish his days in a jail in his native India. Officials said Atma Singh's neck was stretched two inches when he underwent the terrific jerk as the rope broke. They said he was recovering from minor injuries and his neck was slowly contracting. 14 Year Old Hermit Buried at Clarinda CLARINDA, (/P)— William Kra- University Student Denies He's Seeking Iowa City Mayoralty IOWA CITY, (ff)— Jay E. McNamara, University of Iowa student, denied Tuesday he is a candidate for mayor. In a signed statement the 22 year old Iowa Cityan said, "I am not now and never have I been a candidate for mayor of Iowa City, r.or have I ever intimated that I would be. "I feel that certain student groups should be chastised for attempting to make a jest out of the mayorship race." An announcement was made Saturday to reporters by students claiming to be McNarnara's "campaign managers," saying the student had more than 1,000 signatures on his original papers. Deer Traffic Conscious. SPRINGFIELD, Mo., (UP)— The "drive for traffic safety has reached the deer of the Ozarks. A hunter returning here reported he mer. whose documents showed | saw a doe emerge from the for- him to be 114 years old, was bur-! est with two fawns. The doe made ied nere Monday. He died in I the little ones stay behind while southern Page county Saturday after living the life of a hermit since he was the victim of a ' torture robbery 18 years ago. she looked in all directions and went across the road. Then she turned her h»ad and the fawns dashed across after her. Tender, Corn Fed, Short Cut CLUB STEAKS, lb. . . 15c Mutton CHOPS, STEAKS, 3 UK. . 25c WIENERS, Large, Small, lb 15c MUTTON ROAST, lb.. 8C LIVER SAUSAGE, BOLOGNA, lb.... BEEF ROAST, lb 13c Buehler's Best Buy Vegetable SHORTENING, lb. Pork £=• 10 * V * *» Hearts, lb. A V Neck Bones Pig't Feet Mutton Stew Beef Boil Fresh Ground Hamburger, Sausage, lb. lOc Have you heard Merkel's Musical Clock Program, a daily feature except Sunday at 1-A5 a. m., over Mason City's own station, KGLO? If you haven't, listen in tomorrow morning for shopping ond style news from Merkel's. Now is the time to enjoy winter sports . . . and warm socks and mittens add to that enjoyment. They're not only warm but bright and colorful as well . . . you'll be proud to wear them.. The wool socks in our hosiery deportment are just the right length for ski shoes or shoe skates. They're 100% virgin wool and only 69c a pair. Are you planning a party for St. Valentine's Day or Washington's birthday? Then come into Merkel's when you are ready • to pick ojt your place cords and tallies. There are ever so many clever designs and smart looking tallies ond cards at 25c a dozen. And if you're having a Valentine party you should see the cute sets of score pad and four tallies for only 1 Oc. * * * From playing cards ray thoughts turned to our greeting card display counter just inside the door, easy for you to get to and easy for you to select your greetings. We have a complete assortment of birthday, sympathy, cheer, anniversary, wedding, gift enclosure, birth announcement and congratulatory cards. Priced at 5c, 10c, 15cond 25c. The mittens and gloves hove been so popular we only have a few left, in sizes 1 to 5 at 49c to $1 o pair. Choose from bright stripe*; and plain colors. A new shipment of those popular "Simplicity Frocks" just arrived. Mode for you to look attractive all day long and yet be perfectly free and comfortable. Of the finest percale in polka dots, tiny checks, and floral patterns. Trimmed in crisp permanent organdy that is not afraid of laundering. Red, green, navy, orchid, black, brown and rose-lavender. You'll wont several of these in different colors, and you'll find them at $1.69 in Merkel's Economy Basement. ANN AMES TheMerkelCo.

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