Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 27, 1952 · Page 41
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 41

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1952
Page 41
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THURSDAY, MARCH 27,1952 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH 9A&1 it Rl lHB TO W. LOUW—f e Of»nd~«n<l Mitfcrt. ffqm Mjao. 3.8«64. *?ANT*ri — nidert from fcait Aitofi and Wood Hiv«r to O1»u Co. Alt a ihHtn. SptcUl fitt. 4-43CT. WANTED HIDE — from MMon arsTTo Dcfonae Plant en Oootffellow, WorRinf 0._ Ph. t-1408 after 8:30 tt liONAL HA . PfBTiOCTIOTl AUK YOU ¥i»ib or THK SAMR JOB?— You can do •omethlng to change* thlnf*. If you hive the courage And frit, you. em ««t bitter and bigger joba. »nd mor« ply. BuilnMi *nd in- duitrjr are erylfit tot ikliied men ind women. If you t«t technical tritntng •nd know-hot/ you can name your own price. Let the International Correspondence School* show you the. way. PhoM 3-6088 for interview. No ebUtiUMt. ...... TTT •PUO, BAHOniO, BKAMA RDtbH UJgtKUCTioN - Modern interesting Icttona tlught by qualified Inttructort. Seflnneri' instruments rented. We ipeeiallze tn aeeordlon and ultar. Royal School of Muile. Phone tultar. MUSICAL INSTRUCilON l«~aTT liiitfu- •Mta and vole* nd baton twirling. OouU Uuila Co., SSI K. Broadway EMPLOYMENT 11 HlliP WANTBD— MALR BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY—For exper- lenoed ridla and televliion repair man. 2-71M after B p. m. _ EXPERnWOto MAUS BAKER HILPEH —No phone calli accepted. Evani Pn- triM, Mil State. ___ _ MANAGER TRAINEE National consumer finance Co. will train several man for executive positions. Loan, credit, Investigation, collections md office management. Age 24-38. High school graduate or better. Must have car. General personnel benefit program. Salary and car allowance. Phone 3-.15S7 or call personally at Km Flm National Bank building. Mr, W. Butterly. _ _ __ SKILLED WORKERS— LargV construction Jobs starting. Send name nnd address for details. Address A-M, Box 1749, ^Knexvllle. Tenn. ___ EXPERIENCED — Furniture «aieiiiriRi). Apply at Btedermans Furniture. Broadway and Plajta. Alton. __ WANTBD— Man for grocery. "Must have chauffeur's license. 5-day week. Steady work. Give full Information your working experience. State wages wanted. Box 840, care Telegraph. _ WANTED— Bookkeeper," experle~noed~7n automobile accounting system; others need not apply. Excellent opportunity for right party. Write Box OOO, care Telegraph, give past experience. WANTED — Tlte service man. Sober. willing, permanent employment. Good working conditions. Start Immediately. Union shop. Apply in person. Sid Drake Tires, 1214 E. Brondway. ** -Win nn separate if necessary. Alto 8-foom J-fimlly house. Write or call Orarton Lumber Co., oration, ill. Phone tOSS. Complete service station and repair «hop; e*c*llent frame residence. Top line of merehindlne. Opportunity to step right Into well established bull. ne«._No phone Information. ROBERT CHAPPELL-4-6614 JOHN BEHIOAN AGENCY _ 200 West Main, East Alton v WOO MWRH^rSFAFB " fftfi National company offerj reliable party secure future servicing route of vending machines. No selling required. 1300 per month possible part time; full time, more. Car and Woo required which la secured by Inventory. Thii wilt stand itrlct investigation. For Interview In your town with factory representative Include phone and ad- dre«« in application. IMPERIAL MFG. AGENCY, 948 Goodfellow, St. Louis K, Missouri. " AUTOTRANCHISE Kalser-Fraier Sales Corporation has available a new car franchise for Alton ind vicinity, marketing the lowest priced car In America, the Henry J and Heaullful all new Kaiser. Profit opportunities are tremendous. Capital and facilities or access to both are required. Address reply to Box 730. care Alton _ DiSfRTBUTor WANTED ~ FOR THIS COUNTY SELF-BECUPEHATING BATTERY NOW —Prove just what this amazing feature meant to youl Test It yourself In your car. 1. With Ignition off, step on starter 2. Hun the lonlte battery completely down 3. Let the battery reit one minute, 4. Step on starter. YOUR IGNITE BATTERY SPRINGS INSTANTLY INTO VIGOROUS ACTION! In actual field trial, lonlte battery has had this test performed hundreds of consecutive limes. Applicant must Have following requirements. Must have cm- Must hnve enough capital for Initial Investment Must have good credit rating If you can start Immediately, write for interview; Klve phone number. Write Box 740. care Alton Telegraph PERSONAL SERVICE SO ORtSSMAKINO—TAILORING WANTED—Man who might be working, interested In additional part-time employment a* a masseur. Experience not necessary. Give background. Box 610, car*, Telegraph. _ JKKLP WANTrD—FEHAl,*" ~ COVERED BUTTONS — Belti and buttonhole*, 24-hour senrlce, Central Sewing Supply Co.. 18 W Broidwey Dill 2-82M. _ ; nRESS~MXkiNCi-VATid^"altefatlo'n«y'rea- j rfnnRhle._ Mr»._Knnzig._Phone 2-5810. .SLIP CbvWs~i~bFAPERIES—Expertly made. Free estimatei and samples. 4-3242. »V"~ LAUNDEEINO' "" ~ & IRONINGS—nisi' 2-4702 ! WASHINGS CASHIER - STENOGRAPHER—Opening in Building and Loan Office. Excellent working conditions. Permanent position. State age, education and other qualification* In own handwrlt- ing. Writ? Box 680. care Telegraph. EXPERIENCED WAITRESS - And RrTll girl wanted, East Alton or Wood Hiver > girl preferred. Dial .4-719S. GIRL—For general housework. Must stay. Dial 3-5388. GIRL or ELDERLY LADY—To care for 2 small children, stay on place. Dial 4-4161. WOMEN—Not now employed who can work part time. Earn ?5 to $10 per day. Write Avon, 528 E. 7lh. WANTED—Young lady stenographer, bookkeeper. State age, education and experience In writing. Slol/e Lumber Co.. Main Office. Wood River. 111. WANTED — Woman Tor light "house"work, 2 In family. Stay on place. 1200 Alby St., Alton. 19 HELP WANTED—MALE * FEMALE MAN OR WOMAN — With car, 4 hours per night. 4 nights per week, $4 per hour. Box 620 care Telegraph. WANTED—100 volunteer workers for Republican Primary Election, April 8, 1952 to help Harold E. Horsley, candidate for state representative. If you are Interested In Rood government, a clean, honest candidate, call 2-5618 or 2-137* and ask how you can help In this election. 19A SALESLADIES ROUTE SALESLADY Established Coffee, Grocery and Installment route in Alton area. Alton resident preferred. Age 25-40. Safe driver. 5'j days. Base salary $40.00 weekly plus commission and bonus. Car furnished and maintained. Apply or write to ihe Great American Tea Co., 4453 Olive street. St. Lou ls._Mo. SAELEGIRLS— Steady or part time. Discount privileges, good salary plus commission. Excellent opportunity. Write Box 720, care Alton Telegraph. 10 SALESMEN SALESMAN— Call on retail merchants and Institutions in Alton and sur- roundlng area. Box_67Q,j;are jrelegraph TWO SALESMEN — Permanent positions with future. Age 25-45. Married. At least high school education. Car neces- iary Tor established Insurance debits. Dial 8-6022. WANTED— Salesman to collect established debit lor legal rescr%'e life Insurance Co., selling life, hospilalii-.a- tion and polio insurance. A worthwhile guaranteed salary. Excellent opportunity for advancement. Apply 244 Piasa Bldg., 7 to 8 Thursday and Friday: B to 12 Saturday inorninK. _______ _ tl '~ CURTAINS WASHED — And stretched Called fqrjmd dellvered._Dial 2-7656. WANTED -Washings"and Ironing'*.' Also men's laundry. Reasonable price. Ex- _periciiced. Phone 4-0534. WI LL~DO~W AS'HfNGS"" *T~ 1R ONIN G S— In my home. Phone 4-3898. BUSINESS SERVICE sa BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMENT! It LABGB-Com g«ntiemw. 1914 Wat LArTSB™cdT/if6Wt'ABtJ! RbOM"— Fw gentleman. Adjoint bath, Oarafe avail able, iai tMT» _ _ CLEAN Sttd ROOM ™ For eouptu, twin beds, All modern, clou downtown. MO BluM._»-9478. Roonis — Iinti* or — Newly decorated. CloneU, hot water, >fj»att tntrance. a-e7«4, r -**W»-o *bOM ~"JfeS\rdtwim. it* entrant-*, ad]oln« bath, Dial ROOM—For rent in niolern Cut Alton home on bu* line. Kitchen and waihint prlvileget, everything luppllrt. Working penon, Olai 4.3908. SLI8PWO WOOSf — Per t~ gmtlimm. Board optional, Ph. 4.-30M. SLEIPWO HOOM—Flrit floor; private entfanc* with living room, laundry and phone privileges. Kitchen privilege it deilfed. Siowf. NICE ROOM—twin bedi, Yitofien privileges. : block from bin. 044 Danforth. 3-9282 4 nn?"?'^T^^*" ==:==== " OLD "AOK""COUPLE—Or pensloneVi. "Private home, nice room with home privileges. Write to Annie Oulion. Ht. No. li 6-iOOM PUBNI9MHD — All modern hotiM. 144 7th street. Wood ntver 4-5348. LAStl Ing near Mulberry flrove. 13,10 Atat* St. WAMTFii3u.tO to" so "a"er«» "of corn l«nd In Oodtrey i or Fqiterbiiti area, 2-7098 ' ' : *' INT _ — "XnT~wlf«" Seilr* nicely Curnlined hou«« or apt. Phon* FURNISHED EFFICIENCY APAWtMlNT WANTED — No children OF pet». Writ* In detail. P. O. Box 123, Kdwardivllle, "!'.^-ltlr ^r-.-^i,^- •-!••--- r-i _________ __ __ V^ANrBb To REWf— 4 or 8-riwm modem home by middieaged couple. Will exchange refertne««. 3-8384. VbiWo COUPLB - DenfrTh or 4 roomi uiidirnlnhert apt. or houil. Mlddletown or Upper Alton. Good reference*. Ph. 2.8328. 4-ftooM """uNfrTrRStsffffB" AlFt . ~ - "«r home needed by reliable, couple and o ne^ ch I Id . P laj a-8010 . REAL s« TOR 'SALE" OR LlASl $500 DOWN Thrf e room hotria. (Joed locution In C«t- IMP mils. Thii property 11*11 (MM pot- albilttiM and in priced rlithl. Balance run he paid in convenient monthly payment*. LEONARD DANIEL AGENCY Coti«Ke inn* T*>i«phon* 4-ftoili WOOD KlVfft DUt.ANV - .1 roomn. Full hammcnt with linker hrat, tnmilalcrt, mnrm window- arid doom. Hnimc only 3 ytitrn old Price ................ $10,500 ROXANA 3HNTRAL—S roomi. Full baiem«nt with UB.W gin furnaca, Insulated, norm window* ind doom. Oarage. Prlea $0780 EAST ALTON WtllTKI.AW.-4 roomi. Endmcd brcete- Way and attachtd |araR«; |ai h*at, Inatilntrd, aluminum ilorm window*. Price ..... '. ..... ... . . . , IU.OOO ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS JEW 3-lx>drormi home, full bnupmcitl with oil licit. Price ..... . 911,800 R. H. HESSENFLOW AGENCY • 12 Wood tllver Ave. Dim 4-3532 Rvenlnn, Dliil .Turk Balerleln .... 9-7US9 Lflary Pp« Copplniier ' S"room'»7 BASEMENT ROOM—-Kitchen privileges, utllltle*: working couple or gentlemen. $7.80. 1R22 Park avenue, Alton. 2-412:1. HOUSEKEEPfNSf ROOMS — Close ~"to ^Western, AdulU. 108 Cooper, E, Alton ROOMS— Furnlihedor unfurnhhed. Adult". Inquire McKenrU'i Slor*, 101 Delmar, Hartford. ___ » FURNISHED "— LTght "Eouiekeaplng room. Private entrance. 4-8898. » TWO—One-room eftlclenclei. 804 State, or call 2-7B78 between 10 a. m. and 4 p. m. _ :i ttNFURNISHEb""ROOM"S— And ""balh. $30 month. Newly decorated. 205 Marshall. tt 'APARTMENTS— r " AVAILABLE" A~PnlL Ul B"room modern, upstairs: automatic gas heal and water furnished, _$85. Dial 2-32(10. BEAUTIFUL-'-New .1-room apt^ Blinds". bent and water furnished; wired for stove. Private entrance and bath. Adults. Dial 2-5788. _ _ BEAUTIFUL 4-ROOM— Unfuriilshed"Tll modern apt., garage. Air conditioned. $110 per month. Exclusive location, By appointment only. Dial 3-8426, Foil RENT — 2~room~f urn l7hed~or~tm- furnished. Llghls, heat, gas and water Business building with about 3200 Sq- ft. Plus 10 rooms upstairs. Located at 1320 E. Broadway. CLEM NOLL REALTY AGENCY 640 E. Brcttdway. Phone 3-6821 FOR SALE — 2 room house In Calhoun count}'. Suitable for dub home. Must be moved. Dial 4-8090. « FARM*. AND LAND FOR aAL§~40-acr* farm. Apply 4U Job afreet, Sail Alton. BASEMENTS—Dug from under houses. Dial 4-4088. • CESS~ POOLS And septic tanki pumped and repaired. Dial 4-3231 or 4-9330. CENTURY TERMITE & PEST CONTROL —For Inspection and advice phone 182, Edwardsville, Owner and Manager Fred Casna. • FLAGSTONE—Building rock and~drfve- way_rock. Glllenwater. Dial 3-8308. GUTTERING Spouting, metal chimney covers. Free estimates. White's Tin Shop. 2-1424. HAND Sc POWER MOWERS—Sharpened by machine, repaired. 138 So. 14th St., Wood River. Phone 4-0308. HAND «, POWER LAWN MOWERS — Machine sharpened, repaired. Saws filed. 449 East Third. Phone 2-5597. LAWN MOWERS — Machine sharpened and repaired. A. Stupperfch 3106 Alby. 2-4268. RED & "WHITE SANITARY SERVICE Cess pools, septic tanks, and outside vault* cleaned. Day or night. Call Wood River. 4-8062 or 4-3465. ROWLAND REFRIGERATION SERVICE 217 Gerson Street. Dial 2-SB48 SAWS AND LAWNMOWERS — Machine sharpened. 25 West Penning, Wood Hlver. ______ ' _ _ TREE SPECIALIST Trim Tops. Take Down & Haul Away Insured. Free Estimates. _ ED KBAUT — Phone 4-B343 3* BUILDING CONTRACTORS CONTRACT CEMENT WORK— Of all kinds. Union work. Free estimates. LYNN WOOD. 3B03 Franor. Phone __ COLORED LADY — Wants work hy day or by week. 3-8726. __ COLORED WOMAN- -wl she's" day work. Dial 2-1492. __ _ ______ DAY WORK WANTED— 2-4619. _______ EXPERIENCED WOMAN— Wants to do Ironing In my home. 3-3368. TWO GIRLS— Want work to do at home In evening; typing, bookkeeping and shorthand. 3-3001 after 5:30 p. m. FINANCIAL BUBIN1M OPPORTUNITIES BUSINESS PROPERTY W* have several businesses and Investment properties for sale. Some are real bargain* and some have a fancv price tag on them. But mnvbe we hnve what you want. Cnll us and (ind out. LEONARD DANIEL AGENCY Cottage Hills Telephone 4-8031 GROCERY~ST ORE-Slock and fixtures, lease on building S3400 NEWSSTAND—And notions slore Slock and fixtures. On* room living quarters «IWO RESTAURANT—Stock and fixtures. 2-room living quarters $1300 W. B. SCHMOELLER AGENCY 1707 Washington Ave. t PJiLJl£L in FOB BALE—Grocery and f««d stor* In farming center. Wonderful opportunity New building and equipment. Large lot, In good location. Ideal for man and wife. Write Box 700, car* Alton Ev«nlng Telegraph. FOR SALE Pool hall equipment. Four tablet and •11 other equipment. Worth twite th* asking price. Can contlnu* operation in pr«s*nt location if deilred. Prlc* $780 LEONARD DANIEL AGENCY HENDERSON t WORKMAN — General contracting, block laying, brick laying, concrete work, tuck pointing. 2-9434 or 2-fi4H6. CONTRACTING — Porch encloserT Jal- O-Sce Windows, aluminum awnings. remodeling, ncreenn. Call 4-4B78. TRENCHING Digs trenches 6" to 20" wide. Use for— • Drainage Tile • Foundations • Sewer Lines 9 Oil & Can Lines • Water Mains t) Underground cable a) Farm Improvements •) Whenever trenches must he dug For detailed information see or call McGatiKhey Bros., Ph. Bethalto 5f>54—• filllM. i4 ^ ___ DECORATINO~ZT CONTRACTING" — PaintingTnd pa'ner- inK Interior nnd exterior. Union Morris Parkins. 2-3248. FLOOR SANDINO^And reflnhihlng. arid interior .painting; reasonable rates. For free estimates dial 3-B514 or^3-3230. INTERIOR — And exterior painting and decorating._2-3l41. _ _ PAINTING — Decorating, removing wall paper, plastering, patch plastering Free estimates Dial 3-R172._2-B684. _ PLASTERING i PATCH PLASTERING Pointing and removing wallpaper 4-:jfl74. WANT'ED— PlasFer 'patching. Work guaranteed Pb. 2-1444 WANTED—Paper hanging, good work at reasonable prires. Phone 3-S987 or 2111 ft Yaener_Jlrcet WALLPAPER REMOVED—And walipa- jperj^leaned: walls_washed 1 _Call 2-2823 »F~~~TLECTRIC - TAbioF ]^J RADIO & TELEVISION SERVICE SQUARE DEAL SHOP 720 E. BROADWAY - 3-9411 EIGHT MEN_TO_SERVE YOU nOBERSON RADIO «T TELEVISION ' SERVICE Guaranteed Service Phone 2-4213. 2011 Slate, Alton. NEW LARGE 3-ROOM APT.—Venetian blind*, hent and water furnished; wired for stove. Private enlranc* and balh. 2-3700. TWO 2-room apartments. One on first floor, front entrance, one on lecond: bent, electric-, gn*. Frlgldalre nnd wnsher furnished. j336_JefferBon. 3-.'l!)W3 TWO LARGE" IINFURNISHED" --" Basement rooms, privale enlrance, bath, hot and cold water. All utilities furnished. Children welcome. Ph. 2-2405. MODERN — 3-room and 4- room unfurnished apartment; automatic heat, hardwood floors and Venetian blinds. Inquire Apt. 7. Aclon Apis., 37 E*«l Arlon, Wood River. UNFURNISHED—2-room"apt. Main floor private entrance. Call at rear door. 330 Pennlng,_ Wood_Jtlvcr. UNFURNISrIKb~APT.--Modern 3~ rooms, balb; main floor. 101 Tomllnson, Job's Hill. East Al[on. WORDEN APT."— Will sublease ultramodern unfurniKhed apt. Heat and waler furnished. Greatly reduced rental to August 1st. Phone 2-8663. 2-ROOM UNFURNISHED APT.-—Private hath and entrance. 815 K. 4th slreel. 2 UNFURNISHED ROOMS — 3 blocks from Weslern. Utilities furnished. Inquire 244 Lorena, Wood River. 2-ROOM EFFICIE~NCY~APT7— With" gar- Htie. Call 4-4B5D afler 5 p. m. 2-BOOM APT.—Furnished or unfurniiih- ed. Call between 4-8. 1724 B07.7.a. 2 LARGE UNFURNISHED ROOMS — Heal, lights, water and garden furnished. 1202 Marshall street. Alton. 3 LARGE FURNISHED ROOMS—Extra nice, strictly modern. Adults only. 2514 Sanford. 3 ROOM APT. — Unfiirnidhed. heat and writer furnished. AdulU only. Phone 3-81J52. 3rd~FLObR MODERN APT.—Elevator service. 4 large rooms and a large alcove. Clean nnd cool. Bathroom and kitchen newly painted and floon refinished. Flrit class condition. Excellent location near downtown. S75.00 per month. RIDDICK AGENCY 3-83.11 2-1923 FOR SALE—43-aere farm with 7-room house. Rout* 67, 13 miles out of Alton, 311 E. Prairie. Jerseyvllle. Phone 801-W SE"ALED BIDS 100-ACRE IMPROVED FARM —Near Edwardsvllle. Larg* eoncrele block house. Cull Edwardsvlll* 16117-W.I after 4 p, m. for appointment. Bids must be In by April 2nd. Reserve right lo reject any or all bids. STOCK'FARM"— 'for na'fe""bjTowner. 187 acre*. 00 acres tillable; wired for elec Irlclty, 8-room hOuse. 3 miles west of Ollervllle. *8»00.__CaU_2-488S. MOljRNiNtf'BEALTY "COMPANY l no ACRES--BO In cultivation. Improved, nil equipment and livestock .,. ,* 13,000 13.1 ACRES—8.1 tillable. Nice house, good outbuildings $18,800 121) ACRES-~Orie-half tillable. Improved. Contract for deed. $3000 down, 10 years on balance. 8% Interesl $8400 480 ACRES—-200 tillable, 8-room house, large barn and machine shed. In good repair. Grade A milking parlor. Close lo Shlpman. Illinois, Per acre ....$110 120 ACREB »f> llllable. Limed and phoi- phaled. Improved Grade A milking parlor. Clone (o Godfrey. Ill $23,000 10 ACRES .--. 6 tillable. Well Improved Adjoining Plasa, III $B900 224 ACRES?-. 138 tillable. New modern bouse and barn, on highway, Cull at office for detail*. lo ACRES On highway between Car- linvllle and Plalnvlcw, III. 4-room house, closed-Ill porch, Wllh oulbulld- Ings $5800 371 ACRES- 300 tillable. Limed «t phos- phale-d. Well improved. Level land. Contract for deed. 10% down. Per acre $2:1.'! Kit) ACRES 110 tillable. Improved. Located on highway between Jerseyvllle and Plasa $28,000 IBo ACRES--!!!) tillable. Improved. Close to Bunker Hill. 111. Good road . $20,000 100 ACRES—jJ4R tillable. Limed & phos- phalcd. Modern house, burn and silo. On highway. For more information call at office 500 ACRES—300 tillable. Limed A phos- phated. 350 acres under woven wire fence. 2 houses, 2 large cattle feeding barns, machine shed and work shop Granary, poultry house and brooder house. All In excellent repair. Possession this spring. Price, per acre $1.18 SHIPMAN. ILL. —,5-room modern house Located on highway. PLAINVIEW. ILL. - New four-room house. 2 lots. Will sell on contract Priced at $32.10 MEDORA. ILL.- 4-room house . .. .$3075 DORCHESTER, ILL.—4-room house A basemenl. Garage and brooder house 12 nice level tJols $5000 157 ACRES--100 In cultivation. Llmet and phosphaled. Improved $29,000 WOODBURN, ILL.—4-room house, gar age. « lots $3100 JOHN KELSEY Shlpman, Illinois. Phone 88 4* FUENISHED APARTMENTS 2 FURNISHED ROOMS — Private bath, lights, gas, heat, and water furnished. _Adu_lts._Dial_2-a857. 952_Union. 2 ROOM FURNISHED'A'PT" —' XiTmod- crn. heat and water furnished, washing facilities. Close downtown. 320 Bluff. 2-9473. Z ROOM FURNISHED -~ Basement apt. Gas heat, electric stove and refrigerator. 600 South Tenth, Wood River. " 2-ROOM private entrance. Adults only. Phone 3-7503_after_5_p. m. 2~RC>OM~FtfnNlsiTED APT. — 1st floor. Private bath, utilities furnished. Blll- inore AP l 5;_J>'_5 01<R na._ 2-H"6"6M~ "FURNISHED"" A'PT".—For gentleman; living room and bedroom, twin beds: privale entrance. Shower bath. 2-S47_U. _ _ 2™LAB'GE~ "rURNISlTED ~ ROOMS ""—~Be- friferator, lights and water furnished. $1(7 week. _2-754.1. 2-HOOM KUHN1SI1ED "APT.-"-For rent. Private bath and ^nlrance I _313 Oak. 2-ROOM APT All modern. Heal, wa- ler. Near bus line. Adults. Dial 4-4.12(1 •i NICELY FL'RNi.SHED ROOMS -Prl- vjite entrance, slnnl and shower, auto- malic gas but water. Adults. References. 2-3300. _ i :i-HOOM "FURNfsilED ~APT. --Shower | bath, lights, waler. furnished. $12.50. j 3-no7:i, i LOTS FOR SAL.B FOR SALE — Six loti In' Bathallo Will sell all or separately. Phone B* lhalto 6382. LOT, RO x 120 FEET—Located one blocl off Slate street and adjacent to 27G Madison avenue. A nice lot with shade trees for someone at a good price, CLEM NOLL REALTY AGENCY Phone 3-6821 Evenings: 2.8484 or J-2148 LOTS FOR SALE—Milton area. F. H, A approved. 70-fl. front. Price . .. $14Si M. J. W1CKENHAUSER AGENCY Phone 2-9.122 or 2-93.12 WILSHIRE WOODS^RestTlct^d to homes of brick or stone Have a few choice lots available. FRANK YODER, Realtor 202 E. Main, East Alton 4-9113 or 4-4627 UOU8ES f'OK SALI Cottage Hills Telephone 4-6031 FOR SALE—8ixtaen-room hotel build- Ing, iult»bl* for nursing home, or with •light alterations, family apartments In either *v*nt, purchaser assured of attractive Income. Immediate posses- lion. Prlc* $«»« Terms. Call or write I. Z. CUHNUTT. REALTOR Carrollton. Illinois j-OB BALE—Jimmy's Caia In Hardin. Illlnoia. Doing good buslneu- Priced for quick ial*. Reason for selling. 111- nau. Phon* Hardin, 111. fOR SALE—Grocery itoreimeat mark- *t, 4olng good business. Sell reasonable. Owner taking over farm. Also 6- room Mml-modern horn* with water- workl. link, bathroom and fixtures; hardwood floori, good garden spot Emmett Beckman. New Douglas, 111 JOB SALE—Grocery business, building, fixturta and itock. Doing nic* bu»ine>.s •mall living quarters Located close to Alton. Low tax area. Write Box 8t>o car* Alton Telejraplv GROCERY STORE — In good location. fixturtl. $3900. Will .'nventory stock flOLLA H HARRISON, REALTOR Office: 3-5387 Evenings: 3-5368 _2-0680 NIGHT CLUB — And Tavern fo r lease Fully equipped. Newly remodeled arid decorated. Pb. Tri-Clty 7-02BQ PARTNER WANTED — For""sm«ll distributorship. Clerical duties oniv A spar* time opportunity Invent "em $*>n Write Box 6SO, care Alton Telegraph. 4* 8TOKAOE—MUVtNO FOR QUICK MOVING Phone 3-7830 2-8240 2-7434 PRES BELCHER MOVERS ACKNTS FOR VON-DER-AHE Van LINES ANYWHERE IN 48 STATES Also quick moving of stoves: r*frtg*r- atori. pianos, trunks. box*i or what hay* you? Also store!*- __ " McCOY TRANSFER CO. FREIGHT LEASING MOVING CALL 3-7791 FOR THE ANSWER TO YOUR TRUCKING PROBLEMS AFTER t_ P M SMITH BROS. - MOVING LOCAL — LONG DISTANCE DIAL 4-6561 19 W. Ferguson — Wood Rlv*r USED FURNITURE BOUGHT and SOLD H. A. NIVLIN MOVING STORAGE ACROSS THI STREC1 OB ACROSS THE CONTINENT LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE I82« WASHINGTON AVE DIAL 2-2M5 utilltle£_furnlsned. 4-B404. 3 FURNISHED "ROOMS — For rent. Aduh.s_only_._a-J[OlT. not_after_8 p. in 3 NICE—Newly finished basement apt. j tltilities_furiujihed. 500 Ferguson^ 4-51H2 } 3 'NICE FURNiSHED~~ROrjMS-- Newly ' decorated Privilege of utility room : and washer. Located at foot of Mlllon | _Hil|_:i4Bn East Broadway 4-74M 3 MODERN FIJR'NISHED ROOMS Lights, heal and wnlcr furnished. While r-oiiplr prMpi'j-rd. VM Lincoln, E«ni Allon. :r.R()OM Ft'itNISHED APT -for rent, on bus line. Id F. Hth street. Phone :i FUHMSHEU HOOMS -With private bath and refrigerator. Adults. Impure 712 Kant 4th. 3 ROOM - Furnished apartment, private entrance^ on bus line. 2-S350. 4-ROOM FIJRNIHHED APT.—Centrally locale.d._L«undiy_facihtles. Dial 2-1507 4 FURN^fSliED ROOMS ','--_ Al iooTXlby ALL MODERN -- Basement apartment. nicely furnished. Automatic hot water electric refrigerator, hath, privale entrance, heat, lights. ga>. water pax! AdulU. 9^6 Wiillelaw, Wood River EFFICIENCY APT. tor rent. SOB Wood River avenue, Wood River Adults only FOR" RENT a furnished roomi in country: garden anfi utilities furnished 2-40BK FOH HF.NT — :i room fiirnlnhed apt Adults. 270U College Ave FURNISHED 2-room apl Private bail) and enlranc*. Adults only. No pen Dial 1!-7:I8I) FURNISHED APARTMENT -- 3 rooms convenient lo bus. kultablt for two centrally located, reasonable. Write Box 830 care Telegraph MODERN APT~'He'al. lights, automatic hot water, shower; private entrance Small child welcome Mum b* seen to be appreciated Call before 8 a in or after ^30 P ni . or Sundays, 2-24HH. ! WOOD "RIVER"- Modern 3-room basement apt , near bus and refineries Private entranc* »n4 bath. 2-1250 WOOD RIVE^ 2 furnished rooms S25 North :ird NEW BRICK HOME—Modern, 4 rooms, bnth. full basement, hardwood floors plaster walls, gas heat and water heater, Insulated, city sewer. Washington avenue at E Main, E. Alton, close to schools and bus .W200 down FRANK YODER, REALTOR 202 K. Main, K. Allon _ Dial 4-HII3 . 4-.I23H . 4-4027 FOR SALE - 4-r»iirn rmu.-,e. Chicken hoilKe. cotil hhed, (urge garden space, fruit trees Located In Bunker Hill. Ill Price SIB!") (Jail Hellmllo 71112 or Inquire al John Tucker residence, James jUreet, Bellmlto. III. EXTRA SPECIAL ALTON CLOSE TO BOX BOARD STEEL MILL AND OWENS-ILLINOIS GLASS WORKS. LOCATED ON SUNNYSIDE. NICE 5-ROOM MODERN HOME FL'LL BASEMENT. NEW Flrit- NACE. GAS HOT WATER 1IKATER IMMEDIATK POSSESSION . . . . $f,:iuo HALE REALTY CO.. EAST ALTON 4-5115 AFTER 5:0(1 P M. CALL WALTER HALE. JR. . 4-H209 BUY FROM OWNEII Raise your own meal, |IOK« or callle City waler. 8- room modern. IIWK. Inrnc glassed and screened porch, wired lor stove. 4 acres, orchard paMure One mile to North Allon Po^seHmon ax soon as dr.-il is doted. Will nell on contract. Kioc for Inrkrv or chicken (arm, $15,000 HDK 710, care Telegraph EAST ALTON -3 loom modern house 4-6411.1. TRENTSCH - GI'BSKR - FELr/WISCH AGENCY I'PPKR ALTON .i-rooni J;ame. faodern. Nice location, close in to bunlneHs district. Price, $11,500 I!PPER ALTON 7 rooms. modern. Hardwood floors, stoker heal, electric hot water heater. Extra lot. Price LOT ON ALBY STREET Sl/.e 50 x 120. Price LOT Collage Hills. Price . Vldon Phone 3-3123 Afler ft P M Call W 11 Bauer. 2 7I6H ton «AU •ociii m lAti ociii m VT,—'9*tOOM **H- tag*, not modern. Wired for alov*. etty water, miniated, Extra larg* eornir lot Included. All Mr ... $MOO FRANK YODWt BRAtTOR 302 E. Mfttn. Rait Alton 4-0113 or 4-8238 ON McADAMS HIGHWAY* 6 large roomi, city water. On good level lot, with over 3 ier*s of ground that could be tub- divided or gardened... .$10,950 HARRY DREW AGENCY 2-1296 BY . nets In kitchen, newly decorated. tinrm window!, good flr-lRhborhood. Owner leaving town, Write Box «40 cure Tal.. _ ._. _______ ..... FOR SALtt-S room hou.<i?, 2 bed rooms, kllrhen, living room, mm room. Full bitftement, many extran, targe ihiided lot «nd l«nc garage. Pliont Bethalto mm. __ 5 LARGE ROOMS • I.lvltlK room 12x1.1', { Kitchen ift'axli'j Bedroom 13x11 Bedroom llxlfl Heated Bunporrh 12x2.1 tpOMlble 3 roomm Gig bent Automatic hot water Innulftted Harwood Floou Built-in Onblndit 4 ClomeU M IM IteCIfI f«« lAtt EXCELLENT r LOCATION" ^ ford ntir Miln, 5 room modern, ;as furnace, tirigi, level lot. 'rict $8950 ALTON REALTY CO., Realtor, 2-2222 613 t. Broadway Ben Moore—2-1742 n tooftt fm MW Coft6NADO DRIVE, rtllf Roid—4-room modJIfll fWd bit- room home. H.W, fleari, eil* |ir*|«. udMrJ|P-in Ait MI1?d ' v '; 1MM iu arjd 184,80 r,er mi __ "WAnOJfAt MWell and Mat frive jn and M4.80 Pn«il IM Arountl $2000 down payment 4 LARGE ROOMS Large Lot 80x328 Ons Kent Automatic Hot Water Fully Irmtlated Hardwood Floort CabtneU Picture Window Garag* $3000 or 1*ii down payment will handle • Don't fill to nee thli, lociled North Alton In CLEM NOLL REALTY AGENCY REALTOR S4» Kait Broadway Otllft Ph. 3-0021 Evening! Please Call DICKMAN . '. . 3-8454 STRUIF __.... a-?' 4 " PElRSONALITY" HOME Ideal for couple or small family. Large level lot. Nicely landscaped. Trees, shrubbery and rose bushes that really bloom. 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen nnd full basement. Located In nulel attractive neighborhood In North Alton Convenient, Price $11,880 Dial 2-9211 Roy Luke* LUKEN AGENCY. Inc. "FOR THE WORKING"MAN" linve a 5-room frame home which l» very economical to maintain. Be your own landlord and buy Instead of just paying rent. 2 bedrooms, bath, kitchen, dining and living room. Home In excellent condition, clean and nicely decorated. Convenient to all Industrial plants. Located On Buena Vista avenue In Milton area. Price »H900 Dial 2-9211 Ray Luken LUKEN AGENCY, INC. _ 6 ROOM" BRICK" 519,000 ONE FLOOR PLAN Lift lime roof Fireplace Enclosed porches Nice basement Gas heat with blower Automatic hot water Hardwood floors Storm windows and scream Well constructed home Garage No thoroughfare street, In North Alton Appraised for more Only $3000 or $4000 down payment A FINE BRICK HOME 6 ROOMS PLUS—Asking $18,000 Large rooms Plus breakfast room Plus small sunroom Closets galore Reception ball Stairway to attic Klreplace, Ini'dc living room Insulated and ilorm windows Gas furnace with blowrr 2-car garnge A well constructed homt Well worth considering LARGE S ROOM HOME GOOD PRICE AT $13,700 Sl/e of a 6-room home Living room MxilO with fireplace Master bedroom 15xl3V4 Stairway to altlc. Insulated Large automatic hot woler Well landscaped lot. mix 128 f'enced-ln back yard rinrag* Upper Alton An unusual horn* "THE MAN TO SEE" FOR REALTY CLEM NOLL REALTY AGENCY A REALTOR CM!) K Hdwv. Office Phone: 3-(i»21 Aflci 8 P M. Please Call Dlcknmnn. 2-114.14 or Hlruif. 2-2I4B LAND FAIR 3-room cottage Wired for utove, not modern. Extra large level lot for gardening, Boo' by 100'. Half block off Wood RIver-BMhattn hard rnnd. Price 13100 flUNK YOtJKR, REALTOR 2II2 K. Mnln, Kant Allori Dial 4-nil:t or 4-A2:i8 VERY NICE 6 ROOMS, 3 or~4 bedrooms. Close to West junior Very neat, newly decorated. Tiled bath, inlaid linoleum. H.W.F., insulated, garage in basement. See this for $9400 ARCHA E. TRABUE 2-8140 or 2-1172 Hemphill Agency HOME"S " FOR SALE -WOOD RIVER 4 ROOMS, new; git heat; $1950 cash will handle $7950 4 ROOMS, 3 years old; gas heat; $1950 cash will handU; storm windows; garage $7950 5 ROOMS; 3 years old; aluminum storm windows; oil heat; water softener; newly decorated; $2500 cash, balance FHA loan, Price $10,500 4 ROOMS; brick; has additional 2 rooms and bath in basement; approved for FHA loan.$10,500 5 ROOMS; new; gas heat; ip- proved for FHA loan ...$10,500 5 ROOMS plus enclosed porch; brick; hot water stoker heat; fireplace; storm windows; insulated; garage $11,500 5 ROOMS plus enclosed porch; all aluminum windows; gas heat; 2 garages $14,700 EAST ALTON 4 ROOMS; brick; radiant gas heat; approved for FHA loan. Price $9950 4 ROOMS; gas heat; $1500 cash will handle, balance FHA loan. Price $8300 4 ROOMS; brick; enclosed breozeway and attached garage; gas heat; approved for FHA loan. Price $12,000 ROXANA 5 ROOMS; new gas furnace; insulated; storm windows; garage. Price $8750 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS 51/2 ROOMS; new; 3 bedrooms; oil heat; lot 75x150 ....$11,500 5 ROOMS plus enclosed breezeway and attached garage; brick; oil heat; lot 100x300. .$16,000 6'/i rooms; Hi baths; waterproof ed basement; stoker heat; lot 80x200 with double garage. hvillder wot*> iirvin — ~. mingainw with n-room ipt, up. Apartment rent« for 188 pet' month. Double laraga, screened front poren, mvr, •toVer heat, flat* price ........ »14/TOO CAM, HAfiOLD AtlSTtN MKW-Fully Innilated ta7a4~ft, hotiM, ine'r Alb * rl ELI M. GREER AGENCY PARK DRIVE, ALTON 4-room modern home in A-l condlllon. '"My limilnteil. storm laih, 9 bedroom, m, kitchen, rablneli and In. ii 1 1kl . lch * n «nd hath; ven«tlan bllniln, full basement, itoker heal, electric water heater, garage. Prlca 17900 MILTON AREA 5-room motlern home. Close to ichool Large living room. 3 bedrooms cabinet! and Inlaldi In kitchen anci hath: aluminum itorm iaih. Full bailment, »toke r hem. Very lirge (*r«g« lo r re- pnlr work, ALBY ST., ALTON Income property. 7 roomi and balh on flrit floor. 3 apartment! on lecond floor wllh bathi, fully Initilated, itok- er ileam heat. Other feattirei not ad- . fif< feet condition .......... $1900 HARRY F. H6MFHILL ACINCY CENTRAL AVE.- " leiiion for thli 'i-toom home. Oil lutomatic heit, rage. Near schools and churchii, $2000 down piymenr. ,$10,5tt) HARRY F. HIMPHILL AGENCY Phone 3-3584. affer 6 p.m. 2-tJiS MIDOLWOWN «-room all modern, Oaa heat, tit hot water heater, 1»r*e lot. quick dale. Bale brio* .., CALL MAfiOtD Priced lor HEMPHtLL AOtNCV Price $16,000 KLOPMEIER ADDITION Near Rosewood Height!; new 5 rooms; can be used as 3 bedrooms or dining room; gas heat one-half acre $12,500 FAIRFIELD ANNEX Adjoining Cottage Hills; 8-room brick with 2 baths; basement divided for rathskellar; oil heat; one-half acre lot; j real bar gain $12,000 COTTAGE HILLS 5 ROOMS plus enclosed porch; modern; '/i-acre with shade and fruit trees $7650 INVESTMENT PROPERTY Trailer Court; motel with space for trailer court; apartments; filling station and garage, can be bought or leased. BUILDING LOTS Alton, Wood River and Northwoods Addition to Rosewood Heights. MAURICE ST., NORTH ALTON R ' H ' HES S EcN f!-OW AGENCY -6 ROOMS AND BATH, ONE' ., ... , DREALATORr ,. FLOOR. 3 NICE SIZE BED l2 Wood Rlver Ave ' Dial 4 ' 3 532 ROOMS, LIVING ROOM 15x15. |, , B ^vemngs: SMALL DINING R 0 0 M,! r'?"." 06 . . c °PP |n g« ! ''. •• .3-6245 FACING STREET i L 3cl ?. B . a .' crlein ,. 2 - 7659 KITCHEN HAS STEEL CABINETS, WIRED FOR RANGE, STOKER FIRED FURNACE. INCOME FROM 2 BASEMENT ROOMS $28.50 PER MONTH. ONE-CAR GARAGE. VERY GOOD LOCATION $10,000 MARIE ST.-NEW 4-ROOM & BATH. STEEL GIRDER CONSTRUCTION, CAS FURNACE. l'/2 BLOCKS TO BUS. A STEAL AT $8950 C. H. AUTEN AGENCY 2415 STATE ST., PHONE 3-8422 EVENINGS: TED PRICE 2-8970 JOHN KELLY ,.,. 2 8269 R. H .Hessenflow .4-7748 WOOD RiVER, " LONGFELLOW AVE. 4-room modern home In A-l condition '•aria floor plan, plci.iire window In living room, HWT, cabinet* and fnlnldi n kllchen and bath. Venetian bllmli, Insulated. Prlc* $7000 MIDDLETOWN In A-I location, 9-rnom modern homa, •tillable for larfe family or can b* arranged for a famlUei, Hardwood floon. full banemant. itoker haat, Other fei- tnrei not advertised, Call for full Information. MIDDLETOWN S-room modern borne. Newly decorated, In perfect condition. Large floor plan, hardwood floori, venttlan blinds, cabinet! and Inlildn In kitchen and bath. L»rg« tun porc-li, full haiement. gni heat, fully Initiated. Two-car garni.*. Prlc* $10.800 WOOD RIVER AND BETHALTO ROAD Four-room modern home In A-l condl- llon. Cnblneli nut Inlaid* In kllchen and b»th. Full baiemenl. furnace bent. Lir«* lot 1(14x200 feel. Plenty of ihad*. Price aor'- MILTON AREA, Thomas St. •our-room modern In arood condition In•Ide and out, Venetian hllndi, cabinet! In kitchen. Full haiement wllh (arm*. Fiirnne* heit, itorm wlhdowi, Price, . annso WOOD RIVER, Ferguson Avenue Five-room modern. Large floor plan, hardwood floori and Venetian hllndi, Full basement. Oai heat. Iniulaled Onnijto. Price JBOOO UPPER ALTON, Washington Ave Close to builnen dlilrlct. fl-room mod «rn In A-l condition. II roomi and halh on flrit floor. Large floor plan. Also 3-room modern aparlmenl on neconc floor In A-l condlllon, Full baiemenl Oai heal, 3-car garn«e. Large lot fl.tx ISO. Price $15,000 MIDDLETOWN, Alton A-room modern home. Large floor plan large C|OHF| upacr, full ba/iement, itok cr nleiiin hcnl, large brink gang* will workshop. Small tlown payment. Price »10,BOe WOOD RIVER, Thirteenth St. Four-room home, 2 years old In A' condlllon. Larg* floor plan. Hardwoo floors, cabinet! and Inlaid In kltche onrf bnth, Venetian hllndi, itatrway t floored attic, with material to finish Insulated, full haiement, furnace her gan water heater. Wired for itovi Price »OSO MILTON AREA, Duco Street 3-room home In A-l condition. Fully In mlated, Venetian blinds, cablntli I kitchen, full basement wllh furnac heat. Price »4»5 INCOME PROPERTY Milton Area 14-room brick. 5 yeirs old, with apirtmenls, with sepiral* bathi. Till properly hn so many extra feature we cnn'l advert!!* 10 cill for furthe Informnllon. ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS Woodland avenue. Open for Inspection New much ulyle. 3-b*droom, l»r)fe Hv inx room 2(1x14 wllh fireplace nnd pic ture window. Hardwood floon, till kitchen nnd balh. Inlaldn and cablneli Pull biisemeni finished In knotty pin • nd fireplace. OH hell. Garage. 1-arn lot ai3,BO( NORTH ALTON, Srare St. }-room modern home In A-l condition Large* living room 20x14 wllh fireplace •I large bedrooms, hardwood floors, tile bnth and floor, cnhlnels and Inlalds In kllchen. Kloctrlc dlihwasher. Venetian blinds. Full baiement. Oil ileim brut Kltctrlc wmher and defer. Fully iniiil/iled. Gnrag*. Oilier features no advertlied. Cull for Informnllon. ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS New 4 room modern will) KarHKc attach t»d, l«rici» llvlnif rnont and rircplnt**, 2 1ft i KI« hcdi'itntiiH will) I ft rife rlnftet iplH'* knolly pint? hrve/.i*wny, c0blnet!i mid ln< Irtldn lii kllchen nnd bnlh, full banrrnerit oil hftit, IntKc lot fld.H'JOd Prlr-fl »12,ft00 EAST ALTON Bowman St.—S-room modern horn* In A-l condition. Large floor plin, cabinets and rubberi/rd Inlalds l/i kitchen *nd balh. Venellin blinds, aluminum itoim insb, sun porch, fully IniulHted. Fill banemenl (ins heat K.leclrlc witn healer Corner lot. Oarage Price »flSfl( CORONADO DRIVE, Milton Area —5 room modern home, ifflker heat. Garage. A-1 condition. Very good buy for ...... $7500 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY ™ n * 3 - 3584 > after 6 p.m. 2-1335 ALTON~liAL ESTATE EXCHANGE SUBURBAN ESTATE rtelax and enjoy the better thlnga t4 life in thin modern year around home) 3-HOOM HOI'SK Good 100 lot, city wnii-i w condition BOX ired tin slove BRICK HOME -'our loom* and utility room, lent than ft vt-ai x old. Corner lot in rthlricted «ub- d i VIA ion automatic oil ht-Mt Large i nnin.s Be AH re in »r-e thin home Only NEW BRICK HOME ,5 looriik wiih Kat *itff ,,tl a rhed. C one ret c • drive Lai HC level lot. Located in Jrr hps villr- J'i if* . lift oOU j Dial 2-9211 j R»v Luken ! LUKEN AGENCY, Inc. 17 UOUIgg BIN1 RENTALS ;»f 9LEEHINU BOOMS"~_ EAST ALTON-Sleeping room Gentleman preferred. I'M N'onh Pence, near Post Office, East AHon /inST ci.ASS SLEEPING KOOMS — Every convenience. Reasonable 107 Hawthorne Hartford 111 Call 4-8681 or _4 : 6UU. da; or nijh_l TOR RENT — Sleeping rooms with or v. :!hout kitchen privileges. Double or twin bedi. 3-3083. 3 ROOM HOI.'SE - Furnished or un- furnlslied $U"i. 128 Van Preier, Wood River 2-2196 3'ROOMS t'nfurnithed hou»«. nerni- modern >h-), >t'»ol. running v.'ater Call 4-2425 1 4-rtOOM HOUSE With utllm room It bath ntar bethoto high .tcbool, on olrj Belhullu road. O'»l 4-38:>H _ _ j «» r'lTJK IS HE J U 01S Eg ~~ 4"ROOM — Furnished nous* All utll: itie> furnished Heferences exchanged Dial 4-8404^ ,4 ROOM MODERN Furnished home I Located on Bund 8t , £*sl Alton. f&U per mo Dial 3 7110. LEONARD DANIEL AGENCY Cottage -Hill* Telephone 4-11031 a ROOMS- North Alton 3 bedrooms new tile hath $11 BOO ' ) ROOMS Grin it street. Upper Alton Bree/.ewa\ $!.Vio down RIEHL AGENCY PHONE 2-7722 2-78H7 2-3020 3-3800 3-8093 ?-«»B3 5 ROOM"- $7500 J Hlin utairwav to Hue Like new roof a) I..ike new fiirnai* 0 Pin irr v.ntf f) dftftfi condition f) N»-v\lv decorated 0 < iofx! Bl/e I <J<J Ilk f) <,ai,iije a) Hoichei •j Dtia t fii^« tnis 2 f.itt Allan EXACll.V AS ADVERTISED" CLEM NOLL REALTY AGENCY 648 C Broadway Phon* 3-6621 After < P M DicKniann. 2-MM or Suuif 23141 FOB SALiE — By owner, 5 room modern IIOL-JI, good location. Imrntdlale pMMCssion. Dial 2-2-172. 5 Plu* Fliu ROOMS PLUS— $8950 lovely rnrluird porch tuirwav lo altlc In perfect condition Painted platter walls Compact kiklirn with cabinets Venetian blinds Storrn \>. indov/s and screens N'ic* lnndHcaped yard Like new garage Located in Woi/d RKtr A neat and clean bom* 4 ROOMS—$8500 Perfect condition Insulated Venetian blinds Lots of cabineti PUstered wall* Altached garig* Orv paiHti(,nfd ba*ernent with link and slool Large lol TSxlWJ fee: WOOO down pa'.rnent v. ill nandl* i'.ust Alton "KXACT1.Y AS ADVEHllStD" CLEM NOLL REALTY AGENCY 84S E Broad'. 1 f, Phone JOHN BERICAN AGENCY" BETHALTO •1 extra larw* rooms. Including sun porch, modern. wnl| to wall carpeting. Inn of cahinelK and closeu, on Urge sbnderi I'll Warm nir furnaci wllh i stiiki-i, (mi hiiH-incni garage. Price.! . »II.(1(1(1 BETHALTO A-room modern In buslnens dlslrlcl on ' I'ralrle Good rcpilr SflilOO i OAK DRIVE, EAST ALTON Kxcellciit .*i-room brick on well located lundscaped lol 2 large bedrooms, com. liiiiiiiloii living arid dining room 12.1x111 v.ilh Ineplac* and plclure window. aluminum window casements, rniirhl* silk iiiitnmiitic heal and hot water Slcel lirarii. *IS,7SO ALTON New in irk .'I42tt Thomas ivinue. 4 large rooms. . e , clrwets, birch doorg. copper v. ulfi piping, steel beams, muiilve fiieplno nnd plclur* window, (xliii fireplace nnd brick bar in Iftrg* ruth- kkfller. linoleum ilia flooi in kitchen luiiti and itlhskellrr, r*bln*ti Wired f<ir »i(ive. Reduced for quick site. . i in .inn John Berigan Agency—4-6614 2IIH W Main SI., Ksit Alton, III. JIM APPLE, Belhilto Afler » P M < HAI'I'Kl.l. . . , 3-a47» HKKK.AN' 2-427« MKADriWHROOK—4-room modern wllh •"« li k/l clu«ed in porch, girigi lull i.H-rii,dil. excellent buy for 17000 ALTON REALTY CO., Realtors 613 East Broadway —Ph. 2-2222 W. E. Johnson 3-8284 Ben Johnson 2-1742 GODKKKV. llaidvvonrl . |UST OUT OF UPPER ALTON six room* wltft a 21-foot living room. rtnuterMipdroom with room-wide bulll- n dressing table, The walk-In clothe* closets offer delightful convenience. Full basement with half-bath, recrea- lon quarters with bar. The over one- i*lf acre grounda are let tn shrubs, lowers and trees. Screened harbecu* ill for joyful nvanlni pleasure. Her* s the HOME with year around beau- y. Be sure to make an appointment o see this suburban horn* within weik- ng dlstanca of North Alton. *17,880. Dial .1-BOI4, 3-7110, 3-3711. ROUTE 100 I-ACRE FARM—Six room farm housa. Forty acres for cultivation. Blue grass pasture, plenty of water for atoek. Some marketable timber. Prlc« IMOO. WASHINGTON AVE. lOHT-ltOOM MODERN frame homa near bimlness district. Four bedrooms, full basement wllh rook foundation. Insulated. Price *11,000. Dial 3-8014 ft 1-7110. HAWTHORNE STREET N WOOD Riven, will sell or trad* for a lhre«-room home. Thii haw ifour- room modern home. Gas circulator heat, tiled floors, larg* roomi, utility room wllh automatic hot water, In- sulnted plus combination storm windows. A cut* FHA approved home. Terms wllh 11 BOO down, balance at per month Including Mxes and Insurance. Price $7500. Dial 2-MO», 3-0712 or .VJIIO. COTTAGE HILLS 'HOSPECT STREET—Modern elx-ioem home In A-1 condition, plui two three- room houses. Good Income Investment. Two large lots. Special at $11,000. Dial 3-7110. HAWTHORNE BLVb. NEAR NORTH ALTON—Very ntc* five- room modern gas heated home. Dual- tone decorations. Full basement with paneled recreation room. L»rg* landscaped lot. Ideal residential aactlon. Many nice features. Shown by appointment only. Price $11,000, Dial S-8H14 or 3-7110. RIDGE STREET Close In location. Good ilx room modern home with three bedrooms, full Basement with furnace. Insulated. Qood business location with lot fronting 77V> feel on Ridge. Very reasonable at SB9SO. Dial .1-3712, 3-7110. Old Edwardsville Road New four room modern home. Modern kitchen with built-in cabinets. Oil heat. Wired for stove. Price 3-711* DUCO ST. Four room modern with forced air heat. Two bedrooms. Plaiterad walls, Fenced lot. Prlc* IBSOO. Dial HT12, 2-0000 or 3-7110. MeCINNIS ST. LAnOB ONE ACHE LOT—With ttlli four room Mom* on McGlnnls. Has new gas furnace, automatic hot water. Wired for itove and ptpad for fas. Combination storm windows and fully Insulatud. Full basement. Prle* Mly $fl.'iOO, Dial 3-3B14 or 3-7110. TOMLINSON AVENUE EAST ALTON—Here's that cut* new four room modern brick homa you've been waiting for. Full steel beam base- in cm wllh HUH furnac*. Insulated. Large lot 0.1x13!). FHA approved. Will finance for around $1600 down. Special at $11(100, Dial 2-1)008. 3-8814 or t-3712 ABERDEEN AVE. IN THE MILTON DISTRICT—Very «0od residential location. 4" 3 room modern home built just pre-war. Two larg* master bedrooms. Larg* living room with dinette. Modern streamline kitchen wllh wall lo wall cabtnaU. Full basement with st«*l beam construction, Gn» heat. Basement garag* (partitioned!. Immediate possession. Very reasonable at flO.ZSO. Good terms. GODFREY GLADYS STREET—Lovely alx room modern. Ilk* new horn*. Stucco and molded stone construction, 18 foot living room with fireplace. Two. master bedroom, l;i x l2 and 1.1x10. Hardwood floors. Forced air oil heat. Attached garng*. Slnlrwuy to larg* floored attic. Very nicely decorated, recreation room tSx2.r Yes, thin In a very attractive homo with many added features. Prlc* $1.1,900. Din) .'I-.1BH, 3-3712 or 3-7110. WESTERN AVENUE Flv* room modern bungalow about 11 yenn old. Full basement, steal beams. Large 11.1. .Vioont modern brick floors, fireplace, cabinets. «tokf*. gftruge £xti«t Jut HI1.U HK8T AVK li i cabinet* firepla* e sic I Ige ; (;l!.HAM STHfcKT 4 i room HVS'K mlihiet* IXMII iiiodern. er. HWF. g«r I12UOO doms and sun forced MIT oil i heal. >>*'•> ment WASHINCiTON <l,-ll HI li I". Broad'. 1 f, After « P ann, 2-«434 o f M Slruif J.2U8 3 i oonn and hath in I10..VIU AVK Clc.«e lo humnevh i n.udrin C.'ornei' lot. 11 1.000 rNION STIIEET .i-faunn apt stoker. sl(M-ii) »a«h. gotKl i ondllio/i lumde and 'iut f'xlia lot il.V7.10 PKAIHIETOWN HAHI) IUJAU Basement bonie C'hicken house broodei hou^e Approxinutiel.\ 2't acres 1m- uietliaie po»Keiiiiiun *$2iuu W B SC'HMOELLEH AGENCY 1707 W»»hmglon Ave Dial :1-«7U Evening!'. Id B*i i v . . -1 »«4 V,<:'tr SchinueUer . . 2 4)39 fenced lot. Garage. Prlc* »94»n Dial 3-7110. NEAR TOWN LnSalle. Drive. 8-room modern horn* In -"'!» 11 room duplex with S and « A-l condlllon. Larg* floor plan with 3 room modern apartment!. Partitioned bedroomi larg* closet spac*. v*n*- basement, stoker heat, buslnisi ton*d llan bllndi. storm sa»h. *l*ctrlo water property. A good buy. Requlraa 92SOO hnaier, hardwnnd floors, cabinet! and to handle. Price $13,790. Dial 3-7110. Irilaids In kllchen arid bath: full bast- (EPPERSON AVENUE .rhV'.'o'gar 1 ^ 'i'o'od'^n'c'SmV 1 ' £ Seven'room modern brick horn.. F.v. medial* po.inilon Price II3.SOO room, on the firs! floor wth two bed- U/nr»r> DIN/CD room« up Clean and nicely decorated WUUU KIVCK throughout. Deep lot with garage. Jlwe to North Roxina New 4-room I Many nice feature!. Price only 19480. modern home Large floor plan Hard- | Dial 3-3712 or 3-7110. wood floors, 2 larg* bedrooms, large GODFREY closet space, cabinets and Inlalds In wwwi r»i,i kllchen and bath. »8000 F H. A. loan L " r «» new five room modern homa with full prlc* WB.10 italrway lo large floored and window- Mil THM ABCA MiVUia.n Aun efl " IUc - Very nlc * " oor P 14 " V'th MILIUN AKtA—Michigan AVO Urg , television living room. Plant? of On* of the belter brick homes of Milton clnteli. Full baiement with automatic are*. Lovel.r 9-room mod«rn Stairway oil heat. Breexeway with attached ga- lo large attic, til* root, larg* floor rage. Large garden six* lot. A vary nlc* plan, large living room with iton* suburban home. Very reaionabl* git fireplace, built-in boolt ca«ei, hard- .114,250. Oial 3-.1814, 2-BOOB. 3.3711, wuod floors, ill* balh beatillful cab- r.OriFBFY BAAn Inet work in kitchen. Inlaid v»n*tlan viwwrnci FVVMU blinds full hasement, iloker heat. In- f°"r lanes pun Ihil ilx room houw iiilaled brick garage Larg* level lot with its large business lot 119x198. (nbci features not advertliad. Call Hous* doei need repalri. Oil furnace for further Information | '» ""'y 2 yean old. Prlca »6300. Dial Mil TDM ABFA - 1 - 7110 or 2-mH». MILIUlN AREA RRnU/M QTDCCT B*i-k«l*y avenue. Lovely 5-rooin mod-! onvwnt 3 I RCC I • in home in perfecl condition. Large . Al Wortlen Ave. Larg* four unit apart- fluor plan, hardwood floors. Venetian j nunit house with *100 monthly Income. blinds, i ahineli and inliidi in kitchen i Owner moving lo Florida. Mutt Mil nnd balh glassed and icr**ned-in : ami will sacrifice. Include* an extra Hoi i h. full basement, gat beat, fully lame corner lot. Will make lornt on* imulaied. garage Price fll.JDO' a very good lnveilm«nt. Asking priW MILTON AREA-Mayfield Ave, - »«^™ff^^M^ Sixth Street Six room modirn, brtck home II years old. Arranged for • two room apartment up. Can ba uaed •• a :i bvdrooini private horn*. Full baie- mcnt with hot water haat. 3 balhi. Immediate posb«ilon. Eaiy ttrms. Price $8700. Dial 3-7110. 3-3712, or 2-80M. EAST FOURTH ST. room modirn horn* with UrM is. Three larg* bedroomi, fully redecorated HWF, forced air furnace he-ui Guod near ichool location, iarft lot wllh concret* block gargi*. Baaion- able «l $7000. pill 3.7110. J-WM or 3-3712. LIBERTY STRffT choice family bom* for th* profaatlOA* • I man. Seven room modern yta b9f4» * ed home In a good txcluaiva dlitriet. Larg* corner lot with two car |ar«M. Many nice featurei about thli boma. Muat be seen to be apprecl»t«4. Can be shown anytime- Can't complain about the prlc* at fll.MO. S*« thla |Z. day Dial 3-S814, 3-3713 er S-TUsT^ WE'RE AT YOUR SIBViCB 8 TO 9 DAILY CALL TUB ALTON REAL ISTATI EXCHANGE .Vroorn modern horna. A-l condiuon Hardwood floors, calilnits and inlalds in kitchen and balh. lull basement, stoker heal Initialed garage: other feature! nut advertited Price IMOO WOOD RIVER, CONDOT ST. I'loHft to High tichool. 4-room modern hurne Cabinets and Inlalds In kitchen and balb. fully Insulated, full base- i ment. fuinace heat: also 3-room home i Six on iear of lot In good condition. Price. | ro I8BAO WASHINGTON AVE., ALTON Income propvil>. 2 mudern homes. One Id-room with 3 baths, stoker heat. garage, al.-o une Ill-room modern with 2 baths, stoker heal. 4 garages. Lot M2\:t20 Oihri features not advertised MIDDLETOWN—Central Ave. Close to Si Anthony'* Huspil*)!. Love- Is 4-room n.utlrrn home HI A* 1 condition Fir<?plaf« ID living room, cabinets and mlaids in Uiu-hcn and bath, vene- n&n blind*, HWF. Insulated, full bg»e- n if lit stoker heat, electric water heater «}aidg« Price • $11,500 ELI M. GREER AGENCY REALTOR Offic* Phon*: 3-7S04 1106 Milton Road DICK BCUTTGL . . 3-1130 KENNETH GREER . . 3-5177 THOMAS GIBSON . . 3-4231 . Insure with Sur«

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