Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 16, 1937 · Page 65
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 65

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 16, 1937
Page 65
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, JANUARY 16 • 1937 Postpone Inaugural Ceremonies Due to Pope Pius' Illness VATICAN CITY, (if) — ?ope Pius postponed inaugural cfere- monies for the new pontifical academy of science because of his illness. The academy's opening originally had been set for Feb. 6, although the holy father, suffering from old age ills, had not expected to attend. Father Agostino Gemelli, rector of the Catholic university at Milan, told the pontiff today, however, members of the academy preferred to delay the inauguration until the pope might attend the ceremonies. Missouri Town Is Iowa Gretna Green LANCASTER, Mo., (IP)— Iowa couples have made Lancaster a north Missouri marriage capital— and the town's "marryin 1 justice" says the rush across the state line is so extensive it makes him "a nice living." "I don't know what we would do if it wasn't for the Iowa folia," Thomas B. Hale, 81 year old justice of the peace, said Thursday. "Why, just my Iowa business alone ' makes me a nice living. In the last seven years I've married between 2,500 and 3,000 couples, and most of them was from Iowa." There were 437 marriage licenses issued in Schuyler county during 1936. Justice Hale said he performed 320 ceremonies. Boy, 19, Gets Degree. MT. PLEASANT, Mich., (UP) —One of the youngest persons to ever receive a degree from Central State Teachers college was graduated at the end of the fall term. He was Orval Himebaugh, 19. of Mt. Pleasant—home of the college. Birthday Candy Free SURRY, M-;., (UP)—Roy Whitney, storekeeper, is the most popular person in town—at least with the children. There are 75 children in Surry. On his or her birthday each year each child receives from Whitley a candy bar. Mason City Brick & Tile Deniton Clay Products Congratulates Those Responsible for Radio Station KGLO On the Air — Starting 1 P. M. Sunday KGLO . . . CONGRATULATIONS! "Barrett Roofs—(like the one on the KGLO transmitter house •west of Mason City)—are recognized as the world's soundest investment in Roof Protection." We are the only Barrett Approved Roofer in North Iowa. Mid-West Roofing Co., Inc. 216 Fifth Street S. W. Phone 454 Mason City WELCOME TO MASON CITY And we wish you all kinds of success! Get to Know fOU (.6N Olt't ND OH A i, IL ONI H SJOHl OPPOSITE THE PARK Globe-Gazette Radio News and-.Time-Table WMT NBC Blue Network Cedar Rapids and Waterloo, I«w» (Central Standard Time) (600 Kilncyclei) WHO Central Broadcastlnr Company De» Molnin, low* Central Standard Time (1000 Kilocycles) Sunday, Jan. 17 7:01) Melody Hour 7:30 Tone Pictures 8:00 Children's Program 9:00 Cloister Bells 9:15 Sweethearts of the Air 1U:00 Press Radio News 10:05 Alice Remsen. Contralto 10:30 Joe Hines' Orchestra Jl:00 Moscow Sleigh Bells 11:30 Radio City Music Hall Symphony Orchestra 12:30 Our Neighbors 1:00 The Magic Key 2:00 Your English 2:45 Dorothy Dreslin. Sonrano B:00 National Vespers 3:30 Professor Fishfacc and Professor Figgsbottle 4:01) We, the People 4:30 Colonel Stoopnagle and Budd 5:00 Echoes from the Orchestra Pit 5:30 Golden Gate Park Band Concert fl:00 Helen Traubcl, Soprano 6:30 Robert L. Ripley and Ozzie Nelson s Orchestra 7:00 Musical Comedy Revue 7:30 Dreams ot Lone Aso 8:iln Walter Wincheil 8:15 Shcp Fields' Rippling Rhythm Kcvue 8:45 Edv.-in C. Hill 9:15 To be announced 9:30 Romance of '"6 10:00 Judy and the Bunch 10:10 Press Radio News 10:13 King's Jesters 10:30 Frankle Masters 11:00 Henry Busse 11:30 Eddie Fitzpatrick Monday, Jan. 18 7:00 Morning Devotions 7:15 William Mecder, Organist 7:45 Landt Trio and While 8:02 Breakfast Club I .1:110 Press Radio News i '9:05 Sweethearts of the Air. I 9:15 Viennese Sextet i 9:30 Josh Higgins of Finchvllle i 9:45 Neighbor Nell 10:00 Charles Sears, Tenor 10:13 Three Majors I 10:30 Vic and Sade 10:43 Edward McHugh. Gospel Singer 11:00 Arlington Time Signal 11:15 Jack and Loretta Clemens 11:30 National Farm and Home Hour 12:30 Vaughan De Leath 12:45 Dot and Will 1:00 Hour of Memories 2:00 Rochester Civic Orchestra. :>:00 Madge Marley 3:30 Inaugurations 4:30 The Dictators 4:45 The Old Homestead 5:00 U. S. Army Band 5:30 Press Radio News 5:35 The Singing Lady 5:45 Joan and the Escorts li:l)0 Mary Small. Soncs 6:15 Bujhousc Rhythm 6:30 Hazel Glenn 7:00 Helen Hayes 7:30 Frank Munn 8:00 To be announced 8:30 Jack Pearl 9:00 Good Time Society 9:30 National Radio Forum 10:00 Frankie Masters 10:15 Ink Spots 10:30 Bob McGrew I 10:45 Earl Hines 11:00 Gus Arnhcim 11:30 Lou Breefc 11:45 Jimmy Garrett ^ Some Flashes ^ From Life as She Is Lived By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS GREENFIELD, Ind. — During four days,'in which he drove 500 miles, Dr. L. B. Rariden was both- I ered by a peculiar squeak in his j automobile. He took the car to a garage where Kelly Coffin, mechanic, extracted a live cat from the chassis. That fixed the squeak. MOST POPULAR CO-EDS i PHILADELPHIA—For two full I days, the brethren along fraternity ' TOW at the University of Pennsylvania stared, dumbfounded at the university approved "rushing list" of students eligible to live in fraternity houses. With the hundreds ot men's names were those of Margaret Mary Lenahan and Allison Lazo, co-eds. Finally someone told W. Chattin Wetherill, director of student welfare. He busied himself witli an eraser and spoke of ."clerical error." DANGER IN FAR NORTH COLUMBUS, Ohio —An automobile salesman wrote to the state industrial commission that he was SUNDAY— JAN 17— »:IHI Christian, Science Program 3-15 Seventh Day Adventisti 9:30 Crescent Hour of Music J11P:»I) Ward & Muzzy, NBC 10:15 Peerles* Trio, NBC 10:30 The World Is Yours, NBC LlilW Church Service J3:0« Hour of Smiles 12:30 Melody Matinee, NBC 1:1X1 Fcndrich Newsroom 1-15 The Country Church ot Hollywood 1:30 Thatcher Colt Mysteries, NBC 3:00 Metropolitan Opera Auditions of the Air, NBC 2:30 Grand Hotel. NBC :*:ou Commercial Program 3:15 World Dances 3:30 WHO Playhouse 4:00 Marlon T«lley, NBC 4-30 Home Harmonies, NBC 5:0« Air Is Yours 5-30 The Old and the New 6:00 Jack Benny, NBC 6:30 Fireside Recital, NBC 6:45 Fitch Jingle Program. NBC 7:00 Do You Want to be an Actor? NBC *:00 Manhattan Mcny-Go-Round, NBC 8:30 American Album of Familiar Music, NBC 9:00 Symphony Concert, NBC lll;00 Musical Headlines 10:15 News 10:30 When Day Is Done - U;UO Hickory House Orchestra. rJBO 11-30 Cabin Club Orchestra, NEC MONDAY JAN 18— (i:01i Musical Clock 6:30 Farm News 6:45 Almanac ot the Air 7:UO Chore Gang 7:15 News 7:30 Musical Fashion Notes 8:00 Gene and Glenn 8:15 Musical Clock 8:30 Musical Clock 8:45 Musical Clock 9-00 Morning Melodies 9:15 Hymns ol All Churdie» 0:30 Betty and Bob 9:45 Today's Children. NBC 30:00 David Harum. NBC 10:15 Back Stage Wife, NBC 10:30 Monticello Party Line 10-45 The Voice of Experience, r<BC 1 UOO Kitty Kcene, Inc. 11:15 The Story of Mary Marlm. NBC 11:30 National Farm and Home fcour, NBC 12:30 Commercial Program 1:0(1 Mother Randall's Open House 1:15 Hits -and Encores 1:30 Market Report 1:45 Judy and Jane -:0(> Pepper Young's Family, l^BC 2:15 Ma Perkins. NBC 2:30 Vic and Sade, NBC 2-45 The O'Neill's. NBC 3:00 TUc Hour of Charm, NBC 3:30 Way Down East 3:43 Houscboaat Hannah 4:00 Tom Thomas, Baritone. NBC 4:15 Helen Jane Behlke, Sincer, NBC 4:30 The Randall Sisters, NBC 4:45 Dance Rhythms 4:53 Betsy Ross Bulletin 5:00 Melodies 5:15 Commercial Program 5:30 Commercial Prop-am 5:45 Sunset Corners Opry (i:UO Amos 'n' Andy, NBC . 6:15 Uncle Ezra's Radio Station 6:30 News t 6:45 Gene and Glenn 7:llll Fibber McGec and Molly, NBC 7:30 Commercial Prosrram 8:00 Warden Lawes in "20,000 Years in Sing Sine," NBC 8:M Richard Himber 9:00 Commercial Program 9:30 Jack Randolph and his Music 9:45 The Songfellows 10:00 Rubinoff's Musical Momenta 10:15 News 10:30 Commercial Program 10:35 Sons of the Pioneers 10:50 Rainbow Room Orchestra, NBC 11:00 Magnolia Blossoms, NBC 11:30 Hotel Hermitage Orchestra, NBC wcco Columbia Broadcasting • 'System Mlnncapolls-St. Paul Ccntr.I Standard Time (810 Kilocycles) He em- injured "north of the city while demonstrating a new car." asked compensation and his ployer certified the claim. However, Robert Nott, state supervisor of information, recommended the claim be rejected and the commission agreed with him. "The accident occurred north of a city," Nott reported, after an investigation, "but it was north of Toronto, Canada, while the salesman and his boss were on a fishing trip." SMALL WORLD j RINGGOLD, Texas—On a flight jfrom San Diego to Montgomery, Ala., Lieut. Marion Huggins be! came lost in fog between Houston and Dallas. After cruising five hours, his ' fuel gone, Lieut. Huggins found a small hole through the clouds. He SUNDAY, JAN. 17— 7:30 Lyric Serenade . 7:45 The Oleanders, Mai* -Quartet »:IIO Sunday Morning at Aunt Susan* 8:55 Press Radio News 9:110 Church oj the Air 9:30 Romany Trail; with Emery Deutsch and His Orchestra JI):OIV Organ Moods . 10:30 Major Bowes' Capitol' Family 11:30 Salt Lake City TaSernacle Choir and Organ J2:00 Church of the Air 12:30 Poetic Strings / 12:45 Eddie Dunstedter- entertain! 1:00 Music of the Theater 1:45 Aeoliun Trio 2:00 New York Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra 4:0* "Your Unseen Friend" 4:30 Howard NeumiUer, Pianist 4:45 Eddie House. Organist 5:00 Joe Penner and Gene Austin 5-30 KubinoH, Jan Pcerce and Virginia Kea <I:0» 'Professor Quiz" 6:30 "Headin 1 South" 7:(W Nelson Eddy 7;30 Eddie Cantor, with Parkyakarkus. Bobby Brcen, Deanrva Uurbin and Jimmy Wellington 8:0(1 John Charlos Thomas, • Baritone 1):0« "Original Community Sins." with Milton Berle, Billy Jones and Eime Hare, Wendell Hall ani Andy Sannella's Orchestra. 5:45 H. V. Kaltcnborn, news commentator 10:05 .Roger Pryor 10:30 Press JRadio Newi 10:35 Red Nichols 11:00 Vincent Lopes 11:30 Isham Jones MONDAY, JAN. 18-8:00 Metropolitan Parade 8:30 Richard Maxwell, songs 8:40 Press Hadio News 8:45 "Bachelor's Children" U:00 "Betty and Bob" 9:15 "Modern Cinderella" 9:30 Betty Crocker, cooking expert 9:36 Hymns of AJ1 Churches 9:48 John K. Watklns. News 10:1)0 B. A. Kollc 10:30 "Big Sister" 10:45 Dr. Allan Eoy Daloe 11:00 "The Gumps" 11:15 Ted Malone 11:30 "The Romance of Helen Trent" 11:45 "Rich Man's Darling" r.':00 Five Star Hevue !2:15 The Bluebirds 12-30 Clyde Bartie, Baritone 12:45 Freddie Rich ]^»l) "News Through a Woman's Eyes" 1:15 American School at the A 1:45 "Myrt and Marge" i:llO Monday Matinee 2:30 Concert Miniatures :l:00 "Treasures Next Door" 3:15 The Dictators 3:30 Chicago Variety Hour 4:OU Milton Charles, organist 4:15 "Children's Corner" 1:30 Doris Kerr, songs 4:45 ."Wilderness Road" 5:00 Commercial Program 5:10 Press Badio Nev/s 5:15 "Nevis of Youth" 5:30 Gogo De Lys. songs 5:45 "Renfrew of the Mounted fi:00 Herbert Footc's Ensemble 6:15 "Popeye, the Sailor" 6:30 To be announced 6:45 Boakf Carter 7:00 Horace Heidt's Brigadiers 7:30 Pick and Pat «:00 Radio Theater 0:00 Wayne Kir.K 9:30 "What Do You Think: ' ]«:00 "Poetic Melodies" 10:15 Roger Pryor 10:30 Abe Lyman 11:00 Shep Fields 11:30 Carl Ravel KGLO Transmission House Recommend Bill to Provide Funds for Crop, Feed Loans WASHINGTON, (ff)—The house agriculture committee recommended the enactment of.a bill establishing a permanent $50,000,000 revolving fund for farm crop production and feed loans. The bill, offered by Chairman Jones (D-Tex.) would permit farmers lacking credit elsewher* to borrow up to $400 annually. Previous loan acts provided $200. A measure similar to Jones' was passed by the last congress, but was vetoed by President Roosevelt The above is the transmission house for the Globe-Gazette radio station KGLO, situated on the grounds with antenna on highway T»o. 18 on the west edge of Mason City. (Lock photo, Kay^nay cn- gravingr). ir Luveme Stores Close During Funeral Rites Conducted for Woito LUVERNE-^The funeral of W. H. Woito, veteran druggist of Luverne, was held at the Evangelical church Wednesday afternoon vith a large attendance of friends and relatives. The Rev. E. R. Walter officiated. Pallbearers were business associates, Mayor George Tiede, Albert Schneider, F. I. Chapman, W. E. Godfrey, C. B. Huff and L. L. Lichty. The business houses were closed during the funeral. A quartet, Mrs. Lewis Merkle, Mrs. V. V. Schuldt, Paul Knopf and the Rev. Mr. Walter sang "God Will' Take Care of You," "When They Ring Those Golden Bells" and "When They Say Good Night Here But Good Morning Up There." Belgian Baron's Body Arrives in Brussels From Spanish Capital BRUSSELS, W—The body of Baron Jacques de Borchgraye, former Belgian embassy official in Madrid, killed in a mutiny near the Spanish capital, arrived here Friday. High government and military officials participated in services st the railroad station, after which the body was taken to Laeken cemetery for burial. . made it and landed on a pasture 100 miles from Dallas, The pasture belonged to J. L. Huggins who proved to be a distant relative. BULL GOT HER KANSAS CITY—Police Scouts Ralph Parr and A. E. Campbell overtook a frightened heifer roaming through downtown traffic. Officer Parr bull-dogged the animal, neatly threw it, tied it to a telephone pole. But the heifer resented capture. It floundered violently at the end of its tether. While officers pondered how to subdue it, the animal fell to the ground—dead. THEY WANT TALK DENVER! — Denver university co-eds listed the qualifications they desire most in the men they date. In the order of preference, they want a pleasant conversationalist; an intellectual; an athlete; the matine idol type; one who is quiet and reserved; the fellow with plenty of money to spend. At the bottom of the list, co-eds agreed, is the date who "knows it all" and. doesn't mind advertising the fact. KITTEN ON THE KEYS JERSEYVILLE, 111. — Illinois, home of Minnie the singing mouse, now comes up with "Tiger" the musical cat. . Martha Leigh Thatcher, high school student, says her gray striped cat heads for the piano as soon as he gets into the house, stands on his hind legs and strikes the keys with the front paws, sometimes improvising by racing up and down the keyboard. Visitors From Murray. MESERVEY—Mrs, G. M. Cliffton and little daughter, Lillie Lee, of Murray, are visiting her sister, Mrs. B. H. Groen and family. Confesses Guilt to Grain Theft Charge SHENANDO AH, (^—Police Chief C. C. Novinger said Clyde Hubbard, 24, of Rockport, Mo., confessed he was "guilty as hell" I Friday when arrested with his I orother, Boyd, 22, on a grain' stealing charge. Novinger said both men were expected to plead guilty before Judge C. W. Brown at Clarinda. The arrests, the police chief said, ended, a search following complaints that grain was disappearing made by fanners in Atchison and Nodaway counties in Missouri, and Page and Fremont counties in Iowa. Fort Dodge Probe of Police Closed FORT DODGE, (IF) —Investigation of alleged Fort Dodge police department abuses uncovered during the, recent Webster county grand jury session was closed here Friday when members of the department were called "on the carpet" by Police Commissioner Walter Engelbart and warned that unless the abuses mentioned in the grand jury report were discontinued "there would be some members of the department without jobs." No suspensions, discharges or demotions were recommended by the commissioner in his ultimatum. . . . . . Prosecutor Forgets Law. MT. VERNON, Ohio., (UP)— Wayne, county assistant prosecutor, Henry Critchfield, was fined $10 and costs when he was found guilty of passing a school bus stopped on the highway. Visit at Waseca. TITONKA—Mrs. J. D. Breen and son, Harold, have gone to Waseca, Minn., to visit Mrs. Breen's sister, Mrs. Lizzie Tobin, who is critically ill. She has been bedfast 6 weeks. Workers Alliance Presses Demands for Relief Funds WASHINGTON, (^—Member* of the Workers Alliance of America assembled in Washington Friday to press demands for an emergency relief appropriation of 51,040,000,000 instead of $790,000,000 recommended • by President Roosevelt The Alliance is composed of works progress administration workers. Leaders said "approximately 2,000" from all sections of the nation had assembled for a march to the capitol by 'way of the white house where they planned to leave a .petition to the president. New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore sent large delegations, they said. Night Depositor Amazed. QUINCV, Mass., (UP)—When ft local businessman deposited money in the Quincy Trust Company's night-deposit box, he threw the neighborhood ilito an uproar. Dropping of the package Into the box set off a burglar alarm, which brought three police cars to the scene. Will Restrict! Church. WATERTQWN, Mass., (UP)— The will of 'the late Janet Carswell, of Watertown, filed in pro- hate court, makes provision for a gift of $1,000 to Highland Congregational church of Somerville on condition that the church building never becomes a movie theater. Gypsy Knives Copied. DULUTH, Minn., (UP)—Knives, similar to those once made by Hungarian gypsies as they roved throughout Europe now are heing made at Halfway CCC camp in the Superior national forest. Tony Fest, 18, of St. Paul, a direct descendant of Hungarian gypsies, practices the ancient craft. a 4 dis- We Are Proud to Have Worked on t Dog Files Across U. S. NEW YORK, (UP)—To months' old terrier goes the _-_ tinction of being the first coast to coast dog flyer. His mistress, Mhs. Adolph Sprcckles, Jr., of the sugar family ordered the do>; dispatched on one of the United Air Lines 3,000 mile over-night New York to San Francisco flights. Toledo Out of Red TOLEDO, (UP)—For the first time in a decade, the city closed an operating year with a surplus in the treasury. The excess amounts to $46,303. This year's budget, calling .for $3,248,897, has been submitted "to the council. It balances with predicted general fund revenues. Schutter, Titonka Farmer, Is Buried TITONKA — John Schutter, farmer, north of Titonka, died Tuesday following an illness of two weeks from sinus infection and pleural pneumonia. Mr. Schutter was born in Ost- friesland, Germany, March 23, 1896, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harm Schutter. When he was a small child, he came to the United States with his parents. Ke was married March 1, 1923, to Miss Martha Bruns and to this union three children, Evelyn, Harry and Vernon were born, who with their mother survive. Other near relatives besides the parents are two brothers, Bonno and William, both of Titonka. Funeral services were held Friday at the farm home at 12 o'clock and the Immanuel Lutheran church at 1. . Lord Ashley Engaged to Wed Frenchwoman LONDON, (&)— Tfe engagement of Lord Ashley, former husband of Mrs, Douglas Fairbanks, to Mile. Francoise Souilier of Paris, was announced Friday. CONGRATULATIONS to the MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE On Bringing Radio Station KGLO To Our Community WATCHES fitlanehard^ DIAMONDS. ! Lord Ashley was granted a di- I vorce decree nisi from Lady Ash- I ley, a former musical comedy act- 1 r&ss, in 1934 in an undefended suit which named Fairbanks, then the husband of Mary Pickford, as co- respondent Dissolution of the Pickford- Fairbanks marriztge became absolute in January. 1936, and the following March the moving picture actor married the former Lady Ashley in Paris. • Mr. Loomis • Globe-Gazette • KGLO Congratulations! And now. Folks . . . when you want a Radio program, you can Tune-In your own radio station, KGLO. And— don't forget—when you want a LOAN . . . $30 to $300 . . . just come right up to HUMPHREY. HUMPHREY FINANCE CO. F. M. HUMPHREY, Owntr ond Manaa«r !9'/i NORTH FEDIRAL AVt MASON CITY KGL Congratulations Lee P. Loomis and the Staff C. J. Smith W. STATE ELECTRICIAN PHONE 108 GOOD LUCK KGL And May We Congratulate Those Responsible For Bringing This Fine Radio Station to Mason Cify. To the Public: Listen to the Latest Happenings at 7 A. M. Each Morning in our DAILY NEWS BROADCAST H. H. HIRSCH R. S. HIRSCH Will Bring You Fine Programs Ideal American Laundry ond Zoric Dry Cleaners Bring You Zoric The Guaranteed Odorless Cleaning • ITS PHONE 22 •

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