Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 8, 1939 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 8, 1939
Page 6
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VERTICAL 2 To caution. 3 Thought. / 4 To pull. 5 Receded. 6 A bellowing. 7 Upright shaft, 8 Carpenters' rules, 9 Hamlets. 13 Important farm Industry in thi< land. 17 Twice. 18 Coarseness. 19 Beer. 20 Irish tribal title. 22 Plural pronoun. 23 Breed. 24 Corded fabric. 25 Ana. 26 Silkworm sac. 27 Since. 28 Parries. 30'Minera) springs. 31 To mitigate. 33 Caper. 34 Horse's guide rope. 35 Parts of type. 38 English title. 39 Low tide. 40 Wild buffalo. 41 Gypsy dance. 42 Entrance. 44 Mountain pass. 45 To skip. 46 Musical note. 49 Bone. Want to Feel like a P ROBABLY you're a big shot already to someone, so you know something of how good it feels. What we mean is, how 'd you like to feel like you used to think a big shot must feel, cruising along in his big brawny Buick, envy of every youngster in town? Fact is, a big brawny Buick —this year's beauty of a Buick—is within your reach right now, if you just put your mind to it. A husky headlong 107-horse- powered giant valve-in-head straight-eight can be yours to command—you can roll around town LVE .,M-HEAO flM in the staunch and steady carriage that's sure big, beautiful and a bearcat in action when its boss gives the word! Yes, you can ride in the gentle lap of Foamtex-cushioned luxury — shift gears with a flip of your finger, take bumps without notice in BuiCoil Springing's "full float" comfort, even signal -your turns by a touch on a lever that shuts itself off when you're through with it. And what do you pay for all this— budget-bursting prices? lx-nay! On the contrary, you can buy a Buick for less than some sixes! And you'll find when you look into what's included in these prices that they cover many an item that you will be asked to pay extra for elsewhere. All it takes, really, is the imagination to step up to the car you've really wanted — and once you've made that step, there's no real problem, for this Buick retains its extra first cost in the extra trade-in value it has when you come to buy again. So lift your sights. Quit grading yourself down. This year, go after the car you really want —which means talking delivered prices and trade-in terms with your nearest Buick dealer. The mo./el illustrate J is the BiMCK SUPER, mo.lcl j/Jbi/r-./rior Inuring sf,i,ui $11J 1 ) ,/r/i-trr ftl nt Hint, Mich, H'/iileiiJeiualltirtt aJJiiional, A'o extra flmrgeJar the t-iuo-ttint finish sho'wn.'' EXEMPLAR OF GENERA). MOTORS VALUE HEMPSTEAD MOTOR CO. 207 East Third St. MAX cox, owner Hope, Ark. Relates Story of Unknown Soldier America Has Buried an "Unknown" for Each of Major Wars By PRESTON OltOVER WASHINGTON — From what buttle field will come America's next unknown soldier? And how soon? Will he die abroad in one more effort to ''end all wars," or will he die "somewhere in America" lo Iteep in alien power from selling aggressive foothold in thi.s hemisphere? More Than One In (he vicinity of Washington arc tltn tombs of one or more unknown olcliers of each of America's major \v»r>\ In Alexandria, Virginia, just across the Polomac from Washin«ton and only a mile or two from Arlington, is buried an unknown .soldier of tho American revolution. His shrine. in I ho "old Presbyterian church' 'is finembercd by historians and many Kitriots but often forgotten by 'the niblic. Not far from the tomb of Hie unknown soldier of the World war, in Arlington, lie the tankled remains of 01! unknown soldiers, Union and Confederate, taken from a mass grave nt Gettysburg. The latest of America's unknown, "'ho died.on one of four great battlefields in France in which American troops had a decisive part, was buried mly 18 years ago—just long enough for baby, to have become a soldier ready .or another war—if one must come. He is enshrined in the most impres- "ive of all (lie monuments lo Ainer- ca'.s unknown soldier dead. Peace Ocdcialloii Never was a nation more solemnly committed to peace than America on that Nov. 11, 1921, when we laid away in fresh-hewn granite the burly of a lad who had died unknown in a blood •eddencd struggle lo bring harmony lo my angry world. Where he came from, whether he was blond or black-haired, rich or humble, was unknown. He was one )f the 1GOO or more American World war soldiers who now sare that impressive epitaph at Arlington: "Known but to God." He was one of four soldiers, one each from the battlefields of the Aisne-Marne, Meuse-Argonne, Sommc 1 and St. Mihiel, chosen from among all the 'unidentified American dead to symbolize what this country had tried to do. r'oiir Caskets The four soldiers, each "dead of gunshot wound in the body," were aligned in four caskets in a little French hotel at Chalons-sur-Marne. Into the room where they were went Sergeant Edward F. Younger, of Chicago, who for his outstanding service had been selected to designate which of the four would be brought to Washington for solemn entombment. A French military band played outside as he circled three time about the caskets, placed a wreath on the third Irom tiie left, saluted and withdrew. Assembled military commanders in turn .".-alulcd. The other three bodies were removed to lie forever unknown in France. That was on Oct. 24, 1921. Brought home on Admiral Dcwcy's '-Id flagship, the cruiser 'Olympia," the unknown arrived at the Washington navy yard Nov. !). Two days later he was laid away in Arlington and all records of the event were lodg- , erl in a war department file upon which some unremcmbcrcd clerk scribbled. "Do not mutilate this file. It is sacred." And the day after the unknown, hi.s casket piled with medals, wa.s so prayerfully buried, representatives of the Lulled Slates sat around a table in Washington with delegates from other nations to plead for a laying flown of arms. All laid down a few, bul warily kept enough to make certain they would not be beaten in the next war. Old-Age Pensions (Continued from Pago One) wa.s Circuit Judge King Swope. California Says "No" SAN KHANCISCO. Calif.- l/l'i Returns ran heavily aj;ainsl the "ha'm' inicl cgg.s" pension plan as the counting of ballots yot under full sway Tuesday ni^ht. and opponents immediately claimed it had been defeated. Hup- porter.s of the plan made no comment. It trailed badly in first representative returns from its populous home county, Los Angeles, where l,!i]0,000 voters, '11 per cent of the state's total, were concentrated. San Fjrancisco, with nearly 10 per cent of the reyis- trajits. started its counting with a vote of about 2'/a to 1 against the plan. The vote in 5,228 complete and incomplete precincts out of 11,IBS: Yes 175.C18 No 330,571 Most of that to till wy;; from 'Los Angc-lcs, where the division wax: Yes ....'. 105,785 No 188,942 Ohio Rejects Pensions CLEVELAND, Ohio-i/l';—A U-to-1 rejection of the Bigeiow pensions-at(JO plan was indicated Tuesday night. "It looks as if we are snowed un- 1 cler." observed Herbert S. Bigelow. .sponsor of the proposal to make Ohio's constitution guarantee $40 or .?50 a month to every retired Ohioan over GO. Returns from 4,8,'M of the state's I 8,58!) precincts .showed: For the pension plan . 246.980 Against 808,587 It's About Time He Had a Chance to Rest j RICHMOND, Va. -l/lv- Patrolman Walter Angel will he interested in ' ii job which involves a lot of sitting down. After 2V years of pounding I the pavement. Angel retired from ' active duty on his beat with the statement Ihtil lie wanted lo sit down 11. 1 i'i .vliile. I ui wouldn't mind working while duinij :.o. Wednesday, November 8,1989 British Air Chief Hails From India Sir Cyril Newall Elevated by England's Expanding Wing Al* Feature Service Sir Cyril Louis Norton Ncwall K C. B., C. M. G., C. B. E., the mm. who commands the air force these clays when Britain wnges war to preserve the Empire-might have stepped riRlit out of a story by empirc-glorifyini! Rutlyard Kipling. He is in the best Kipling tradition of what a British Enpirc . Ruardian .should be: rcdfacecl, square-jawed, ronii.n.nosed, grny-haired, scrub- nuis- tnclicd. hard to talk lo, sparing of words, stand-offish. Appropriately, be wa.s horn in India, in 1885, the son of a lieutenant-colonel in the Indian Army went to school m England, then was graduated from Sandhurst army college. Enfilish ramy life proved too tame for young Newall. He had himself transferred to the Aid Gurkhas, operating on the rnount- um frontiers of India He entered the World War an aviator and emerged a hero, his chest heavy with many decorations For a ncm-aviational exploit he received the Albert Medal, first class. A bomb -storehouse containing 2.00 explosive and incendiary bombs had caught fire Newall and a mechanic pounred water into the .store house through a hole in the roof, while the key was beintf sought. When it was found, he and .several others rushed in an put out the blaze. ' Newall rose as the Royal Air Force developed. In 1035 he was knighted, and in 19J7 was named Air Chief Marshal. An American, the former Olive Tenneyson Foster of Host,,,,, became his wife m 191!5. They have two daughters one son. Fought Valiantly (Continued from Fage Onej Perhaps Never Again Will There Be Another li MANUFACTURER TO CONSUMER * ' I ?<m As Will Be Offered THURSDAY and FRIDAY | Nov. 9th and 10th \ Values beyond your expccta* lions at a new low price . . i , '<' Siberian Squirrel Swing Back Also a Group of Original Show- room Samples at Savings from $50 to $150 hns an cnersetic youth .suction headed by Alvaine Hollisler. In addition to these organisations there is tho National Peace Council, -supported by the National Council, the Women's International League, the Fellowship of Reconciliation, and a '< .score or more of other groups which ' range all the way from the American 1 Association of University Women to I the National Federation of Business I and Professional Women's Clubs. | It backs a six-point program to keep | America out of war, procure a just i peace and work for a permanent world | government. Executive secretary of | the National Peace Council is Dr Waller W. Van Kirk. Wealthiest of the peace groups is the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, organi/ccl in 1910. Its president is Dr. Nicholas Murray Rutler and it maintains a Washington office under the direction of Dr. James Brown .Scott. It conducts extensive rewarchcs on the problems of war am! peace and issues a number of publications on peace and international affairs, which it distributes gratis to libraries and other institutions throughout the world. Don't Be So Personal —in Tennessee KNOXV1I..L.K, Tumi - (/!')-• The Tennessee Supreme. Court will not permit attorneys lo indulge in "personalities" such as calling an attorney by Ills first name. Attorney R. D. Dusbee. during an argument, referred lo Assistant State's Attorney Genera,! Jack Smith as 'Jack.' "In thi.s court," rapped Chief Justice Graflon Green, "attorneys must refer to attorneys on the opposing side as 'adversary counsel' and not indulge in personalities." $545 Russian Ermine ............ $395 500 Japanese Mink .............. 350 375 Sable Dyed Fitch ............ 350 335 Natural Russian Fitch ........ 235 300 Persian Lamb .............. 175 285 Hudson Seal ...... - ......... 175 225 Russian Marmot ............ 135 200 Silvertone Muskrat .......... 135 Russian Caracul ............ 125 190 145 Persian Paw 95 These Furs Presented and UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED by the J. I. ZABLE Fur Co. We sincerely urge every woman to come early and see these marvelous values as many are one of a kind. USE OUR LAY-AWAY PLAN TRADE IN YOUR OLD FUR COAT Ladies' Specialty Shop Who's Wrong In This Picture? Both are! The idler squanders time and opportunity. The drudge never rests. He forgets that overwork brings fatigue that dims his wits. How wise are those who go to neither extreme . . . those who can give work and responsibility their full share and then turn to well-deserved recreation. For it is in these hours of relaxation that your family enjoys your companionship. By living a balanced life—you build friendships and develop the art of hospitality. Terpperate in all things, you come to a ANHtUSER.flUSCH Makers nj the World-Famous Beer.., full realization that the world abounds with people and ways to make life inviting, colorful and more worthwhile. * * * * Just as surely as a fine violin gives its voice lo a symphony, or a soft light complements a painting, so docs Budweiser add its contribution to an interesting lifetime—a contribution of companionship and contentment for Man and his mood when day's work is done. MAKE THIS TEST DRINK Budweiser FOR FIVE DAYS. ON THE SIXTH DAY TRY TO DRINK A SWEET BEER. YOU win WANT Budweiser's FLAVOR THEREAFTER. COPD I9J9. <KHCu;CO.OUSCH. INC. -T. LOUIS, MO.

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