Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on April 10, 1958 · Page 3
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 3

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1958
Page 3
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TIT TT—I TATTLER THE EDITOR ASSISTANT EDITOR CLOTHES HITS MIXED CHORUS GIRLS GLEE CLUB SENIOH SKETCH GRADE NEWS TYPISTS BIRTHDAYS FUR AND FEATHERS GIRLS SPORTS BOYS SPORTS SPECIAL FEATURES HIGH SCHOOL NEWS SPONSOR ^ - - STAFF Barb Kiiutcn Kuth Niin.s IJorma HetUi ami Kathy Shaffer Steve Talcott Carol Uahlqp.ist J;in Schabaeker and Bill Hiu;hes Jan Uoi:nini;t«>n and i;.i;;er Otterstejn Hutli Niins and Jan BenninHton Berky Maxsnn and Man:e Duv/niiv: ^. Lowell I'aiii I <'H ENchoid and Sharieen Muilin: Kip Kni^hl and Gene Van Bui-en Kolleen Anfin.-on ,' in d Gloria Alber Jean Cue and Carolyn Bright Mr,':. Picket! Everyone kno\vs dial ;;ood posture is important to good health. Nearly !>(>'': of the students try t<i maintain good t'os- Hire, hut nnly .")()';; think they attrdn it. I believe Ilia! most of the students are aware of the im- por'amv of i«notl I'atinu and hcaltli habits, however they need etieoiirai:enient. and help from their iparonts to iinpi'ovt' them. wile i ei-;.nie ill and could not e'.iiie. Mike LL-WJS and Elaiiu* Kuhe'-s. alon.L; with two K'"idc . i iioo] students, parth'ipnted in the prnj;rani. April Llnd some of the seniors ton In-.'.-.) Slate Knli-anee test.s at Upper I(,\va. We ln\;e ;l few can obtain ^-holarsbips from them. This is the last week of Die fifth six weeks. Just one more six week period to jjo then. Ineidenlaily, we did enjoy our Good Friday vacation. SENIOR How Do Teenagers Practice Health? By Janis Benninglon The eating and health habits "f today's teenagers have been the topic of many conversations and newspaper articles. I am under the impression that a groat many adults have the opinion "•-,! •'nn n a"r;rs do not take proper care of their health. The survey I made was not to prove or disprove this, but to find out a few facts for myself about the health habits of high school students at Fayette. Boys outnumber it he girls by Fifth Grade News about 20% when it comes to Fifth Grade was host to the — eating breakfast. Only 9% of the kindergarten groups last Thurs- FUR AND boys do not oat breakfast while d«y. We gave an Easter egg hunt 28% of the girls do not. An f<»' them on the school ground avora-^e breakfast for these south of the gym. Each Fifth students ranges from toast and Grader brought several boiled coffee or throe glasses of milk to eggs for the hunt. Wo sincerely cereal, milk, toast, an egg, and thank Mrs. Swartz and her THROUGH THE GRADES SKETCH Steven Taleotl was born on July 1!), HMO In Barington, 111. He has attended Fayette schools o n 1 y. Steve lists his favorites at ham. singini!, General Science, Burle Ives and Gale Storm. His pet peeve, is ''explosive people" and p-'ople with "a greater than thou attitude." His favorite expression is "Is it indicative, your maximum potent in IV" Steve participates in music, track, and basketball. After graduation Steve plans on attending college. Best of luck Steve. "HEY, LIL, HAVE WE CHECKED OUR HOUSE FOR FIRE HAZARDS, LATELY ?* FEATHERS By Weasel The suckers are biting pretty good this time of the year and despite the. bones, they're ex- of Gnmis Creek, the stream bc- inj; recently stocked. Maybe this column should be changed to "Scales and Fins" — being that "Fur and Feathers" is out of season. DON BELL'S TEEN TOPICS "MYSTERY" SOLVED QUEEN AND KING BOW AT BELL HOP Junior Achievement's Queen, ^ cfllctit eating. They're als'j some type of fruit.'One boy who group for' helping'"us "get our K lr!lt j. mi Sl>ln , c ' Vl ,' rv , nicc ll ' out f ul eats cereal, bread and butter, eggs dyed for the hunt. "' '" '" '" " cookies, and milk has evidently After the hunt, we brought the nover heard of balanced meals, little ones in for Easter treats, It appears that 25% of the pasted a cotton tail on a bunny, girls do not realize that a quart and listened to the record. "Here? of milk each day helps give a Comes Peter Cottontail." We de- shine to their hair, sparkle to ciderl we did not hide the eggs their eyes, as well as keeping well enough for the morning their troth healthy. The boys group of kindcrgartners so we. seem to be better informed be- really hid them for those in the cause 9G?f of them get a quart of afternoon. This sort of backfired milk or more each day. though. A couple Fifth Graders Having bigger atppetilcs than hid their eggs so well they girls normally have and not be- couldn't find them themselves. ing so conscious of their figures We had 20 A's in Spelling last may account for the fact that week. We took only one tost 87% of the boys eat three com- though as it was a short week. plotc meals a day besides lunch- We did not have our dictation ing between meals. Girls would last week. rather lunch between meals in- We have started our last group stead of eating at meal time, of states in Social Studies. These They do not realize that these are the Pacific States. Barbara lunches may contain more calo- Kcig and Donna Kuhcns each ries than a well balanced meal, spelled 45 of our states correctly - „ , t _. Seventy-two per cent of the girls last week. We hope many more Mary Jensen of DCS Moines, was lunch between meals and only people can spell all 48 correctly honored with a Teen Topper cer- 55% eat three complete meals a a t the end df next week. tificate last Thursday night at day. These lunches are mostly Carol Noble has gone back to Val Air ballroom, after school snacks which con- Waterloo. We are sorry to have It was the sam enight our sist of most anything that can be her leave. Livin' Dolls named the Teen found in the house. Usually they News is scarce this week. We Mystery King who received the range froc cake, pop, or potato will try to have more next week, portable TV set. The three boys chips to milk, fruit, or sand- .... who werc finalists in thc con . Wlcnes - Seventh Grade News teat but not named "king" were A slightly greater percentage Those who got A's on the Fri- given Coca-Cola coolers filled of girls than boys take vitamin day spelling test were Diane with the new "King" size bottle pills. This is probably because Ashby, Carol Beck, Tom Bor- as their consolation prizes, they realize skipping meals re- chert, Ronnie Brown, Barbara Four finalists were Ron Hogue suits in a deficiency of needed Burget, Kenny Butters, Carol of Odebolt, Darrell Fagen who food nutrients. Clark, Paul Clark, Don Evens, attends business school in Des Twenty-eight per cent of the Dia ne Franzen, Mike Gaynor, Moines, Wayne Richman of girls have dieted at one time or Melody Gilette, Robert Gould, Humeston and Lowell K. Bils- another as compared with 4% of Cleon Hammond, Sandra Hen- borough of Titonka, the boys. The boys dieted be- ni fi- Helen Kauten, Kathy Kcig, The "mystery" of what the cause of the need to lose weight Zoe Ann Martin, James Rohde, Teen King reigned over was re- for athletics. Several of the girls Don and Ron Timmerman, Don- vealed to be Coca-Cola's new have tried all types of diets, n ' s Tope, and Geroge Van Buren. "King" size bottle, while only one had a diet pre- Wednesday Diane Ashby missed .... scribed by a doctor. These girls a word and now we have only TEENS TOP TEN did not notice any ill effects Kathy Keig who does not have (Relumes from votes cast fo from dieting and in some cases the Friday test to take. pop tunes at our most recen their complexions improved and We had a test in science Thurs" Bell Hops at Val Air, Guthri they had more pep. day over electricity. The next Center, Atlantic, Winterset, anc The girls get an average of a cha Pter is on water. Sigourney.) half-hour loss sleep each night Marv Austin went to Missouri Last This then the boys do. This may be for Easter. Week Week due to the fact that the boys WD want to thank everyone Last This have athletic training rules to wno helped out on the bake sale Week Week (Rick Nelson) Others: So Tough, Sing Boy Sing, Maybe Baby, Billy, Tequila, Who's Sorry Now. • * . . LAURIE LONDON IS TEEN SMASH Naturally there's a great deal of curiosity about 14-year-old Laurie London, the Cajpitol record sensation. He attends the Davent Fountation School in Lunton. The dynamic youngcster had no singing or mosic lessons, nor has his family been related to the music world. Just a naural! You can write Laurie at this address: Parlophone Company, 811 Whitecastle Street, London W-l, England. (Takes 8c postage.) BELL HOPS YOU MIGHT LIKE TO ATTEND April 2 Gulhrie Center Town 10 APRIL 1058 Hall. April 3 Val Air Ballroom. April 4 Atlantic April 4 Winterset BELL'S BELLS BELLRINGERS Can't Make Up My Mind Chuck & Gary . . Verve 70 to!8 Ni&ht Of The Senior Prom . . Jack Haskell . . Caprice 69 to 17 Endless Sleep . . Jody Reynolds . . Demon 67 to 23 Nothing Will Ever Change . . Joni James . . MG-M 64 to 24 TEEN TOPPERS Kay Paul, Osceola Joan Wallace, Hamilton Carl Onken, Tipton Leanna Pettis, Des Moines Barbara Williams, Grimes Judy Moellering, Woolstock IT'S RICK NELSON NOWI The son of Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, whose new hit "Believe What You Say" is finding its way to the record players of so many Iowa teens, wants to sound more grown-up. So it's official — call him Rick. KATHY'S "BILLY" ANOTHER TEEN HIT Unlike Laurie London, 19-year old Kathy Linden has had years of show biz experience . . . and training. She began public appearances as a tap and ballet dancer when she was five. She later appeared with several local orchestras and studied in music schools, including the Philadelphia Conservatory of Music. Potato Salad Plums Mi PintiMilk Thursday Bean Soup and Crackers Spanish Rice Celery Sticks Bread and Butter Cherry Cobbler % Pint Milk Friday Macaroni and Cheese Buttered Green Beans Sunshine Salad Egg Salad Sandwich Peanut Butter Raisin Cookie Mi Pint Milk QUARTERLY FINANCIAL STATEMENT OF THE CONSOLIDATED INDEPENDENT SCHOOL OF FAYETTE, FAYETTE COUNTY. IOWA, FOR THE THIRD QUARTER. JANUARY 1. 1958 TO MARCH 3, 1958. GENERAL FUND Balance on hand December 31, 1957 25,622.62 Receipts from all sources 11,773.56 37,396.18 Disbrusements 28,593.39 Balance on hand March 31, 1958 880279 SCHOOL HOUSE FUND Balance on hand December 31, 1957 2,302.88 Receipts from all sources 544.03 2,846.91 Disbursements None Balance on hand March 31, 1958 2.84691 SPECIAL COURSES FUND Balance on hand December 31, 1957 7,625.26 Receipts from all sources 697.19 8,322.45 Disbursements None Balance on hand March 31, 1958 8,322.45 I, Russell A. Swartz, Secretary of the above named school district, ro hereby certify that this is a true and correct statement of the proceedings, pertaining to financial matters of the board of said district, for the quarter ending March 31, 1958. Russell Swartz Secretary Subscribed and sworn to before me this 1st day of April, 1958. Katherine Gross Notary Public. HOT LUNCH April 14-April 18, 1958 Monday Cheese, Kidney bean Salad Cream of Tomato Soup and Crackers Biscuits and Jelly Applesauce % Pint Milk Tuesday Scalloped Potatoes with Baked Weiner Buttered Peas and Carrots Waldorf Salad Gingerbread with Lemon Sauce % Pint Milk Wednesday Beef-Cheeseburger on School Made Bun Onion Slices and Pickles By Lois Davis SPRING IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER Millionaires can choose their weather when Ihey want it, but most of us have to wait for it to come to us. That's why, when Spring comes around, we begin to look forward to a whole outdoors full of fun. And we do our best to make the most of it. A camera can be a big help. It can help you and your family keep fresh in mind, all year long, the people who shared your outdoor adventures, the places you went, the things you did. When your family plans those picnics, fishing trips, reunions, and motor excursions, be sure you plan on keeping a record of it. There's one type of camera in particular that's well suited for the great outdoors. It's compact, easy to carry, and surprisingly simple to use. It's a miniature camera, which means it takes those priceless 35mm color slides, as well as black'and-white. There are many styles and prices from which to choose — priced from $8.95 up to ? Drop in. We'll be glad to help you select a model that's exactly suited to your needs; we'll show you how to use it — let you take it to try — in short we'll start a Kindergarten for Kamera Kldsl DAVIS REXALL STORE , :HSS™«5^^ BASEBALL SEASON IS HERE U.I.U. — APRIL 12 Central (2) There U.I.U. — APRIL 15 Loras Here kedp. The boys might need that tne 29th Which the sixth and extra half-hour of sleep because seventh graders had for those they do more strenuous work w | 10 are going on the Chicago than the girls. Ten per cent more tr 'P- boys than girls thought they got Linda Niles had a friend, enough sleep to act most effi- Dianne Libra, from Hinkley, ciently. Minnesota who visited a few Less'than 50% of both boys <*W*- Dianne lived in Fayette a and girls have a complete physi- Iew ycars ago cal examination each year. Some students have one every two UirU CrilftAI MCU7C years, others sec the doctor only Hllm tH/llUUL IiCWij when they are ill, and a few The school students attended have never had a physical. It would seem that seeing the doc- an assembly program one day tor before you are ill would be last we f k ' Jfl y Warren, a magai- a more pleasant experience. c ' an - who was sponsored by the Nearly half of the studenls Assembly Program Service of have been vaccinated for small the University of Minnesota, put pox, diptheria, whooping cough. on an «f* *° r « s ' He replaced a man and wife team in which the and tetanus. Seventy-fide per cent have had all their polio shots or they are taking them now. About 50% of the students should see their dentisls and optometrists more often. Twenty- five per cent have never gone to an optometrist at all! f There are several students who go only when they break their glasses. Maybe if teenagers would brush their teeth more often and chew less gum they would have less cavaties. Then they might have a good reason for not seeing the dentist every six months. Only 12% of the students brush their teeth after every meal, 38% twice a day, and 40% once a day, The remaining 10% brush _ them when they feel like it » The Thund which is anywhere from twice a couldn . t forgeti week to twice a year! | 1 Wonderful Time Up There (Pat Boone) 6 2 Whole World In Hib Hands (L. London) 1 3 Sweet Lit/tie 16 (Chuck Berry) 3 4 Twenty-six Miles (Four Preps) 8 5 Ballad Of A Teenage Queen (J. Cash) 4 6 Lollipop (Ronald & Ruby) 5 tie 7 Are You Sincere (Andy Williams) 9 8 Don't (Elvis Presley) 5 tie 9 Rock'n'Roll Is Here To Stay (Danny & Jrs.) 7 tie 9 Good Golly Miss Molly . (L. Richard) Otie9 Believe What You Say Fayette Theatre SATURDAY — SUNDAY — MONDAY MARCH 12—13—14 JOHN WAYNE — JANET LEIGH IN JET PILOT (In Technicolor) When they come screaming through your heart will mist el Beat or two! So Big it took years to make — this sky rattling salute to the gallant men who wear the Wings of Hell's Angels! The Thundering story of A Man — A Jet — and a Women he F.H.S. — APRIL 10 F.H.S. — APRIL 14 West Union Waucoma Here Here Limestone and spreader trucks are awaiting your order. Fayette Stone Co. Inc. Phone 73 Fayette, Iowa A better home in YOUR future Beautifully remodeled 3-bedroom home. New roof. New oil furnace. Double garage. Fruit trees. On the pavement. Very reasonable. New 2-bedroom home. Lived in only a few month*. With deluxe appointments throughout. •M. Partly modern 3'bedroom brick house with garage. Will sell on contract. Like rent. Modern 3-bedroom frame house. Near-new furnace. Very reasonable. Three large modern homes. Perfect for living with additional income. Priced from $4.000 to $8,500. New three bedroom below replacement cost. JUST LISTED. 160 acre well-improved farm in Westfield Township. Modern frame home, half block from business district, pay for it like rent. Pasture land, two tracts of about 100 acres each. THE FAYETTE AGENCY INSURANCE REAL ESTATE PHONE 14 OR 2706 DRIVE. IN BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNER :iiii!« SAVE Golden Valley CHEESE 2 iba. 69c PET MILK Powdered or Brown SUGAR boxes COFFEE 79clb (any brand) FLUFFO 3 Bw. 89C .00 Sturgeon Bay CHERRIES _ Del Monte 4 No. 2 tins Grapefruit & Pineapple JUICE 2canT69c 30% discount on all other dry goods. WILKE'S Clover Farm Store HJUWHi

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