Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on March 27, 1952 · Page 40
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 40

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1952
Page 40
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PAOB FORTY ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, MARCH 27, It if Mirro)' — Business Plans Large Expansion By SAM fMWMON NEW YORK, March 27, f!> American business plans to spend more than ever this year to rx- jdmd. But this lime they nppnnr to have their eye on Uncle Snm AS their best bet for a sure-flrr customer. Industries planning to spend more thl* year than last for new plants and equipment are mailly those caterlnK directly or indlrert- ly to Ihe defense proKrnm, for which billions of dollars hnve al* rendy been appraprlnled by Con- gross. Hiislnrsses thai look mostly to ordinary consumers for their customers sny they won't spend as much on growth this year as last. Hut a pick-up in commercial building mny develop Inter. And the home-building Indusjry is now hoping to turn out more l.hnn Ihe 800,000 new homes Ihe government once set ns its limit for this year. Builders hope for relaxation In federal curbs on use of materials and cnsing In mortgage restrictions. Plrk-t'p Kxprctnd Makers of building materials also lire expffling a plc.k-up In snips by summer. Total business spending in 1952 for now plant and equipment will run belter (bun iM billion dollars, according to a survey of industry pin us made by the Department of Commerce and Ihe SocMirities A Exchange Commission. This is a /our percent jump over 1951, when expansion was at Hie record rale of 23 U billion dollars. More than half of the 24 billion dollars, however, will be spent in the first half of Ibis year, And then business expansion will taper Closing New York Stock Quotations Ahhofl T 56% Oil Pont Mtfc Penney (JO . B7»i Abbott L Allied SIM .Allied Sirs ,. I AlllR Oial Am Can Am Cnr & F. Am .la* A K\. Am Loco .... Am Pw & U. Am Rad St 8 Am Smelt . . Am To I Ki Tel Am TobucTO . Am /inc .... Anncon Cop . Armro SI I ... Armour A f.'o. AlehirtMon ,., Aveo Mfg I.Jendlx Av ... 56% 71 '» « 49% 60' j 1fl 25*4 44% 54', r>8", 21 '.(, 47!i 8.1', •W'j off. View IMuy Ohiingn The survey—taken before the national production authority started to relax restrictions on commercial building— anticipates a :IO percent fifth SI I -in'-, Border) ........ .'))*» Born Worn ... fiO^ii 31'i m tiK'a 34% 56 li 75 JOOli 32', 22'.i, 34 60'i 30 43 22-14 24 "4 681 i 37»4 *'.» 57 " t Mfg . Budd Co .... Cnnnd Pnc ., Case (J I) .. Ches & Oh ., Chi & NW .. Chi Ri & Pnc Chrysler .... Cities Svc .. Comw Edls • Cong Nairn Con i£diti . Con N C.ia ii Conlnlner , ConI Can , Conl HI I ., Copper flng Corn Prod . Crane Co. . Ciirllss Wr . Doug A ire . Oil Pont Mtfc Kfldtm Korl .. 43'k Katon Mfg ... 39% El Auto Lite .. 52 On HIM .... 58% Gen Food* ... 42% (ien Motors ... 53% fioodrlch .... 64 '3 Onodyear .... 44*'« Ol N Ir Ore 14 *i Ol Nor Ry pf . 50!4 Greyhound ... 1l*i Momentiikn .. .10 'i I Idi id Month . 13-ii Hudson Mot III f>nl .... Inland Stl . Inspir Cop , Inl Mnrv ... Int Mnrv pf (71.171 Int Nick 43% Tnt Tel & Tel .. 16*4 .Inliris Man .... 68 KenrK'i'oll ... . .77'j Keystone SAW 21 Kintl) Clark .... 45<i LOF Gins* .... 37 Lim McN A L . 8'i Mursli Field .. 2B«i MonUc Ward .. 63H Nash Knlv .... 21V4 Nut ftisn 30'(i Nnt Conl 10U. 13 % Hfi } '\ 46 LJ 24 *» 33 '» Penney (JO Po nn Pepsi Cola . Phelps Iwfl Philip Mor .. Phillip* Pot Pure Oil ... Radio Cp .. Reo Motors Renuli SI I .. Sehenley Ind Shell Oil .. Simmon* Co 2!) Sinclair Oil . Std Brand* . Sid Oil Ind . Std Oil N. J. Sid OH Cal Starred (LSt Sterl Drug ••- Studehaker ,. Swift & Co ... Texan Co .... Tlmk Del Ax TransAmer ,. Un Sarblde .. Ifn Pan Unit Air L.., Unit Aim ... US Rubber... 71'i 48'4 56 U 6fi 27% 21% 41 29 "< 45 >,'n 24'% 88", 77 "t 64'i 30*4 40 37% 32'i 57 tt . 25% . 61 ',4 118'i . 28»i . 30 . 81 Closing Chicago Grain Quotations Milrago fund Ornln CHICAGO, March 27, ,T' -- VVMKAT No. 2 red tmiRh 2 4f5'4 C.'OHN No. 3 yellow I 8«; No. 4, 1.6fl*4-83',4; No. 5, ].53*4-78Mr. sample grade 1.39-78*4. OATS No. 1 heavy white tough No. 1 extra heavy white 94',4 Tlrn DBTROIT, March 27 » — A new high mileage non-skid uuto tire and a safety tube said to provide 'complete protection" against punctures and blow-outs, were announced today by the (ioodyear Tire % RubJ^er Co. I.ROAL IN THE CITY COURT MADISON COUNTY, OF At.TON, ILLINOIS BARLfJY - Nominal: Malting 1.30-70: feed 1.25-40. KIKLO SKKD - Per hundredweight nominal: Red clover 30.5031.50; timothy 9.50-10.00; sweet clover 10.00-10.50; red top 29.5030.50; alslke 38.00-39.00. SOVBEANS-None. Oraln Futiirr* High Ix)w Close MARY ) DEPPM, I Plaintiff, i HAROLD W DEPPm,! Defendmt. > IN CHANCERY No. #72(1 NOTICE Notice It hereby given of the pend ency of I suit In the City Court of Alton, MadUon County, Illinois, wherein MARY J DIPPER li Plaintiff Ind HAROLD W. DBPPER It Defendint which lull li No. 0721) In Chanrery Ind Nat Dairy ... Nut Stool .... NY Central . Nln M Pw ... No Am Avlii. No' Amer Co. Nor PMC Ohio Oil Owens-Ill <;i. 51'I 46% 1ft'/ 26'i 17 20% 88% 58% 78' a Packard 4'.a US Steel ...... 3914 West Un Tel.. 38'4 West Filer;: .... 30v» Woolworth .... 43 Xenith Had .... 77 Zonltc PdT.... 'a Ark Nnl (.ins A 15% Kl Bon I A Sh. 26U Ford M Cnn A. 5t)% florin Min .... 14% Kiilser-Frnxier 6'/4 Kingston Prod. 4 WFIEAT- M«y .... July .... Sep ..... Dec. ... CORN Mny ..., July .... ep ..... Dec ..... OATS- rtay .... uly .... 2.50*4 2.-I3',* 2.48'i 2.474 2.49"i 2.42'i drop In lhal. type of construction this year. But builders think this mny rliaiifte, now llvil commercial buildings are getting the gnpon light. Consumer goods Industries planning to spend lesx on expansion this year than last, include textile, food, paper, and fabricated met u Is. Industries planning lo spend considerably more this year than last included non-ferrous mining, elec- machinery, electric nnd gas utilities, petroleum, uleel, nnd rubber products. All of thene either serve Ihe military or supply companies that, do. iMfivs of El Salvador expects lo complete Us new "Model City" this year. Advertising of any sort now Is prohibited on Indonesia's radio network. Feet Hurt? HERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO GET QUICK INEXPENSIVE RELIEF FROM ALL COMMON FOOT TROUBLES, Railroads Head Higher Market NKW YORK, March 27 --VT- A Rroup 1 of rnilroads bonded n Kcnonilly higher stock market Thnrc wns generous support for tlv mils throughout the list despite several soft areas. Steels _held slendy, The advance enrrfefl up lo around 1! points nl Ihe hesl amonK leaders while some issues stepped out smartly ahead of that average Rain. Losses were almost univer sally fractional. Steels moved narrowly. There was a heavy air of caution about (bat section of Ihe market. Higher stocks included Sinelair Oil, American Telephone. Consolidated Natural Gas, International Papers, Republic Steel, (leneral Motors, Montgomery Ward, and Admiral Corp, LoiiR-lerm government bonds improved while shorter maturities held steady in Ihe over Ihe counter market. D- r Scholls MRSONAL KEPRISINTATIVI FROM CHICAGO WILL •! HERE FRIDAY, MARCH 28TH 1 :00 P.M. to 8 P.M. If you hav* corn*, callout«i, bunion*, crooked lo»i. Ingrown nalli, AthUto'* Foot, pstripirlng, odorout f»«t, wook ankUt, wtak or falUn ar<h«t, com* In ortd Ul thlt roprotentatlv* of lh« world'* leading fool authority ihow you how mllliorti of foot >uff«r«r* hav« found quick, ln«xp*ntlv« r«ll«f through th« ui« of Dr. Scholl't Foot Comfort Appliance*, Rem- •dlot. Arch Supporti. ff»m«mb«r rh« dot». N« Charcj.-No Obligation DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY I DR. SCHOLL'S FOOT-CASED loi rilltt ol tool troubltt dut ti *«sk «t (•lit* tithtii C<rains CHICAGO, March 27 — /P--Wheat served as a steady spot in an otherwise easy market on the Board of Trade today. After flirting with the low levels made Feb. 27. wheat rallied fractionally in fairly active dealings. Renewed easiness developed ii fats and oils. Soybean oil here ant at. New York, as well as cotton seed oil at New York, scored ne\\ seasonal lows. Flaxseed tumhlec 15 rents, Ihe daliy limit, nt Winni peg and Minneapolis. Soybeans eased as n result of the oil situation, hut did not lose mud ground. Bean meal broke awa from Hie $74 celling at which It Iw been pegged for several weeks. Feed grains sunk early, but oats slaved a little rally toward the close. Great Hrilain bought a car go of corn. Preliminary estimated receipt of grain in carlots: Wheat two corn 18'!, oats H). rye six, barle.N 11 and soybeans '_M. OR. SCHOU'S BUNION IU- DUCCRrsHivti iho< Dim- inn mil h!d« d«lonmly DR. SCHOU'S IOC-FLEX n cfooktd lo«i FRANK'S SHOE STORE Jpe RYK Vlny . uly . iep. . 1.86H 1.84 J. 75-14 85% 83 82*4 847/s 2.01 "i . 1.97'a . 1.87'j SOYBEANS May .... 2.93 uly .... 2.90'-4 lep 2.83»i Vov 2.77 li 1.86 .1.8314 1.74% 84 li 82% 82'» 84% 1 .98% 1 .95 2.90 2.87 '-i 2.80'a 2.74»i 2.50U-H 2.42% 2.4414 2,47%-H 1.84«/4-Vi 1.86',4-li 1 .8314 J.74% 84%-% 83 8 i 82-Wi 84% 1.99 1 95 '» 2.90'i-91 2. 88-88 'i 2. 81-81 U 2.75 li St. Loulft Cash (irnln ST. LOUIS, March 27, XT' WHEAT—Receipts 10 cars, sold No. 1 hard 2.57, No. 2 hard 2.57. CORN- Receipts 33 cars, sold 3, No. 2 yellow 1.87, No. 4 yellow 1.75, OATS-Receipts 16 cars, none sold. A l QB AKP fAlttr JA ti r i. m . M*ren nth, it rrtnltlln Ma- some T*«pl«, 151.1 WMhlnttM «»»riu», tlvtn By Walton ChipUf, O. t. »•... iOOlETtKl — LODQII II woTtce StATION WAOONS sontbl*. Out 1-MOT — ion volunteer wurkeri for HepubHem Primary Election April 8, 1952 lo h*lp Harold K. Horsl«y, etndl- dat« for »t«t« r«prM«nUliv«. If you are lnl«r*tt«d In food government, • clean, honest candidate, Mil 2-8611) or 2-1374 ind ask how you cm help lit this election. HA tlftKKI RIDE WANTED C*nter, ft. Louti River. - to Arm; ruune* II. Dill 4-7M4, Wood RIOB WANTED—from Tenth ttreei ta Valhalla cemetery. Phone 2-2834. Hour* 8 to 4:30. RIDERS WANTED - Oolftf wttt Uttt 8»n rrinclieo. CUJtf. 9». Referencei «*ch«n»ed. M»f. mANKUN LODGE - No 28. Specfll meeting Thursdiy. Mtreh 27, 7:00 p rn Work in 2nd degree. Visiting brethren welcome. H. K. Mlttheil. W. M. Retulur meeting 0:00 p. March 27. 1052. m.. Thuriday, I* i.OST-sTtAfr.n—Vroi.r.N FOUND—Pair of «hell rim Cuip r.nnr «t Stunley Ro«d In Forfeit Home*. 4-2J.W. Livestock Prices At East St. Louis NATIONAL. STOCKYAIUJS, Murch ?7 .Ti (U8DAi~-HoKs IO.SOO: opened »r- Ivi?. lotc-r .(low nnrl uneven: wMj?ht* inO-^20 Ih.-s oprtird strong to 13 higher hnn Wrdnefidiy'n Average; ndvnnre argoly loul; 2:10 lh» up mostly (tench; I7n |hn down M to SO hlRher: Hows rum to 2.1 higher; hulk choice IIIU- a:iO lbn 17.00-19: with 17.10-25 paid freely *nrly for choice No». I and 2 un- :ler '^20 Ih.i; few 17..1.1; laler 17.15 down: 240-S70 lh« full width of choice grndn in.nn-n.i: ZBIKISO ib» isn-nn 13.30-17.00. 120-140 Ins i:i.2S-I.V(lQ: 100-1 in Ibs 11.73-12/79: Hows 400 lh« down 15.00-75: heavier sown 13.90-14.78: itnif* 11.50-13.90: bnnr* 050-12.0(1. Cattle 1250, rn|vcn 30(1: uteen finding moderalely active demiind and stronx prices; heifern nnd mixed yeirllnxs o In good demand; few londti mul Io1« good nnd choice «tcer« and hclfprn M00-:i4.00: urnall lot high choice lo prime mixed jearllngn 34.,10: cows nc- ilvp nnd strong; utility and cornmrr- irln! cows largely 21.50-2:1.30: cannera nnd culten 17.00-21.00; hulls nnd venlrr* lendy: utility and commerclnl hulln 2:1.00-28.00; cutter bull 19.00-22.00; most good and choice vealers 30.00-311.00; a moderate representation of prime (oi-tcd vealen 40.00; utility and commerclnl vcalere 20.00-2n.00. Sheep 400; active trade fully itendy with Wednesday; bulk good to prime wooled and fall shorn lambs 27.00-2B.OO; lop 28.00; Included loti not strictly sorted at the price: small sprinkling of njtcd sheep steady: few slaughter twes 12.0014.00; cull ewes 9.00-11.00. lion. Summoni hai been Issued returnable nn the First Monday Of May, 1092, ind default may be taknn on or after the rirst Monday of May. 1932. in the City Court of Alton, Madison County. Illinois, in the City Hall, at Alton, Illinois. nUX T. BOSCHERT, Clerk of the City, Court of Alton, Illinois, MCOBY. PATTON & MANNS, HI. W. PATTONl Attorney) for PJalnllff, 21 ta Bast Br«*rlway, Alton, Illinois. March 20. 27. April 3 ANNOUNCEMENTS" •T" ' "CAH'ii; OF"•"•IftiATjfKg ~_~~ CRAWFOlRD. AUGUSTA — We wish" to thank our friends and especially Mr. Slrneper and staff, tlev. and Mrs. Kellcy. singer*, pallbearers, flower girls, and all who were so kind to us during our recent bereavement. _ The Children. lT~ """^^ZN "MEMOKIA!ill ~"~" JOHN~RICHARD BEN9MAN"— Wa""woiiid like to thank all our friends, neighbors and relatives who were so kind during the recent Illness and death of my husband. Espeqlally Fr. Donohoe. FT, Olerut, Fr. Crosnon, Fire and Police department, *Stflten funeral home, pallbearers. nKters and nurses of second floor East. St. Joseph's Hospital, those who ftpnt cnrdn, flowers, or assisted In any way. Mrs. John nirhard Bensman j _ _ and Family. IN I.bVING "MEMOnY --Of Mrs! George E. Hays, who passed away 9 years ngo, March 27, 1347: The depts of sorrow we cannot tell, Of Ihe loss of one we loved so well: And while she sleeps n penrpful sleep, Her memory we shall always keep. Sadly missed by Husband. Daughter nnd Son-ln-Law. IN~LOVINO SrErtf6ltY~Edvvard~Helm- kamp, who passed away IB years ago today, March 27, IB39: In that blessed land called Heaven, I pray we once more will be United as we were on earth For all eternity. Sadly missed hy Wife andjChHdren. _ IN LOVING"MEMORY--Of Edward E. Norvllle. who passed away March 27, Memories are trennures no one can steal. Death Is a heartache nothing ran heal; Some may forget you now that you're gone, But we still remember, no matter how long. The tail was short, the shock severe, To part with one we loved so dear. Molhcr. Sister. Brother. lN~MEMbRY—"6f my Father, Gottlieb Wldmnnn, who passed away 5 years ago today, 9:00 o'clock P. M., March 27. The month of March ngaln Is here. To me the saddest ol Ihe year. You're nr.t forgotten. Father dear, Nor ever shall you be, As long as life and memory last I shall remember thee. Sadly missed by Daughter, Florence. i MON'UMENTS^CEM"' To f a" Identification .1-7029 inilde. Reward. Phone LOST~n keys and pencil on key ring; name plate. Reward. Dill 3-0841, extension 40. LOST— Bill/old It Busch'j firm In Jer- leyvllle. Keep money, please return billfold ind contents to 022 Rlley ave- n ue. A I ton. 2-3982. __ ____ LOST— 2 "" mattresses, 1 fnnerspring, 1 cotton, between the 2 Lewis * Clirk hrldgej^Flnder cill Portige^ 9471 , LOST" — Yellow fold cfiiTn bri'celet. 10 vear Shell emblem "D H.Y, 1950" on back. Reward. 4-4B44. __ _ LOST — Saturday around 3:30 p.m. near Bozxa and Washington, 22 pUtol In 32 frame, In holster. Registered. Reward. Call 3-flB08. B a.m. to l_i.m. ____ LOST"""---' Pfobnbiy~*t III TermlnTl, brown leather wallet containing money Akron, Ohio., address. Finder call 2-nORIV _____ ___ _______ n _ _"_ __NoriciMi _ _ ~~~ FILTH FADES FAST— For Flna Foam fights son In rugf and upholstery B i^'* Paint slore. 6SS E. Bdwy. "LICENSE & NOTARY SERVICE EARL W. MANNS 2.120 State. North Alton Phone 2-7722 or 3-6839 __ NOTICE — I wTll no longer be respon slblc for any debts contracted by anyone other than myself. Dated this 25th day of March, 1952. Norman W. Nave. Produce Prices At St. Louis . -_.._... ___ ______ _ NOTICE— From this" day forward I will no longer be responsible for any debts contracted for by anyone other than myself. Dated this 27th day of March, inr>2 George W. Smith, 729 Condlt, Wood_Hlver. III. _ _ _ ~RAY~i~ BERT'S'C'AFE ...... 7:00 a, m. to 12 p, m, Home cooked meals, steaks, hamburgers, chicken, malts, French fries New Management Corner of_Thomas_i Rt._lll, Roxana. "STATE LICENSE Auto, Chauffeur's. Drivers, Etc. CHARLIE CLARK, 1504 E. Broadway CHOICE 6 GRAVE LOT — Valhalla cemetery. First Addition. Ph. 3-7676. ___^ PIEiONAH WELCOME STRANGER — II you hive just moved to Alton or know ol i new family In Alton will you cill 4-5171 «o our hostess cm contact them? Welcome Stringers Service. ST. LOUIS. March 27—i.V'~ Produce .ind live poultry: Eggs, standards H2-33. A large 33-:i-l llutter. nn score 67-fifl, Bf> score lIB'ii-ii7 Dutlerfat. Missouri and Arknnsii" point!.. No 1 No. 2 «2c, Illinois No. I t)5c, No. 2 liar. Fowl, white ducks 27-110. Other prices unchanged. Illinois License Plates Kxpecled lo Set Record SPRINCFIKLD, III., Maivh 27. .•T The nunibor of pnssoiiRor car license plait's in Illinois is expected (o hit a record high of 2.500,000 this your, Sec-rotary of State Kcl- wurd J. Barrett, reported yesterday. The total lust year was 2,406,537. As of iVlarrh 1 this year, passen- nt>«ulnr TV broadcasts in Italy Ror licenses reached 1.908,481. nn It BUMMAQB AND PA8TRV SALE RUMMAGE SALE— Friday, March 2B, p m. Ladles' Aid Society of First Presbyterian Church, 4th and Alby Alton. ___ _ _ _ __ __ _____ RUMMAGE SALF. — Saturday morn- Ing, March 29, Gleaners, Elm St. Pres.___--_ RUMMAGE SALE — St. Paul Parish House. 10 E. 3rd St., Friday, March 28 n a.m. are forecast I'.)").'!. before the end in Head Telegraph Want Ads increas period. of 400,924 over the 1951 22 EAST FERGUSON AVE. DIAL 4-3114 WOOD RIVER STAT1 TONITE I III. SAT. 200 WOMEN SEEK WILDERNESS ROMANCE! PILES No Hospital, No Loss of Timi from Work, Writ* Dr. Knowlei at 229 S, Adaim St., I'uoriu, III., for hooklot. ((octal Uk*i'i'i>. t'ik»ur«s, Fistula, I'ruritia (Itching I'ilei). l*ro»ta- tltii and Allied HtM'tiil Dineakft, lit>aU>(l hy our .Mtlil liifillrution treatment. Also Stomach, Liver, (iallhluiluYr, Kidneys, Bimkli-r, Ulood Rupture anil Varic-o»e Vein, by Non-Suriricul Tii'iitinent*. Without Surgioil Operation, No Burning, No Cutting SAVOY HOTEL, SATURDAY, MARCH 29 DR. KNOWLES, M. D. HOURS: 8 a. m. to 4 p. in. DENISE TAYLOR'DARCEL n. Ann Sullivan Plenty of Free rnrUliiB Space Continuous from 7 P. M, TONITE - FRI. \Vultcr riilK linrr.v "The Unknown Man" Shown at 8:19 Stewart (ininger, fier Angeli Gi'nrK» Snnilert "The Light Touch" Shown at 7:35 Selected Shorts Coining Sut.: "Wes!w»nl The >Voi>inn." 1'lus "Rhubnrb" 'FINE SHOWS TONIGHT LAST TIMES Holier! Taylor, Oi'nlsp Unreel "Westward Thi Women" Shown at 8:4S P. M. __ Marie Windsor, Kichnrd "DOUBLE DEAL" Shown at 7:20 P. M. Only FRIDAY AND SATURDAY FUWNIEST PICTURE IN NINE LIFETIMES! • PEIU8ERG-SEATONJ ~~~ f?AY JAM WITH GENE IOCKHAR1 A^O -RHUBARB A Plumounl Pictuif Shown »l 8:18 P. M. SECOND FEATURE "RUSTY LEADS THE WAY" Shown 7:00 - 9:32 P. M. Parkins, In Rear o< Theater Continuous ^••^ Doors Open 7 to 11 p.m. ^Af^sV. 6:45 p.m NORSIDE Tonight It Merchants' Certificate Night TONIGHT, FRI., SAT. 200 WOMEN SEEK WILDERNESS ROMANCE! stsrmi ROBERT TAYLOR DENISE DARCEL Shown at 8:33. SUSPENSES Shown Ht 7:00—10:28 Andy Clyde Comedy HOUSE OF HITS" TONIGHT CAVEof OUTLAWS mwm trn'-im SMITH 7:00 — 9: JO i cwm mm mm only Shout* a! 8:40 AND 1'KXNV EDWARDS ROBKItT CUAKKK "STREET BANDITS" Shown at 7:30 SERIAL 2 CARTOONS WESTWARD OPKN J2:46—50e fill fl P.M. NOW - 3 Days GRAND *' SUM* Shown 1:10 3:15 5:15 7:20 8:25 EXTRA! BUGS BUNNY TODAY LAST TIMES BOB HOPE HEDY LAMARR "MY FAVORITE SPY" Plus "THIS IS KOREA" OPEN 12:45 Daily. FRIDAY & SAT. PRINCESS Shown 2:40 5:25 8:10 Shown l.'.tO 4:IA 0:33 f>:tO EXTRA — "CAl'TATN VIDEO" SERIAL. ' Sea Action HITS! OPEN 6:80. SEA MR ...Sltip>per of o Crew of Rogues... lov«w of a Wildcat Beauty I WOODRIVER FRIDAY & SAT. . STRUGGLE FOR SUNKEN GOLD! HORNET Horring ROD CAMOWN-ADCLE MARA ADMAN BOOTH-CHILL WIUS _Shown 7:18 "CAPT, VIDEO" Sirial Shown 8 55 TONITE CAST'TIMES Shelley Winten, Frank Sinatra "MEET DANNY WILSON" Shown 6:41 10.00 Arthur Kennedy, Peggy Dow "BRIGHT VICTORY" Shown »:»o Welcome Back To The Roaring Action in Vivid Technicolor! John PAYNE • Dinnif Q'KEEFE "DACCAftr IA/FQT" Ariitn WHILAN rM^^MUBi fffc^l PLUS STOOGE COMEDY - 2 CARTOONS - SPORT ALT-WOOD . UTDOOR THEATRE * Re-Opens Friday March 28 ret GATES OPEN AT 6:15 — SHOW STARTS AT 7:00 P. M. 2 SHOWS NIGHTLY - RAIN OR CLfAR. Children Under 12 and Cars FREE • Free Playground C D C C rntt Balloons and Candy Suckers To All Kiddles rm. SAT. ONLY CATIIDHAV Mlf>MITr CDAAtf CUAlAf COME MlATt AS 9:30 P.M. AND SEC OUR REGULAR "DEAD MAM'C FVCC" aATURDAT IVIIIINITt arvQK anUW PROCRAM AND THE MIDNIGHT SPOOK SHOW vtHU (VIMn a ETES

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